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如果你想使一个人快乐,不要增加他的财产,而是要减少他的欲望 The secret of happinessOnce there lived a king of great strength and wealth.Yet he was not happy.He told his servants to find him things to make him happy,but each came back saying,"Noting in the world can match the wonderful things you have aly."Then in that land,there lived a poor man with a patch over one eye and a crutch to help him walk.Although he had little,he was always happy.When the king heard of this,he asked the man to teach him his secret."I never push." the man replied,"and I never rush.Most of all,I never wish too much."Then he smiled and was gone.If you would make a man happy,do not add to his possessions but subtract from his desires. 0190

ways to have good skinThink bee you drink. Alcohol can dilate small blood vessels,which may lose their ability to constrict.The result:tiny purple facial lines.Hands off. Every time you touch your face,you're depositing dirt and oil,which can clog pores.Also,a blemish will heal faster--and with less scarring--if it's left alone.Stay calm.Many skin conditions,including acne,allergies,eczema and psoriasis,can be aggravated by stress.So stay calm.Come clean-correctly. Wash twice a day with water soluble cleanser appropriate your skin type.After lathering,rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.Pat dry with a towel. 19

Question What has been your key to success?Bill Gates Well, coming up with a simple explanation the kind of success, that ah, I’ve, I’ve been 1)privileged to be part of working at Microsoft, It is very difficult. Certailnly there’s many elements to it. the vision of the company coming right, when the )micro-processor was coming into it’s own, the focus on software, and working with partners who could bring in the other elements, the focus on the long term, hiring great people, really working with customers, knowing that we’d be there working with them ten years later and twenty years later. All of those have come together to build a great success story, that’s been 3)incredibly fun to be part of it. I think, the people is probably the thing I’d put at the top. Vision has got to be a big part of it, but so many of these things, you know, really come down to day-to-day )execution. If we’d 5)slacked off at any point, then you know there would have been plenty of people to come in and take our place, and there’s certainly the case as we look ward, that we have to continue to obsolete the products, continue to stay in close touch with the customers, continue to hire in great people and stand on top of the technology, or else, the 6)phenomenon will continue, but we won’t have the role in it that we, that we have today. 907

The Happy doorHappiness is like a pebble dropped into a pool to set in motion an ever-widening circle of ripples. As Stevenson has said, being happy is a duty.There is no exact definition of the word happiness. Happy people are happy all sorts of reasons. The key is not wealth or physical well-being, since we find beggars, invalids and so-called failures, who are extremely happy.Being happy is a sort of unexpected dividend. But staying happy is an accomplishment, a triumph of soul and character. It is not selfish to strive it. It is, indeed, a duty to ourselves and others. Being unhappy is like an infectious disease. It causes people to shrink away from the sufferer. He soon finds himself alone, miserable and embittered. There is, however, a cure so simple as to seem, at first glance, ridiculous; if you don’t feel happy, pretend to be! It works. Bee long you will find that instead of repelling people, you attract them. You discover how deeply rewarding it is to be the center of wider and wider circles of good will. Then the make-believe becomes a reality. You possess the secret of peace of mind, and can get yourself in being of service to others.Being happy, once it is realized as a duty and established as a habit, opens doors into unimaginable gardens thronged with grateful friends. 67587

Purse-lied:愠怒的 -01-7 00:: 来源: a drawstring purse 看到上边这只漂亮的手提袋了吧?别误解,这可不是在打广告,而是提醒您看一眼——袋子拉拢时,袋口线缝处袋子皱巴巴的模样待会儿谈到的purse-lipped(满脸愠怒)可与这“皱褶”有直接关系据说早期英国居民的钱包采用的就是这种线拉式的设计,正是由这个皱皱的“褶边”, purse(小包;小钱袋)可以引申为purse(皱起;皱拢)看下面的例句:She pursed her lips with dislike.(她不高兴地噘着嘴巴)很明显,purse(“噘起”嘴唇)在这里是比喻意,指“某人不高兴;满脸愠怒”似乎不用再多做解释了,如果在阅读外文刊物时,您看到下面一句话——Snyder arrived-purse-lipped, prepared to scold. He scolded, and left, more purse-lipped than bee. ——大概不难理解purse-lipped的含义Purse-lipped在这里是“purse one's lips”相应的形容词形式,指“(因不同意某种观点或做法)而愠怒的、不高兴的”如果下次忘记了purse-lipped的含义,很好办,想一想钱袋子缝合处皱皱的褶边,您会发现,记单词原来不是件难事儿(英语点津陈蓓编辑) purse 高兴 lips 看到

If I Rest, I Rust 如果我休息,我就会生锈The significant inscription found on an old key;;If I rest, I rust;---would be an excellent motto those who are afflicted with the slightest bit of idleness. Even the most industrious person might adopt it with advantage to serve as a reminder that, if one allows his faculties to rest, like the iron in the unused key, they will soon show signs of rust and, ultimately, cannot do the work required of them.在一把旧钥匙上发现了一则意义深远的铭文;;如果我休息,我就会生锈对于那些懒散而烦恼的人来说,这将是至理名言甚至最为勤勉的人也以此作为警示:如果一个人有才能而不用,就像废弃钥匙上的铁一样,这些才能就会很快生锈,并最终无法完成安排给自己的工作Those who would attain the heights reached and kept by great men must keep their faculties polished by constant use, so that they may unlock the doors of knowledge, the gate that guard the entrances to the professions, to science, art, literature, agriculture---every department of human endeavor.有些人想取得伟人所获得并保持的成就,他们就必须不断运用自身才能,以便开启知识的大门,即那些通往人类努力探求的各个领域的大门,这些领域包括各种职业:科学,艺术,文学,农业等Industry keeps bright the key that opens the treasury of achievement. If Hugh Miller, after toiling all day in a quarry, had devoted his evenings to rest and recreation, he would never have become a famous geologist. The celebrated mathematician, Edmund Stone, would never have published a mathematical dictionary, never have found the key to science of mathematics, if he had given his spare moments to idleness, had the little Scotch lad, Ferguson, allowed the busy brain to go to sleep while he tended sheep on the hillside instead of calculating the position of the stars by a string of beads, he would never have become a famous astronomer.勤奋使开启成功宝库的钥匙保持光亮如果休bull;米勒在采石场劳作一天后,晚上的时光用来休息消遣的话,他就不会成为名垂青史的地质学家著名数学家爱德蒙bull;斯通如果闲暇时无所事事,就不会出版数学词典,也不会发现开启数学之门的钥匙如果苏格兰青年弗格森在山坡上放羊时,让他那思维活跃的大脑处于休息状态,而不是借助一串珠子计算星星的位置,他就不会成为著名的天文学家Labor vanquishes all---not inconstant, spasmodic, or ill-directed labor; but faithful, unremitting, daily eft toward a well-directed purpose. Just as truly as eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, so is eternal industry the price of noble and enduring success.劳动征一切这里所指的劳动不是断断续续的,间歇性的或方向偏差的劳动,而是坚定的,不懈的,方向正确的每日劳动正如要想拥有自由就要时刻保持警惕一样,要想取得伟大的,持久的成功,就必须坚持不懈地努力inscription n. 题字; 碑铭polish vt. 磨光calculate v. 计算inconstant adj. 变化无常的spasmodical adj. 痉挛的 3861

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