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2017年10月21日 10:58:27 | 作者:时空咨询 | 来源:新华社
伊朗总统选举的有争议结果以及随后出现的抗议在全世界产生影响,特别在华盛顿更是如此。奥巴马总统曾经承诺要开始与德黑兰对话。分析人士称这样的外交举动为敏感问题,尤其是在当前的形势下。Iran's disputed presidential election has put President Obama in an awkward position. Analysts say that Mr. Obama must be seen as approving of the protesters without backing them - a critical difference in a country where foreign support can be construed as interference in domestic affairs. 伊朗有争议的选举令奥巴马总统处于尴尬地位。分析人士说,奥巴马总统必须做到,既赞同这些抗议者而又不持他们。在一个外国持被视为干涉内政的国家,能否做到这一点会导致截然不同的结果。Reformist candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi lost to incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in what Iranian officials say was a landslide victory. Mr. Mousavi denounced the election as rigged, and thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Tehran in protests the scale of which has not been seen in Iran in 30 years.伊朗的改革派候选人穆萨维在选举中输给现任总统艾哈迈迪内贾德。伊朗官员说,艾哈迈迪内贾德取得压倒性胜利。穆萨维谴责选举纵,成千上万示威者走上德黑兰街头,举行了伊朗30年从未有过的大规模抗议。Republican U.S. Senator John McCain, who knows firsthand what it means to lose a presidential election, having lost to Mr. Obama last year, said on N television's Today show that Mr. Obama should denounce the election outright.亲身体会在去年美国总统大选中失利、败给奥巴马的美国共和党参议员麦凯恩在美国全国广播公司的“今日”电视节目中表示,奥巴马总统应该直言谴责伊朗的这次选举。"He should speak out that this is a corrupt, fraud, sham of an election. The Iranian people have been deprived of their rights. We support them in their struggle against a repressive, oppressive regime. And they should not be subjected to four more years of Ahmadinejad and the radical Muslim clerics," McCain said.麦凯恩说:“他应该直接表示,这是一次充满腐败、欺诈和骗局的选举。伊朗人民被剥夺了权力。我们持他们反抗压迫性政权的奋斗。他们不应该再受4年艾哈迈迪内贾德以及激进穆斯林教士的统治。”But Mr. Obama has refused to do so, saying it would be inappropriate.但是奥巴马总统一直拒绝这样做。他说,这样做不妥。"It is not productive, given the history of U.S.-Iranian relations, to be seen as meddling, the U.S. president meddling in Iranian elections. What I will repeat, and what I said yesterday, is that when I see violence directed at peaceful protesters, when I see peaceful dissent being suppressed, wherever that takes place, it is of concern to me and of concern to the American people," Mr. Obama said.奥巴马总统说:“鉴于美国和伊朗关系的历史,这样做没有效果。会被视为干预,被视为美国总统干预伊朗选举。我要重申我昨天讲过的话:当我看到发生针对和平示威者的暴力、看到和平表示不满的行动被压制,不管发生在任何地方,都令我关注,也令美国人民关注。”Nicholas Burns, who was U.S. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs during the Bush administration, praises Mr. Obama for walking a very fine line.曾经在布什政府中担任美国国务院次卿的尼古拉斯.伯恩斯称赞奥巴马总统行事慎重。"He was very careful not to insert the ed States in the middle of this conflict. In fact, he said it's only the people of Iran who can determine Iran's future. I think this is the right way forward for President Obama and for the ed States to be - of course, committed to human freedom in Iran, but to also say, 'This is an Iranian struggle, only Iranians can work it out, because of the very complicated relationship that the ed States and Iran have had over the last 30 years,'" Burns said.伯恩斯说:“奥巴马很谨慎地将美国置身于在这场冲突之外。事实上,他说,只有伊朗人民才能决定伊朗的未来。我认为这是奥巴马总统,也是美国致力于伊朗人权自由未来的正确途径,而且他还说‘这是伊朗人民的斗争,只有伊朗人民能够解决这个局面,因为美国和伊朗在过去30年里的关系特别复杂’。”Alex Vatanka, Senior Middle East Analyst for Jane's Information Group, says it is right for the president not to prematurely condemn what are questionable, but still murky election results.阿利克斯.瓦坦卡是简氏信息集团的中东资深分析师。他说,奥巴马总统的做法是正确的,他没有在时机尚未成熟之际就去谴责伊朗令人质疑的、仍然混乱的选举结果。"