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厦门韩式无痕开内眼角价钱厦门除毛Just to take one example much of federally-funded research on diseases focused solely on their effects on men. 及其他女性进入国会前联邦资助的大部分疾病研究主要侧重于疾病对男性的影响It wasnt until women like Patsy Mink and Edith Green got to Congress and passed Title IX 40 years ago this year. 40年前的今天帕齐.明克和伊迪丝.格林等女性进入国会并通过教育法修正案《第九条》That we declared women, too should be allowed to compete and win on Americas playing fields Until a woman named Lilly Ledbetter showed up at her office. 从而宣布女性也有资格在美国的运动场上参与竞赛并取胜一个名叫莉莉.莱德贝特的女性And had the courage to step up and say you know what, this isnt right women werent being treated fairly. 来到她的办公室 勇敢地而明确地说你们知道吗 这不对女性没有得到公正待遇We lacked some of the tools we needed to uphold the basic principle of equal pay for equal work 我们缺乏一些必要的手段扞卫同工同酬的基本原则So dont accept somebody elses construction of the way things ought to be Its up to you to right wrongs Its up to you to point out injustice. 所以不要接受别人对于事情理当如何的看法你应当来纠正错误做法你应当来指出不公不义Its up to you to hold the system accountable and sometimes upend it entirely Its up to you to stand up and to be heard. 你应当来督促社会体制负起责任有时需要全盘改变你应当挺身而出 发表意见To write and to lobby to march, to organize, to vote Dont be content to just sit back and watch. 撰文游说游行示威 组织民众 投票表决不要满足于袖手旁观Those who oppose change those who benefit from an unjust status quo have always bet on the publics cynicism or the publics complacency. 那些反对变革受益于不公平现状的人总是赌定公众要不是愤世嫉俗就是洋洋自得201610/467397厦门祛眼袋一般多少钱 Happy New Year, everybody. At a time when we turn the page on one year and look ahead to the future, I just want to take a minute to thank you for everything youve done to make America stronger these past eight years. Just eight years ago, as I prepared to take office, our economy teetered on the brink of depression. Nearly 800,000 Americans were losing their jobs each month. In some communities, nearly one in five folks were out of work. Almost 180,000 troops were serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Osama bin Laden was still at large. And on challenges from health care to climate change, wed been kicking the can down the road for way too long. Eight years later, youve told a different story. Weve turned recession into recovery. Our businesses have created 15.6 million new jobs since early 2010 – and weve put more people back to work than all other major advanced economies combined. A resurgent auto industry has added nearly 700,000 jobs, and is producing more cars than ever. Poverty is falling. Incomes are rising. In fact, last year, folks typical household income rose by ,800, thats the single biggest increase on record, and folks at the bottom and middle saw bigger gains than those at the top. Twenty million more Americans know the financial security of health insurance. Our kids high school graduation rate is at an all-time high. Weve brought 165,000 troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and took out Osama bin Laden. Through diplomacy, we shut down Irans nuclear weapons program, opened up a new chapter with the people of Cuba, and brought nearly 200 nations together around a climate agreement that could save this planet for our kids. Almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than they did eight years ago. And marriage equality is finally a reality from coast to coast. Weve made extraordinary progress as a country these past eight years. And heres the thing: none of it was inevitable. It was the result of tough choices we made, and the result of your hard work and resilience. And to keep America moving forward is a task that falls to all of us. Sustaining and building on