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哈尔滨补处女膜要花多少钱哈尔滨维多利亚妇产医院院长是谁When Xi Jinping visits the U.S. this autumn, one of the items on his agenda is bound to be what he has called a ;new type of major power relations.; The term remains ambiguous and some Americans fear that it is a device for disrupting American alliances. Chinese scholars reply that it is a genuine effort to avoid the dangerous dynamics between a rising and an established power that helped precipitate the Peloponnesian War and World War I.当习近平今年秋天访问美国时,他的议程上的项目之一必然是他所谓的;大国关系的新类型;。这个词仍然含糊不清,一些美国人担心它会分裂美国联盟。中国学者回答说,它是真诚的努力,旨在避免一个崛起的大国和一个根基稳固的大国之间的危险的动态关系,而这种关系可以推进伯罗奔尼萨战争和第一次世界大战发生。Looking ahead, pessimists predict an impending clash as China grows stronger and seeks to expel the U.S. from the Western Pacific. Some argue that this can be forestalled by the acceptance of spheres of influence in which the U.S. restricts its activities primarily to the Eastern Pacific. But such a response to Chinas rise would destroy American credibility and lead regional states into bandwagoning rather than balancing China. Instead, a continued U.S. presence in the Western Pacific can reinforce the natural balancing reactions of regional states and help to shape the environment in a way that encourages responsible Chinese behavior.展望未来,悲观者预测:随着中国变得更加强大,试图从西太平洋驱逐美国,冲突即将发生。一些人认为通过美国限制自身活动(主要是东太平洋)的影响范围,可以预先阻止冲突。但对中国崛起的如此大的反响会摧毁美国的信誉,导致区域各国也会对中国亦步亦趋,而不是平衡中囀?相反,美国在西太平洋的继续存在能加强区域各国的自然平衡反应,有助于塑造环境,在某种程度上鼓励中国采取负责任的行为。An appropriate policy response to the rise of China must balance realism and integration. When the Clint on Administration first considered how to respond to the rise of China in the 1990s, some critics urged a policy of containment before China became too strong. We rejected such advice for two reasons. First, it would have been impossible to forge an anti-China alliance since most countries in the region wanted (an d still want) good relations with both the U.S. and China. Even more important, such a policy would have unnecessarily guaranteed future enmity with China. As I used to say in my speeches when I was responsible for East Asia in the Pentagon, if you treat China as an enemy, you are certain to have an enemy.适当的应对中国崛起的政策必须平衡现实和整体。在上世0年代,当克林顿政府首先考虑如何应对中国崛起时,有员呼吁在中国变得过于强大之前对其剪政策。我们有两个理由拒绝这祥的建议。首我们不可结成反华联盟,因为该地区大多数国家希现在仍然希望)与美国和中国都保持良好关系。更重要的是,这祥的政策不必要地保了未来与中国为敌。正如我曾经在演讲中说当我在五角大楼负责东亚事务时,如果你把中国当作敌人,你就一定会拥有一个敌人。Instead the U.S. chose a policy that could be called ;integrate and insure.; China was welcomed into the World Trade Organization, but the U.S.-Japan security treaty was revived to insure against China becoming a bully. If a rising China throws its weight around, it drives neighbors to seek to balance its power. In that sense, only China can contain China.相反,美国选择了一个可以被称为;整体和保;的政策。中国被欣然接纳,进了世界贸易组织,但《美日安全条约》被重启,旨在避免中国强大后以强凌弱。如果一个崛起的中国盛气凌人,它会驱使邻居寻求平衡它的力量。在这个意义上,只有中国才能遏制中国。This is a key point in assessing the relative power of the U.S. and China. As Yan Xuetong wrote about how China could defeat America, ;to shape a friendly international environment for its rise, Beijing needs to develop more high-quality diplomatic and military relationships than Washington. No leading power is able to have friendly relations with every country in the world, thus the core of competition between China and the ed States will be to see who has more high-quality friends.; At this point, the ed States is better placed to benefit from such networks and alliances. Washington has about 60 treaty allies; China has few. In political alignments, The Economist estimates that of the 150 largest countries in the world, nearly 100 lean toward the ed States; 21 lean against.