Let the Iranians deal with this. And if they need support, if things get out of hand, the U.S. can step in. But when you don't really know how much of an election rigging took place and all the rest of it, when you don't have all the facts, when you don't know if this is just some sort of an internal regime family feud, it would be too early for the U.S. to jeopardize the idea of a greater rapprochement with Iran at this stage," he said.他说:“让伊朗人自己去处理。如果他们需要持,如果局面失控,美国可以介入。但是当你并不真正了解选举舞弊的规模到底有多大、也不了解其他情况时,当你并不掌握所有的事实,也并不知道这是否是政权内部的某种纠纷的情况下,现在就做出危及美国对伊朗采取更为和解的设想的行动还为时过早。”Mr. Obama has pledged to open a dialogue with Iran. And most observers were watching to see what he would do after the election. 奥巴马总统誓言要跟伊朗开启对话。大多数观察人士正在紧密关注他在伊朗大选后将要采取的行动。Burns, who now teaches foreign policy at Harvard University, says the current upheaval might delay the Obama administration's outreach, but it is not likely to derail it. "I think that President Obama has been correct in saying that it's time that we sit down with our adversaries, it's time that we have a negotiation with Iran. But certainly that is not going to take place in the next week or two. Everything has its time. And right now, the proper place for the ed States to be is on the sidelines, watching and hoping that something good can happen out of these very serious events in Iran," he said.美国国务院前国务次卿伯恩斯目前在哈佛大学教授外交政策。他说,目前的动乱有可能会推迟奥巴马政府向伊朗伸出和解之手,但是不大可能会令奥巴马放弃。伯恩斯说:“我认为奥巴马总统的说法是正确的。他说,现在是跟我们的对手坐下来谈判的时候了。当然这不会在今后一两个星期里发生。每一个事物都有它的时间顺序。美国现在的适当位置应当是在观众席,观看并盼望伊朗发生的这些非常严重的事件中会有好的事情发生。”Many analysts say that a victory by reformist-minded Mir Hossein Mousavi would have made rapprochement between Washington and Tehran easier. But other analysts point out that power in Iran, especially in foreign affairs, is concentrated in the hands of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, making the president of Iran almost irrelevant to a U.S.-Iranian dialogue.很多分析人士说,如果具有改革观念的穆萨维胜选,将会使华盛顿和德黑兰的和解更加容易一些。但是,还有一些分析人士指出,伊朗的大权、特别是外交事务的大权集中在伊朗最高领导人哈梅内伊的手中,伊朗总统在美国和伊朗的对话中的地位几乎无足轻重。06/74849New Exercise:diet tips for 2010 -This morning we’ve got kicking off a new series, New Year, New You. Every January, millions of Americans resolve to stick with diet and get healthy. But research shows more than 80% never follow through. How to beat the odds? Today nutritionist and author of “your inner skinny” Joy Bauer is here, along with today contributing psychologist Gail Saltz. Happy New Year, to both you ladies.-Happy New Year. -Nice to be here.-And I’ll tell you as a guide and health coach. This is my absolute favorite time of the year, because people have ambitious health intentions they believe in their capabilities and believe in that you can do something is the key ingredient to success.-So then Gail what happens?-What happens is we feel overwhelmed at the task. No one likes to feel overwhelmed, so they are kind of going to state of denial. I don’t really need it and what is a big factor is a lot of dieting is emotional and if you don’t understand the unconscious motivation for eating for you, what for not exercising for that matter for being generally healthy and it’s very hard to move forward.-So, what’s the first step?-You really need to deal with the issue of do I need this or don’t I need this to not go into denial. It’s to say, it’s not just that I like this, I want this, but I really need to this for me and take a look at what the unconscious motivations might be for eating and try to address those as well not just what you diet will be, but you know, am I said, am I angry, am I having difficulty in some arena that propel me to eat.-In a sense, what’s the motivation for the eating.