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Books and Arts; Book Review;20th-century women; Dandy dames;文艺;书评;20世纪的女性;逆世唯心的巾帼;Rebecca West and Dorothy Thompson were remarkable—by any standards;无论何时,Rebecca West和Dorothy Thompson都吸引着世俗的目光;Dangerous Ambition: Rebecca West and Dorothy Thompson, New Women in Search of Love and Power. By Susan Hertog.代偿巨大的野望:Rebecca West和Dorothy Thompson,新时代女性追寻的爱与权力。作者:Susan Hertog。Dorothy Thompson and Rebecca West were career women long before the term had been invented. In the 1930s, when Thompson and West were making their mark as established professionals, a Gallup poll recorded that 82% of the American population believed women “should not have paying jobs outside the home” if their husbands were employed. Yet both women worked consistently from their early 20s in occupations that were almost entirely male-dominated—Thompson as a foreign correspondent and then a political commentator; West (pictured) as a literary critic, lauded novelist, historian and travel writer.DOROTHY THOMPSON和Rebecca West是名符其实的”职业女性”----远在这个专有名词发明之前。在20世纪30年代,Thompson 和West凭其过硬的专业本领广为人知。一项盖洛普民意显示82%的美国国民坚信只要丈夫保有一份工作,妻子就“不应该在抛头露面赚钱养家”。然而就是在那样一个男性主导的工作环境中,两位女性从20几岁开始变贯己之念长驻岗位:thompson先是作为一个外国通讯记者,随后转职为政治员;West(如上图)则集文学家、广集赞誉的小说家、历史学者以及游记著撰者多职于一身。Susan Hertogs biography, an accomplished synthesis of these two lives and the remarkable parallels between them, is also a history of the 20th century, a study of female emancipation and literary culture, and an acute analysis of dysfunctional family life.这部由Susan Hertog所著的传记将两位女性的生涯与两人间惊人的相似之处完美地结合起来。它也是一部20世纪的史著,更是一份女性解放运动的研究报告和文学作品,同时亦敏锐地剖析了那个年代的人们真实的家庭生活。The most striking similarity between Thompson and West is their seemingly innate self-belief and fearlessness. On her 27th birthday in 1920 the American-born Thompson sailed for England. With no contacts but with portfolio in hand, her goal was to gain credentials as a freelance reporter and make her way across Europe to witness the aftermath of the revolution in Russia. By 1927 she was living in Berlin as the first female head of a news bureau in Europe. West, the daughter of an Anglo-Irish journalist who abandoned the family when she was eight, was a reviewer and essayist by the time she was 19, when “regardless of reputation” she published cutting critiques of established writers such as Arnold Bennett and George Bernard Shaw. West wrote consistently until her death at 90 in 1983, and was in the enviable position of having Harold Ross, the editor of the New Yorker, write to her, pleading: “Please write any story you want for us, fact or fiction.” In 1941 West published her best-known book, “Black Lamb and Grey Falcon”, a history of the Balkans and a meditation on the rise of Nazism.两位女性让人最印象深刻的相似性在于她们看似天性使然的坚定自我和无所畏惧。在Thompson1920年27岁生日的那一天,这位美国年轻女子仅持一文件夹,心携能够取得自由时事记者的工作资格并穿越欧洲去见俄国沙皇革命余波的目标,孤身一人远赴没有亲朋所在的英国。到1927年,她已定居柏林,成为首位欧洲新闻署的女性负责人。West的父亲----爱尔兰记者,抛弃妻子之时,她才8岁。幸而至19岁时已经是一位家和散文家,并“弃名声于不顾”地以初生牛犊之势发表了前辈级作家Arnold Bennett和George Bernard Shaw删减过的批判性。West女士直到1983年90岁与世长辞之前从未间断过写作,并曾得到让人梦寐以求的《纽约客》编辑Harold Ross的暗藏丰盛赞誉的来信:“请以我们写个故事吧,真实的虚构的都可以!”1941年,West出版了举世闻名的书:《黑色的小羊羔和灰色的猎鹰》---叙述了巴尔干半岛的历史以及对纳粹主义兴起的沉思。