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We asked you on Facebook. We went outside the studio (*gasp*) and asked people in the street. You tweeted us on Twitter. You told us 70 experiences every Michigander should have at least once.These are in no particular order...except to note Sleeping Bear Dunes was, hands down, the most popular response.Followed by ;hunting for Petoskey stones.;Social Media Producer Kimberly Springer spoke with Cynthia Canty about the experiences, places and events youre most excited about in our state.And dont get us wrong: there was a lot of grousing about potholes and MiDAS -- maybe rightfully so -- but we figure everyone needs a break. Time to stop and have just a little bit of gratitude for the positive things we see happening in communities around the state as we report the news and cultural happenings in Michigan.So get out your pen/stylus, check off the things youve done, and find some new experiences to have in our state.1.Sleeping Bear Dunes, especially Pierce Stocking Drive #9 stop.2.Red Pop3.Bike along a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan on M-119/ a cruise along M-119, especially north of Harbor Springs.4.Kayaking, boating, hiking at Pictured Rocks5.Camp near the Lake Michigan shore in the Nordhouse Dunes6.Sleeping Bear Dunes climb amp;amp; Petoskey stone hunting7.Sleeping Bear Dunes climb amp; Petoskey stone hunting6.Pasties7.Go on a wine tasting tour in Leelanau County8.Tube down the Platte River until you hit Lake Michigan9.Get lost in a corn maze10.Grand Rapids11.Wild blueberry picking (especially the U.P. during blueberry season)12.Tahquamenon Falls13.The Detroit Institute of Arts14.Hunting Petoskey stones15.Campus Martius Park (ice skating, concerts)16.The Keweenaw Peninsula17.The Headlands International Dark Sky Park18.Detroits Thanksgiving Day Parade (;where every race, ethnicity, gender etc. are all together and enjoying it together!;)19.;Going up North;20.A sunset from Ludington Light21.Jumping off the breakwall in Petoskey22.Isle Royale National Park23.Mackinac Bridge (driving across it, going under it on a ferry)24.A fall color tour by train25.Visiting Whitefish Point Light26.Mackinac Island (a Carriage Tour, biking to Fort Holmes)27.Any activity on the Huron River28.Tip-Up Town (Houghton Lake)29.The Cheeseburger in Caseville Fest30.Lighthouse tours31.Art Prize (Grand Rapids)32.Sunset in Grand Haven (during the spring, summer or fall!)33.A race at Michigan International Speedway34.Brockway Mountain Drive in the U.P.35.;A dune ride around Silver Lake in Mears, MI or take your own vehicle on the dunes. Either way, its beautiful there.;36.Crawling to the top of the Copper Peak ski flying jump (Ironwood, MI)37.Greek Town (Detroit)38.Gwen Frostics studio in Benzonia39.Drive old 31 from Muskegon to Hart40.Tunnel of trees starting at Harbor Springs41.Sailing Tawas Bay42.Michigan beer43.Laughing Whitefish Falls44.M-22 drive (especially in fall)45.Peterson Beach on Lake Michigan46.Whitefish bay and birding47.Jeepin Marblehead on Drummond Island48.Camping along Lake Michigan in the northern part of the state49.Detroit Jazz Festival50.The Corktown Detroit celebration held the Sunday before St. Patricks Day51.Presque Isle Lighthouse52.;The thrill of the catch! Fishing is or should be an equal mix of relaxation and exhilaration. Catch and release, if you please.;53.Touring the Sault Ste. Marie locks54.Silver Beach (St. Joseph, MI)55.See Big Mac lit up at night!56.Kitch-iti-kipi Spring at Palms Book State Park57.AuSable River Canoe Marathon (Grayling, Michigan)58.Higgins Lake59.Saugatuck60.Jumping off the Black Rocks in Marquette61.Tecumsehs River Raisin Run62.Great Lakes when theyre frozen63.McCourtie Parks beautiful cement bridges (Jerome, MI)64.Boating anywhere along Michigan shores and islands65.Yacht dreaming in Saugatuck66.Sunsets on Lake Michigan67.Hiking in the U.P.68.Ann Arbor Art Fairs69.Flint Institute of Art70....and by popular demand: Holland and the Tulip Festival!201508/394898Im curious quickly,the zombie makeup,they do such a good job with you.