all weve achieved – from helping more young people afford a higher education, to ending discrimination based on preexisting conditions, to tightening rules on Wall Street, to protecting this planet for our kids – thats going to take all of us working together. Because thats always been our story – the story of ordinary people coming together in the hard, slow, sometimes frustrating, but always vital work of self-government. It has been the privilege of my life to serve as your President. And as I prepare to take on the even more important role of citizen, know that I will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that this country forever strives to live up to the incredible promise of our founding – that all of us are created equal, and all of us deserve every chance to live out our dreams. From the Obama family to yours – have a happy and blessed 2017.201701/488121There are a couple different stories you can tell about our economy.关于我们的经济,你可以说出截然不同的故事。One goes like this. Eight years after the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes,一个就像这样。我们生命中最严重的经济危机8年之后,our economy has created jobs for 71 straight months.我们的经济已经连续71个月创造着就业岗位。Thats a new record. Unemployment has fallen below five percent.这是一个新记录。失业率已经下降到5%以下。Last year, the typical household saw its income grow by about twenty-eight hundred dollars – the biggest one-year increase ever.去年,最普遍的家庭都可以看到,他们的收入增长了近2800美元--这是有史以来一年中最大的增长量。And the uninsured rate is at an all-time low.未购买保险率也是一直以来的最低水平。All that is true. Whats also true is that too much of our wealth is still taken by the top所有这些都是事实。同样是事实的是,我们太多的财富仍然被最富有的人所占有and that leaves too many families still working paycheck to paycheck, without a lot of breathing room.但是这让太多的家庭会一直为了挣票而挣票,没有一点儿喘息的空间。There are two things we can do about this.关于这些,我们有两件事情可以去做。We can prey on peoples worries for political gain.我们可以为了政治收益而让人们担忧,Or we can actually do something to help working families feel more secure in todays economy.或者实际上我们可以做些事情,帮助工薪阶层在当下的经济中获得更多的安全感。Count me in the latter camp.我算后一种人。And heres one thing that will help right away: making sure more of our families have access to paid leave.当下有一件事情可以起作用:确保我们更多的家庭拥有带薪病假的福利。Today, having both parents in the workforce is an economic necessity for many families.今天,对众多家庭来说,父母双方都上班,在经济上是必要的。But right now, millions of Americans dont have access to even a single day of paid sick leave.但当下,数百万人没有机会获得甚至是一天带薪病假的福利。201611/476101龙海双眼皮整形多少钱

厦门去黑眼圈价格厦门洗纹身洗的好的地方 My Fellow Americans,我的美国同胞们,Were only 11 weeks in, but aly my administration has achieved historic progress for the American people我们仅工作了11个星期,但我的政府已经为美国人民完成了历史性的进展in fact, 93% of our domestic manufacturers have expressed optimism in the future, a record.事实上,93%的国内制造商对未来表达了乐观预期。这是历史性的。The confidence we are seeing in our Nation is about jobs and opportunity - but its also about safety and security.在我们国家,我们见到的自信来自就业和机遇--但这也包括安全和保障。Security begins at the border - as a candidate, I pledged to take swift and decisive action to secure the border,安全保障始于边境。作为候选人,我发誓采取迅速果断的措施来保卫边境,and that is exactly what I have done.这正是我已经做到的。We inherited a full-fledged border crisis - it was a disaster.我们有着全面的边境危机--这显然是场灾难。Yet, with quick and bold steps, we have so far exceeded even the most bullish predictions for the progress we could make in so short a period of time.但是,通过快速大胆的步骤,在如此短的时间内,我们甚至已经超过了最乐观的进展预测。Last month, we saw a 64% reduction in illegal immigration on our southern border.上个月,在我们的南部边境,我们见到的非法移民降低了64%。At the same time, we are conducting enforcement actions across the country to remove dangerous criminal aliens from our society - and theyll be gone.与此同时,我们正在全国开展执法行动,减少我们社会里进行危险犯罪的外国人--他们将被遣返。In just the last few days our Nations ICE officers have arrested 153 criminal aliens in south Texas,就在最近几天里,我们国家的移民和海关执法局在南德克萨斯已经逮捕153名犯罪的外国人,201704/505453同安区去除鱼尾纹多少钱