Ms Hertogs style is frequently novelistic, which is less irritating than might be anticipated. In her description of Thompsons life in Berlin, for example, Ms Hertog assumes the voice of an omniscient narrator: “As Dorothy walked to the small office she kept on Motzstrasse, she remembered the first time she had met Rebecca…” Her writing style can be fanciful, as when Ms Hertog imagines the colour of Thompsons dress and how her hair might have been styled for her un-photographed first wedding. But it works well in the passages where the author attempts to draw out the romantic and family dramas which so defined the lives of both women.Hertog女士的写作风格极富新意,因此料想不大会像某些传记那样枯燥乏味。比如说,在她对Thompson女士的柏林生旅中,hertog女士以像如临现场那样通晓各事的口吻记叙道:当Dorothy漫行于专设于Motzstrasse的小工作室的途中,回忆起了初次与rebecca相见的场景。她的写作风格布满想象的泡泡,或者细细描绘Thompson的衣着之色,又或者刻画她初次婚礼所打理的发型,尽管现实里Thompson并未留下一张她初婚的照片。然而这虚构的情节却一反世人为她们所定性的刻板的职业女性形象,恰到好处地丰富了一个女人所拥有浪漫温馨的家庭生活的一面。When she was 21 West had an illegitimate son with H.G. Wells, 26 years her senior and then on his second wife, before marrying Henry Andrews, a banker, who was frequently unfaithful and suffered early from a form of dementia. Thompson was married three times and also had a son, with Sinclair Lewis, her second husband and winner of the Nobel prize in literature. Resentful of their mothers after lonely childhoods, both sons married young before abandoning their first wives, pursued unrealistic ambitions, and, when they proved unsuccessful, demanded lifelong financial assistance.West在21岁时与年长她26岁的H.G.Wells生下了一个非婚子之后便成为了他的第二任妻子。第二任丈夫Henry Andrews是早年罹患痴呆症并在婚姻生活中频繁出轨的家。Thompson历经三次婚姻,同样育有一子,是与第二任丈夫,荣获诺贝尔文学奖的Sinclair Lewis所生。两位儿子不满他们的母亲专注工作而导致自己孤寂残缺的童年,在首次婚姻中,妻室尚在却与年轻女子重婚,并追寻着不切实际的梦想,当最终幻灭之时,又央求母亲终身的经济援助。The danger of the books title refers to the effects of their ambitions to be, as Thompson put it, “something no other woman has been yet”. Both women turned out to be poor parents, even if they came up to roughly the standard expected of working fathers of the time; both chose work and travel over their child, sent them away to school and placated them with lavish gifts. Ms Hertog poignantly renders the conflict between maternal instinct and the desire for realisation of ambition, backed by a fear of diminished “intellectual lustre” and of becoming lost in a “cocoon of domesticity”. Thompson and West undoubtedly chose work over family, but in doing so helped to break down barriers, not only for women journalists but for all working women.剑走偏锋的书名披露了她们的事业野心,正如Thompson所说,这是“其他女性未曾经历的一切”。两位女士在养育子女方面是失败的典范,虽然可以说她们大致符合那个时代在外打拼的爸爸的标准:在子女年纪尚小时便投身事业周游列国,并且将儿子打发到学校,又用奢华的礼物慰藉他们缺乏母爱的童年。在担心以家庭为重会埋没聪颖天资与害怕投身事业会为家庭所茧缚而带来失落感的进退维谷的情境下,Hertog女士入木三分地刻画了母爱的天性与实现事业宏愿的冲突所带来的苦痛。两位女性毫不迟疑地选择了后者,但正因为这个选择,才帮助了千万女性记者乃至所有的在职女性跨越了世间予以她们的枷锁。 /201304/234537The Invisible Hand无形的力量A: Whats going on?A:发生什么事了?B: Check out the setup, Yaoyao.B:瑶瑶,看一下都有些什么设备吧!A: A stove, an empty aluminum soda can, kitchen tongs, and a saucepan. Are you experimenting with a new recipe?A:火炉,铝制的的易拉罐,餐钳和平底锅。你是在做一个新的食谱吗?B:No, Im experimenting with air pressure.B:不是的,我是在做一个关于气压的实验。