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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has confirmed he will “soon” be leaving the Ecuadorean embassy in London, where he has sought refuge from prosecution for more than two years, and admitted his confinement had affected his health.“维基解密”网站(Wikileaks)的创始人朱利安#8226;阿桑奇(Julian Assange)实他将“很快”离开伦敦的厄瓜多尔驻英使馆。为了躲避公诉,他已在该使馆寻求庇护2年多,他承认幽闭生活已经影响他的健康。“I can confirm I am leaving the embassy soon, but perhaps not for the reasons that the Murdoch press and Sky News are saying at the moment,” Mr Assange said at a news conference inside the embassy yesterday.“我可以实我将很快离开使馆,但或许不是默多克(Murdoch)旗下报纸以及天空新闻电视台(Sky News)现在报道的原因,”阿桑奇昨日在使馆内的一个新闻发布会上说。Reports in the British media had stated that the 43-year-old Australian was suffering from an irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and a chronic cough.英国媒体的报道称这位43岁的澳大利亚人罹患心律不齐、高血压和慢性咳嗽。When asked to clarify whether his health was a factor in his decision, he said: “In relation to my health, as you can imagine, being detained in various ways in this country without charge for four years, and in this embassy for two years, has [had an effect].”在被要求澄清他的健康是否影响了这个决定时,阿桑奇说:“关于我的健康,就像你们可以想象的,未经起诉就以种种方式被扣押在这个国家4年,在这个使馆呆了2年,有(影响)。”Mr Assange has been holed up in the embassy since June 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden on sex assault charges, which he denies. He fears this could lead to his extradition to the US, where he could face trial for divulging diplomatic and military information via his website.自2012年6月起,阿桑奇一直藏身于厄瓜多尔驻英使馆,以躲避以性侵指控的罪名被引渡到瑞典;他否认性侵指控。他担心这会导致他进而被引渡到美国,他可能在美国因通过自己的网站泄露外交和军事信息而面临审判。Although he was granted political asylum by the government of President Rafael Correa more than two years ago, the UK refused to#8201;grant him safe passage, meaning he would be arrested on stepping out of the embassy in west London.尽管厄瓜多尔总统拉斐尔#8226;科雷亚(Rafael Correa)在两年多前就授予阿桑奇政治庇护,但英国方面拒绝提供安全通道,这意味着一旦他踏出位于伦敦西区的使馆就会遭到逮捕。Mr Assange expressed frustration about his confinement and the slow pace of legal and diplomatic negotiations since he entered the embassy, but he refused to give any details about when he might be leaving or why.阿桑奇对自己的幽闭生活以及自他进入使馆后法律和外交方面的谈判进展缓慢表示失望,但他拒绝就离开时间和原因提供任何细节。Mr Assange claimed the cost of the two-year police operation to guard the embassy had reached #163;7m.他宣称2年间警方花费了700万英镑盯住使馆。Sitting alongside Mr Assange at the press conference, Ricardo Pati#241;o, Ecuador’s foreign minister, stressed that the Australian’s “human rights should be respected”.厄瓜多尔外长里卡多#8226;帕蒂尼奥(Ricardo Pati#241;o)在新闻发布会上坐在阿桑奇身边,他强调阿桑奇的“人权应该得到尊重”。He added: “We will be continuing our work to find a friendly and diplomatic solution.”他补充说:“我们会继续进行我们的工作,找到一个友好的外交解决方案。”However, lawyers suggested Mr Assange’s legal options were limited. Michael Caplan QC, partner at Kingsley Napley who practises in domestic, international, criminal and regulatory law, said police would have to arrest Mr Assange if he left the embassy and arrange for his extradition to Sweden.然而,律师们提出,阿桑奇的法律选项有限。承接国内、国际、刑事以及监管法律案件的英国律师事务所Kingsley Napley合伙人、御用大律师迈克尔#8226;卡普兰(Michael Caplan QC)表示,一旦阿桑奇离开使馆,警方将必须逮捕他,并安排将其引渡到瑞典。 /201408/322202A man who was extradited to the UK from China has been jailed for 12 years for historical sex offences.一名由中国引渡回英国的男子因其性侵历史罪行被判入狱12年。