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A top Chinese biology lab has ascribed the H7N9 avian influenza to genetic reassortment of wild birds from east Asia and chickens from east China.中国某生物实验室已经追踪到H7N9禽流感病毒源,该病毒的产生是因为东亚野鸟与华东家鸡基因重组。The researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that no genes in H7N9 were traceable to pigs, thus excluding pigs as intermediate hosts for the deadly new strain of bird flu.中国科学研究院的专家未在猪身上追踪到H7N9病毒,因此可以排除猪作为本次禽流感病原体的可能性。 Article/201304/234368

马克.肖(Mark Shaw)为我們演示了“极度干燥”,一种可以非常有效的防水和水性材料的涂层。在纳米级上,这个涂层会在表面形成一层空气保护伞防止水的渗入。来看看这激动人心的两分钟吧! Article/201405/291756

Although fish do not sleep, most change their behavior at night. The tips given here can help you catch your limit after the sun goes down.尽管鱼不睡觉,然而大部分鱼在夜间的行为会发生变化。以下建议可以帮助你在太阳下山之后钓鱼。You Will Need你需要Timing选择时间Shallow water浅水Artificial bait人造诱饵Needle-nose pliers钳子Flashlights手电筒Insect repellant驱虫剂Boat (optional)小船(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Time your fishing1.选择钓鱼时间Start fishing after sunset or 1 to 2 hours before sunrise. The best time of year for night fishing is between the months of April and October.日落后或日出前1至2小时开始钓鱼。一年里夜间钓鱼最好的时间是4月至10月之间。If you will be fishing from a boat, make sure it is running properly. You don#39;t want to get stuck on a lake, day or night.如果你是乘坐小船钓鱼,确保运转正常。无论是白天还是晚上,你肯定不想船只搁浅。Step 2 Fish in shallows2.浅水中钓鱼Fish near reefs and ledges, or within casting distance of shallows. Retaining walls, docks, and bush areas are good places to find night-feeding fish.在礁石或岩石附近,或者浅滩处钓鱼。护城墙,码头和灌木丛都是寻找夜间觅食的鱼儿最好的地方。Fish that are active at night often leave the muddy bottoms of lakes and streams at night to search the shallows for food.夜间活跃的鱼通常会离开湖水或溪流泥泞的底部,到浅水中寻找食物。Step 3 Use artificial bait3.使用人造诱饵Use artificial bait. Most fish that are active at night have keen senses of touch and taste, but weak sight, and are very sensitive to slight movements in the water.使用人造诱饵。大多数夜间活跃的鱼触觉和嗅觉都很灵敏,但是视觉却很弱,对于水的轻微运动非常敏感。Step 4 Carry needle-nose pliers4.携带钳子Carry a pair of needle-nose pliers to remove hooks from the mouths of fish in the dark.携带一副尖嘴钳,这样可以在黑暗中取掉鱼嘴巴上的鱼钩。Step 5 Bring flashlights5.携带手电筒Bring flashlights or a headlamp and spare batteries.携带手电筒或头灯,以及备用电池。Step 6 Take insect repellant6.携带驱虫剂Take along plenty of insect repellant. Even if the fish don#39;t bite, the mosquitoes probably will.携带足够的驱虫剂。即使鱼不咬钩,蚊虫却可能会咬你。A traditional method of night fishing in Japan uses tame cormorants to catch river fish.日本传统的夜间方法是使用驯养的鸬鹚捕捉河鱼。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/236952

