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大理怀孕一个月怎么打胎好大理市可视人流多少钱NEW DELHI This megacity’s modest effort to warn residents about unhealthy spikes in air pollution levels in real time may soon end, after a decision to first send the data to be authenticated by the central government.新德里——这座特大城市采取了一些颇为保守的举动,空气污染水平飙升到影响健康的水平时,实时向居民发出警告。但这一举措可能很快就要走到尽头了,因为当局决定,要先将数据发给中央政府进行核实。Some experts and activists immediately questioned the need for such checks, accusing the government of trying to hide or worse, alter data that show Delhi’s air to be the world’s most toxic at a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi is pushing for greater industrialization. Recent high ings, in many cases exceeding Beijing’s pollution ings, have alarmed the city’s Indian elites and expatriate community.一些专家和活动人士立即对进行这种检查的必要性表示了质疑,指责政府试图隐瞒——甚至篡改——数据。相关数据显示,当前在总理纳伦德拉·莫迪(Narendra Modi)推动进一步工业化之际,德里的空气是全世界污染最严重的。最近居高不下的读数多次超过北京的污染数据,引起了该市的印度精英和外籍人士的警觉。Although the government says it will release the checked data daily, at least one official questioned whether that would happen consistently. Any delay in the release of the information deprives people of the opportunity to protect themselves against bad air by limiting their time outdoors.尽管政府表示将每日发布核查后的数据,但至少一名官员质疑这一安排能否始终如一地执行。信息发布过程中的任何延误,都会影响人们减少户外活动,进而保护自己不受糟糕空气危害的机会。Five officials contacted by telephone on Wednesday refused to answer questions about the new policy.记者周三通过电话联系到的五名官员,均拒绝回答关于这一新政策的问题。A statement issued on Tuesday by India’s environment ministry said, “The unified system, expected to be in position in maximum two weekstime, will ensure authentic air quality information of Delhi to public at large.The change is intended to ensure that the many government departments monitoring Delhi’s air “follow a uniform scientific calibration protocol and validation process.”印度负责环境事务的部门周二发表声明称,“统一的系统预计最多两周后即可就位,该系统将确保全体民众获得德里空气质量的真实信息。”这一变化旨在确保,监测德里空气的许多政府部门“遵循统一的校准规范和验程序”。But B. Kumar, who retired in 2013 as an official of the Delhi pollution committee and who helped create the present monitoring method, said on Wednesday that the system had worked well.但曾参与创建当前监测手段的B·库马B. Kumar)周三表示,该系统一直运行良奀?他曾在德里污染委员会供职,已于2013年退休。“It’s totally automatic, and the data is transferred directly from the machines to the website, so there’s nothing to authenticate,said Mr. Kumar, who like many Indians uses an initial for his first name. “If they feel there is a problem, they could just check the equipment and see what needs to be solved.”“完全是自动的,数据直接从机器传输到网站上,所以没什么可验的,”库马尔说。“如果觉得存在问题,他们只需检查设备,看需要解决什么问题。”和很多印度人一样,他用首字母代替自己的名字。The new policy requires that Delhi’s data be sent for authentication to the Central Pollution Control Board, overseen by the national government, Mr. Kumar said.库马尔称,新政策要求将德里的数据发送给中央政府领导下的中央污染控制管理委员Central Pollution Control Board),进行验。“They just don’t want people to see the actual data,Mr. Kumar said.“他们就是不想让公众看到真实的数据,”库马尔说。Mr. Kumar said no one works at the central board at night or on weekends, which he said would result in long delays before the information was made public.库马尔说,中央委员会在夜间和周末都没人值班,这会导致信息发布的严重滞后。Sarath Guttikunda, director of Urban Emissions, an independent research group based in Delhi, also criticized the government’s decision, saying that instead of taking measures to improve Delhi’s air, officials are trying to suppress information about it.设在德里的独立研究机构“城市排放Urban Emissions)的负责人萨拉斯·古提昆Sarath Guttikunda),也谴责了政府的这一决定。他说,政府不仅没有采取措施改善德里的空气质量,还试图封锁相关的信息。The city’s data is “not that reliable to begin with,Dr. Guttikunda said. “And blocking that data from coming out in real time and somehow correcting it in some back office will only make it even more unreliable.”