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他的成就和人格魅力影响了一代人和整个世界,他就是拥有梦幻般传奇经历的苹果电脑公司的创始人斯蒂夫·乔布斯这个个人电脑领域的梦想家引领并改变了整个计算机硬件和软件产业 这个精力充沛魅力无限的家伙同时也是一个很会鼓动人心的激励大师,甚至在他的平常对话中,经典的语句也常常脱口而出这里摘取了一些他的经典语录,希望这些乔氏语录对你有所帮助:1. Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. 领袖和跟风者的区别就在于创新 Innovation has no limits. The only limit is your imagination. It's time you to begin thinking out of the box. If you are involved in a growing industry, think of ways to become more efficient; more customer friendly; and easier to do business with. If you are involved in a shrinking industry – get out of it quick and change bee you become obsolete; out of work; or out of business. And remember that procrastination is not an option here. Start innovating now! 创新无极限!只要敢想,没有什么不可能,立即跳出思维的框框吧如果你正处于一个上升的朝阳行业,那么尝试去寻找更有效的解决方案:更招消费者喜爱、更简洁的商业模式如果你处于一个日渐萎缩的行业,那么赶紧在自己变得跟不上时代之前抽身而出,去换个工作或者转换行业不要拖延,立刻开始创新!. Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected. 成为卓越的代名词,很多人并不能适合需要杰出素质的环境 There is no shortcut to excellence. You will have to make the commitment to make excellence your priority. Use your talents, abilities, and skills in the best way possible and get ahead of others by giving that little extra. Live by a higher standard and pay attention to the details that really do make the difference. Excellence is not difficult - simply decide right now to give it your best shot - and you will be amazed with what life gives you back. 成功没有捷径你必须把卓越转变成你身上的一个特质最大限度地发挥你的天赋、才能、技巧,把其他所有人甩在你后面高标准严格自己,把注意力集中在那些将会改变一切的细节上变得卓越并不艰难——从现在开始尽自己最大能力去做——你会发现生活将给你惊人的回报3. The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. 成就一番伟业的唯一途径就是热爱自己的事业如果你还没能找到让自己热爱的事业,继续寻找,不要放弃跟随自己的心,总有一天你会找到的 I've got it down to four words: "Do what you love." Seek out an occupation that gives you a sense of meaning, direction and satisfaction in life. Having a sense of purpose and striving towards goals gives life meaning, direction and satisfaction. It not only contributes to health and longevity, but also makes you feel better in difficult times. Do you jump out of bed on Monday mornings and look ward to the work week? If the answer is 'no', keep looking, you'll know when you find it. “我把这段话浓缩为:“做我所爱”去寻找一个能给你的生命带来意义、价值和让你感觉充实的事业拥有使命感和目标感才能给生命带来意义、价值和充实这不仅对你的健康和寿命有益处,而且即使在你处于困境的时候你也会感觉良好在每周一的早上,你能不能利索的爬起来并且对工作日充满期待?如果不能,那么你得重新去寻找你会感觉得到你是不是真的找到了. You know, we don't grow most of the food we eat. We wear clothes other people make. We speak a language that other people developed. We use a mathematics that other people evolved... I mean, we're constantly taking things. It's a wonderful, ecstatic feeling to create something that puts it back in the pool of human experience and knowledge. 并不是每个人都需要种植自己的粮食,也不是每个人都需要做自己穿的衣,我们说着别人发明的语言,使用别人发明的数学……我们一直在使用别人的成果使用人类的已有经验和知识来进行发明创造是一件很了不起的事情” Live in a way that is ethically responsible. Try to make a difference in this world and contribute to the higher good. You'll find it gives more meaning to your life and it's a great antidote to boredom. There is always so much to be done. And talk to others about what you are doing. Don't preach or be self-righteous, or fanatical about it, that just puts people off, but at the same time, don't be shy about setting an example, and use opporties that arise to let others know what you are doing. 带着责任感生活,尝试为这个世界带来点有意义的事情,为更高尚的事情做点贡献这样你会发现生活更加有意义,生命不再枯燥需要我们去做的事情很多告诉其 他人你的计划,不要鼓吹,也不要自以为是,更不能盲目狂热,那样只会把人们吓跑,当然,你也不要害怕成为榜样,要抓住出头的机会让人们知道你的所作所为5. There's a phrase in Buddhism, 'Beginner's mind.' It's wonderful to have a beginner's mind. 佛教中有一句话:初学者的心态;拥有初学者的心态是件了不起的事情 It is the kind of mind that can see things as they are, which step by step and in a flash can realize the original nature of everything. Beginner's mind is Zen practice in action. It is the mind that is innocent of preconceptions and expectations, judgements and prejudices. Think of beginner's mind as the mind that faces life like a small child, full of curiosity and wonder and amazement. 不要迷惑于表象而要洞察事务的本质,初学者的心态是行动派的禅宗所谓初学者的心态是指,不要无端猜测、不要期望、不要武断也不要偏见初学者的心态正如一个新生儿面对这个世界一样,永远充满好奇、求知欲、赞叹 99

