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惠州有那家男性医院惠州哪家医院有检查包皮的惠州哪里看前洌腺比较好 Written by Robyn Winder and Charlie Speight and published in 2007 by the NSA#39;s Center for Digital Content, Untangling the Web: An Introduction to Internet Research is a 643-page long introduction to everything from the very basics of web research to finding confidential information that has accidentally slipped into the public domain. The document became available as a result of an April Freedom of Information Act request by MuckRock, a service-provider for journalists and researchers.: An Introduction to Internet Research)的手册一共643页,由罗宾·温德和查理·斯佩特两人合著,2007年由美国国家安全局数字内容中心(he NSA#39;s Center for Digital Content)出版,内容从网络调查的基础知识到如何查找意外流入公共领域的保密信息,无所不包。今年4月,面向媒体从业人员和研究人员提供务的MuckRock根据美国《自由信息法案》申请信息公开,这份手册也因此重见天日。At George R. R. Martin length, the document is thorough to say the least. The introduction alone is filled with references to 10th-century Persia, Jorge Luis Borges, Sigmund Freud, and the Minotaur in the Labyrinth. As Wired pointed out, the chapter titled ;Google Hacking; is getting the most immediate play. (Showing the document#39;s age, perhaps, there are also sections on Yahoo Search, Windows Live Search, and Ask.com.) ;Nothing I am going to describe to you is illegal, nor does it in any way involve accessing unauthorized data, ; the authors write. Instead, it ;involves using publicly available search engines to access publicly available information that almost certainly was not intended for public distribution.;这本手册的篇幅堪与乔治·RR·马丁的巨著媲美,因此手册内容不可谓不详实。单是前言部分就援引了10世纪的波斯、西班牙作家豪尔赫·路易斯·尔赫斯、弗洛伊德和迷宫神牛等丰富的内容。正如《连线》杂志(Wired)所指出的那样,手册中的“谷歌黑客”(Google Hacking)一章迅速发了公众的效法。(也许是因为手册编撰的年代,里面一些章节还涉及了雅虎搜索、Windows Live Search和Ask.com等渠道。)“我要介绍的方法没有一样是违法的,也不存在获取未经授权数据的问题,”两位作者这样写道。事实上,它“探讨的是如何使用公开搜索引擎,查找几乎肯定不打算向公众发布的信息。”The book is replete with tips and tricks, ranging from undocumented filetypes Google (GOOG) can look for, to how-to#39;s on running searches that include all the synonyms of a given term (a.k.a. use the magic ~). The entire document is available here , but here are the three hacks getting the most attention:书里充斥着各种窍门和诀窍,比如谷歌(Google)可以搜索的、未公开的文件类型,再比如怎样运行包含某一特定术语所有同义词的搜索(即运行神奇的“~”符号)。手册全文可点击这里,但其中尤以下面三项黑客技巧最受关注:1. Find Passwords : The authors suggest the following search term to look for Russian spsheets that may contain login credentials: ;filetype:xls site:ru login.; The filetype tells the search engine to look for Microsoft (MSFT) spsheets, the site indicates Russian domain names, and login -- because ;login; and ;password; are often written in English even in foreign countries.1.搜索密码 :作者建议使用下面的搜索条件来搜索可能包含登陆信息的俄罗斯电子数据表格:“filetype:xls site:ru login”(文件类型:xls 网址:ru login)。文件类型是为了告诉搜索引擎寻找微软(Microsoft)的电子数据表格,网址则限定俄罗斯域名,使用login是因为美国以外的地区也往往用英语表达“login(登陆名)”和“password(密码)”。2. Find Confidential Spsheets : Again, a term like ;filetype:xls site:za confidential; will pull confidential spsheets that have been accidentally posted in public, in this case in Brazil.2.搜索机密电子表格 :搜索条件类似“filetype:xls site:za confidential”(文件类型:xls 网址:za 机密)将搜寻出意外公布的机密电子表格,例子中的国家是巴西。