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亚洲大学排行榜:中国顶尖大学排名提升! --01 3::37 来源:   China has overtaken Japan as Asia’s number one nation producing top universities.  中国已经超过日本,成为亚洲顶尖大学最多的国家  While Japan’s University of Tokyo is the highest-placed institution in the Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings , the country has lost ground overall, with the balance of power now tilting towards mainland China.  虽然《年泰晤士高等教育亚洲大学排名中,东京大学依然高居榜首,但日本在整体上失去了优势,天平正在向中国大陆倾斜  Japan has 19 universities in the prestigious top 0, down from last year and in , and of those have slipped down the list, by an average of 5.8 places.  在前0名中,日本大学占了19所,比起去年的所和年的所有所下降其中,所大学排名平均下降了5.8位  By contrast, mainland China now has 1 representatives, up from 18 last year and in , and many of these are rising up the table, including Peking University (fourth) and Tsinghua University (fifth), which have both moved up a place. Wuhan University has also climbed an impressive places to joint 9th.  与之相反,中国在前0名中从前年的所以及去年的18所上升到今年的1所,其中许多大学的排名有所上升,其中排名第四的北大和排名第五的清华均上升一位武汉大学排名并列第9,上升了位,令人印象深刻  China’s special administrative regions are also perming well, with all six of Hong Kong’s ranked universities in the top 50, while Macau has made its debut in the table with the University of Macau entering in joint 0th place.  中国的特别行政区同样表现优秀香港的全部六所大学均进入前50,而的高校也首次出现在名单中——大学并列第0位  The shift in power towards China takes place against a backdrop of investment in research and development while Japan wrestles with cuts as a result of its crippling level of public debt.  由于高额的公共债务,日本正疲于应付研究和开发经费的削减在此背景下,中国的高校开始崛起  Gerard Postiglione, director of the Wah Ching Centre of Research on Education in China at the University of Hong Kong, said that Japan’s declining permance is due to a combination of “a lot of inbreeding” at its universities (graduates teaching at the same university at which they studied); research funding being concentrated at its top-tier institutions; and fewer promotion opporties young academics.  香港大学华正中国教育研究中心主任白杰瑞指出,日本大学的表现下降是由于以下因素共同造成的:学术近亲繁殖(毕业生在母校任教);研究经费被顶尖大学垄断;年轻学者缺乏晋升机会  “[China] started from scratch and rose quickly from the 1990s when they didn’t have world-class universities, whereas Japan was aly at a pretty high level, so its productivity has levelled off a few years,” he said.  他说:“1990年以来,中国从零开始并取得飞速发展当时,中国没有世界级大学,而日本已经处于相当高的水平,日本的生产力在若干年里止步不前”  Simon Marginson, professor of international higher education at the UCL Institute of Education, agreed that higher education in Japan is “now largely standing still”.  伦敦大学学院教育系的国际高等教育教授西蒙·马金森赞同日本的高等教育“目前很大程度上停滞不前”  “Japan is careful to maintain the leading edge of its very top universities such as Tokyo and Kyoto, but has been less committed than has China to pumping more investment into the universities on the next level,” he said.  他表示:“日本小心的维持东大、京大等顶尖大学的领先位置,但和中国相比,对给予其它等级大学更多投资方面做得不够”双语:汉堡包起源于中国肉夹馍? -- :5:38 来源:   The world's first hamburger doesn't come from where you think it comes from. It wasn't invented in the ed States, and it didn't originate in Germany. No, the world's first hamburger comes from China.  世界上第一只汉堡从哪来?不是你想的那样哦——不是起源于美国,也不是发源于德国哦不,世界上第一只汉堡起来自中国哦  If you're scratching your head right now, you're not alone. But Chinese hamburgers are very real and they definitely predate the hamburgers we call our own in the U.S. Known as rou jia mo, which translates to "meat burger" or "meat sandwich," they consist of chopped meat inside a pita-like bun, and they've been around since the Qin dynasty, from about 1 to . Despite the differences between this Chinese street food and our American-style burgers, the rou jia mo "has been called the world's first hamburger."  如果你现在正在抓耳挠腮,你不是一个人但是中国汉堡包真的存在,而且早于我们美国本土的“汉堡包”,在中国称为“肉夹馍”( meat burger,meat sandwich),它们是由切碎的肉塞在开口圆饼里做成的,从秦朝开始(公元前1年-公元前年)就有了虽然这种中国街头小吃和我们美利坚的汉堡大不相同,肉夹馍被称为“世界上第一只汉堡”  The rou jia mo originated in the Shaanxi Province of China, and is now eaten all over the country. It's typically prepared and eaten on the street. The dough the bun, or mo, consists of a simple mixture of wheat flour, water and maybe yeast. Of course recipes may vary, but this basic equation makes a chewy and subtle pillow the delicious filling. While the mo is traditionally baked in a clay oven, today it's often fried in a pan. They may look a little like Chinese steamed buns or baos, but the dough those are, of course, steamed, not baked or fried.  肉夹馍起源于中国陕西省,如今已遍布全国,是代表性的街头小吃生面团做成的“馍”,就是简单的由小麦粉,水,可能还有酵母做成的当然啦,配方不尽相同,但是基本做法都差不多,咬一口软糯可口,填充(肉)唇齿留香而传统的做法,馍是在土灶里烘焙而成,如今则常常放在平底锅里煎制可能看上去会比较像中国的馒头或是包子,但是那些是蒸的,不是烤的或炸的  The meat filling might consist of chopped pork, beef, lamb or chicken that has been stewed with a variety of spices, like ginger, cloves, coriander and star anise. You might also find herbs like cilantro or greens like lettuce garnishing the sandwich.  夹杂里面的肉会由切碎的猪肉、牛肉、羊肉或是鸡肉填充,由文火慢炖,加入多种调味料:如姜、丁香、香菜和八角你可能会发现三明治里有很像香菜的薄荷叶,或是像生菜这样的绿色蔬菜做配菜

全美各地为奥兰多案亡者降半旗 除了这里-阿拉巴马某郡 -- ::6 来源: 星期天凌晨,佛罗里达州奥兰多一家同志夜总会发生美国历史上最惨烈的大规模击案,造成9人遇难,53人受伤事件发生后,全美各地都为这次悲剧的遇难者降半旗致哀,但阿拉巴马州的一个郡却拒绝这样做 Officials in an Alabama county refused to lower flags to half-staff to honor the victims of the Orlando mass shooting this week even after President Barack Obama and Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley ordered flags to be lowered.阿拉巴马郡的官员拒绝为本周奥兰多击案的受害者降半旗,即使是总统奥巴马和阿拉巴马州长罗伯特宾利下达了命令Citing the U.S. Flag Code, Baldwin County Commissioner Tucker Dorsey told CNN’s Erin Burnett on "OutFront" Friday that while he is "certainly heartbroken in the face of tragedy," the code states that the flag should only be lowered " instances where there are the passing of individuals who have given significant distinguished service to our country."星期五,尔德文郡政府委员塔克多瑟在接受CNN伯内特采访时表示,“我对在击案中的遇难者和他们的家人表示哀悼,但是,本次不符合相关规定,根据美国国旗的相关条例,美国国旗只应该是在比如对国家有卓越贡献的人去世当天降半旗”Dorsey added that the code states that the flag is to be lowered on Memorial Day and to commemorate the deaths of government officials.