春暖花开,是观赏野生海洋动物的最佳季节惊险刺激、风靡全球的赏鲸之旅便从这个季节开始了无论是在鲸鱼栖息水域静谧地邂逅,还是一路追踪逆戟鲸鱼跃而起、浪花飞溅的刹那,都将是这一季带给你的终生难忘的记忆!Whale watching is the practice of observing whales and other cetaceans in their natural habitat. Whales are watched most commonly recreation but the activity can also be scientific or educational reasons. While individuals do organize private trips, whale watching is primarily a commercial activity, estimated to be worth up to billion per annum worldwide to whale watching operations and their local commies. The size and rapid growth of the whale watching industry has led to complex and unconcluded debates with the whaling industry about the best use of whales as a natural resource.赏鲸是观察鲸鱼或其他海洋生物(如海豚)的自然栖息地即活动,大多数用于休闲,但有些活动也可用于科学研究或教育目的,也是海上生态旅游的一种与捕鲸不同之处,是该资源借由捕鲸仅有一次,捕完就没了,而赏鲸可由不同人多次欣赏,在不过分干预鲸鱼自然活动之前提下,是一个取之不尽、用之不竭的宝贵资源Whale watching as an organized activity dates back to 1950 when the Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego was declared a public spot the observation of Gray Whales. In 1955 the first water-based whale watching commenced in the same area, charging customers per trip to view the whales at closer quarters. The spectacle proved popular, attracting ,000 visitors in its first year and many more in subsequent years. The industry sp throughout the western coast of the ed States over the following decade. 7




  The largest body-painting festival in the world, the three-day event is now in its year and is held in Austria every year.0 contestants from countries are taking part in the three-day festival.每年一次的世界最大人体绘节日前在奥地利开幕,今年是人体绘节举办的第十五个年头来自个国家的0名参赛者齐聚在这为期三天的节日中来With a few contestants sporting devilish looks, others futuristic and some psychedelic the competition is as fierce as ever.今年人体绘节竞争异常激烈,一些参赛选手将自己描绘成魔鬼的样子,一些具有鲜明的未来主义色,而有一些则融入了迷幻特点Austria stunning mountains and lakes provide the backdrop as the artists proudly strike a pose.奥地利迷人的山脉和湖泊提供了天然的背景,艺术家们毫不吝惜的摆出各种姿势 189589According to the book Affirmative Action the Rich published by Century Foundation, alumni preferences provide an admissions advantage to the children of alumni  The book have shown that being the child of an alumnus adds the equivalent of 0 SAT points to one's application and increases one's chances of admission by almost percentage points  Richard D. Kahlenberg, the author of the book, said: "an alumni preference is worth 0 SAT points. And as noted above, if two students score exactly the same on the SAT, the one without alumni parents might have a 30 percent chance of getting in, but the student with a legacy, and the same scores, has a 50 percent chance of getting in."  The book made Princeton University as an example, in , the percentage of the alumni children enrolled in the university was 1.7 , .5 times the non-alumni counterpart. However, the ratio was only .8 times in 199.  The book also found that the phenomenon is not only popular in the top universities, but also in religious universities. In the well-known University of Notre Dame in Indiana, example, about a quarter students belong to children of alumni. By contrast, at the Calinia Institute of Technology, which has no legacy preferences, only 1.5 percent of students are the children of alumni  Triton Burg, mer president of George Washington University, expressed that the university assess every applicant comprehensively because of the complex of admission procedure, and alumni status is not the only consideration 6

