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哈尔滨市好的妇科病医院哈尔滨市妇幼保健院清宫多少钱garden variety ------ 普通的(形容词短语)英文释义Ordinary; lacking any special qualities. (NOTE: adjective phrase)例句Im happy with just a garden variety cell phone, not a fancy device with lots of extra features.我有一部普通手机就知足,不要那种带很多花里胡哨功能的高级设备。 /201611/471215黑龙江第二医院妇科咨询 Going through the customs过海关A: Sir, could you pass me your passport?A: 先生,请出示你的护照。B: Sure, here you are.B: 好的,给您。A: Whats the purpose of your visiting this time? For business or pleasure?A: 您此次旅行的目的是出差还是游玩?B: Im here on business.B: 我是来这里出差的。A: Good. How long will you be staying?A: 好的,您将在此停留多久?B: A week.B: 一周。A: Do you have anything to declare?A: 您有什么需要申报的东西吗?B: I have some foreign currency.B: 我有一些外币。A: How much?A: 多少?B: 2000 euros.B: 2000欧元。A: Then you have to fill in this form, please.A: 那么请填写一下这张表格。B: Sir, I have finished the form.B: 先生,我已经填好了。A: I think we have done here. You have to go to the duty office and see if you have something dutiable next.A: 好的,我这里的手续就办好了,下面请到缴税办公室看一下您是否需要缴税的物品。B: Thank you.B: 非常感谢。 /201602/426567Throughout their long history, the Chinese have been farmers. If you are committed to your land, you stay put and accumulate possessions--land, livestock and homes that you fill with furniture and goods. It's a way of life constantly threatened by nomadic raids. And so from earliest times, the Chinese built walls, walls around their homes, walls around their cities and walls around their country to keep the have-nots out. Wall building was so deeply ingrained in the Chinese mentality that the Chinese character for city is also the Chinese character for wall. Building a wall surrounding a country the size of China needed a man of prodigious ego and power. A man so powerful that China is named after him-- Emperor Qin, the first emperor of China. He began two centuries before the birth of Christ with a wall stretching more than 4, 000 miles from Lintao in modern central China, across deserts, over mountains and plateau, all the way to the Korean border. Incredibly, it was built in only 12 years. Imagine building a wall, 32 feet high, 15 feet wide from New York to California without any modern equipment. The Emperor Qin was a remarkable man. Originally, Qin ruled only a small state in the northwest corner of China, but that wasn't enough for him. Qin built an invincible army. And one by one, he conquered his neighbors. It was said Qin ate up his neighbors as a silkworm devours a leaf. With all of China under his rule, Emperor Qin standardized measurements, created a single currency, the world's first euro. That's the good news. The bad news is that he was a paranoid tyrant who rewrote history to begin with himself. Qin's tomb reveals both how magnificent and terrifying his reign must have been. Here in 1974, just to the east of his tomb, a vast buried army was discovered, a terracotta army guarding its emperor from evil spirits. stay put: remain in one placehave-not: one that is poor especially in material wealthingrained: imprinted, firmly fixed, deeply rooted200707/15843哈尔滨市红十字中心医院咨询电话