多瑟补充说,美国国旗应该在国殇日或者政府官员去世当天降半旗In a Facebook post published Tuesday, Dorsey wrote that Baldwin County also didn’t lower the flags after the Paris terror attacks in November and the shooting in San Bernardino, Calinia, in December by a married couple who pledged allegiance to ISIS.星期二,多瑟在脸书网发布的一篇文中写道,尔德文郡在去年月的巴黎恐袭和加州圣贝纳迪诺郡的击案时,以及月时一对夫妇宣誓效忠ISIS时,都没有降半旗"I look at the terrorist events and I think about our flag and about how it identifies and characterizes the mood of the country," Dorsey said. "When I think about, instance, 9, I kind of picture the three firemen raising the flag in the rubble the next day after the event. That’s really how I feel about it."“看到这些恐怖事件,我就想起我们的国旗,以及它该如何识别和描述我们国家的心情” 多瑟说,“比如,当我想起9事件,我的脑海中就浮现出事发第二天,三个消防员在废墟中升起美国国旗的情景这是我最真实的感受”When Burnett asked whether Dorsey believed the flag should be flown "high in the face of terror in order to fight back," he responded, "That’s exactly my heart on the issue."当伯内特问多瑟,是否相信国旗“在面对恐怖事件时应该被高高升起以示反击时,” 多瑟说,“我心中正是这样想的”"I’m certainly broken-hearted, my family is broken up about it," Dorsey added. "I’m also mad. I’m tired of us being attacked by extremists of certainly different kinds."“我也很悲痛,我的家人被拆散,” 多瑟补充说“我也疯了我厌倦了我们被各种不同的极端分子攻击”Baldwin County is located along the Mobile Bay and Gulf of Mexico shores and includes the popular tourist destination Orange Beach.尔德文郡位于莫比尔湾和墨西哥海湾之间,闻名遐迩的旅游胜地奥兰治海滩也位于该郡Obama ordered the flags to be flown at half-staff Sunday following the mass shooting at Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, early Sunday that left 9 dead and 53 injured.上个星期天一早在佛罗里达奥兰多“脉搏”同性恋夜店发生大规模击案,造成9人死亡,53人受伤,随后奥巴马下令降半旗致哀"I realize that the President and governor may make the order, but I believe and interpret their order inconsistent with the adopted flag code," Dorsey told the New York Daily News.“我知道总统和州长下了命令,但我相信并解读他们的命令与所采用的国旗条例不一致”多尔西告诉纽约日报The Orlando tragedy is the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.奥兰多事件是美国历史上规模最大的击案

比肩上海迪士尼 首个环球主题公园将落户北京 -- :6: 来源: 筹备了年之久的北京环球主题公园终于在近日获得审批,正式落户北京通州这将是环球影城在全球的第六个、亚洲第三个主题公园1.平方公里的占地面积,将使北京环球影城成为最大的一个该主题公园预计于19年建成   9月5日,北京环球主题公园项目正式获得了国家发改委审批,将由家国有企业共同设立的北京首寰文化旅游投资有限公司(以下简称首寰投资)和康卡斯特N环球公司旗下的环球主题公园及度假区集团合资拥有   Universal Studios will open its first .3bn (£bn) Chinese theme park after years of trying to enter the booming entertainment market.   Hollywood director Steven Spielberg will help design the Beijing Universal park, the company said on Monday.   The park is being developed with local state firm Beijing Tourism Group.   Universal is the latest US firm to enter China's fast-growing entertainment sector after rivals Walt Disney and DreamWorks Animation.   The company did not say when the theme park would open, but reports say it will be in 19.   Both Disney's $.bn theme park and DreamWorks' .1bn entertainment complex with Chinese partners are expected to open in in Shanghai.   Film studios are in a big rush to build theme parks in the world's second-largest economy as a rapidly-growing middle class is spending more money on entertainment and travel.   In April, Disney said it was increasing investment in its Shanghai Disney theme park by another 0m after striking a deal with a Chinese joint venture partner.   Growth in China's entertainment and media market is expected to more than double from to bn by , according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers global study.

  现代约会守则:不要在第一次约会的时候接吻 -- 18::19 来源:chinadaily After how many dates would you kiss someone, send them a Facebook friend request or spend the night with them?约会几次后你会亲吻对方,发出脸谱网的好友请求或与其一起过夜?According to a new study exploring the dos and don'ts of dating, you shouldn't lock lips until the second date or connect on Facebook until at least the third. And don't even dream of jumping into bed with them bee the fourth rendezvous.根据一项对人们约会守则的新调查,直到第二次约会你才能与对方亲吻、至少第三次约会才能在脸谱网上联系甚至在第四次约会之前都不要梦想着与之同床共枕The research, commissioned by TLC’s new dating show Undressed, also suggests that men should be the first text after a successful date and women should respond within a quarter of an hour if keen.该研究由旅游生活频道(TLC)的新相亲节目《脱光委托进行,研究结果也表明,在一次成功的约会后男方应该首先给对方发短信,而如果女方对其很感兴趣应该在分钟内回复When it comes to messaging, a maximum of two kisses is all that is required as an end note.说到发短信,作为结束聊天的信号最多是两个吻Any more might be too 'over the top', while any less could apparently come across as ‘cold’. A definite no-no is waiting the other person to text first.两个以上可能会“太过”,而少于两个则可能给人明显“冷淡”的印象明确的禁忌是等待对方先发短信Half of the 1,500 Brits quizzed in the study said it was important their potential love interest to make contact first - which means the other half of daters will be left disappointed.受访的00名英国人中有一半表示,潜在的恋爱对象先联系自己很重要——这意味着另外一半的约会对象会感到失望It seems that 'playing it cool' isn't in vogue anymore either. A third of respondents said they would text back within a quarter of an hour, with only five percent saying they’d wait as long as two hours.看来“装酷”也不时尚了三分之一的受访者表示,他们会在分钟内回复短信,只有5%的人说他们会等长达两个小时后再回复Just 3 percent of people think that texting back straight away is a sign of being 'too keen' with the majority of Brits saying they are happy to get right back in contact with a love interest.仅3%的人认为立即回复短信是“太急切”的信号,大多数英国人表示他们很高兴立即收到爱慕对象的回复However, when it comes to communicating online it becomes even stickier territory.然而,当涉及到网上交流时,这就变成更加棘手的领域On average, the survey recommends that it's best to wait until some point between the third and fourth dates bee sending a Facebook friend request or following a beau on Twitter.该调查建议,平均而言,最好是等到第三次与第四次约会之间的某个时间发送脸谱网的好友请求,或在推特上关注情郎RULES OF DATING约会守则Send first text message: After one date发送第一个短信:一次约会之后Go first kiss: After two dates第一次亲吻:两次约会之后Send Facebook friend request: After three dates发送脸谱网好友请求:三次约会之后Spend the night: After four dates一起过夜:四次约会之后Allow your partner to undress you: After five dates让你的伴侣为你宽衣解带:五次约会之后Introduce partner to friends: After five dates把伴侣介绍给朋友:五次约会之后Jo Hemmings, behavioral Psychologist TLC’s Undressed, says that dating has become increasingly difficult in the technological era, with people having to 'carefully orchestrate' what they want to say.