  A young Chinese-US company backed by internet group Tencent and two mainland media firms is to buy control of IM Global, a Hollywood film and TV studio.一家创办不久、受到互联网集团腾讯(Tencent)和两家中国媒体公司持的中美公司,将要买下好莱坞影视制片公司IM Global的控股权Tang Media Partners, created by Donald Tang, a businessman, has joined CMC and Huayi Brothers to buy the studio from the Reliance group of Anil Ambani, the Indian businessman.Tang Media Partners是由商人唐伟(Donald Tang)创建的,该公司与CMC和华谊兄弟(Huayi Brothers)联手,拟从印度商人安尼尔#86;安巴尼(Anil Ambani)旗下的信实集团(Reliance group)收购上述制片公司Mr Tang, a mer head of Bear Stearns in Asia, is also partnering with IM Global and Tencent to m a TV joint venture that will include Reliance and produce and distribute television content.曾经是贝尔斯登(Bear Stearns)亚洲区掌门人的唐伟,还将与IM Global和腾讯合作,组建一家合资的电视公司制作发行电视内容,信实也将参与The two IM Global transactions, with a combined value of about m, come as China’s internet and media companies jockey to acquire Hollywood assets. Both Tencent and its local rival Alibaba are increasingly interested in producing content its platms.这两笔总价值约亿美元的涉及IM Global的交易达成之际,中国互联网和媒体公司正竞相收购好莱坞资产腾讯和其本土竞争对手阿里巴巴(Alibaba)都对为自己的平台制作内容越来越感兴趣This year Dalian Wanda paid .5bn a controlling stake in Legendary Entertainment, the Hollywood maker of the hit films Godzilla and Jurassic World. In Hony Capital, the Chinese private equity group, and TPG Capital, a US peer, invested in the STX Entertainment Hollywood studio.今年,大连万达(Dalian Wanda)斥资35亿美元购得好莱坞制片公司传奇(Legendary Entertainment)的控股权,后者曾出品《哥斯拉(Godzilla)和《侏罗纪世界(Jurassic World)等卖座大片年,中国私人股本集团弘毅投资(Hony Capital)联手美国同行TPG Capital,投资于好莱坞制片商STX(STX Entertainment)Taking advantage of the growing two-way flows between Hollywood and emerging markets, such as the Chinese and Bollywood markets, IM Global operates a Beijing office and has handled the eign distribution of hits in China such as The Mermaid. Stuart d, who founded IM Global in , will stay on as chief executive.IM Global在北京有一个办事处,经手中国大片如《美人鱼在海外的发行,充分利用好莱坞和新兴市场(如中国和印度宝莱坞市场)之间不断发展的双向流动年创立IM Global的斯图尔特#86;福特(Stuart d)将继续担任首席执行官If the partnership is successful, the China could be spun off, said people involved in the transaction.参与交易的几名人士称,如果合作成功,中国业务部门可能被剥离出来Mr Tang, who lives in Los Angeles but is originally from Shanghai, has a history of working on Chinese deals in the US entertainment sector. In he advised Apollo, the private equity firm, and AMC, its portfolio company, on Dalian Wanda’s $.6bn purchase of AMC’s film theatre chain.目前住在洛杉矶、但最初来自上海的唐伟,具有协助中资在美国行业做交易的经历年,他曾在大连万达6亿美元收购AMC连锁影院的交易中,为私人股本公司阿波罗(Apollo)及其所投资的AMC提供咨询“To use the China angle to make an investment in a US company is attractive,” said Neil Shen, managing partner of venture capital firm Sequoia Capital China. “You need credibility and connections, and Donald has both.”“利用中国角度对一家美国公司进行投资是有吸引力的,”风险投资公司红杉资本中国基金(Sequoia Capital China)管理合伙人沈南鹏(Neil Shen)表示“你需要信誉和人脉,而唐伟具备这两者”Mr Tang said: “Content will always be king, but international distribution is increasingly important to both Hollywood and China.” Hollywood studios had long relied on international box office receipts, he added.