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吉安保仕柏丽美容医院纹眉多少钱吉安美容祛色素斑哪家医院好Relations between the US and Russia have reached their lowest point in 30 years. 美国与俄罗斯的关系已跌落至30年来最低点。Not since Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev began the effort to end the cold war have relations between the two been this bad.自从罗纳德.里根(Ronald Reagan)和米哈伊尔.戈尔巴乔夫(Mikhail Gorbachev)启动结束冷战的努力以来,两国关系从未像现在这么糟糕过。On October 7, the US intelligence chief General James Clapper announced that the Kremlin’s senior-most officials had authorised hacks into the emails of US individuals and institutions to interfere in the election process. 10月7日,美国国家情报总监(DNI)詹姆斯.克拉珀(James Clapper)宣布,克里姆林宫的最高级官员授权黑客入侵美国个人和机构的电邮,以干扰美国的大选进程。This followed a decision by John Kerry, secretary of state, to end a bilateral effort to negotiate an end to the brutal fighting in Syria and his accusation that Russian military actions in Aleppo amounted to war crimes.此前,美国国务卿约翰.克里(John Kerry)决定叫停旨在结束叙利亚血腥战斗的双边努力,并指责俄罗斯在阿勒颇的军事行动构成战争犯罪。In turn, President Vladimir Putin ended participation in an agreement with the US to dispose of weapons-grade plutonium. 对此,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔.普京(Vladimir Putin)退出了与美国的武器级钚处理协议。And then Moscow shipped nuclear-capable missile systems to Kaliningrad, sandwiched between Poland and the Baltic states, posing an immediate threat to America’s most exposed Nato allies.接着,莫斯科方面将能够搭载核弹头的导弹系统运至夹在波兰与波罗的海国家之间的加里宁格勒(Kaliningrad),对处在最大风险位置的美国在北约的盟友构成直接威胁。This shows how badly relations have deteriorated since the illegal annexation of Crimea and invasion of Ukraine in early 2014. 这表明,自2014年初俄罗斯非法吞并克里米亚并入侵乌克兰以来,美俄关系已恶化到非常严重的程度。So far, neither Washington nor its European allies have produced a coherent response to Russia’s increasingly dangerous behaviour.迄今为止,美国及其欧洲盟友都没有对俄罗斯日益危险的行为做出一致回应。Nato has taken some steps to bolster the defence of its allies in the east, and European members have begun to reverse the decade-long slide in defence spending and capabilities. 北约已采取一些措施加强对其东翼盟友的防御,欧盟成员国已开始逆转国防开和军事实力长达10年的滑坡。The US and Canada joined the EU in imposing sanctions on Russia following the invasion of Ukraine and the downing of a Malaysian airliner in July 2014.在俄罗斯入侵乌克兰以及马来西亚一架民航客机在2014年7月被击落以后,美国和加拿大加入欧盟的行列,一起对俄罗斯实施了制裁。But none of this adds up to a coherent strategy. 但所有这些都算不上一致的战略。Too many, in Europe especially, believe that political and economic engagement, coupled with military forbearance, will eventually bring Moscow around to a more constructive attitude. 太多人(特别是在欧洲)认为,政治和经济上的接触,加上军事上的克制,最终将让俄罗斯拿出更建设性的态度。While the attempt to integrate Russia into the western system was a worthwhile experiment, it failed. 让俄罗斯加入西方体系的尝试是有意义的,但失败了。Integration is Mr Putin’s greatest fear, because it would undermine his control of the Russian system. 融合是普京最担心的,因为这将削弱他对俄罗斯体制的控制。Like his Soviet predecessors, he needs the antagonism of the west to protect his standing at home.与他在苏联时代的前任一样,他需要西方的敌对来保护自己在国内的地位。What, then, would be an effective response to Russia’s behaviour? The answer is a strategy of containment.那么,什么才是针对俄罗斯行为的有效回应呢?是遏制战略。In 1946, the American diplomat George Kennan argued that containment was the necessary response to a Soviet system that was driving towards external expansion because of internal weaknesses. 