-Exactly, and address that.-As you know that sometimes it's gonna be uncomfortable to sit with those feelings without numbing with food.-So we want to get started, Joy you say one of the first thing you do should be is a copycat?-Right, because you want to copy the characteristics of successful losers so to speak, so this is what we know, thanks to the National Weight Control Registry, 78% of successful dieters eat healthy breakfast every single day. They also weigh themselves at least once a week as a sort of reality check they watch less than…-Or like me once a day?-They watch less than ten hours of TV per week and on average they excise about an hour a day. And I realize that 60 minutes seems daunting to a lot people, but remember that 30 minutes of exercise is more than zero minutes of exercise and that doesn’t have to be continuous. It can be bite size pieces, ten minutes in the morning, ten minutes in the afternoon and ten minutes in the evening.-So, but Gail, a lot of people I think when they look at this, they start to panic, like I can’t handle it.-Correct. Correct.-How do you deal with it?-You know, what you need to do is break it into bite size pieces. So, yes, you have your long term goal.-No pun intended?-No pun intended, exactly. I’m so glad you have said that, because I would’ve kept going, but you have your long term goal, but you also want to have sort of weekly goal, or maybe even a daily goal and a really useful thing is to write it down, because it’s very easy to fudge with yourself later, say, it’s too scary, no, never mind, forget it. Oh, I didn’t really say that, did I? If you write it down, yes, you really said it. This is my weekly goal and you don’t have to look so far out and it’s less scary.-And I love the idea of making both. Short-term weekly goals and the long-term goals, the long-term goal might be I wanna lose 60 pounds. But the weekly goal could be, you know what, I’m not gonna eat after a dinner every night this week.-I think that for a lot of people look at 60 pounds is such a big number, but if you average it out, that’s a little bit more than a pound a week, maybe.-Right, and that can be another short-term goal. I wana lose one pound this week.-That would be a weekly goal, I gonna lose one pound exactly.-And Joy you also say, become a fidgety person?-Right, you just wanna move more in general, we are talking about form of exercise, so in another words, walk when you talk, pace around the kitchen when you on the phone. Instead of having your kids, be the errand boys, so to speak, fetch the phone, the mail, the remote control yourself. And don’t…-Apart a little from the mall parking.-Yes, and don’t be so efficient with your groceries. Instead of bundling five or six, you know, big bags in your arms, take one or two into the house from the drive way at a time. You know, it’s gonna make you walk a little more so it’s gonna extend the time getting the grocery into the house. But you gonna burn calories and also while you flop on the couch watching TV during those commercial breaks, get up and move, marching place, do some jumping jacks, we’ve got this TV workout for free on our website that people can download.-Well, some good advice for people who want more information, they can also go on our website todayshow.com, and get that information. Joy Bauer, Gail Saltz, thanks so much.201001/94275Bin Laden's death has led to speculation about who, if anyone, will take control of al-Qaida. Often mentioned is the Egyptian Islamist Ayman al-Zawahri, a frequent spokesman for the group who stressed his closeness to the late leader. 