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湖里区背部长痘痘怎么治疗厦门市最权威的吸脂医院是哪个医院霉霉分手后献身粉丝婚礼献歌祝福 -- :01: 来源: 纽约(CNN报道) Taylor Swift虽然和男友Calvin Harris分手了,却并没影响到她让一对新泽西的新婚夫妇美梦成真 New York (CNN) Taylor Swift didn’t let her break up with Calvin Harris get in the way of making a dream come true one New Jersey couple.纽约(CNN报道) Taylor Swift虽然和男友Calvin Harris分手了,却并没影响到她让一对新泽西的新婚夫妇美梦成真The 6-year-old Grammy winner surprised bride and groom Kenya Smith and Max Smith by showing up at their wedding and perming an acoustic version of her hit, ’Blank Space.’ Wedding guests, along with the newlyweds, were completely shocked -- but it turns out the elaborate ruse was all orchestrated by Max’s sister, Ali.6岁的格莱美获奖者霉霉出现在新娘Kenya Smith和新郎Max Smith的婚礼并现场弹唱了她的年大热歌曲“Blank Space(空白)”,给他们带来了一份惊喜婚礼上的宾客和新人都惊喜万分但是这场精心设计的惊喜是由Max的Ali准备的大礼"As it was happening, I just looked at [Ali] and she had that smile like she knew what was going on," Max told Access Hollywood. "And I clearly didn’t, so I knew she had something to do with it."Max告诉《走进好莱坞的记者:“当这一切发生的时候,我看向Ali,她脸上的笑容告诉我她知道这一切都会发生,而我完全不知情,我知道了她一定和这一切有关系”In April, Ali wrote Swift a letter, explaining that their mother had recently passed away and that Max went ahead and married Kenya in the hospital so that his mom wouldn’t miss it. Now grab your Kleenex, because Max and his mom’s first dance was to ’Blank Space.’四月份,Ali给霉霉写了一封信,信中说道他们的母亲最近过世了,Max就马上和Kenya在医院里结了婚,这样他母亲就不会错过他的婚礼了现在请你准备好纸巾,因为Max和他的母亲的第一舞的音乐就是“Blank Space”The bride’s cousin, Gage Simmons, caught Swift’s permance on and posted it to Twitter.新娘的表兄Gage Simmons,用摄像机拍下了霉霉在婚礼上的表演并发到了推特上The newly-single Swift took to Instagram to post an adorable pic of herself with the bride and groom, along with the cheeky caption, "Third wheel."刚刚回归单身的霉霉在她的ins上发出了一张她和新郎新娘拍下的非常可爱的照片,配上了一条俏皮的标题“电灯泡”Swift and Harris confirmed their break up earlier in the week, much to the shock of their loyal Tayvin fans, who were convinced they were headed to the altar.霉霉和前男友Harris这周早些时候承认了他们分手的消息,震惊了忠实于他们的CP粉,他们本来都一直坚信他们会一直走下去To top it all off, Swift even gave the couple a wedding gift, a handmade card with a line from ’Blank Space,’ "So it’s gonna be ever."言归正传,霉霉还给了这对新人一份新婚礼物,是一张手工卡片配上一句“Blank Space”里的歌词“So it’s gonna be ever (我们将永远在一起)”厦门大学附属中山医院隆胸多少钱 北京婚姻登记处新人可免费办颁仪式 -- :6:6 来源: 从今年7月1日起,北京各个民政局都将为登记婚姻的市民提供简单的颁仪式 From July 1, Beijing residents getting married will enjoy a free simple ceremony when registering at any civil affairs bureau.从今年7月1日起,北京各个民政局都将为登记婚姻的市民提供简单的颁仪式This is the first amendment to the marriage registration rules since .这是自年以来对婚姻登记条例的第一次修订Announcing the move, the director of the marriage registration department at Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, Han Mingxi, said the new rules emphasized the importance and authority of registration, aiming to remind new couples to respect and cherish their marriage.北京民政局婚姻登记处主任韩明希说道,这项新的条例强调了婚姻登记的重要性和权威性,目的是提醒新人尊重和珍惜婚姻Those who wear clothing that’s too casual and inmal will be advised to get changed, said Han, as inmal dress shows no respect marriage.韩主任说道,对于那些穿着随意的新人,我们给予提醒,因为穿着随意表现了对婚姻的不尊重New couples will be able to invite their family and friends to witness their registration in a wedding ceremony decorated hall, with some wedding rituals such as the expression of gratitude to parents and the exchange of love tokens.