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佛山生殖保健顺德区人民医院不孕不育多少钱顺德区中医院新地址 It#39;s Time to Take the ;Positive;Out of Positive Psychology是时候把;正面;从积极心理学中拿走What is the prescription for optimalliving? The burgeoning field of positive psychology appears to have many of theanswers: We should be kind and caring to others, forgiving of transgressions,gracious and compassionate in our daily lives, and upbeat and optimistic aboutthe future. Following this simple plan should keep us happy and healthy.到底什么是理想生活的灵丹妙药?积极心理学新兴领域出现了很多:我们日常生活中应该善待并关心别人,原谅别人的罪过,亲切、富有同情心,还有要乐观,对未来充满希望。跟随这种简单的建议就可以使我们健康快乐。But as with most things, it turns out thatthe answer might not be that simple (link is external). What#39;s good may notalways be good, and what#39;s bad may not always be bad. Being kind and caring isa good thing-as long as the person you are kind and caring towards deservesyour kindness. Being forgiving may produce contentment-except when the forgiverhas no plans to make amends. Being optimistic about the future may keep yourspirits up and help you feel happy-unless you are a gambler who believes thenext bet will be the big one.但在大多数情况下,(与外部链接后)事实并没有那么简单。好的开始并不总是好的结果,而坏的开始也并不一定总是坏的结果。善良且富同情心是好的--前提是你善待及关心的人值得你对他好。宽恕原谅可能带来满足--被宽恕者没有打算赎罪除外。对未来感到乐观可能让你充满精神且让你开心--除非你是个赌徒且总是相信下一个赌注将有好结果。We have labeled certain traits and states;positive; and others ;negative; but according toresearchers Jim McNulty and Frank Fincham ;psychological traits andprocesses are not inherently positive or negative; instead, whetherpsychological characteristics promote or undermine well-being depends on thecontext in which they operate.;我们把一些特点标记为;正面;,另一部分标记为;负面;,但根据研究者Jim McNulty和Frank Fincham, ;心理特质和过程并非天生的正面或负面,取而代之,心理特征是否促进或破化幸福感取决于他们的操作。;How do we take the positive out of positivepsychology? According to McNulty and Fincham, we stop assuming that;positive; traits such as kindness are always beneficial forwell-being and instead dig a big deeper to figure out when, for whom, and towhat extent, being kind and caring, forgiving, or compassionate, actually leadsto greater happiness and health. What does this mean exactly?我们怎样把把;正面;从积极心理学中拿走?根据McNulty及Fincham,我们应停止假设;正面;性格如善良,总是对有利于得到幸福。取而代之是更深地挖掘:什么时候、对谁、做到什么程度,去展示友善、关怀、宽恕或怜悯,才真实地到来更大的幸福感。这到底怎么理解呢?They suggest three approaches:对此他们有三个方法:1. Consider the context. In order tounderstand when traits and processes are beneficial, we need to consider themwithin the social context. ;Positive; traits and processes may not bepositive in all conditions, and under certain circumstances, they couldactually be harmful. Forgiving your spouse might strengthen your relationshipif her transgression is forgetting to turn off the lights, and it#39;s clear shefeels bad about her forgetfulness. But if she is constantly belittling you infront of your friends, and shows no remorse for her actions, forgiveness maynot be the best approach.考虑环境因素。为了能了解什么特征及处理是有利的,我们需要考虑我们所在的社会环境。不是所有的情况;正面;的性格及处理方法都能带来正面的结果,在某种情况下,它甚至会造成伤害。原谅你的配偶可能会更加巩固你们的关系,若对方的错误是忘记关灯且她已经意识到自己的疏忽。但如果她不断的在你的朋友面前贬低你并对自己的行为没有丝毫懊悔,原谅并不是最佳的方式。