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武汉包茎手术得花多少钱武汉泌尿医院哪家好Facebook Inc. is likely to get a bunch of new friends on Wall Street on Wednesday, when about two dozen analysts will be free to chime in publicly on its prospects.本周三,二十余名分析师将自由表达对Facebook Inc.公司前景的预期,Facebook很可能因此吸引到一些华尔街的新朋友。 On Tuesday, a 40-day quiet period will conclude for analysts at banks that were underwriters of Facebook#39;s initial public offering, including lead underwriters Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan Chase amp; Co. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. The analysts are expected to publish their initial research early on Wednesday, people at the firms said.Facebook首次公开募股(IPO)承销行分析师为期40天的静默期将于本周二结束。这些承销行包括根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)、根大通(J.P. Morgan Chase)和高盛集团(Goldman Sachs Group Inc.)。上述公司的人士说,预计分析师将在周三上午公布他们的首份研究报告。 Major Wall Street firms are barred for a period from putting out analyst reports on stocks they underwrite partly to keep a lid on hype that can surround hot IPOs. Other smaller banks involved in an IPO typically agree to adhere to the delay.华尔街的大型公司在一段固定期限内不得公布分析师对该公司承销股票的报告,部分原因是为了限制对热门IPO的炒作。其他参与IPO的小型一般也会同意推迟发布报告。 When reports do come out, they can provide a booster shot for shares. The day the analyst reports from underwriters came out for LinkedIn Corp. last year, LinkedIn shares surged 12% as the Standard amp; Poor#39;s 500-stock index rose 1.3%.AP本周三,二十余名分析师将自由表达对Facebook Inc.公司前景的预期,Facebook很可能因此吸引到一些华尔街的新朋友。而报告发布的时点往往会成为股价上涨的良机。去年LinkedIn Corp.公司的承销商分析师发布报告那天,LinkedIn的股价涨了12%,相比之下,标准普尔500指数(Standard amp; Poor#39;s 500-stock index)则仅上升了1.3%。 For nearly 700 U.S.-listed company IPOs from 2006 to 2011, analysts initiating research after 40 days placed an average ;hold; or ;buy; rating on the stock, according to Ipreo Inc., a research from capital markets data and advisory firm. Of seven IPOs that had initial average analyst ratings of ;sell,; the companies#39; shares had rallied sharply after the IPO, which analysts said made the stocks overvalued, Ipreo said.资本市场数据研究机构、咨询公司Ipreo的数据显示,对于在2006到2011年间在美国上市的接近700家公司而言,分析师一般会在40天的静默期结束后对股票给出“持有”或“买入”的评级。Ipreo说,有七家公司获得的分析师最初评级为“卖出”,这些公司的股价在IPO之后迅速走高,分析师认为这导致了股价被高估。 Analysts not affiliated with the Facebook IPO have pointed to a series of developments since the social-networking company#39;s market debut that could help support a positive outlook. In early June, Facebook announced it was expanding advertising opportunities on its mobile app, a move expected to boost revenue. Also this month, some big-name advertisers said they found value in Facebook advertising. Facebook also said it began placing messages from advertisers on game site Zynga Inc.没有参与Facebook IPO的分析师已经指出了一系列在这家社交网络公司上市后出现的能够持乐观前景的动向。Facebook在6月初宣布,该公司正在增加移动应用程序的广告机会,预计此举将提升公司营收。一些知名公司也在本月表示,他们发现在Facebook上投放广告颇具价值。Facebook也说,已经开始将商家的广告投放到Zynga Inc.的游戏上。 Brian Nowak, an analyst at Nomura Securities Co., which wasn#39;t a Facebook underwriter, published a note last week with a target. ;There are signs that the company is improving its focus on monetization, including talking to ad agencies and working with advertisers,; he said in an interview.野村券(Nomura Securities Co.)的分析师诺瓦克(Brian Nowak)上周发布了一份报告,他在报告中预计Facebook的股价将上涨到40美元。他在接受采访时说,有迹象表明,Facebook正在增加对盈利方案的关注,包括与广告公司的会谈,以及与广告商的合作。野村券不是Facebook IPO的承销商。 Facebook shares are lower since their debut, making it easier for analysts to be bullish. In the first weeks after the May 18 offering, the stock declined as much as 32% from its offer price of , to around . But in the past few weeks, the stock has made up significant ground, possibly in anticipation of the research reports. On Monday, shares closed down 3%, or 99 cents, to .06.Facebook目前的股价已经低于发行价,分析师因而更容易做出乐观的估计。