婚姻登记处将设立装饰好的结婚仪式大厅,新人可以邀请家人和朋友见他们登记时刻,可伴随一些结婚仪式,例如感谢父母,交换爱情信物Local Civil Affairs Bureaus will also provide a free group registration ceremony at parks or other places according to the wishes of the couple.根据新人意愿,当地民政部将会提供公园等地方的登记仪式组团活动During registration, staff will also offer a free marriage consultation service to couples, suggesting proper child education arrangements, and advising on how to handle relations between wives and their mother-in-laws - the two main causes marriage breakdown in China.婚姻登记时,工作人员将为新人提供免费的婚姻咨询务,例如今后如何给予孩子合适的教育,以及怎样处理中国婚姻的棘手问题—婆媳关系Other amendments include door-to-door marriage registration service senior couples, a free copy of registration materials, and appointments Saturday registration. (No appointments are needed marriage registrations from Monday to Friday).婚姻登记的其他修订方面包括:为老年人提供上门登记务,免费复制登记资料以及周六登记预约(周一到周五登记不需要预约)惊悚:西班牙女子听闻自己死讯着魔一笑 -- :00:9 来源: 近日网上流传着一份惊悚的视频,视频中一名操着西班牙语的女子好似着了魔,当驱魔人告诉她说“你已经死了”的时候,这名女子露出了渗人的微笑 The dramatic footage shows the woman repeatedly saying she is "not the same" bee the exorcist told her she was dead.据这份戏剧性的视频显示,这名女子不停的说她“不是同一个人”,之后驱魔人告诉她说她已经死了She then had a violent fit as several men, who continued to chant at her, struggled to hold her down on the bed.随后她和几个男人发生了强烈的挣扎,这些男人继续对她咏唱着一些咒语,费尽力气将她在床上The harrowing clip began with an exchange between the young woman and an exorcist shown wearing a white outfit and long necklace, who told her "you’re dead" bee adding: "And the baby?"当一名身穿白袍、戴在长项链的男人和这名女子开始交谈时,恐怖的事情就发生了,这个男人对她说“你已经死了”,后来又问她“孩子呢?”After the woman, who spoke Spanish throughout the , asked "what baby?" as the exorcist pointed at her stomach and said: "You’re pregnant."在这名女子(整部视频中她说的都是西班牙语)问“什么孩子?”的时候,驱魔人指着她的肚子说:“你怀了”Sitting on the edge of the bed, the distressed woman then started wailing "he hears me, he hears me, he hears me".这个受难的女人坐在床边上,随后便哀号着说“他能听到我,他能听到我,他能听到我”The harrowing then cuts to her standing, held up by two men wearing black, bee she flies back onto the bed - kicking her arms and legs out violently as the men try to contain her limbs.视频随后切换到这名女子站着,两个身穿黑衣的男人抓着她,当男人们试图抓住她的四肢时,她非常激烈地甩动手臂和腿,但是后来还是被回了床上Holding her down and chanting prayers, the distressed woman - wearing dark coloured clothing and surrounded by candles - stretched her head back and bared her teeth with a chilling grin.把这名女子回床上后,驱魔人继续对她咏唱着咒语,这名受难的女人(她穿着深色衣,周围全是点燃的蜡烛)伸着头,露出了一个渗人的笑容The men are pictured clasping their hands over her as she thrashed from side to side, shouting as if in intense pain.视频中的男人们在女子的上方紧攥着双手,而那名女子则在床上乱滚、高声大叫,好像在忍受着什么剧烈的疼痛一样Two woman hold hands over her body, lowering them towards her bee releasing again, as several others continue chanting at the apparently "possessed" victim.两个女人在这名女子身体上方紧攥着双手,从上往下靠近女子的身体,然后一遍又一遍地重复,其他一些人继续对着这个显然“着魔”了的受害者咏唱咒语The ends with her appearing to calm down, holding a hand to her throat, seemingly out of breath and visibly shaken.视频最后结束时这名女子似乎平静了下来,她一只手掐着自己的喉咙,似乎喘不过气来,身子也在明显地颤抖在厦门中山医院做隆胸手术多少钱

