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Apple has responded to reports that the US National Security Agency has developed a system to hack into, and monitor iPhones. It says it has never worked with the NSA and is unaware of efforts to target its smartphones. Germany#39;s Der Spiegel reported this week that a secretive unit of the NSA makes specialized gear and software to infiltrate and monitor I-phones. The NSA has not commented on the allegations. It says its interest in any given technology is driven by the use of the technology by foreign intelligence targets.近日有报道称,美国安全局发明黑客系统进入iPhone手机进行监控,苹果公司就此报道进行了回应。苹果公司表示其从未与美国国家安全局合作,且对国安局对其iPhone手机进行监控的行为并不知晓。本周,据德国明镜周刊报道,国安局的一个秘密部门制作了专业设备和软件进入iPhone手机进行监控。美国国家安全局并未对此进行任何。国安局表示,其对任何现有技术的兴趣都是源于对该技术的使用需求。 Article/201401/271431。

  • You#39;re not exactly sure when that nerd in Accounting started thinking it would be okay to drop by your cubicle 15 times a day, but—Oh, no!—here he comes again!你不知道从何时起,公司那个怪人喜欢每天很多次故意从你的格子间旁经过。不,太糟糕了,他又来了!You Will Need你需要An annoying office suitor讨厌的办公室追求者And a steely resolve to get rid of him摆脱他的坚定决心Steps步骤STEP 1 Don#39;t flirt back1.不要传递错误信号Make sure you#39;re not sending mixed signals. If you originally thought you were just being friendly and now realize he might have gotten the wrong idea, change your behavior around him immediately.确保自己不要传递令人误会的信号。如果你原本认为自己只是友好的举动,现在却意识到他可能收到错误的信号,立即改变自己的行为。STEP 2 Play dumb2.装傻充愣Refuse to play along. If Smitten leers at you and says, ;Is it hot in here, or is it you?; say you#39;ll ask maintenance to check the air-conditioning unit.拒绝回应。如果他向你抛着媚眼说,“这里好热啊,你不觉得吗?”你就告诉他请维修工来修理空调。STEP 3 Don#39;t play along3.不要回应Meet any attempts at humor with a stony stare. When he persists, look puzzled and say to your coworkers, ;Is he trying his flirting techniques on everybody or just me?;冷酷地回应他的任何幽默感。如果他坚持不懈,表现出迷惑的样子,对你的同事说,“他是不是想在每个同事身上练习调情技巧,还是就针对我一个人?”STEP 4 Use body language4.使用身体语言Use your body language to tell Smitten that his advances are unwelcome.使用身体语言告诉他,他的殷勤不受欢迎。When Smitten stops by to chat, answer all his questions with a ;yes; or a ;no; so there are lots of long, awkward silences.当他停下来跟你聊天时,用“是”或者“不是”来回答他的任何问题,这样就会出现长时间的令人尴尬的沉默。STEP 5 He#39;s not your type5.躲开Go out of your way to let him know exactly what your type is—and how he doesn#39;t fit it.躲到旁边,让他知道你不喜欢他这种风格的人。STEP 6 Talk to his friend6.跟他的朋友谈话Innocently confirm with his best friend in the office that he doesn#39;t like you. Say you hope you#39;re imagining it, but you worry that he might be flirting with you—and of course that would be inappropriate and unwanted.故作天真地跟他在办公室内最好的朋友确认他不喜欢你。对他说,你希望如此,但是又担心他可能跟你调情——当然这是不合适的,是让人讨厌的。STEP 7 Tell him7.告诉他If he still can#39;t get the hint, tell him kindly but firmly that his behavior makes you uncomfortable and you need him to treat you with more respect.如果他仍然得不到暗示,友好而坚定地告诉他,他的行为让你感到不舒,你希望他能对你多一点尊重。STEP 8 File a complaint8.投诉If Smitten persists, it#39;s time to file a complaint and let human resources or his supervisor deal with him.如果他仍然执迷不悟,投诉,让人力资源部门或主管来处理。According to one study, women who are flirtatious at work win fewer pay raises and promotions—and make less.根据一份调查,在工作中比较轻浮的女性获得的加薪机会和晋升机会都更少。视频听力译文由。 Article/201404/284713。
  • PC#39;s worst yearly decline in sales Ivan Nikkhoo, managing editor of Siemer and Associates, talks to CNN about the downturn in PC sales. 全球个人电脑PC市场监测机构IDC和Gartner发布了最新统计数据。两家数据均显示今年一季度全球PC销量出现了超过10%的负增长。而根据IDC的数据,今年一季度全球PC市场更是创下近20年来的最大下滑。 这再次明,PC的时代正在逝去,计算机行业正在向平板电脑和智能手机等移动设备发展。 PC丧钟已敲响!世界前五大PC厂商除联想勉强维持在零增长外,惠普、戴尔、Acer、华硕等均出现了大幅下跌——PC真的要死去了吗?I’m joined by Ivan Nicoon who runs a venture capital(风险资本) firm that deals in particularly with technology companies. Great to have you on Quest Means Business, Ivan.Thanks for having me.One of the interesting things that we’ve seen, obviously as we move from these great, big, gargantuan(巨大的、庞大的) computers to very mobile(可移动的;机动的) devices, is a whole side industry of applications. That’s why people like you come in.Well, if you look at the context of it, there are three big developments. Number one, more and more people like to consume data on apps, not only in a mobile way, but in a personalizing curator way. In other words, I wanna consume what I want, the data on the apps, where I am, when I am and specific to me. And number two, the erosion of pricing on the tablets means that it is more and more affordable for larger masses to get it. And number three, and probably the most important. Now you have the universal applications that are available for mobile devices at a