1946年,美国外交家乔治.凯南(George Kennan)主张,遏制是对苏联体制的必要回应,当时苏联正因国内虚弱转向对外扩张。Bringing Moscow into the family of nations, as Franklin Roosevelt had attempted to do, was bound to fail. 像富兰克林.罗斯福(Franklin Roosevelt)那样试图把俄罗斯纳入国际大家庭的努力注定要失败。Outside pressure would lead to the internal change necessary to modify external Soviet behaviour, Kennan said.凯南表示,外部压力将促成改变苏联对外行为所必需的国内改革。During the cold war, the big question for the US and its allies was whether to oppose expansion whenever and wherever it occurred, or to isolate Moscow diplomatically and economically while bolstering the protection of American interests in Europe and Asia.在冷战时期,美国及其盟友面临的一个重大问题是,应该在扩张发生的任何时间和任何地方作出反制,还是在外交和经济上孤立俄罗斯、同时增强对美国在欧洲和亚洲利益的保护?The debate is much the same today. 如今的辩论大致相同。Some maintain that we need to oppose Russia everywhere it manifests its power — in Ukraine, in Syria and in cyber space. 一些人坚称,我们需要在俄罗斯炫耀实力的所有地方(乌克兰、叙利亚和网络空间)跟俄罗斯作对。Others that we need to strengthen Nato and exploit Russia’s deteriorating economy and lack of ideological appeal abroad.还有一些人声称,我们需要加强北约的实力,同时利用俄罗斯的弱点,包括经济日益恶化和在国外缺乏意识形态影响力。Now, as then, containment must be a long-term strategy, best sustained by emphasising western strengths and Russian weaknesses. 如今,与过去一样,遏制必须是一项长期战略,强调西方优势和俄罗斯劣势将最有利于维持这一战略。The core of our strength is western unity. 我们的力量核心是西方阵营的团结。That is why President Barack Obama and other Nato leaders were right to respond to the invasion of Ukraine by boosting the alliance’s defences. 正因如此,美国总统巴拉克.奥巴马(Barack Obama)和其他北约领导人通过增强同盟防御来回应俄罗斯入侵乌克兰的做法是正确的。Russia’s greatest vulnerability is its economy, dependent as it is on resource extraction; a strong regime of sanctions will hurt Moscow.俄罗斯的最大脆弱性在于国内经济依赖资源开采;强大的制裁机制将触到莫斯科方面的痛处。We need to recognise Russia is an insecure power driven by internal weakness. 我们需要认识到,俄罗斯是一个缺乏安全感的大国,其推动力是内部虚弱。Containment took 40 years to bring about a change in Soviet behaviour and ultimately the collapse of the USSR. 遏制战略用了40年时间让苏联的行为发生改变,最终导致苏联解体。Russia is far weaker now than the Soviet Union was then, but it will still take years to change the way it behaves. 现在的俄罗斯比当年的苏联虚弱得多,但仍需坚持多年才能改变其行为方式。Like then, containment requires patience and firmness to succeed.与那时一样,遏制战略需要耐心和坚定才能成功。 /201610/473796吉安医院激光祛太田痣多少钱 Zoo keepers in north China#39;s Tianjin Municipality provided a heating bed for a two-year-old giant panda Xi Le for the winter since she arrived in the northern city from the southwestern Wolong National Natural Reserve a month ago.一个月前,大熊猫“喜乐”从四川卧龙国家级自然保护区北上天津,远道而来的“喜乐”近日来感受到了北方浓浓的暖意——超舒适暖气待遇!窝暖暖的,才能卖萌!The room is fully equipped with heating system installed under the ground. And heating system within the room. Zoo keeps did these for keeping a comfortable temperature for her because the winter here is much colder than it in Sichuan. So they particularly provided them for her based on the seasonal change.动物园的饲养员特意为南方来客“喜乐”配备了全套取暖设施,“喜乐”的新家设施齐全,除了馆内四周的暖气片以外,还配置了地暖,以帮助她适应北方的寒冷气候。According to the zoo keeper, Xi Le is at her tender age and is easier to fall ill under the cold weather. But now she has adapted to the new environment with the keepers#39; care.;She loves carrots most, and the steamed b and apples. She is getting heavier now.;据饲养员介绍说,“喜乐”尚处于亚成体,体质较弱,但是在饲养员的悉心照料下,再加上新窝暖暖的,喜乐简直幸福感爆棚。适应了新环境的“喜乐”心宽体胖,体重明显增加,最爱吃胡萝卜,苹果还有北方面食窝窝头。 /201511/410422吉安润白颜注射美容哪家医院好