龙岩人民医院费用一周热词榜(7.9-) --18 :: 来源:chinadaily 一周新闻热词榜,一网打尽trending newsCHINADAILY手机报新一期热词榜发榜啦!本周的新闻热词有:1.中方发南海争议'白皮书'.多部联合打击'网络侵权’3.二孩引'同胞竞争障碍'症.英女首相上任组'新内阁'5.法'国庆日袭击事件'8亡6.'口袋妖怪Go'已风靡全球1. 白皮书white paper请看例句:The State Council Inmation Office of the People's Republic of China on Wednesday published a white paper titled "China Adheres to the Position of Settling Through Negotiation the Relevant Disputes Between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea".中华人民共和国国务院新闻办公室于日发表了《中国坚持通过谈判解决中国与菲律宾在南海的有关争议白皮书当地时间日,设在荷兰海牙的南海仲裁案仲裁庭(the tribunal handling the South China Sea arbitration case)"如期"公布了所谓的"最终裁决"(issue the so called "final award")对此,中方发表声明称,菲律宾单方面提起仲裁(the arbitration unilaterally initiated by the Philippine)违背国际法(International Law),仲裁庭对此案没有管辖权(the panel has no jurisdiction)仲裁庭裁决是非法无效的(its decision is illegal and null and void),中国不接受,不承认(China does not accept or recognize the "award")中国国家主席习近平当日在钓鱼台国宾馆会见到访的欧洲领导人(visiting European leaders)时强调,南海诸岛自古以来就是中国领土(the South China Sea Islands have been China's territory since ancient times)中国在南海的领土主权(territorial sovereignty)和海洋权益(maritime interests)在任何情况下不受仲裁裁决的影响(under no circumstances be affected by those awards)中国不接受任何基于该仲裁裁决的主张和行动(claim or action based on those awards)日,国新办发布了解决中菲南海争议的白皮书(white paper),从南海诸岛的历史(the history of the South China Sea Islands)、中菲南海争议的由来(origin of the relevant disputes between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea)、中国处理南海问题的政策(China's policy on the South China Sea issue)等五个方面进行阐述,并举办新闻发布会介绍中国在南海问题上的政策立场(position and policy)中国外交部副部长刘振民称,菲律宾南海仲裁(庭)与位于海牙的常设仲裁法院(Permanent Court of Arbitration,PCA)不是一个系统常设仲裁法院可为仲裁庭提供秘书务(secretarial service),比如菲律宾南海仲裁庭在庭审(trial)的时候使用了常设仲裁法院的大厅刘振民还表示,菲律宾南海仲裁庭的组成实际上是一个政治操作的结果(a result of political manipulation)5名仲裁员中的名是由国际海洋法法庭(the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea)时任庭长、日本籍法官柳井俊二指定,而柳井俊二是日本安倍政府安保法制恳谈会会长国际法院和海洋法法庭的法官的酬金、薪水是由联合国付的,目的是保他们的独立性、公正性(independence and impartiality)而这五名仲裁员是提供有偿务(paid services),挣的是菲律宾的钱,可能还有其他方面给的钱南京大学中国南海研究协同创新中心执行主任、南京大学国际关系研究院院长朱锋说:"白皮书的发表本身就是对南海仲裁裁决的有力回击(push back cefully against the award of the arbitral tribunal in the South China Sea arbitration),因为菲律宾南海仲裁裁决不仅歪曲事实(distort the facts),否定中国的南海主权和海洋权益的历史依据(historical basis),而且完全偏袒菲律宾裁决结果可以说非常荒唐"{相关词汇}仲裁庭 arbitral tribunal管辖权 jurisdiction南海问题 the South China Sea issue领土问题 territorial issue海域划界 maritime delimitation争端解决程序 dispute settlement procedures. 网络侵权Internet copyright infringement请看例句:Blacklists naming websites, mobile apps and other platms that violate copyrights will be created as part of the latest campaign to tackle online copyright infringement, China's top copyright watchdog said on Tuesday.国家版权局日宣布,将建立公布侵权网站、移动终端应用以及其他平台的"黑名单",作为打击网络侵权最新行动的一部分国家版权局(National Copyright Administration)、国家网信办(Cyberspace Administration of China)、工信部(Ministry of Industry and Inmation Technology)和公安部(Ministry of Public Security)下发通知,于日启动为期5个月的打击网络侵权(Internet coopyright infringement)专项行动自年以来,我国开始开展一年一度的专项行动(annual campaign),重点整治音乐、电影、文学作品、游戏、电子商务(e-commerce)和软件等方面的网络侵权行为本次行动重点整治未经授权非法传播网络文学、新闻、音像等作品的行为(the unlicensed distribution of literature, news and audio and visual products on the Internet),保障有关权利人的合法权益(protect the legitimate rights and interests of right holders);重点查处通过智能移动终端第三方应用程序(app)、电子商务平台(e-commerce platm)、网络广告联盟、私人影院(private