我很好奇 僵尸妆 他们化得很好but it must take a long time to make you up as a zombie.但是化僵尸妆肯定要很久吧It takes about an hour and 45 minutes in the morning and then about 45 minutes to take off at the end of the day.早上要花一小时45分钟 拍摄结束后要花45分钟才能卸妆But the thing is,its,I have to do the full makeup process to get on,但是问题是 我必须完成一整套化妆过程 but its quite easy and tempting to just half ass it when you take it off.但是草草卸妆很容易 也很有诱惑力So I have had on a couple of occasions like still had my wig cap on and sunken,black eyes and bits of makeup.所以我有时候依然戴着假发 有黑眼圈 僵尸妆的一点残留And I stopped at the supermarket on the way home and not thought about it.回家路上 我去了超市 没想到这事And I remember walking through a supermarket once where Im sure they will have a wanted sign of me now.我记得有次在一家超市逛着 他们现在肯定有对我的通缉令It was me walking through,on the phone.我就走来走去 打着电话Goodness knows who,saying this brain that I ate today,it was a sociopathic brain天知道在跟谁打 说我今天吃的脑子 是反社会分子的脑子and its a little difficult to play that,this whole thing.Your jaw is falling off.有点难演什么的 同时你的下巴掉了My jaw is falling off and people are like,I did zombie makeup for,I saw.我的下巴掉了 人们 我搞过僵尸妆 我看见了Walking Dead,and they caked it on.I was almost disappointed at how I still looked so much like myself.《行尸走肉》 他们拍了照片 我有点失望 我还是很像我自己I think I have a photo.I still looked so much like myself.It freaked me out.我觉得有照片 我还是很像我自己 我吓坏了I didnt look different enough.I was going to say,you know,Im rightly speaking out of turn if you came and cameoed on I Zombie.我看起来不够有区别 我想说 我也许有点冒昧 但如果你来《我是僵尸》演配角I think you would be the only person who needs a spray tan to look like youre dead.我想你是唯一需要美黑喷雾 才能看起来像是死人的人Thats true.I am one of those guys you can see my veins coming through.Its beautiful,oh my god.是真的 你可以看到我的静脉 很美 天啊This is me now with 30 layers of makeup on.we tone you up a bit.we tone you up a bit.Do that please.这是我涂了30层粉的样子 我们会给你喷美黑喷雾的 一定要喷I Zombie air tuesday at 9:00 on the CW.Rose,thank you so much for being here.Thank you.Nice having you on the show.《我是僵尸》周二九点在CW台播出 罗丝 多谢你抽空前来 谢谢 你来真是太好了Rose Mciver.Be right back.Shawn Mendes is here.Stick around.罗丝·麦克莱佛 马上回来 肖恩·门德斯将来表演 不要走开201608/458068Somebody went oop.But no,its...有人欢呼 不是的 是youre the kind of guy that,you are not uncomfortable being naked, you know?你是那种 你不介意裸体吗Well it depends on the setting.Sometimes its, I think its super funny.要看什么环境了 有时我会觉得这很好玩You think being mude is fumny? Very funny你觉得裸体很好玩 非常好玩Something I used to do a lot then I stopped was I thought,This could go anywhere.我以前经常做一件事 后来不这么干了 这后面的走势太不好说了It sounds like there are detectives watching that are leaning forward.听上去像是 在听节目的警探 都聚精会神了起来Ive been looking for that guy.我一直找这家伙呢I used to go into kind of like public restrooms.我以前会去公共洗手间Id stand at a urinal and pull my pants all the way down like a kid.站在小便器前 把裤子一直脱到脚踝 像孩子那样 Really? And stand like a little kid.真的 站姿也像小孩一样As a grown man I would do this and you dont expect to see it.Right.Its funny to me.但我是作为成年人这么做 这种场面不多见 是吧 我觉得挺好玩的I have to say a grown man doing that is funny but youre doing this in public?我得说 成年人这么做是挺好玩的 但你要在公共场合这么做Well, I was. Usually for the benefit of a friend that I might be peeing with.是啊 一般是为了跟我一起尿尿的朋友But, you know, the last time I did it I was on a, I was on a press tour我最后一次这么做的时候 我当时在进行巡回宣传and we were at this much music.I remember it was in Canada, it was like their mtv. We were in the...同行的有杰森·席格尔 我们当时在加拿大的“好多音乐” 就像他们那边的MTV台I had to go to the restroom before we go on air我说我们做节目前我得先去趟洗手间and I knew he was going to go too so I ran in first and I did it.