Neil Robinson, 47, formerly of Staines in Surrey, admitted three counts of sex with a girl under 13 and three indecent assaults at a previous hearing at Guildford Crown Court.尼尔·罗宾逊今年47岁,曾经生活在英国萨里郡苏塞克斯地区。此前在英国吉尔福德刑事法庭上,罗宾逊承认其三次性侵13岁以下女孩以及三次强暴猥亵的罪行。He also received concurrent jail terms for the assaults and 26 counts of taking and making indecent images.罗宾逊的强暴猥亵罪行连同他26次拍摄和发布色情图片的行为一并判罪。Robinson had pleaded guilty to all offences, court officials said.警方说,罗宾逊承认所有被控罪行。He was ordered to sign the sex offenders register indefinitely, was given a sex offence prevention order for life, and disqualified from working with children indefinitely.罗宾逊还被强制签署无限期性犯罪者登记单,列入终身性犯罪备份名单,永不能参与有儿童出现的工作。The offences took place between 1999 and 2002.罗宾逊的多起性侵犯罪行发生在1999年和2002年之间。#39;Highly dangerous predator#39;高度危险性侵犯者After the hearing, Surrey Police said Robinson had been wanted by police for more than 10 years after fleeing the UK in 2002.听会后,萨里警方说罗宾逊2002年逃离英国,警方通缉了他10年多年的时间。A Crimewatch appeal in 2012 provided information that Robinson had been living and working in schools in Beijing. Robinson handed himself in to the Chinese authorities last April following international media coverage, the force said.英国B《犯罪观察》节目曾在2012年发布通缉令,称罗宾逊曾在北京一所学校当外籍教师并在北京生活。据警方消息,由于全球性的媒体报道,罗宾逊在去年4月份被中国警局逮捕。He was extradited in May and arrested by Surrey Police at Heathrow Airport.2013年5月,罗宾逊被引渡回英国,英国萨里警方在伦敦希思罗机场当场逮捕了他。Det Insp Becky Molyneux said: ;Robinson is a highly dangerous sexual predator who put his vulnerable young victims through what must have been horrendous ordeals.;英国警察贝基·莫利纽说:“罗宾逊是一个高度危险的性侵犯者,他用令人发指的行为迫害了脆弱的孩子们。”She added: ;I hope the outcome from court today demonstrates that no matter where in the world offenders try to hide and escape from their past, we will use all available resources to bring them to justice.;贝基补充到:“我希望通过今天法庭的审判告诉世人,无论罪犯试图隐藏在世界何处,我们都将使用所有可用的资源,将他们绳之以法。” /201401/273463China#39;s May economic data brought some pleasant surprises, with the government#39;s #39;mini-stimulus#39; measures credited with producing a modest turnaround after the sluggish start to the year.中国5月份的经济数据给市场带来一些意外惊喜,因为政府的微刺激政策促使经济在年初开局不利后略有起色。Many analysts said the data show signs the economy is stabilizing, but others said there#39;s trouble ahead and that more support for the economy - on top of the stepped-up tax breaks and railway spending aly announced - will be needed. The biggest risk to growth is the sagging property sector.许多分析师们表示,数据显示出经济正在企稳的迹象,但是其他人则认为未来还有麻烦,需要出台更多经济扶持政策,而之前政府已经加大了对小微企业的税收扶持力度并宣布了铁路投资项目。中国经济增长面临的最大风险就是房地产行业滑坡。#39;The worst is not over, we believe,#39; Standard Chartered economists wrote in a note to clients. #39;We maintain our call that actual activity growth is likely to slow further in the third quarter.#39;渣打集团(Standard Chartered)经济学家在研究报告中表示,他们认为最糟糕的时期尚未过去。他们依旧认为实际的经济活动可能在第三季度进一步放缓。China#39;s industrial output grew 8.8% year over year in May, up slightly from 8.7% in April. Growth in electricity output also gathered pace, rising 5.9% year over year after a 4.4% gain in April. Nominal retail sales were stronger, and there was an uptick in the official manufacturing Purchasing Managers#39; Index.中国5月份工业增加值同比增长了8.8%,增幅略微高于4月份的8.7%。发电量增幅也扩大,由4月份的4.4%增加至5.9%。名义零售额增幅扩大,此外官方制造业采购经理人指数(PMI)也上升。