这是评估美国和中国的相对实力的一个关键点。正如阎学通所写的关于中国如何此能打败美国所言;为中国的崛起塑造一个友好的国际环境,北京需要发展比华盛顿更优质的外交和军事关系。没有一个大国能够拥有世界上每个国家的友好关系,因而中国和美国之间的竞争核心将是看看谁拥有更多高品质的朋友;在这一点上,美国能够更好地受益于这样的网络和联盟。美国有0个盟友;而中国的盟友只有几个。在政治路线上,《经济学人》杂志估计世界上最大的150个国家中,有将近100个倾向美国;有21个倾向中国。In 2011, the ed States announced a strategy of rebalancing toward Asia, the fastest growing part of the world economy. Some Chinese see the Obama Administration policy of ;rebalancing; towards Asia as a form of containment, but unlike the Cold War doctrine when the U.S. had virtually no trade or social contact with the Soviet Union, it has massive trade with China and more than 250,000 students in American universities. Shaping the environment for Chinese decisions is a more accurate description than containment for American strategy.2011年,美国宣布对亚洲——世界经济增长最快的部分,实施再平衡战略。一些中国人认为奥巴马政府对亚洲;再平;政策是一种遏制形式。但不像美国与苏联几乎没有任何贸易或社会交往时的冷战声明,美国和中国之间有大量贸易,有超5万中国学生就读于美国大学。相对于美国战略遏制,一个更准确的描述是塑造中国的决策环境。Some analysts see China as a revisionist state eager to overthrow the established international order as its strength increases. But China is not a full-fledged revisionist state like Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union in the last century. While it has joined in the creation of a BRICS development bank, and promotes regional organizations that suit its needs, China has benefited greatly from, and is not eager to destroy, existing international institutions such as the UN, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Trade Organization -- as well as many others. American allies help shape the environment that encourages responsible behavior, and China cares about its reputation.一些分析师认为中国是一个修正主义国家,随着其国力增强,急于推翻既定的国际秩序。但中国并不像纳粹德国或上个世纪的苏联,它并不是一个成熟的修正主义国家。虽然它已经参与创建了金砖国家发展,推进适合其需求的区域组织,而不是急于破坏现有的国际机构,如联合国,国际货币基金组织,以及世界贸易组织——以及许多其他组织,中国已经从中受益匪浅。美国的盟友帮助塑造鼓励中国负责任行为的环境,而中国也关心自己的声誉。In addition, technological and social changes are adding a number of important transnational issues to the global agenda such as climate change, pandemics, terrorism, organized crime, and cyber crime. These issues represent not a transition of power among states, but a diffusion of power away from governments. Coping with these global threats will require increased inter-governmental cooperation that includes China, Europe and the ed States and others.此外,科技和社会的变化给全球议程增添了一些重要的跨国问题,如气候变化、流行病、恐怖主义、有组织犯罪和网络犯罪。这些问题不代表着权力在各国之间的过渡,而是代表着权力从政府的扩散。应对这些全球性威胁,需要增强包括中囀?欧洲、美国和其他国家在内的政府间合作。China aspires to play a larger role in East Asia, and the U.S. has Asian allies to whose defense it is committed. Miscalculations are always possible, but conflict is far from inevitable. The legitimacy of the Chinese government depends on a high rate of economic growth; the top leaders realize that China will need many decades before it approaches the sophistication of the American economy. Where Germany was pressing hard on Britains heels (and passed it in industrial strength), the U.S. remains decades ahead of China in overall military, economic, and soft power resources at the global level. Moreover, China cannot afford a policy like that of the Kaisers Germany. Too adventuresome a policy risks its gains and stability at home and abroad.