A:How?A:怎么做?B:First, I will put about a tablespoon of water in the soda can, and a little cold water in the saucepan. Now, I will heat the water in the soda can on the stove until it boils.B:我先在易拉罐里加入约一汤匙的水,在平底锅里加少许冷水。接着,将易拉罐放在火炉上加热至其沸腾。A: There steam coming out of the can.A:这样水蒸汽就从罐子里冒出来了。B: Good! Now watch, i will pick up the can with a kitchen tongs like this and put it face down in the cold water in the pan. Ready?B:对了!现在,我要用餐钳像这样将易拉罐夹起来,并将其正面放在有冷水的平底锅里。准备好了吗?A:Ready!A:准备好了!B:Here goes!B:看看会发生什么吧!A: Wow, the can collapse like with being crushed down by an invisible hand.A:哇噢,易拉罐碎了!就像被一只无形的手给压碎的!B: When the water in the can boiled, the water vapor pushed all the air out of the can. And when I flipped the can and put it in the pan, the cold water cooled the vapor, making it condense.B:因为在(易拉罐里的)水沸腾时,罐子里的所有空气都被水蒸汽排出。所以当我将罐子翻转过来放在平底锅里时,(锅里的)冷水将水蒸汽冷却、凝结。A:Which left the can empty inside, allowing the pressure of the air outside the can to crush it.A:这就使得易拉罐内部变空,从而让外面的气压将其粉碎。B: Exactly. Normal air pressure is about 15 pounds per square inch. Since the can was about three inches high and two inches wide, the air pressure on it was 15 pounds per six inches, or ninety pounds of air pressure used to crush the can.B:非常正确!正常的气压大约是每平方英寸15磅。由于易拉罐大约是3英寸高、2英寸宽,它周围的气压就是6平方英寸15磅,即每平方英寸90磅,从而将易拉罐粉碎。A: Very interesting!A:太有意思了! /201212/215899China is not just Jaguar’s biggest market, it’s also the world’s biggest auto market. That’s why Jaguar is jumping to China. And starting in 2014, you might see this famous icon more and more on cars made just for China’s domestic market. Now the price tag for this deal is .75bn. This is for a joint venture with China’s Chery automobile group which it says its China’s largest auto exporter. And this deal will be based right outside of this city right here, Shanghai which is of course China’s financial capital, a new car factory’s going to be built along with a new research amp; development facility as well as a new engine plant.中国不仅是捷豹最大的市场,也是世界最大的汽车市场,这就是捷豹加入中国市场的原因。自2014年开始,人们将在中国国内市场上,看到越来越多汽车拥有著名的捷豹标志。这笔合作的交易总价为17.5亿美元。捷豹将与中国奇瑞汽车集团成立合资公司,后者自称是中国最大的汽车出国商。上海是中国的金融中心,而这家合资工厂的拟建厂址就在上海附近,将建成一家带有新研发中心及新发动机厂的新汽车制造厂。Now in a joint press release Jaguar and Chery both hailed the deal as a milestone but online as you might imagine people are not all that happy. For example, one person named Tim Cliffe said this: Jaguar, Land Roverr too,manufacture in China? notorious for poor quality. Why do that 2 ‘best performing’ marque? Bang goes my Defender which is a type of Landrover. Someone else said a little bit cheeky here, just ask this: To be rebranded Tiger and Land Panda? And someone else as this: Truth be told, how much jobs would the UK lose for Jaguar LandRover moving operations to China? Definitely some harsh tag on unemployment. Now Jaguar has said it is not exporting jobs to China but that is clearly a fear when you hear about a company setting up new operations in China known for its cheap labor.在联合新闻发布会上,捷豹和奇瑞为此次里程碑式的合作鼓掌,但是通过网络论坛,你可以想象人们并非那般雀跃。比如,Tim Cliffe这样写道:捷豹路虎也能在中国生产?那可是个生产劣质商品的国家。为什么这两个最棒的品牌要这么做呢?我的卫冕者路虎要从此消失了。还有人说的有点露骨,重新命名为老虎和路地熊猫?还有人这样留言,实话实说,因为路虎将工厂迁移至中国,英国将会有人多少人失业?对于失业率此举当然会招致一些严厉批评。