Barclays BARC.LN -0.92% economists wrote they were raising their second quarter growth forecast to 7.4% - from 7.2% previously - noting #39;upside risk#39; to their full-year prediction of 7.2% growth. Meanwhile, Nomura raised its economic growth forecast for the year to 7.5% - in line with the government#39;s target - from an initial forecast of 7.4%.巴克莱(Barclays)的经济学家写道,他们把中国第二季度经济增长率预期由之前的7.2%调高至7.4%,并称他们的全年增长率预期7.2%有上调的可能性。此外野村把中国今年的经济增长率预期由最初预计的7.4%调高至7.5%,与政府的目标一致。China#39;s saw first-quarter gross domestic product growth of 7.4% year on year, down from 7.7% in the last quarter of 2013.中国第一季度国内生产总值(GDP)同比增长了7.4%,增幅低于2013年第四季度的7.7%。#39;The slight improvement in the activity data in May was mainly due to the mini-stimulus,#39; Lu Ting, economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, wrote in a note to clients. #39;We expect Beijing to roll out more targeted measures in the coming months.#39;美银美林(Bank of America Merrill Lynch)经济学家陆挺在研究报告中表示,5月份经济活动数据略微改善,主要受惠于微刺激政策。他还表示,他们预计中国政府未来几个月将推出更多有针对性的措施。Barclays noted that the #39;Li Keqiang Index#39; - a set of indicators the Chinese premier reportedly thinks give a truer picture of the economy than GDP - also suggests growth bottomed in March and is improving now. The index tracks new loans, electricity production and railway cargo.巴克莱指出,“李克强指数”(据报道是中国总理李克强认为比GDP更能真实反映经济状况的一系列指标)也表明经济增长状况已经在3月份见底,现在正在改善。该指数追踪新增贷款、发电量和铁路货运量。In addition to the rail spending and tax breaks, Beijing has warned local governments to spend money that has been allocated for approved projects - or risk losing it.除了铁路投资和税收优惠外,北京方面还警告地方政府把拨给已批项目的经费花出去,否则可能收回预算。Local governments #39;must speed up spending on infrastructure construction projects and make spending materialize as soon as possible,#39; the Finance Ministry said last month.财政部上个月称,地方政府必须加快基建工程及其资金进度。Government spending was up 24.6% in May from a year earlier, the Finance Ministry said. In April, fiscal spending rose 1.1% from a year ago, according to calculations by The Wall Street Journal based on official data.财政部称,5月份政府出较上年同期增长了24.6%。据《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)根据官方数据计算,4月份财政出同比增长了1.1%。The central bank also has told some banks they could lend more of their deposits, letting city commercial banks and rural financial institutions hold less of their deposits in reserve. The move pointedly omitted the big five banks.中国央行也告诉一些,它们可以把更多存款用于放贷――央行下调了城市商业和农村金融机构的存款准备金率。这一举措刻意地遗漏了五大。On Monday, Industrial Bank and China Minsheng Bank - both among China#39;s top 10 financial institutions - said they had been approved for a cut in their reserve requirement, signaling that more than just the smallest financial institutions have been included in the easing measure.周一,均在中国前十大金融机构之列的兴业(Industrial Bank)和民生(China Minsheng Bank)双双表示,它们获准下调了存准率,这表明宽松措施覆盖的不只是最小的那些金融机构。#39;They#39;ve done quite a lot so far,#39; said Tim Condon, economist at ING, referring to government measures to boost the economy.荷兰国际集团(ING)经济学家康登(Tim Condon)谈论政府提振经济的举措道,他们迄今为止已经做了许多。He called it #39;very encouraging#39; that Beijing seems to have averted a more pronounced slowdown in economic growth. But that can#39;t be said for the property sector, which he described as in #39;a pretty cold shower.#39;他说北京似乎已经避免了经济增长出现更大幅度的放缓,称这非常鼓舞人心。但对于房地产业却不能这么说,他称房地产业洗了一个冷水浴。