旅游生活频道《脱光节目邀请的行为心理学家乔-荷明斯说,在技术时代约会已经变得越来越困难,人们不得不“精心策划”自己想说的话She continued: 'The advance of smartphones has made dating both easier, and more difficult.她接着说:“智能手机的发展使约会变得更容易也更困难”'Our parents may have had nothing more complicated to worry about than when to ring a date up on the landline, but these days there are dozens of methods of communication that all have to be carefully orchestrated.'“我们的父母辈需要担心的最复杂的问题不过是用固定电话定下约会日期,但如今许多沟通手段都需要精心策划”Half of the survey participants said they'd looked up a potential date online bee meeting in person, to get a feel their personality and see more pictures - and percent revealed they’d cancelled a date after seeing something on social media they didn’t like.调查参与者中的一半表示,见面之前他们会在网上搜索未来的约会对象,来感受对方的个性,以及查看对方更多的照片——%的人透露,在社交媒体上看到自己不喜欢的东西后,他们会取消约会When actually on the date, there are countless faux pas to avoid - the worst of the lot being talking about an ex too much, followed by poor personal hygiene.在实际约会时,要避免无数种失礼——最糟糕的是过多谈论前任,其次是个人卫生太差One in ten said they would cancel a date with someone if they talked about themselves too much in messages.十分之一的人表示,如果对方在短信聊天时过多谈论自己,他们就会取消与对方的约会The reasons going cold after a date range from the banal to the bizarre, with one respondent admitting that he couldn’t stop staring at a date’s mole, and another saying simply, ‘They punched my cat.’在一次约会之后关系变冷的原因各种各样,有的老套,有的离奇其中一位受访者承认他情不自禁地盯着约会对象的痣,而另一个则说:“他们用拳头揍了我的猫”Although the study shows that three is the magic number when it comes to the number of dates needed bee an overnight stay, one in ten said they need more than ten meetings to get to that point.虽然这项研究显示,当说到一起过夜之前需要几次约会时,这个神奇的数字是三,但十分之一的人表示,要达到过夜的程度他们需要十次以上的约会Clare Laycock, head of channels at TLC #38; Investigation Discovery, said she hopes the survey results will help singletons successfully navigate the dating scene.克莱尔?莱科克是旅游生活频道以及调查探索频道的主管,她说希望调查结果能帮助单身人士成功驾驭约会现场Vocabularydos and don'ts:注意事项,行为准则rendezvous:约会faux pas:失礼,失态banal:陈腐的,平庸的,老一套的英文来源:每日邮报翻译:实习生朱善美编审:yaning

  毁三观!美国队长竟是九头蛇卧底!粉丝炸锅 --9 ::8 来源: 《美国队长3的上映令越来越多的人认识并爱上了这位富有魅力的漫画英雄可在近日新推出的系列漫画中,美队竟然变成了九头蛇组织的卧底!粉丝们甚至在网上发起了抵制运动 Marvel franchise hero Captain America has been saluting Old Glory since he first hit comics in 191. Apparently, he’s also been slipping in a "Hail Hydra!" every now and then when no one’s looking.美国队长素来是漫威的门面,于191年问世以来在漫画一直对美国忠心耿耿而当四下无人时,他也许会放松警惕,然后喊出这样的口号--“九头蛇万岁!”On Wednesday morning, issues of Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 revealed the patriotic hero has secretly been a deep-cover agent of nefarious global terrorist organization HYDRA the whole time. Yes, that HYDRA — the ostensible villain of all three Marvel cinematic universe movies bearing the captain’s name, and his oldest enemy in the comics (other than possibly Nazi Germany).周三上午,漫威发布了《美国队长:史蒂夫·罗杰斯#1这部最新的作品表明,这位爱国英雄实际上一直是国际恐怖组织九头蛇潜伏在美国的特工是的,就是九头蛇,那个在《美国队长系列电影前三部中出场的邪恶组织,也是美国队长在漫画中最古老的敌人(而不是纳粹德国)In an interview with Time, Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort explained "It means on the most fundamental level that the most trusted hero in the Marvel universe is now secretly a deep-cover Hydra operative, a fact that’s really only known to the ers and to him. That makes every interaction he has with anyone take on a second layer, a second meaning."漫威高级副总裁Tom Brevoort在接受《时代周刊采访时表示:“这意味着从本质上来说,漫威宇宙最受人信赖的英雄实际上是九头蛇的特工,而这一点只有美队本人和读者们知道这令他与别人的互动在如今看来都有了另一层含义”Of course, this is the comic book industry, so in a few weeks or months there’s a solid possibility the captain’s supposed double-cross will be revealed as mind control, an alternate timeline or some other narrative tomfoolery.当然这可是漫画业,几个星期或几个月以后,编辑会解释说队长受到了精神控制,或者故事处于其它时间线中,亦或是给出其它愚蠢的说法"No matter what Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort has told the press today about this being planned since Spencer began writing Sam Wilson: Captain America in , or how this will all make sense if you go back and 75 years of Captain America comics, this is a gimmick with no shame," posited io9’s James Whitbrook.“无论Tom Brevoort今天和媒体说什么从斯潘瑟年操刀《萨姆·威尔逊:美国队长这个想法就诞生了还是声称七十五年来出版的美队漫画中有迹可循,这都只是个不知羞耻的小把戏”io9的 James Whitbrook这样断定In the meantime, however, it seems like some fans aren’t especially amenable to the change, starting the hashtag #SayNoToHydraCap:可是许多美队的粉丝不干了,发起了一项名为“#队长向九头蛇说不”的运动,一下是部分粉丝的:SayNoToHYDRACap just don’t talk to me anymore i need to cry like years别说话,让我先哭上十年I’m not going HYDRA-side, no way. . I’ll fight freedom! #SayNoToHydraCappic.twitter.comGzlQD0cwC我(美国队长)绝不会加入九头蛇,不可能!我要为自由而战!I recognise @Marvel has made a decision, but... #SayNoToHYDRACappic.twitter.comkn5uUCt9Dm我承认@漫威做出了一项大胆的决定,可这…This is offensive and unacceptable #SayNoToHYDRACaphttps:twitter.comEWstatus73559973955635 ...让人厌烦,让人难以接受You either die a hero, or live long enough to see your corporate overlords turn you into a villain. #SayNoToHYDRACap要么死得像英雄,要么活到雇主把你变成大坏蛋#队长向九头蛇说不someone pls check if stan lee is okay, i’m worried about him seeing all this #SayNoToHYDRACap快,谁去瞅瞅斯坦·李老爷子,老爷子看到这些会不会背过气去?#队长向九头蛇说不How much do you want to bet all the people posting #SayNoToHYDRACap have never a comic story and don’t understand how they work敢不敢打个赌其实许多参与者从没看过漫画,对漫画业也是一无所知?。