吉安吸脂去双下巴多少钱Alongside her day job, accountant Jane Li runs a lucrative export business. A recent Chinese migrant to Sydney, she sells baby formula and other products to a network of friends and acquaintances back home who pay a mark-up of up to 50 per cent for products from the trusted shelves of foreign supermarkets.除正职以外,会计师Jane Li还经营着一宗获利丰厚的出口生意。新近从中国移民至悉尼的她,向国内的朋友和熟人销售婴儿配方奶粉及其他产品。这些人加价最多50%,从她手上购买来自可靠的外国超市货架上的产品。One of a group estimated to number more than 100,000 in Australia, Ms Li is a “daigou” or “buyer on behalf”.Jane Li是一名“代购”,在澳大利亚,代购这一群体的人数估计超过10万人。This “suitcase trade” in luxury and health goods has become a global phenomenon, accounting for Rmb34bn-Rmb50bn (bn-.5bn) globally in sales last year, says consultancy Bain amp; Co. It has thrived because of the relatively higher cost of these products in China, a perception that western brands have higher safety standards following a string of food scandals in China, and a surge in interest among middle-class Chinese consumers for products perceived to feed a healthier lifestyle.咨询公司贝恩(Bain amp; Co)表示,这种转卖奢侈品和医疗保健品的“行李箱生意”已形成一种全球现象,去年在全球占了340亿到500亿元人民币(合50亿到75亿美元)的销售额。这门生意的繁荣有三方面原因。一是这类产品在中国的价格相对较高;二是在中国发生一系列食品丑闻之后,人们觉得西方品牌的安全标准更高;三是对那些貌似有助于一种更健康生活方式的产品,中国中产消费者的兴趣大大增加。The trade has become so big that Australia’s biggest supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths, were last year forced to limit the number of tins of infant formula they would sell to individual customers amid concerns of a shortage sparked by a surge in daigou buying.这门生意的规模已增长到如此之大,以至于由于担心代购购买激增引发缺货,去年澳大利亚大型超市Coles和Woolworths不得不限制每位顾客最多能购买的婴儿配方奶粉罐数。But a change to Chinese customs and ecommerce rules introduced in April and a desire by some luxury goods companies to take control of their supply chains is denting the trade. “The market has started to cool down,” says Ms Li, who along with her mother sells up to Rmb20,000 of products every month.然而,中国4月份实施的海关及跨境电商新规,以及部分奢侈品公司控制供应链的意愿,正在对这门生意造成打击。Jane Li表示:“市场已开始降温。”Jane Li和母亲每个月售出价值最高达2万元人民币的商品。Swisse, one of Australia’s biggest vitamin and supplements companies, says the number of daigou buying and selling its products has fallen from more than 100,000 to about 20,000 in the past year. “New cross-border ecommerce rules introduced in China created uncertainty for daigou and we saw resellers sell off stock to reduce risk,” says Michael Howard, Swisse sales director.澳大利亚最大的维生素及营养补充剂公司之一Swisse表示,过去一年里倒手其产品的代购已从逾10万人降至约2万人。Swisse销售总监迈克尔#8226;霍华德(Michael Howard)表示:“中国实施的跨境电子商务新规为代购带来了不确定性。我们见到一些转卖者为降低风险抛售库存。”In April, the Chinese government targeted daigou, raising import taxes on postal items, consumer goods brought into the country by air passengers and foreign ecommerce transactions.今年4月,中国政府将目标对准了代购,提高了邮递物品和入境旅客行李物品的行邮税,以及跨境电商零售进口商品的进口税。Beijing is also introducing stricter food safety rules, which from next year will require overseas companies to obtain certification for products they wish to continue selling on cross-border ecommerce websites.中国政府还推出了更严格的食品安全规定,从明年开始,境外企业要想继续在跨境电子商务网站上销售产品,就必须为这些产品取得许可文件。Windeln, a German online retailer of baby and children’s products, said sales to Chinese customers had declined since the new regulations were introduced.