Analysts suggest that more loosening measures may be aimed at this key sector, which is an important driver of growth and accounts for 16%-25% of GDP if related industries like steel and cement are included in the tally.分析人士表示,政府可能针对这一重要行业采取更多的放松措施。房地产业是经济增长的重要推动力,如果将钢铁和水泥等相关产业都计算在内的话,房地产业占GDP的16%至25%。China currently is seeing a correction in its housing market, which is plagued by excess supply in many cities outside Beijing and Shanghai, and tighter credit.中国的楼市目前正在进行调整,并且面临信贷收紧。北京和上海以外的很多城市都存在供应过剩的问题。Property sales were down 7.8% year over year in May, after falling 6.9% in April. That dragged fixed asset investment down on the month: It grew 17.2% over a year ago, its slowest gain since January 2002 and down from 17.3% in April.5月份房屋销售面积较上年同期降7.8%,4月份降6.9%。房屋销售下滑拖累了当月固定资产投资:5月份固定资产投资较上年同期增长17.2%,为2002年1月以来的最低增幅,低于4月份的17.3%。The central bank aly has told commercial banks to make funds available for mortgage lending.中国央行已经要求商业为抵押贷款投放提供资金。Local governments also have started to relax some of the curbs on purchases of multiple homes imposed as part of an effort to keep prices from spiraling higher. The city of Shenyang in the northeast quietly told real-estate agencies that it will not enforce curbs on home purchases in certain parts of the city - though officials have been shy about formally confirming their stance.地方政府也开始放宽对购置多套房的部分限制措施,限购措施是防止房价飙升的努力的一部分。沈阳市悄悄告诉房地产中介,将不会对该市部分地区的购房实施限制,不过官员们一直不愿正式实他们的立场。#39;Moderation in property investment will remain as the major threat to the country#39;s recovery,#39; said Zhang Fan, economist at CIMB Securities. Otherwise, he said, the economy appears to be stabilizing.联昌国际券(CIMB)经济学家张帆表示,房地产投资的放缓将依然是中国复苏面临的主要威胁。他说,除此之外,经济似乎正在企稳。#39;We expect more local governments will soften their restrictions for the property sector,#39; he said.他说:“我们预计更多地方政府将放松对房地产业的限制。” /201406/306067

They went for the luxurious caress of a French leather handbag (or several), the cathartic splash of a high-tech Japanese toilet’s bidet feature or the perfect selfie-stick pose in front of Bilbo Baggins’s round hobbit door, tucked into the lush hills of New Zealand.他们出去,是为了体验一个(或好几个)法国皮手包的奢侈触感,享受具有坐浴盆特色的日本高科技坐便器的畅快淋漓,或是在霍比特人比尔·巴金斯(Bilbo Baggins)隐藏于新西兰葱郁青山中的圆洞门前利用自拍架摆出完美造型。More than five million Chinese were estimated to have traveled abroad over the Lunar New Year holiday that ended on Wednesday, a 10 percent increase over the year before and the first time Chinese tourists bound for foreign lands outnumbered those vacationing domestically, according to Xinhua, the state news agency. Flush with cash and wanderlust, over 60 percent of mainland Chinese who chose to travel during the holiday — eschewing the traditions of gathering at home with relatives to eat dumplings and watch the Communist Party’s propaganda-drenched Spring Festival Gala — preferred to get their passports stamped, surf uncensored Internet sites and fill their suitcases with souvenirs.官方媒体新华网报道,本周三结束的春节假日期间,出国旅游的中国游客人数估计超过了500万,同比增长10%,出境游人数首次超过国内游人数。不少大陆人选择在春节期间出游,避开与亲人在家吃饺子、观看充满共产党宣传意味的春节联欢晚会的传统。由于资金充裕,旅游意愿又旺盛,其中60%的人更青睐跨出国门,畅通无阻地上网,往箱子里塞满纪念品。Li Zhao, 24, who works for a candy company in Beijing, took her family to Bali, Indonesia, for their first overseas vacation together. On the island they went white-water rafting, rode elephants and watched dolphins — along with masses of other mainland Chinese. “Almost all of the big tour buses I saw there had Chinese characters on them,” she said.24岁的李昭(音)在北京一家糖果公司工作,带着家人到印度尼西亚的巴厘岛度假。