在5月18日上市后的头几周,这只股票与发行价相比已经下跌了32%,一度跌至26美元附近。但是在过去的几个星期,这只股票收复了大部分失地,这大概是由于研究报告即将出炉的缘故。周一,Facebook股票收跌0.99美元,跌幅3%,收盘价为32.06美元。 Some market observers say underwriting bank analysts#39; price targets on the stock likely will be at or above the offer price to give credence to banks#39; and Facebook#39;s decision to sell shares at .一些市场观察人士说,承销行的分析师对这只股票的价格预测很可能高于发行价,或与发行价持平,以表明和Facebook将发行价定在38美元是合理的。 The average price target for Facebook among analysts who have rated the stock thus far is .80, according to FactSet.据FactSet的数据,目前已经对股票做出评级的分析师对Facebook股价预期的平均值是37.80美元 /201206/188557武汉最好的男科 The company behind the ubiquitous iPhone and iPad is famously secretive, but there a few little known facts about the California-based company.据英国《卫报》报道,如今iPhone和iPad已随处可见,但苹果公司却一直裹在神秘的面纱里。尽管如此,关于这家总部位于加利福尼亚州的高科技公司,我们还是可以稍作了解的。 /201402/277793应城市人民医院阳痿早泄价格

黄冈红安县治疗龟头炎哪家医院最好武汉蔡甸区割包皮哪家医院最好 Deutsche Telekom has signed a partnership with China Mobile to set up a network that will allow cars to access the internet, stream online music and communicate with each other.德国电信(Deutsche Telekom)与中国移动(China Mobile)签署了一项合作协议,将共同建设一个能让汽车接入互联网、播放在线音乐并相互通信的网络。In the latest sign of telecoms groups vying for a foothold in the fast-growing connected-car market, the pair will form a joint venture next year to provide a 4G platform in China to support the estimated 68m connected vehicles expected to be on the country’s roads by 2018.这是各家电信集团争相在快速发展的车联网市场取得立足点的最新迹象。德国电信和中国移动将于明年组建一家合资公司,在中国市场上提供一个4G平台,务于联网汽车。预计到2018年,中国公路上行驶的联网汽车将达6800万辆。Tech and telecoms groups from Apple to Orange are looking to tap the surge in demand for machine-to-machine communications via the internet – also known as the “internet of things”, which enables products from fridges to heart monitors to communicate and carry out tasks more efficiently.从苹果(Apple)到Orange,很多科技、电信集团都希望抓住“机器对机器互联网通信”(也称为物联网)需求激增将带来的商机。物联网能让从冰箱到心脏监测器的各种产品相互连通,更有效地执行任务。Cars are one of the biggest areas of this fast-growing market and companies including Microsoft are looking to turn vehicles into smartphones on wheels, while insurers have also begun installing “black boxes”.车联网是这一飞速发展市场的最大领域之一,微软(Microsoft)等公司在寻求把车辆变为“轮子上的智能手机”,而保险公司也开始在汽车上安装“黑匣子”。Revenues from connected cars are expected to reach bn by 2025, according to consultancy EY. Booz amp; Co, another consultancy, expects connected vehicles to account for 90 per cent of new cars by the end of the decade, up from about 10 per cent today.咨询公司安永(EY)估计,到2025年,联网汽车市场产生的收入预计将达到250亿美元。另一家咨询公司Strategyamp;——即原来的斯公司(Booz amp; Co)——预计,到本十年末,联网汽车将占到新车的90%,目前这一比例约为10%。The Chinese joint venture follows a deal earlier this year between Telefónica and innovative electric car company Tesla. The Spanish telecoms group will connect Tesla’s Model S vehicles in Europe across a network that includes O2 in the UK, Movistar in Spain and KPN in the Netherlands.上述合资协议达成之前,今年早些时候,西班牙电信集团Telefónica与创新电动汽车公司特斯拉(Tesla)就达成了一项协议,前者将把欧洲的特斯拉Model S汽车接入一个网络——该网络包括英国的O2、西班牙的Movistar以及荷兰的KPN。Orange, the French telecoms operator, unveiled a concept car at last week’s Paris motor show, fitted with two tablet computers, a Nokia Lumia 1320 handset and a bluetooth speaker.上周,法国电信运营商Orange在巴黎车展上披露了一款概念车,车上安置了两部平板电脑、一部诺基亚Lumia 1320手机和一个蓝牙音箱。In-car digital services currently include maps and other so-called infotainment devices. But companies are exploring ways in which the driving experience could be enhanced by internet connections, such as the remote monitoring of safety, security and performance.