3. Find Misconfigured Web Servers : Web servers ;that list the contents of directories not intended to be on the web often offer a rich load of information to Google hackers, ; the document states. To find them, it suggest search: ;—intitle: #39;index of#39; site:kr password.3.搜索设置错误的网络务器 :这份手册称:“那些所含目录原本不应显示在互联网上的”网络务器“往往能给谷歌搜索黑客提供丰富的信息”。要找到这样的网络务器,这本书建议使用下面的条件:“—intitle: #39;index of#39; site:kr password”(-标题中:“指向” 网址:kr 密码)。 /201305/241887A competition which subject is on giving up drinking is proceeding. One of lecturers says excitedly, ; Alcohol can break down conjugal(婚姻的) relation, even cause your wife to leave you… ;A man shouts out at the news, ;Give me another bottle of Brandy.;以戒酒为主题的演讲比赛正在进行,一个演讲者动情地说:“酒精可以破坏夫妻关系,甚至导致妻子离开自己的丈夫……”这时一个男人大声喊:“再来一瓶白兰地!” /201307/247688仲恺治疗早泄多少钱

惠阳医院包皮手术多少钱惠州市第一人民医院看泌尿科怎么样 Monica Brooks and her daughter Morgan, age 8, rifled through the racks at a Zara store in Dallas Thursday night, looking at bejeweled T-shirts and ruffled tops.周四晚上,布鲁克斯(Monica Brooks)和她八岁的女儿根(Morgan)在达拉斯一家Zara店的货架间扫荡,浏览标价16美元的珠缀T恤衫和10美元的褶饰上装。Labels inside the clothing at the fast-fashion chain showed that it came from around the globe, including from Bangladesh, the site of a spate of deadly textile-factory fires and a recent building collapse that has killed more than 1,100 garment workers.从这家快时尚连锁店的装标签显示,这些装来自世界各地,包括孟加拉国。孟加拉国的装厂曾发生一系列致命的火灾,最近,一栋大楼的倒塌导致超过1,100名装工人死亡。That surprised Ms. Brooks, a 41-year-old software saleswoman who shops at Zara ;more than I should,; she said. ;It just goes to show you that we are not paying attention to that.;这让布鲁克斯感到惊讶。布鲁克斯是一名41岁的软件销售人员。她说,我在Zara购物的次数简直太多了。布鲁克斯说,这只能说明我们以前没注意到衣的产地。Americans; appetite for cheap clothes is one of the strongest of the economic forces that led to a boom in Bangladesh, with the resulting race to add manufacturing capacity setting the stage for the series of horrific accidents.美国人对廉价装的欲望是引发孟加拉装业繁荣的最强大的经济力量之一,随之而来的加紧提高产能的趋势成了上述一系列可怕事故的导火索。U.S. consumers have become accustomed to spending relatively little on clothing compared with other items─and getting a lot for their money. Americans last year devoted just 3% of their annual spending to clothing and footwear, compared with around 7% in 1970 and about 13% in 1945, according to Commerce Department data.相比其他方面的开,美国的消费者已经习惯了在装上少花钱,但要物超所值。根据商务部(Commerce Department)的数据,美国人去年花在装和鞋类上的出仅占他们年度开的3%,相比之下,1970年的这一比例为大约7%,1945年为13%左右。One reason Americans now spend so little is that U.S. clothing prices have fallen significantly over the past two decades, after rising in the 1950s, 1960s and especially in the 1970s.美国人在装上的出这么少的一个原因是,美国的装价格过去20年大幅下降,而此前,在上世纪50、60年代,尤其是70年代,装的价格一直在不断上升。Chains like Inditex SA;s ITX.MC +0.98% Zara and Hennes amp; Mauritz AB;s HM-B.SK +0.77% Hamp;M have set the tone for ;fast fashion.;Inditex SA旗下的Zara和海恩斯莫里斯(Hennes amp; Mauritz AB)旗下Hamp;M等装连锁为“快时尚”定下了基调。;Apparel prices are lower in absolute terms now than they were in the 1990s,; says Dean Maki, an economist at Barclays BARC.LN +1.42% .巴克莱集团(Barclays PLC, BARC.LN)的经济学家马奇(Dean Maki)说,目前的装价格绝对低于上世纪90年代的价格。