本·拉登之死导致各方猜测,如果有继任者的话,会是谁接管基地组织。其中经常被提到的一个人是埃及的伊斯兰主义者扎瓦赫里。他常常担任基地组织的发言人,也强调过他同被击毙的本·拉登非常亲近。Voice of rhetoric In an audio address released in February, al-Zawahri noted that bin Laden assigned him to advise Mujahideen on Islamic Sharia law. 扎瓦赫里在今年2月发布的一段音频讲话中指出,本·拉登任命他为伊斯兰圣战者们提供有关伊斯兰教法的咨询。Al-Zawahri has also been the voice of some of the group's more inflammatory rhetoric against the ed States. Perhaps most importantly, he is considered by many to be the brains of the terror network, responsible for the planning of the group's most notorious acts, including the 2001 attacks in the ed States.基地组织针对美国的一些最具煽动性的言论也一直是由扎瓦赫里发表的。也许最重要的是,很多人将扎瓦赫里视为基地恐怖组织的智囊,他负责策划了该组织最臭名昭著的恐怖行动,包括2001年对美国的袭击。Mohamed Salah, a political analyst and editor of the London-based al Hayat newspaper, says al-Zawahri is the real founder of al-Qaida, with his experience organizing Islamists in Egypt as important, if not more, than the ideological and financial leadership provided bin Laden. 穆罕默德·萨利赫是一名政治分析家,也是位于伦敦的阿拉伯文《生活报》的编辑。萨利赫说,扎瓦赫里是基地组织真正的创始人。而且,他在埃及组织伊斯兰主义者的经验,与本·拉登提供的意识形态和财政领导至少是同等重要的。201105/135037Indian PM Calls High-Level Meetings in Wake of Mumbai Attacks印举行高层会议研究应对孟买恐袭 India's prime minister Saturday called together the country's top military and intelligence chiefs. Officials say he wanted details on the Mumbai terrorist attacks and the responsive actions being taken. The government is finding itself under immediate pressure to show its resolve amid political criticism. 印度总理曼莫汉.辛格星期六召集印度最高层的军方和情报官员开会。辛格要求官员们提供有关孟买恐怖袭击和有关部门采取的反应行动的细节。在一片政治讨伐声中,印度政府眼下面临着显示决心的压力。On the day local elections were held in New Delhi, with polling underway in five other states and Mumbai counting bodies from the terror attack, top government officials huddled in the capital.  星期六,地方选举在新德里进行,另外五个邦也在举行选举,而孟买却在清点在恐怖袭击中遇难者的尸体。与此同时,政府高级官员云集新德里召开会议。An Indian academic security specialist predicts little will result from the high-level meetings. Brahma Chellaney of the Center for Policy Research believes Indians have become accustomed to terrorism. He says officials lack the political will to make fundamental changes, even after this attack, which he considers the worst since September, 2001.  一位印度安全专家预测,高层会议不会产生任何结果。政策研究中心的布拉马.切拉尼认为,印度人已经变得对恐怖主义无动于衷。他说,这次在孟买发生的袭击是2001年美国的9/11事件以后发生的最恶劣的恐怖袭击。即使在这次事件之后,官员们仍然缺乏进行彻底变革的政治决心。"Just the way people here have come to accept corruption they've come to accept a high level of terrorism," said Chellaney. "It's like a part of life. This is a kind of attitude which you will not see in most other parts of the world. This is a terrorist siege of India. This is the whole country being held hostage again and again by small bands of terrorists who obviously have the backing of some important actors outside."  切拉尼说:“就像人们已经接受腐败一样,他们已经接受很高程度的恐怖主义。这已经成为生活的一部分。这是一种态度,一种你在世界上大多数地方看不到的态度。这是印度面临的恐怖包围。整个印度被一小撮恐怖主义分子劫持为人质。而这一小撮恐怖分子显然得到了外面的大人物的持。”Opposition politicians are wasting no time portraying Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his allies as soft. Some of the political voices on the right also emphasize Pakistan and Islamic extremists as culprits, threatening to worsen tensions between India's majority Hindu and minority Muslim communities.  反对派政界人物抓住时机批评辛格总理以及他的盟友心慈手软。一些右翼政客则强调巴基斯坦和伊斯兰极端分子是恐怖事件的共谋,从而威胁着进一步加剧占人口多数的印度教徒和少数派穆斯林人口之间的紧张关系。