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惠州第一人民医院前列腺炎多少钱惠州妇幼保健医院治疗阳痿多少钱It induces euphoria, and excites the sexual regions of the brain.它能引起快感,刺激大脑的性区域,It is quite possibly hallucinogenic.引起幻觉。It leads to strange, unpredictable, and unproductive behavior in those who use it.使用它的人可能产生奇怪,出乎意料的,不明智的举动。Whats more, it growswild, much as a weed.更重要的是它和杂草一样是野生的。Is this the latest menace to society? No, its catnip.这是对社会的最新威胁吗?不,它是猫薄荷。The catnip plant is actually an herb, and a relatively common member of the mint family.猫薄荷实际上是一种药草,是薄荷家族中常见的一员。If kitties ever decided to have a war on drugs, catnip would be outlawed because of a chemical called“nepetalactone.”如果猫咪们决定来一次反毒品大战,那么猫薄荷将会被认定为非法药物,因为它含有一种叫做荆芥内酯的化学物质。Lactones carry chemical messages inside a body, and nepetalactone carries its message straightto the pleasure center of a cats brain, where it can randomly excite the cats neural circuits associatedwith sex, playing, hunting, and feeding.内酯在身体内传送化学信息,荆芥内酯则直接将信息传入猫脑的“快乐中枢”,在那里可以随意刺激猫与性欲,玩耍,捕猎以及喂养有关的神经环路。Although a cat may try to eat catnip or a catnip toy, it is only the smell of catnip that transfers the drug toa cats brain, not the actual ingestion.尽管猫会尝试吃掉猫薄荷或者猫薄荷玩具,但这仅仅是猫薄荷的气味将药物传输至猫的大脑中,并不是实际的摄取。This is why a small amount of catnip inside a toy can make a cathappy again and again.这就是为什么玩具里的一小点猫薄荷就能让猫不停地兴奋。Its also why a cat will sometimes be more interested in the cardboard box that acatnip toy came in than the actual toy-the cardboard might carry more of the smell.这也是为什么猫有时会对装猫薄荷玩具的箱子而不是猫薄荷玩具更感兴趣,因为箱子可能有更多的气味。If your cat seems unaffected by catnip, dont worry.如果你的猫不受猫薄荷的影响,不用担心。A cats sensitivity to catnip is genetically determined,and some dont respond at all.猫对猫薄荷的敏感度是由其基因决定的,有些根本毫无反应。 201411/341640惠阳区有治疗前列腺炎吗 Psychotherapy精神疗法Expanding the shrinks垂死挣扎The popularity of CBT is freezing out more traditional forms of therapyCBT的兴起威胁着其它心理疗法THE unexamined life may not be worth living, but the overexamined life can be difficult, too. Many people are turning to a relatively young branch of “talking therapy”, called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to get them through the (day and) night. CBT, which teaches people to bypass unhelpful thoughts, has been elbowing aside the talk-about-your-childhood psychoanalysis favoured by believers in Freud and Jung. Up to 43% of all therapy courses in Britain are now CBT, and the practice is increasing: around 6,000 new therapists have been trained since 2007 and CBT absorbs much public funding. In 2012, 213m went on a National Health Service programme delivering CBT, while 172m was spent on all other forms of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.不经任何检验的生活是无意义的,但是检验过多的生活也并非容易。现在很多人都比较青睐近来出现的“谈话治疗”,又称“认知行为治疗”(CBT),借其顺利度过(白天或)晚上。认知行为治疗(CBT)主要引导患者除去无用的想法,现人气已经大大超过了之前曾得到弗洛伊德和荣格持者的大力吹捧的“说说童年”心理分析疗法。