唐伟表示:“内容将永远为王,但国际发行对好莱坞和中国都日益重要”他补充说,好莱坞制片厂长期依靠海外票房收入James Fong, chief executive of Oriental DreamWorks, told the Milken Global conference in Los Angeles that box office receipts in China — worth .8bn in — would soon overtake those in the US, which were $bn in North America over the period.东方梦工厂(Oriental DreamWorks)首席执行官方淦(James Fong)在洛杉矶举行的Milken Global会议上表示,年中国票房收入总计68亿美元,很快将赶上美国;年北美票房收入为1亿美元China’s growing role in Hollywood is likely to result in changes in the way films are marketed, given the expense involved, said Mr Tang.唐伟表示,考虑到营销开巨大,中资在好莱坞扮演越来越大的角色很可能导致电影的营销方式发生变化“China is very cost-conscious and far more digitally oriented than the US. It relies much more on social and digital media to promote films,” he said. “There is much that Hollywood can learn from China.”“中国非常注重成本,而且数字化意识远远高于美国它在更大程度上依赖社交媒体和数字媒体来宣传影片,”他说“好莱坞有很多地方可以向中国取经”China is eager to acquire Hollywood know-how, especially since Beijing regulates the number of eign films that can be shown in the country. But under World Trade Organization rules, the a system is supposed to end next year, meaning greater competition local films.中国正急于获取好莱坞的运作诀窍,尤其是鉴于北京方面限制国内每年可以上映的外国电影数量但根据世界贸易组织(WTO)规则,这种配额制度理应在明年终结,这意味着本土电影将面临更大竞争“In addition to providing additional capital its film and television production and financing activities, the transaction gives the studio an impressive circle of strategic and financial partners to facilitate further corporate growth,” Mr d said in a statement.“这笔交易除了为公司的影视制作提供额外资本及为各项活动提供资金,还给本制片厂带来令人印象深刻的战略及财务合作伙伴圈子,将推动企业进一步发展壮大,”福特在一份声明中表示 775

  PC5WI38OR[,sQ3FuUh3kq0Pk+Need some unique crafts to keep the kids entertained this February ? These easy-to-throw-together ideas are surprising, a little silly, and sure to delight your little sweeties. What not to love?需要一些独特的工艺品让孩子在今年月日开心吗?这些容易想到一块的点子是令人惊讶的,有点傻,确定能取悦你的小甜心1oTtS~N9tkv^还有什么不喜欢的吗?8A9pSJJp^F_S8DBfeIt Love, ActuallyWhether youre hosting a party the class or simply hanging out at home, this February celebration is all about one specific four letter word.这是爱,其实无论你是给全班举办一次派对或只是在家里玩玩,今年月的庆祝都是关于一个特定的四个字母的单词rF@Zckax~UG5idnn0@Y51_nmJc6VK6kq%1IP^V%R*cV_MY#v3gYg 866


  日本除了久负盛名的富士山还有什么可观光的呢?不如跟小编一起来走遍日本吧~ Mount Fuji 富士山 I took a trip to Japan in October . On October 6, I took a bus to Hakone and Mount Fuji. Due to bad weather all day, it was too cloudy to have a glance of the true color of the Mount Fuji. Legend holds that the goddess of Mount Fuji, Konohana Sakuya Hime, is protective of the mountain, moody, and doesn't show it to everyone. The next morning, I woke up very early with a passion to catch a glimpse of the mountain. The goddess seemed to be in an excellent mood and allowed me to see the mountain with my own eyes. A great sight! 年月,我到日本旅行6日,我乘车来到箱根(日本本州岛东南部城镇)和富士山一整天,富士山都云雾缭绕,难见其真面目传说,富士山的守护女神“木花之开耶姫”脾气阴晴不定,从不展示真颜但第二天早上,我怀揣虔之心来到山上,女神可能心情大好终于向我展示了这破人心弦的动人景色

  Qualifying the role of a superhero doppelg#;nger requires more than just having the same powers as another character, and more than just a similar costume design. Superhero doppelg#;ngers – or ;twins;, if you prefer – are the characters who have so many powers, background stories, visual similarities, and general motifs in common that it almost like one character has been split in two, and both halves of himher happen to coexist within parallel universes.要想成为超级英雄的二重身,只具备与其相同的超能力或相似的战衣是肯定不行的超级英雄的二重身们——或者称之为;双胞胎;——是那些在能力、背景、外貌和标志方面有太多相似之处的角色他们就像是被一分为二的两个人,每一个他或是她都存活于各自的平行宇宙中.Green Arrow and Hawkeye.