我知道他也要去 我先跑进去 这么做了There was no one else there so I was bare ass standing at然后那么做了 当时厕所里没有别人201607/452332The world this week-Politics本周政治要闻Tributes were paid to Antonin Scalia, one of the justices on Americas Supreme Court, who unexpectedly died while holidaying in Texas.前美国最高法院大法官安东宁·斯卡利亚(Antonin Scalia)在德克萨斯度假时意外身亡。The political bickering over replacing him was less dignified.葬礼上,他受到很多人的追悼,但关于其继任者的政治争吵却没有那么体面。Barack Obama said he would nominate a successor to the conservative Mr Scalia.巴拉克·奥巴马表示将选出保守派斯卡利亚的继任者,该人选需要获得参议院的认可。That person would need to be confirmed by the Senate.共和党人却主张把此任命推迟至新总统上任即十一个月后再进行。Republicans argued for a delay until the next president takes office in 11 months time, undoubtedly in the hope that he will be one of their own.毫无疑问,共和党此举意在希望能有一名共和党人出任该职位。A federal judge in California ordered Apple to help unlock the iPhone used by one of the Islamists who attacked an office party in San Bernardino last December, killing 14 people.加利福尼亚的一名联邦法官要求苹果公司破解一名伊斯兰教徒的手机。该教徒于去年十二月袭击了圣贝纳迪诺(San Bernardino)的一个办公室聚会,致使14人丧生。The FBI wants Apple to disable the password feature.联邦调查局希望苹果能够破坏密码系统,但该公司并未从。But the company is not complying, arguing that building the software to unlock the phone “would undeniably create a backdoor” to its encryption protocols and give the government “power to reach into anyones device to capture their data”.苹果认为编译解锁手机的软件“将无疑给加密协议开了后门”,同时还将给政府“进入个人设备获取数据的权力”。Trucks carrying aid entered several besieged towns in Syria, including the rebel-held town of Muadhamiya, near the Syrian capital, Damascus.载有救援物资的车辆驶入数个被围困的叙利亚小镇,其中包括叙利亚首都大马士革(Damascus)附近被反对派控制的穆阿达米亚(Muadhamiya)镇。This came ahead of a planned “cessation of hostilities” in Syrias war, thrashed out by America and Russia in Munich.此次救援发生在叙利亚内战的“休战”之前,这场有计划的休战由美国和俄罗斯在慕尼黑举行的会议上经研究后共同提出。No one expects the ceasefire to take hold.无人料到此次停火的出现。Members of opposition parties in the Democratic Republic of Congo went on strike to protest against efforts by Joseph Kabila, the president, to run for a third term in office.刚果民主共和国(Democratic Republic of Congo )的反对党通过罢工来抗议总统约瑟夫·卡比拉(Joseph Kabila)竞选第三任期。Britain was on the brink of agreeing on new terms for its membership of the EU at a summit on February 18th and 19th, clearing the way for a referendum in June.在二月十八日和十九日举行的峰会上,英国即将同意有关其在欧盟的成员地位的新条款,这为将在六月份举行的全民公投扫清了道路。David Cameron, the prime minister, was confident of securing a deal in Brussels, but Eurosceptics back home were poised to criticise whatever emerged from the talks.英国首相戴维·卡梅伦对于在布鲁塞尔达成协议十分自信,但国内的疑欧派却随时准备对会谈中发生的任何事情都进行批评。The European summit would also tackle the refugee crisis.欧盟峰会还将对难民危机进行处理。Austria set a daily cap of 3,200 migrants whom it will allow to cross its borders.奥地利把过境的难民人数上限设定在每天3200人,It also tightened border controls with countries in the Balkans that migrants cross to reach Austria.同时还加紧了对与巴尔干国家接壤的边境的控制。Many then travel on to Germany and Sweden.难民通过巴尔干国家进入奥地利后,很多人继续去往德国和瑞典。Turkeys prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, cancelled a visit to Brussels after a bomb in Ankara, the Turkish capital, killed at least 28 people.土耳其首都安卡拉(Ankara)发生爆炸,造成至少28人死亡,总理艾哈迈德·达武特奥卢(Ahmet Davutoglu)取消对布鲁塞尔的访问。The device was detonated close to the defence ministry as an army bus was passing by.一辆军车驶过时,爆炸装置在国防部附近被引爆。Turkey blamed Kurdish rebels.土耳其对库尔德武装分子提出谴责。Russia filed a lawsuit in a court in London to try to get Ukraine to repay a billion bond.俄罗斯在伦敦的一个法院对乌克兰提起诉讼,要求偿还价值30亿美元的债券。Ukraine says that Russia has refused to take part in negotiations over restructuring the debt.乌克兰表示俄罗斯此前拒绝了参与重组债务的和谈。Meanwhile Ukraines prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, survived a vote of no confidence in parliament after the countrys president, Petro Poroshenko, called on him to step down, ostensibly over the slow pace of reforms.与此同时,乌克兰总理阿尔塞·雅琴尼克(Arseniy Yatsenyuk)在一场议会不信任投票中险险保住职位,此前该国总统佩特罗·波罗申科(Petro Poroshenko)表面上以改革进程缓慢为由要求他辞职。The economy minister recently resigned and blamed Mr Poroshenko for hindering reform.最近,经济部长辞职并谴责波罗申科阻碍了改革的进行。 译文属译生译世201602/428463

