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察觉说谎的20个基本步骤你想有没有觉得自己在与别人交流时自认为观点十分清晰,然而还是他人还是会误解,获取错误的信息,或者完全不知道你的观点呢?Have you ever thought you were being utterly clear in your communication with someone - and yet somehow they still managed to misunderstand, get the wrong message or completely miss your point?或者你不遗余力的与人为善,可他们却毫不领情,不去感激你呢?Or have you ever gone out of your way to do something nice for someone but they just didn't seem that appreciative or thankful?1. 一个说谎者通常是不自在的,他们会在你们两人之间设立一道屏障。所以当你们坐在一起时,他会在自己左边或者右边的桌上放一些简单的小东西,例如铅笔之类。1. A liar tends to be uncomfortable and will build a wall by placing an object between the two of you. So when sitting down place something simple on the table to their left or right side like a pencil.2. 普遍而言,说谎者的身体关节处显得僵硬,会做出一些呆板的举动,尤其在他们的腿部。然而他们会极力保持手臂的自然放松。2. Often a liars body will become rigid with stiff movement in the joints. Especially their legs and will struggle to keep their arms still and relaxed.3. 通常而言,双手张开的姿势表示对方和你在一起很舒适,就如和兄弟或者配偶之间会有这样表现。而说谎者脸部表情局促不安,时不时的用手指搔他们的太阳穴或者鼻子。我们回到第一点来看,当你询问对方的时候,我们将第一点提到的简单的小东西变成搔太阳穴和挠鼻子这两种无意识的举动,可以看出对方在说谎。3. They fidget with their face, like scratching the sides of their temples or nose. Usually open hand gestures mean they are to comfortable around you. Most likely a sibling or spouse will be like this. Go back to number 1. And change the subject before coming back to the question. It will be an unconscious movement.4. 当说话者完全失去如何处理真相以及如何保卫事实或者相对事实的现实可能性时会说谎。4. They completely lose reality with how to deal with the truth and will go on the defensive fighting for the truth or rather their truth. A lie.5. 说谎者以一种幽默的方式或者粗鲁的,一如既往的将问题抛给你来处理。5. Becomes humored by joking or making a rude comment most likely they usually throw the question back at you.6. 当与之交谈时,他们经历着一系列情感变化。只有改变话题才能让他们感到自在,当然前提在于你不进行深层次的追问。正常来说,如果说谎,他们耳朵和前颊处会泛红。6. They go through a series of emotions when talking to them, change the subject and make them comfortable again before pursuing further. Watch the color of their ears and front cheeks. They will normal out again if lied to.7. 如果你问对方今夜在哪里过夜,对方向左上方看去,说明在说谎。7. If you ask about their location that night and they look up to the left.8. 如果你们闲聊关于其他人或者事情的时候向左上方看。如果这个人是右撇子,他会改变看的方向。8. If they gossip or ramble about other people or things they heard they look to the left. If the person is right handed this will change the direction they look.9. 当对方会迅速回答:“我不知道。”表明这不是一个值得思考的问题。9. Will give short brisk answer, “I don't know.” Not a question of thought.10. 观察对方脖子上的动脉,特别是男士,留意对方被提问之前脉搏跳动的规律,在对方回答的问题的时候是否加速。10. Look for the artery on the neck, especially men, note how it pulses before questioning and on whether it quickens when asked.11. 一个情绪激动的谎言者可以会不停的摆弄他的拇指和食指。这是一个不知道如何更好的处理话题的标志。11. A hard emotional lie is detected by whether their thumb and forefinger touch briefly. A sign on not dealing well on the subject.12. 说谎者看着你考虑的时候,脑袋会向左倾斜。12. They lean their head to the left when looking at you and thinking of an answer.13. 说谎者交叉双臂,以这种无礼的姿势自我保护。他们呼吸紧促,常常会瞪着你或者试图看穿你。13.Crossed arms is a defensive offensive gesture, looking for fast breathing, usually they tend to stare at you or through you.14. 