哈尔滨阴道彩超哪家好哈尔滨医院打胎 What Went Wrong for Hillary克林顿参议员为何输给了奥巴马?  Late last year, many U.S. political analysts believed that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York would easily win the Democratic Party's presidential nomination in 2008. Now, while Senator Barack Obama is the presumptive Democratic nominee, Senator Clinton is reconsidering her political future. 去年年底,许多美国政治分析人士认为,纽约州参议员希拉里.克林顿能在2008年轻而易举地成为民主党总统竞选提名人。而现在,巴拉克.奥巴马参议员即将成为民主党提名人,而克林顿参议员正在重新考虑自己的政治前途。After this year's final Democratic primary elections, last Tuesday night, Barack Obama made a speech many people would have thought highly improbable a year ago. "Tonight I can stand here and say that I will be the Democratic nominee for the President of the ed States of America." 上星期二,民主党今年最后一场初选宣告结束。奥巴马参议员晚上发表了一次演说。在一年前,很多人都觉得这是不可能的事情。奥巴马说:“今晚,我能够站在这里说,我将成为民主党的提名人,参加美国总统竞选。”A short time earlier, Hillary Clinton addressed her supporters. "Now the question is, where do we go from here?" And given how far we have come, and where we need to go as a party, it is a question I do not take lightly," she said. 在奥巴马发表演讲前不久,希拉里.克林顿也对自己的持者们发表了讲话。她说:“现在的问题是,我们下一步要做什么。考虑到我们已经做了这么多工作,以及我们作为一个政党需要往哪里走,这是一个我必须严肃对待的问题。”It was not the speech she had hoped to make.  这并不是克林顿所希望讲的话。As the primaries concluded, Clinton did not concede the Democratic nomination to Obama, but it was apparent that her rival had the support of enough delegates and superdelegates to become the party's nominee. 在初选结束的时刻,克林顿没有在民主党提名人之争上向奥巴马认输。但是,她的对手显然已经获得了成为提名人所需的足够党代表和超级代表的持。With the primary season over, political analysts are assessing the factors that caused Senator Clinton's defeat, when her victory had seemed almost certain months earlier. 随着初选的结束,政治分析人士们正在评估是什么原因导致几个月前还几乎志在必得的克林顿参议员最终败给了对手。That sense of inevitability, both inside and outside the Clinton campaign, may have led to overconfidence, according to University of Virginia political professor Larry Sabato. 美国维吉尼亚大学政治学教授萨巴托认为,也许因为克林顿竞选班子内内外外都觉得她一定会赢,所以导致了克林顿的过分自信。"They thought they were going to knock Obama and everybody else out of the box with the first few primaries and caucuses, and they were just dead wrong," he said. 他说:“他们以为在最初的几场初选和党内预选中就能把奥巴马和其他人都淘汰出局,在这一点上,他们是大错特错了。”The seeds of defeat for the Clinton campaign may have been planted as early as 2002, when Senator Clinton voted in favor of waging war in Iraq. Although she later renounced support for the war, that vote may have put Clinton at a disadvantage against Obama, who opposed the war from the start, according to Bruce Miroff, a professor of political science at the State University of New York at Albany. 克林顿竞选失败的种子也许早在2002年就已经种下了。当时,克林顿参议员投票赞成对伊拉克发动战争。美国纽约州立大学阿巴尼分校的政治学教授米罗夫认为,虽然希拉里后来放弃了持伊拉克战争的立场,但是那次投票也许使她和奥巴马相比处于不利的位置上,因为奥巴马从一开始就反对同伊拉克作战。"Because Hillary Clinton voted for the resolution in 2002 authorizing President Bush to use military force in Iraq, there was always the likelihood that there would be a significant anti-war challenger to her in the Democratic primaries, and that a lot of the activist base of the party would rally behind such a challenger. So the premise that Hillary was a kind of inevitable nominee was always questionable," he said. 他说:“由于希拉里.克林顿在2002年投票持授权布什总统对伊拉克采取军事行动的决议,所以一直都有可能出现一位具有实力的反战者在民主党初选中向她提出挑战,而且民主党的许多活跃人士还会团结在这位挑战者的身后。所以以为希拉里绝对没有问题会被提名的想法一直是有问题的。”Also, some analysts say Clinton made a mistake by touting her experience at a time in which voters preferred change. Indira Lakshmanan has been covering the campaign as a political correspondent for Bloomberg News. 