The nationalist BJP party, for example, in Friday newspapers, ran front-page advertisements illustrated with bloody graphics. It called the government weak, unwilling and incapable of fighting terror. India's science minister, speaking on behalf of the governing coalition's top party, Congress, called the ads "a matter of national shame." Some television news channels have been running scrolling commentary from viewers calling for revenge against the culprits and demanding harsher security measures. Strategic studies professor Brahma Chellaney tells VOA News the government has resisted tougher relevant laws, fearing their misuse. "There's a big political controversy in India about counter-terror laws,"he said. "I don't like special laws for the purpose of combating terrorism. But the reality is when you are under siege you need certain laws that will speedily bring perpetrators to justice." Prime Minister Singh wants a new federal investigation agency to combat terror. But that is being resisted by the states. 辛格总理希望成立一个联邦调查机构同恐怖主义进行斗争。但是却遭到一些邦的抵制。The states have been criticized for a lack of cooperation among themselves and with the federal government in terror probes. Rivalries among numerous state and national agencies tasked with law enforcement, border security and intelligence gathering have also stymied past investigations.  人们批评这些邦在对恐怖活动进行调查中相互之间以及和联邦政府缺乏合作。不同邦之间以及全国执法、边境安全和情报搜集部门之间的竞争也妨碍了过去的调查活动。The prime minister met with military and intelligence chiefs as commandos still were going room to room in the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower hotel to secure the damaged Mumbai landmark.  就在突击队员们还在孟买的泰姬玛哈酒店和奥拜罗三叉戟酒店逐个房间清查恐怖分子,以便确保这两个地标性建筑的安全时,辛格总理会见了军方和情报部门的首领。Notably the man in charge of domestic security, Home Minister Shivraj Patil, was not present. Opposition leaders have been calling for his ouster for his alleged weak response to terrorist bombings even before the Mumbai attacks. Patil also convened his own meeting of top officials of various military forces and law enforcement agencies. The Home Ministry's special secretary for internal security, M.L. Kumawat, says one immediate change after the Mumbai attacks will be improved surveillance of India's 8,000 kilometers of coastline.  印度内政部负责国内安全事务的特别事务次长库玛瓦特说,加强对印度八千公里长的海岸线的监视将是孟买袭击发生后马上就会出现的变化。"It was decided that there's a need to have better coordination between the navy, coast guard and police by an institutional mechanism and further upgrade coastal security as expeditiously as possible," he said. “会议决定需要建立相关机制,加强海军、海岸警卫队和警察之间的协调,尽快提高海岸安全。”Some of the terrorists used boats to infiltrate Mumbai's Colaba coast.  一些恐怖主义分子利用船只渗透进入孟买的科拉巴海岸。Prime Minister Singh has also called for all political party leaders to meet Sunday in the capital to discuss the attack, which has shocked the nation and prompted calls for a clear and quick response. 辛格总理还呼吁所有政党的领袖星期天在新德里会面讨论这次袭击事件。这次孟买袭击事件使整个印度感到震惊,民众要求政府做出明确和快速的反应。200812/57604

The most common reason for heartburn is eating too much, so acid overflows into the esophagus. Lying down with a full stomach makes it worse because gravity can’t help keep the acid in. And greasy foods, caffeine, alcohol, and chocolate all increase acid production in your stomach, which results in heartburn. What can I do? Taking an antacid or a little baking soda in water neutralizes the acid. But if it happens often, check with your doctor. Severe, chronic heartburn can damage the lining of the esophagus and increase the risk of esophageal cancer. If acid gets into your trachea, it causes asthma like symptoms and hoarseness. But medication can turn off stomach acid production and surgery can help, too. I won't eat this greasy food again! Even for severe heartburn, avoiding big meals, alcohol, caffeine, and greasy food is the best prevention.【生词注释】heartburn n.胃灼热,烧心acid n. 酸overflow v.溢出esophagus n. 食道greasy adj. 油腻的antacid n. 解酸剂, 抗酸剂chronic adj. 慢性的esophageal adj. 食道的asthma n. 哮喘烧心的最普遍理由就是吃的太多了,胃酸溢出进入食道。吃得饱饱的躺下回使情况更糟,因为重力不会防止胃酸流入。而且油腻的食物,咖啡因,酒精和巧克力都会增加你胃中的胃酸,这回导致烧心。我能做些什么?吃些抗酸剂或吃一点溶解过的烘烤过的小苏打,这样会溶解微软。但是如果经常烧心,应该去看医生。严重的,慢性烧心能损害食道,并增加得食道癌的危险。如果胃酸流进气管里,会导致哮喘类的症状和嗓子嘶哑。但是药物治疗会阻止胃酸的产生,手术也能七作用,我不会再吃油腻的食物。即使是严重的烧心,不暴饮暴食,不喝酒和咖啡因,不吃油腻的食物,这些都是最好的预防方法。201111/159610