目前的车内数字务包括地图和其他所谓的信息设备。但许多公司正在探索如何借助互联网连接改善驾驶体验,比如对安全、保密和性能实施远程监控。One British start-up, JustPark, allows customers to find and pay for unused parking spaces via the dashboard, offering a glimpse of the potential business models connected cars could use.英国初创企业JustPark让客户能够通过仪表盘查找空停车位并进行付费,让人一窥车联网的潜在商业模式。The joint venture between Deutsche Telekom and China Mobile will bring together the German group’s software and the Chinese company’s infrastructure to set up a connected car cloud platform in the country, now the world’s biggest car market, accounting for a quarter of registrations in 2013.德国电信与中国移动拟建的合资企业,将把前者的软件与后者的基础设施结合起来,在中国这个全球最大汽车市场上建立一个车联网云平台。2013年,中国新车销量占到全球的四分之一。The agreement is a sign that the former German telecoms monopoly is increasing its exposure to the world’s largest telecoms market by collaborating with the biggest mobile operator by subscribers.该合资协议表明,这家昔日在德国居垄断地位的电信集团,正通过与全球用户量最多的移动运营商合作,更深地打入全球最大电信市场。Reinhard Clemens, board member at Deutsche Telekom, said: “Connected car is a strategic initiative within Deutsche Telekom, while China is of strategic importance for our connected car business. The partnership with China Mobile is therefore strategically of utmost importance to Deutsche Telekom.”德国电信的董事莱恩哈特#8226;克莱门斯(Reinhard Clemens)说:“发展车联网业务是德国电信的一项战略性举措,而中国对我们的车联网业务具有重要战略意义。因此,从战略上来说,与中国移动的合作对德国电信极其重要。” /201410/335281武汉总院人民医院尿科

咸宁市嘉鱼县人民医院地址In the home of the future, you can skip the keys. Just tap your phone, and presto, your door swings open.在未来的家中,你不再需要钥匙了。只需轻点手机,转眼间就能打开家门。A new company with a high-powered designer is the latest one hoping to take that vision to the masses. That company, August, introduced its version of the so-called smart-lock to the public last week.一家名叫August,拥有超强设计师的新公司正希望把这幅愿景带给大众。上周,该公司向公众推出了自己的智能锁产品。The lock is the brainchild of CEO Jason Johnson and renowned designer Yves Béhar, who also designed the Jawbone fitness tracker and led the design for the One Laptop Per Child project. August hopes to win the hearts of early adaptors and bring more people to the smart home market, with a design that emphasizes sleek aesthetics and ease-of-use.这种智能锁是首席执行官杰森o约翰逊和知名设计师伊夫o贝哈尔的杰作,后者还设计过Jawbone健身追踪器,也是“每个孩子一台笔记本”(One Laptop Per Child)项目的总设计师。公司希望凭借这款造型优美,使用便利的产品,赢得早期用户的青睐,并带动更多人进入智能家居市场。While people may like the idea of smart homes, according to research firm IHS, only 5.6 million smart platforms have been installed globally. But the number is expected to rise to 44.6 million by 2018.研究公司IHS表示,尽管人们可能喜欢智能家居这个理念,但全球目前只安装了560万套智能平台。不过到2018年,这个数字有望升至4460万。Smooth and round, August’s lock has the heft of a medallion or a gilded hockey puck and allows users to unlock their doors by using their phones. Customers can also let in a babysitter or a maid by issuing them a temporary wireless key.August智能锁光滑圆润,重量相当于一枚奖章或一个镀金冰球,用户可以通过手机开门,还能给保姆或家政人员一把临时的无线钥匙。“We’re approaching it as a consumer product rather than a piece of technology” says Béhar.贝哈尔称:“我们将其作为消费产品而不是一项技术来开发的。”The lock, which uses Bluetooth, fits smoothly over an old-fashioned door with the help of two screws and some wing flaps so customers can retrofit their doors without altering the appearance. Users open the door by holding their phone app up to the lock or tapping a button on their phone screen.只需两颗螺丝和几个合页,就能轻松地这把使用蓝牙技术的锁安装在老式门上,而无需改变房门外观。用户把手机上的应用对准这把锁,或是按一下屏幕上的按键就能开门。Skeptics have raised concerns about how well August locks, which cost 9, can hold up under security attacks. Registering for the app requires two layer authentication. But during a recent product demo, the process was slightly buggy and difficult to enter email addresses for Android phones. Johnson defended the company’s security by pointing out there’s also two layers of encryption on the lock.