德国婴儿及儿童商品在线零售商Windeln表示,自新规实施以来,对中国客户的销售已经下滑。Meanwhile more foreign brands are seeking to establish direct sales channels into China. In March, Swisse set up a dedicated store on Chinese ecommerce site Tmall and has plans to launch bricks and mortar stores over the next 18 months. “We want the consumer to have a place to go where they can have a direct relationship with our brand,” says Mr Howard.同时,更多外国品牌正寻求建立直接进入中国销售的渠道。今年3月,Swisse入驻中国电商网站天猫(Tmall),并计划在未来18个月开设实体店。“我们希望消费者有一个能与我们的品牌发生直接关系的去处,”霍华德说。KPMG expects the number of daigou to dwindle over the long term as the price differential for luxury goods between China and western countries reduces. “It only lasts while there is an arbitrage opportunity,” says Doug Ferguson, KPMG Australia’s head of Asia amp; International Business Practice.毕马威(KPMG)预计,从长期来看,随着中国与西方国家奢侈品的价差缩小,代购的数量将会减少。“只有存在套利机会,代购才会持续下去,”毕马威澳大利亚的亚洲和国际商业实践主管道格#8226;弗格森(Doug Ferguson)说。Chanel is among several luxury brands to have slashed prices in China. Along with regulatory change, Mr Ferguson expects the daigou business to be hit as Chinese businesses snap up foreign consumer brands and overseas companies take greater control of their product distribution.香奈儿(Chanel)是几个在中国降价的奢侈品牌之一。除了监管方面的变化以外,弗格森预计,随着中国企业抢购外国消费者品牌,海外公司加强对其产品分销的控制,代购业将受到打击。However, the phenomenon is far from dead. In Sydney and Melbourne last week special “China ecommerce expo” events targeting daigou were held to coincide with the Chinese holiday period. And for some Australian companies, these sellers still represent a new route into the vast Chinese market.然而,代购这种现象还远未消亡。上周在悉尼和墨尔本举行了面向代购的“中国电子商务展”特别活动,活动时间特意选在中国的国庆假期。此外,对一些澳大利亚企业而言,代购依然代表着进入广阔中国市场的一条新途径。“What they definitely do is offer a different network to the one that we would be able to access,” says Laura McBain, chief executive of Bellamy’s Australia, which sells organic food and formula for babies and toddlers. Ms McBain estimates a “significant proportion” of the company’s more than 300 per cent surge in revenue from China and Hong Kong in the financial year to June 30 came from sales to daigou.“他们的确做到了一件事情,那就是提供了一个不同于我们原本能够触及的网络,”销售婴幼儿有机食品和配方奶粉的Bellamy#39;s Australia的首席执行官劳拉#8226;麦克贝恩(Laura McBain)说。在截至6月30日的一个财年中,该公司来自中国和香港的收入激增逾300%,她估计其中“相当一部分”来自对代购的销售。The growth of a daigou supply chain into China is a throwback to the personal network-style selling that characterises Tupperware parties or Avon ladies offering make-up, daigou offer the security to their clients of a product bought overseas by someone they trust.供应中国的代购供应链的发展是过去那种人脉式销售的再现,这种销售方式的典型就是特百惠(Tupperware)派对或者销售化妆品的“雅芳(Avon)”。受到自己客户信任的代购从海外购买商品并提供给客户,这让客户们感到放心。But while Australian groups recognise daigou as a significant source of sales, efforts to court them have been patchy.但是,尽管澳大利亚企业认识到代购是一种重要的销售来源,迎合代购的努力依然寥寥无几。“I would like to see more events held by companies, such as seminars on product and marketing, as well as new product releases targeting only daigou,” says Coco, a full-time daigou shopper who did not want to use her full name.“我想看到企业举办更多活动,比如产品和营销研讨会,以及仅面向代购的新产品发布,”不愿透露全名的全职代购Coco说。 /201610/470847江西省吉安保仕柏丽医院激光去红血丝多少钱 井冈山大学临床医学院激光脱毛多少钱