这座城市的数据“本来就不那么可靠”,古提昆塔士说。“阻止数据实时发布、在某个幕后的办公室进行修改,只会让它更加不可靠。”Among the existing problems, Dr. Guttikunda said, are frequent, unexplained gaps in the data.古提昆塔说,目前的问题包括,经常出现不明原因的数据空癀?During a visit in January by President Obama, India signed an agreement that would bring to the country a system called AirNow, which is used in the ed States to measure and quickly disseminate data about air quality. The ed States Embassy in Delhi publishes information on its website from an air monitor on embassy grounds, although the data is averaged over a 24-hour period and does not provide a good snapshot of the air quality at any given moment.奥巴马总统1月访问印度期间签署了一份协议,在印度引进了一种叫做Airnow的系统。这一系统在美国被用来测量并快速分析空气质量数据。德里的美国大使馆在其网站上发布使馆空气检测器获得的信息。不过,它发布的数据4小时内的平均值,不能良好地反映某个给定时刻的空气质量。An estimated 1.5 million people die annually in India, about one-sixth of all Indian deaths, as a result of outdoor and indoor air pollution, a problem caused in part by the widesp use of cow dung as cooking fuel.印度每年约有150万人死于室外和室内的空气污染,占全部死亡人数的约六分之一。室内空气污染的一个原因是,印度普遍使用牛粪作为做饭的燃料。The country has the world’s highest death rate from chronic respiratory diseases, and more deaths from asthma than any other nation, according to the World Health Organization. Air pollution also contributes to both chronic and acute heart disease, the leading cause of death in India.世界卫生组织称,这个国家由慢性呼吸系统疾病导致的死亡人数居世界首位,哮喘导致的死亡人数也高于其他国家。空气污染还会促成慢性和急性心脏病,这是印度人的主要死亡原因。“People have the right to know whether the day’s air quality is good enough to go outside,said Dr. Sundeep Salvi, director of the Chest Research Foundation in Pune. “If they don’t trust their monitors to provide good data, they should get new monitors. What they shouldn’t do is stop releasing the data.”“人们有权知道外面的空气是否好到可以到户外活动,”浦那胸科研究基金会(Chest Research Foundation)的主任桑蒂普·萨尔Sundeep Salvi)说,“如果他们不信任自己的监测设备能提供准确的数据,就应该采用新的监测设备,而不是停止发布数据。”来 /201503/364607大理东方妇产医院产前检查多少钱 Chinese premier Li Keqiang has said his government will not ;defend to the death; its goal of 7 per cent economic growth this year a day after Beijing cut interest rates for the sixth time in 12 months. 中国总理李克强表示,他的政府不会“死守%的今年经济增长目标,他是在北京方2个月来第六次降息的当天发表此言的。Mr Lis remarks come before Mondays opening of a Communist party gathering that will shape the upcoming five-year plan, a blueprint for the economy. Personnel appointments and policies decided during the plenum will reflect the competition among factions for influence over future generations of leaders. 李克强发表此言之际,也正值中共十八届五中全会将在周一开幕,会上将制定下一个五年计划(中国经济的蓝图)。全会期间宣布的人事任命和政策将反映各派系之间竞相影响下一代领导人的角力。Chinas official statistics showed growth sliding to 6.9 per cent in the third quarter, the lowest since during the depths of the global financial crisis. Other indicators such as steel consumption or electricity use suggest even greater weakness in the heavy industry and manufacturing that for years served as the engine of Chinas economy, despite efforts to loosen credit and stimulate investment. 中国的官方统计数据显示,第三季度经济增长下滑.9%,这是自年全球金融危机最严重时期以来的最低点。其他指标如钢铁消费量或用电量似乎表明,重工业和制造业的疲弱更为严重(这两个经济部门曾多年拉动中国经济),尽管官方采取了放松信贷和刺激投资的措斀?Growth for the full year is likely to slip to the slowest pace since 1990, the year after Chinas crackdown on student and worker protests nearly derailed economic reforms and caused foreign investment to dry up. Although the Chinese economy now is far larger and much more complex than 25 years ago, the growth targets carry a symbolic importance and many in Beijing are uncomfortable as they tick lower. 全年增长可能下滑990年以来的最慢速度,那是中国镇压学生和工人抗议后的次年,那场风波几乎搅乱了经济改革,并导致外商投资大幅减少。虽然当今的中国经济5年前规模大得多,也复杂得多,但经济增长目标仍具有象征意义上的重要性,北京的许多人对它们越来越低感到不安。