Since 1990, clothing prices in the U.S. have risen just 10% compared with an 82% jump in food prices during the same period, according to Jessica Tenvose, an economist with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which compiles the Consumer Price Index.美国劳工统计局(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)的经济学家Jessica Tenvose说,上世纪90年代以来,美国的装价格仅上涨了10%,相比之下,食品价格在同一时期上涨了82%。美国劳工统计局负责编制消费者价格指数(Consumer Price Index)。If adjusted for inflation, clothing prices would show a decline.如果经过通胀调整,装的价格则呈下降趋势。That may be changing a bit. Apparel prices rose about 2% in December 2012 from a year earlier, following a jump of almost 5% in the previous year when cotton prices spiked.这种情况正在发生微小的变化。2012年12月,装价格同比上涨了2%,之前一年,棉花价格飙升时,装价格上涨了将近5%。But with consumers so used to paying so little, retailers and apparel manufacturers are reluctant to raise prices and have become even more eager to find low-cost countries to produce their goods in, economists say.但是经济学家们说,鉴于消费者已经习惯花很少的钱购买装,零售商和装制造商不愿意涨价,他们更加迫切地寻找低成本的装产地。The sluggish U.S. economy and stagnant wage growth add to the pressure on retailers by capping consumers; disposable income, but the desire to shop for trendy new outfits remains strong.美国经济的低迷和工资增长的停滞让消费者的可配收入十分有限,这增加了零售商的压力,但人们购买新的潮流装的欲望仍然强烈。Meanwhile, labor costs in China─long the world;s low-cost factory floor─have been rising rapidly.与此同时,在长期充当世界工厂的中国,劳动力成本一直在迅速上升。So retailers and apparel producers are switching to lower-cost alternatives like India, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Bangladesh, where the entry-level wage for garment workers is shy of a month.因此,零售商和装制造商正在转向成本更低的其他国家,如印度、越南、柬埔寨和孟加拉国,在这些国家,初级装工人的工资还不到每月40美元。On Sunday, Bangladesh;s textile minister said he will soon start talks with labor groups and factory owners to agree on a new minimum wage for the industry.上周日,孟加拉纺织部长说,他将很快开始与劳工组织和工厂厂主对话,就一个新的工厂最低工资标准达成一致。Depending on the size of the wage increase, Western retailers might pull business away from Bangladesh, though wages there would have to quadruple to top those in China.如果工资上涨幅度过大,西方零售商可能会将订单从孟加拉国转往别的国家,不过孟加拉国工人的工资要涨上三倍才能超过中国工人的工资。In the short run, brands might absorb the rise, as many did in 2011, when cotton prices spiked.短期而言,在孟加拉国生产装的外国品牌可能需要自行消化这一工资上涨因素,就像他们中的许多2011年在棉花价格上涨时所做的那样。The rush to Bangladesh began in earnest in 2005, when an international trade a system called the Multi Fiber Arrangement expired, lifting the strict limit on the amount of textiles and garments developing countries could export to developed countries.2005年,西方企业开始纷纷前往孟加拉国生产装,那一年被称作《多种纤维协定》(Multi Fiber Arrangement)的国际贸易配额体制正式到期,发展中国家向发达国家出口纺织品和装此后不再面临严格的数量限制。;Manufacturers saw that it was cheaper to manufacture in Bangladesh and places like Cambodia than China, especially to those manufacturers in Europe, where transportation was cheaper than from China,; says Katie Quan, associate chair of the University of California, Berkeley, Center for Labor Research and Education.美国加州大学伯克利分校劳工研究与教育中心副主任关少兰(Katie Quan)说,制造商们发现,孟加拉国和柬埔寨等地的生产成本比中国低,对欧洲的制造商来说尤其如此,孟加拉国和柬埔寨至欧洲的运输成本比中欧间的运输成本低。Inexpensive clothing allows consumers to buy more. ;When I was a little kid in 1950, clothes weren;t so cheap, and I remember we only had three or four dresses and that was plenty for a middle-class girl,; Ms. Quan said. ;Now I have three closets full, and it;s not enough.;消费者由于装价格低廉得以购买更多衣。