How can you be rejected by the boy scout.I dont know,some lady rejected me.she thought he is not the boy we are doing你怎么会被拒绝呢 不知道 就是某个女士拒绝了我 她可能就觉得我不是那种做童子军的男孩吧and rejection was like that the world ended up for me when I get rejected这个抛弃让我感觉到我走到了世界的尽头Im in a business when I was rejected constantly.all the time.Yeah,all the time我们这个圈也是得不断被拒绝的圈子 一直都是 是的 一直都是But I think,I think everybody has that,a lot of people have and I feel the same.但是我觉得每个人包括我都有这样的情况People are very sensitive are in the business.Maybe you got rejected from the boy scott too.这个圈子里的人都比较敏感 估计你当时也被童子军拒绝过Im sure I did,my mother try to put me brownies and I didnt like the outfits对啊 我妈曾经让我穿上那套棕色的衣 但是我不喜欢那装束Oh,really.yeah.I love these outfit,those were classy,thats a nice chocolate brown真的吗 是的 我喜欢那衣 优质而且是那种漂亮的 巧克力式的棕色Do you feel like the drinking contribute to,because I think everybody was shock about you and Couteney你觉得酒精是不是导致了 我觉得大家对于你和科特妮之间的事都很惊讶because youre just both of you individually great people and together you seem like the perfect couple,seem to be so close因为你们自己 都是出色的人 在一起的时候又是完美的伴侣 看上去那么亲密and do you think was partially that was the fault of break up,what do you think happen there你觉得你们分手某种意义上会是个错误吗 你觉得到底是发生了什么Weve gone part for quite a whole,and I was just really heart broken over it其实我们已经分开很长一段时间了 我的确很心痛and I sue it as an excuse to accelerate my drinking我用这个当做了我酗酒的借口You know,to be honest,I couldnt do a living anymore,I was just so heart broken and destroyed,My family was broken说实话 我甚至感觉生活无法继续 非常的心痛和绝望 我的家庭毁了 /201610/472260

You are amazing,you are amazing,Sara Fegurson.Thank you very much.You are amazing.Thank you,thank you你太了不起了 太了不起了 Sara Fegurson 非常感谢 你真是太棒了 太棒了 谢谢 谢谢I mean,it is just I cant say it enough we just.You know,saw the kids from the Whitney elementary and Las Vegas我无法用言语来表达 当看到的Whitney小学的孩子And I keep appearing the stories of schools that have no money and what we expecting our future to be if we not taking care of the kids这个事情让我难以忘怀 学校资金不足 如果我们不能保护这些孩子 又会有什么样的未来呢So you,what do you want people to know about Colunbus elementary你想让人们了解Colunbus小学的什么呢You know,I want people to know that at Colunbus elementary,we dont have a lot of money,but we are rich我要让人们知道在Colunbus 我们虽然没有钱 但我们依然富有We are rich in spirit,we are rich in enthusiasm and our love that we have for our students and our city are priceless在精神上 在热情上 我们对学生和这座城市的爱是无价的and we will not stop fighting for our children,we wont,we wont为了孩子 我们绝不停止战斗 绝不So its in a rough neighborhood.Theres arm security in the school,right?Theres security in the school.你们的环境也很严峻 学校里有武装警卫 是吧 在学校有警卫You found out that youre not gonna able to get a pay check你也知道你可能拿不到工资Em,did you think for a second I cant do this or how do and what made you decide to stay有没有那么一瞬间 你觉得自己做不来 或者是什么让你决定留在那儿You know what,Im a third generation teacher in that school district.My grandfather,my parents,my aunt whos in the audience with me today.我是我们家在这所学校的第三代教师 我的爷爷 父母 以及今天在观众席里陪我来的姑妈We all have taught in the same school district.And its important to me我们都在这所学校教过书 这对我来讲很重要People do time with me in classrooms and my family and all my life那些和我一起共事的人 我的家庭以及我整个生命And if we dont step up for our children here in the ed states,Its going to hurt all of us如果我们不为我们美国的孩子挺深而出 将会伤害到我们所有人Yes,it will.I dont know how we dont see that.Its gonna to hurt all of us是 会的 不知道为什么我们没看到这点 这将会伤及到我们所有人This is,they are our future,I mean.Every child deserves the right to attend a great public school这是 他们是我们的未来 我是说 每个孩子都值得到优秀的公立学校就读And they need to have a good teacher for all of them.Yes,they do,yes they do.他们需要有优秀的教师 是的 是的 /201609/467259

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