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讲解文本:sugarcoat 美化,掩饰(问题、事实等)Just tell them the truth. Dont sugarcoat it.告诉他们实际的情况,不要掩饰,不要美化。The CEO tried to sugarcoat the disappointing earnings of last month.公司CEO努力把公司上个月令人失望的盈利数字说得更婉转,更好听一些。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201705/507326。

外教带你学地道口语 第73期:当地文化有了面试的机会就得知道该如何正确地推销自己。看看今天的节目就能学到并且给自己一个更好的开始。Im your man!我就是你最佳的候选人。 /201511/410612。

讲解文本:be hard on 对……苛刻,要求严格,不客气Dont be so hard on yourself, you aly did great. 别太为难自己,你已经干得不错。Dont be too hard on him, he is just a little boy.别对他太苛刻了,他还是个孩子。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201702/490413。

Todd: Mike, I thought we would talk about weight training. Youre kind of an expert. I see you in the gym a lot. Youre always, you know, lifting weights. How did you get involved in weight training?托德:迈克,我们来谈谈重量训练。在这方面你可以说是专家。我经常在健身房看见你。你经常做举重训练。你是怎么开始做重量训练的?Mike: Well, I started in high school. Ive played sports since I was little and once I got to high school, we had to start weight training for our team.迈克:我从高中开始做重量训练。我从小开始进行体育运动,上高中以后,为了团队我们要开始进行重量训练。Todd: OK, and so did you just start with like, you know, the basics, like free weights or did you do like the machines?托德:那你是从基础的杠铃开始还是从器械训练开始的?Mike: Yeah, well, we had a weight lifting coach so we did both machines and free weights and he made sure that our form was correct and we did everything properly, so.迈克:我们有一名举重教练,我们既做器械训练也做杠铃训练,他要确保我们动作正确,练习适量。Todd: Right, now, actually which did you prefer, the machines or the free weights?托德:好,那你是更喜欢器械训练还是更喜欢杠铃训练?Mike: I prefer free weights. Yeah, I think machine is a little bit more restrictive than free weights so if you know how to... if you have proper guidance, then free weights are better.迈克:我更喜欢杠铃训练。我认为相比杠铃训练,器械训练的限制更多,如果有正确的指导,杠铃训练更好。Todd: So, actually you play soccer. Is that correct?托德:你踢足球,对吧?Mike: Yes.迈克:对。Todd: See, thats interesting cause I wouldnt think that soccer players would be into weight training.托德:这很有意思,因为我认为足球运动员不会对重量训练感兴趣。Mike: Yeah, thats the usual way of thinking for a lot of people, but actually now people into playing soccer are doing a lot more weights.迈克:对,这是许多人的通常思维,不过现在喜欢踢足球的人也会做很多重量练习。Todd: But when you lift weights, dont you feel that youre more tight? Or youre tighter? That youre not flexible?托德:你举重的时候,有没有觉得你的身体很紧?不是那么灵活?Mike: Yeah, but that means that you have to stretch. Do a lot of stretching as well.迈克:有,这表明你要进行伸展训练。要做大量的伸展运动。Todd: So, stretching is just as important as the weight training?托德:伸展训练和重量训练同样重要吗?Mike: Yes.迈克:对。Todd: OK, well, you dont play soccer anymore, do you?托德:好,你现在不踢球了吧?Mike: No, after college Ive retired from competitive sports.迈克:不踢了,大学毕业以后,我就不再进行竞技体育活动了。Todd: So, do you still follow the same regiment that you did with your soccer training?托德:那你现在的训练计划还和进行足球训练那时一样吗?Mike: No. Weight lifting when youre not playing sports is different than when you are playing sports, so now I just lift to keep fit and not actually for sports performance.迈克:不一样。不再进行体育运动时做的重量训练和从事体育运动时的不一样,现在我进行重量训练的目的是保持健康,而不是为了提高运动表现。Todd: Well, thats interesting. Like, what is different about doing weight training for sports and doing it just to be fit?托德:这很有趣。为了运动成绩进行的重量训练和为了保持健康进行的重量训练有什么不同?Mike: The exercises vary a lot. If youre doing, for sports, you do things that you need to do a lot of explosion work so that you can move faster or better and... whereas if youre just staying fit, you just do more to get exercise and you know, to keep your shape.迈克:练习方式有很大不同。从事体育运动时,要进行大量的爆发力训练,使自己的速度加快,如果只是为了保持健康,那就要进行更多可以锻炼身体、保持身材的练习。 译文属 /201603/431708。