movie theater)等平台进行的侵权盗版行为,维护网络版权正常秩序(maintain the normal order of Internet copyright);进一步规范网络音乐、网络云存储空间(network cloud storage space)、网络转载新闻作品的版权秩序专项行动要求各地版权、互联网信息内容、通信主管、公安部门加强监管(urge local copyright, Internet inmation, telecom and police departments to strengthen supervision),严厉打击互联网论坛和社交网络平台上的知识产权侵权行为(intellectual property rights infringement)国家版权局版权管理司司长于慈珂表示,今年还将建立显示版权保护水平的"黑白名单"(build blacklists and whitelists to indicate the level of copyright protection),推进版权领域信用体系建设(promote the construction of credit system in copyright field)[相关词汇]盗版软件 pirated software山寨应用 fake app专利产品 patented product注册商标 registered trademark知识产权 intellectual property right3. 同胞竞争障碍sibling rivalry disorder请看相关报道:A -year-old girl who recently suffered headaches, vomiting and listlessness was diagnosed with sibling rivalry disorder after doctors found that her parents were focusing their attention on her infant brother born six months ago.近日,一名有头疼、呕吐、精神萎靡症状的岁女孩被诊断患有"同胞竞争障碍"医生发现,女孩的父母把全部精力都集中在了她6个月大的弟弟身上同胞竞争障碍是指在年龄较小的弟弟出生之后,年龄较大孩子出现的某种程度的情感紊乱(emotional disturbance)多数儿童都可能出现这种状况,但如果情感紊乱的程度异乎寻常,就有可能被认为是病理性(pathological)程度轻重和表现形式会因个体而存在很大差异,有的孩子可能会出现焦虑(anxiety),抑郁(depression)等精神症状(emotional symptoms)据报道,患病女孩原本活泼(happy and active)可爱,成绩优异(enjoy good academic scores),在班里还是班长(class monitor),但是因为父母有了二宝之后,对她的关注少了,忽略了她的情感需求(emotional needs),导致她患上了同胞竞争障碍浙医二院儿科主任(director of pediatrics at the Second Hospital Affiliated with the School of Medicine at Zhejiang University)冯建华表示,随着全面二孩政策(universal two-child policy)的放开,很多父母纷纷有所行动,使得这类例子的数量有所增加(the number of such cases is rising)最近,他接连收治了几个小患者(several young patients)他们都是刚"上任"的哥哥和,却还没做好准备(are not fully prepared)"我们建议,从想要二孩(have a second child)前,父母就该关注大宝的看法"冯建华主任说,当二宝出生的时候,父母不要忘了大宝其实还只是需要呵护的孩子(a child needing parent's care)如果父母使大宝产生"爸妈不爱我"(Mom and Dad don't love me)的想法,可能会影响日后父母与子女、子女相互之间的关系每个孩子潜意识中都想独享父母亲的爱(every child subconsciously wants to exclusively enjoy parent's love),所以容易出现同胞竞争障碍心理学家建议,从母亲怀(when the mother becomes pregnant)开始,家长就应帮助孩子培养对弟的责任感和爱(a sense of responsibility and love)家长应关注孩子的感受,避免对两个孩子进行比较(be aware of kids' feelings and avoid comparing two children)如果大宝不愿意,就不要强迫他们与二宝分享玩具或零食(ce the elder child to share toys or snacks with the younger one)[相关词汇]反弟联盟 anti-siblings alliance独生子女政策 one-child policy危机感 sense of crisis备 plan pregnancy[!-empirenews.page--]. 新内阁new cabinet请看例句:Theresa May is ming her new cabinet after becoming Conservative prime minister.在成为保守党首相后,特里莎·梅正在组建其新内阁日,在白金汉宫觐见过英国女王伊丽莎白二世(an audience with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace)后,前内政大臣(mer home secretary)特里莎·梅正式成为英国第二位女首相(female prime minister)梅入主首相官邸(official residence)后,在第一时间公布了新内阁(new cabinet)的名单新内阁中最大的意外便是脱欧阵营的领军人物、伦敦市前市长(the mer London mayor who led the Brexit campaign)鲍里斯·约翰逊,他被任命为外交大臣(eign secretary)曾在前首相玛格丽特·撒切尔和约翰·梅杰内阁中任职的马尔科姆·里夫金德对此表示担忧,他称任命鲍里斯为外交部长是"冒险的"(Boris's appointment as eign secretary is "risky"),因为让鲍里斯受到公众欢迎的那些品质并不一定能让他成为一名优秀的外交家(the qualities that make him popular with the public did not necessarily make him a good diplomat)梅在其内阁中还增设了"退欧大臣"这一全新的职位(a newly created post of Brexit secretary),全权负责英国与欧盟事务的谈判(take charge of negotiating Britain's exit from the European Union)这一新职位由疑欧派保守党议员(Eurosceptic