三明市儿童医院早泄治疗1 Differences in Culture and CustomsOne You must have been here a long time aly.你肯定在这里等了很久了。 1 Introduction A Being on time is considered good manners. It’s not polite to be late for classes, meetings, or appointments. When we do business with foreigners, make sure not to be late. Foreigners keep punctual time. Punctuality can greatly increase your credibility, too.准时被看作是很有礼貌。上课、开会或者约会迟到是很不礼貌的。当我们和老外做生意时,务必不要迟到。外国人很守时。守时作风也可以大大地提高你的信誉度。B In America, it’s impolite to call someone’s home very early in the morning or very late at night unless there is an emergency. For example, 8 A.M. is considered too early and 10 P.M. is considered too late. Especially on weekends, many people like to stay up late and get up late. So make sure not to disturb people who may be resting or sleeping.在美国,除非有紧急情况,早上很早或者晚上很晚打电话到别人家是很不礼貌的。举例来说,早上八点就被认为是很早,晚上十点就被认为是很晚了。尤其在周末,许多人喜欢晚睡晚起。所以确定不要打扰他人休息或睡觉。 2 Sample Sentences1. She was here a moment ago.她刚才还在这。2. Don’t worry, your father will come back after a while.别担心, 你爸爸一会就回来。3. The rent should be paid in advance.房租要预先付。4. We must hurry up if we want to be there on time.如果想准时到那里的话,我们就必须动作快点。5. I wish I could stay here another month.我真希望我还能在这里再呆一个月。6. I think I can have it done in a couple of hours.我想几个小时之内我就可以做好。7. Do you rent the camera by the hour or by the day?你的照相机出租是按小时算,还是按天数算?8. I was five minutes late for work this morning.今天早上我上班迟到五分钟。9. Your watch is ten minutes ahead of time and you’re still late.你的手表快了十分钟,而你还是迟到了。10. He always leaves work at six on the dot. 他六点钟总是准时下班。 3 Conversations1.A Chinese girl is caught at the subway station by heavy rain. She is supposed to meet her friend, Hans, in the lobby of the Garden Hotel at 11:00 A.M., but she doesn’t have a watch, so she decides to ask a man for the time.Girl: Excuse me, Sir, do you know what time it is?Man: Oh, it’s almost eleven twenty. Girl: Thank you.Man: You’re welcome. The rain is quite heavy, isn’t it?Girl: Yeah. I was in a hurry and I forgot my umbrella today.Man: I have one. We could share it. Which way are you going?Girl: Oh, that’s very kind of you. I am going to the Garden Hotel.Man: I am going there, too. We can walk together.Girl: Sure.Helpful Information: Time and weather is the topic that two strangers often begin a conversation. Usually people begin to know each other by this way. 时间和天气,是两个陌生人之间常开始谈论的话题。人们通常是这样开始互相认识。——对不起,先生,你知道几点了吗?——噢,快十一点二十分了。——谢谢。——没关系。这雨可下得真大,不是吗?——是啊。今天我匆匆忙忙忘了带伞。——我有伞,我们可以共用。你往哪边走?——噢,那太好了。我去花园酒店。——我也去那里。我们可以一起走。——当然。2. In the lobby. Hans: Hi, Cindy. I thought I’d missed you.Girl: Oh, I am very sorry, Hans. Thank you for waiting for me. You must have been here a long time aly. Hans: It’s all right.Girl: I was caught in the heavy rain, or I would have come earlier. I am sorry I kept you waiting.Hans: I was in a comfortable place, so really, it’s no problem. I am happy to see you. Did the rain hold you up1 long?Girl: Yes. When I came out of the subway, it was raining cats and dogs. And I forgot my umbrella. So I had to wait for the rain to let up2.Hans: I totally understand.Helpful Information:Things don’t often happen the way we expect. We may miss a lot of important things in life, but we shouldn’t miss the understanding of one another.很多时候事情都不会按照我们想象的发展。生命中我们可能错过很多重要的东西,但是我们不应该错过相互的理解。——嗨,辛迪。我以为我错过你了。——噢,真对不起,汉斯。谢谢你等我。你一定在这里等了很久了。——没关系。——我赶上下雨了,不然我会早一点到。很抱歉,让你久等了。——我等的地方很舒适,真的,没关系的。我很高兴见到你。你被雨碍了很长时间吗?——是啊。我从地铁站一出来,就下着倾盆大雨。而我忘了带伞。所以我只好等雨小一点。