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The golden arches may not be the gold standard for fast food. In fact, it’s just the opposite, according to a Consumer Reports survey.麦当劳的金色双拱门标志并不是快餐业的黄金标准。恰恰相反,据《消费者报告》的调查结果显示,麦当劳在评比中垫了底。McDonald’s burgers as the worst in the U.S., according to results of a er poll released Wednesday by the product testing organization. One of the best? The regional chain In-N-Out Burger, as well as The Habit Burger Grill and Culver’s. The other best include chains like Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Smashburger and Fuddruckers.上周三,这个产品检测组织公布了读者调查的结果,麦当劳(McDonald’s)的汉堡在调查中被评为美国最差汉堡之首。哪家店的汉堡最好吃呢?吃货们给出了最佳汉堡排名,地方快餐连锁店:In-N-Out 汉堡快餐店名列榜首,The Habit Burger Grill和Culver’s这两家的汉堡口碑也很好。另外,参与调查的读者对 Five Guys Burgers and Fries、Smashburger和Fuddruckers的汉堡的评价也很高。The best in show overall? Chick-fil-A, which was said to have the most delicious food, as well as the highest satisfaction score among a cast of restaurants, including KFC, Boston Market, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, and others.参与调查的读者认为,名单里列出的所有餐厅中 ,Chick-fil-A餐厅的食物最美味,食客给出的总体满意度评分也最高。参与评分的餐厅名单上还有KFC、Boston Market、Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen等。For Mexican food, meanwhile, Taco Bell finished at No. 8, with Chipotle and Qdoba finishing at the top. Want a slice of pizza? Maybe skip Domino’s and Papa Johns and head to Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza, which was named number one.调查也包括墨西哥菜,塔可钟(Taco Bell)在排行榜上名列第八,Chipotle和Qdoba则高居榜首。哪家店的披萨最好吃?还是别去Domino’s 和棒!约翰(Papa Johns)了,吃货们推荐的是Papa Murphy’s 的Take ‘N’烤披萨。The report is based on responses from 32,405 ers about over 96,200 meals at 65 different hamburger, Asian, pizza, sandwich, chicken, and Mexican fast-food chains according to Consumer Reports.据《消费者报告》称,有32,405位读者参与了本次调查。调查对象包括65家不同风格的快餐连锁店,比如汉堡、披萨、三明治、鸡肉和墨西哥和亚洲快餐连锁店等。读者们可以对这些餐厅内的96,200种各色餐品进行评分。“More and more, food quality ― not just low price ― is emerging as a deciding-factor for many Americans when choosing where to spend their dining dollars,” Tod Marks, senior projects editor for Consumer Reports, said in a statement. “Strong regional players and slightly more upscale fast-casual chains like Chipotle are giving the heavy-hitters in the fast-food business a wake-up call. And our survey clearly shows the big guys need to respond.”“当下美国人在选择就餐地点时越来越关注食物的品质,而并非低廉的价格,”《消费者报告》高级项目编辑托德o迈克思(Tod Marks)在声明中说。“很受欢迎的区域性快餐店和Chipotle这类质优价高的休闲快餐店开始给那些快餐业大亨们敲响了警钟。而且,看了我们的调查结果之后,这些快餐业的老大们也该有所反应了。”KFC and Sbarro both earned low marks in overall fast food dining satisfaction along with quality.KFC和Sbarro在食客进餐整体满意度调查和食品质量调查中的得分都很低。Wanting bang for your buck? Del Taco, Little Caesars and Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza scored high in the poll. The worst performers, meanwhile, included Burger King, Church’s, KFC, Panda Express and Sbarro.想吃到货真价实的好东西吗?我们推荐德塔克(Del Taco)、Little Caesars和Papa Murphy’s的 Take ‘N’ 烤披萨,它们在调查中的得分最高。而得分最低的几家店则是汉堡王(Burger King)、Church’s、KFC、Panda Express和Sbarro。And while dieting may be on the mind in most conversations about fast food, respondents to the survey said it wasn’t a major concern. In fact, “only 20 percent of respondents said they consider the availability of healthful options when choosing a restaurant.” Additionally, only 19% said they ordered “a healthful fare during their most recent restaurant visit.”虽然在大部分有关快餐的话题中都会涉及减肥这个主题,但参与调查的读者表示这并不是他们担心的主要问题。事实上,“所有参与调查的读者中,只有20%的人认为在选择就餐餐厅时会考虑餐厅是否能提供健康菜品。”另外,参与调查的读者中只有19%的人说“最近一次外出就餐时点过健康食品”。 /201407/310991。