  英国退欧致使亚洲股市急剧动荡 --5 19:00: 来源: 由于英国退欧影响,亚洲股市反响强烈,各大股指纷纷跳水 After initial gains, Japan’s benchmark Nikkei 5 closed 7.9% down at ,95. points, the biggest one-day fall since the tsunami.虽然一开始曾有所增长,但是日经5指数当天收盘于95.点,跌幅达到了7.9%,创下了自从年海啸以来最大单日跌幅The UK voted by 5% to 8% to leave the European Union after 3 years, in a historic referendum.在这场历史性的公投中,英国民众以5%比8%的票数通过退出欧盟的决议,结束了其长达3年的欧盟成员国身份Analysts said investor sentiment is rattled by the looming uncertainty on markets around the globe.据分析人士表示,由于这一阴森逼近的不确定性的影响,全球市场上的投资者信心受到急剧动摇The British pound at one point hit its lowest level since 1985.英镑汇率一度跌破了1985年以来的最低水平The Japanese yen has surged to 1. to the US dollar as investors now see the currency as a safe haven. Tokyo has years been trying to keep the yen low as any surge in the currency hurts the country’s exporters.由于投资者们将日元作为避险的最佳选择,日元兑美元汇率已经飙升到了1.日本多年以来一直试图维持日元的低价位,因为一旦日元升值,其国内的出口商就会严重受损Japan’s currency woes日元困境Bank of Japan governor Haruhiko Kuroda said the central bank stood y to ensure market stability.据日本央行行长黑田东彦表示,日本央行随时准备出手保障市场稳定"The BOJ, in close co-operation with relevant domestic and eign authorities, will continue to carefully monitor how the [EU referendum] would affect global financial markets," Mr Kuroda said on Friday.黑田东彦在周五表示说:“日本央行于相关国内、国外部门密切合作,将会继续密切关注英国公投给全球金融市场带来怎样的影响”Most of Japan’s big exporter companies took major hits with Bridgestone, Toyota and Panasonic all losing more than 8%.日本多数大型出口企业都受到了严重冲击,普利司通、丰田和松下受损的幅度均超过了8%Companies with production hubs in the UK also suffered. Hitachi, which produces trains in Britain, fell .3% while carmaker Nissan which has plants in the UK fell 8.1%.在英国拥有生产中心的公司也损失惨重在英国生产火车的日立损失达到了.3%,在英国扎根的汽车制造商尼桑的跌幅达到了8.1%" Japan, a sharp yen appreciation is the most concerning outcome from Brexit," Takuji Okubo, chief economist with Japan Macro Advisors, told the B.日本宏观经济顾问首席经济学家卓治·大久保对B透露说:“对于日本来说,日元大幅升值才是英国退欧带来的最令人忧虑的影响”"A sharp yen appreciation poses a threat of a return to deflation, causing prices to drop, corporate profits to shrink and asset markets to fall," he said.他说道:“日元大幅升值具有通货紧缩的威胁,会导致物价下跌、企业利润萎缩、资本市场也将大幅缩水”"Japan cannot afd to sit back. With the BoJ nearly having exhausted its easing options, currency intervention is one of the only policy measures Japan can take to fight back the tide of deflation," Mr Okubo said.大久保说道:“日本不能袖手旁观日本央行几乎用尽了其所有的货币宽松政策措施在日本所能采取的有限几项措施中,货币干预是其中一项能够用来阻止通缩趋势的措施”Other markets in Asia其他亚洲市场In South Korea, the Kospi index closed 3.1% lower at 1,95.. The Korean won has dropped the most against the US dollar since the beginning of June.韩国综合股价指数收盘于195.点,跌幅为3.1%韩元兑美元汇率跌幅达到了6月以来的最大值Australia’s ASX0 finished the day 3.% lower at 5,1..澳大利亚ASX0指数当天收盘于51.点,跌幅达到了3.%In China, the mainland Shanghai Composite was down 1.3% to ,853.98 while Hong Kong’s Hang Seng is down sharply .% to ,0.6 points.在中国,上综合指数收盘于53.98点,跌幅1.3%香港恒生指数收盘于0.6点,暴跌.%Mumbai’s Sensex in India also fell by 3.6% to 6,.85 points.印度孟买指数收盘于6.85点,跌幅3.6%"There has been a sharp knee-jerk reaction in markets, as hopes of Bremain had gained traction in the past week," Shubhada Rao, analyst with Yes Bank in Mumbai told the B.孟买Yes Bank分析师拉奥告诉B说:“市场呈现一个犀利的倒V型走向,因为在前几周人们还认为英国将继续留在欧盟,那个时候市场形势还一片大好”"In the near-term, equity and currency markets could test new lows, while continuing to closely watch developments in UK the way ahead."“在短期内,股票和货币市场可能将会跌到更低点,同时密切关注英国事态在未来的发展”

  世界末日:人类只有一年时间来应对超级火山喷发 -- 18::5 来源: 美国科学家通过对加州史前超级火山的研究,发现超级火山一旦要喷发时,人类可能只有一年的时间来逃命 If a super-eruption were to occur, the blast would launch enough ash into the atmosphere to disrupt weather years to follow, potentially causing famine, health crisis, and global civil unrest.如果一座超级火山即将喷发,那么爆炸将喷射出足够多的火山灰到大气之中,从而扰乱接下来多年的天气,有可能会造成饥荒、健康危机和全球动乱And leading up to the catastrophic event, the world would have just one year to prepare.而在迎来这一悲惨事件之前,人类仅仅只有一年的时间来准备应对Researchers have determined this based on a microscopic analysis of quartz crystals in pumice from the Bishop Tuff in Calinia, the site of a super-eruption 760,000 years ago.通过对加利福尼亚主教凝灰岩(76万年前此地曾发生过一场超级火山喷发)浮石中的石英晶体进行显微分析,研究者们确定了这一结论The ancient super-eruption in eastern Calinia med the Long Valley Caldera – a feature that is nearly miles long and miles wide.古代东加尼福利亚这场超级火山喷发形成了长谷火山口--约英里长,英里宽In the study, the researchers from Vanderbilt University and the University of Chicago analyzed dozens of small quartz crystals, remnants from the original underground magma, from the Bishop Tuff.在这项研究中,来自范德堡大学和芝加哥大学的研究者们分析了几十块小石英晶体,这些石英晶体采自主教凝灰岩,是地下岩浆喷射而出后的残余物质Quartz crystals have distinctive rims, they explain in a paper published to the journal Plos One, and are rich in titanium.研究者们在《Plos One期刊上发表了一篇论文,解释说这些石英晶体有不同的轮辋,并且富含钛Along with this, they are bright in cathodoluminescence, which allowed them to make high-resolution measurements of variation in the titanium, providing detailed insight on the transition from pre-eruptive crystallization to the decompression and crystallization at the time of the blast.除此之外,这些石英晶体还被置于阴极射线的照射下,从而使得研究者们可以得到钛物质变动的高精确测量,进而可以详细地观察到喷发前的晶体减压、在爆炸时结晶的转化过程This analysis helped to determine rim growth times and growth rates – revealing that these processes largely occurred in a span of less than a year.这项分析能够帮助确定轮辋的生长时间和生长率--而分析结果显示,这些过程大部分都发送在不到一年的时间里‘Maximum rim growth times span from approximately 1 minute to 35 years, with a median of approximately days,’ the authors wrote.作者们写道:“大部分轮辋的生长时间都在约1分钟到35年之间,其中中位数大约是天”‘More than 70 percent of rim growth times are less than 1 year, showing that quartz rims have mostly grown in the days to months prior to eruption...“超过70%轮辋的生长时间不足1年,这表明石英轮辋生长的时间大多截止到超级火山喷发前几个月…’Growth took place under conditions of high supersaturation suggesting that rim growth marks the onset of decompression and the transition from pre-eruptive to syn-eruptive conditions.’“轮辋生长只会发生在高度饱和的情况下,这表明轮辋的生长记录下了减压的开始时间,以及从爆发前到爆发时的情况变化”It takes tens of thousands of years the crust to generate enough eruptible magma, but once med, these unstable magma bodies only last centuries to a few millennia.地壳聚集足够喷发的岩浆需要数万年的时间,但是一旦准备完毕,这些不稳定的岩浆体就只会在地壳内存在几百年到几千年的时间As the decompression occurs, the magma body would likely be expanding as well, having detectable effects at the surface.一旦减压作用发生,岩浆体就有可能膨胀,并在地表产生明显的影响降雨不断,多地现“看海”景观 -- 1:57:56 来源: 近期,城市涝情连连不断今年汛期以来,已有北京、上海、成都、武汉、南京等众多城市因暴雨内涝出现“看海”景观Many part of China have seen heavy rains in the past couple of weeks. Tourists take shelter after a sudden downpour in Tian'anmen Square in Beijing, July 30, . [PhotoCFP]请看相关报道:In recent years, many Chinese cities, including metropolises such as Beijing and Shanghai, have frequently been flooded during the summer rains partly because of their poor drainage systems. Heavy rain means streets and commies are awash, with people joking the residents get to enjoy "sea views".