Conservative Member of Parliament)戴维·戴维斯出任另一新设职位——国际贸易大臣由利亚姆·福克斯出任法新社称,增设这一职位反映出,英国举行"脱欧"公投(EU referendum)后,需要与中国、印度等非欧盟国家加强商贸往来(strengthen trade and business with China, India and other non-EU countries)前能源大臣安伯·拉德接替梅担任内政大臣(ex-energy secretary Amber Rudd took over May's mer role as home secretary),前外交大臣菲利普·哈蒙德接替乔治·奥斯本成为财政大臣(Chancellor of the Exchequer)仅有名前内阁成员留任原职(just four cabinet positions have stayed in the same hands),分别是国防大臣迈克尔·法伦、卫生大臣杰里米·亨特、威尔士事务大臣(Welsh Secretary)阿伦·凯恩斯、苏格兰事务大臣戴维·蒙代尔据英国广播公司统计,新内阁当前的男女成员比例几乎保持不变(the current male-female ratio of the cabinet remains roughly the same),为7比3,但成员数量增至人[相关词汇]英国保守党 Conservative Party英国工党 Labor Party英国议会上院 House of Lords英国议会下院 House of Commons唐宁街号 No Downing Street君主立宪制 constitutional monarchy影子内阁 shadow cabinet5. 国庆日袭击事件Bastille Day attack请看例句:At least 8 people were killed during a horrific Bastille Day attack in Nice, France.至少8人在法国尼斯的一起骇人听闻的国庆日袭击事件中丧生当地时间日晚时,法国度假胜地尼斯的国庆日烟花汇演现场发生一辆卡车冲撞人群事件(a truck ploughed throughsmashed into crowds in the French resort of Nice as they were enjoying a Bastille Day fireworks display),目前已造成8人死亡、百余人受伤,两名中国公民在此次恐袭中受伤目击者拍摄的视频显示,袭击发生后,英国人漫步大道(Promenade des Anglais)上躺着许多伤者和遇难者(dead and injured people were lying in the street),地上洒满鲜血,有路人为伤者进行救助法国BFMTV电视台在现场的工作人员吉米·加扎勒说,冲入人群的卡车以中低速行驶事发前英国人漫步大道已禁止车辆通行,有警车设置路障肇事的载重卡车为白色,大约在时30分冲破警方路障(plow through security barriers),卡车上响起声(the crackle of gunfire)卡车在人群中行驶约公里后,司机被警方击毙(the driver was shot dead by the police after barrelling the truck about km through the crowd)警方在卡车内发现和爆炸物(discovery of weapons and grenades inside the truck),还找到一名突尼斯裔法国籍男子(a French citizen born in Tunisiaa French-Tunisian)的身份身份显示,这名男子现年31岁,住在尼斯(the identity papers indicate the 31-year-old man is a resident of Nice)法国总统奥朗德认为,这起袭击的"恐怖性质无法否认(the terroristic character of the attack cannot be denied)",并宣布将全国紧急状态延长3个月(extend the country's state of emergency three months)法国自去年月巴黎恐怖袭击事件后开始进入戒备状态,原本应在7月6日结束奥朗德已召集政府要员启动部际紧急指挥中心,奥朗德于日凌晨在巴黎发表电视讲话说(said in a televised address):"法国在象征自由的国庆日这天遭受袭击,整个法国仍然在恐怖主义威胁下"目前尚未有组织或个人宣布对尼斯恐袭事件负责(claim responsibility the attack)[相关词汇]自杀式炸弹袭击者 suicide bomber反恐 counter-terrorism屠杀 massacreslaughter极端分子 extremist狂热分子 fanatic主谋 mastermind6. 口袋妖怪GoPokemon Go请看例句:Japanese gaming giant Nintendo soared again Thursday, taking a week-long rally to 75% as investors ride the coattails of the Pokemon Go phenomenon sweeping the planet.随着《口袋妖怪Go现象级产品席卷全球,投资者纷纷借光,日本游戏巨头任天堂的市值日再次飙升,一周内共增长了75%Pokemon是pocket monster的缩写,有多种译法,比如:口袋妖怪、口袋精灵、神奇宝贝、宠物小精灵、精灵宝可梦等自1996年首款《口袋妖怪角色扮演游戏(role-playing game, RPG)在日本发行以来,该主题已陆续推出了电影、漫画甚至主题公园(theme park)《口袋妖怪Go是一款基于增强现实(augmented reality, AR)技术和基于地理位置务(location based service, LBS)的手游(mobile game),由3家开发商(developers)合作开发:口袋妖怪公司(The Pokemon Company)提供内容持(content provider)、设计游戏故事内容;从谷歌独立出去的Niantic Labs提供技术持(provide technological support)和AR技术;任天堂(Nintendo)则负责游戏开发及全球发行(global distribution)本月6日,这款游戏在美国、澳大利亚、新西兰市场首发(debut),可在安卓、iOS操作系统免费下载自发布以来,该游戏迅速蹿红(become an instant hit),已成为苹果应用商店中下载量最高的免费应用(the most downloaded free app on Apple's app store),在安卓设备上的安装量也迅速达到万份当用户在现实世界中漫步时(as users wander through the real world),该应用借助全球定位系统(with the help of GPS)展现了带有口袋妖怪的动画版谷歌地图(show an animated version of Google maps with