中国渴望在东亚发挥更大的作用,美国拥有亚洲盟国,美国承诺守护盟国国防安全。误判是可能的,但冲突并非不可避免。中国政府的合理性依赖于高经济增长率;最高领导人意识到中国将需要几十年才能像美国经济一样成熟。曾经德国对英国穷追不舍(并在工业实力上超过了它),而全球范围内,未来数十年美国仍然会在军事、经济和软实力资源方面整体领先中囀?此外,中国不能承担像Kaiser(译者注:德国皇帝)的德国的政策。过于冒险的政策无疑给其在国内外的获益和稳定性增加了太多风险。In other words, the ed States has more time to manage it relations with a rising power than Britain did a century ago, and China has more incentives for restraint than Germany had. This provides an opportu nity to work out a new type of major power relationship if the U.S. continues to avoid containment as a s trategy, and if China accepts the legitimacy of the American presence in the Western Pacific. Whether the ed States and China will manage to develop such a relationship is another question. Human error and miscalculation are always possible. But with the right choices, conflict is not inevitable.换句话说,不像一个世纪前的英国,美国有更多的时间来处理它与一个正在崛起的大国之间的关系,而与德国相比,中国有更多动机来约束自己。如果美国继续避免遏制成为战略,如果中国接受美国在西太平洋存在的合理性,这就为制定一 个新型的大国关系提供了一个机会。美国和中国是否能建立这样的关系是另外一个问题。人为错误和误判是可能的。但有了正确的选择,冲突并非不可避免。来 /201503/364160黑龙江省哈尔滨第二人民医院四维彩超价格 China is bracing for its second bond default by a central government-owned company, offering one of the biggest tests yet of Beijings willingness to impose market discipline on lossmaking state groups.中国即将迎来第二例央企债券违约,这给中国政府让亏损国企从市场纪律的意愿构成了一个最重大的考验。A unit of one of the elite club of 112 big enterprises directly owned by the central government, China National Erzhong Group employed a workforce of more than 13,000 in 2012, when it had assets of Rmb25bn. But a slowing economy saddled with industry overcapacity has hobbled the heavy industry group, leading to losses of Rmb8.4bn in 2014.中国第二重型机械集团公司(China National Erzhong Group,简称二是由国资委监管的112家大型央企之一012年的员工总数超过1.3万人,资产规模为250亿元人民币。但经济放缓以及行业产能过剩重创了这家重工业集团014年亏损达84亿元人民币。Its looming default comes just a week after Beijing unveiled guidelines for an overhaul of state-owned enterprises aimed at improving their financial performance. SOEs control broad swaths of the economy but are heavily indebted and trail their privately owned counterparts in efficiency and profitability.就在一周前,中国政府公布了国企改革指导意见,旨在提高国企财务表现。国企占据中国经济很大比重,但负债累累,而且在效率和盈利能力方面都逊于私营企业。China National Erzhong Group, which makes smelting and forging equipment for use in the power generation and aviation sectors, is a case in point. A subsidiary was delisted from the Shanghai Stock Exchange in May after four straight years of losses.二重生产发电和航空领域使用的冶炼和铸造设备。今月,在连年亏损后,该集团一子公司从上海交所(Shanghai Stock Exchange)退市。“Under the influence of the macroeconomic environment, the demand for the companys main products remains depressed, and our industry is suffering from severe overcapacity, making competition unusually fierce and causing the price of our products to slide lower,Erzhong said in a filing late on Monday.二重周一晚在一份文件中表示:“受宏观经济环境影响,公司主要产品需求持续疲弱,我们所在的行业正遭遇严重产能过剩,这使得竞争异常激烈,并导致我们产品的价格下跌。”The company suspended trading of Rmb1bn in five-year notes sold in 2012, citing ;uncertainty; about whether it could meet a Rmb56.5m (.9m) interest payment due next week.该公司暂停了2012年发行的10亿元人民币的5年期债券的交易,指原因是“不确定”能否付下周到期的5650万元人民90万美的利息。China is on track for its slowest economic growth in a quarter of a century amid a slowdown in construction and manufacturing. Policymakers want to shift the economy away from smokestack industries towards consumption and services; the SOEs are concentrated in heavy industry, which thrived under the old growth model.