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吉安祛除红胎记峡江县人民中医院祛疤多少钱Pinning the ants to the hot sand surface, the spiders first cook them to death before dragging them under. In the Namib, even the toughest animals struggle with the heat. Gemsbok trek to the crests of the highest dunes to seek relief in the breeze. With no cloud cover, solar radiation blasting the desert is intense. The mid-day sand is so hot. It's like a bed of burning coals. The Namib quickstep. Over millions of years, you learn to keep your claws cool. Pushed by the wind, the dunes avalanche. The Namib's residents can't fight the tide. Though the dunes are unstable, they provide a home for a remarkable creature. The trapdoor spider only builds its nest on the top of the steepest dunes. It's learned to do this because it has a very aggressive enemy, a wasp, which relentlessly scours the sand. Though its eyesight is poor, the wasp has very sensitive hairs on its legs which can pick up the slightest scent of a spider. When it finds a nest, the wasp quickly works out how deep the burrow is. If it's shallow, the wasp starts digging for up to two hours. It's hard work against the slipping sand. words:1.trek:艰辛跋涉eg:The old man treked through the moutains.2.quickstep:齐步,轻快步曲3.avalanche:雪崩4.scour:搜索,急速穿过eg:scour the forestscour the library for reference200807/44548吉安保仕柏丽整形医院激光除皱手术多少钱 Bush, Putin Remain Divided on Missile Defense System布什普京结束峰会未达成重要协议  U.S. President George W. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin have ended their farewell summit without agreement on missile defense, but with a blueprint for their successors. They conferred at Mr. Putin's presidential retreat in the Black Sea resort of Sochi. 美国总统布什和俄罗斯总统普京结束了会谈,他们在导弹防御问题上没有达成协议,但是为他们的继任者留下了蓝图。两位领导人不久都将离职。两位总统在普京位于黑海度假地索契的总统休闲别墅举行了磋商。 The two presidents ended their talks with a focus on the positive. 两位总统结束了会谈,把注意力主要放在积极的方面。They say they will continue to work on the missile defense issue. And they speak with pride of the transformation in U.S.- Russian relations during the more than seven years they have worked together. 他们说,他们将继续就导弹防御问题进行磋商。他们自豪地谈到在过去七年多的时间里他们的共同努力给美俄关系带来的变化。The two leaders are leaving behind a framework agreement for their successors spelling out their accomplishments and looking ahead to the future.  两位领导人为他们的继任者留下了一个框架协议,详细说明了他们所取得的成就,并展望未来。President Bush says it shows the bth and depth of the relationship. 布什总统说,这显示了美俄关系的广度和深度。"We worked very hard over the past years to find areas where we can work together and find ways to be agreeable when we disagree," Mr. Bush said. 他说:“在过去几年里,我们非常努力地工作,力图找到我们能够合作的领域,在我们出现分歧的时候找到达成一致的办法。”One area where there is strong disagreement is missile defense. The ed States wants to build a system in central Europe. Russia says that could start a new arms race. 双方存在强烈分歧的一个领域是导弹防御问题。美国希望在中欧建立一个导弹防御系统。俄罗斯表示,这可能启动新的军备竞赛。At their final news conference, they said even though they were unable to reach a breakthrough in Sochi, some sort of meeting of the minds is still possible. 他们在最后举行的新闻发布会上说,即使他们不能在索契取得突破,在大致的想法上还是可能取得某种一致。Speaking through a translator, President Putin said he believes the ed States understands his concerns about the plan to put a radar system in the Czech Republic and missile interceptors in Poland. He said Washington has offered some confidence-building measures that remain under consideration.  普京总统说,他相信美国理解他对于在捷克共和国建立一个雷达系统、在波兰建立导弹拦截装置的担忧。他说,华盛顿提出一些建立信心的措施,目前有关方面正在考虑这些措施。"I do have certain cautious optimism with regard to mutual agreements. I believe that this is possible. But the devil is in the details," Mr. Putin said. 普京说:“对于共同协议,我确实持审慎乐观的态度。我相信可能达成这样一个协议,但是细节问题是最难解决的。”President Bush says the two sides have pledged to find a solution, and notes that in the strategic framework signed at the Sochi summit both back the notion of an expanded missile defense network.  布什总统说,双方保找到解决的办法,并指出在索契首脑会谈中签署的战略框架协议中,双方都持扩大导弹防御网络的想法。"The vision of having a global system is something I strongly support. We are working cooperatively together," Mr. Bush said. 布什总统说:“我强烈持建立一个全球性系统的理想。我们正在努力进行合作。”The two were asked by a reporter if they had decided during their summit to just leave the matter for their successors to resolve. President Bush rejected the notion.  一位记者问两位领导人,他们在首脑会谈中是否已经决定把这个问题留给他们的继任者来解决,布什总统对此予以否认。"Now you can cynically say it is kicking the can down the road," Mr. Bush said. "I don't appreciate that because this is an important part of my belief that it is necessary to protect ourselves."  他说:“你现在嘲笑说,这是把问题留到以后解决。我不欣赏这种作法,因为我相信,必须保护我们自己。”But hanging over their discussions is the fact Mr. Putin steps down as president next month, and Mr. Bush leaves office in January. 但是,笼罩他们会谈的事实是,普京下个月就要卸任,布什将在明年1月离职。On May 7, Dmitri Medvedev will be inaugurated as Russia's new president. While in Sochi, Mr. Bush held his first substantive talks with Vladimir Putin's successor, and declared himself impressed with the president-elect. 