近年来,我国很多城市,包括北京、上海这样的大城市,在夏季降雨期间频繁出现内涝,部分原因是城市排水系统落后强降雨导致街道和居民区被淹,人们戏称可以“看海”Sea view通常用来描述某个地方的景致,表示在该地可以看到海景,比如 hotel room with sea views(海景酒店房)不过,我们这里说的“看海”可不是那么美好的,所以我们加了引号“sea views”,指的是强降雨(heavy rainfall)期间,城市因排水系统(drainage system)落后,导致街道出现内涝(streets are awashflooded),人们在自家门口就能看到整个街区变成一片汪洋,随时都能“看海”从气象上来说,小时降水量(precipitation)为50毫米或以上的雨称为“暴雨”(rainstorm downpour torrential rain)其他常见的表示雨水的词汇还有:drizzle(毛毛雨)、shower(阵雨)、thundershower(雷阵雨)等7月日,李克强总理在国务院常务会议上说,“目前中国正处在城镇化快速发展时期,但我们的地下管廊建设(the construction of underground storm drains in urban areas)严重滞后加快这方面的建设,很有必要!”李克强指出,建设地下综合管廊(the construction of comprehensive drainage systems),既是拉动有效投资的着力点,又可以增加公共产品供给,提高城市安全水平和城镇化发展质量,打造经济发展新动力准备好迎接炎炎夏日了吗?——装扮房间的条建议 --6 :8:30 来源: 这里有中有趣、巧妙、有创意的方法,帮你把夏天的精神带到家中 The days are lengthening; the nights are warmer — it’s time to start thinking summer. From white curtains billowing in the breeze, sleeping porches, shell collections and wildflowers to fresh juice in the morning and nautical stripes, certain things just beg to be a part of your summer routine. Here are fun, crafty and creative ways to get your home in the spirit of summer.随着白昼延长,夜晚变暖——该想想夏天了微风中飘荡着白窗帘,睡在走廊,贝壳制品、野花、早晨的新鲜果汁还有航海条纹,都应该成为你夏天日常的一部分这里有中有趣、巧妙、有创意的方法,帮你把夏天的精神带到家中1. Hang outdoor curtains. What says summer more clearly than white curtains billowing in a breeze? And as if the tropical-vacation vibe weren’t enough reason to add them to your porch ASAP, they also provide shade and privacy.1.挂室外窗帘有什么比飘荡在微风中的白窗帘更有夏天味儿?如果它能营造的热带假期氛围不能作为你立即挂起来的原因,那它能为你带来的阴凉和隐私也该足够. Collect shells in a big glass vase. Start the season by filling a big glass cylindrical vase partway with sand, and gradually add shells as you find them on your beach adventures throughout the summer..在大玻璃花瓶中收集贝壳应该这样开始你的夏天:找一个大玻璃圆柱花瓶,先放点沙子,再把你夏天从海边捡回来的贝壳一点点放上来3. Deck out your deck siestas and fiestas. Colorful cushions, a pottery collection and a guitar set the stage any relaxed afternoon activity you like, from solo napping to having a mellow party with friends.3.为午睡和节日装扮你的甲板五缤纷的靠垫,再来点陶器,和一把吉他,这里就可以成为你午后轻松节目的舞台了,你可以独自午睡,也可以叫上朋友来个有格调的聚会. Set up a summery bar. A pretty tray with a few glasses and a pile of limes is all you need to be y summer drinks — and the glasses don’t even need to be made of glass if your bar is outdoors..建一个夏日吧台想提供夏日饮料,你只需要一点石灰,还有一个放着玻璃杯的漂亮托盘——如果你的吧台在室外,你的杯子甚至不需要是玻璃的5. Hang a swinging chair.Whether outdoors or in, a swinging chair instantly makes any space feel more relaxed. Try one on the porch or in the living room.5.挂一把秋千椅室外或室内,秋千椅都会让这个空间舒适起来在门廊或你的客厅试着挂一个吧6. Restyle your kitchen shelves. Give yourself the gift of simplicity this summer by offloading the clutter from your kitchen cabinets into a few boxes and putting them away in a distant closet. The extra breathing space will make it feel like you’re cooking in a vacation home.6.改变你厨房架子的风格把橱柜里的那些杂物都拿下来装进箱子藏到柜子里去吧,把简洁的夏天作为礼物送给自己做饭时这些多出来的空间会让你觉得自己正在哪里度假呢7. Decorate with driftwood. Found a cool chunk of driftwood on the beach? Clean it up and put it to work on your coffee table, console or bookcase.7.用浮木做装饰在海滩上找一块好看的厚浮木,清洗一下后做咖啡桌、工作台或者书架8. Make setting the table easy as pie. Instead of keeping your silverware in the drawer as usual, try storing it in a caddy right on the dining table the summer months — plus it’ll be easy to grab when you decide to have dinner al fresco.8.让布桌变得易如反掌餐具就不要放在抽屉里了,这个夏天就把它们装在茶叶罐里放在餐桌上——再说如果你要露天晚餐的话,这样也容易多了不是么9. Put some wildflowers in a jelly jar. When outdoor blooms are so plentiful, why buy them in a store? Snip whatever happens to be growing in your own backyard and plunk the stems in a jelly jar to add a romantic touch to any room.9.在糖罐里放点野花当室外的花如此繁多时,又何必在花店买花?从你的后院随便剪点什么,把花茎放在糖罐理,给你的房间制造一点罗曼蒂克. Freshen up the beds with crisp nautical stripes. Blue and white striped bedding on all of the beds feels very beach house chic. Shop around and scoop some up on sale..用航海条纹让卧室焕然一新所有卧室的床品都换成蓝白条纹,会让房子充满海滩味儿逛起来买点促销的条纹床品. Keep rolled-up beach towels by the door. The bright colors look cheerful, and having the towels close at hand means you won’t have to scramble when it’s time to head out the door. Try storing them in a vintage enamel bucket, big beach tote or French market basket..在门边放几个卷起来的沙滩毛巾明亮的颜色带来欢快,而且门边放着毛巾,在你急着出门时就不用爬过去够毛巾了把它们放在复古的搪瓷桶,大的海滩包,或者法国市场篮子. Squeeze fresh juice in the morning. Keep a big pile of fresh oranges, a glass pitcher and a juicer together on the counter and make a ritual of squeezing fresh juice each summer morning. It’ll make the day feel special right from the beginning..早晨挤点新鲜果汁在柜台上放一个大的新鲜橙子,一个玻璃水罐,一个榨汁机,让挤新鲜果汁成为每一个夏日清晨的日常这会使你一天都感觉棒极了. Set up an outdoor changing area. If you have a pool in the backyard or make frequent trips to the beach, it can come in quite handy to have a changing booth outside getting into and out of bathing suits. Style up your own changing area with old buoys, colorful lanterns and a fun, seaside-themed shower curtain..搞一个户外换衣区如果你后院有一个游泳池,或者你常去沙滩的话,对穿着泳衣的你,有一个室外换衣区在出去或进来时都会更方便用旧的浮标,色斑斓的灯笼,海滩主题的有趣浴帘,来装点属于你的户外换衣区. Furnish a sleeping porch. Add a daybed or two to your screened-in porch to transm it into an extra sleeping spot on warm summer nights — or a napping place on lazy summer afternoons, with a tall sweet tea in arm’s reach. You can’t beat an iron-frame bed and a striped mattress cover classic summer appeal..布置一个睡觉的门廊为你带着纱窗的走廊加一个或两个沙发床,让这里成为你炎热的夏日夜晚另一个可以睡觉的地方,它也是慵懒的下午你打盹的地方,你可以在手边放一大壶香甜的茶铁框床和条纹床垫,这样的夏天味儿你可无法抵挡. Hang a flag. Hanging a flag can add vibrant color and style to your entry all summer long, not just on the Fourth of July..挂一面旗不要只在7月号挂旗了,让你的门口整个夏天都充满色和格调

