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37At the very least we can likely recall feeling a need to escape everyday trials at school or at home.至少我们能够回忆出过去,那些每天想着逃离学校的实验或者避开家人责备的日子Harry has his escape; he takes the er with him, and it nothing short of excitement.哈利能够逃离;而读者可以随他一起逃离现实,这令人非常兴奋The Hogwart School is where he fits in, and where there are others like him.霍格华兹学校是哈利适合待的地方,在那里很多人喜欢他It seems that this escape appeals to adults as much as it does children; there is even a web page devoted to adult fans, and talk of creating ;adult; covers so that those over neednt hide the books in public, or try to explain that it must have accidentally crept into to their brief cases.这种逃避不仅吸引了孩子,同样成人也很喜欢甚至有个专为哈利波特成人迷建立的网站,讨论创建成人封面,让那些超过岁的人不必害怕公众场合被人发现自己在看成人书,也不用假装跟人解释说书是不小心放到包里的While escape from reality can be just as appealing to those who have aly passed through puberty, it seems there may also be other factors at play here.逃离现实对于刚过了青春期的人来说非常有吸引力,当然《哈利·波特如此受欢迎还另有原因The books became increasingly more popular amongst adults as word sp that people objected to them. Yes, people love magic and controversy.当有人说不喜欢这部著作,它反而越来越受欢迎是的,人们总喜欢魔法和争议No one is terribly worried abut adults ing fantasy books, of course, except maybe some extremist groups.没有人会很担心成人阅读有趣的书,当然,那些极端主义除外The burning question is whether these books are a true threat to children stability, faith and healthy development?一个热门话题是这系列的书是否对孩子的稳重,信仰和健康的发展不利?Unlikely. Real world violence should probably be much more of a concern, as well as the pre-teen peers that can greatly influence a child behavior.不太可能真实世界中的暴力很可能比想象中的更多,青少年阶段对一个孩子的影响是巨大的If children need to escape to another world, be it Narnia or the Hogwart school while ing, parents should be delighted to see that need realized through a love of ing. I imagine there are far more dangerous routes of escape.如果孩子需要逃到另一个世界,无论是纳尼亚还是霍格沃茨学校,当孩子开始阅读时,父母都应该感到高兴,知道热爱读书的必要性通过读书,我们不用采用更危险的方式来逃离现实 36

  Yves: Help me fill out this application our marriage license.帮我填一下这个结婚申请Vanessa: Can’t you do it? I’m really busy with work right now. Do as much as you can and just ask me if you don’t know something.你自己来不行么?我现在很忙尽量自己来,不知道的再找我Yves: Okay, I’ll try, but I’m ing through the requirements, and it’s a good idea both of us to know what they are.好吧,我试试但是我在读要求,我们应该了解下这些要求Vanessa: Okay, then just them out loud to me.好,那就大声读给我听吧Yves: All right. We need to bring identification and it’s best to bring our birth certificates, just in case. We don’t need blood tests and there’s no waiting period in this state. Are you listening?好的,我们需要携带身份,最好带出生明以防万一不需要验血,不需要等待你在听吗?Vanessa: To every word. Go on.每个字都听着呢继续Yves: people who have been married bee, they’ll have to bring proof of divorce, death, or annulment. Okay, since you’ve been married bee, you’ll need to bring a copy of your final divorce decree. Did you hear that?离过婚的人需要提供离婚明,配偶死亡明或者婚姻废除明好,既然你之前结过婚,你需要带一份离婚明复印件听到了吗?Vanessa: Yeah, yeah.好,好Yves: We can choose any qualified officiant and the marriage license is valid 90 days – that’s 90 days to get married and have the marriage recorded. We only have 90 days after we get the license to get married, got that?我们能选择一个有资质的牧师,凭结婚有效期90天有90天时间举行和录制婚礼我们拿到结婚之后只有90天的时间举行婚礼,知道了吗?Vanessa: Sure, 90 days. No problem.当然,90天,没问题Yves: I’m starting to wonder. If you don’t have time to fill out our marriage license application, how will you make time our wedding?我在想,你要是连填写结婚申请的时间都没有,你哪来时间参加我们的婚礼呢?Vanessa: What? I’m really busy right now. Let’s talk about it later.什么?我现在真的很忙,以后再说Yves: Is it just me, or does this conversation not bode well our future marriage?是我的问题,还是我们这次谈话对我们未来的婚姻不是个好兆头? 83

  有两种读音;If you want some tea, make some.Could you bring me some water?You should be careful when you meet some strangers.Give me some time.Here is some coffee. 5。