5月7号,梅德韦杰夫将就任俄罗斯新总统。布什在索契与梅德韦杰夫首次举行了具有实质意义的会谈,并宣布这位当选总统给他留下了深刻的印象。Mr. Putin is expected to serve as prime minister in the new Russian government but he told reporters President Medvedev will be in charge of foreign policy.  人们预计普京将在俄罗斯新政府中担任总理,但是他对记者说,梅德韦杰夫将掌管外交政策。"Now as far as your humble servant, myself, if I become prime minister, the prime minister will have many other issues and problems on his agenda," Mr. Putin said. 他说:“我自己现在作为你们谦卑的仆人,如果我成为总理,总理的议事日程上将有许多其他的问题和难题。”Dmitri Medvedv will make his big international debut in July when he represents Russia at the annual summit of the world's leading industrialized nations.  梅德韦杰夫7月份代表俄罗斯出席世界主要工业化国家的首脑会议时,将正式在国际上亮相。200804/33772dawdle ------ 磨磨蹭蹭(不及物动词) 英文释义(intransitive verb) To move in a slow, idle manner; to progress so slowly that other people become annoyed. 例句My young son often dawdles a bit before getting y to go to sleep at night.我的小儿子在晚上睡觉前总是会磨蹭一会儿。 /201610/466531吉安双眼皮整形

江西吉安市保仕柏丽医院激光除皱多少钱Scripts:I think that you've had really two events over the last couple of months. You had one, a liquidity event in August that the Fed monetized a few weeks ago by lowering rates 50 basis points more than those expected. And then you've had credit worries. But in the liquidity problems you have some shares just beat down so hard that you had them, you had a lot of people come into the market with a lot of li(quidity), a lot of extra capital around that push shares up to an all time high. Yesterday and you have some people as you have, coming on more board, bearish trend and the economy has still lots of potential to roll over probably of taking some money off the table at this point.So essentially you think this is a relatively short term move. That there is some uncertainty there , there is a lot of worry, a lot of people just kinda in and then quickly back out again having made a profit. And it's rather hard therefore presumably to discern the future direction of the Dow.Charles that's absolutely correct. And I would say that there is a ton of uncertainty right now. I think that some financial shares and some of the companies that are tied to the mortgage market do present compelling valuations right now for the truly long term investor, think 3 to 5 years. But in the near term you've got a lot of credit term while that the Fed has effectively delayed maybe or trying to make a softer landing by lowering rates. But that remains to be seen. I think you've seen the housing data coming out, and we're coming to a holiday season, Retail Wise that could be quite weak because of that. So it's a really kind of a wait-and-see approach with the market right now whether that there are pockets of attractive valuations.What was striking on Monday was that we had two big banks, City Group in the ed States, UBS in Switzerland coming out and effectively cleaning up their balance sheets, taking big hits which was ugly and painful. But essentially moving forward with a lot of the bad news certainly aly out there. Their stocks went up quite sharply. Do you think that it will be that easy for some of the other banks to cast off some of these sub-prime worries.Well, with City and UBS, they are such huge large global money banks that by writing down at those loans they can basically move forward and reallocate capital into more high return businesses right now. Some of the smaller players are gonna who are more tied to the mortgage market, it's gonna take a little bit longer for them to play out and they are gonna have potentially some more restructure and some more pain/ to go through on their balance sheets. But for the larger players I think the market was expecting even worse just because of the severe liquidity crunch in August. And seeing at least some clarity along those lines, you know, was a relief to some investors.Let's look at the broader world scene because we are seeing a great deal of strength clearly in Asia. Do you suspect that Asia rather than Europe and certainly rather than the ed States is gonna be where the excitement will be, if you like for equity investors in next few months possibly years?Well, Charles, I will tell you this. The highest growth areas in the world right now are in Asia. Really you look at all the Asian countries you know clearly led by China which seems to be on everybody's tongue these days. But that's where the highest growth is. That's where so many of the manufacture and production, jobs have moved. And in Asia it's basically reengineering I mean you can also think about Japan 20 or 30 years ago when they were going through their growth period. I mean so many countries in Asia right now are in that type of growth phase where just the average consumers are gonna be buying washing machines, driers, refrigerators, cars. And there are gonna be a huge amount of growth and expenditure by them as they become more of developed countries more than the 3rd world countries.Notes:Liquidity: Available cash or the capacity to obtain it on demand.Citigroup: International financial conglomerate with operations in consumer, corporate, and investment banking and insurance.200807/43915新干县人民中医院疤痕多少钱 at full tilt---- 全速(非正式)英文释义(INFORMAL) At full speed.例句At present our new manufacturing processes are still rather slow, but soon we will be operating at full tilt.眼下,我们的新制造流程还是太慢,但是很快我们就要全速运转了。 /201609/464992吉安第一人民医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱

吉安微创丰胸的价格Natalie: 2 million high school seniors are gearing up this fall to apply to nearly 3,500 US colleges. So, which are the strongest academically that're toughest to get into, and yah, of course top party schools. We all need to know that, right? Well the Princeton Review ranks The Best 361 Colleges ,The Smart Students Guide to Colleges. Robert Franek is the lead author. Rob, good morning, good to see you again.Robert: Well. Thanks for having me back.Natalie: Look at the size of this thing. (It's a tone.)I need this one when I was outside with Maria Sharapova as a booster. Oh, (I'm) telling you. I mean this is a lot of information here. And...Robert: It's a lot of information, you're right. We've reached up to so many students-110,000-students to put best 361 colleges this year.Natalie: So this is a survey of just the students then with their feedback on their campuses?Robert: Exactly. We think we know a lot about schools at Princeton Review, but we went directly to whom we considered power experts.Natalie: To the source? How does, how does this differ to US News and World Reports Rankings, and Newsweek along with Kaplan's rankings?Robert: Yah, it is just that. It's a qualitative survey of the students' experience both academically, as well as outside the classroom.Natalie: All right. So let's take a look at some of the strongest (Sure, let's go.) schools academically talking first here. And usually of course we expect the Harvards, Princetons, Yales, which they're up there as well, but this year, kind of a little bit of surprise is, Reed College in Portland, Oregon (Yeah!) score highest marks.Robert: Yeah! No. 1. Ur... Best overall...Natalie: Why is it? You surprised?Robert: Actually not surprised. I mean, ur, Reed college is a great school. It's got great regional reputation, and growing national reputations, only 1,300 students, but a wonderful liberal arts, ur, liberal arts school, we went directly to students, they told us that their professors were great, both inside as well as outside the classroom.Natalie: Tiny school!Robert: Tiny school. Yeah! But survey...Natalie: About ten students per class?Robert: Yeah! Well. It's averaged uh ten to one, student to faculty ratio. (That's fantastic!) So certainly small and they pride themselves on that relationships with the professors.Natalie: All right! Ivy Leagues did very well in other categories as well, like toughest schools to get into and top in that list, MIT was first, followed then by Yale, Princeton, ur, and Harvard, second, third, fourth respectively. So any surprises there with them?Natalie: pri... There are some unusual suspects on that list. We reach directly out to school administrators through our website Princetonreview.com , and finding out information on schools specifically, where they're looking from the SAT, ACT, GPA coming into a high school, so that's how we come up with our list.Natalie: Students' happiest with their financial aid packages, Princeton University. So what are they doing differently? Obviously, it's generally a very expensive private school. (Very true. Very true.)What are they doing now?Robert: Yeah, one of the most aggressive policies that Princeton has put into place over the last couple of years is matching students aid packages, so that they need to, ur, be allowed to get that aid package for every students. They're matching any aid that the student needs, once they have been admited to the university.Natalie: The overall happiest students, (yes,) Stanford University.Robert: Stanford is a terri..., terrific place to go to school. Certainly a super competitive school, but when we think about quality of life,(Beautiful campus.) oh, it's a beautiful campus, great food, great dorms, great library, overall quality of life. And great and happy students.Natalie: All right! Now speaking of beautiful campuses, Pepperdine scored top, Malibu. How can you go wrong. Right?Robert: How can you go wrong? It's perfect. It's perfect. And again, (How I would like to go to school there.) Boater-by students. Of course, right on the beach, it's a lovely campus, you know, certainly a wonderful school academically, but thinking about quality of