Peekaboo is a game played over the world, crossing language and cultural barriers. Why is it so universal? Perhaps because it’s such a powerful learning tool.躲猫猫游戏风行世界各地,跨越语言和文化障碍,为何它如此普遍?也许因为它是一种强大的学习工具。One of us hides our eyes and then slowly reveals them. This causes peals of laughter from a baby, which causes us to laugh in turn. Then we do it again. And again.遮住双眼,手再缓缓移开。这样的动作会把婴儿逗得咯咯笑,我们也就跟着这一连串笑声笑了起来。接着就开始一直玩躲猫猫,一直玩。Peekaboo never gets old. Not only does my own infant daughter seem happy to do it for hours, but when I was young I played it with my mum (;you chuckled a lot!; she confirms by text message) and so on back through the generations. We are all born with unique personalities, in unique situations and with unique genes. So why is it that babies across the world are constantly rediscovering peekaboo for themselves?躲猫猫永远不会过时。现在我女儿还很小,我们玩几个小时,她看上去都很开心;在我小的时候,妈妈也和我玩躲猫猫(“你总是咯咯大笑!”她在短信中确认道。),再回溯数代,均是如此。我们生来都具不同个性,生于不同背景,也有着不同基因。那么,为什么全世界的婴幼儿还是对躲猫猫乐此不疲呢?Babies don#39;t books, and they don#39;t know that many people, so thesurprising durability and cultural universality of peekaboo is perhaps a clue that it taps into something fundamental in their minds. No mere habit or fashion, the game can help show us the foundations on which adult human thought is built.宝宝不懂看书,也不认识那么多人,而躲猫猫游戏惊人的耐玩性,跨越文化的普遍性也许就是一种引导,它能接近孩子们心中最根本的想法。这不仅仅只是一种习惯或流行,它能帮助我们认清成人想法建立的基础。An early theory of why babies enjoy peekaboo is that they are surprised when things come back after being out of sight. This may not sound like a good basis for laughs to you or I, with our adult brains, but to appreciate the joke you have to realise that for a baby, nothing is given. They are born into a buzzing confusion, and gradually have to learn to make sense of what is happening around them. You know that when you hear my voice, I#39;m usually not far behind, or that when a ball rolls behind a sofa it still exists, but think for a moment how you came by this certainty.早期,人们认为婴幼儿喜欢玩躲猫猫的原因是他们惊讶于一些东西消失后又神奇重现。这对于你我这样,因为有着成人思维,也许并不会觉得好笑,但是要理解这个笑声背后的原因,我们必须意识到,对于孩子,他们简单、单纯。他们降生于满腹疑惑的世界,慢慢地才学着搞懂周围发生的一切。你知道当你听到我的声音,我就在你不远处,或是当球滚到沙发背后,球其实还在,并没有消失,但是想想看,你是怎样建立起这样的肯定。The Swiss developmental psychologist Jean Piaget called this principle#39;object permanence#39; and suggested that babies spent the first two years of their lives working it out. And of course those two years are prime peekaboo time. Looked at this way, the game isn#39;t just a joke, but helps babies test and re-test a fundamental principle of existence: that things stick around even when you can#39;t see them.瑞士发展心理学家让·皮亚杰(Jean Piaget)把这种规律称为“物体恒存性”,并表示婴幼儿在出生头两年,都在学习这一规律。当然这两年就是玩躲猫猫的最佳时间。这么看吧,躲猫猫并不仅仅是玩笑,还帮会孩子试验及重新试验存在规律这一根本原理:即使你没看到物体,他仍旧在你周围。Maybe evolution fixed it so that babies enjoy peekaboo for its own sake, since it proved useful in cognitive development, but I doubt it. Something deeper than mere education is going on.也许进化把躲猫猫固化成游戏,所以婴幼儿玩躲猫猫纯粹为了好玩,据实,躲猫猫在人类认知发展过程中起着重要作用,但我仍持怀疑态度。我认为,起作用的是一些比单纯的教育更深层的因素。