在建筑业和制造业放缓之际,中国将遭遇25年来最慢经济增速。政策制定者希望中国经济从生产性工业转向消费和务业;大部分国企从事重工业,在旧的增长模式下,重工业曾一度繁荣。For years, banks and bond investors paid scant attention to company fundamentals when lending to SOEs, assuming that the government would prevent any default. High-profile bailouts strengthened this perception. Economists say that has led to moral hazard, enabling state groups to rack up ever more debt and engage in wasteful investment.多年来,在向国有企业发放贷款时,和债券投资者几乎甚少关注企业基本面,他们以为政府会防范违约。高调纾困加深了这种看法。经济学家表示,这引发了道德风险,使得国有企业得以累积更多债务并进行浪费型投资。But in April Baoding Tianwei Group, which makes power generation equipment, became the first state-owned company to default on bonds when it missed a Rmb86m interest payment. Tianwei is still in bankruptcy and it remains unclear if bond investors will end up taking losses.但今月,生产发电设备的保定天威集Baoding Tianwei Group)成为中国首家债券违约的国有企业,该公司未能到期600万元人民币的利息。天威现在已破产,目前还不清楚,债券投资者最终是否会承担损失。Beyond the debt issue, Erzhong is also a test case for the vision of SOE reform that calls for increasing efficiency by merging state groups to create even larger companies. In 2013 China’s cabinet approved a takeover of Erzhong by China National Machinery Industry Corp (Sinomach) but the merger failed to stem losses.除了债务问题,二重还将测试国企改革的愿景,改革计划呼吁合并国企缔造更大规模的企业,从而提高效率013年,中国国务院批准了中国机械工业集团(Sinomach)收购二重的计划,但合并未能阻止亏损。The reform guidelines released this month appeared to be a compromise between conservatives who favour consolidation of state-owned companies and liberals who advocate a more market-oriented approach based on bringing in private investors.本月公布的改革指导意见似乎是持国企整合的保守派与持引入私人投资者实施更多的以市场为导向策略的自由派之间的妥协。The plan called for classifying state groups between commercial and non-commercial entities. While commercial businesses should strive to maximise profits, those with a national security or public service function may continue to enjoy state support. It is unclear where a company such as Erzhong, with its connections to the defence industry, would fall.该计划呼吁把国企分成商业类和公益类。商业企业应努力实现利润最大化,而那些具备国家安全或公共务职能的企业可能会继续享受政府持。目前还不清楚,像二重这种与国防工业相关的企业属于哪一类。Additional reporting by Ma NanMa Nan补充报道 /201509/400634It was possibly the most anticipated declaration in US electoral history. Yet, for all the waiting, Hillary Clinton’s presidential launch was notably light on content. In her opening , she said she would hit the road to “earnAmerica’s vote. That struck the right note. The first rule of Mrs Clinton’s second White House bid is that she must avoid giving any hint of entitlement. Beyond that, however, there is little sense of what Mrs Clinton would do if she won the presidency. Unless and until she sets this out, voters will be right to question her motives.这可能是美国选举历史上最令人期待的一份声明了。不过,尽管等了这么久,希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)的启动总统竞选的内容明显有些轻描淡写。她在开场白视频中表示,她将上路“赢得”美国的选票。她这么讲是恰到好处。希拉里第二次向白宫发起冲击的第一条准则,是她必须避免留下任何她有资格的暗示。不过,除此之外,目前还看不出来她如果获胜会如何施政。除非她把这一点阐述明白,选民们将有理由质疑她的动机。The challenge is least steep on foreign policy. A former US secretary of state, Mrs Clinton will be the most experienced potential nominee in either party. Detractors argue that she achieved little of note in her four years in the job. That is unfair. While there are no groundbreaking treaties to which she can point, she helped to put in place President Barack Obama’s welcome course correction from George W Bush’s aggressive unilateralism.挑战最小的是外交政策领域。作为美国前国务卿,在两党中来看希拉里都将是最有经验的潜在候选人。贬低她的人认为,她年任期中基本没有什么可圈可点。