此外,一些分析人士还说,在选民们希望看到改变的时候,克林顿却在宣扬她从政的经验,这是一个错误。彭新闻社报导选举的政治记者拉克什曼南说:"Initially, all of her slogans had to do with experience and iness, and eventually then it became 'Ready to change, y to lead.' More and more, there was this evolution in her campaign, trying to then say, 'Wait a second, I am the change agent, I am the person who has the experience to make change happen.' But it was not a nimble enough operation, it seemed, to adapt quickly to, apparently, what the American electorate wanted in this election cycle, which was 'change, change, change,'" she said. “最初,她所有的口号都是和她的经验和她准备就绪有关,最后她的口号变成了“准备变革,准备领导”。她的竞选越来越出现这样的演变,试图说,‘等一下,我就是变革的力量。我就是有经验,可以实现变革的人。’但是,这个过渡看起来不是太敏捷,很明显没能很快地转变到美国选民所想要的‘变革,变革,再变革’。”Tactical errors also seem to have played a role in Clinton's failure to win the nomination. Sabato said the Clinton campaign spent too much of its money in trying to win the first contest of the season, the Iowa caucuses, in which Senator Clinton finished third. 战略性错误也是克林顿没有赢得提名的一个因素。政治分析人士萨巴托说,克林顿的竞选班底为了要赢得第一场选举花了太多的钱,那就是爱奥华的党团选举。结果克林顿在那场选举中仅获得第三。"They spent far too much on Iowa. They probably should have skipped it. John McCain skipped Iowa, and he is the Republican nominee. You can skip Iowa. You can get away with it. They wasted an awful lot of the money that she collected, and she was the fundraising leader at the end of 2007," he said.However, both Sabato and reporter Lakshmanan believe the Clinton campaign did not try hard enough to win in other states that held caucuses instead of primary elections. 不过,萨巴托和记者拉克什曼南也认为,克林顿在其他举行基层党团选举,而不是初选的州也没有下足够的功夫。"And it turned out Obama won essentially an insurmountable lead by the middle of February, largely due to his success in caucus states," she said. 拉克什曼南说:“最后的结果是,奥巴马在2月中旬的时候获得了基本上无法超越的领先地位。这在很大程度上是由于他在基层党团选举中的胜利。”Some problems in the Clinton campaign were beyond the candidate's control. Professor Bruce Miroff says Senator Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton, was seen as a skillful politician and a huge asset to the campaign, until he began making unpredictable comments, especially regarding racial issues. 克林顿选举中的另一些问题却是她无法控制的。米罗夫教授说,克林顿参议员的丈夫、前总统比尔.克林顿一直被看成是一个富有经验的政治家,是她竞选中的一笔巨大资产,直到他后来说了一些没有预测的话,特别是在种族问题上。"So it was assumed by everybody that this was a big advantage for Hillary Clinton. Rather, what we saw was that some of President Clinton's more unruly personal habits stepped on her campaign and caused problems that she certainly did not need," he said. 他说:“几乎所有的人都认为,这是希拉里.克林顿的一个巨大的优势。但是,我们所看到的是,克林顿总统的一些难以控制的个人习惯影响了希拉里的竞选,造成了一些不必要的麻烦。”Another setback for Clinton was when the delegate-rich states of Florida and Michigan, which may have been likely to support her, were penalized for holding their primaries too early in the year. Due to a compromise, delegates from those two states will receive only a half-vote each at the party convention. 造成克林顿挫败的另一个原因是佛罗里达和密西根这两个拥有众多代表票的州因为太早举行初选遭到惩罚。这两个州很可能是持克林顿的。根据后来达成的一项妥协方案,这两个州的代表在举行民主党大会时只能拥有一半的投票权。Despite these factors, Hillary Clinton came closer to winning the Presidency than any other woman in U.S. history. Her bid to become the first President's wife to return to the White House as President herself generated enthusiasm through the entire primary election season, and fell just short in the end, narrowly defeated by the first African-American to win a major-party Presidential nomination. 尽管存在上述的种种因素,希拉里.克林顿比美国历史上任何一位女性都更接近于赢得总统宝座。她争取成为第一个总统夫人返回白宫自己担任总统。这种意向在整个初选季节中激发了选民的热情,只是最后以微弱的劣势输给了美国历史上第一个赢得重要政党总统候选人提名的非洲裔美国人。200806/41614清河林区人民医院妇科咨询