Surprise element惊奇元素Peekaboo uses the fundamental structure of all good jokes - surprise, balanced with expectation. Researchers Gerrod Parrott and Henry Gleitman showed this in tests involving a group of six-, seven- and eight-month-olds which sound like more fun than a psychology experiment should be. Most of the time the peekaboo game proceeded normally, however on occasion the adult hid and reappeared as a different adult, or hid and reappeared in a different location. Videos of the infants were rated by independent observers for how much the babies smiled and laughed.躲猫猫有着玩笑共同的基本元素--惊奇与期望并存。研究人员谢拉德·帕洛特(Gerrod Parrott )及亨利· 格雷特曼(Henry Gleitman)对一组婴儿进行一系列测试,有六个月、七个月大的,也有八个月大的,结果看起来比心理学实验更有趣。大多数时候,躲猫猫按部就班地玩,然而有时,一个人躲起来,而一个人出现;或者藏起来后,这个人出现在另一地点。这些视频由一些独立的员评级,看看孩子们笑得开心程度。On these “trick trials” the babies smiled and laughed less, even though the outcome was more surprising. What#39;s more, the difference between their enjoyment of normal peekaboo and trick-peekaboo increased with age (with the eight-month-olds enjoying the trick trials least). The researchers#39; interpretation for this is that the game relies on being able to predict the outcome. As the babies get older their prediction gets stronger, so the discrepancy with what actually happens gets larger - they find it less and less funny.在这些“花样测试”中,婴幼儿笑得更少,尽管结果更令人惊奇。另外,婴幼儿在普通躲猫猫及花样躲猫猫中的享受程度差异,随着年纪增大而增加(其中八个月大的最不喜欢花样测试)。研究人员对此解释说,这个游戏依赖于对结果的预测能力。婴幼儿越大,预测力就越强,所以他们做的预判与实际情况出入越大,他们就觉得越不好玩。The final secret to the enduring popularity of peekaboo is that it isn#39;t actually a single game. As the baby gets older their carer lets the game adapt to the babies#39; new abilities, allowing both adult and infant to enjoy a similar game but done in different ways. The earliest version of peekaboo is simple looming, where the carer announces they are coming with their voice before bringing their face into close focus for the baby. As the baby gets older they can enjoy the adult hiding and reappearing, but after a year or so they can graduate to take control by hiding and reappearing themselves.躲猫猫经久不衰的最终秘密就是,其实它并不是一款游戏。随着宝宝一天天地长大,带孩子的人会调整游戏以适合孩子新掌握的能力,使得孩子与大人都喜欢玩躲猫猫,纵然游戏相似,玩法却不一。最早的版本很简单,在孩子看到大人前,大人告诉孩子自己要来了。孩子长大后,他们懂得从大人的躲藏及反复出现找乐趣,但大概一岁多,他们逐渐学会自己躲起来,然后再出现。In this way peekaboo can keep giving, allowing a perfect balance of what a developing baby knows about the world, what they are able to control and what they are still surprised by. Thankfully we adults enjoy their laughter so much that the repetition does nothing to stop us enjoying endless rounds of the game ourselves.这样一来,躲猫猫能够不断提供及保持一种完美平衡,介于发育中的婴儿对世界的认知、他们能控制什么及他们仍然什么感到惊讶。谢天谢地,我们大人还是很喜欢他们的笑声,不断的重复游戏并没有妨碍我们喜欢这个可以无限循环的游戏。 /201404/292967。

;I love you; might be one of the most important combinations of three words in the English language. It#39;s the signal that a romantic relationship is serious, an indication of closeness for a sibling, parent, or child, and a constant refrain for pop songs.“I love you”可能是英语中三个词组成的最重要的一句话了。它是认真对待恋爱关系的标志,它是兄弟、父母或孩子之间亲密程度的象征,它也是流行歌曲副歌部分的常见内容。In Mandarin, ;I love you; translates as “我爱你” (Wo ai ni), but the way it#39;s used in China might be a little different, and Chinese state media is wondering why.“I love you”用普通话说是“我爱你”,但是这句话在中国的用法可能有点儿不同,中国的官方媒体也想知道原因。The Global Times reports that two online s showing children telling their parents ;I love you; have gone viral in China. The first, filmed by an Anhui TV station, shows a number of college students telling their parents they love them. The response are mixed. ;Are you drunk?; asked one parent. In another similar , shot by a Shanxi TV station, a father responded even more bluntly — ;I am going to a meeting, so cut the crap.;《环球时报》报道,有两个记录孩子告诉父母“我爱你”的视频在中国火了起来。