  湖北抗洪前线“馒头连”走红~ -- :1:7 来源:chinadaily 一排泥人般的子弟兵坐在大堤上,嚼着馒头,这是一顿抗洪抢险间隙的午餐日,这感人的一幕被拍下传到网上,人民日报等媒体的官方微纷纷转发,成千上万网友在微信、微转发、点赞,亲切地称这队最可爱的官兵为“馒头连” 请看相关报道: Xie Yongfu, a PLA squad leader, has become an online celebrity after a photo of him eatingsteamed buns with other soldiers in wet and muddy clothes was posted online by a PLA Dailyreporter. 人民解放军战士、班长谢永富因为一张吃馒头的照片而成了网红,照片上他和其他战士穿着浸透了泥浆的衣,坐在地上吃馒头这张照片被《解放军报的一名记者传到了网上 当时谢永富和其他战士们正在黄梅太白湖现场执行抢险救灾任务(perm flood relief work),当天,太白湖大堤上大雨倾盆,管涌(piping)、溃口(dyke breach)时时威胁大堤安全,形势十分严峻垒沙包(pile up sandbags)、运沙包,官兵们浑身满是泥浆,顿时成了一个个“泥人”附近一位村民一直守在现场,看到官兵们迟迟不肯吃饭,就从镇上买来一大袋馒头(steamed buns)和矿泉水(mineral water),劝官兵停下来吃口饭为不辜负群众的好意,该连官兵短暂地停下手中工作,接过馒头和矿泉水,顾不上泥浆和雨水,直接啃了起来这感人的一幕被拍下传到网上后,网友们纷纷给这个“馒头连”点赞 受暴雨灾害影响,湖北江苏等地的快递业务也受到影响,一方面是方便面(instant noodles)等日常必需品(daily necessities)的在线订单(online orders)猛增,另一方面,快递员(deliverymencouriers)连出个门都很困难,有的快递员已经用上了托艇(motorboat)南方暴雨洪涝致180多人遇难 橙色预警持续 -- :35:53 来源:chinadaily At least 186 people have died due to severe flooding in southern China, as weather authorities on Sunday restored an orange alert heavy rain in the next hours. 中国南方严重洪涝灾害导致至少186人死亡星期天,气象部门发布未来小时的暴雨橙色预警 Thunderstorms will hit the provinces of Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu, Hunan, Jiangxi, Guizhou and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region from Sunday morning to Monday morning, with precipitation reaching up to millimeters in some areas, the National Meteorological Center said on its website. 据国家气象中心网站消息,自周日上午至周一上午,雷暴将袭击湖北、安徽、江苏、湖南、江西、贵州和广西壮族自治区局部地区降水量将达毫米 Heavy rains are ecast to hit the southern regions over the next days. Nepartak, the year’s first typhoon, is expected to bring gale-ce winds and heavy rain to eastern coastal areas next week. 预计暴雨在未来天内都将持续在南方地区肆虐下周,今年的第1号台风“尼伯特”将给东部沿海带来七级以上大风和强降雨 China has a four-tier color-coded system severe weather, with red being the most serious, followed by orange, yellow and blue. 中国恶劣天气预警信号用四种颜色区分四个等级,红色为最高级别,接着是橙色、黄色、蓝色 Disaster relief authorities said on Sunday that 91 rivers have surpassed their warning levels and that they are under severe pressure to prevent more floods. They suggested people reduce outdoor activities and take precautions against possible floods and landslides. 星期天,灾难救援部门表示,91条河流的水位已经超过警戒线,面临着严峻的防洪压力他们建议人们减少户外活动,并就可能发生的洪水和山体滑坡采取预防措施 On Sunday, a second flood peak was med in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, China’s longest river. As of 3 am Sunday, water at the Datong Hydrologic Station in Anhui Province had reached the warning level and continued to rise. 星期天,在中国最长的河流——长江中下游形成了第二次洪峰截至星期天凌晨3点,安徽省大通水文站的水位已达警戒线,并呈持续上升趋势 The flooding came after continuous rain, and the Yangtze River has been hit times by strong rainfall since mid-March. Some 3 rivers along the Yangtze have surpassed their safe limits. 洪水由多日持续降水造成自3月中旬以来,长江已经被强降雨袭击了次有3条河流越过了安全水位 Precipitation along the Yangtze has been around percent more than in previous years. 长江沿岸的降水比往年增加了% Dongting Lake’s water level is about a meter higher than in previous years, while the water level of Poyang Lake, China’s largest freshwater body, is two meters higher than in previous years. 洞庭湖的水位比往年高出了1米,而中国最大的淡水湖鄱阳湖水位则比往年高出了两米多 On Sunday, the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters reported that 186 people have died and 5 people are missing. Some 3.8 million people in 1,19 counties in 6 provincial-level regions have been affected by the heavy rainfall and floods. More than 56,000 houses have reportedly collapsed. The overall estimated damage was around 50.6 billion yuan (.6 billion). 上个星期天,国家防汛抗旱指挥部报告称,全国因灾死亡186人、失踪5人已有6个省(区、市)的9个县遭受洪涝灾害据报道,超过56000间房屋倒塌,整体损失约为5亿元(76.亿美元) In Hubei Province alone, 5 people have died and six others remain missing. More than 6 million people are suffering from the floods. In Anhui Province, people were reportedly killed and six others remain missing. 仅湖北省就有5人死亡,6人仍失联中约有600万人遭受洪涝灾害在安徽省,据报道有人死亡,6人失联 Chen Guiya, deputy director of the Yangtze River Water Resources Committee, said there is absolutely no let-up in flood control efts as floods have damaged several river banks. 长江水利委员会的副主任陈桂亚表示,尽管洪水摧毁了一些堤坝,但在防洪方面我们绝对不会放弃努力 ;Flood control facilities, especially the main dikes along the Yangtze River have been reinced since 1998 to withstand severe floods, but rising water levels have damaged many river banks in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze, posing great danger,; Chen said. 他说,“自1998以来,防洪设施,特别是长江流域的干堤已被加固,以抵挡严重的洪涝灾害但水位上升已经破坏了许多长江中下游的很多堤坝,形成了巨大的安全威胁” A similar El Nino effect triggered heavy flooding along the Yangtze and led to more than 1,3 deaths in 1998. Experts said the Yangtze’s main dikes are not likely to be damaged by floods as they were in 1998, but severe floods are likely to hit its tributaries. 1998年,类似的厄尔尼诺现象引发了长江流域的大洪水,并导致多人死亡专家表示,今年,长江干堤可能不会像1998年那样被冲垮,然而特大洪水有可能严重摧毁长江流 China is expected to face very complicated weather conditions from El Nino, and there is a relatively high possibility of basin-wide floods this year, Vice Premier Wang Yang warned in mid-June. 中国国务院副总理汪洋在6月中旬就曾警告说,受厄尔尼诺影响,今年我国天气形势异常复杂,发生流域性洪水的可能性较大

  中俄将在南海举行联合演习 --30 18::00 来源: 继“南海仲裁案”这一政治闹剧之后,我军近日表示,“今年九月将在南海举行联合军事演习”一起来了解下吧! The announcement follows a ruling by an international tribunal earlier this month that rejected China’s claims in the region.在国际法庭于月初公布驳回中国对南海的主权要求的仲裁结果之后,中国国防部宣布,中俄将在南海举行联合演习The Chinese government has vowed to ignore the ruling.中国政府已经宣布对仲裁结果不予理睬China’s defence ministry said September’s drills would be "routine" and would not "target any third party".中国国防部表示,九月份的演习为“例行演习”、“不针对任何第三方”Spokesman Yang Yujun said the exercises would be carried out in the "relevant sea and air of the South China Sea", but did not give exact locations.发言人杨宇军称,演习将会在”南海相关海域和领空”举行,但是并未给出具体地点He said the drills aimed to "consolidate and develop" China and Russia’s comprehensive strategic partnership, and "enhance the capabilities of the two navies to jointly deal with maritime security threats".他表示,演习旨在“巩固和发展”中俄全面战略伙伴关系,同时“增强两国海军共同应对海上安全威胁的能力”China and Russia have conducted joint naval exercises several years which analysts say is designed to stem US power in the Asia-Pacific region.中俄两国举行联合海军演习已有数年历史,分析人士认为此举意在阻止美国在亚太地区的影响力China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei all have competing claims to territory in the South China Sea.中国大陆,越南,菲律宾,中国台湾,马来西亚和文莱都竞相宣称对南海拥有主权China has backed its claims with island-building and naval patrols. Although the US says it does not take sides in territorial disputes, it has sent military ships and planes near disputed islands which it says is aimed at ensuring freedom of navigation.中国以岛屿建设和海上巡逻作为其主权要求的依据虽然美国表示在领土纠纷上不会选边站,但是它已经派出军舰和战机靠近争议岛屿,并表示此举旨在保航行自由Earlier this month, the International Court of Arbitration in The Hague dismissed China’s claims to much of the disputed area saying they had "no legal basis".就在月初,海牙国际仲裁法院驳回了中国对大部分争议地区的主权要求,并表示中国“没有法律依据”The Philippines, which brought the case, called on China to respect the ruling.上诉方菲律宾呼吁中国尊重仲裁结果The ruling is binding but the International Court of Arbitration has no powers of encement.仲裁结果是有约束力的,但是国际仲裁法院没有执行权力