捷豹称并未向中国出口工作机会,但是如果你听说一家公司要在以廉价劳动力出名的中国建立工厂,这一点是不言而喻的。And China, it isnt known just for that but overall also of course thought a growing wealth and clearly that’s why Jaguar is making the jump to Asia to tap that market there. Now a year to date its China sales have aly jumped by this much 78%; another luxury brand BMW coming at 35%; year to date Mercedes still clocking at a fairly respectable 8% growth there. So definitely Chinese consumers are buying more cars.当然中国不仅仅是劳动力廉价,而且大家都认为这是一个日益变富的国家。很明显,捷豹正是为此加入开发亚洲市场的行列的。年初至今在中国,捷豹销售额已猛增了78%;而另一款奢华品牌宝马增加了35%;年初至今,梅塞德斯的销售增长率仍然锁定在相当可观的8%。因此,可以确定的是,还有更多的中国购车者。And take a look at this, and you’ll get an idea of that, this is traffic in China during one of the country’s long holidays known as Golden Week. And interestingly that China Daily reports there’re 114 million vehicles in China but as a percentage of the population 1.3 billion that’s actually quite a small number. We’ll look at less than one car for every 10 people. But in the US, there’re about 8 cars for 10 people. So the takeaway, the US car market is pretty saturated but China, well it has a lot of room for car sales to grow even if there’s not enough room on China’s roads as you saw.了解一下这方面的信息,你会了解这一点。在中国的十一黄金周中,发生了交通大堵塞。有意思的是,中国日报报道,中国有1.14亿辆车,但是对于其13亿人口来说,这的确是个很小的数字。每10个中国人才有不到一辆车。但是在美国,每10人有大约8辆车。因此,美国的汽车市场已经相当饱和,但是汽车销售在中国仍有很大的空间,尽管大家都知道中国的道路已很拥挤。 201212/212548

Obituary;Steve Schneider;讣闻;史蒂夫·施奈德;Stephen Schneider, climate scientist, died on July 19th, aged 65.气象学家史蒂夫·施奈德,于2010年7月19日去世,享年65岁。“Mark twain had it backwards,” Steve Schneider joked, in a lecture he gave to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in 1972. “Nowadays, everyone is doing something about the weather, but nobody is talking about it.” The lecture was on the topic that Mr Schneider, then 27, had been working on for two years and would work on for another 38: what were humans doing to the climate?1972年,史蒂夫施奈德在美国科学促进会(AAAS)演讲时开玩笑地说“马克吐温把话说反了!”“而今,每个人时时都影响着气候,但没有人时时都把气候挂在嘴边”发表此演讲时,施奈德先生仅27岁,已经工作了两年并将余下的38年为这一话题而探索:人类正对气候造成了什么影响?The 1960s had brought a new way of talking about the weather—a way of representing it in punched cards that could be fed into a computer. These models, limited though they were, let their creators ask questions no simply tabulated data could answer, and see processes that the details of the real world obscured.20世纪六十年代,一种新兴的研究气候的方式产生了:用一种可以插入计算机的穿孔卡片来演示气候变化。这些新的模型,尽管有其局限性,但是这使得模型设计者不仅可以提出总汇表中数据能回答的问题,而且可以通过模型看到现实世界中模糊细节的演变过程。As a young physical scientist on the lookout for a new field that posed big questions, a former student politician who wanted to make a difference to the world and an inveterate show-off susceptible to the charms of a high profile, these models offered Mr Schneider what he needed. But in giving him a way to play with the world and its processes they gave him something he loved, too.作为一位年轻物理学家,施奈德在其关注的新领域提出了重大问题。先前他的一位从政学生想改变这个世界和因高姿态影响带来的炫耀癖,这些原型提供给了施奈德先生所想要的研究方法。然而施奈德在得到地球研究方法的馈赠的同时,他也找到了自己所喜欢的(学术方向)。