“We have never said that we should defend to the death any goal, but that the economy should operate within a reasonable range,Mr Li was ed as saying in a speech to the Central Party School that trains officials in the ruling Communist party. His speech was paraphrased in a report posted on the central governments website this weekend. “我们从来没有讲过要死守某一个点,而是让经济运行保持在合理区间,”中国媒体援引李克强在中央党校发表的讲话称。中央政府网站在周末的一篇报道中转述了他的这次讲话。中央党校为执政的共产党培养官员。Yi Gang, vice-governor of the Peoples Bank of China, told a conference on Saturday that China would be able to keep growth at 6-7 per cent for the next three to five years, a rate he called “very normal 中国央行副行长易纲上周六在一个会议上表示,中国能够在未来三到五年保持6%%的增长,他称这样的增长率“很正常”。Mr Li and other economic reformers have long argued for a departure from the strict numerical goals that are a holdover from the days of Chinas Soviet-style planned economy. But the party has wavered between adopting his preferred formula of a target of growth at “abouta certain percentage and falling back on absolute targets. 李克强和其他经济改革者长期主张告别苏联式计划经济时代遗留下来的刻板数字目标。但是,党在采纳他青睐的某个百分比“左右”的增长目标与恢复绝对值目标之间举棋不定。Many local officials prefer absolute targets that make it easier to measure whether they have met their performance goals. GDP growth is one of the primary targets by which local officials performance is judged by the party, alongside quashing any social unrest. 许多地方官员更喜欢绝对值目标,因为那样更容易衡量他们是否达到了自己的政绩指标。GDP增长是党评判地方官员政绩的主要指标之一(另一个指标是平息任何社会不安定)。Traditional sectors of the Chinese economy are being hit by crushing overcapacity, wages are rising and corporation and local governments are suffering due to high levels of debt. However, Chinas service sector has been growing and now accounts for about half of the nations economy. 中国经济的传统部门正受到严重产能过剩的打击,同时工资水平不断上升,企业和地方政府都不堪高债务水平的重负。然而,中国的务业一直在增长,目前大约占国民经济的半壁江山。来 /201510/405804大理东方妇产医院妇产中心医院哪家好

大理人流医院大全大理哪家妇产科医院好 Taiwans ruling party has named a new acting chief, after the islands pro-China president Ma Ying-jeou stepped down as party chairman following a thumping defeat in local elections.在亲中国大陆的台湾总统马英Ma Ying-jeou)辞任国民党主席一职后,国民党已任命第一副主席吴敦义担任代理党主席。在此前的周末,国民党在台湾地方选举遭遇惨败。President Ma, who wanted the self-governed, democratic island to forge closer links with China - in a country deeply divided over whether to profit from extra Chinese investment or isolate itself from Beijing to safeguard its freedoms - resigned from his role as head of his Kuomintang party on Tuesday.周二,马英九宣布辞去党主席职务。一直以来,他希望自治、民主的台湾岛与中国大陆发展更紧密的联系。但台湾民众对于是要争取更多大陆投资、还是疏远北京方面以捍卫自身自由的问题上,存在很大分歧。He will, however, remain president until the end of his term in 2016.马英九将继续担任总统职位,直016年任期届满。On Wednesday, the KMT said(link in Chinese) that vice president Wu Den-yih would step up to the role of acting chairman, to replace Mr Ma.In announcing his resignation as party chair, Mr Ma said in an emotional speech (Chinese) that he was ;very ashamed; about the ;unprecedented; local election defeat. He added that he bore the most responsibility for the situation and was deeply apologetic, saying ;maybe I was not good enough;.马英九在宣布辞任党主席时发表了令人动情的讲话。他说,他对国民党在地方选举中遭到的“前所未有的”挫败感到“惭愧”。他补充称,他必须为败选负起最大责任,向大家诚恳道歉,表示“也许我做得不够好”。The local polls, in which the KMT was heavily defeated by the pro-independence Democratic Peoples Party, have led to predictions that the DPP could also triumph in the 2016 presidential elections.在此次地方选举中,国民党惨败给持台湾独立的民进党(DPP)。这也导致有人预测,民进党可能会016年总统大选中获胜。That could lead to heightened tensions across the Taiwan strait, with repercussions felt across Asia and beyond if Beijing decides to flex its muscle over the island it regards as a breakaway territory.倘若如此,可能导致台海两岸关系紧张加剧——如果北京方面决定对台湾采取武力威胁,那么整个亚洲及亚洲之外地区都将受到影响。Under Mas KMT, China has courted Taiwan as an ally in its ongoing territorial and political disagreements with Japan. But Beijing also maintains it will invade the island should it ever push for its formal independence to be recognised.在马英九任内,中国大陆一直致力于对台湾发展友好关系,将其作为应对中日领土与政治分歧的一个盟友。但北京方面也坚称,如果台湾追求外界认可的正式独立地位,那么将对台湾动用武力。来 /201412/346760大理州医院网上预约电话