口吃,通常出现于配偶间的欺骗以及当被询问每晚的常规时。当某人迅速回答说11:00或者其他时间在做什么,如果再问一遍同样的问题,他们可能会结巴着说出另外一个时间,也许是一个模糊的时间段,但是和第一次的时间相当的接近。他们为了明没有欺骗。14. Stuttering is a given, often done by cheating spouses and their nightly routines. A quick answer of 11:00 or another time. Ask if they are sure and they will stutter a different time maybe not an exact time but pretty darn close to the first time. Trying prove exactness.15. 说谎者在交谈中咳嗽或者叹息,为了寻找出路并且希望你放弃盘问。15. Coughing during the conversation or sighing is looking for a way out and is hoping you'll give up.16. 当对方双手不停擦膝盖显示出坐立不安,他们会吸鼻并且往下看。主要是因为他们正在不停的出冷汗。16. Sniffling and looking down while fidgeting around their knees with the hands. Mainly because of the sweat buildup.17. 说谎的人在被询问的过程中不断的要水喝,试图使你疲倦。17. Will need water during questioning, lying dehydrates you.18. 有些人不得不说谎,他们甚至会用眼前的事物作为谎言的据。这种人需要心理咨询,他们可能有过一段不愉快的往事。了解一下他们的背景也许有所帮助。18.Someone that cannot control their lying will still lie with the proof sitting in front of them. This person needs counseling and may have issues in their past. Do a back ground check.19. 与习惯说谎的人保持距离,避免谈及个人问题。没有隐私掌握在他们手里就不会害怕,就意味着不受欺骗。19. Keeps you away from certain people or avoids talking about certain individuals. No fear means no lie.20. 说谎者会过度真诚的握紧你的手寻找一种舒适的感觉。他或她会为你制造下一个谎言。他们希望你看着他们的眼睛,微笑着对你说:“看,我从来不欺骗你,过去没有,将来也绝对不会。”回到上文提到的第一点,问:“这是真的吗?”(这是我最喜爱的一点。)20. Becomes needy and over affectionate by trying to touch your hands for your comfort. Another lie, its for his/hers. Will want you to look at them in the eyes, smile at you and say, “Look, I would never cheat on you, I never have before and I never will.” Go back to number 1 by changing the subject and the ask. “Really?” (This ones my favorite) /200803/31803

Xia Dynasty夏朝End of the Xia Dynasty夏朝的灭亡Towards the end of the Xia Dynasty, social conflict grew sharper.在夏朝灭亡以前,社会矛盾越发激化。Tradition has it that in the 16th century B.C., the last ruler of Xiajie, abused his power and increased oppression.传统上认为在公元前16世纪,夏朝的最后一任统治者夏桀,滥用他的权力、加大了镇压。He exhausted the resources of the people to build palaces and pavilions for himself.他耗尽人力的资源来为自己建造宫殿和亭台楼阁。The people were also forced to go to war frequently to exact children, as well as jade and silk, from neighboring tribes.人们还被迫频繁上战场从临近部落了强取孩子,玉石和丝绸。Filled with hatred from Jie, the people could no longer put up with his despotic rule and fled in large numbers.人们充斥着对桀的憎恨,无法继续忍受他的暴虐统治,纷纷逃走。Even his court officials cursed him and wished his death, although that might mean that they themselves would perish.就算是朝廷的官员也诅咒桀,希望他快点死,尽管这可能意味着他们自己的死亡。Jie, however, still thinking of restoring and strengthening his control over other tribes,然而桀仍然想要重建并加强自己对其他部落的控制,gathered all the tribal chiefs together for a punitive expedition against the Youmin clan.他征集了其他部落的首领共同讨伐那些游民部落。But this made the existing conflicts more acute and alienated the tribes further.但是这个举措使现存的问题更加尖锐并使部落之间更加离间。Shang Tang took this opportunity to revolt and overthrew the Xia Dynasty.商汤抓住这个机会反抗并推翻了夏朝。 /201509/393963

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