As a boy growing up on Long Island he had greeted news of hurricanes by going up to the attic to sit with an anemometer, and built his own telescope in order to gasp at the planets it revealed. When computer models gave him the power to spin up winds on planets of the mind, his first big topic was a study of the net effects of smoggy pollutants in the atmosphere, which cool the planet down, and the carbon dioxide which warms it up. Other work focused on the warming and cooling effects of clouds and the climates sensitivity to greenhouse gases.作为一位年轻物理学家,施奈德在其关注的新领域提出了重大问题。先前他的一位从政学生想改变这个世界和因高姿态影响带来的炫耀癖,这些原型提供给了施奈德先生所想要的研究方法。然而施奈德在得到地球研究方法的馈赠的同时,他也找到了自己所喜欢的(学术方向)。Public interest in his work outstripped its acceptance by the academic meteorologists Mr Schneider was working with at the beginning of his career. They found computer modelling of the climate suspicious enough in itself, and Mr Schneiders insistence that it should lead to interdisciplinary interactions with biologists interested in ecosystems—and even social scientists interested in human responses—made things worse. When he returned to his office after the AAAS talk, he found a New York Times article that ed his Twain gag pinned up on a noticeboard with “Bullshit” stamped across it. His subsequent appearances on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” probably did little to improve his reputation with conservative colleagues. Nor did his fairly rapid dismissal of his early belief that cooling caused by pollution might outstrip warming due to carbon dioxide. In later years, when he and his colleagues had pushed climate change, and in particular greenhouse warming, on to the agenda, people keen to ensure a lack of action made much of his about-face over cooling, preferring to accuse him of modish inconsistency than to see him as someone who had worked to improve his models, and as a result had changed his mind.公众对他的研究很感兴趣,但施奈德先生刚参加工作时曾同为同事的气象学家们却不大认同他的工作,因为这些气象学家认为计算机模拟气候本身就值得怀疑。施奈德先生还坚持认为这将和生物学家感兴趣的生态系统跨学科互动,其后果可能使生态系统变得更糟糕;同时产生跨学科互动还有社会学家所关心的人体反应。一在美国科学促进会演讲完后他就回到了办公室,他发现纽约时报的一篇文章中以公告栏的形式引用了他当年戏谑马克吐温的话,同时在文字上方印有“一派胡言”等字。接下来他在一个名为“今晚翰尼#8226;卡森与你相约”的节目中亮相,可是在保守的同事面前他的个人名声状况基本上也没有多大改观。虽然有前期的挫折,但是这些并没有使他放弃先前的想法:即大气中污染物带来的冷却效应要超过二氧化碳带来的温室效应。在接下来的几年里,施奈德先生和他的同事将气候变化,尤其是温室效应,推上了大会议程。由于他在冷却效应上态度的急转,人们急于制定一系列的法令,结果很多人控告他的个人思想过于固执,结果导致大家并没有将其视为致力于改进模型的气象学家,最终这令他改变了自己的初衷。Mr Schneiders high profile as a proponent of action on climate change—he was the editor of an important journal, Climatic Change, and an influential member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) more or less from its inception—would have made him a favourite target for such antagonists anyway, but he came in for particular scorn because of his willingness to discuss the inevitable tensions between advocacy and academic integrity. Critics of Mr Schneider, including this newspaper, portrayed him as giving in to this tension, and being willing to tell “necessary lies” when it suited his purposes. He countered such attacks vehemently, saying such a conclusion rested on a slanted ing of what he had said on the subject. He had no time for advocacy without truth.施奈德曾是一本重要杂志“气候变化”的主编,同时自联合国政府间气候变化专门委员会成立以来,他就是该小组中具有影响力的一员。施奈德先生对造成气候变化的行为持赞成态度的高调姿态使他成为了收到攻击最多的对象。因为他意志坚强,所以面对这些极端的嘲弄,他迎难而上,探讨学术宣传和学术诚信不可避免的紧张关系。