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这个周末就是圣诞节了。圣诞互赠礼物、卡片可是习俗之一哦!发愁该怎么写圣诞卡?这里就给大家提供一些圣诞祝福常用语,帮你解难!Wishing you peace, joy and happiness throughout Christmas and the coming year.在圣诞和新年来临之际,祝福你平安、快乐、幸福!Warm greetings and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year!致以热烈的祝贺和良好的祝福,圣诞快乐,新年快乐。May you have the best Christmas ever.愿你度过最美好的圣诞节!With good wishes for a brilliant and happy Christmas season. Hope things are going all right with you.在这辉煌快乐的圣诞佳节,献上一切美好的祝福!祝一切顺心如意!Wishing you much joy in the coming year. May the warmest wishes, happiest thoughts and friendliest greetings come at Christmas and stay with you all the year through.让温馨的祝愿、幸福的思念和友好的祝福,在圣诞佳节来到你身边,伴你左右。I hope all your Christmas dreams come true!愿你所有的圣诞梦想都成真!May Christmas be a time of laughter and real joy for you. Best wishes.愿圣诞不仅是你欢笑的时刻,更是你欣喜的日子。祝福你。With the old wish that is ever new, may the greeting do its share toward making your Christmas a pleasant one.老的祝福,却又常新,愿此祝福使你的圣诞更加愉快圆满。Numerous loving wishes for my wife who will always be my valuable Christmas gift and everything to me.无尽的爱恋与祝福,献给我的爱妻,你永远是我珍贵的圣诞礼物和我的一切!It seems that Christmas time is here once again, and it is time again to bring in the New Year. We wish the merriest of Christmases to you and your loved ones, and we wish you happiness and prosperity in the year ahead.圣诞节转眼又到,又该迎接新的一年了。我们向你及你的亲人们致以最美好的圣诞祝福,愿你在新的一年里事业兴旺,幸福美满! /165673襄樊妇幼保健中医院治疗性功能障碍怎么样Subject:The teacher will bring you to account. 迷你对话A: What should I do? I missed one exam.怎么办呀?我缺考一科。B: You had better get prepared. The teacher will bring you to account.你最好做好准备,老师会要求你解释的。 地道表达bring sb. to account 1. 解词释义Account有很多不同的解释,它既可以做名词,也可以做动词用。Bring sb to account中的account是名词,意思是“解释,说明”,整个短语的意思是“要求某人做解释”“要求某人做说明”“唯某人是问”,带有“要某人负责,或者是责怪批评某人”的意味。因此,对话中的“The teacher will bring you to account.”的意思是“老师会要求你解释的。” 2. 拓展范例e.g. Jack was brought to account for the missing cash.杰克被要求对这笔遗失的现金作出解释。e.g. He has been brought to account for his conduct.他被要求解释他的行为。 Ps 1:miss one exam的意思是“没有参加考试,错过考试”。 Ps 2:get prepared的意思是“做好准备”。例如:Get prepared so that you can set off immediately if something happens.做好准备, 一旦有事, 马上出动。We will arrive at the berth in half an hour. Please tell the crew to get prepared. 还有半个小时抵达泊位,请通知船员做好准备。 /201401/270836襄阳第四医院是公立医院还是私立医院All right, I got to one this time.好,现在换我问了。Whats something most people dont know about you?别人最不了解你的地方是什么?I think theres a lot of things people dont know about me. But thats the whole point of 73 questions, right?我想有很多事情大家都不了解我。但这就是73个快问快答单元的重点,对吧?Yeah, its kinda true. A lot of questions.没错。问很多问题。Emma, if you turn to your left on this plasma TV, youll see a man asking you a question.艾玛,请你左转,荧幕上的这位老兄要问你一个问题。Hey, Emma, my baby Grand wont stop crying, What bedtime story should have him?艾玛,我的宝宝Grant一直哭,你觉得我该说哪个床边故事给他听呢?I Love You Forever. Its a good one. Thank you.《永远爱你》这个好。谢谢。Do you have any nicknames?你有什么绰号吗?Well people mostly call me M and my real name is Emily.大家一般都叫我M,我的真名是艾米丽。Emma is actually short for that, so just please call me Emily.艾玛其实是艾米丽的缩写,所以拜托就叫我艾米丽吧。If your life was a song, what would the title be?如果你的生活是一首歌,会叫什么名字?I just steal from Coldplay and say Dont Panic.就借用Coldplay的Don’t Panic来表示好了。Whats the best piece of advice youve ever received?