这一说法是不公平的。尽管她无法说自己达成了具有突破性的条约,但她帮助总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)扭转了小布什(George W Bush)的激进单边主义路线,回到了广为接受的正途。Moreover, it was Mrs Clinton who framed Mr Obama’s “pivot to Asia The logic of this manoeuvre is enduring. Although the turmoil in the Middle East continues, this should not undermine the enhanced US focus on Asia. Mrs Clinton can also claim some credit for the Iran nuclear framework hammered out by John Kerry, her successor, earlier this month. She helped to orchestrate the sanctions that brought Iran to the negotiating table.此外,奥巴马的“亚洲再平衡pivot to Asia)战略正是希拉里制定的。这一动作的逻辑是持久的。尽管中东混乱局势在继续,却不应妨碍美国加强对亚洲的关注。希拉里也可以声称其继任者约#8226;克里(John Kerry)本月早些时候达成的伊朗核协议框架有她的一份功劳。她帮助策划了对伊制裁,才将伊朗拉到了谈判桌前。As the 2016 campaign heats up, Mrs Clinton will be called on to defend Mr Obama’s legacy. She cannot repudiate its basic contours. For political reasons, she will be tempted to distance herself from the Iran deal in order to win the support of the more hawkish pro-Israel lobbyists. She should resist. Assuming it can be finalised, an Iran pact will be very much in America’s national interest. But Mrs Clinton can, and should, signal a greater willingness than Mr Obama to engage the world in more sustained US diplomacy. If she is mildly more hawkish than Mr Obama, that is no sin. Her centrist instincts are broadly aligned with the American public’s mood. As she has let it be known, Mr Obama’s “don’tdo stupid stuffmantra does not amount to a foreign policy doctrine.随着2016年总统竞选活动的升温,希拉里将责无旁贷地捍卫奥巴马的遗产。她不可能批判其基本框架。出于政治原因,她应该抵制住诱惑,远离伊朗协议,以便赢得立场更强硬的亲以色列游说势力的持。假设最终能敲定一份伊朗协议,那么它将非常符合美国的利益。但希拉里可以且应该展现示出,同奥巴马相比,她更愿意通过更具持续性的美国外交与世界互动。如果她的立场比奥巴马更显强硬,那也没什么不对。她偏向中间立场的本能基本上契合美国公众的情绪。正如她让外界知道的,奥巴马的“不做蠢事”原则并不构成一项外交政策信条。Mrs Clinton’s bigger challenge is to convince voters that she will have more luck than Mr Obama in breaking Washington’s gridlock. In terms of substance, there is little to differentiate Mrs Clinton’s promise to revive the fortunes of the squeezed middle from the policies that Mr Obama has failed to push through Congress. Whether it is more infrastructure investment, better worker training, a corporate tax overhaul or early childhood learning, Mr Obama’s priorities are broadly the right ones. Mrs Clinton’s task is to convince voters she can create the “warm purple spacenecessary for bipartisan action. The odds are not good. Fairly, or not, Mrs Clinton is just as polarising a figure as Mr Obama and the electoral map makes it very unlikely the Democrats will regain control of Congress in 2016. Mrs Clinton must somehow explain how she would better navigate a system that has all but broken down.希拉里面临的更大挑战是让选民相信,在打破美国政治僵局方面,她比奥巴马运气奀?本质上而言,希拉里提出的改善受挤压的中产命运的承诺,与奥巴马未能在国会获得通过的政策几乎没有什么差异。不管是扩大基础设施投资、加强员工培训、企业税改革还是儿童早期教育,奥巴马的优先任务基本上都是正确的。希拉里的任务是让选民相信她能够创造一个两党行动所必需的“温暖紫色空间”(“warm purple space”,在美国红色代表共和党,蓝色代表民主党,紫色意味着介于红和蓝之间,即偏中间立场,编者注)。不过她的胜算并不大。不管公平与否,希拉里只是一个与奥巴马一样立场很明确的人物,从目前的选情来看,民主党极不可能016年重新获得国会控制权。希拉里必须用某种方法解释她将如何更好的驾驭这个已几近瓦解的体系。The big difference from 2008 is that Mrs Clinton is a strong favourite to win the Democratic nomination this time. That gives her the luxury of avoiding having to tack too far to the left in order to appeal to the liberal base. Mrs Clinton should use that leeway to prepare a solid general election campaign. Whether her Republican opponent is Jeb Bush, or someone else, the battle ahead is certain to be gruelling. Mrs Clinton is not destined to win. As she said on Sunday, the presidency is a job that must be earned.008年的一个重要不同之处在于,这一次希拉里是一个备受青睐、有望赢得民主党提名的强有力人选。这让她可以不必为了迎合自由派的选民基础而过多的转向左派。希拉里应利用这种自由度制定一个稳健的大选计划。不管她的共和党对手是杰#8226;布什(Jeb Bush)还是其他人,未来的战斗必定艰苦。希拉里并非注定会赢。正如她在上周日所说的,总统职务本就是一份需要去努力争取的工作。来 /201504/369960哈医大二院内分泌