Pokemon)当口袋妖怪出现在视野中(within range)时,游戏玩家的手机会震动(gamers' phones vibrate),显示口袋妖怪实时舞动(show the Pokemon dancing around in real-time)用户滑动精灵球,投向口袋妖怪(throw a Pokeball at the Pokemon by swiping towards it),即可抓到口袋妖怪口袋妖怪出现的位置不是随机的(random),比如水系的口袋妖怪可以在湖边和海边找到(water types can be found near lakes and oceans),这种现实世界与虚拟属性的匹配也增加了游戏的性该游戏的口号是"全都要抓住(gotta catch'em all)"分析人士表示,《口袋妖怪Go如此火爆的三个因素是低门槛、怀旧(nostalgia)和社交仅靠GPS和摄像头就能实现的AR技术,大大方便了虚拟世界与现实世界的互动(facilitate the interaction between the virtual world and reality)另一个成功因素在于怀旧,对于在上世纪90年代末成长的人,以及口袋妖怪的其他铁杆粉丝来说( those who grew up in the late 1990s and other Pokemon aficionados),该游戏唤起了有关皮卡丘、日本动漫、集换卡的怀旧回忆(the game evokes nostalgic memories of Pikachu, anime and trading cards)此外,该游戏非常适合玩家将"战绩"分享到社交媒体网站上(gamers take to social media sites to share their Pokemon catches),玩家有时还能碰到一群同在附近的口袋妖怪铁杆粉,并成为朋友(meet a bunch of other Pokemon diehards in their neighborhoods and become friends),这款游戏同时促进了社交媒体在线上线下的社交功能不过,随着游戏的风靡,负面新闻也时有爆出,比如过于专注游戏使玩家遭遇抢劫(robbery)、车祸(car accidents),走路摔跤等问题据路透社消息,该游戏存在大量收集用户敏感数据的问题当玩家使用谷歌账户登录《口袋妖怪Go(sign in to Pokemon Go through their Google )时,游戏开放商Niantic将获得用户谷歌账户的完全访问权限(full access),在这一权限下,Niantic甚至可以查看用户的邮件、浏览用户的谷歌文档(see the contents of Google Docs)等对此,Niantic回应称,已通过应用更新修复了该问题(fix the issue with an app update),只要求访问谷歌账户的基本信息(ask basic Google profile inmation),以及实际访问时所需数据(in line with the data that they actually access)[相关词汇]虚拟现实 virtual reality个人数据 personal data游戏瘾 game addiction game宅男宅女 homebody网游 online game(来源:CHINADAILY手机报,编辑:Helen)厦门地区哪个整形医院割双眼皮比较好 科学家的另类艺术:细菌作画 --7 18::38 来源: If you think scientists can't be artsy, think again.如果你觉得科学家没有艺术气息,那你就错了The American Society of Microbiologists (ASM) recently held its first "Agar Art" contest and received 85 submissions of artwork all created by microbiologists "using bacteria as paint and agar and a petri dish as a canvas," according to Emily Dilger, ASM's public outreach manager. Agar is a "jelly-like substance" that bacteria eat and grow on, Dilger explained.美国微生物学家协会(American Society of Microbiologists,ASM)最近举办了第一届“琼脂艺术”大赛,据ASM公关经理艾米丽?迪尔格(Emily Dilger)介绍,大赛共收到85份由微生物学家创作的参赛作品它们都是“以细菌为颜料,以琼脂和一个培养皿为画布”完成的迪尔格解释称,琼脂是一种“胶状物质”,细菌可以通过吞食琼脂生长细菌复刻版《星空The microscopic masterpieces included a recreation of Vincent van Gogh"s "The Starry Night" by Missouri microbiologist Melanie Sullivan. She used several types of bacteria to produce the various colors, including bacteria that is "a common cause of lower urinary tract infections" and a bacterium that can cause infections including pneumonia and meningitis, according to her description of her piece.这些用显微镜才能观察的作品中,来自密苏里州的微生物学家梅勒妮?沙利文(Melanie Sullivan)的作品复刻了梵高的《星空她的作品描述介绍称,她用多种类型的细菌制作出多种颜色,包括“引起下尿路感染的常见病原菌”和一种可导致肺炎和脑膜炎的细菌"Because a lot of these bacteria can have dangerous implications, we made sure all the submissions had to come from a member of the society," ASM marketing coordinator Chaseedaw Giles told A News. "Lots of safety precautions have to be taken, especially in properly storing and disposing these cultures, so we didn't just want random people playing around with bacteria."ASM市场部协调员查西道·贾尔斯(Chaseedaw Giles)告诉美国广播公司新闻(A News):“因为这些细菌中有很多具有危险性,所以我们确保所有参赛作品都是来自协会成员我们做了很多安全防范措施,尤其在这些培养菌的妥善保存和处理方面,所以我们可不是让随便某个人来摆弄细菌”《纽约生物群落地图获得第二名The "Agar Art" contest ran through this summer, and the winners were announced in late September after a panel of five judges - including professors and an artist - reviewed the submissions based on "creativity, design, and presentation," Giles said.