——我完全理解。3. Gary and Evelyn are boyfriend and girlfriend. They’re going to see a movie together on campus. They’re supposed to meet in front of the theater at five to seven, five minutes before the movie starts. And now it’s seven o’clock and Gary still hasn’t appeared. She decides to look for him at his apartment. (Evelyn is knocking the door.)Gary: Come in, come in!Evelyn: Hi, Gary, what happened? I was waiting for you at the theater. Why didn’t you meet me there?Gary: I thought we were supposed to meet HERE.Evelyn: Don’t you know our movie starts at seven? And we were going to meet at the theater at five to seven. Then it doesn’t make sense3 to meet at the apartment.Gary: I’m sorry. We must have misunderstood each other.Evelyn: Why don’t you try to be clearer about your intentions4?Gary: You’re right. I am sorry. Let’s go and watch the movie.Evelyn: It’s okay. I don’t want to go now. We’ve aly missed ten minutes of the movie. I don’t want to see a movie without watching the beginning.——进来,进来!——嗨,加里,发生了什么事?我在电影院等你。你为什么没去那里和我碰面呢?——我原以为我们说好了在这里见面。——你难道不知道我们的电影七点开始吗?而且我们又打算七点差五分在电影院见面。那在公寓见面就没有道理了嘛。——对不起。我们肯定是相互误解了。——你的意图为什么就不想清楚一点呢?——你说得对。对不起。我们去看电影吧。——没关系。现在我不想走了。我们都已经错过十分钟的电影了。我不想看电影不看开头。4. Sorry I’m late.A high-school student from Brazil is visiting several American universities5 with her parents. They are waiting to see the dean of a small college in Maine.Father: I see youve brought something to occupy your time while we wait. Good. We may be here a long time.Isabel: Yes, Papa. I brought the catalog6 for the next college were going to visit--the one in New Hampshire.Mother: Maybe we wont have to wait long. Weve only been here fifteen minutes.Isabel: Im not used to the way they treat time here. They wouldnt see me at that place in Massachusetts yesterday. I missed the appointment because I was forty-five minutes late. Thats no time at all back in Brazil.Father: It’s just that North Americans pay more attention to exact times. Theyre very punctual7 people.Mother: I think that if youre more than thirty minutes late, you have to apologize and explain what delayed you.Father: Our appointment with this dean is for three-fifteen. My watch says three-thirty. Im sure we’re not late.(The dean comes out of his office.)Dean: Isabel? Come in. Sorry I kept you waiting. Were running a little behind schedule8 today.——我知道你带了一些东西过来,在我们等的时候来打发你的时间。这样好。我们可能要在这里呆很长时间。——是啊,爸爸。我把我们将要去的下一个学院的目录表带来了-在新罕布什尔的那个。——也许我们不要等很久。我们到这里才十五分钟。——我不习惯他们这里这样对待时间。昨天在马萨诸塞州那个地方他们就不会见我。就因为我迟了四十五分钟,我连面试都错过了。在巴西,这点时间根本就不算什么。——美国北方人就是更注重时间的准确性。他们很守时。——我想如果你迟到超过三十分钟,你就得道歉并且解释是什么延误了你。——我们和这位系主任的约面时间是三点十五分。我的手表是三点半。我想我们没迟到。(系主任从他的办公室出来。)——伊莎贝尔?请进。对不起让你久等了。今天我们比预计时间晚了一点。 4 Words and Expression1. hold up 阻碍,拦截2. let up 减少,暂停,减缓3. make sense 使人懂,合理4. intention 意图,意向,目的 5. university 大寝室,团体寝室6. catalog 目录;目录册,目录簿7. punctual 严守时刻的;准时的8. behind schedule 落后于预计时间 /200603/5407 第8课What''s up, buddy? 还好吗?,伙计? 8.“你好,哥们!”(和朋友打招呼, greeting a friend.) 27、Hey,What''s up, buddy? 嗨! 还好吗?,伙计? (greeting a friend 和朋友们打招呼,和外国朋友打招呼,怎么样,老朋友?)      Hi!What''s up, buddy? 嗨! 还好吗?,伙计? 28、Hey, What''cha been doin''? 这些日子在干什么呢? (然后我会继续对他说)   What''chaWhat have you (连读)   What''cha been doing? (只是想和你聊聊天,打打招呼而已。揭露了美国人的一个小小伎俩。是开始谈话的一种方式。) What have you been doing? I''m good. (回答,我很好。) Things are good.(一切都好。) I''m fine. Everything''s going good. I''ve been good. 29、How ya'' been?  这些日子过的怎么样? (嘿,怎么样,哥们儿,在美国电影里经常出现)   How ya'' beenHow have you been? 30、I''m fine. 我很好。(I''m good.Things are good.) I''m terrible.我过得不太好。 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2915湖里区祛痘的地方在厦门开内外眼角哪家医院好



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