大理右输卵管积水 Though Malala Yousafzai is 17, she does not use Facebook or even a mobile phone lest she lose focus on her studies. She spent her summer vacation flying to Nigeria to campaign for the release of girls kidnapped by the extremist Islamist group Boko Haram, but also worrying about her grades, which recently took a worrisome dip. She confronted President Obama about American drone policy in a meeting last year, but finds it difficult to befriend her fellow students in Birmingham, England.马拉拉·优萨福扎伊(Malala Yousafzai)今年17岁,但她不上Facebook,就连手机也不用,以免自己在学业上分心。暑假期间,她乘机前往尼日利亚,为被极端伊斯兰组织“科圣地Boko Haram)绑架的女孩获释而奔走,同时,她也为自己成绩近期出现的恼人下滑而担忧。去年在一个会议上,她直面奥巴马总统,批评美国的无人机政策,但她发现在英国伯明翰,很难和同学们交朋友。“I want to have fun, but I don’t quite know how,she wrote in the edition of her autobiography for young ers.“我想开心地玩,但我不知道如何做到,”她在为年轻读者写的一版自传中说。On Friday, Ms. Yousafzai became the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize grouped in the same pantheon as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Teresa, and yet still a student at Edgbaston High School for Girls, where she was summoned out of her chemistry class to hear the news.上周五,优萨福扎伊成为了诺贝尔和平奖的最年轻获奖者,得以与牧师小马丁·路德·Martin Luther King Jr.)士和特蕾莎修女(Mother Teresa)位列同一个神殿之中;她是艾吉巴斯顿女子中Edgbaston High School for Girls)的学生,正在上化学课时,被叫出课堂,被告知了这个消息。Ms. Yousafzai began campaigning for girlseducation at the age of 11, three years before she was shot by the Taliban. She was so young that some observers questioned how well equipped a child of that age could be to put her own safety on the line and commit to a life of activism. The prize she received on Friday validates what she has taken on, but also underscores the disproportionate expectations that trail her: Can she truly influence the culture of her home country of Pakistan, which she cannot even visit because of threats to her safety, and where many revile her as a tool of the West? Ms. Yousafzai may be an Anne Frank-like figure who defied terror, showed extraordinary courage and inspires hope, but how much can one teenager accomplish?优萨福扎1岁时开始参加维护女童受教育权益的活动,三年前,她遭到塔利班击。她当时如此年少,一些观察家质疑,对于把自己的安全置之度外,投身于维权运动,那么小的孩子做好了多大的准备。本周五她获得的奖项,是对她的努力的认可,但同时也突显了她所承载的格外巨大的期望:她能对祖国巴基斯坦的文化产生真正影响吗?因为人身安全受到威胁,她甚至无法踏足那里,很多巴基斯坦人辱骂她是西方的工具。优萨福扎伊可能是安妮·弗兰克(Anne Frank)式的人物,她们无惧于恐怖行径,展现了非凡勇气,激发了人们的希望,但一个不到二十岁的人,能取得多大成就?“Can she actually create systemic change at this young age? Can she create a movement? Because she doesn’t have that kind of infrastructure in Pakistan at the moment,Vishaka Desai, a professor of international relations at Columbia, said in a telephone interview.“她这么年轻,真的可以带来系统性的变化吗?她可以发起一个运动吗?在巴基斯坦,她目前可没有那种根基,”哥伦比亚大学国际关系教授丁文嘉(Vishaka Desai)在接受电话采访时说。In one half of Ms. Yousafzai’s dual life, she is the center of an international advocacy operation for girlseducation that now involves a nonprofit organization, two best-selling books, and activities that stretch from Pakistan to Jordan to Kenya. She criticizes not just the Taliban, but also the culture of Pakistan, in which women are rarely granted the same rights and opportunities as men. She has become one of the world’s most prominent faces of moderate Islam, saying in a recent interview that she tried wearing a burqa when she was younger but gave it up: “I realized that it just took away my freedom, and that’s why I stopped wearing it.”