对于这款售价249美元的锁,持怀疑态度的人担心它能否很好地抵挡安全攻击。注册这款应用需要两层认。但在近期举办的一个样机展示会上,这个注册流程并不那么顺畅,而且在安卓手机上输入电子邮件地址时颇有困难。约翰逊则大力夸赞产品的安全性能,指出该锁还有两层加密系统。August has raised over million in venture capital funding for their lock, one of the early forays into the world of smart home security. It faces a lot of competition from both well-established brands and start-ups. Yale has its own line of smart locks while Kwikset released its smart-lock, Kevo, last year. Meanwhile, start-up Goji plans to release a sleekly designed smart-lock that will take pictures of people who knock on your door and sends it to your door. This lock is August’s first product, but they don’t seem too worried about the competition.作为智能家居安全领域的早期产品,August公司已为这款智能锁募集了超过1000万美元风投。不过它正面临来自知名品牌和初创企业的激烈竞争。耶鲁公司(Yale)就有自己的智能锁产品线,Kwikset公司去年也推出了自己的智能锁Kevo。同时,初创公司Goji正计划推出一款设计时尚的智能锁,它能拍下敲门人的照片再发到用户手机上。本文开篇所提到的这款锁是August公司的首款产品,但该公司似乎并不太担心激烈的市场竞争态势。“We’d love to see other people enter this market,” says Johnson. “It helps us if more people start using smart locks.”约翰逊称:“我们很乐意看到其它公司进入这个市场。如果更多人开始用智能锁,这对我们来说是件好事。”Johnson envisions a world where keys are unnecessary, and speaks of them as jagged and ugly.约翰逊希望未来世界不再需要钥匙,在他看来,锯齿状的钥匙十分丑陋。“We’re about changing the way you interact with your home.,” he says. “We have keyless cars, why not keyless homes?”他说:“我们会改变你和家互动的方式。已经有无钥匙汽车了,为什么不能有无钥匙之家呢?”Johnson won’t go into further specifics about August’s long-term vision, but he did say in less than 90 days, August will be unveiling and shipping a new and complementary product.约翰逊不愿进一步透露公司的长期愿景,但他表示,在不到90天后,该公司就将向市场推出一款全新的补充产品。 /201411/341200 A home of two babies engaged in an animated conversation in a kitchen has become an Internet phenomenon. The two-minute clip shows twin brothers Sam and Ren McEntee, aged just 17 months and barely able to stand, enjoying a lively exchange in which they laugh, raise their hands emphatically and nod their heads. So far the footage has attracted a staggering 9.4million views on YouTube.   都说婴儿是最可爱的,婴儿的笑容是最纯真无暇的,那么婴儿的对话?交谈呢?我们不仅疑惑到,婴儿也会交谈么?也懂“谈话”么?竟然是肯定的~!据悉,一对才1岁多的的双胞胎男童,两个人都用大人完全听不懂的“奇异对话”相互对谈长达2分多钟,在2分多钟的影片中,这对身上仅包着尿布的双胞胎男婴,双脚穿着不同颜色的袜子,开始了他们的人生中“第一次对话”。就连站立都困难的他们,站在厨房冰箱前对话,时而“煞有其事”地挥手强调、时而互相“点头”做相应的反馈回答,嘴巴嘟嘟囔囔,不停以“哒哒哒”作为自己的语言来和自己的兄弟交流,他们还时而举起右脚示范提腿的动作。影片被父亲放到影片分享网站YouTube上,马上爆红,迄今为止,已经超过940万网友争相浏览。   This is probably because the boys' conversation is so adult in its mannerisms and they appear to genuinely understand what each other is saying. Transfixed viewers even made suggestions as to what the brothers might be talking about - before comments on the were disabled. Professor Karen Thorpe, of the Queensland University of Technology’s School of Psychology and Counselling, told A News: 'Babies are wired for communication from the start and we see here a fine example of how sophisticated and beautiful communication in even young children can be.' The broadcaster also reported that 40 per cent of twins develop what appears to be their own language. However, they are mimicking sounds and mannerisms that they have heard or seen, rather than actually understanding what each other is saying.   一来一往的对话,内容同样都是“哒哒哒”,但口气、声调却各有不同,有问句,也有答句,加上摇头、挥手的动作来加强语意。 更多的网友则热烈讨论这对双胞胎对话的内容究竟是什么。连语言学家都加入讨论,要通过这段影片进一步研究婴幼儿的语言发展。来自昆士兰大学心理技术并提供咨询务的教授 Karen Thorpe告诉记者:“婴儿们虽然不能说大人的话,但是,他们有着他们自己的语言体系,这段视频就是一个非常好的例子。婴儿之间的语言交流是美丽的,也是富有含义的,值得研究。”据悉,有40%的双胞胎有着他们自己才能理解的语言,他们嘟嘟囔囔互相交流的时候,他们不需要实际上弄清楚对方在说一些什么,但是他们的呐呐自语有着他们自己的道理。 /201104/130653咸宁市嘉鱼县男科妇科网上预约武汉华夏男子男科医院早泄检查多少钱?



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