North Korea Notifies World Agencies of Satellite Launch Plan北韩通知国际机构4月发射卫星 North Korea has told international agencies it will conduct its planned launch of what Pyongyang says is a satellite in early April. 北韩通知国际机构说,它准备在4月上旬按计划发射“卫星”。North Korea's launch of a long-range rocket became all but inevitable as Pyongyang informed international agencies it will put a satellite into space sometime between April 4 and 8.  北韩发射远程火箭已经是不可避免的了,平壤通知有关国际机构说,它将在4月4号到8号之间向太空发射卫星。A North Korean announcer speaking on state-run media says Pyongyang has informed the International Civil Aviation Organization, the International Maritime Organization and other international organizations of the launch. He says they have been given what they need to know to ensure the safety of airplanes and marine vessels in the region of the planned launch. 北韩的广播员在国有媒体上说,平壤已经通知了国际民航组织、国际海事组织以及其他国际有关机构有关它发射卫星的消息。广播员说,这些机构已经得到了他们所需的信息,以保发射所涉及地区的飞机和船只的安全。Authorities with those agencies say they are now preparing a formal safety advisory for aircraft and sea vessels in the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Japan in the vicinity of North Korea. They say they expect North Korea to conduct the launch during daylight hours. 这些国际机构说,他们准备向北韩发射所覆盖的太平洋和日本海等地区的飞机和船只正式发出安全告示。他们说,预计北韩在白天进行这次发射。South Korean analysts say the North's notification of its plans is aimed at lending legitimacy to the launch, which Pyongyang says is part of a space research program. But South Korean, Japanese, and U.S. officials are skeptical about the North's plan and suspect the so-called satellite launch is in reality a way to test a long-range rocket. 韩国分析人士说,北韩发射卫星的通知是为了让这次发射合法化,平壤说,这是太空探索项目的一部分。但是韩国、日本和美国的官员怀疑这个所谓的卫星发射实际上是为了试射远程火箭。South Korea Unification Minister Hyun In-taek is Seoul's key official on North Korea policy.  韩国统一部部长玄仁泽是韩国有关北韩政策的重要官员。He says circumstantial evidence indicates the launch involves a long-range missile rather than a satellite. He adds, the technology for both are almost identical. 他说,间接的据显示,这次发射的其实是一枚远程导弹而不是什么卫星。他说,发射卫星和导弹的技术几乎是相同的。South Korea warns any long-range launch by the North will be a violation of a U.N. resolution passed in 2006, when North Korea conducted long-range missile and nuclear weapons tests within months of each other. That could trigger more sanctions against the impoverished state.  韩国警告说,任何北韩进行的远程试射都将违反联合国2006年通过的决议。当时北韩在几个月内相继发射了一枚远程导弹和一枚核武器。这次发射可能会引发更多对北韩这一贫穷国家的制裁。Japan has announced it will extend its unilateral sanctions against North Korea if it launches the rocket.  日本宣布,如果北韩进行试射,日本将延长其单方面对北韩的制裁。The U.S. Navy conducted media tours Friday of its U.S.S. Chafee Aegis Destroyer, docked in South Korea as part of an annual joint military drill with the South's forces. The vessel has the technological potential to shoot down a North Korean ballistic missile, something neither the ed States nor Japan have ruled out doing. Pyongyang has warned such a shootdown would result in war. 美国海军的宙斯盾级驱逐舰正在韩国港口准备参加和韩国举行的年度联合军事演习。这艘驱逐舰有反击北韩弹道导弹的技术能力,美国和日本都没有排除会这样做的可能。平壤警告说,击落他们发射的卫星将意味着战争。03/64457