贾尔斯介绍,“琼脂艺术”大赛持续了一个夏天,最后由包括微生物学教授和一名艺术家在内的五名评委经过认真的审查,作品的“创造性、设计和展示”于9月份评选出最后的获胜者第一名作品:《神经元The top three winners included artistic renditions of neurons, a map of New York City and the harvest season.前三名作品分别是神经元的艺术再现、纽约市地图和收获的季节《收获的季节获得第三名"One of the coolest things about the contest has been ing the descriptions from the scientists of all the ways they grew these different bacteria and all the trial-and-error they had to do," Giles said. "Many talked about the number of tries it took them to get certain patterns and intensity of color. Everyone did something different to come up with their final product."贾尔斯说:“这次比赛最酷的地方之一就是阅读各位科学家关于如何培养这些不同的细菌以及他们反复试验的过程描述很多人描述了自己为了得到特定的图案和色饱和度反复尝试了多少次每个人都为了最后的作品尝试了很多不同的事情”The contest has also dispelled a long-held stereotype that scientists can"t be artistic and vice versa.本次比赛也打破了一直以来人们觉得科学家不懂艺术,艺术家不懂科学的成见《细胞间获得“最受大众喜爱作品”奖项"I think this is a great example of the beautiful things that can come out of not putting people in certain boxes and defining them by a strict label," Giles said. "It shows art and science can be married together."贾尔斯说:“跳出原有的框架和避免严格的标签定义能够产生美好的事物,我觉得这次比赛就是一个很好的例子它展现了艺术和科学可以很好的融合在一起”Vocabularymicrobiologist:微生物学家agar:琼脂petri dish:皮氏培养皿microscopic:用显微镜可见的pneumonia:肺炎meningitis:脑膜炎rendition:演绎trial-and-error:(为求完善的)反复试验厦门哪里做祛颊脂垫好

厦门开眼角哪家好高考“防作弊”措施升级 -- :5:6 来源:chinadaily 教育部日前发布的《关于做好年普通高校招生工作的通知明确,要结合各地实际,采用二代身份现场报名确认、现场采集照片和指纹或指静脉等生物特征、及时进行信息比对等措施严防替考A student goes through a metal detector in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province. [PhotoIC]请看相关报道:High-tech measures, such as face recognition and fingerprint verification systems, will be used to fight cheating the first time in many places this year's gaokao, or national college entrance exam.今年高考期间,多地将首次使用面部识别和指纹识别等高科技手段防止作弊行为考试作弊(cheating on exams)一直是所有学校和老师头疼的问题,在关系到考生命运的高考期间,这个问题更是需要多方重视近日,教育部提出的防替考措施包括:采用二代身份现场报名确认(identity verification on the site)、现场采集照片和指纹或指静脉等生物特征(photo taking, fingerprint ing and vein scanning)、及时进行信息比对(timely data match)等静脉验(finger vein verification)是一种新的生物特征识别技术(biometric identification technology),它利用手指内的静脉分布图像(finger vein pattern)来进行身份识别与指纹识别在程序上大致相同,但指纹容易被人复制,指静脉目前被人复制的可能性基本为零去年月1日,《刑法修正案(九)实施,明确组织作弊(organize cheating)、提供作弊器材(provide equipment or help cheating)、非法出售或提供试题(illegally sell exam questions and answers)、代考替考(take tests somebody else)等类行为最高可判处七年有期徒刑(a sentence of up to seven years imprisonment)各地防作弊举措:洛阳:无人机值守考场,无人机(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle,UAV)的使命就是帮助寻找用于作弊的神秘无线电信号它能在500米左右的高空对考场附近的无线电信号进行监测,并将捕捉到的可疑无线电信号的发射源所在位置显示在平板电脑上广东、湖北:面部识别(facial recognition)、指纹识别(fingerprint verification)、金属探测器(metal detector)、电子监控(electronic monitoring system),一起上场福建、安徽、湖北:禁戴手表(banning watches),提供挂钟高考试卷运送车辆将安装视频监控设备和GPS(Global Positioning System,全球定位系统), GPRS(General Packet Radio Service,通用分组无线务技术)以及RFID(radio-frequency identification,射频识别技术)定位监测设备(中国日报网英语点击 Helen) 伦敦数百人裸骑,反对汽车文化 -- :: 来源: 近日,伦敦举行了一年一度的“世界裸骑日”,数百人脱光衣在伦敦街道上骑行,以抗议汽车文化,呼吁绿色 Hundreds of cyclists stripped off and pedalled through the streets of London today as part of an annual protest against car culture.