2. Consider the sample. The positivepsychology movement helped psychologists realize that we cannot understand thewhole of the human condition if we focus only on those who have problems.Likewise, we cannot understand how to promote well-being if we focus only onthose who are aly happy. In order to uncover the secrets to living a happyand healthy life, we must examine the effects of psychological characteristicsnot just within samples of people who are functioning optimally, but also thosewith dysfunction. Perhaps optimism is only beneficial for those who havesomething to be optimistic about. To find out, we must conduct studies on boththe college undergraduate with the bright future and the medical patient whowas diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.细想这个例子。积极心理学运动帮助心理学家意识到若我们只聚焦在存在问题的人的身上,我们没办法明白人类的整体情况。同样地,若我们只关注那些实际已经感到开心快乐的人身上,我们并不能知道怎样促进健康。为了揭开能快乐健康生活的秘密,我们不但要观察身心已处于最佳状态的人的心理特征,我们还要观察那些功能失调的。或许,乐观只有利于那些有事物可让他们感到希望乐观的人上。为了查明,我们进行了研究:一方是前途光明的大学生,另一方则是被确诊癌症第四期的患者。3. Consider the timeline. Most psychologicalresearch is cross-sectional (measuring how a bunch of people feel at one pointin time). To find out how psychological characteristics truly influencewell-being, we need to look at them longitudinally (sampling the same people atmany different time points throughout their lives). This is important becauseresearchers are discovering that what can be good in the short term might bedetrimental over the long run. Spouses who deal with serious relationshipproblems by being kind to each other instead of critical report feeling betterabout their relationships in the moment, but over time they become lesssatisfied relative to spouses who were more critical. Why? The critical spousesactually deal with their problems which helps to improve their relationships.考虑到时间轴。绝大多数的心理研究都是代表性研究(测量一群人在特定时间中的感受)。但若我们希望查明心理特征怎样实实在在地影响幸福感,我们需要纵向地去看(同一群人中,在每个人人生不同的点都进行抽样)。纵向观察很重要,因为研究员发现一些有利于短期的事件却不利于长远。在夫妻关系出现严重问题时,选择善待彼此的夫妻比选择指责批评的夫妻在短期内觉得关系更好;但随着时间过去,(比起;指责组;)善待彼此的夫妻却对关系更感不满。为什么?因为;指责组;实际上是在处理他们之间的问题,从而改善他们的关系。Why does this matter? The positivepsychology movement is widesp and many of us have taken the movement toheart. Therapies, self-help books, and better living apps are now centered onthe promotion of positive characteristics, such as being more kind andforgiving. But if characteristics like kindness and forgiveness aren#39;tnecessarily a good thing for everyone, than we need to move forward withcaution, only promoting these characteristics in the contexts in which they arelikely to be fruitful.为什么这事重要?积极心理学运动广为流传,我们中有很多人已把这运动刻在心中。疗法、自助书籍,协助更好生活的应用程序......已经成为促进积极的特征中心,如更善良和宽容。可是,如果善良、宽容这类特征未必对每个人都是好事,那我们需要非常谨慎探索;只能在了解事情背景并认为善良、宽容这类特征会有对得到正面的成效时才去做。Did you hop on the positive psychologybandwagon? Do you agree it#39;s time to take the ;positive; out ofpositive psychology? Suggestions for other ways to do this?你会指责积极心理学见风使舵吗?你同意是时候把;正面;从积极心理学中拿走?你有其他好的建议吗? /201506/382140First dates can be awkward, and most people don#39;t know how to act. And if you#39;re going out to dinner, getting the wrong type of food can make everything even more uncomfortable. So here#39;s a suggested list of things you should NOT order on a first date.第一次约会本就可能会令人尴尬,而大多数人又并不知道该怎么来。如果你约了人共进晚餐,点错菜会让场面更加尴尬。