  安徽颁布禁酒令整治“酒桌办公” -- 19:9: 来源:chinadaily 安徽省各市、县已陆续开展“酒桌办公”专项整治工作,规定省内公务接待除外事、招商活动外,一律不准饮酒,酒桌禁令成了安徽官场上的一条高压红线请看相关报道:Anhui province has banned alcoholic beverages at official banquets, except those held to attract investment or involving eign affairs.安徽省规定,公务接待除外事、招商活动外,一律不准饮酒今年6月初,中央巡视组向安徽反馈“回头看”情况,专门提到“酒桌文化尚未得到有效治理”“酒桌文化”(drinking culture)成为中共十八大巡视以来的又一巡视新词中国人普遍都认为“无酒不成席”(a banquet without alcohol is no banquet at all);很多做生意的人都觉得在酒桌上才能真正认识一个人,彼此建立信任;很多官员也喜欢在酒桌上谈工作(discuss work issues when drinking at banquets)“喝的是酒,喷的是口水,讲的是关系,办的是事情”一句顺口溜概括了“酒桌文化”的实质据悉,此次安徽省“酒桌办公”(discussing work issues while drinking at banquets)专项整治工作对公务活动宴请(official banquets)做了明确规定,重点整治“不请客吃饭不办事”、“请客吃饭乱办事”现象;规定党员干部及公职人员严禁通过“酒桌办公”要资金、跑项目、争考核名次或谋取不当利益;严禁接受可能影响公正执行公务的宴请十八大以后,中共中央提出党的群众路线(mass line)教育学习活动,各地都展开针对形式主义(malism)、官僚主义(bureaucratism)、享乐主义(hedonism)和奢靡之风(extravagance)的反“四风”活动(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)。

  不爱喝牛奶?七种食物让你快速入睡 -- :55:1 来源:sohu 难受多喝水?失眠多喝奶?这种不走心的意见是不是已经听到吐!到底小伙伴能不能提些有建设性的意见呢? 整晚辗转反侧不能入眠,确实是令人沮丧 另外,缺乏足够睡眠也会导致不少健康问题:如腰围上涨、高血压和情绪变化要解决问题, 其一是通过饮食来改善睡眠质素,但这方法却往往被忽视 Tossing and turning is frustrating, and the lack of shut-eye can lead to such health problems as an expanding waistline, high blood pressure and an altered mood. Typically overlooked, one way to improve sleep is through diet. 1.香蕉 Bananas 香蕉含有丰富的钾质,可以舒缓不宁腿的症状和防止夜间腿抽筋香蕉还能为身体提供镁,有助肌肉和神经放松,促进血液循环和消化 They’re high in potassium, which may calm restless legs and help prevent nighttime leg cramps. Plus, bananas also provide magnesium, which helps relax muscles and nerves and promotes healthy circulation and digestion. .杏仁 Almonds 杏仁含有镁,可以帮助你进入更好的睡眠状态它还能提供蛋白质,助你在睡眠时维持稳定的血糖水平 Almonds contain magnesium and can help ease you into a better night’s sleep. They also provide protein, which can help you maintain a stable blood sugar level while you’re sleeping. 3.凉茶或不含咖啡因的绿茶 Herbal Tea or Decaffeinated Green Tea 专家指出,大多种不含咖啡因的茶也可以引起睡意绿茶含有茶氨酸,可更容易让人入睡 Experts say most varieties of decaf tea will encourage drowsiness. Green tea contains theanine, which may promote sleep. .燕麦粥 Oatmeal 它含有大量的钙,镁和钾,这些物质都能帮助你更快速地入睡只是不要放太多糖,因为睡前吸收过量糖份会对睡眠产生反效果 It packs plenty of calcium, magnesium and potassium, all of which may help make you fall asleep more quickly.Just go easy on the sugar -- too much bee bed can have the opposite effect. 5.甘薯 Sweet potatoes 甘薯可提供丰富的钾质,它可以放松肌肉和神经,促进血液循环和消化 Sweet potatoes are a good source of potassium, which relaxes muscles and nerves and aids circulation and digestion. 6.麦片 Cereal 一小碗低糖、全谷麦片可以作为睡眠时段的健康零食 A small bowl of low-sugar, whole-grain cereal can be a healthy snack that sets the stage sleep. 7.鲜奶 Milk (地球人都知道) 钙可以直接生产褪黑素,有助维持体内的小时醒睡周期豆浆比牛奶更好吗?大豆产品可以令人睡得更快、更香,还可以帮助受失眠困扰的更年期妇女 Calcium plays a direct role in the production of melatonin, which helps to maintain your body’s -hour sleep-wake cycle. Prefer soy milk to cow's milk? Soy products have been known to make people fall asleep faster and deeper. They may help insomnia in menopausal women. 现在大家应该知道哪些食物可以让你快速入睡了吧! 小编善意介绍 [健康] 戒掉这种食物 收获好睡眠(双语) 让你真正拥有优质睡眠,迎接健康人生,走向顶峰! Photo source: Baidu English Source:

  男人也时尚 让人哭笑不得的老爸们(双语) --30 18:3: 来源:sohu 谁说时尚达人必须是年轻漂亮的女士们?这些来自世界各地的老爸们在Instagram上炫耀着自己炫酷而又特立独行的着装 Who said that fashionistas must be young and pretty ladies? This Instagram shows off dads from all around the world rocking their own, unique style. 工装短裤,趣味T恤,有时再加几件令人汗颜的配件,这些把父亲们打造成了真正的“时尚偶像” Cargo shorts, fun T-shirts and sometimes cringe-worthy accessories make these dads true fashion icons. 看看这些超酷的装备吧,也许你会找到几件合适的单品添置到自己的衣柜里 Take a look at these cool clothing sets and maybe you'll find something that you could adapt to your own closet. 这个老爸,把穿到了身上 比起上面的那个,我们更加相亲相爱 不在T恤上,印到箱子上也不错啊 这两个老爸的打底裤,太时尚啦 瞧瞧这身混搭! 最OK的老爸,穿的也很萌萌达呢 看到你,生活立刻就缤纷乐! 那个短裤配貂皮的老爸真是亮瞎了小编的眼,感谢这些可爱的父亲,给我们带来了如此多的欢乐! English Source: Bored Panda

  少女原味脚皮?揭秘淘宝奇葩买卖 -- 18:6:1 来源:sohu 滴滴代注册、明星分手险、渣男测试、人皮面具、卖脚皮、出租男女朋友、脑残片......近日,淘宝首次公布“奇葩勾当”排行榜,揭露了八种突破法律红线或违反社会伦理道德的奇葩行为据了解,阿里“神盾局”内部有一“禁限售商品管理”团队,仅年上半年就删除此类违法、违禁、扰乱平台秩序的商品链接高达万余条 China's largest e-commerce platm Taobao has published a list of weird goods or services offered on the website the first time recently. The Safety and Security Intelligence Center of Alibaba Group has a team that manages the banned and restricted goods. It has deleted over . million links selling illegal goods or goods that disturb the order of the platm in the first half of . 首先,下面让我们来盘点一下都有哪些奇葩勾当上线 1.What are they? 1)滴滴代注册:这一务主要是为用户提供代理注册务,商家在收费50至0元不等后,保障司机即使在不合符注册条件的情况之下,仍可在滴滴平台上注册成功因滴滴注册自身有注册门槛要求,所以,这一代理行为违背企业安全诚信标准,日后存在未知风险 Help customers register Didi drivers: If a driver wants to register as a Didi driver on cab hailing app Didi Dache, he or she must meet certain standards. example, his car must be in good condition, and he himself must be a good driver, etc. However, some drivers cannot meet the requirements set by Didi. Theree, they turned to Taobao help. Some Taobao shops charge the drivers from 50 to 0 yuan to help them get registered quickly. And if the they register the driver is blocked, they can help them get a new free. 