吉安去斑的费用 Many of us think we are harder working, more intelligent and better drivers than the average person. 我们当中有很多人认为自己比一般人更努力、更聪明而且驾驶技术更娴熟。We also think we are morally superior. 我们还认为,自己在道德上更胜一筹。A 2014 study found that even convicted prisoners thought they were morally better — not just than the average prisoner but than the average person outside.2014年的一项研究发现,就连被判有罪的囚犯都认为自己在道德上更优秀,不仅好于一般的囚犯,还超过监狱外的一般人。The study, at a prison in the south of England, asked inmates to rate themselves against the average prisoner and the average member of the community for traits such as morality, kindness, honesty, self-control and being law-abiding.这项研究是在英格兰南部的一所监狱展开的,它请囚犯们在道德、善良、诚实、自控和遵纪守法等特质方面,把自己与普通囚犯和普通社区成员进行比较。Although the convicts were serving sentences for violence, robbery, drug offences and burglary, they rated themselves as virtuous. 尽管这些罪犯正因暴力、抢劫、吸毒和盗窃刑,但他们认为自己是品行端正的。Only on one trait did they think they were not superior to the average non-prisoner: being law-abiding. 他们只在一种特质上不认为自己优于那些没有犯法的普通人:遵纪守法。They felt they and people outside were equally law-abiding.他们认为,自己和监狱外的人一样守法。Now a new study in the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal has shown that people, this time in the non-prison population, think they are more just and virtuous than average. 现在,《社会心理和人格科学》(Social Psychological and Personality Science)期刊发表的一项新研究显示,人们(这次是监狱外的人群)认为,他们比一般人更公正和品德高尚。But it goes on to pose an interesting question: can people’s sense of moral superiority lead them to behave dishonestly?但这篇论文接着提出了一个有趣的问题:人们的道德优越感会不会导致他们做出不诚实的行为?The researchers, Ben Tappin and Ryan McKay of Royal Holloway, University of London, say previous studies provide competing answers on this issue. 伦敦大学(University of London)皇家霍洛威学院(Royal Holloway)的研究员本.塔平(Ben Tappin)和瑞恩.麦凯(Ryan McKay)表示,之前的研究就这个问题给出了相互对立的。Some research has found that the illusion of moral superiority can lead people to behave badly because, like the prisoners in the first study, they think they really are, deep down, good people. 一些研究发现,道德优越感的幻觉可能导致人们做出糟糕的行为,因为与第一项研究中的囚犯一样,他们认为,自己在内心深处真的是好人。Other research shows that to the extent that people value belief-behaviour consistency, people who think they are honest behave honestly.还有一些研究表明,从人们重视言行一致的角度来说,那些认为自己诚实的人会做出诚实的行为。We defer to future research to test these hypotheses, the Royal Holloway study says. 皇家霍洛威学院的研究称:我们交给未来的研究来测试这些假说。I was, however, struck by the first hypothesis because I thought it might explain a puzzle: why do companies that believe themselves to be ethically virtuous find themselves doing unvirtuous things?然而,第一种假说让我印象深刻,因为我认为,它或许可以解释一个谜题:为什么认为自己注重道德的企业,会发现自己做着不高尚的事情?Two examples are the banks HS and Wells Fargo, which have both found themselves in trouble. 两个例子是汇丰(HS)和富国(Wells Fargo),它们都发现自己陷入了麻烦。Last year, HS confessed that the tax evasion scandal at its Swiss private banking arm was a source of shame. 去年,汇丰坦承,其瑞士私人的逃税丑闻是羞耻之源。The scandal was all the more striking because Stephen Green, HS’s previous boss, had written a book called Good Value: Reflections on Money, Morality and an Uncertain World.这桩丑闻更加引人关注的原因是汇丰前任首席执行官葛霖(Stephen Green,见上图)曾写过一本名为《优秀价值观:反思金钱、道德和不确定世界》(Good Value: Reflections on Money, Morality and an Uncertain World)的著作。Wells Fargo admitted this year that its staff had tried to meet their sales targets by setting up accounts for customers without their consent. 富国今年承认,其员工曾试图在客户不知情的情况下为客户开立账户,以达到自己的销售目标。