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You can#39;t all get maternity leave at the same time...你们不能同时休产假啊……Heavy negotiations on the farm农场上的艰难的谈判 /201703/494211

A doctor in the western Indian state of Gujarat has been arrested for allegedly raping a patient with dengue fever.根据报道,由于强奸了一名患登革热的女病人,印度西部古吉拉特邦的一名医生于日前被逮捕。The doctor attacked the 21-year-old woman in the secluded intensive care unit of the hospital in Ahmadabad last Sunday, police said.警方表示,上周日,在阿默达巴德一家医院隐蔽的特护病房,这位医生强奸了一名21岁的女病人。Another worker of the hospital has also been arrested for allegedly helping the doctor carry out the crime.据悉,医院的另一名工人也因帮助医生作案而被逮捕。Police said the doctor gave the patient strong drugs to make her unconscious, before sexually assaulting her. The Apollo Hospital said it was ;fully co-operating with the police;.警方表示,该医生给病人下了大剂量的药物使其昏迷,然后实施了性侵。事发的阿波罗医院表示将“全力配合警方调查”。;Since the investigations are ongoing, we would not like to comment on the incident,; the NDTV website ed Sandeep Joshi, an official at Apollo Hospital, as saying.新德里电视台援引阿波罗医院官员桑迪普·乔希的话称:“由于案件正在调查中,所以在结果出来前我们将不会再作出回应。”The doctor is a Pakistani national who has been working in India on a long-term visa since last year, NDTV reported.据新德里电视台报道,这名医生是巴基斯坦人,自去年起持长期签在印度工作。Rape and gender crimes have been in the spotlight in India in recent years after the brutal gang rape and murder of a student in 2012 in Delhi.自2012年德里残酷的轮奸案和学生谋杀案被报道后,近年来,印度越来越多的强奸和性暴力丑闻开始曝光。In response, tough new anti-rape laws were introduced in the country. However, brutal sexual attacks against women and children continue to be reported across the country.相应地,这个国家也引入了严厉的反强奸法案。不过,针对印度妇女及儿童的性暴力事件仍然在被持续报道。 /201609/466769

1. Not blending enough1.混合不充分Smoothies are definitely quick, but it takes several minutes to get the consistency right. Do not turn off your blender after 10 seconds only to be disappointed that there are still chunks of ice and fruit bobbing about. You will want to blend your ingredients for a good 2 minutes to ensure your smoothie is nice and smooth.奶昔做起来当然很快,但是需要花几分钟时间来调制出合适的稠度。不要在关掉搅拌机10秒之后,失望地发现里面还有冰块和水果块冒出来。你可以用2分钟时间充分搅拌奶昔材料,这样就能保你的奶昔又好又滑。2. Not using a thickening agent2.没用增稠剂Smoothies should never be runny and liquid-thin. Use fruits with thick flesh such as peaches, bananas or mangos to get the consistency thick and creamy. Soaked flax or chia seeds can also do the trick, giving it some jelly-like body and a nice dose of extra nutrients.奶昔永远都不应该水分过多,液体不粘稠。用一些果肉较厚的水果,比如桃子,香蕉或者芒果,来保奶昔的粘稠度和乳脂状。浸泡过的亚麻籽或者野鼠尾草籽也可以让奶昔粘稠,而且会让奶昔看起来像是果冻,而且还能提供很好的附加的营养。3. Adding too much powder3.加了太多的粉Do not just dump protein powders into your smoothie. Read those labels before you buy and make sure you are not getting heaping doses of artificial sweeteners or GMOs. These powders can be dangerous for your health so before you go along with what everyone else is doing, make sure you really check them out.不要仅仅将蛋白粉放入奶昔中。在你购买蛋白粉之前要读一下那些标签,确保你不会放入太多的人工甜味剂或者转基因物质。这些蛋白粉或许对你的健康有害,所以在按照别人的做法制作奶昔的手,要确保你真的认真检查过了。4. Getting way too sweet4.太甜了If you are using smoothies as a healthy breakfast in the morning, you should never add sugar. Instead, make use of the natural sweetness of berries or bananas. Dates can also be great for adding a really sweet taste with a huge hit of nutrients. Should you accidentally overdo the sweetness on your smoothie, you can balance it out with a squeeze of lemon or lime.如果你正在用奶昔作为清晨的健康早餐,你绝不应该加糖。而是应该充分利用浆果或者香蕉天然的甜味。枣子也是增加甜味的好材料,而且富含营养成分。如果你不小心在奶昔中加入了太多的甜味剂,你可以用一点柠檬或者算成来中和一下。5. Adding too many ingredients5.加了太多材料You might think that adding all kinds of healthy items to your smoothie is a great idea. But it is not going to taste so great. Limit the ingredients to 3 or 4 items.你或许认为在奶昔中加入各种各样的健康的材料是非常好的主意。但是这样做的奶昔味道不会太好。将材料限定在3种或者4种,这样做出的奶昔味道正好。 /201701/489945

A model mom has shown the incredible difference just six months can make, by sharing side-by-side shots which detail her journey from pregnancy to ripped six-pack.一位模特妈妈在网上晒了两张并在一起的照片,两张照片中的她迥然不同,清晰地反应了她的瘦身历程,而这一切仅仅发生在六个月之内。Mom-of-two Tammy Hembrow, from Queensland, Australia, previously wowed her 5.6 million Instagram followers.这位已育有两个孩子的妈妈名叫塔米·希伯瑞,来自澳大利亚昆士兰,她在Instagram上狂圈了560万粉丝。Thanks to her commitment to fitness, the stunning blonde fitness guru has completely snapped back into shape, and is now looking better than ever.由于坚持健身,这位金发健身专家以令人难以置信的速度一下子就瘦了回去,而且看起来气色更胜以往。Posting these comparison shots, Hembrow wrote: ;Being a mom is the best thing I#39;ve ever experienced.;在贴出的这两张对比照下,希伯瑞写道:“我所经历过最棒的事情,便是成为一个母亲。”;The sleepless nights, the poo explosions, the endless spit ups, the tantrums, the first words, the giggles, the unconditional love, the snuggles.;“我经历过很多无法入眠的夜晚,孩子随时会便溺,随时会呕奶,他们也会发脾气,还会牙牙学语,还会无邪天真地咯咯笑出来,我体会到了为人父母无条件的爱,还有他们暖心的依偎。”;I love EVERYTHING about being a mama to my two little loves and I thank God every single day for giving me the best gifts I could have ever imagined. It#39;s a 24/7 job and it#39;s a job I LOVE.;“作为这两个小可爱的妈妈,我爱他们出生后我们一起度过的所有时光,对我来说,每一天发生的每一件事都是我从未想过的绝妙礼物,感谢上帝。是啊,#39;妈妈#39;这个工作一天二十四小时全年无休,但我爱这份工作。”The pictures show Hembrow wearing the exact same outfit. In one snap, she#39;s y to pop with her second child – and, in the next, she#39;s back to her toned pre-baby body.照片里的希伯瑞穿着同样的衣。第一张照片里的她准备生第二个宝宝,而在后面那张里,她的身材已然回到了怀之前的样子。She#39;s even sporting the same plaited hairstyle. Most of her followers were impressed by the transformation, with one writing: ;How beautiful you are!;两张对比照中她甚至都编着同样的发型。看到这样的差别,她的粉丝们大多惊奇不已,其中一个留言道:“你真是美呆了!”Others expressed their shock, with one woman writing: ;How is this real?;还有一些人则表示很震惊,一个女粉丝写道:“这是真的吗?” /201703/496658

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