在一份报纸中这样描述对施奈德先生的批评:他会在紧张的情况下会做出让步,同时声称施奈德先生在达到自身目的的前提下愿意捏造“必要的谎言”。但施奈德先生对这种学术攻击进行了猛烈地抨击,声称这是由于其他人对他在此主题上的言论偏见理解造成的。一旦没有了真理,学术宣传就是在浪费时间。Far from being a voice of orthodoxy, Mr Schneider encouraged debate, and doubts, on subjects that some of his colleagues thought beyond the pale. He convened meetings on the Gaia hypothesis and its notion of a self-regulating Earth; he provided space for discussions of geoengineering schemes for cooling the planet. When his friend Carl Sagan (who had recommended him to Johnny Carson) led the charge on the climatic effects of nuclear war as a case for disarmament, Mr Schneider, whose politics were close to Sagans, damaged their friendship by saying publicly that the models he worked with were considerably less prone than Sagans to the creation of “nuclear winters”.和先前大众普遍认同的观点相同,施奈德先生敢于在学术方面进行驳论、质疑,尽管有些领域他的同事们认为是越界。他召集会议讨论盖亚假说和盖亚假说中地球是具有自我调节整功能的论点。他为地球降温的抵制工程计划提供了提供了广阔的研究空间。施奈德先生的朋友卡尔#8226;萨根(后将其称为约翰尼#8226;卡森)是负责研究核裁军带来的气候效应,施奈德先生的政治观点与卡森的基本相同,但由于施奈德先生公开声称他所研究的模型比起卡森的研究更不容易造成“核战争”,这破坏了两人间的友谊。At the IPCC, Mr Schneiders deepest commitment was to candour about uncertainties and the role played by subjective expert judgment. He loved models for the patterns and ideas they revealed much more than he trusted them as detailed guides to action. He was more likely to criticise a piece of science for underestimating its own level of uncertainty than for coming to a conclusion he disagreed with.在联合国政府间气候变化专门委员会中,施奈德先生的最大的特点就是直言那些不确定因素和专家的主观臆断所起的作用。他喜欢这种方式的模型,并且他认可这些模型,可以将它们作为自己详细的行为指南。比起那些他不赞成的观点,他认为低估了不确定性科学的观点更应该受到批评。点。In his mid-50s he found his ideas about how to make weighty decisions in uncertainty tested in a more personal way. He was diagnosed with a rare lymphoma. With his wife as advocate and his doctor as expert, he tried to understand the processes involved and decide on actions accordingly. His choice of aggressive treatments helped him survive until a heart attack claimed him on an aircraft ferrying him from one climate meeting to the next.在他50岁的时候,他发现可以利用不确定因素做出更具有个性化的重大抉择。但随后施奈德先生被诊断出患有罕见的淋巴癌。在妻子的持和医生的建议下,他试着了解那些不确定性因素的过程并按其过程行事行事。他自己选择了大胆的治疗,结果活了下来,但在参加下一个会议的途中,他因心脏病飞机上逝世。 /201210/203300

Its been said that that the first person on Mars is alive somewhere on earth today.据说,在火星上的第一个人今天仍然在地球上的某个地方活着。Imagine its you what do you need to know on might you get there what should you pack?想象你会到那里去,你需要什么,你该怎么打包?What are some of the must-see sights what should you avoid?什么是不容错过的景点,应当避免什么?Think of this as your personal travel guide to exploring the red planet.把这当作是你探索这颗红色行星的私人旅游指南。Mars has always had mystique.火星一直拥有神秘。Its one of the easiest planet to spot in night sky ,这是一个最简单的观望夜空的行星,a constant dot of red light moving through the heavens and now we know for sure that of all planets this red rocky one is the most similar to home.不断的红点穿越天空,现在我们知道,对于所有的行星而言,这颗红色的岩石就好像家一样。Here are polar caps in sunbake deserts, giant volcanoes ,mighty canyons.这里有沙漠的极地沙帽, 巨大的火山、神秘的峡谷。Mars even spins at about the same speed of earth making a martian day only about 40 minutes longer than hours.甚至火星旋转也和地球大约相同,而相比之下,火星的一天大约比地球多40分钟。