木兰县妇幼保健医院能做人流吗US Cites New Evidence of Iranian Support for Taliban美指责伊朗继续向塔利班提供武器The Pentagon said Wednesday Iran is continuing to provide weapons and other material to Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan, in addition to its alleged continuing support for Shiite militias in Iraq. Officials spoke to reporters Wednesday shortly after a second U.S. aircraft carrier strike group arrived in the Persian Gulf.  美国国防部星期三说,伊朗继续为阿富汗的塔利班激进份子提供武器和其他材料。此外,伊朗还被指责继续持伊拉克的什叶派武装份子。五角大楼官员星期三对记者做出上述表示前不久,美国第二个航空母舰战斗群抵达波斯湾。The chief of operations for the senior U.S. military staff, Lieutenant General Carter Ham, says Iranian support for the Taliban, first reported last year, is continuing.  美军参谋长联席会议作战部部长卡特.哈姆中将说,最早在去年公布的伊朗对塔利班的持目前仍在继续。"There is indication that the Iranian support of the Taliban has continued," said General Ham. "Again, we don't believe it to be at the same level of which they have provided fighters and weapons into Iraq. But there is some clear evidence that it has occurred." 他说:“有迹象显示,伊朗对塔利班的持仍在继续。当然,我们不认为伊朗向塔利班提供的持达到了它向伊拉克输送战斗人员和提供武器的程度,但是有明确的据显示伊朗持了塔利班。”General Ham says the support involves "weapons and material," but he did not provide details of what Iran sends or how much. He did say there is no indication Iran is providing the high-powered roadside bombs it has given to insurgents in Iraq. 哈姆将军说,这种持包括“武器和材料”,但是他没有详细叙述伊朗输送了什么或者数量有多大。不过他明确表示,没有迹象显示伊朗为塔利班提供了它向伊拉克武装份子所提供的威力强大的路边炸弹。The new allegation comes as two U.S. aircraft carrier strike groups are in the Persian Gulf in an unusual display of American military power in the waterway along Iran's southwestern coast. Officials say one carrier group is relieving the other, and the overlap will not last long. On Tuesday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates offered this characterization of the temporary double deployment.  对伊朗的最新指控发布之前,两组美国航空母舰战斗群已经抵达波斯湾, 在伊朗西南边境的水陆通道上不同寻常地彰显着美国的军事威力。有关官员说,一个航母战斗群是为了替换另一个战斗群,两组航母群不会同时在那里停留很久。"I don't see it as an escalation," said Secretary Gates. "I think it could be seen, though, as a reminder." 星期二,国防部长盖茨就这种临时的部署方式表态说:“我不认为这是军事升级,不过我认为可以把它看成是一种提示。”General Ham says the message is aimed at both U.S. allies and potential adversaries in the region, but he said it would be a mistake to view the carrier overlap as designed specifically to send a message to Iran.  哈姆将军说,这个信息既面向美国的盟友,又针对该地区潜在的对手。但是他说,将两组战斗群同时出现在波斯湾看成一种向伊朗发出信息的特意安排,那是一个错误。"The message of commitment to the region is one that we think is important, but it's not intended to be any more than that," he said. "It's a message to all nations that the ed States possesses the capability and the will to operate globally. So this is an opportunity to do that." 他说:“我们认为对该地区的承诺是一个重要的信息,但不是刻意要超过这个意义。对所有国家来说,这是一个信息,表示美国具有这种能力和意志展开全球行动。因此这是展示这种能力的一个机会。”General Ham says the two carriers will enable U.S. commanders to order more air strikes in Iraq, as well as more reconnaissance flights and other missions.  