第一个视频是由安徽卫视录制的,在视频里一群大学生告诉父母自己爱他们。父母们的反应各不相同。“你喝醉了吗?”一位父母问。另一个类似的视频是山西卫视录制的,一名父亲的反应就更不客气了——“我要去开会去了,废话少说。”Even the positive reactions make it clear that the words are expressed rarely: ;I am so happy you called to say that, it is the happiest thing that happened to me in 2014,; one parent answered.即使是正面的回应,父母清楚地表明这句话用的很少:“我很高兴你打电话说这句话,这是我2014年最开心的一件事了。” 有个家长这样回答。Why don#39;t Chinese families use those words? Theories revolve around the nature of Confucian teaching. ;The parents#39; responses show that many Chinese are not good at expressing positive emotions,; Xia Xueluan, a Sociologist from Peking University, told the Global Times. ;They are used to educating children with negative language.;为什么中国家庭不说这句话呢?普遍的观点认为是受到儒家思想的影响。“父母们的反应表明大部分的中国人不擅长表达积极的情感,” 北京大学社会学家夏学銮对《环球时报》的记者说。“他们习惯用负面的语言来教育孩子。”This isn#39;t the first time that China has done some soul-searching about familial love — last year China Daily asked a cross-section of people if they said #39;I love you#39; to their parents, spouses, and children. ;I have never said #39;I love you#39; to my family, and I don#39;t think I will in the future,; one 56-year-old told the paper. ;Saying it aloud is embarrassing for me.;这不是中国第一次做关于亲情方面的自省——去年《中国日报》就各个阶层的人进行了采访,询问他们是否对父母、爱人和孩子说过“我爱你”。“我从来没对我的家人说过‘我爱你’,我觉得我以后也不会说,”一名56岁的被采访者回答《中国日报》的记者。“把这句话说出口,我会觉得很难为情的。”Still, that doesn#39;t mean that love can#39;t be expressed. In a separate article, China Daily spoke to Zhao Mengmeng, a 31-year-old woman who said she had never told her father she loved him face-to-face (;I find it a bit odd;). Sometimes actions speak louder than words, however — Zhao gave her father, a photo album featuring photographs of them together on almost every one of her birthdays in June 2012. The pictures went viral online, being forwarded hundreds of thousands of times on Weibo.然而这并不是说爱就无法表达。在另一篇文章中,《中国日报》采访了31岁的赵萌萌,她说她从来没当面对她爸爸说过她爱他。(“我觉得那样会怪怪的”)。但有时行动胜于言辞——赵萌萌在2012年六月送给了她爸爸一个相册,里面装满了他们两人在她每年生日时的合影。照片在网上火了起来,在微上被转发了几十万次。;I didn#39;t sleep the night I heard about it,; her father told China Daily after the story attracted mainstream attention. ;I have now memorized some of the comments on the collection of pictures.;“当我知道时,我一晚上没睡,” 在这件事受到了主流媒体的关注后,她爸爸这样告诉《中国日报》的记者。“现在我还能记起一些照片下面的。” /201403/278215。

It#39;s easy to get caught up in stress and to be hard on yourself when it comes to work, finance, and relationships, but the best way to stay happy and healthy is to lighten up a little bit. Here are three ways to cut yourself some slack in the holiday:面对工作、经济问题和人际关系时很容易有压力而且对自己有高要求,但是保持愉快和健康最重要的方法就是放轻松些。下面有三个方法可以让你在假期里“放自己一马”:1. Schedule time for yourself. In between work commitments and everyday errands, it can be tough to find time for the things that fulfill you. Still, it#39;s crucial let yourself indulge. Whether it#39;s exercise, spa treatments, lunch dates, or just 10 minutes to sit and breathe. Even tiny moments of joy will have an impact on your mind-set.1. 自己规划时间。在工作要求与日常琐事间,找时间做自己的事非常困难。但是,让你自己沉浸在喜欢的事中是非常重要的。不管是运动、温泉疗法、午餐约会,还是仅仅花10分钟时间坐下来,调整呼吸节奏,即使是短暂的欢乐时光也会对心态产生影响。 /201309/257879。