Warren Buffett, head of Berkshire Hathaway, Wells Fargo’s biggest shareholder, described it as a great bank that made a terrible mistake.富国最大股东伯克希尔哈撒韦公司(Berkshire Hathaway)掌门人沃伦.巴菲特(Warren Buffett)称其为一家犯下严重错误的伟大。There are possible explanations for these falls from grace. 这些堕落故事可能有一些合乎情理的解释。HS had acquired its Swiss bank and said it had not integrated it properly. 汇丰收购了其瑞士,但该行表示没有整合好。Wells Fargo appeared to be a classic case of financial incentives distorting employees’ behaviour.富国似乎是金钱激励扭曲员工行为的典型案例。But I wondered about the better than average research cited above. 但上面提到的好于一般人的研究让我感到好奇。Could the illusion of moral superiority apply to organisations as well as individuals? And could companies believe they were so superior morally that the occasional lapse into immorality did not matter much? The Royal Holloway researchers said they had recently conducted experiments examining just these issues and were preparing to publish the results. 道德优越感的幻觉是否既适用于个人也适用于公司?公司是否有可能认为,自己在道德上优于其他企业,因此偶尔的故态复萌并不重要?皇家霍洛威学院的研究人员表示,他们最近做了一些实验,考察了这些问题,并准备发表结果。They had found that political groups with a sense of moral superiority felt justified in behaving aggressively towards opponents. 他们发现,具有道德优越感的政治集团认为自己有理由对对手做出咄咄逼人的行为。In experiments, this meant denying them a monetary benefit.在实验中,这意味着不让对手获得金钱利益。It isn’t difficult to imagine a similar scenario arising in a competitive organisational context. 在竞争性的组织背景下想象一副类似的场景并不困难。To the extent that employees may perceive their organisation to be morally superior to other organisations, they might feel licensed to ‘cut corners’ or behave somewhat unethically — for example, to give their organisation a competitive edge.就员工可能认为自己所在公司在道德上优于其他公司而言,他们可能认为自己有权‘走捷径’或做出某种不道德行为,例如,为了让自己的公司获得一种竞争优势。These behaviours may be perceived as justified#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;or even ethical, insofar as they promote the goals of their morally superior organisation, they told me.这些研究人员告诉我:这些行为可能被视为合情合理……甚至合乎道德,因为这些行为有利于实现他们所在的道德优越公司的目标。In explaining its behaviour, HS suggested that inquiring too closely into its customers’ tax affairs might have led to them taking their business elsewhere. 汇丰在解释其行为时暗示,过多地询问其客户的税收事宜可能会让客户把业务转往其他。The Wells Fargo incentives were originally put in place to drive the opening of new accounts, which would have given the bank an advantage over its competitors.富国的激励举措最初是为了推动开设新账户,这原本会赋予该行相对于竞争对手的优势。What both cases show is that the illusion of moral superiority can be dangerous. 这两个案例表明,道德优越感的幻觉可能是危险的。A company that believes it embodies ethical virtue can develop blindness to its lapses. 认为自己体现高尚道德的公司,可能会无视其过失。It can begin to think that, as it is a force for good in the world, anything that it does to advance itself must be good, too.它可能会开始认为,既然自己是世界上的仁义力量,任何增进自己利益的行为都必定是善举。When it emerges that outsiders, or regulators, do not see it that way, the institutions and their supporters often conclude that this is a rare deviation from goodness. 当外部人士或监管者不这么认为时,这些公司及其持者往往会总结称,那是罕见的偏离善举的行为。It may be, but the damage can be far-reaching and long-lasting. 或许是这样,但其损害可能是深远和长久的。Maintaining a corporate reputation is a daily task, however virtuous you think you are.维护公司的声誉是一项日常任务,不管你认为它的品德有多么高尚。 /201612/481600吉安中医院做双眼皮手术多少钱吉安文眉价格



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