今日,数百人脱光衣骑着自行车驶过伦敦的街道,这场活动意在抗议汽车文化,每年都会举行Wearing body paint and trainers - and little else - scores of environmentally-aware riders braved the summer downpours to take part in the London leg of the World Naked Bike Ride.这些人身上画着绘,穿着运动鞋(有人也穿着其他小布料的衣物),希望体现出环保的理念,他们甘冒夏季倾盆大雨前来参加伦敦世界裸体自行车骑行The event, which first took place in , is intended to raise awareness of the danger of cycling and the ’car centric’ culture in the capital. Three cyclists were killed in London in the last month.在年的时候,伦敦举办了第一次裸骑活动,该活动意在唤起人们对伦敦自行车消亡和“以汽车为中心”的文化的意识上个月,伦敦有三名自行车骑手死亡Writing online, organisers said the gathering is: ’A peaceful, imaginative and fun protest against oil dependency and car culture.该活动的发起人在网上发言,说这起活动是“对依赖石油和汽车的文化的一场平和的、富有想象力的、有趣的抗议”’A celebration of the bicycle and also a celebration of the power and individuality of the human body. A symbol of the vulnerability of the cyclist in traffic. ’“这是一场对自行车的颂扬,也是一场对人身体力量和个性的赞美,这象征着骑行者在交通中的脆弱性”Cyclists set off from six points around the capital at different times this afternoon, meeting at Hyde Park Corner, at around 5pm. Each route is roughly nine miles long and offers a flat and easy ride, according to organisers.活动当天下午,骑行者们在不同时间从伦敦周围六个地点出发,最终在下午5点左右于海德公园角碰头据活动举办者透露,每条线路都差不多有9英里长,道路都很平缓,骑行很容易The website states: ’We try and ensure the route goes past many of the London landmarks where it will be seen by people on the streets. This helps to promote the goals of the protest ride whilst letting you see London whilst doing something a little bit different.’活动网址上说道:“我们尽力让骑行路线经过许多伦敦的地标性建筑,那样街上的许多人都能够看到我们的骑行这能够有助于让更多的人知道我们抗议的目标,同时也能够让你在裸骑的时候好好看一看伦敦”Participants painted themselves with slogans including, ’Just another cyclist in your way’, ’nude not crude’ and ’no fracking’. Others decorated their bodies in colourful patterns - giving the event a festival-like atmosphere.活动参与者在身体上写着一些口号,例如“不过是你车道上的一个骑行者(Just another cyclist in your way)”、“裸体但不粗鲁(nude not crude)”、“no fracking”其他人在身上装饰着五斑斓的图案,使得这场活动看起来有一点节日的气氛Dozens of bystanders lined the streets to watch the group cycle past - many with their smartphones at the y.裸骑者经过时,几十个路人拿着手机夹道围观Dare to bare: Hundreds of cyclists stripped off to ride through the streets of London in protest against car culture.几百名骑行者脱掉衣,驶过伦敦的大街小巷,以抗议汽车文化Festival atmosphere: Participants covered their bodies in brightly-coloured designs - and some even added accessories to their looks.一些活动参与者在身体上画着色明亮的图案,还有人甚至穿戴着一些配饰,看起来就好像过节一样Pedalling in protest: Riders took part in the London leg of the World Naked Bike Ride to raise awareness of cyclists on the roads.骑行者们参加这场伦敦世界裸体自行车骑行,以唤起人们对道路上骑车人的关注Green thinking: Hundreds of cyclists took part in the event today, setting off from six different points around the capital.总共有数百名骑行者参加了当天的活动,他们从伦敦周围的六个地点出发Nude sight seeing: The routes criss-cross through the streets of London, taking in as many of the landmarks as possible.活动骑行的线路穿过了伦敦的许多大街小巷,尽可能多地经过伦敦的地标性建筑物厦门哪里洗纹身龙岩激光去痣一般多少钱



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