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2019年08月18日 05:17:19 | 作者:久久报 | 来源:新华社
Football Flares: Young Fans Are Used As MulesPremier League officials made the claim as a new campaign is launched warning fans of the dangers posed by setting off flares and smokebombs inside grounds. It is an illegal continental football craze that has been catching on at English grounds all too quickly. Andthe authorities have had enough. This incident happened at Aston Villa’s home game against Tottenham at theend of October. An assistant referee struck on the neck by a flare. Those who use pyrotechnics at matchesoften describe them as harmless fun. No so, says one mother whose 8-year-old son was hit and burnt by a smokebomb before last season’s Merseyside derby at Anfield.My husband took him to be treated by St. John’s ambulance and brought him to his seat, but he was too shaken to stay, he left before the game started.The use of flares at games is commonplace in Europe, and it’s a growing trend in English football. In 2010-2011, there were 8 incidents in the hall of the top 4 divisions, the football conference and the domestic cup competitions. The following year, it rose to 72, last year it jumped farther to 172. And last season there were 71 arrests for possession of flares, a rise of 154%.Fans were getting a bit fed up of it, fans were saying look, we thought this was a laugh first, but you know,it isn’t, we’re worried about it, we don’t want them near us, we certainly don’t wanna bring our kids to matches, and that’s a big concern, and people understand they don’t wanna bring their children to a match, they think there’s gonna be flares or smoke bombs going off near them, people are really affected by the smoke, people often just can’t see the game. And that gets really irritating for people.Researchers found that children as young as 8 have been caught smuggling flares on behalf of adults.Well, this new campaign has the backing of the premier league, the football league and the football association, and its message could not be any more simple—by all means, come and support your team, but if you even try to get any kind of pyrotechnic into a ground, you will be arrested.Some clubs are aly using specially trained dogs to catch the culprits before they get inside the ground,like here at Manchester ed’s recent clash against arsenal. A trainer posing as a fan is picked out for an extra search because the dog has detected the scent of the firework.Andy Brady, Sky News. /201312/268079Just days after Beijing passed a plan to fight air pollution, its neighboring city Tianjin has also passed a scheme to make its sky clearer. The program features two short-term goals.就在几天前北京通过一项预防污染的议案,现在其邻市天津市也通过了一项打造蓝天碧水的计划。该项目包含两个短期目标。By 2017, the city aims to lower its PM2.5 ings by 25%, and reduce its consumption of coal by 10 million tons per year. Tianjin is also rolling out a gas heating system, to replace the city’s coal heating plants.到2017年之前,天津旨在将PM2.5值降低25%,并将煤炭消耗量减少1000万吨/每年。天津还开始投入使用一种燃气加热系统,以替换燃煤热电厂。The program also puts emphasis on limiting vehicle emissions, dust and industrial pollution.该项目还会将车辆排放物,粉尘以及工业污染的排放量进行重点限制。201310/261369

2012迪奥商业广告视频及广告词,如诗一般优美的广告词,字里行间,写的都是迪奥的孤傲与优雅,写了迪奥真我香水的成分天然。说真的这真的不像我们常见的商业广告,没有创意的同时却充满了创意,不夸张、不做作。不像我们见惯了的商业广告,你必须买我,不买就怎么样,迪奥真我香水的广告,客观的介绍了自己,字里行间都是无声的勾引和诱惑,但是却没有一句直白的话语在向你推销。以下是广告词的中英对照:If its out there,只要存在,Dior will find it.迪奥就将找到它。The most desired secret ever.最令人渴望的秘密。Born in the sun, water, air, fire, and earth.蕴于阳光,流水,空气,火焰和泥土。Through the rarest flower gardens,穿过珍稀花卉盛开的花园,beyond the deepest seas,超越海洋的最深处,to the edge of the world.直到海角天涯。Where fragility finds her strength,纤弱获得力量,and the material becomes the ethereal花瓣生成芬芳,falling like a drop of gold into your waiting hand.如同一抹灿烂的流金滴落你渴望的双手,Perfectly formed,浑若天成,perfectly free.尽情释放。You dont discover this essence,无需刻意追求,it discovers you.它自会寻你而来。JAdore Dior!迪奥真我香水!201404/285795

One of the great, wonderful things about camping out在野外扎营其中一个最大的好处in the middle of the open is the animals.就是能经常接触到野生动物But it can also be one of the dangerous/annoying things.但这也可能最危险最烦人的事情Absolutely.完全同意In the annoying category,而最烦人的vervet monkeys.当属黑长尾猴Vervet monkeys have stolen my Ferrero Rocher黑长尾猴偷走了我的费列罗巧克力and one of my glow sticks from our medical supplies.和我们医疗用品里的一荧光棒So, if we see a luminous-faced monkey in the night,要是入夜后看到一只面部发光的猴子Ill identify the naughty one thats been stealing our stuff.我就知道是哪个调皮鬼偷了我们的东西And they leave little presents for us .而且他们还会留礼物给我们 是的when theyve been in, just as a calling card.每次来的时候 都会送上这个名片But camp manager Andres但营地管理员安德烈斯finds more worrying animal signs.发现了更加令人担忧的动物足迹Well, the lions were quite close, just behind the tents.狮子曾在帐篷后面出现过 非常近Some must have come in有几只肯定闯进来过and I dont know...我也说不准201408/324823

Lets take a look at what people have to say on the judgment from Lis first trial. These are from Sina microblog, Chinas most popular Twitter-like service.让我们一起来看看,人们是如何评说一审判决结果的。这些声音来自新浪微。One blogger says the judgment is too much for a juvenile. Li should be brought to justice, but not because he is rich and his parents are celebrities一位主认为这样的刑量对于一名未成年人来说过重。他应该被绳之以法,但不是因为他家境富裕,父母均为名人。Another calls the judgment a victory of law, and the laws justice should be based on facts, not the collective outrage from the public, who resent the rich and privileged. Lis parents failed to teach their son how to be a citizen.另一位主认为这次判决意味着法律的胜利,且法律的公正应该基于事实,而不是基于那些仇富公众的愤怒情绪。他的父母没有能够教育自己的儿子如何做一名公民。This blogger says that if Lis parents showed the right attitude and helped their son acknowledge the offence from the beginning, instead of trying to point fingers at the victim and provoking a public outrage, maybe the judge would have considered a lesser term in prison.这位主表示,如果他的父母一开始就能端正态度并帮助他们的儿子承认错误,而非试图将矛头指向受害者而因此激起公愤,可能法官会考虑轻判。And from another: long-term indulgence is the biggest culprit leading to todays result. Li is a spoiled juvenile, which to some extent reflects the misguided values of rich peoples family education.又一位主表示:长期溺爱是导致他今日刑罚的罪魁祸首。他是一个被宠坏的青少年,在某种程度上,反应了某些富人家庭教育的错误价值观。201309/258306

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