The holidays can feel like a test of your mastery of the seasonal arts of shopping and -- unfortunately -- complaining.节假日感觉就像是对你的节日购物技巧以及──不幸的是──投诉技巧掌握程度的检验。It#39;s crunch time for gift buyers, the week when stores and websites see a surge in sales, and with it comes more potential for problems and frustrations. The multitude of ways to do holiday shopping -- in stores, online, from a smartphone -- poses new challenges for shoppers and stores. Whether it#39;s faulty merchandise, the wrong price or shipping that is too slow, time-starved customers want a resolution and they want it fast.对选购礼品者而言,这是一个紧要时期。在这前后的一周时间中,各大商场和购物网站的销售量迅速上升,出现问题及令人失望事件的可能性也随之升高。进行节日购物的众多方式──逛实体店、网络购物及通过智能手机购物──给消费者和商家带来了新挑战。无论是买到次品、价格弄错还是送货太慢的问题,时间宝贵的消费者都希望问题得到解决,而且是迅速解决。Luxury and mid-price department stores increasingly see customer service as their main attraction and the best way to draw in shoppers from discount stores and online sellers. #39;We spend a lot of time, money and energy attracting new customers,#39; says Richard Baker, chief executive of Hudson#39;s Bay Co., owner of Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord amp; Taylor. #39;The last thing we want to do is, after all that work, lose a customer over a bad experience.#39;豪华百货商场及中档商场逐渐将客户务作为他们的主要吸引力,以及将顾客从折扣店和网店吸引过来的最佳方法。Hudson#39;s Bay公司首席执行长理查德#12539;贝克(Richard Baker)说:“我们投入了大量时间、资金和精力来吸引新顾客,我们最不希望做的事情是,在做了那么多工作后,因为一次糟糕的购物经历而丢掉了顾客。” Hudson#39;s Bay为萨克斯第五大道百货(Saks Fifth Avenue)及Lord amp; Taylor的母公司。That is why Andrea Robins spent several hours on a recent weekday hunting for a handbag. Ms. Robins is Saks#39;s senior director of customer service, who solves problems that escalate from any of the retailer#39;s 113 full-price stores and outlets. A customer at a Saks Fifth Avenue store in Florida had bought a ,850 Gucci bag to be shipped to her daughter in Washington state. The store mistakenly sent it via ground, not air, and the bag wasn#39;t going to make it in time for the daughter#39;s birthday.这也是安德列娅#12539;罗宾斯(Andrea Robins)在最近一个工作日花了数小时搜寻一只手袋的原因所在。罗宾斯是萨克斯百货的客户务高级总监,负责解决该零售商的113家正价商店及折扣卖场涌现出的问题。一名顾客在萨克斯百货佛罗里达店购买了一只价值1,850美元的古驰(Gucci)手袋送给住在华盛顿州的女儿。该店误将手袋通过陆地运输而非空运方式寄出,这样一来手袋将不能在顾客女儿的生日当天及时送达。#39;It#39;s not acceptable to say, #39;We#39;re human and a mistake was made,#39;#39; Ms. Robins says. #39;The commitment to service says, #39;Now what are we going to do to fix it?#39;#39;罗宾斯说:“对顾客说‘我们也是人,所以我们出错了’是不可接受的,根据务承诺,‘现在我们要做些什么来解决它’?”Ms. Robins and her team first tried to reroute the package to a faster shipping method -- but that wouldn#39;t be fast enough. They considered placing a new order for the handbag with quicker shipping, but it was out of stock. Finally, they called up a Gucci store in Seattle, bought the bag from the retailer and had it sent to the daughter -- just in time.罗宾斯及其团队首先尝试了将包裹改成更快的运送方式──但是那也不够快。她们又考虑下一个运送方式更快的新订单,但是手袋已无存货。最后,她们打电话给西雅图的一家古驰专卖店,从这家店买了一只手袋送到顾客女儿的手上──刚好及时送达。A survey of 1,003 people conducted this fall at Arizona State University#39;s W.P. Carey School of Business found consumer dissatisfaction with retailers is on the rise. Half the people surveyed had a problem with a product or service in the past 12 months, up from 45% in 2011, the last time the study was conducted. And the public is frustrated, with 68% of respondents saying a problem made them #39;very#39; or #39;extremely#39; upset, up from just 60% in 2011.亚利桑那州立大学W.#12539;P.#12539;凯里商学院(Arizona State University#39;s W.P. Carey School of Business)在2013年秋季对1,003名消费者进行了调查,发现消费者对零售商的不满有所增加。有半数受访者在过去12个月中遇到过产品或务问题,高于2011年即上一次调查展开时45%的比例。消费者的心情也非常沮丧,有68%的受访者表示出现的问题让他们“非常”或“极其”不高兴,高于2011年刚到60%的比例。