  每日床头啃一段语篇,您的生活质量更加高 特别声明: 可可编辑根据改编的名著《雾都孤儿编写的讲解让您阅读质量高如有出入,请给予指正! 啃嚼语段:Oliver was now officially an undertaker;s assistant. 奥利弗现已是棺材店老板的正式助理 It was a good, sickly time of year, and coffins were selling well. 这一年年景很好,疾病成灾,棺材生意兴旺 Oliver gained a lot of experience in a short time, and was interested to see how brave some people were after a death in the family. 在不长的时间里他就积累了许多经验他很有兴趣地发现有些人在家里死了人时表现得沉着勇敢 During funerals some rich people, example, he saw that the people who had cried the loudest in church usually recovered the fastest afterwards. 比如说,他发现在一些有钱人的葬礼上,在教堂里哭声最大的人往往都是事后恢复最快的人 He noticed how in other wealthy families the wife or the husband often seemed quite cheerful and calm despite the recent death-just as if nothing had happened. 他注意到,还有一些富人家,尽管刚刚死了人,但无论死者的妻子还是丈夫,都显得轻松愉快、镇定自若——好像什么都没发生过一样 Oliver was very surprised to see all this, and greatly admired them controlling their sadness so well. 奥利弗对这些感到不可理解,对他们能很好地克制悲伤不流露于外佩极了语段精讲:第一、词汇学习1 officially adv. 正式地Eg. At commencement, academic degrees are officially given. 在毕业典礼上,学位被正式颁发 sickly adj. 病弱的,多病的Eg, He looked weak and sickly.他看上去虚弱有病态3 recover vt. 恢复,康复Eg. He now fully recovered from his stroke. 他现已从中风病完全康复了 afterwards adv. 以后,后来Eg. Afterwards she relented and let the children stay up late to watch TV.后来她宽容了些,让孩子们晚睡看电视5 cheerful adj. 高兴的,欢快的Eg. Whether (she is) sick or fine, she is always cheerful. 不管她生不生病,她总是开开心心的第二、短语学习1. after a death讲解:这个短语是泛指人的死亡后,所以death前面用a具体指某个人的死亡,可以用after one’s death范例:After his wife death, he fell into a decline. 他在妻子死后一蹶不振. example讲解:这个短语是作为插入语用,相当于such as意思是“例如,比如,譬如”范例: If someone wants to become a good tennis player, example, he will get out on the court and play very hard. 例如:如果一个人想成为好的网球运动员,他会到球场上努力训练3. in church讲解:这个短语的意思是“到教堂做礼拜”,而不是指去教堂那个地方,所以church前面不要用the范例:Everyone in church knelt in prayer. 教堂里做礼拜的每个人都跪着祈祷. a funeral 讲解:表示为某人举办葬礼,用介词,不要用of范例:We made a funeral our mother after she died.母亲逝后,我们给她举办了丧葬5. in a short time:不久,一会儿范例:In a short time, I suddenly came to understand a lot. 在很短的期间,我忽然明白了许多的事 6. admire sb. something:佩某人某事,羡慕某人某事范例:I admire him his success in business.我佩他事业有成第三、写作语汇1. a good time of year:好年景. a sickly time of year:疾病成灾的年月3. gain experience:积累经验. after a death in the family:在一个家庭成员的死亡后5. a wealthy family:富裕的家庭6. recent death:进来才死去7. control one’s sadness:抑制住悲桑不外露第四、语法点拨1. ...he saw that the people who had cried the loudest in church usually recovered the fastest afterwards.要点1:划线部分为限定性定语从句修饰指代人且在定语从句中做主语的先行词people要点:划线部分由个副词最高级修饰动词一个是loudest,修饰cried,另一个是the fastest修饰recover. ... just as if nothing had happened.要点:划线部分为as if引导的让步状语从句,从句使用了虚拟语气,是表示与过去的事情相反的事实,用过去完成时——had happen 799