优萨福扎伊拥有双重生活,在其中一重里,她是一个国际女童教育维权组织的中心,现在该组织涉及一个非营利性机构,两本畅销书,以及从巴基斯坦延伸到约旦,再到肯尼亚的活动。她不仅批评塔利班,还批评巴基斯坦,因为该国女性很少获得与男子同等的权利和机会。她已成为全球最有名的伊斯兰温和派面孔之一,在最近的一次采访中,她说自己以前尝试过穿罩袍,但后来放弃了:“我发现,它只会让我觉得不自由,所以我不再穿它了。”When she met with Mr. Obama last year, she critiqued American military action in her home region. “Instead of soldiers, send books. Instead of sending weapons, send pens,as she later put it. (Asked how he responded, she gave a knowing look. “He’s a politician,she said.)去年,在与奥巴马会面的时候,她批判了美国在她故乡采取的军事行动。她希望“送去书籍,而不是士兵。送去笔,而不是武器,”她后来如是说。(当问及他如何作答时,她露出“你懂的”表情。“他是一个政客,”她说。)In the other, lesser-known half of Ms. Yousafzai’s life, she lives in a neat brick house near the hospital in Birmingham where she convalesced after being shot by the Taliban in 2012. She has largely recovered, but in her memoir and a recent interview, she spoke of longing for home and straining to fit in to her new environs. She spends hours on Skype each week with a childhood friend in Pakistan, catching up on girlseducation efforts in the Swat Valley but also hometown gossip.在优萨福扎伊的生活中,鲜为人知的一半是:她住在伯明翰医院附近一栋整洁的砖房里,012年被塔利班击后,她就住在那里养伤。现在她基本上已经痊愈,但在她的回忆录和最近的采访中,她谈到自己想家,正在竭力适应新环境。每周,她都会通过Skype与巴基斯坦的一个儿时朋友聊上数小时,了解斯瓦特山谷女孩受教育的状况,以及家乡的小道消息。When she first moved to England, she found the clothing on other women so skimpy that she wondered if there was a national fabric shortage. She wears a standard British uniform to school each day green sweater, striped shirt, tights but adds a longer skirt and a headscarf for modesty. She still goes to therapy sessions to regain the use of her facial muscles, she wrote in her book, and tries not to dwell on the operations she may need in the future. She has grown to love cupcakes, but does not hide the fact that she and her family find England cold and isolating. “We are just a few feet away from the next house, but for all we know of our neighbor it might as well be a mile,she wrote of her new life.她刚搬到英国时,发现其他女性着装清凉,她想知道这里是否出现了全国性的装面料短缺。每一天,她都穿着标准的英式制上学——绿色毛衣、条纹衬衫、连裤袜——但穿了一条较长的裙子,戴着一条头巾,以示端庄。她在书中写道,她仍然在接受康复治疗,以恢复面部肌肉的功能,对于以后可能需要做的手术,她试图不要想太多。她爱上了杯糕,但也直言表示,她和家人觉得英格兰气候寒冷,人际疏远。“我们和邻居的房子相距只有几英尺,但我们对邻居的了解和一英里外的人差不多,”她在书中谈到她的新生活。“It’s odd to be so well known but to be lonely at the same time,she added.“有这么多的人认识我,与之同时,我却感到很孤独,这真奇怪,”她写道。And yet in an interview last August, Ms. Yousafzai exuded an almost ascetic sense of higher purpose, saying that she rarely watches television and deleted the Candy Crush game from her iPad to forestall a growing addiction. She allows herself to take selfies, she said, but only if they are employed for higher purposes: “We have to use it to highlight the issues that children all over the world are facing, so to highlight the issues girls are facing in Afghanistan or Pakistan or India,she said. As a child in Pakistan, she had access to only a handful of books, she said, but one was a biography of Dr. King, giving her an early sense of what one activist could accomplish.然而,在今月接受采访时,优萨福扎伊对高尚目标流露出一种近乎禁欲的执着,她说自己很少看电视,并且删掉了iPad上的《糖果粉碎传奇Candy Crush)游戏,以免变得越来越上瘾。她有时也会自拍,她说,但只限于为高尚目标务的时候:“我们必须使用它来强调全球各地儿童面临的问题,用它突显女童在阿富汗、巴基斯坦和印度面临着问题,”她说。在巴基斯坦时度过的孩提时期,她能看到的书寥寥无几,她说,但其中一本是路德·金的传记,让她对维权活动者可以取得怎样的成就有了初步印象。In a brief speech in Birmingham on Friday, she called the prize “an encouragement for me to go forward and believe in myself.”本周五,她在伯明翰做了简短发言,称这个奖项“是对我勇往直前、相信自己的鼓励”。She added one stipulation, though: “It’s not going to help me in my tests and exams.”但她加了一句:“它不会在测验和考试中帮到我。”来 /201410/335187大理州医院剖腹产需多少钱大理妇科医院哪个便宜



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