因此为了帮助大家避免出现这样的情况,这里列出了一些食物,第一次约会千万别点这些哦!1. Spaghetti and Meatballs意大利面和肉球Slurping and chewing your long noodles will only add to the awkward pauses in conversation. Red sauce is also notoriously known to splatter; whether it#39;s on your clothes or on your date.吃出声音咀嚼你碗里长长的面条只会让你们的对话陷入尴尬的沉默。众所周知红色的酱汁经常很容易就会溅出来:无论是溅你身上还是你约会的对象身上。Alternative: Gnocchi. This small dough dumpling is easy to eat and will save you from a shirt-stain disaster.备选:意大利土豆丸子。这个小丸子吃起来方便,还不会有弄脏你上衣的危险。2. Ribs and Wings排骨和鸡翅There#39;s a reason why they come served with bibs and towelettes. Don#39;t order anything that requires a lot of man-handling, it#39;s just not attractive.这些菜送上来的时候常会带有围嘴和小围巾,这是有理由的。不要点任何吃起来要大费周章的菜,因为吃起来一点不迷人。Alternative: Steak. While it may be on the pricier side, it#39;s neater and easier to eat. So get your meat, but look classy too.备选:牛排。虽然牛排贵了点,但是它整齐匀称,而且吃起来很方便。所以吃肉归吃肉,但要吃的优雅。 /201506/381989南方医科大学顺德医院阳痿早泄价格

顺德区男科电话KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — When Anis Suhaila wants a cheap thrill, she turns to Instagram and Twitter to learn about the latest Malaysian paperback releases. But she does not buy them in ordinary bookstores here, some of which do not carry the titles she is most interested in.马来西亚,吉隆坡——阿妮丝·苏海拉(Anis Suhaila)如果想来点廉价的刺激,就会到Instagram和Twitter上去了解点马来西亚平装书最新的出版情况,但她不会到普通的书店去买书,有些书店里根本没有她最感兴趣的书。Instead, she usually heads to one of the “pop up” book markets that appear occasionally, almost randomly, on the streets in Kuala Lumpur to find what she is looking for: risqué tales of crime, horror and gritty young love that are written in Malay and aimed at young Muslim Malaysians.她一般都到“快闪”书市去买书,它们不时出现在吉隆坡街头,几乎没有规律可循。她要找的则是那些近乎淫秽的犯罪、恐怖小说,以及内容露骨的青春恋爱故事,这些书都是用马来西亚语写的,专门针对年轻的马来西亚穆斯林读者。The writing can be patchy, but it is fresh and edgy, said Ms. Anis, 24, a manager at an education company, adding that the stories sometimes touch on “something that is relevant” to Malaysia’s political scene. She devours four books a month, she said, the most recent a tale of a boy who can see ghosts.24岁的阿妮丝是一家教育公司的经理,她说,这些小说可能是东拼西凑的,但是内容清新尖锐,故事有时候会涉及和马来西亚政界“相关的内容”。这样的书她一个月能狼吞虎咽看完四本,最新看完的一本讲的是一个能看见鬼魂的男孩。This new-style pulp fiction, much of it by first-time authors who got their start blogging, is the product of an independent, irreverent publishing industry that has sprung up over the past four years and has tapped into a desire for escapism among younger Malaysians as their country has become more socially conservative.这种新形式的低级小说大都是由写客出身的新手作家创作,过去四年来,不惧权威的独立出版业繁荣发展,它利用马来西亚青年人对日趋保守的社会的逃避心理,推出了这些小说。In recent years, Malaysia’s laid-back style of Islam has taken on more Arab overtones. And the government, controlled by the same coalition since the nation’s independence from Britain in 1957, has reacted to a fledging political opposition by tightening restrictions on everything from academic freedom to personal liberties.近年来,马来西亚无为而治的穆斯林风格开始日益接受阿拉伯世界的暗示。自1957年从英国独立以来,马来西亚政府一直由同一个政治派别控制,为了遏制羽翼未丰的反对派,它开始收紧对社会方方面面的控制,从学术自由到个人自由。Young people are told how to behave not only by their teachers and parents but also, increasingly, by the government and religious authorities. Recent decrees have included prohibitions on yoga, the celebration of Halloween and smoking shisha, or water pipes. Newspapers and television shows are routinely censored, and in February, both the film and the novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” were banned, even though the book had been sold openly for three years.