你得到过最好的建议是什么?One day at a time.活在当下。What advice would you give your teenage self?你会给青少年的自己什么建议?Stop with the self-tanner, its enough.不要再用晒黑乳液了。够了。Whats the best gift youve ever received?你曾收过最好的礼物是什么?A handmade rocking chair.一把手工石椅。Whats the best gift youve ever given someone?你曾送过别人最棒的礼物是什么?My presence is the best present. No? I should start buying people gifts. Yeah okay.我的存在就是最好的礼物。不行吗?那我以后会学着给别人买礼物。Whats you worst habit? Not great with texting people back.你最糟的坏习惯是什么?不太回别人短信。All right last question, question number 73.好了,最后一个问题,第73题。Can you show me your best magic trick?可以表演你最在行的魔术吗?You want a magic trick? I mean... Lay it on me.你想要我变魔术?我是说……让我开开眼。Disappearing something? Come on thats not your best magic trick. You dont like it? I cant be here for...把什么变没吗?拜托,这不是你最棒的魔术。你不喜欢吗?我来可不是为了……Okay Emily...Thanks for coming over. Thanks so much.好吧。艾米丽……谢谢拜访。十分感谢。Yeah thats great. All right. All right. Have a great day, bye bye.没事,很愉快。好的。祝你好心情,再见。201705/506614一、边听边学Listen and Learnturn over 翻阅,把;翻过来turn over a new leaf 重新开始,改过自新big talk 大话,吹牛have a big talk with sb. 和;认真谈话from scratch 白手起家,从头做起二、边听边说Listen and SpeakIm turning a new leaf ,No more drinking ,No more smoking,Its a healthy life from now on.我决定改过自新,戒掉烟酒,过健康的生活。Nobody paid attention to his big talk.没有人注意听他吹牛。I built my own home from scratch, started from zero.我开始建设我自己的家园,一切都是从零开始。A: This cake is excellent. Where did you buy it?B: Actually, my mother made it from scratch.A:噢,你的儿子变得多有礼貌了呀!B:是的,我们和他认真地谈过了,他真的开始了崭新的一页!A: Wow. Look how polite your son has become.B: Yes. We had a big talk with him, and he has really turned over a new leaf.A:这块蛋糕太棒了,你从哪里买的?B:事实上,我妈妈自己学着做的! 可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园Click here gt;gt;gt; http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201201/167828襄城区妇幼保健中医院治疗子宫内膜炎多少钱

中航工业襄阳医院电话号码铁四局一处襄樊医院网上咨询A: How about your stay in Japan? Were you having a good time?你在日很过得如何?开心吗?B: Not really. I received a Dear John letter while in Japan.一点也不开心,在日本的时候,我收到一份绝交信。A: Didn’t you find anything which smells a rat?你以前发现有什么可疑的迹象吗?B: No, not at all. I fully trusted her. But she was only play the field.一点也没有,我完全信任她,可是她只是在玩弄感情。 /201508/390364宜城人民医院电话周末有上班吗对于负担不起高房价的人们来说,挤在狭小空间里权且度日也是没办法的事儿。这要说房子可以小到什么程度呢?来听听今天为您介绍的一个表达法。Swing a cat或者no enough room to swing a cat就可以表达这个意思。Swing, 有;使旋转;的意思。大家都知道猫的身体很柔软,一点点空间就够她折腾起来。如果连猫都转不过身来,那得小到相当程度了。好了,一起来看几个例句吧。A:It seems that we can only hold the party at your house. 看上去,似乎只能去你家办聚会了。B:Are you kidding? We canrsquo;t have a party at my house. I donrsquo;t have room to swing a cat. You know that. 开什么玩笑。不能在我家办聚会。我家连个转身的地方都没有。你还不知道吗?Donrsquo;t have room to swing a cat. 这句话还可以有其他几种表达方式。比如:Our new kitchen is tiny, with not enough room to swing a cat. 我们的新厨房极小,连转身的余地都没有。With not enough room to swing a cat. 还可以说:without room to swing a cat in. 比如:Her room is always at sixes and sevens, even without room to swing a cat in. 她的房间总是乱七八糟的,连个下脚的地方都没有。与;狭小;相对应的就是宽敞了,这个意思我们可以用spacious来表达。比如这个例子。You are very lucky to have a spacious study like this; therersquo;s not room to swing a cat in mine. 你很幸运有这么一个宽敞的书房,我的书房小的可怜。自我安慰的时候,我们常说;面包会有的,一切都会有的。;希望,大房子也在不远的地方等着我们。本期内容就说到这里。 /201202/171754襄阳市襄州区人民医院是正规医院?

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