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2019年09月22日 15:39:03 | 作者:天涯时讯 | 来源:新华社
关于环境保护Environmental Protection -- :3: 来源: Recently,the problem of environmental pollution is getting more and more serious. The airpollution, noise pollution and water pollution are found on the newspapereverywhere. It is obvious that we should do something to protect our earth. Becausewe have only one home. We should try our best not to pollute the environmentand appeal the people around us make their eft to protect our unique home.近年来,环境污染问题越来越严重空气污染,噪音污染,水污染是在报纸上随处可见很明显,我们应该做些什么来保护我们的地球因为我们只有一个家我们要尽量不污染环境,还要呼吁我们周围的人努力来保护我们唯一的家园我十岁时的生活(My life when I was ten old) -- ::5 来源: 我十岁时的生活(My life when I was ten old)   when i was ten years old, i used to wait the ice cream truck to come by everyday. i loved every favor they had in the bins but my favorite was the rocky road.  whenever i heard the music come close, i got so excited that i couldn’t wait to put my shoes on bee i ran out of the house to chase the ice cream truck.  i told my mom that i wanted to have my own ice cream truck when i grew up.What a Warm-hearted Man! 多热心的一个人啊! -- 19:3:55 来源: What a Warm-hearted Man! 多热心的一个人啊!  One afternoon an old woman was crossing the street with a basket in her hand. She was going to do some shopping. Just then a car ran up fast and she was knocked down. One of her legs was hurt and she couldn't move any more. A kind cleaner saw whis and rushed to her at once. He helped her stand up and took her to the nearest hospital. What a warm-hearted man he was!  一天下午,一位老太太提着篮子过马路,她想去买点东西就在这时一辆汽车快速开过来,老太太被撞倒了她的一只腿受了伤,不能动了一位好心的清洁工人看到了这个情景,便立刻向她冲过去她帮助老人站起身来,并把她送到附近的医院他是多么热心的人啊!《诺丁山 -- :5:6 来源: 剧情介绍:  安娜斯各特(茱利娅罗伯茨)是世界著名的电影明星,她的照片刊登在每一期的杂志上,她的每一部电影都轰动全国  威廉萨克(休格朗特)是一个旅行书店的老板,他的生意并不好,和妻子的关系也很糟糕离婚后几乎没有了爱情生活  冥冥中自有天意,安娜和威廉的生活道路在诺丁山相交了他们之间充满了浪漫情调  本片是一部浪漫爱情喜剧,一部说明在不同环境下的人相爱的影片,宝丽金电影公司和工作标题电影公司联合摄制本片剧本由《四个婚礼与一个葬礼作者理查-科蒂斯与制片唐肯-肯沃斯共同完成  “我有时躺在床上不能入眠,便会浮想联翩:如果我到一个经常吃饭的朋友家里,带了一个著名的人,麦当娜或其他的,情况会是怎样的我的朋友会怎样反应?谁会装酷?在吃饭期间会怎样?他们事后会怎么说?  这就是这部电影的切入点:一个普通人与一个著名的人不可思议地相遇,他们的生活会变得怎样?” 剧本预览:SPIKEEven he. Hey, you couldn't help mewith an incredibly important decision, could you?WILLIAMThis is important in comparison to,let's say, whether they should cancel third world debt?SPIKEThat's right -- I'm at last going outon a date with the great Janine and I just want to be sure I've picked the right t-shirt.WILLIAMWhat are the choices?