life and overall beauty of (take a look at that.) campus it certainly came to the top of the list.Natalie: I mean that's like a travel destination, right there, right?Robert: Yeah!Natalie: Little vacation. Why you are going to school and cracking in the book said that if you're cared to bring the books so long, right?Robert: That's right! That's right!Natalie: All right! Let's also talk about best for athletics intercollegiate and intramural, intramural and University of Florida in Gainesville. Robert: Yeah! Again, I mean, a school that has wonderful school spirit, and so many students're gonna get excited, not only about academics and the experience they're gonna have there, but the athletic experience overall at school. So University of Florida is certainly No. 1 on the list.Natalie: And I think it's also important that you also have different categories as well for diversity or lack, thereof, but some schools scored very well based on their, ur, reaching out to the gay community,(Yes, yes very true.) and New College of Florida was the tops there.Robert: Yeah! New College of Florida is an interesting school with part of the University of South Florida. It branched off a couple of years ago. And it's important again to think about diversity issues, gay and lesbian issues, religious issues on campus, that is the focus of best 361, and we're so proud of doing it at the Princeton Review.Natalie: Can't let you go (Yes.) without talking about the category best party school. (Yes. Certainly.) And topping that list, I'm sure the focus's at University of Wisconsin in Madison. Probably take a little issue with it, but .., they ranked the highest, and of course Ohio University mats on the mountain.Robert: Yes. Mats on the mountain. Natalie: You surely talked it about right.Robert: That's right. And again we went directly onto students; we asked them about alcohol use, drug use on campus, hours of studies spent outside the classroom and popularlarity for tourism and on, that's how we come up with that party school list this year. Natalie: All right. Robert Franek, always great with the Princeton Rerview, good to see you.Robert: Good to see you.Natalie: So good to see you again. (Good to see you again!) Thank you so much. 200807/43962 This is ground zero of China’s economical boom, tens of thousands of factories churning out just about anything the rest of the world wants to buy, and financing China’s extraordinary turnaround, in just 30 years going from Communist/ backwater to by some accounts, the world’s second biggest economy.China has 1.5 trillion dollars worth of foreign exchange reserves built up from its exports, and now it’s spending some of that money to buy up big overseas, it’s got a 200 billion-dollar/ war chest taken from those reserves to start with, and an insatiable demand for energy, resources, financial services, tech firms, IT providers, anything that will help them secure the raw materials and the expertise their economy needs. The spin's so far this year modest by international standards, 5 billion/ dollars for a near 10% stake of Wall Street investment bank Morgan Stanley, and initial billion for a small stake in / fellow Wall Street of bear stearns with an option to spend billions more. 3 billion for 10% of private equity group Black Stone plus energy deals in Africa, the Middle East, and Australia.But it’s just the start, Standard Chartered Research Head Nicholas Kwan estimates China is laying out about 20 billion dollars this year with much more to come.What you've seen the last year or so, is just the beginning of a new trend that China’s going out more and more actively, to acquire the kind of resources they need for their own development.Next year, he says that figure could be several times higher. Rumors persist that it could buy the giant mining house Rio Tinto. That deal alone / could be close to 150 billion. So where are the targets? Anywhere in the world, say analysts, but Africa still looms large at energy and resources.I thing it's persistent where they are, we can expect China to continue its long-term interest/ in Africa.Africa has pretty much welcomed China with open arms, but the reception may not be as warm elsewhere. With / election year coming up in the US, how will politically-charged Washington view a major takeover funded with Chinese government money.Politics always makes business sometimes tougher, so I would expect more resistance/, more time of quarrels, and rubbles, here and there.but China is in this for the long haul, it needs to buy big overseas to protect and boost its own economic growth, as some in the investment community are now saying it’s just the start of China’s great leap outwards. Andrew Stevens, CNN, Hong Kong. 200807/43260吉安哪里有做双眼皮的吉安治疗血管瘤要哪家医院好



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