不仅是老师和家长们谆谆告诫年轻人应该怎样做,政府和宗教权威也愈来愈多地教诲他们。最近政府颁布法令,禁止练瑜伽、庆祝万圣节和抽水烟袋。报纸和电视节目经常遭到审查,二月,《五十度灰》(Fifty Shades of Grey)的小说和电影都被禁了,此前三年里这本书一直都在公开发售。In Malaysia, writers and ers “don’t have much freedom, but on print, in a book, they can basically go naked,” said Wani Ardy, 31, the proprietor of a pop-up book market where Ms. Anis was browsing one recent Saturday afternoon under a sweltering tent.在马来西亚,作家和读者们“没有多少自由,但在书里,他们基本上可以示人,”31岁的快闪书市经营者瓦尼·阿尔迪(Wani Ardy)说,他的书摊用帐篷遮着,非常闷热,最近的一个星期六下午,阿妮丝也曾经去过那里。Ms. Wani, who also teaches creative writing at a university, set up her first pop-up book market in 2011, just as independent publishing was taking off. She named it Boco, the Javanese word for “.” On this Saturday, about 200 people — young women in head scarves and young men in tight jeans — were milling around some 40 stalls set up in Kuala Lumpur’s old colonial quarter. As vendors hawked grilled chicken and cold drinks, two young women took to the stage to recite angst-ridden poetry to the chords of an acoustic guitar. Other stalls dealt in secondhand clothes and comic books, but the main attraction was paperbacks.瓦尼也在大学里教授创意写作,2011年,她第一次开了一处快闪书市,当时马来西亚的独立出版业刚刚起步。她给书市起名“Boco”,这是爪哇语的“阅读”的意思。这个星期六,大约有200人来到这个开设在吉隆坡老殖民区的书市,绕着四十多个摊位打转,大都是戴头巾的年轻女人和穿紧身牛仔裤的年轻男人。小贩们到处兜售烤鸡和冷饮,两个年轻女人在舞台上弹着木吉他,朗诵充满焦虑的诗歌。有些摊位卖旧衣和漫画,但最主要的还是平装书。More than 10 Malay-language publishers have burst onto the scene in the past four years. Most of them produce pulp fiction, but some specialize in social criticism and poetry. They have churned out hundreds of titles and estimate that they have sold more than a million books through pop-up stalls, online vendors and some traditional bookstores.过去四年间涌现了十几个马来西亚语独立出版社,造成了这一盛况。大多数出版社都出品低级小说,也有些专攻社会批评领域与诗歌。它们推出了几百本书,通过快闪书摊、网店和若干传统书店,卖出了一百万多册。The books can be riddled with typos, but they have slick covers, and some young Malaysians regard them as cool fashion accessories. Unlike traditional pulp fiction in Malaysia, mostly soppy romance novels, the new works are written in the street slang favored by the young and often feature story lines that flirt with taboo topics such as sexual promiscuity and communism.书中可能充满印刷错误,但总有漂亮的封面,有些马来西亚年轻人把它们当做很酷的配饰。马来西亚传统的低级小说大都是多愁善感的爱情小说,这些新的作品却有所不同,它们用年轻人喜欢的街头俗语写成,故事通常会挑战禁忌题材,比如滥交和共产主义。“Newspapers are subject to censorship and things like libel law, whereas with fiction, you can then create scenarios people kind of recognize,” said Amir Muhammad, 42, who started one of the country’s biggest independent publishing companies, Buku Fixi, four years ago and has produced more than 100 titles.“报纸经常遭到审查,受到诽谤法之类东西的影响,但在小说里,你可以创造出人们能辨认出来的情景,”42岁的阿米尔·穆罕默德(Amir Muhammad)说,四年前,他创建了全国最大的独立出版公司之一Buku Fixi,已经出版了100多本书。Before publishing, Mr. Amir made films, including two documentaries about Malaysia’s decades-long struggle with a communist insurgency until the late 1980s. The first film, in 2006, was banned without explanation; the second, a year later, was banned because it portrayed the government in a bad light, according to Mr. Amir.