现如今,英国有超过43%的心理疗法课程都采用认知行为治疗方法(CBT),且它的实际运用也越来越普遍:自2007年起,CBT行业已培养6000名治疗专家,并吸收了不少社会资金。2012年,在政府投资的全面健康务项目中,CBT占2.13万英镑,而其它精神疗法总共才得到1.72万英镑。The growing popularity of CBT was consolidated in 2007, when the government adopted the treatment as standard. Three things had swayed it. The newish practice had accumulated a body of evidence proving it worked (students of Freud and Jung have been slower to move from couch to lab). It was very good at getting patients back to the office: a 1997 study found people with psychological problems had significantly higher employment rates after CBT than after traditional psychoanalysis. It was also speedy, getting results after just ten one-hour sessions (psychoanalysis can, expensively, take a lifetime). So CBT therapists were trained up and given all the plum NHS jobs, consigning other therapies largely to private practice.2007年,在政府宣布CBT为标准治疗法后,它的人气再度上涨,地位得以坚实巩固。CBT虽然出现时间较近,但已有大量据明它的功效(弗洛伊德和荣格的学生就没能这么迅速地从诊察台转移到研究室,着手深入调查研究。)此疗法在帮助患者重就业方面效果显著:1997年的研究结果显示,接受CBT疗法的群体的就业率要比接受传统精神疗法高得多。并且,该疗法周期也短的多,每次治疗一小时,持续十次就可以看到效果(而那些精神疗法或许会足足耗费一生)。正因如此,国家大力培养CBT治疗师,并且分配他们NHS(英国国民保健系统)的全部美差,同时还允许他们可以自由行动。As a result couch-based psychotherapy, once dominant, now caters mostly to the rich—an hours session costs between 50 () and 500—and is geographically skewed: there are more psychoanalysts in NW3, a posh London postcode, says Phillip Hodson, a fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, than in the counties of Devon and Somerset combined. CBT therapists, via GP referrals and hospital departments, can now reach anyone nationwide for free. Private practice psychoanalysis is also set to struggle as evidence-based results and regulation become more important. In 2007 non-NHS therapists resisted a proposed regulatory body, claiming it would squash creativity—a mistake in a profession so easily infiltrated by quacks.结果,这种以诊查为主的心理治疗法盛行后,如今主要是为了迎合富贵人家—小时的诊疗收费达50至500英镑—且它的地理分布也是极为不平衡:英国心理咨询和心理治疗协会会员菲利浦·哈德森(Phillip Hodson)称,在繁华地带的NW3地区的心理治疗师比德文郡和萨默赛特两乡村合计还多。CBT治疗师在全科医生和医院有关部门的引荐下,如今已经可以为全国人民免费治疗。个人所开展的心理治疗法也在努力成为有理可循的治疗法,因此制定有关规定显得更加重要。2007年,一名非NHS的心理治疗师强烈反对政府所出台得一套规章制度,认为这会抑制大家的创新力——这是职业通病,却极易被江湖郎中给占便宜。Meanwhile the CBT boost has expanded the British therapy industry: since 2007, spending on psychotherapy has moved from 3% to 7% of Britains mental health budget-the difference mostly spent on CBT. In shrink-happy America, by contrast, the psychotherapy industry is declining. In 1998, 15.9% of Americas depression and anxiety cases were referred to therapists. In 2007 that was down to 10.5%. The British therapy boom is also a triumph for consumer choice: a recent survey showed patients preferred therapy to medication by a ratio of three to one.与此同时,CBT的大兴又促进了英国心理治疗行业的发展:自2007年以来,国民在精神疗法上的出由原来只占心理健康总出的3%升至7%,而多出来的部分主要用于CBT治疗。而相反,在幸福指数下滑的美国,心理治疗行业却日渐下滑。早在1998年,15.9%的忧郁和焦虑患者都会求助心理治疗师。