关少兰说,当我上世纪50年代还是个小孩子时,装可没有现在这么便宜,我记得我们只有三套或四套衣,对于一个中产阶级家庭的女孩来说这已经很多了。她说,我现在的三个衣柜全都装得满满的,而这还不够。Yet when shifts in global labor costs and production occur abruptly, they can put enormous pressure on economies.但当全球劳动力成本和生产格局突然发生变化时,将会给经济带来巨大压力。In Bangladesh;s case, major factories became overbooked and so subcontracted more work to smaller outfits. Such subcontracting, and the increasing role of middlemen, have made it easier for retailers to lose track of which factories are producing their goods─and, many critics say, to avoid taking responsibility for poor factory conditions.就孟加拉国的情况而言,大型企业接获的订单都超出了它们的生产能力,因此这些企业纷纷将更多工作分包给中小企业去做。这种分包行为以及中间人在这一过程中所起的作用日益增大,使得零售商更加难以追踪到究竟是哪些工厂在生产其定制的装,而在许多批评人士看来,这也使得零售商们更加容易免于为工厂恶劣的工作条件承担责任。The upshot: Bangladesh has quickly become among the world;s largest exporters of clothing, and has suffered one of the worst industrial accidents ever.其结果是:孟加拉国迅速跻身于世界最大装出口国之列,但世界有史以来最严重的工业事故之一也随之在这个国家发生。;If wages rise quickly elsewhere, and producers all flee to the same place, you obviously can overwhelm an economy, and there seems to be a bit of that; in Bangladesh, says Robert Frank, an economics professor at Cornell University. ;The influx of manufacturing there was so quick that there was very little time to adjust to it.;美国康奈尔大学(Cornell University)经济学教授弗兰克(Robert Frank)说,如果世界其他地方的工资水平出现迅速上涨,制造商们全都涌向一个地方从事生产,这个地方的经济显然会不堪承受重负,孟加拉国似乎就有点是这种情况。他说,制造业汇聚到这里的速度是如此之快,当地几乎没有时间就此做出调整。Zara;s clothes were found in the latest factory fire last week. Inditex SA, Zara;s parent company, didn;t immediately respond to a request for comment.在孟加拉国上周最新一起工厂火灾的现场发现了Zara品牌的装,Zara的母公司Inditex SA未立即对记者寻求置评的要求做出回应。Clothes for J.C. Penney Co., JCP +2.07% Benetton, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. WMT +0.63% and Loblaw Cos.; Joe Fresh brand were found at recent factory accidents in Bangladesh.而在孟加拉国近期一系列工厂事故的事发现场,人们发现了J.C. Penney Co.、贝纳通(Benetton)、沃尔玛(Wal-Mart Stores Inc.)和Loblaw Cos.旗下Joe Fresh等零售商下单生产的装。Many of the retailers, such as Penney and Wal-Mart, have said they are phasing out use of factories within multiuse buildings. Loblaw said it plans to expand the scope of its factory audits.J.C. Penney和沃尔玛等许多这些零售商说,它们正在逐步放弃让在多用户建筑里从事生产的工厂为其加工装。Loblaw说,它计划扩大其工厂审计的规模。Benetton said a one-time order from the collapsed factory was completed weeks ago, and that none of the companies there is a supplier now.贝纳通说,它交给孟加拉国那座垮塌建筑中一家工厂的一笔一次性订单已于数周前完成,在那座建筑里从事生产的企业目前没有一家是贝纳通的供应商。Another shopper at Zara, Mary Park, said she isn;t bothered by where the clothes are made.另一位在Zara门店购物的顾客帕克(Mary Park)说,她并不在意所买的装是哪里生产的。;I am from China,; said Ms. Park, a 27-year-old cosmetics saleswoman. ;Manufacturing has been good to the country.;这名27岁的化妆品推销员说,我来自中国,制造业一直对中国起着积极作用。 /201305/239595惠州友好医院有治疗前列腺炎吗