It just knocks yourself out, never see an animated movie like this computer generated movie. The story was incredibly moving.这就好像使你如梦方醒般,从未看过由计算机制作而成的这样一部动画电影。这个故事也是非常地感人。The world is the very first release from a small unconventional flim studio called Pixar with Steve Jobs at the hell.就如同打开了潘多拉的宝盒一样,这部该由被称为皮克斯公司的非传统的小电影工作室和史蒂夫;乔布斯打造的电影,让全世界为之惊叹。We just get stuck in to the beauty and sort of explodes.我们只是情不自禁流连往返于那个美丽的世界中。For the first time, computer characters are warm, cuddly, reliable.有史以来第一次,电脑角色是温暖的,可爱又可靠的。These were animated characters, but they seemed like they belong in our family or that we have them in our house.这些都是动画角色,但是他们好像正置身于我们的家庭或者我们能在房间中发现他们的踪影。Its the big comeback Steve Jobs has been waiting for. But it has taken Jobs and Pixar nearly ten years to get this bar, and it almost didnt happen at all. After he got the boot in 1985, he sold all his apple shares but one, he had millions of dollars buring a pocket. Any one but Jobs might have retired.这是史蒂夫;乔布斯一直等待的一次大翻盘。但是它已经花费皮克斯公司和乔布斯将近10年的心血,它差点就胎死腹中。当他在1985年拿到芯片的时候,他卖掉几乎所有的苹果股票,但只有一个他没有变卖,这使他的口袋里数百万美元在燃烧一样。除了乔布斯任何人都可能已经因此退休。词语解释:1. generate v. 产生,生成2. incredibly a. 难以置信的3. cuddly a. 令人想拥抱的201111/161797

Bailout is for bikers too Bike commuters are entitled to a -a-month tax break, as part of the 0B bailout.Well, it seems that still everyone wants a piece of bailout bill and as we learnt today GM and Chrysler are getting theirs and it turns out people who ride their bikes to work also entitle to bailout money. Alison Kosik, as our Energy Fix from New York, helps us understand this one, bicyclers getting some of the bailout money.Exactly T J, you know I bet better you didn’t know this buried with in the bailout legislation is a -a-month benefit for anyone who bikes to work on a regular basis. Cyclists can use the money for things like tires, tune-ups on bicycle parking, but there are a couple of problems with this. First, very few companies are y to implement this benefit, even though it’s available on January 1st. Employers are unsure exactly how to structure the program they are wondering. You know is it a straight reimbursement or a pretax deduction from your pay check, many are waiting for guidance from the IRS before making the benefit available to employees. Second, there is a big potential downside for commuters themselves. If you use the bike benefit, you can’t get any other transit benefit your company may offer, like money for your monthly bus or train pass. And that’s often worth a lot more than $ 20 a month, so people who abide to the bus or train station probably won’t sign up, T J.Well, how many people actually do ride their bikes to work, do we know how many people might be using it, might be benefiting from it?Well, TJ you know we don’t have any hard numbers, but we do know it became a lot more popular than last summer, you remember when gas prices were soaring, cities saw huge jumps and a number of people bringing bikes onto buses, places like Denver, Houston and Fairfax County Virginia, reported increases of 75-100 percent. But now that the price of gas has dropped to an average a dollar 67 a gallon, it’s hard to say whether the trend will keep up, especially with winter here. But the League of American Bicyclist think it will, as they told us, one just start cycling is really hard to go back to been stuck in traffic. And for more on Energy Fix, check out cnnmoney.com. TJ, back to you.You are All right there, the Alison Kosik with Energy Fix today, thank you so much.200812/59586

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