#39;There were two things that increased the most -- yelling and cursing,#39; says Scott Broetzmann, chief executive of Customer Care Measurement amp; Consulting, the survey#39;s principal designer.该调查的主要设计方Customer Care Measurement amp; Consulting的首席执行长斯科特#12539;布勒茨曼(Scott Broetzmann)说:“有两样东西增加的最多──叫喊和咒骂。”Several executives at both Lord amp; Taylor and Saks said they always want to know about a problem, rather than have an upset customer leave the store in a huff. At the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship New York City store, a tourist destination that sees close to a million shoppers between Thanksgiving and Christmas, every receipt has the email address of John Cruz, the store#39;s general manager, printed at the bottom.Lord amp; Taylor及萨克斯百货的几名高管称,他们一直都想了解问题,不想让顾客怒气冲冲地离开商场。萨克斯百货的纽约旗舰店算得上一个旅游目的地,在每年的感恩节及 诞节期间会迎来近百万顾客,它的每张购物小票的底部都印着该商场总经理约翰#12539;克鲁兹(John Cruz)的电子邮件地址。The Internet is a popular place for shoppers to vent. The survey found 35% of people with a problem posted about it on a social-networking site, up from 19% in 2011. It#39;s a way to #39;voice your dissatisfaction with the world,#39; says Mary Jo Bitner, executive director of the ASU business school#39;s Center for Services Leadership.网络是消费者发泄不满的热门之地。调查发现遇到问题的消费者中有35%的人在社交网站上把它说出来,高于2011年的19%。亚利桑那州立大学商学院务领导力中心(Center for Services Leadership)的常务主任玛丽#12539;乔#12539;比特纳(Mary Jo Bitner)说,它是一种“表达对世界的不满”的方式。Stores often evaluate and take the conversation offline to resolve it. Earlier this month, a customer of Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus Group#39;s high-end New York department store, lost a stud on a pair of Prada ankle boots and tweeted, #39;SO UPSETTING! What Can I Do?帝#39; Bergdorf#39;s Twitter account, @Bergdorfs, responded with a name and phone number to call.商场常常会评估问题并转到线下商谈来解决问题。12月初,由于自己的一双普拉达(Prada)踝靴掉了一粒饰扣,Neiman Marcus集团旗下纽约高端百货店Bergdorf Goodman的一名顾客在Twitter上发了一条消息,“真让人无奈!我该怎么办??”Bergdorf的Twitter账户@Bergdorfs为此留下了联系人的姓名及电话。Most retail problems are still resolved over the phone. Hudson#39;s Bay Co. typically gets about 50,000 inquiries a month at its Wilkes-Barre, Pa., facility, which handles calls for Lord amp; Taylor and the Canadian Hudson#39;s Bay chain. That number triples in December, says Lisa Fuller, the call center#39;s director.不过,大多数的零售问题还是通过电话解决的。Hudson#39;s Bay位于宾夕法尼亚威尔克斯-巴里(Wilkes-Barre)的中心负责处理Lord amp; Taylor及Hudson#39;s Bay在加拿大的连锁商场的问询电话,通常每个月会接到50,000个电话。该中心的总监莉萨#12539;富勒(Lisa Fuller)称,这个数字在12月份会增加两倍。New employees, including 140 seasonal hires go through a two-week training program focused on diffusing anger and empathy. #39;My grandmother used to say, #39;It takes two people to argue,#39;#39; Ms. Fuller tells employees.该中心的新职员,包括140名季节性临时员工会接受为期两周的培训,培训内容以化解顾客的怒气及培养同理心为主。富勒对员工们说:“我的祖母过去常常告诉我,‘一个巴掌拍不响。’”Last month, a man called about his effort to buy a hat on Lord amp; Taylor#39;s website. Each time he tried, the system cancelled the transaction. (Lord amp; Taylor and Saks shared customer complaints with The Wall Street Journal with the agreement that no customer information would be disclosed.)在11月份,一名男子打来电话投诉他在Lord amp; Taylor网站上买帽子时遇到的麻烦。每次他尝试下单时,系统就会取消交易。(Lord amp; Taylor及萨克斯百货与《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)协定可公开顾客的投诉,但不会透露顾客的个人信息。)#39;I#39;m not getting off this phone, I#39;m telling you right now, until we get this settled,#39; he said, audibly agitated.