涉足出版业之前,阿米尔是拍电影的,曾经拍摄过两部反映马来西亚与共产主义暴动组织斗争的纪录片,这场斗争持续几十年,直到80年代末才告终。第一部影片在2006年遭禁,并且没有给出任何解释。一年后,第二部影片也被禁止放映,阿米尔说,因为它呈现了政府的负面形象。When he started publishing, Mr. Amir said, “bookshops told me Malays only romance, religion and cooking. I thought, ‘There’s got to be more to life than that.’ ” His two best sellers have been “Kelabu,” a racy love story in which a girl hires a fake boyfriend to make her real one jealous, and “Asrama,” a horror story set in a girls’ school.阿米尔说,自己刚开始从事出版业时,“书店老板告诉我,马来西亚人只读爱情小说、宗教书和烹饪书。我想,‘生活中还应该有其他东西。’”他最畅销的两本书一本是《克拉布》(Kelabu),这是一本情色爱情小说,讲述一个女孩雇来假男友,好让她真正的男朋友妒忌,另一本名叫《阿斯拉玛》(Asrama),讲述发生在女子学校里的恐怖故事。A rival publisher, Lejen Press, has had one of the biggest hits so far, a novel called “Awek Chuck Taylor.” Written in a combination of street slang and text messages, it has sold about 40,000 copies, making it a superstar of independent publishing here.阿米尔的竞争对手,勒耶出版社(Lejen Press)推出过迄今最畅销的书籍之一——《穿查克·泰勒的阿维克》(Awek Chuck Taylor)。它结合了街头俗语和手机信息语言,卖出了四万册,成为独立出版界的超级巨星。The narrator, Hafiz, is a Malay slacker, a college dropout who is usually broke, is often profane and recounts his adventures chasing multiple girls at the same time. “Awek” is slang for girl, and Chuck Taylor refers to the Converse sneakers worn by a character who declares herself an agnostic and a fan of books on communism and anarchy.小说的叙事者哈菲兹(Hafiz)是马来西亚人,一个懒家伙,从大学退了学,手头总是没钱,不怎么虔诚,在故事中讲述自己同时追求一堆女孩的冒险故事。“阿维克”是“女孩”的俗语,“查克·泰勒”是指书中一个女孩穿的匡威鞋,她说自己是个不可知论者,喜欢共产主义和无政府主义的书。The novel does not explore such concepts in any depth. But openly talking of abandoning Islam in Malaysia could lead the religious authorities to impose a stint of rehabilitation.这本小说没有探讨什么深刻的观念,但在马来西亚,公开谈及放弃伊斯兰教信仰可能会引起宗教权威施加的一些惩戒。The author of “Awek Chuck Taylor,” Nomy Nozwir, 31, who writes as Nami Cob Nobbler, said it was based loosely on his own life. “There are people who tell me off,” he said in a phone interview. “They say my writing is too vulgar. But the fact is, I am not hiding anything.”《穿查克·泰勒的阿维克》的作者诺米·诺兹沃(Nomy Nozwir)31岁,笔名纳米·科布·诺布勒(Nami Cob Nobbler),他说小说是粗略地根据他的生活写成的。“有人谴责我,”他在接受电话采访时说,“他们说我写的写作太粗俗。但我只是没有遮遮掩掩而已。Though some officials have voiced concerns that this tide of cheap fiction will have an adverse effect on Malay grammar, the government appears to be paying little attention.尽管有些官员对这股廉价小说的风潮表示关切,觉得它们可能对马来西亚语文有不良影响,但总的来说,政府似乎并没怎么注意它们。Last year, Lejen became the first of the independent publishers to open a brick-and-mortar outlet: a shop in a Kuala Lumpur suburb that hosts ings and book releases, often with live bands, and sells T-shirts emblazoned with its logo.去年,勒耶成了第一家开办实体店的独立出版社,店面位于吉隆坡郊区,主办阅读与图书发行活动,常常邀请乐队现场表演,还发售带有出版社标识的T恤。Aisamuddin Asri, a former semiconductor engineer who founded Lejen, said officers from the Home Ministry had come by several times, following up on public complaints. But they left without taking any action.勒耶的创建者阿萨马丁·阿斯里(Aisamuddin Asri)之前是半导体工程师,他说在一些公开投诉之后,内务部的官员来过几次,但他们没有采取任何行动就离开了。Mr. Amir, the former filmmaker, who just opened his own physical store, quipped of the authorities, “Let’s hope they continue not to .”拍过电影的阿米尔也刚刚开了自己的实体店,他用俏皮话嘲弄官方:“希望他们今后也像以前一样,从来不读书。” /201506/380036佛山专业治疗附睾炎的医院 禅城区妇幼保健院割包皮手术价格

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