哈姆将军说,两艘航母将让美军司令有能力命令在伊拉克展开更多的空袭行动,也能执行更多的侦察飞行和其他任务。He says it also provides an important training opportunity for the two carrier crews.  他说,这也为两艘航母上的军人提供了重要的训练机会。White House spokeswoman Dana Perino explained it this way. 白宫女发言人佩里诺对此解释说:"These exercises are not aimed at Iran," said Dana Perino. "They reinforce that the U.S. has an enduring commitment to the region and to our allies and we continue to protect our allies and interests wherever necessary." “这些军事演习没有针对伊朗。这仅仅是美国对该地区坚守承诺,对盟国坚守承诺的一种强化的表示。不论在任何必要的地方我们都将继续保卫我们的盟友和利益。”Also on Wednesday, the director of planning for the U.S. military staff, Lieutenant General John Satler, denied a news report that indicated there is increased planning for potential U.S. military action against Iran. 另一方面,美军参谋长联席会议战略政策计划部部长萨特勒中将也在星期三否认了新闻报导所说的美国加紧了可能对伊朗采取军事行动计划的说法。"There has been no order, specific order, to plan in any particular area of the world," said General Satler. "But I want to make it clear to everyone that we do plan. We challenge those plans. We challenge the assumptions of those plans, ongoing. And I would just leave it at that. We don't discuss, as you well know, specific plans that are ongoing or operations that are ongoing." 他说:“没有任何命令,特别的命令,针对世界某个特别地区进行备战。但是我要对各位明确说明,我们确实有所准备。我们也完善那些计划。我们持续地完善那些计划中的假设。我只能说这么多。就像各位所了解的那样,我们不就此进行讨论,不讨论进行中的特别计划,不讨论进行中的军事行动。”U.S. officials have said they do not want to have a military confrontation with Iran, and hope to work through allies and diplomatic channels to convince Iranian leaders not to support insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.  美国官员说过,他们不希望和伊朗进行军事对峙,希望通过盟国以及外交渠道来说伊朗领导人,不要持伊拉克和阿富汗的激进份子200805/37337 Texas Begins Arduous Recovery From Hurricane Ike德州飓风后重建关乎美国经济未来 On Sunday, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and other federal officials toured Galveston, Houston and other areas of Texas ravaged by Hurricane Ike when it made landfall Saturday. Chertoff says the first priority is to help people stranded by the storm and others in dire need of assistance. Officials are requesting federal help to get the local economy back up and running. 星期天,美国国土安全部部长切尔托夫和其他联邦政府官员视察了加尔维斯顿、休斯顿以及遭受飓风艾克重创的其他德克萨斯州地区。飓风是星期六登陆的。切尔托夫表示,当前的首要任务是帮助受灾民众。德克萨斯州政府官员要求联邦政府帮助当地尽快让经济恢复运转。Galveston Island and other coastal areas took the brunt of Hurricane Ike and many areas look like war zones, with collapsed houses and buildings, flooded neighborhoods, and downed trees and power lines. As bad as it was, however, many officials say it could have been far worse had the storm stalled over the region or grown stronger than a Category 2 hurricane.  加尔维斯顿岛和其他沿海地区在这次飓风袭击中受灾最严重,很多地方看上去象战场一样,房屋建筑倒塌,居民区淹水,树木被吹倒,电线被刮断。不过,虽然看起来情形很糟,但是很多官员都表示,要是飓风风力更猛,持续时间更长,损失还会严重得多。Texas Governor Rick Perry says people in the Houston-Galveston area responded well to the disaster. 德克萨斯州州长佩里表示,休斯顿和加尔维斯顿地区的民众对灾害做出了非常积极的反应。"Hurricane Ike threw us a hard punch, but it did not dent our spirit," he said. 他说:“飓风艾克给了我们重重的一击,但是没有能够挫伤我们的精神!”Still, the governor is clearly worried about the road ahead. He says refineries and other important energy infrastructure came through the storm. But the shutdown of many facilities and oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico is aly having an effect on fuel prices nationwide. 