这是他们全家首次集体出国度假。他们在巴厘岛玩激流漂流,骑大象,看海豚——周围有很多同样来自中国大陆的游客。“我在那里看到的几乎所有旅游大巴上都有汉字,” 她说。Like a weeklong version of Black Friday in the ed States, the Lunar New Year holiday is increasingly known for astounding displays of conspicuous consumption by Chinese traveling abroad. The China Tourism Academy estimated that Chinese tourists shelled out more than 140 billion renminbi, or billion, during the holiday, Xinhua reported. The weakening yen and euro provided an additional lure to Chinese shoppers.就像是美国黑色星期五的加长版,为期一周的春节假期越来越出名的地方在于,中国出境游客令人瞠目结舌的炫耀性消费行为。新华网的报道称,中国旅游研究院估计,中国游客在春节期间的花费超过了1400亿元人民币。日元和欧元的疲软对于中国购物者来说是一种额外的诱惑。In Tokyo, Chinese tourists cleaned out shelves of mechanized toilet seats, digital cameras and rice cookers, according to People’s Daily, the Communist Party mouthpiece. On Sunday, a 27-year-old Chinese woman spent more than 0,000 on clothes, jewelry, cosmetics and a ,000 Cartier watch at a South Korean mall, the Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported. An online Chinese shopping guide for Thailand recommended buying crocodile leather goods, snake medicine and visiting a tailor shop in the Holiday Inn Bangkok that supposedly helped outfit foreign leaders with suits and shirts for a diplomatic summit meeting.共产党喉舌《人民日报》报道,在东京的中国游客将机械化马桶座圈、数码相机及电饭锅抢购一空。韩国的《朝鲜日报》(Chosun Ilbo)则报道,一名27岁的中国女性周日在当地的一家商场花费逾30万美元(约合188万元人民币)购买了装、珠宝、化妆品和一块售价4.5万美元的卡地亚(Cartier)手表。网上的一份中文版泰国购物指南建议游客购买鳄鱼皮具和蛇药,前往曼谷假日酒店(Holiday Inn Bangkok)的裁缝店——据说这家店曾为参加外交峰会的外国领导人提供西装和衬衫。Yet even as countries have clamored to profit from the Chinese travel bug by loosening visa restrictions and hiring Mandarin-speaking sales clerks, Chinese tourists are finding that money does not always buy love abroad, including from other Chinese.然而,虽然各个国家纷纷放宽签限制、雇佣会讲汉语的售货员,急切地希望从中国人的旅游热潮中获利,中国游客却发现,有钱在国外也不一定能享受到笑脸,包括从其他中国人那里。Liu Yikun, 26, an accountant, took her mother along for what she thought would be a relaxing trip to Boracay, a tropical island in the Philippines famed for its white-sand beaches and Windex-blue waters. But she quickly discovered that droves of her compatriots had the same idea.26岁的刘亦昆(音)是一名会计,带着母亲一起前往菲律宾的热带岛屿长滩岛游玩。那里以雪白的沙滩和碧蓝的大海而闻名,她原本以为这会是一次令人放松的旅行,但很快就发现,很多同胞有着同样的想法。“I rolled my eyes when I saw Chinese tour groups going to the beaches,” said Ms. Liu. Desperate to avoid the crowds, the Lius fled to a less popular strip of sand and returned to Beijing before the peak travel days.“看到中国旅行团向海滩进发时,我翻了个白眼,”刘亦昆说。她和母亲急于避开人群,逃到了知名度较低的一片沙滩,并在交通高峰到来之前返回了北京。While complaints of Chinese manners — or the lack thereof — are a chronic source of embarrassment in China, occasionally there are more serious consequences. In New Zealand, some police officers blamed a recent spike in fatal car crashes and reckless driving incidents on the 40,000 Chinese tourists who flocked to the country over the holiday, according to The Press newspaper. On Monday, a driver from Beijing with a baby on board was filmed repeatedly crossing into oncoming traffic before a fellow motorist confiscated his rental car keys. A few days earlier, a Chinese tourist was charged with causing the death of a five-year-old New Zealand girl after his car crossed the median and collided with an oncoming vehicle. In court,“the man showed no emotion during the hearing,” Hong Kong’s Standard newspaper reported.