嘉峪关风景区英文导游词 --31 ::57 来源: 嘉峪关风景区英文导游词嘉峪关位于甘肃嘉峪关市向西5公里处,由三个主要旅游景点组成:嘉峪关关城、长城第一墩、悬壁长城Jiayuguan Pass scenic area is composed of three parts: Jiayuguan Pass, the First Beacon Tower, and the Overhanging Great Wall. Jiayuguan Pass is located 6 km southwest of Juayugaung city. It got its name from the location at the foot of Jiayu Valley. It was initially built in 73 during Ming dynasty and enjoys a history of over 600 years. Jiayuguan Pass is the western end of Ming Great Wall as well as the most magnificent and best-preserved pass among over 00 passes along the Great Wall of Ming dynasty. It is sandwiched between the two high mountains, which achieved its reputation as“the Impregnable Pass under Heaven” and it took 8 years to build this strategic outpost.Jiayuguan Pass was built at the narrowest point of Hexi Corridor. It is not only of great strategic importance but also a must pass to the west along the ancient Silk Road. Jiayuguan is a multi-tier defensive works, made up of Neicheng-the inner city, Wengcheng-the barbican entrance to the wall, Luocheng-the outer round defensive wall, Waicheng- the outer city and the moat. Its western outer defensive wall extends southward to the bank of Taolai River at the foot of Qilian Mountain and its northern end links with a hidden wall going halfway up to Heishan Mountain. Thus a complete military defensive system was med and seemingly if one man guards the pass, no one can pass.The inner city, standing right at the center of the Pass, covers an area of 5,600㎡and the total length of it is 60m.It takes 6-meter high loess as its base with 3-meter high adobe wall on it. On the top of the wall, 1.7-meter high brick buttress was aligned with crenels and watch holes. On the western wall between the crenels there are notches lamps. Beneath the notches are slanting openings shooting. The inner city has four turrets (corner tower) and a gate tower on the middle of each south and north walls. Wengcheng-the barbican entrance protected the eastern gate Guanghuamen and western gate Rouyuanmen of the inner city. The name of Rouyuan represented the policy of peaceful coexistence with the minorities of Ming dynasty (68-AD). “Weng”means jar in English so it is said that once the enemy enters “Wengcheng”, he will find himself like a turtle in a jar waiting to be caught. Continuing west, we will face the massive outer defensive wall-Luocheng. Luocheng is the main defensive wall, it is as over m as high and its base was built 5m thick.In the middle of the wall, there is a pass through Jiayuguan Gate. On the pass are three Chinese characters inscribed by Emperor Qianlong of Qing dynasty (36-19AD). Less than meters out of Jiayuguan Gate is the moat, which was the defending front of the whole system. Entering from the east, we will first come to the Wenchang Pavillion, which was restored, in the late Qing dynasty. It was also a place where the ancient intellectuals were said to write poems sighing their being exiled to this barbarian border area. There is a legend associated with the wall.When Jiayuguan Pass was going to be built, the project supervisor asked the engineer Yi Kaizhan to exactly work out how many bricks would be used in the construction. The engineer gave him a specific number. The official in charge of this project said if one brick was left, the death penalty would await the engineer. When the project was finished, the engineer found that there was untunately one brick left over. Facing the evidence of failure, the engineer cleverly declared that this brick was specially left to balance the t thus he saved his own life. The brick was theree called “Dingchengzhuan”namely “the brick to balance the t” ,which is now sitting on the side of Huijimen. 嘉峪关 风景区 英文导游词

We Need Better Surroundings 我们需要更好的周边环境 -- 19:5:30 来源: We Need Better Surroundings 我们需要更好的周边环境  I am a pupil of Xinjianlu Primary School. In front of our school gate there is a street. On both sides of the street there are many shops and restaurants. Every day during rush hours, stalls sell everyday goods and food on the street. It is so crowded that cars and passers-by can't pass through the street. It makes the street dangerous and dirty.  I think a school should be a place with clean and quiet surroundings. So I hope we should do something to improve the situation.  我是新建路小学的学生我们校门前有一条街,街的两边有许多商店和饭店每天在高峰期,摆地摊的人在街上卖日用品和食品街上很拥挤,使得汽车和行人都难以通过这使得街道又危险,又肮脏  我想学校应该是一个周边环境又干净又安静的地方希望我们能做些事情来改善这种情况

五年级英语作文:My family --1 :00:5 来源:  My family lives in ShenZhen. There are four people in my family. They are my father, my mother, my sister and I. My father is tall and thin. He is a handsome man. He has big eyes. His hair is straight. He likes to watch TV and movies and books. My mother works in an office. She cooks very well. She likes to books, too. She is short and thin. My sister is a student. She is an independent girl. She is very graceful. I am a student, too. But I study in a junior high school. I go to school every weekend. I like to play dodge ball and listen to music very much. much. I like my family because each family member hel me a lot.

A Clock 钟 -- :1:3 来源: A Clock 钟  This is a clock. It has a round face. And it has two hands-one is long hand, the other is a short hand.  The short hand stands the hours, and the long hand stands the minutes. Some clocks have three hands-two long hands, and a short one. One of the long hands is much thinner. It stands the second. We can tell the time by a clock.  这是一只钟它有一张圆圆的脸它有两条指针-一条长针,一条短针  短针代表小时,长针代表分钟一些钟有三条针-两条长针,一条短针长针中的一条细得多,它代表秒我们可以用钟来报时

Summer 夏天 -- :: 来源: Summer 夏天  Summer is the second season of the year. When summer comes, it is getting hot and sunny. The days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter, the sun gets up early and goes to bed late.  The world has become a green world, green leaves on the trees, green grass by the river, green plants in the fields, and we can see beautiful flowers everywhere. Birds sing from morning till night.     It's so hot that all of the children go swimming in rivers or lakes, and the old people sit under big trees to enjoy the cool air, but the farmers are still busy working in the fields.  夏天是一年的第二个季节当夏天到来时,天气炎热,阳光灿烂白天长了,夜晚短了,因为太阳早早起床,很晚才入睡  世界变成一片绿色的世界-树上的绿叶,河边的绿草,田野上绿色的植物,而且到处可以看到美丽的鲜花鸟儿从早到晚唱歌     天气这样炎热,所有的孩子都到河里、湖里游泳;老人坐在大树下纳凉,可是农民们孩子地里忙碌着!

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