注:听力文本来源于普特201204/177101The response from Standard Charter has been fairly tight-lipped at the moment, of course we have to understand theres an ongoing investigation, particularly internally within the bank, and so they are limited as to what they can say. Right now, they werent even taking the questions that I wanted to ask earlier. But they did provide us with a statement that s as follows:渣打此刻的回应可以称得上是守口如瓶。当然我们必须明白,目前调查正在进行,尤其是对内部的调查,因此他们能公开发表的言论有限。目前他们甚至还在回避我早前就提到的问题。然而他们也确实做出以下声明:As reported previously, the group is conducting a review of its historical US sanctions compliance and is discussing that review with US enforcement agencies and regulators. The group cannot predict when this review and these discussions will be completed or what the outcome will be.正如之前报道所述,渣打集团正在就有史以来美国制裁的合规性进行复核,且同美国执法部门和监管机构讨论这次的复核。渣打集团未能预计这次复核和讨论何时结束,也不知道会有何结论。In terms of other response, the Treasury said that theyre looking at the allegations, they are continuing to sift through the details of it, and if anything comes to light, and they will respond next to it accordingly.至于其它的回应,财政部门表示他们正在对指控展开调查,他们会继续筛选其中的细节。如果真相大白,他们会根据事实说话。As terms of what the allegations are, they come from the financial sector of the New York state department, and it is that, Standard Chartered, a UK bank was working for various Iranian financial institutions and channeling money through its US holdings without putting the right flags on it. Because the ed States like many other countries has imposed sanctions on Iran for fear that they might use money to finance terrorism or finance a nuclear weapons program. And so if any money is channeled through Iran, it should have the right flags on it, so it can be investigated by US authorities and made sure that it is legitimate. Standard Chartered wont doing that, they were slipping under the net onto their own financial gain, it is serious allegations.至于指控的罪行是什么,这得由纽约州财政部门说了算。美国怀疑英国的渣打与多个伊朗金融公司存在交易,通过美国国债洗黑钱,这违反了美国反洗钱法。和其他国家一样,美国对伊朗实行制裁,以防伊朗用金钱资助恐怖主义或者核武器计划。而且如果资金流向伊朗,必须有正当的渠道。因此美国政府有权展开调查,确保交易的合法性。渣打没有做违法的行为,他们是自己财政收入上的漏网之鱼。这是项严重的指控。原文译文属!201208/196195Its Thursday, April 28th. Im Natali Morris. And its time to get loaded.今天是4月28日,周四。我是Natali Morris。是时候接收今天的最新科技资讯了。The white iPhone4 launches today. This is the like counterpart to the black iPhone4 that launched last summer. When the black one launched, Apple acknowledged some problems with the production process of the white one and promised it would be here by spring. And it is. Although, I dont recommand getting one if that means renewing your contract, new phones are due out in just a few months so I would wait. Unless, of course, you cant wait or you just really like white.白色iPhone4今日发布。它的外形和去年夏天发售的黑色iPhone4是相同的。黑色iPhone发布时,苹果公司承认白色机在生产流程中出现问题,但苹果公司保,白色机将赶在春天发售。而现在正是时候。虽然如此,但如果购买白色iPhone意味着重新购买话费套餐,那我并不建议大家购买,因为新款iPhone还有几个月就要与大家见面了。除非你不能等了,或者就是喜欢白色机 。Yahoo sold off bookmarking site Delicious to a company called AVOS. AVOS incidentally is owned by the founders of Youtube Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. The company says it plans to add new features and grow Delicious as opposed to Yahoos plan for Delicious which was—Im not even sure they have really had one. The transition from Yahoo will happen in July.