该名顾客说:“我现在就告诉你,我不会挂掉电话,直到我们解决问题为止。”从他的声音可以听出他非常恼火。#39;I#39;m trying, sir -- #39; the employee said calmly. The man interrupted: #39;It should not take me from 10 o#39;clock until 6 in the evening to order a hat online.#39; #39;I agree, sir,#39; the employee said.接电话的员工平静地说:“先生,我尽量…”。顾客打断她说道:“在网上订顶帽子,不应该让我从10点钟订到晚上六点吧。” 该员工答道:“是这样的,先生。”Eventually, the employee discovered his order was being cancelled automatically as a security measure, because he had put in an incorrect billing address. The man never realized he was at fault, nor should he, Ms. Fuller says. #39;The customer is always right, no matter what -- even if they#39;re wrong, they#39;re right.#39;最终,该员工发现顾客的订单是因为安全原因被自动取消的,他输入了错误的账单地址。富勒说,该顾客从没意识到是他自己错了,他也不用意识到,“顾客永远是对的,无论是什么事情──就算他们有错,他们也是对的。”Call-center employees handle on average about 40 calls a day. Each inquiry is logged so the employee can see shoppers#39; purchase histories and whether they have had problems in the past. The company also looks for trends, such as a jump in what it calls WISMO calls (short for #39;Where Is My Order?#39;), to help identify larger, systemic problems.中心的员工每天平均要处理约40个电话。每项问询都有记录以便员工能看到顾客以往的购物经历以及他们以前是否也遇到过麻烦。该公司还会通过观察所问询问题的趋势来确认更大的、系统性的问题,比如有关被其称为“WISMO”(我的订单到哪了?)电话的数量的上升。New types of problems arise as the industry adopts the #39;omnichannel#39; operating model, in which online orders may be fulfilled not only from a distribution center but also possibly from a local store that has the item in stock. This can lead to surprises. A customer ordering online usually expects to receive pristine merchandise that hasn#39;t been handled.由于零售业采纳了“全渠道”的运营模式,所以新型问题会随之出现。在该模式中,网络订单可能不只是由发货中心完成,也可能由当地有货的商店完成,这会造成一些意外。在线订购的顾客往往期待收到的是未经交易过的全新商品。Saks ran into this assumption over the summer, when a customer ordered a dress to wear to her daughter#39;s wedding. Her complaint, lodged in an email to Saks#39;s then-CEO, was that the dress arrived #39;smelly#39; and #39;used.#39; The dress had been plucked off the selling floor and shipped from a nearby store, meaning other customers may have tried it on or it had been purchased and returned. Ms. Robins made sure a replacement was sent.萨克斯在今年夏季就遭遇了由此引发的问题,当时一名顾客订了一件裙子准备穿着去参加女儿的婚礼。后来她写了一封电子邮件向萨克斯百货当时的首席执行长投诉,她在信中说,裙子送到时“有味道”而且是“穿过的”。那件裙子是从销售场地拿来然后从附近一家商店发货的,这表示其他顾客可能试穿过,或者它曾经被卖出又被退货了。后来罗宾斯给该顾客寄了一件新品。When a customer makes a difficult request for something far outside the store#39;s policy, Ms. Robins is careful not to say no outright, but rather to look for an alternative. #39;On some level, it#39;s parenting,#39; she says. #39;If I can#39;t say yes to this request, what can I say yes to that may be satisfying?#39;当有顾客提出远远超出该商场政策范围的棘手要求时,罗宾斯总是小心对待,不会直接拒绝,而是去寻找一个替代方法。她说:“在某种层面上,这就像做家长一样。如果我不能答应这个要求,那么有什么可能让人满意的事情是我能答应的?”A customer trying to buy a watch for his wife recently complained about a store associate giving him misinformation about a discount available online. Ms. Robins didn#39;t honor the mised discount, but she did offer the shopper a gift card toward a future purchase.一名想给妻子买块手表的顾客最近投诉说,销售员向他提供了错误的网上折扣信息。尽管罗宾斯并不认同这个折扣有误的问题,她还是送给该顾客一张礼品卡供下次购物使用。As a general rule, Ms. Robins and her team research complaints to make sure they are plausible but don#39;t argue with a customer about details. #39;Perception is reality,#39; she said.一般说来,罗宾斯与其团队会调查顾客的投诉以确定它们是否合理,但绝不会与顾客争论细节。“感受到的就是事实,”她如此说道。 /201401/273101。