河源东源县妇幼保健人民男科中医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 - Feb. 19)Water-bearers get into the habit of creating completely self-sufficient lives. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for them to achieve intimacy. Basically, Aquarians are afraid that relationships will compromise their independence. Fortunately, these folks love to experiment. By treating intimacy as an exercise, this sign can relinquish control for the sake of loving relationships.水瓶:瓶子一直都对自己的感情生活过于自信。不幸的是,你们很难达到真正的亲密无间。基本上,水瓶座的人担心太过亲密的关系会让自己失去独立性。幸运的是,你们喜欢尝试。经过多次尝次,你们最终会为了爱情摒弃自己的坏习惯。PISCES (Feb. 20 - Mar. 20)As a water sign, it#39;s only natural that Pisces finds comfort in liquids. When those liquids have a high alcohol content, problems can ensue. Naturally, a twelve-step program can be of enormous benefit here. Meditation and yoga can help, too, as they allow Pisces to achieve a healthy sense of nirvana. That#39;s all these Fish are really seeking.双鱼:既然是水相星座,鱼儿的生活自然是和水分不开了。酗酒成性的双鱼座就容易出问题了。要想戒掉这个坏习惯,多练习瑜珈和保持平静的心态是非常有效的方法,因为他们让鱼儿可以在一个梦幻的天堂中自由遨游。那不正是鱼儿憧憬的吗? /201208/197509 Friends in your life are like pillars on your porch. Sometimes they hold you up and sometimes they lean on you. Sometimes it#39;s just enough to know they#39;re standing by. Friendship doubles your joy and divides your grief, and that the most beautiful discovery that true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.在你的一生中,朋友就如撑门廊的柱子,有时他们持着你,有时也依赖着你。只要你知道他们一直在你身边就已足够。友情会使你的快乐翻倍,让你的痛苦减半。而最重要的发现是真正的朋友不会因为分隔两地而产生隔阂。Easily the most important place to have a friend is in marriage. For that reason, marriage counselors continually advise husbands and wives to be friends, pointing out that you may divorce your spouse, but you don#39;t divorce your friend.我们很容易想到,最喜欢朋友角色的地方就是婚姻。因此,许多婚姻顾问都建议丈夫和妻子成为彼此的朋友,因为你可以离开你的伴侣,但你绝对不会离开你的朋友。Friendship stabilizes relationships in the business and social worlds as well. A friendship is priceless and should be cherished, cultivated, and nurtured.友情同样在职场和社交生活中起稳固作用。友情无价,它需要被珍惜,培养和经营。1. Remembering the golden rule1. 牢记黄金准则Without a doubt, the greatest human relations principle is to treat other people like you want to be treated. Friendship requires many qualities — unselfishness, genuine care for the other person, and the ability to listen when the other person needs to talk, to name a few. When you show respect for your friends and gratitude for their friendship, you#39;ll be blessed in untold ways.毋庸置疑,最坚不可摧的待人原则就是待人如己。友情需要许多品质:对他人无私,真诚的关怀,当他人需要时倾听对方的心声。当你表达对朋友的尊重和对这份友谊的感恩之情时,对你的庇佑和祝福也会通过各种方式来到你身边。You can#39;t know what has gone on in the rude person#39;s life that day, but you can assume that his or her day hasn#39;t gone well. Maybe a loved one lost his job, her boss reprimanded her unjustly, he#39;s coming down with the flu, or she just found out that her teenager is doing drugs.也许你的朋友那天表现得非常粗鲁无礼,你也许不知道在他身上到底发生了什么,但你可以假设他/她过得并不开心。也许是爱人失业了,也许是她的老板训斥她办事不公,可能是他染了流感,抑或是她刚发现自己的孩子在吸毒。Whatever the cause of the rudeness, you don#39;t have to accentuate the problem. A kind word or a gentle, understanding smile may help the person more than returned rudeness would.无论是什么理由让他/她如此野蛮无礼,你也不需要去强调人家的错误。比起同样粗鲁的行为,用一句友好的问候、一个善解人意的笑容作为回应,更能帮助他们。2. Considering foes as friends2. 视敌为友A friend looks after your own good, is attached to you by affection, and entertains other sentiments of esteem. On the other hand, a foe is someone who isn#39;t interested in your well-being.