雅虎公司的网页书签网摘站点Delicious被一家名叫AVOS的公司收购。AVOS公司的所有者正是Youtube的创始人查德·赫尔利和陈士骏。AVOS公司表示将为Delicious网增加新的特点,虽然他们不确定雅虎是否对Delicious网站有设计规划,但他们将以与雅虎设定的完全相反的方向去设计Delicious网站,这次收购将于7月进行。It has not been a good week for gamers. First, the SONYs playstation network gets hacked, and now Microsoft is reporting the security breach with the X-box. Microsoft says the issue is tied to Call of duty: Modern Warfare 2. Theres a phishing scam on the loose that asked for your personal information while you are playing the game. Do not fall for that. Meanwhile, Microsoft says they are working to resolve the issue.这周的对于游戏玩家可不是好日子。先是索尼的网络游戏被黑,微软又有报道说X-box存在安全漏洞。微软表示《使命召唤:现代战争2》出现安全漏洞。有人会利用网络漏洞进行欺诈,在玩家玩游戏的时候骗取到玩家的个人信息。听众们注意不要落入陷阱。同时,微软表示他们正在解决这一问题。We are one step closer to surfing the web with voice control. Google added speech imput capability to the Chrome browser. Youll soon see a microphone button that will trigger that speech capability. When you push it, Google translate will translate your commands into texts.我们距离声控网络又近了一步。谷歌浏览器新增了一项输入功能。用户可以看到谷歌浏览器上新增了一个麦克风按钮并增加了语音功能。当用户点击这个按钮,谷歌翻译将会把你的指令转化为文本。And finally state Farm released a new App called Driver Feedback. It essentially tells you if youre driving like a jerk. The App uses the phones accelerometer to measure you acceleration, braking and cornering. At the end of each trip, you get a score and there is even a map where you can identify where the jerky behaviour may have occured. This will help you become aware of your habits and perhaps make some changes.最后一条消息,State Farm发布了一款名叫Driver Feedback的应用。这款应用会对用户的驾驶技术作出评价。这款应用使用手机的加速计来测量汽车的加速,停车和转弯。在驾驶结束后,用户会得到一个分数,还会得到一张地图,标示着行驶过程中那段路开得不好。这款应用会帮助用户意识到自己的行为,也许还会促使用户做出一些改变。Thats your news for the day, Ill see you tomorrow. Im Natali Morris for CNet, and youve just been loaded.以上就是今天的科技新闻,我们明天再见。我是Cnet的Natali Morris,感谢您的收看。accelerometer (飞机、火箭、车辆等的)加速度计,加速度测量仪phishing scam: 网络钓鱼,网络欺诈(以虚假的身份和形象随机骗取个人帐号和密码等)注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201211/208650

Science and Technolgy.科技。The Square Kilometre Array.SKA项目。Divide and rule.分工合作。The worlds biggest astronomy project is split between Africa and Australasia. That gives South Africa, in particular, a chance to show its scientific mettle.世界上最大的天文观测项目由非洲和澳大拉西亚来合作完成。这给了南非一个机会来展示她的的科学精神。THE reputation of physics as the queen of sciences is reflected in the amount of money that governments are willing to spend on it. The Large Hadron Collider, Europes latest particle smasher, cost around billion and took a decade to build. But, just occasionally, other fields get to play with some big, taxpayer-funded kit of their own, too.物理学被人们称为自然科学的女王,因此政府愿意为她挥金如土。欧洲最大的粒子加速器——大型强子碰撞型加速器——耗资大约90亿美元,建造历时10年。无独有偶,在自然科学的其他领域,人们也大量投入了纳税人的钱财。On May 25th it was the astronomers turn in the limelight. For several years two groups of countries, one consisting of Australia and New Zealand, and the other of several sub-Saharan nations led by South Africa, have been polishing their rival bids to host the Square Kilometre Array, a gargantuan, /201208/197158

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