Iconic #39;Got Milk?#39; slogan gets replaced The iconic tagline behind the milk industry, ;Got Milk?,; has been replaced with ;Milk Life; in hopes of higher sales.-Well, you know, you have to change it, because it#39;s all about rebranding. And then you have milk sales suddenly declining, but they had to come up with something new. But it#39;s crazy to think that these two words Got Milk could have got such an impact on American pop culture. Obviously, we all remember those ads, beautiful women back in the early 90s, wear the milk mustaches around their lips. N* being one of them. Also David Beckham, he was pictured as well. We also had Alten John. With that types of celebrites that was used very widely. Harrison Ford was included, too, Murande Lamber. But the idea of the campaign was really to push people, Hey, listen, you know, successful cool people, celebrities are drinking milk. You should, too. But as I mentioned milk sales is steadily declining, so the ads come up with something new. The new campaign is referred to Milk Life. So it#39;s less focused on celebrities, more on the nutritional content, focusing on the protein of the milk, less about the celebrities. The idea is that really will help the milk sales pick up.-Wait, you said Milk Life? Like a life? Milk Life.-Milk Life, OK. That#39;s it. Milk Life.-OK, I#39;m just meritting, meritting on it. See, if I like it. As we talk milk, I know prices of milk going up across the country.-Yeah, exactlly, let me just show you what the milk prices are right now. They currently stand at 3 dollars and 55 cents a gallon. They#39;ve been spiking steadily since back in September when they were 3 dollars and 42 cents a gallon. So a couple of factors are going to this. First of all, the demand. As people make more money, they tend to spend more in the grocery store. And obviously, demand tends to push the prices up, but also another factor that#39;s kind of link to demand as well. It#39;s really exports. Milk, more and more milk is being exported. More and more dairy products are being exported. Exports are all-time high. That is actually, ovbiously affecting demand, which pushes prices high again. And then there#39;s a wild cause, with the draught in California. Obviously, the cows need water and pasture. Obviously, we have a draught, and that might actually impact milk prices later down the line. /201402/277816

Success, and it#39;s quick to get back to its shell.成功 它迅速钻回它的贝壳里A fringehead can never drop its guard, there#39;s too much competition.勃氏新热鳚必须时时提高警觉 四周的竞争太多Some fish have moved to places where they have fewer rivals.有些鱼类迁移到对手较少的地方A mudskipper a fish that spends most of its life out of the sea.一条弹涂鱼 这种鱼大多不在海里生活It can walk on land and breathe air.它可以在陆上行走,呼吸空气Its life is very different from that of most fish.它的生活和大多鱼类截然不同A fish out of water maybe,或许算是离乡背井but they thrive here in Japan.但它们在日本这里大量繁殖So what#39;s made this upheaval worthwhile?这种变动的好处在哪里The answer lies in the mud.就在泥巴里As the tide retreats it exposes mudflats.退潮时暴露出泥地Sunlight hits the rich silt阳光照在肥沃的淤泥上and tiny plants and animals flourish there.泥地上的微小动植物蓬勃生长All food for a mudskipper.全都是弹涂鱼的食物But life on land is not without problems,但陆上生活并非无忧无虑it#39;s hard work to find a mate.因为配偶难寻 Article/201308/251703

Dogs are known as man#39;s best friend. However, man is not always a dog#39;s best friend and the life of a stray is tough if he#39;s abandoned by his owners. But in Hong Kong, some strays are getting a new lease of life.被认为是人们最好的朋友。然而,人类却并不总是的好朋友,如果不幸被自己的主人丢弃,四处流浪的生活是很悲惨的。但是,在香港,一些流浪正在开始新的生活。This is Barry. A six year old Labrador.这是巴里,一只6岁大的拉布拉多犬。Every dog has his day.每只都有自己时来运转的一天。Once he lived the life of a stray, fighting and living off scraps of food found on the street, but now Barry is a fully trained police dog.从前,它过着流浪的生活,只能以街上发现的残羹剩炙为生,但是现在巴里完全是一只训练有素的警犬。Barry#39;s life of misery came to an end after the Police Dogs took him under their wing.巴里被警犬中心带走并在那里接受训练,而它的悲惨生活也就此结束。Barry is now healthy and fit and an outstandingly disciplined sniffer dog. Over the last three years, Barry has undertaken 150 drug detection cases.巴里现在很健康,很有活力,也是一只非常职业的警犬。在过去的三年中,巴里执行了150个毒品侦查任务。Police officers say they#39;re proud of Barry.警员表示,他们以巴里为骄傲。Compared with his life as a stray on Hong Kong#39;s streets, Barry#39;s new home is luxury. He gets a comfortable bed to sleep in, good food, and regular exercise.与过去在街上的流浪生活相比,巴里现在的家可谓是奢华。它有舒适的床睡觉,美味的食物享受,还要接受常规训练。Barry is one lucky dog and is obviously grateful for this chance to start a new life with the Police Dogs .巴里是一只幸运的,它对自己在这里开始的新生活充满感激。But there are many more dogs out there who also need our care and protection. We should remember that a little love and care can make a big difference to an animal#39;s life.但是,还有许许多多的流浪需要我们的关心和爱护。我们应该牢记:一点点的爱心就可以让一只的生命从此改变。 Article/201308/250556

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