朋友会照顾你的利益,因为彼此的情感而重视持你,认真对待你的情绪。相反,敌人不会在意你的幸福。Yet some students view their teachers as enemies. However, a student#39;s success in school partly depends on the teacher#39;s effectiveness in the classroom. Instead of being an enemy, a teacher who corrects you and helps you to achieve can be the best friend you ever had.有些学生把他们的老师视为敌人。但是一个学生在学校里的成功部分是取决于老师在课堂上的成效。不要把他们当敌人,帮助你纠正错误取得成功的老师应该是你拥有的最好的朋友!This kind of thinking, along with a little attitude adjustment, helps you to convert foes to friends, and both of you are better off.这种思维方式伴随你态度上的转变,会帮助你将敌化友,而你们双方也会感觉舒很多。3. Making friends by being an optimist3. 乐观达人广交好友Do you enjoy being around a pessimist, someone who is generally described as being able to brighten up a room just by leaving it? The answer is obvious. Most people prefer to be around people who believe that tomorrow is going to be better than today, rather than people who believe that today is even worse than yesterday.你喜欢和一个悲观主义者呆在一起吗?那种一离开房间大伙儿就开心地不得了的人?显而易见。大多数人愿意和相信明天会更好的人交朋友,而不是那些哀叹今天比昨天更糟的人。Optimists sp cheer wherever they go and make others feel good about themselves. That#39;s a guaranteed way to make friends.乐观达人们所到之处都能传播欢笑,也使他人喜欢自己。这是结交朋友的一个保条件哦!4. Capturing the pleasing personality4. 培养讨人喜欢的个性Virtually every time you say that so-and-so has ;charisma,; you#39;re really talking about so-and-so#39;s great personality. When he walks into a room, he has a presence — not just looks — that attracts attention from people around him. Or when she#39;s in a crowd, you soon hear a soft buzz coming from the area where she is.事实上,当你每次赞美某某有风范气质时,你其实就是在谈论他迷人的个人魅力。当他走进房间,他的存在(不单单是他的长相)就会吸引在场的人。或者是即使当她在蜂拥的人群中,你也能很快听到其悦耳的声音从她所在的地方传来。How do you develop a pleasing personality? Here are some steps you can take:如何才能使培养讨人喜欢的性格呢?下面有几个步骤:Smile when you see someone. You don#39;t have to give a wide grin — just a pleasant, friendly smile.遇到他人时微笑。你不需要哈哈大笑,只需要一个愉悦友好的微笑。Speak in a pleasant, upbeat tone of voice. Talk to people as if they are good friends, even if they don#39;t really fall into that category yet.用积极向上的语气和人交谈。说话时把每个人看成你的朋友,即使他们根本还算不上是你的朋友。Take a course in public speaking. The ability to express yourself attracts favorable attention from many sources.进修公共演讲课程。表达能力会使你吸引到四面八方的注意。Develop a sense of humor. Pick up a couple of joke books. This makes you a little more outgoing and friendly. When you combine that quality with the ability to express yourself before a group, your confidence grows.培养自己的幽默感。选择几本笑话书,这会使你更加开朗和友好。当你把这样的品质和表达能力在一群人面前展现出来时,你的自信就会提升。Don#39;t criticize unjustly不要不公正地批判他人Instead of being eager to dish out criticism all the time, take the humane, sensible approach. Look for the good in other people. Encourage them. Build them up.不要总是急于将你对朋友的批评一股脑儿倒出来,试试采用更亲切也更理智的方式。试试去寻找其他人身上的优点,鼓励他们,帮助他们建立自信。Most people seldom think through each situation completely and consider the other person#39;s point of view. If you take the time and effort to do this, you#39;ll end up with more friends.大多数的人很少彻底地想清楚对方的情况,考虑别人的意见。如果你花点时间和精力去做到这一点,你就会有更多的朋友。 /201212/212762惠州妇幼保健医院不孕不育科惠州市中医男科医院看前列腺炎好吗



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