尽管对中国人礼仪——或者说缺乏礼仪——的抱怨一直让中国感到难堪,但偶尔会出现更为严重的后果。新西兰《新闻报》(The Press)报道,一些警员将当地致命性车祸及鲁莽驾驶事件近期的激增归咎于在节日期间涌入该国的4万名中国游客。周一,一名来自北京的司机多次被拍到越过中线,驶进迎面而来的车流,直到另外一辆车的司机夺走了这辆租赁汽车的钥匙。几天之前,一名中国游客被控导致新西兰的一名五岁女孩死亡,他越过中线,撞上了一辆迎面驶来的汽车。香港《英文虎报》(The Standard)报道称,在法庭上,“这名男子在聆讯时面无表情。”Yet for most of the world’s largest group of outbound travelers, vacations pass without a hitch. Last year, Chinese took more than 100 million trips abroad, according to China’s state tourism administration. Over the New Year holiday, the most popular destinations were South Korea, Thailand and, perhaps surprisingly, Japan.但世界最大的出境旅游群体中的大多数人,都顺利度过了假期。据中国国家旅游局透露,去年,中国公民出境游突破1亿人次。新年期间最受欢迎的目的地是韩国、泰国,以及日本——这或许让人感到惊讶。Despite a longstanding territorial dispute with Japan inflamed by Beijing’s accusations that Tokyo must repent for crimes committed during World War II, around 2.4 million Chinese visited the country in 2014, up 83 percent from the previous year, according to the Japan National Tourism Organization.尽管中日之间存在长期的领土争端,而且中国指责东京应该为二战罪行忏悔也煽动起了民众的情绪,据日本国家旅游局(Japan National Tourism Organization)透露,2014年赴日旅游的中国游客人数达到了240万,同比增长83%。Not all Chinese citizens were thrilled about their compatriots fraternizing with China’s historic enemy. After word sp of the Chinese shopping spree for Japanese toilets, some irate Chinese took to social media to vent.并非所有中国公民都对同胞亲近历史上的敌人的行为感到兴奋。在中国人疯狂抢购日本坐便器的消息传开之后,一些愤怒的中国人通过社交媒体大肆发泄。“The Japanese are raking in Chinese tourists’ money to manufacture weapons,” wrote one microblogger, Xue Ziyu. “I wonder if these shoppers will sit comfortably on their toilet.”“日本拿着中国游客的钱制造着武器,”微用户薛子育写道。“不知这些坐在马桶盖的人是否还感到安稳。”On Thursday, the state-owned Global Times newspaper jumped into the fray with an editorial lashing out at Chinese shoppers for making “a mockery” of grass-roots efforts to boycott Japanese goods. “Chinese customers flooding to Japan for shopping by no means is Chinese people’s glory, nor is it Chinese manufacturing industry’s glory,” it said.周四,官方报纸《环球时报》加入论战,发表社论,斥责中国购物者让抵制日货的草根行动显得有些“讽刺”。该报称,“中国人却跑到日本去扫货,这肯定不是中国人的光荣,不是中国制造的光荣。”Still, some Japanese industries do not mind losing out on the influx of Chinese visitors.然而,有些日本行业并不介意失去蜂拥而至的中国游客。Along the side streets of Tokyo’s red-light district of Yoshiwara, the anterooms of bathhouses with names like Satin Doll, Candy Girl and Cute were filled with men’s loafers arranged neatly in one corner and strappy high-heels in another, evidence that their owners were mutually occupied elsewhere. “Come inside, the girls are happy to play,” cried a tout.东京吉原红灯区的小巷两侧,许多澡堂挂着“缎衣娃娃”(Satin Doll)、“蜜糖女孩”(Candy Girl)和“可爱宝贝”(Cute)这样的招牌。澡堂的前厅摆满了男人的拖鞋,这些拖鞋被整齐地摆放在一个角落,另一个角落则放着罗马高跟鞋,这说明它们的主人正在别处一起忙得脱不开身。一个招徕顾客的人喊道,“进来吧,姑娘们很愿意玩玩。”But Chinese men are no longer welcome in certain Yoshiwara establishments following a spate of incidents in which Chinese tourists behaved roughly with the masseuses, posted clandestine photos of them online or simply refused to pay for erotic services rendered.但是,在吉原的一些店家看来,中国男人不再受欢迎了。这是因为此前发生的一连串事件:有些中国游客对女师举止粗鲁,把她们的私密照片放在网上,或者干脆拒绝为自己享受的色情务付费。“More and more Chinese are coming,” the tout said. “But they get turned away because we know they make trouble.”“来这里的中国人越来越多,”那个招徕顾客的人说。“但他们会被拒之门外,因为我们知道他们经常制造麻烦。” /201503/361689

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