绿箭侠和鹰眼What makes them twins? Two superheroes, both of whom have a bow and arrow as their primary weapon against legions of criminals, mobsters, robots, and aliens? Pretty distinctive feature. Add in the fact that both of them are cocky, self-assured, and blond, and, well, come on now. Not to mention that both of them have been known to use so-called ;trick arrows,; which tend to involve such strange things as boxing gloves.是什么让他们成为;双胞胎;的?这两个超级英雄之所以成为双胞胎,是因为他们都将弓箭作为对抗罪犯、暴徒、机器人和外星军队的主要武器吗?这特征也太明显了吧除此之外,他们都自负、自信,还都是金发好吧,更别提他们都用;特效箭;了,箭中还有拳击手套这样奇怪的东西Who they are: Green Arrow, now most famous as the star of the CW series Arrow, is Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy who, after being stranded on an island at sea, came back as an arrow-slinging vigilante. Hawkeye, of course, is Clint Barton, the resident wisecracking sharpshooter of the Avengers.他们是谁:绿箭侠,如今是CW电视台连续剧《绿箭侠里的大明星,他原名奥利弗·奎恩,是坐拥亿万家产的,曾落难于海上荒岛,后回到家中成为了一名箭侠义警鹰眼,也就是克林特·巴顿,复仇者联盟中的常驻成员,一个爱说俏皮话的狙击手Who came first? When one thinks about it, it kind of strange that both the Avengers and the Justice League have archers, isnt it? But both of them are terrific characters with loads of great stories, so it works out. Green Arrow arrived first, premiering all the way back in 191. Though he was originally little more than a Robin Hood-themed Batman knockoff, the character truly came into his own when Denny ONeil and Neal Adams recreated him as a liberal crusader in the 1970s, and he then took a darker turn with the 1980s limited series Longbow Hunters, by Mike Grell. Hawkeye is now most famous his appearances in the Avengers movies—particularly the second one, where he managed to nab most of the best scenes.谁先出现的?仔细想想,复仇者联盟和正义联盟中都有弓箭手,这难道不奇怪吗?他们都是首屈一指的角色,背后都有着那么多引人入胜的故事,所以这行得通绿箭侠先于鹰眼出现,首次登场于191年尽管最初的他不过是一个罗宾汉式的盗版蝙蝠侠,但经过世纪70年代丹尼·奥尼尔和尼尔·亚当斯的改编,他成为了一个富有特色的自由斗士接着在80年代麦克·格瑞尔的限期系列漫画《长弓猎手中他黑化了鹰眼在电影《复仇者联盟中的表现最引人注目,尤其是在第二部里,他成功地抢占了大部分经典镜头9.Flash and Quicksilver9.闪电侠和快银What makes them twins? Super speed is a power that many characters possess, but these two are particularly focused on the whole running aspect of it. Both have a lightning bolt motif, and both are the central speedsters of their respective universes.是什么让他们成为;双胞胎;的?许多角色都有超速度的能力,但这两位却是专注于他们的;奔跑事业;他们都有着闪电击标志,也都是各自宇宙速跑者中的佼佼者Who they are: Many people have assumed the identity of the Flash, but the most famous ones have been Barry Allen and Wally West, who at different times have raced around their respective cities, facing off against a truly distinctive rogues gallery. Quicksilver, brother of Scarlet Witch and son of the infamous mutant terrorist Magneto, began his career as a villain and grew to become one of the classic Avengers. Due to their ties to both the Avengers and X-Men mythologies, these two are the only characters to cross over between both movie franchises.他们是谁:许多人都冒充过闪电侠,但最著名的两位是巴里·艾伦和沃利·韦斯特,两人在不同时间奔走于各自的城市,对抗着极具特色的罪犯集团快银,是猩红女巫的哥哥,臭名昭著的变种人恐怖分子万磁王的儿子,他起初是个恶棍,后来成为复仇者联盟中的一位杰出队员因为与复仇者联盟和X战警这两个神话世界的双重联系,他们成为两个系列电影中仅有的共享版权角色Who came first? The Flash, of course, though the Flash that premiered in the 190s was actually a character named Jay Garrick, whereas Barry Allen didnt appear until over a decade later. Interestingly, Quicksilver wasnt Marvel first Flash twin. That honor belongs to a bizarre, yellow jump-suited character named ;the Whizzer,; created in 191, whose super-speed abilities were the result of an emergency transfusion of mongoose blood. Not an experiment to duplicate at home, kids.谁先出现的?当然是闪电侠了,尽管世纪0年代最先发行的版本中主角名为杰·加里克,而巴里·艾伦十年后才出现有趣的是,快银还不是漫威电影中闪电侠的首个;双胞胎兄弟;这个称号属于191面世的;初代风速;,他身着黄色战,相貌奇异,他的超速度能力来源于一次意外的猫鼬血清注射孩子们,可不要擅自模仿哦8.Man-Thing and Swamp Thing8.