而就目前来看,这一代理行业最大的风险就是一旦不符合注册标准的司机成功注册,并开始接单进行务后,在过程中会给叫车的乘客带来极大的风险和困扰比如:实际车辆与乘客在叫车软件上预定的车号牌不符、型号不符,或司机根本不是同一人等 Reason stopping it: Drivers not meeting the standardsmay not be able to offer qualified service to customers. When customers hail a car on the app, they may find that the car going to take them may have a different number plate or the driver may be a different person, which may be quite dangerous. )分手险:泰勒和抖森新恋情曝光,淘宝网的部分商家趁机推出了与二人恋情相关的专属「分手险」,该险种明显带有对明星私生活的调侃性质另外,此虚拟险种,也涉及非法集资诈骗 Break-up insurance: After Taylor Swift started dating with Tom Hiddleston this June, there's a break-up insurance the two appearing on Taobao. Each bet costs 1 yuan(<牛人_句子>.). If the pop singer 'breaks up' with the new boyfriend within a year then the buyer will get double their bet which is directly paid into their bank . One seller says that there have been 53 transactions. While another seller said that the highest amount someone has spent was 00 yuan. 这项务所提供的险种本是就是不存在的,看似好笑,单笔交易也不过一元左右,而事实上它涉及非法集资诈骗在零成本的基础上,卖家可以盈利几千元之多 Reason stopping: There's no break-up insurances. This business could be suspected of involving fraudulent fund-raising. Although it’s sold at 1 yuan each, the seller may collect several thousand yuan or even more. It’s illegal fund-raising. 经过严格的筛查和监管,分手险和类似商品已在淘宝下架详情请点击查看:分手险系非法集资已遭下架 3)渣男测试:买家花钱购买后,就会有年轻女性以陌生女孩的身份,根据客户所提供的资料,通过QQ或微信来帮助客户鉴定另一半对自己是否忠诚 Fidelity tests: After you buy the service, there will be a young female using the inmation you give to seduce your boyfriend, testing whether he is loyal enough or not. 这一“勾当”其实严重扰乱了社会公共秩序更有潜在非法性交易和发生强奸犯罪的隐患 Reason stopping: it violates public order and fine customs. There’s also a risk of potential sex trade or rape cases (because of seducing), just like renting a boyfriend or girlfriend to satisfy worrying parents. )人皮面具:高度仿真人脸,其脸部皮肤纹理、色泽与真人极度相似 Skinmask: Skinmask that looks similar to genuine human faces in skin texture and color. Many people love to use such tools to make practical jokes, or frighten somebody fun. Or they may just want to imitate what people in TV dramas do and want to make some fun with the mask. 这一奇葩商品给了犯罪分子可乘之机,它们可以通过这些面具在作案时隐藏身份,逃避警察追捕 Reason stopping: Some criminals may also buy the mask, and use it as a tool to hide their identity while committing a crime, which may hinder the police from finding the criminals. 5)代骂挨骂务:协助他人提供报复、发泄性质的骂人和被人骂务 Revenge service: It was quite easy to find such service sold online. The seller charges customers money according to the time the seller spent in making phone calls to scold others them. 福建的律师邓长昌表示,根据法律规定,每个人都有人权,且都应得到尊重随意辱骂他人是严重伤害他人人权的行为买卖双方都属于侵犯他人权利 Reasons stopping: Deng Changchang, a lawyer in Fujian, said this behavior is illegal. According to the law, everyone has his or her right of personality, which should be respected by others. Scolding others will violate their right of personality. Those who scold others customers and customers who hire them infringe others' rights together. 6)脚皮、新鲜大便等无厘头商品:淘宝上出现“少女原味脚皮”等怪异商品,并持续热销,奇葩商品引发社会舆论和广泛关注 Dead skin from the foot of a virgin or feces: Some sellers sell original flavor of dead skin from the foot of a virgin or feces as snacks, which even became a huge hit on Taobao. 这一商品必须叫停的原因 奇葩商品吸引奇葩取向的顾客,造成负面社会影响 没有严格的检疫,这类商品极有可能携带病毒细菌 那么多人在买“少女”的这,“少女”的那如此大的销量,哪来那么多少女脚皮?或者,这也许根本不是你心中的“少女”?细思极恐 Reason stopping: These could attract some people with weird hobbies, and bring some negative social influences. Is that edible? There's no healthstandard that, which may sp some insects. There are a lot of people buying that. So are there so many girl's dead foot skin sales? Are these dead skins really from girls?7)脑残片:商家对普通糖果进行伪装,为了取眼球和恶搞而冠上脑残片等怪异名称 Pills stupid people: These are candies in fact. But sellers use a fancy package to pack these candies, and name it pills stupid people (脑残片). People may buy it prank use, like making fun of others by giving them the pills to cure their brain damage. 我国对于网络渠道销售药品食品是设有十分严格而明确的规章制度的而“脑残片”既不属于食品,也不属于药品,这就意味着它很有可能既不符合食品规定也不属于药品规定,所以对消费者健康而言,这类怪异药片有着不可预知的风险 Reason stopping: there is strict quality control in selling drugs or food on the internet. Such pills are neither food nor drugs, which may neither meet the requirements of food nor drugs. So it may be risky to customer's health. 那么,究竟是何原因导致市面上出现这些奇奇怪怪的“勾当”呢? .Why is there such weird business? 1)为了吸引消费者 许多年轻人喜欢标新立异,从而显示出自己的与众不同许多黑心商家利用法律漏洞,销售一些奇奇怪怪的商品,以此来取年轻人的眼球,从而盈利 To attract customers:Many young people love to show their individuality, and differentiate from others. Theree, many sellers make use of the loopholes of the law, and make their goods appear weird and special in order to stand out on the online shopping website to attract these young people to buy. )一个愿打一个愿挨--需求刺激供给 以滴滴打车为例,随着滴滴这款app越来越火爆,许多私家车司机也想从中捞一桶金而然部分司机不符合滴滴审核的标准无法注册为了迎合这一需求,淘宝的一些黑心商家就提供虚假信息帮助他们在滴滴上完成注册 There's demand stimulate the supply: As the Didi Dache app becomes popular, many drivers want to join in to make extra money. However, not all of them qualify the registry requirements. Theree, some Taobao sellers charge them money to help them register with false inmation. 3)监管的缺乏 由于淘宝这一平台自身的开放性和丰富性,人们似乎可以在淘宝上售卖任何东西这就使那些不法卖家可以披着万众创新的外衣,在这一平台上销售自己那些奇葩商品而且由于淘宝平台的复杂性,在监管团队查出他们之前,还有时间可以大赚一笔 Lack of supervision: Due to Taobao's qualities of abundance and openness, people seem to sell everything, real or virtual online. Theree, it’s easy people to start a business on the platm to sell these weird things, under the name of innovation. And it's highly possible that they can make money bee Taobao team found their business improper, and blocked their shops or links. )利用“名人”效应 分手险就是随着霉霉和抖森恋情曝光而出现的奇葩商品黑心商家利用广大中国粉丝对霉霉的关注和喜爱,积少成多,从中盈利 Make use of celebrity's gossip: Those who sell break-up insurance just want to make use of the relationship between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. Because the singer is very popular and has many fans in China, there must be fans focusing on the development of their relationship, and want to buy the insurance which only costs 1 yuan each. 最后,针对这些奇葩“勾当”,我们应该做些什么呢? 下面是几点小建议 3. What should be done 1)提醒广大消费者 Remind customers )与有关监管部门取得联系 Contact related departments 3)设立热线举报平台 Set up hotlines or reporting platm )屏蔽“奇怪”关键词 Block more key words

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