而到了2007年,这个人数降至10.5%。英国心理治疗行业的大兴再次表明现今顾客为大的世道:近期一项调查结果显示,相比药物治疗,75%的患者更倾向于心理治疗。Peter Fogarty of University College, London argues that CBT has entered a virtuous circle: money pours into research, evidence accumulates, more financial support is given to the newly credible treatment and other forms of psychotherapy are excluded. Even if they are not, the complexity of the NHS means it may be hard to switch gears. Policymakers will not be keen to disentangle CBT from the vast NHS machinery, nor to write off years spent training new therapists.伦敦大学学院的教授彼特. 福格蒂认为CBT开始了良性循环:大量资金投入相关研究,研究又积累更多真实数据,带来可靠的研究结果,而后这种新的可靠治疗得到更多财政补助,得到进一步推广,渐渐地把其它心理疗法给淘汰了。即使这些疗法没被淘汰,在NHS这样复杂交错的系统里,它们也很难翻身,扭转当前局势。当局者根本不希望把CBT从庞大的NHS体系中剔除,也不希望这么多年只是在白白地培养新的心理治疗师。CBT is no panacea, and psychoanalysis has been shown to be better in treating illnesses like eating disorders. It is finally launching studies to measure its effectiveness in an effort to regain some ground. Either way, it appears the stereotype of the buttoned-up Brit, unwilling to delve into his or her subconscious, may be eroding.CBT不是万灵丹,实践也实,精神分析法在治疗饮食紊乱等问题上比CBT更见效。CBT最终是会激起社会研究热潮,促进其它治疗法大力研究自身治疗效果,以说大众,保住自己的一席之位。不管怎样,这显示了英国以往沉默寡言和保守不前的内质,不愿意深入研究自己潜意识的想法,而如今这种特质正在不断褪去。 翻译:徐珍 校对:朱大素 译文属译生译世 /201410/336585惠州包皮手术治疗

惠州哪个医院治疗软下疳最权威Laws on boxing拳击立法Bouncing back卷土重来More countries are allowing professional boxing, despite the risks虽有风险,各国还是逐渐放开职业拳击Cecilia Braekhus在比赛中FIRST Sweden in 2007, then Cuba in 2013, and now Norway have left the small club of countries that ban professional boxing. The centre-right coalition in power since 2013 promised to cut taxes and red tape—and to let Norwegians indulge in pastimes its predecessors deemed too dangerous, including cheaper wine and spirits, jetskis and Segways. And last month 33 years without pro boxing came to an end, leaving Iceland with the Nordic regions sole boxing ban.2007年的瑞典,2013年的古巴,以及现在的挪威—它们纷纷离开了本就小众的“禁止拳击俱乐部”,令职业拳击合法化。2013年上台的中右翼执政联盟曾承诺减税和改进工作作风,并让挪威人民享受到廉价的葡萄酒和烈酒,水上托和电动两轮车(这些东西从前都被看作是太危险了)。上个月,挪威取消了长达33年的职业拳击禁令,剩下冰岛一国,成为唯一一个禁止职业拳击的北欧国家。Health concerns lay behind the Norwegian ban. (Cuba had considered the violence—and prize money—incompatible with Marxism.) The World Medical Association has long called for the sport to be outlawed everywhere. But Norways pugilists are delighted, as they can fight at home and earnings will rise.挪威从前禁止职业拳击,主要是出于健康考虑。(古巴则是觉得暴力与奖金不符合马克思的教导。)长期以来,世界医学协会到处鼓吹立法禁止体育。但挪威的拳击运动员开心了,因为他们不必出国比赛,并且收入也会提高。A champ unable to throw a punch in her own country probably did more than a new governments reforming zeal to end the ban. Cecilia Braekhus (pictured), a former champion kickboxer, turned to the sport in 2003. Undefeated in her 27 pro matches to date, in September she became the first Norwegian, and first woman, to hold all major world-title championships in her class (welterweight). In 2012 she was named Norways sports personality of the year. A favourite of the countrys sports pages and tabloid press, she freshened up boxings battered image—and made it a symbol of the fightback against the Nordic nanny state.