  Bill: Itrsquo;s about time! Irsquo;ve been waiting my first paycheck and now itrsquo;s finally here. Irsquo;m y to party this weekend! Whoa!比尔:总算发饷了!我一直等着我的第一份工资,现在终于拿到了我准备周末去参加宴会!哎呀!Carol: Whatrsquo;s the matter?卡罗尔:怎么了?Bill: What happened to all my money? The amount of this check is a lot less than I expected it to be.比尔:我的钱怎么了?这张票的金额是比我预期的少了很多Carol: Yeah, my first paycheck was an eye-opener me, too. Look at the pay stub and yoursquo;ll see all of the deductions. After federal income taxes, state income taxes, and FICA, yoursquo;re not left with a lot of money.卡罗尔:是啊,我的第一份工资也是令我眼界大开看看工资存根,你会看到所有扣除的项目扣除联邦收入税、州所得税和联邦社会保险税之后,你就所剩无几了Bill: Yoursquo;re right, but whatrsquo;s FICA?比尔:你说得对但是,联邦社会保险税是什么?Carol: Those are taxes Social Security and Medicare. Did you sign up a retirement plan? If you did, those retirement contributions are deducted, too.卡罗尔:这是用于社会保障和医疗保险的税项你是不是签订了一个退休计划?如果你签了,这些养老金也要从工资中扣除Bill: Thank God, I didnrsquo;t. But you know what? That still doesnrsquo;t all of the deductions.比尔:感谢上帝,我没有签但你知道吗?还有一些钱不知道什么原因扣除的Carol: Let me take a look. Oh, it looks like your wages are being garnished.卡罗尔:让我看看噢,看来你的工资被扣发了Bill: Theyrsquo;re garnishing my wages? What ?比尔:他们扣发了我的工资?为什么啊?Carol: Uh, do you have to pay child support or something like that?卡罗尔:嗯,你是不是需要付子女抚养费或类似的费用?Bill: Oh, yeah, I guess I do. Irsquo;d gotten about that. I guess Irsquo;d better change my weekend plans.比尔:噢,是的,我是需要付那样的费用我把这茬儿忘了我想我最好改变我的周末计划Carol: I guess so.卡罗尔:我觉得也是 3861Mickey: Hello, McQuillan Plumbing.米奇:您好,McQuillan水暖Colleen: Hi, Irsquo;m having a lot of plumbing problems. Can you send a plumber out to my house right away?科琳:嗨,我遇到很多管道问题你可以派一个管道工马上来我家吗?Mickey: Yes, we can. But first, letrsquo;s find out what the problems are.米奇:是的,可以但首先,让我们看看是什么问题Colleen: Well, to start, my toilet wonrsquo;t flush and itrsquo;s overflowing.科琳:开始,我的厕所不能冲水,它往出溢水Mickey: An overflowing toilet ndash; check. What else?米奇:溢水的厕所;;检查还有别的问题吗?Colleen: The sink in the bathroom is stopped up and the pipes underneath the sink are leaking.科琳:浴室的水槽堵住了和水槽下面的管道漏水Mickey: A stopped up sink and leaking pipes ndash; check. What else?米奇:水槽堵住了和管道漏水 - 检查还有什么问题?Colleen: The garbage disposal in the kitchen is making funny noises and the water wonrsquo;t drain.科琳:厨房中的垃圾处理发出很滑稽的噪音,而且无法排水Mickey: A busted garbage disposal ndash; check. Is that all?米奇:一个坏的垃圾处理 - 检查就这些吗?Colleen: No, the faucet in the shower is stuck and I canrsquo;t shut off the water.科琳:不,淋浴器的水龙头卡住了,我不能关闭水Mickey: A stuck faucet ndash; got it. What else?米奇:龙头被卡住 ndash; 明白了还有什么问题?Colleen: Thatrsquo;s it.科琳:就这些Mickey: Yoursquo;ve got some really big problems there.米奇:你真是遇到了一些真正的大问题Colleen: Yes, I know. Thatrsquo;s what Irsquo;ve been trying to tell you. Can you send someone out right away?科琳:是的,我知道我一直想告诉你这些事你能派人马上来?Mickey: Sure, no problem. How about next Tuesday?米奇:当然可以,没有问题下周二如何?Colleen: Next Tuesday?! Didnrsquo;t you hear me? These are emergencies!科琳:下周二?!你没听见吗?这是紧急情况!Mickey: Yes, but all of our plumbers are booked up until next Tuesday. Should I put you down a morning appointment?米奇:是的,但我们所有的管道工在下周二钱都有预约我应该把你的预约安排在早晨?Colleen: get it! By next Tuesday, Irsquo;ll be under feet of water!科琳:算了吧!下周二,我将在英尺深的水中!plumbing n.管道设备stop up 堵住shut off 关掉; 切断garbage disposer (装在洗物槽底之) 垃圾处理机book up 预定 58



  My sister had to go out of town a couple of days and I offered to look after her 18-month-old twins. It wasn’t long bee I realized that I was over my head!我要离开家几天,我自报奋勇照顾她18个月大的一对双胞胎但是时间不长我就知道这是一个不可能完成的任务!Colleen:Okay, you two, it’s time to go beddy-bye.科琳:好吧,你们两个听好了,该上床睡觉了Baby:No!宝宝:我不!Colleen:Yes, let’s get your jammies on. You can keep your binkie now. Your blankie is aly in your bed and it’s time to go night-night.科琳:该睡了,把你们的睡衣穿上你们可以拿着奶嘴睡你们的襁褓已经铺好了,对我说“晚安”吧Baby:Potty!宝宝:我要尿尿!Colleen:Okay, once you have your jammies on, we’ll go potty. What’s the matter, Mark?科琳:好吧,把睡衣穿上,我带你们去尿尿有什么事吗,马克?Baby:Owie!宝宝:哎哟!Colleen:You have an owie? Where? In your tummy? Oh, you have a boo-boo on your finger. No, don’t stick your wet finger in your brother’s ear. That’s icky. Wait one teensy-weensy minute and I’ll put a band-aid on it.科琳:你“哎哟”什么?怎么了?肚子痛吗?哦,你的手指上有个伤口停下,不要把你的湿手指戳在你弟弟的耳朵里太讨厌了等一下下,我给你粘个创可贴Baby:Whee!宝宝:嘻嘻!Colleen:Michael, you can’t jump off the chair like that. That’s a no-no. Oopsie-daisy!科琳:迈克尔,你不能跳下椅子绝对不能这样做 糟透了!Baby:Waaaaa!宝宝:哇哇!Michael had learned his lesson and so had I!迈克尔学到了教训我也学到了带孩子的教训!注:本文译文属原创,, 1856。

