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Today in History: Friday, January 04, 2013历史上的今天:2013年1月4日,周五On Jan. 4, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson outlined the goals of his ;Great Society; in his State of the Union address.1965年1月4日,林登·约翰逊总统在他的国情咨文中概述他建设“伟大社会”的目标。1896 Utah was admitted to the Union as the 45th state.1896年,犹他州加入联邦成为美国第45州。1948 Britain granted independence to Burma.1948年,英国同意缅甸独立。1951 North Korean and Communist Chinese forces captured the city of Seoul during the Korean War.1951年,朝鲜战争期间,中共和朝鲜军队占领首尔市。1960 Nobel Prize-winning French author Albert Camus died in a car accident at age 46.1960年,诺贝尔奖获得者,法国作家Albert Camus在一场车祸中遇难,享年46岁。1965 Poet T.S. Eliot died at age 76.1965年,诗人T.S.Eliot去世,享年76岁。1974 President Richard Nixon refused to hand over tape recordings and documents subpoenaed by the Senate Watergate Committee.1974年,理查德·尼克松总统拒绝交出由参议院水门事件委员会传唤的磁带录音和文件。1995 The 104th Congress convened, the first entirely under Republican control since the Eisenhower era; Newt Gingrich was elected speaker of the House.1995年,艾森豪威尔时代以来,第104届国会首次完全由共和党控制,纽特·金里奇当选众议院议长。1999 Former professional wrestler Jesse Ventura was sworn in as governor of Minnesota.1999年,前职业摔跤手杰西·文图拉宣誓就任明尼苏达州州长。2004 Afghans approved a new constitution.2004年,阿富汗人批准一项新宪法。2006 Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke and his powers were transferred to his deputy, Ehud Olmert.2006年,以色列总理沙龙中风,他的权力被转移到他的副手埃胡德·奥尔默特。2007 Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., became the first female speaker of the House.2007年,Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.,成为首位女性众议院议长。2010 Dubai opened the worlds tallest skyscraper, the 2,717-foot gleaming glass-and-metal tower Burj Khalifa.2010年,迪拜开放了世界上最高的天大楼,2717英尺高由玻璃金属打造的闪闪发光的哈利法塔。 /201301/218379

Patti Moreno shows you how she grows her night shade plants, heirloom tomatoes and heirloom potatoes.Patti Moreno向你展示怎样种植茄属植物,家传土豆和家传番茄。Step 1: Tomatoes and Potatoes.1.土豆和番茄Its late spring, and its a great time to talk about tomatoes and potatoes. Both plants are part of the Nightshade family and are native to South America.晚春时节是讨论土豆和番茄的最佳时间。这两种植物都属于茄属,原产于南美。Step 2: Planting and Harvesting Potatoes.2.种植和收获土豆In order to grow potatoes, you have to hill them with either soil or mulch. The tubers grow above the seed potato, and once you start seeing the flowers, you can begin harvesting them. And you can harvest them throughout the fall in temperate conditions. This year, I purchased organic seed potato from Maine. And in this bed, Ive planted a large variety of potatoes,from an all-blue variety to a cranberry red variety. I cant wait to start cooking them up!种植土豆必须用土壤或护根物覆盖。栽子上会长出块茎,看到开花后就可以开始收获了。在气候适中的整个秋季都可以收获。今年,我在缅因州购买了种用土豆。在这一块地方,我种植了许多不同品种的土豆,从全蓝的品种到越橘红的品种。我现在已经迫不及待地要烹饪了!Step 3: Harvesting Tomatoes.3.收获番茄A tomato is actually a fruit. A tomato is formed wherever you see a cluster of flowers. Tomato seeds need to be started indoors before the last day of frost and planted in your garden in mid-spring. It can take as little as 65 days to begin harvesting tomatoes in early varieties and as late as 95 days to begin harvest in late tomato varieties.番茄实际上是一种水果。看到花簇的时候番茄就形成了。番茄种子必须霜冻结束之前在室内培育,然后在仲春季节移栽到菜园中。一些早熟品种只需65天就可以开始收获了,晚熟的品种95天才可以开始收获。Step 4: Types of Tomatoes.4.番茄品种Heirloom tomatoes are some of the best tomatoes you can grow in your garden because theyre the tastiest tomatoes you can grow in your garden. Other genetically modified tomatoes arent bred for taste, theyre bred for size or color; whereas,heirloom tomatoes are passed down from generation to generation, where only the best tomatoes get replanted year after year.This heirloom tomato, here, is called ;Tiffen Mennonite.; It grows into a huge plant that grows one-pound, red tomatoes.家传番茄是你可以在菜园中种植的最好的番茄品种之一,因为这是你可以在菜园中种植的最美味的品种。其他经过基因改造的番茄的培育目的不是提升美味,而是志在大小和颜色方面。而家传番茄是代代相传的,只有最好的品种才年复一年的繁殖。这种家传番茄叫做“Tiffen Mennonite”,植株很高大,能够结出重达1磅的红番茄。Step 5: Supporting the Tomatoes.5.撑番茄Tomatoes need to be supported while they grow, and you can do that by using one of three different methods. The first is staking. As the plant grows, you attach the tomato plant to the stake with a garden tie. For caging, you can purchase one like this and place it over the tomato plant. The plant will grow through the cage. The last method is with a trellis like this one. As the plant grows, train it through the vertical support.番茄在生长的过程中需要撑,可以使用三种不同的方法。第一种是打桩。随着番茄植株生长,用绳子把植株绑在桩上。第二种方法是装笼,购买一个这样的装备,放置在番茄植株上方,植株会沿着这个笼子生长。第三种方法是使用一个这样的格子架。随着植株生长,让植株依附在这个垂直的撑物上。Step 6: Health Benefits6.健康价值Some quick facts about tomatoes. Tomatoes get their red color from lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant and has been proven to prevent certain types of cancer. Now, if you find red tomatoes a little too acidic, you can grow your own yellow or orange varieties of tomatoes that contain less acid.关于番茄的一些事实。番茄的红色来自番茄红素。番茄红素是一种抗氧化剂,已经实可以预防某种癌症。现在,如果你发现买来的番茄太酸了,你可以自己种植含酸较少的黄色或橙色番茄。Thanks for watching Tips For Growing Potatoes and Tomatoes.感谢收看“怎样种植土豆和番茄”视频节目。201211/210767

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