要开放职业拳击,一位冠军的作用可能比政府还大。Cecilia Braekhus(图中人物)是前自由搏击世界冠军,2003年开始参加这项运动。迄今为止,她在27场职业比赛中保持不败,获得了她所在级别(次中量级)的大满贯。她是首位获此殊荣的挪威人,也是首位获此殊荣的女性。2012年,她被选为挪威年度体育人物。作为这个国家体育网页和小报的最爱,她更新了拳击曾经不入流的形象,并使它成为一个信号:北欧并不只是保姆国家。译者:韦永睿 校对:穆毅 译文属译生译世 /201501/355360惠州治疗前列腺增生哪个医院好 惠州阳痿检查价格

惠州友好男子医院不孕不育多少钱But sweet Carlos at Empire Center Mattress Store,Was it the matress store? Yeah.It was a lot.但是帝国中心床垫商店贴心的卡洛斯 是在床垫商店啊 是的 可发生了不少事Yeah. Well, we have something in your ear,And you are very far away, its...And there is a lot of rolling and some bouncing.是的啊 我们把些东西放在你耳朵里 你在很远的地方 这... 有很多跌宕起伏There is a lot of rolling.So I popped it once.Lets show a little bit of what happened.是有很多跌宕起伏 所以我有一次说错了 我们来看看当时发生了什么Oh, Carlos before we get into this.Carlos before we get into this.卡洛斯 在我们开始之前 卡洛斯 在我们开始之前I am on ;Scandal;.Carlos before we get into this.I am the First Lady of the ed State of America.我得告诉你我上;丑闻;了 我得告诉你我上;丑闻;了 我是美国的第一夫人I am the first lady of the ed State of America.Okay, I need strong springs, Carlos.我是美国的第一夫人呦 我得要有牢固的弹簧的 卡洛斯I need strong springs, Carlos.I have broken a bed before.I have broken a bed before. Really?You kept it together. You kept it together.我得要有牢固弹簧的 卡洛斯 我以前睡坏过一张床 我以前睡坏过一张床 真的吗 你演的很好 你演的很好Sweet Carlos. He was a trooper.He really was. He just took everything in stride.卡洛斯很贴心 他是个州警察 他确实是 他从容处理每件事He did, really. He was amazing.Broke a bed.You can catch Bellamy Youngs ;Repeat After Me;,他确实是 真的 他很棒 睡坏一张床 你可以在星期二 A台的3月21日On Tuesday, March 21st at 8:30 on A, And ;Scandal; every Thursday at 9:00 on A.8:30看;跟着我说; ;丑闻; 每个星期四A台的九点I wanna thank the First Lady...Michelle Obama, Courtney Barnett, Bellamy Young我想谢谢第一夫人... 米歇尔·奥巴马 柯特妮·巴奈特 贝拉米·杨And all the ;So You Think You Can Dance; Dancers.I will see you tomorrow. Be kind to one and another. Bye.和所有的;舞魅天下;的舞者们 明天见 善待彼此 再见 /201602/428313 Researchers now estimate that climate change will cause the death of 500,000 adults by the year 2050. 研究人员目前估计,到2050年气候变化将导致50万成人死亡。About three fourths of those deaths will be from China and India, the research journal Lancet published on Wednesday. 研究杂志lt;lt;柳叶刀gt;gt;周三发文表示,约有四分之三的死亡将来自中国和印度。A computer model repeatedly found that low levels of available fruits and vegetables would cause these deaths from malnutrition. 一项计算机模型反复发现,低水平食用水果和蔬菜会导致营养不良而死亡。So far, this is the most concrete proof scientists have of the day to day impacts the dangers of climate change will present to humans. 到目前为止,这是科学家们最具体的据,关于气候变化危险将对人类每天的影响。At least 155 countries are predicted to impacted by a lack of food.预测至少有155个国家受到食物缺乏的影响。译文属。201603/429497惠州友好医院做性功能检测多少钱陈江医院男科挂号



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