  Lo, in the orient when the gracious light瞧呀,瞧东方仁慈的朝阳抬起了Lifts up his burning head, each under eye火红的头颅,每一双尘世的眼晴Doth homage to his new-appearing sight,都向它初升的景象致敬,Serving with looks his sacred majesty;仰望的目光膜拜着神圣的光明And having climbed the steep-up heavenly hill,瞧它登上了陡峭的天峰,Resembling strong youth in his middle age,宛如正当盛年的年轻人,Yet mortal looks adore his beauty still,而人间的眼睛依然仰慕他的美貌,Attending on his golden pilgrimage;追随他那金色的旅程But when from highmost pitch, with weary car,但当随疲乏的车辇越过高峰,Like feeble age he reeleth from the day,他渐渐在远离白昼,如老迈之人,The eyes, e duteous, now converted are于是那从前恭候的百光就不再追逐From his low tract and look another way他下行之道而转顾他途So thou, thyself outgoing in thy noon,而你呵,也一样,如今正值赫日当午,Unlooked on diest unless thou get a son.若不养个儿子,便会死而无人盼顾 5856

  The group popularity waned in the 1970s, and Michael eventually went solo, releasing the album ;Off the Wall;, Michael eventually became the best-selling album in history.世纪70年代,组合的受欢迎程度不断减退迈克尔随后单飞,发行专辑《偏执,最终成为历史上拥有最畅销的专辑的音乐人But, as the showbiz saying has it, when youre on top of the world there nowhere to go but down.但是,正如界的惯例,当你到达世界之巅,那将无处可去,只有下山了The pop music landscape was changing, opening up rap and hip-hop. Jackson was seen as out of step.流行音乐风云变幻,作为说唱乐的发起人,杰克逊被视为不合拍His 1991 release, ;Dangerous;, only produced one top-ranking single—;Black or White;—and that song earned criticism its violent ending, in which Jackson was seen smashing car windows and clutching his crotch. And then ;Dangerous; was knocked out of its No.1 spot on the album charts by Nirvana ;Nevermind.; A 01 album, ;Invincible,; did even worse.他在1991年发行专辑《危险,采用了单色调,黑色或者白色,但是被批评说暴力场面太多专辑里有杰克逊砸车窗,用手紧紧握住自己胯部的场景《危险在专辑排行榜的第一名的位置很快就被涅槃乐队的《别介意代替了01年的专辑《无敌的更糟糕More attention has been paid to Jackson private life than his music career, which has faltered. People started focusing on his eccentricities. He was rumored to sleep in a hyperbaric chamber and to have bought the bones of John Merrick, the ;Elephant Man;.(Neither was true) 相比较杰克逊起伏不定的音乐,人们更关心他的私生活人们开始关注他的怪癖谣传他在睡在高压氧舱里,还买了《象人里“约翰的骨头”(这两个都不是真正)He did have a pet chimpanzee; underwent many plastic surgeries; established an estate filled with zoo animals and amusement park rides.他确实有一个宠物黑猩猩;经历了许多整形手术;建立了一个充满了动物的动物园和游乐园Meanwhile, Jackson has found himself popular his short-lived marriages, the first to Elvis Presley daughter, Lisa Marie.与此同时,杰克逊已经发现自己因为几场短暂的婚姻而受到欢迎,第一位妻子是猫王的女儿莉莎·玛丽Today the 6-year-old singing icon heads to trial on child-molestation charges.如今这位6岁的音乐偶像因为娈童的指控受审短语讲解:1. on top of the world 幸福到极点;欣喜若狂;世界最高点同义词:over the mooneg. How many people can say he stood on top of the world?有多少人能骄傲地说自己曾站在世界的顶峰呢?eg. We think of being on top of the world as being in heaven.我们以为自己在这个世界的顶层就如在天堂. knock out 敲空;击倒;打破;使筋疲力竭eg. The three drinks knocked him out.这3杯酒让他昏昏欲睡eg. He got knocked out in the first inning.他在第1局就被淘汰了


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