类人体和沼泽怪What makes them twins? Heroic monsters who live in swamps, and whose bodies are composed of the swamp itself. Both have served as the inspiration low budget B-movies. Both were also scientists at one point, back bee the whole, uh…swamp-monster-thing.是什么让他们成为双胞胎?一个是住在沼泽里的怪物英雄,一个是自己身体本身就是由沼泽构成的怪物英雄这两个人物都曾是低成本电影的灵感来源在成为沼泽怪之前,他们都曾经是科学家Who they are: Once a promising young biochemist named Ted Sallis, an experimental super soldier mula transmed him into the slow-moving plant creature known only as Man-Thing. Now he protects the Nexus of All Realities, hidden inside a swamp within the Florida Everglades. DC Swamp Thing was botanist Alec Holland, who became an avatar of the Green following his death in a swamp. Now, he is a humanoid construction of vegetable matter who fights his home and the environment.他们是谁?特德·萨利斯曾经是一个有为的年轻生物学家,一种实验性的;超级战士血清;把他变成了一个行动迟缓的植物生物,也就是大家熟知的类人体现在他在保护Nexus of All Realities,这个地方坐落于福罗里达州的一个沼泽的中心在DC漫画里沼泽怪是一个叫亚力克荷兰的植物学家,他死在沼泽里之后就成了绿色的水怪现在,他是一个具有人型的植物物质,保护他的家园和环境Who came first? Actually, interestingly enough, both were created at the same time. Though Man-Thing did premiere two months bee his twin, both were developed simultaneously. However, the two characters do owe a debt to an earlier character, the Heap, who predated them.谁先出现?事实上,有趣的是,他们是同时被创造出来的尽管类人体的确比他的双胞胎弟弟早两个月公映,但是他们是同时被创作出来的然而,这两个人物都得益于一个更早期的角色–the Heap,他比他们更早诞生7.Black Cat and Catwoman7.黑猫和猫女What makes them twins? Antihero femme fatales with a feline theme, each one attached to their publisher most popular hero; Catwoman haunting Batman, and Black Cat with Spider-Man.是什么让她们成为双胞胎?反英雄的蛇蝎美女总与猫相关每一个形象都与出版商最爱的超级英雄有牵扯;猫女是和蝙蝠侠,而黑猫和蜘蛛侠Who they are: Catwoman is Selina Kyle, who has been both a whip-wielding thief and a heroic vigilante, depending on what mood suits her (and who is writing her). Though originally conceived as a Batman villain, Catwoman has grown to become a fan-favorite protagonist in her own right. Black Cat is Felicia Hardy, one of Peter Parker most significant romantic interests, as well as being his partner-in-crime-fighting a period of time.她们是谁?猫女是塞琳娜·凯尔,她既是一个挥舞着鞭子的小偷同时又是一个英雄式的义务警察,这些角色的转换取决于她是什么心情(和谁在创作这角色)虽然猫女最初是作为对抗蝙蝠侠的一个角色,但正因为她本身的特质使她逐渐成为粉丝最爱的一个人物黑猫是费莉西亚·哈蒂,是彼得·帕克最重要的一段浪漫轶事的女主角,她也曾与他搭档,打击过一段时间的犯罪Who came first? Catwoman has been lurking around since Batman #1 in 190, whereas Black Cat didnt sink her claws into the webhead until 1979.谁先出现?猫女在190年的第一卷《蝙蝠侠中就出现过,黑猫直到1979年在《蜘蛛侠中出现6.Namor and Aquaman6.纳和水行侠What makes them twins? Both of them live under the sea. Both are the kings of Atlantis. Both of them breathe underwater and telepathically communicate with sea life. Need we say more?为什么把他们当成双胞胎?他们都生活在海底两者都是亚特兰蒂斯的国王他们都可以在水下呼吸,并且能够与海洋生物进行心理沟通我们还需多说吗?Who they are: Namor, the Sub-Mariner, is the son of a human man and an Atlantean woman, though his loyalties have always sided with Atlantis. Many times, Namor has waged war against the surface world, riding on a thin line between antihero and villain. Aquaman, when he not getting his hand torn off and replaced by a hook, is a bit less angry—though not much.他们是谁?纳,称为游侠,虽然他是人类男子和亚特兰蒂斯女子所生之子,但是他一直忠诚于亚特兰蒂斯纳多次与地表的人类发生争战,在反英雄和反面人物之间进行周旋水行侠,当他的手被截除后,装上了铁钩这之后他变得有些暴脾气Who came first? Though most people would be quick to say Aquaman, it actually Namor who holds the official title of first underwater superhero. In addition, the Sub-Mariner is actually the first Marvel Comics character, making his first appearance back in 1939.谁先出现?虽然大多数人会立刻说是水行侠,但是实际上纳是第一个获得水下英雄称号的人除此之外,事实上纳是第一个漫威漫画人物,在1939年被创作出来审校:大洋彼岸的一条鱼 来源:前十网 633


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