point where it is a critical mass and everybody uses them. The developer communities really provide applications for the mobile devices in a way that is absolutely usable for not only consumers but enterprise as well.So this one operating system that everybody can use and different companies can code towards, if you like.Well, there is more than one obviously. The two dominant ones being Android and of course, Apple’s. But the implications are probably somewhat more important and it’s reflected by the valuations of companies that you see in the market. First and foremost, I don’t believe that this is a stand-alone trend, I think the trends will continue and the erosion of the price of the tablets will apply more and more pressure on the PC manufacturer. So I think we’re gonna see that’s gonna hurt more and more in absence of the strategy to provide something in the mobile sector. The other one is the opportunities in the mobile sector are absolutely enormous. If you look at the valuation of companies that are providing for the mobile industry, whether it’s mobile advertising, you get mobile monetization(铸币;货币化) of or anything else that goes with it, versus the same companies that do on the online business, the evaluation parameters are absolutely different. Yes, and there’s tons of those companies. Ever so(非常) briefly, do you think we’re gonaa see the death of the PC by the end of, say, this decade? I mean, the death bell’s been ringing for some time. You know, I doubt that very much. Because the enterprise is very used to using the same model for some time to come, and do you remember, we’ve been talking about the death of PC for a very long time. I doubt that very much. I think the usage of it will differ. I think the type of PCs we will use will differ and they will become somewhat more application-centric for what we want. They have to be significantly more agile(敏捷的;灵巧的). But no.Ok, Ivan Nicoon, thank you very much for coming on Quest Means Business this evening. It’s a pleasure. Thank you. /201305/241232。
  • You don#39;t need a winning lottery ticket, a brilliant business idea, or even a good income to make a million dollars; you just need to know how regular folks managed to do it.要赚够一百万,你不需要中票,也不需要精明的商业头脑,甚至不需要太高的收入;你只需要知道普通人是怎样做到的。You Will Need你需要College education大学教育Business生意Budget预算Discipline纪律Investments投资Real estate房产Perseverance毅力Modest home (optional)适中的房子(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Get an education1.接受教育Get an education; 80 percent of millionaires are college graduates: 18 percent have master#39;s degrees, 8 percent law degrees, 6 percent medical degrees, and 6 percent PhDs.接受教育;80%的百万富翁都是大学毕业生;其中18%的拥有硕士学位,85%的人有法学学位,6%的人有医学学位,6%的人有士学位。Step 2 Start a company2.开创公司Start a company. 2/3 of U.S. millionaires are self-employed. The business doesn#39;t have to be big, flashy, or innovative to make a million dollars; it just needs to be profitable.开创一家公司。三分之二的美国百万富翁都是自主创业的。要赚够一百万,你的公司不需要太大,不需要浮华,也不需要创新,只需要盈利。Step 3 Be a landlord3.成为业主Purchase a modest home -- one that costs no more than twice your taxable income. Consider taking in roommates so they can help pay off the mortgage. Scoop up other bargain homes to lease to people whose rents will pay off the homes for you.Learn how to do home repairs so you don#39;t have to pay others to do them.购买一所适中的房屋——房价不要超过应纳税收入的两倍。考虑招募一个房伴,这样他们可以帮你偿还部分贷款。把其他便宜的房子拿出来租给其他人,房租可以偿还现在房屋的贷款。学习如何修缮房屋,这样就不需要花钱请人。Step 4 Live below your means4.生活节俭Live below your means -- way below. Lots of people have managed to become millionaires on a modest income -- some have even done it earning not much more than minimum wage. It just takes a strict budget and the discipline to stick with it.量入为出,越节俭越好。许多人以微薄的收入成为百万富翁——而其中一些人仅仅拿着最低的工资。只需要进行严格的预算,约束自己坚持下去。Step 5 Invest5.投资Carefully invest at least 15 percent of your taxable income in publicly traded stocks and mutual funds, and reinvest whatever profit or dividends those investments earn. The same goes for your business: Plow profits back into your business so you can hopefully earn even more money.谨慎地把应纳税收入的至少15%投入公共交易的股票和共同基金,把收益重新投资,或者分配投资所得。生意也是如此:把收益重新投入生意中,这样雪球才会越滚越大。Step 6 Stay the course6.坚持到底Realize that slow and steady wins the race: Almost anyone can make a million dollars if they#39;re committed to a long-term plan.要知道,慢而稳,赛必胜。只要坚持长期的计划,几乎任何人都能成为百万富翁。Americans of Russian ancestry have the highest concentration of millionaire households in the ed States.俄裔美国人在美国的百万富翁家庭最多。视频听力节目由。 Article/201309/255549。
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