Jeremy: Abidemi, so looking back at your life as a student, can you tell me a little bit about your experience with the best teacher that you had, and maybe a little bit about your worst teacher?杰里米:阿比德米,回顾一下你的学生时代,你能说说你遇到的最好的老师和最糟糕的老师吗?Abidemi: Sure. I think Ive had many, many great teachers. Ive been really blessed in that way. Thinking back now, I remember my teacher when I was in primary 6 in Nigeria, actually. His name was Mr. Oleaer. And this teacher was a math and science teacher. And I think the best thing about him was he really took a personal interest in all of us. We could tell that he really cared. Although, he was very much a teacher, he took that authority role but at the same time, he was like our friend. Like during the break time, we would approach him, we would talk to him. And over the summer, he tutored a few of us for the entrance examination to high school because we have that system in Nigeria. So it was just fun. Every time we saw him, we just have a good time with him. And I remembered he talked to me. He mentored—he was like a mentor. He came to me, and he was wondering what I wanted to be in the future and he made some suggestions because of the scores I had in his class. And to this day, I still remember him. He sticks in my mind. And having taught for a little bit as well, I think for me too, hes one of the people that I tried to model myself after. I model myself after him. Maybe not even consciously, but I liked the fact that he was a teacher and we knew it but at the same time, he was very friendly. So I really love that aspect of him. How about you, Jeremy? Anyone comes to mind?阿比德米:当然可以。我想我遇到了很多优秀的老师。在这方面我真的很幸运。回想一下,我记得我在尼日利亚上小学六年级时的老师。他的名字是奥莱尔。他是数学和科学老师。我认为他最大的优点是他真的对我们所有学生都非常关心。我们可以他出来他很关心我们。虽然他是老师,他有老师的权威,但是他也像我们的朋友一样。在课间休息时,我们会围在他身边和他聊天。有一年夏天,他给我们几个人辅导高中入学考试,这是尼日利亚的教学体系。那非常有意思。每次我们看到他,我们都会和他一起度过美好的时光。我还记得他和我的谈话。他对我进行了指导,他有点儿像导师。他过来找我,他想知道我未来想做什么,他依据我在班里的成绩给我提了一些建议。至今我依然记得他。他令我记忆深刻。我也从事过一段时间的教学工作,我认为他是我努力想学习的模范。我想效仿他。也许我并不是有意识的,不过我很欣赏他既是老师又很友好的样子。我非常欣赏那点。你呢,杰里米?你有想到哪位老师吗?Jeremy: You know, it was more just sort of teacher qualities that I remember from a number of different teachers. And what I always really—when I look back and think about teachers that made a difference, it was teachers that recognized students weakness and tried to counsel them or to sort of—in my case, it was that I was a very, very shy person. And a teacher who would talk to me a little bit and give me encouragement if I did a presentation, which was just the worst thing I could possibly ever do because I was so nervous. But teachers that recognized I had a real serious shy problem, and that they would just give a little bit of encouragement. And those with little bits of encouragement, over time I started to gain a little bit more confidence. And by the time I was in university, I still had a problem with giving presentations but—even in university, I had teachers who would compliment me on a job attempted—and I wouldnt really say well done, but I tried. And those were the things that really stood out, teachers that recognize when people have issues in their life and they really try to encourage them to overcome those issues. It wasnt just one teacher. It was a number of teachers. But not all teachers did that. Some of them, it wasnt part of their job description to be a counselor, I guess, and it was more work and they just didnt attempted or didnt care or maybe didnt recognize it. But some people really thought, heres a guy who maybe needs a little bit of extra boost, and they would try to help me out. Those are the probably the things that stick out in my mind. And like you, I try to model myself after those teachers to try to find students who need a little bit of extra encouragement and make them feel better about themselves.杰里米:我记得的更多的是那些老师的素质。在回顾以前教过我的一些老师时,我认为老师和老师之间最大的不同是,有些老师能认识到学生的缺点,并尽力给学生提供建议,就以我来说,我以前是一个非常非常害羞的人。如果我要做展示,那可是我最不喜欢做的事情,因为我非常紧张,这个时候会有老师过来和我谈话,鼓励我。老师意识到我非常害羞,他们会给我鼓励。因为有这些鼓励,随着时间的推移,我变得越来越自信。我上大学以后,在做展示时依然存在问题,不过在大学的时候,有老师称赞我的工作,不能说我完成的很好,但我已经尽力了。我认为这些是老师突出的品质,即留意学生遇到的问题,并努力去鼓励学生克问题。并不是只有一个老师能做到,有一大批老师都可以做到。但是并不是所有的老师都会这样做。有些老师可能认为辅导并不是他们的工作内容,那是额外的工作,他们没有去做或者说并不关心,甚至是没有意识到这点。不过有些人则会认为,这个人也许需要鼓励,然后他们就会努力提供帮助。这些是我想到的事情。和你一样,我也努力以那些为有需要的学生提供帮助并增加学生自信的老师为榜样。Abidemi: I think thats great. I think as teachers, everyone, if you have an opportunity to be a teacher, one of the best things you can do is to try and find the potential in each and everyone of your student because everyone has something special in them. And for a teacher to recognize that, its so awesome. Its amazing. Yeah.阿比德米:那非常棒。我认为,作为老师,如果大家有机会成为老师,那你能做的最好的事情之一就是试图去发现每名学生身上的潜力,因为所有人都有特长。对老师来说,意识到这一点非常了不起。真的很棒。Jeremy: I think youre right.杰里米:你说得没错。 译文属 /201705/506841。

外教带你学地道口语 第68期:你们的问题我来回答除了回答各位发来的问题以外我们学点地道的爱尔兰口语!Your Questions! /201511/410601。