不过,佩里州长显然很担心下一步的局势。他说,炼油厂和其他重要的能源设施都挺过了这次风暴,不过墨西哥湾很多设施和石油平台都被迫关闭,这已经给全美各地的汽油价格造成影响。The hurricane's high winds buffeted a huge area hundreds-of-kilometers inland.  这次飓风影响了内陆数百公里的地区。The storm blew out windows in tall office buildings in downtown Houston and left millions of people across the region without electrical power. 休斯顿城里许多高楼大厦的窗户都被风刮走了,数百万人家里停电。There are long lines at the gas stations that have fuel and generators to power the pumps. Most people are seeking gasoline for their own portable generators, which they are using to run refrigerators and lights. But if businesses and offices remain closed, the economic impact of Ike will rise dramatically.  人们在加油站排起长队。绝大多数人都是等著买汽油,用于自家的发电机,为冰箱和照明供电。不过,如果企业店铺和办公区持续关闭的话,飓风艾克所造成的经济影响将大幅度上升。Texas Governor Rick Perry says the federal government needs to do everything possible to help because this is not just a problem for his state. 德克萨斯州州长佩里说,联邦政府需要尽一切可能提供帮助,因为这不仅仅是德克萨斯一个州的问题。"Here is what I want the people of America to understand - Texas has one of the, if not the most vibrant economy in America today. And at the heart of that was southeast Texas with Houston at the epicenter of that," he said. "So it is abundantly important that Americans give every support that they can to this reconstruction effort, to this recovery effort, because the future of America depends on a state like Texas and a city like Houston to get back on its feet as fast as we can." 佩里说:“我希望美国人民都明白一点,那就是,德克萨斯是当今美国经济发展最繁荣的几个州之一,而德州东南部的休斯顿地区又是这种经济发展的中心。所以说,美国人尽一切可能帮助德州的重建是至关重要的,因为美国的未来取决于德克萨斯这样的州和休斯顿这样的城市尽快复苏。”Governor Perry hailed the pre-storm evacuation process in which hundreds-of-thousands of people left Galveston and other coastal areas in an orderly fashion days before the storm. As for the few thousand people who insisted on staying behind, he called them "hard-headed". 佩里州长高度赞扬了加尔维斯顿和其他沿岸地区成千上万居民在风暴来临之前,成功、有序地转移到了其他地区。他把坚持留守的几千名民众称为“顽固派”。One of those who remained was Jacqueline Harris, who spoke to local television station KHOU. 哈里斯女士是坚持留守的人之一。她在接受当地电视台采访的时候说:"We must have been out of our ever-loving minds to stay for it. But it takes a certain type of person to live on the island [ Galveston] and this is our home," she said. "If nothing else, the people who stayed behind can help people rebuild, to help others who have nothing. We are sharing water, we are sharing our toiletries, we are sharing coffee." “我们当初决定留下来,现在回头看,真不知道当时是怎么想的!不过,住在岛上的人,一般都是挺有个性的;这是我们的家啊!但留下来的人可以帮助其他人重建,帮助那些眼下一无所有的人;我们现在把自家的水、卫生用品、以及咖啡等等,都拿出来和大家一起分享。”The U.S. Coast Guard, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and many local government entities are engaged in search and rescue operations in the worst effected areas and are providing ice, drinking water and food to people in need. 美国海岸警卫队,美国联邦紧急救援署以及很多地方政府机构目前正在受灾最严重地区展开搜救工作,并且给灾民提供冰、饮水和食品。Thousands of people with special needs or damaged homes have gone to shelters. But most are staying in their homes, waiting for essential services to be restored - something that may take several weeks in some areas. 那些需要特别帮助的或者是房屋遭到破坏的数千名民众,目前都住在临时避灾点。绝大多数人都在自己家里,等待基本务设施的恢复,不过在有些地区,他们可能要等好几个星期。200809/48908南岗区中心医院不孕不育科大庆油田总医院龙南医院不孕医生




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