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哈尔滨边防医院在那儿CY Leung, Hong Kong’s chief executive who is at the centre of the storm over political reform in the territory, has come under renewed pressure following revelations that he received large payments from an Australian company.置身于香港政改风暴中心的行政长官梁振CY Leung)受到新的压力,有人爆料称,他曾从一家澳大利亚公司收到巨额款项。Fairfax Media reported that Mr Leung had been given two undisclosed payments totalling #163;4m from UGL, an engineering company, since becoming chief executive in 2012.澳大利亚媒体Fairfax Media报道,梁振英012年出任香港行政长官后,从工程公司UGL收取了两笔没有披露的款项,总计400万英镑。His office said there was no requirement to disclose the money, which was paid in connection with the sale of DTZ, a property company of which Mr Leung was a director.他的办公室表示,相关资金无需公开申报,这些款项与出售戴德梁行物业公司(DTZ)的交易有关,梁振英曾是该公司董事。The news of the payments comes as Mr Leung is under pressure from the democracy protests that have rocked Hong Kong for more than a week.有关这些款项的消息传来之际,梁振英正受到持续震撼香港一个多星期的民主抗议的压力。Martin Lee, a barrister and founder of Hong Kong’s Democratic party, said the revelations were “unbelievable while Alan Leong, head of the opposition Civic party, said the chief executive should explain the payments.香港民主党创始人、大律师李柱Martin Lee)表示,爆料内容“令人不可思议”,而另一个反对党公民党的党魁梁家Alan Leong)表示,梁振英应当解释这些钱的来源。“He owes it to the public to explain,said Mr Leong, adding that the revelations would “harm him even more“他有责任向市民解释,”梁家杰表示。他补充说,爆料内容会“进一步损害他的名誉”。David Webb, a corporate governance expert in Hong Kong, said Mr Leung should have disclosed the financial relationship with the Australian company on the forms that politicians in Hong Kong must file every year.香港公司治理专家戴维#8226;韦伯(David Webb)表示,梁振英本来应该在香港政界人士每年必须提交的表格上披露其与上述澳大利亚公司的财务关系。“The concept here is to disclose your commercial relationships, particularly when they involve money, which this did,said Mr Webb, who added that #163;4m was “more money than 90 per cent of Hong Kong citizens will earn in their lives“总的来说就是要披露你的商业关系,尤其是涉及到金钱的商业关系,这件事就属于这种情况,”韦伯表示。他补充说,400万英镑“超过了90%香港市民一辈子的收入”。The contract signed by Mr Leung shows that he agreed to act as an “adviser from time to timefor UGL. His spokesman could not immediately comment on whether this triggered a requirement to disclose the payments. But the spokesman said Mr Leung “has not provided any service to UGLafter signing the agreement.梁振英签署的合同显示,他同意“时from time to time)”担任UGL的“顾问”。对于这一点是否意味着必须申报上述款项,他的发言人无法立即置评。但该发言人表示,梁振英在签署合同后“从未向UGL提供任何务”。Mr Leung faces accusations that his administration is politically persecuting Jimmy Lai, a media tycoon who owns the anti-Beijing Apple Daily newspaper, for making donations to lawmakers that were not disclosed by the politicians. Mr Lai has helped fund the “Occupypro-democracy movement, which is pushing for Mr Leung to resign over his backing for a Chinese plan for electoral reform in the territory.梁振英领导的香港政府目前被指对香港媒体大亨黎智英(Jimmy Lai)进行“政治迫害”。旗下拥有反北京的《苹果日报Apple Daily)的黎智英被指向立法会议员捐款,而那些立法会议员没有披露这些捐款。黎智英帮助资助了持民主的“占中”运动,该运动要求梁振英辞职,因为他持中国中央政府为香港制定的选举改革方案。The Independent Commission Against Corruption, the official anti-graft agency that raided Mr Lai’s home last month, has denied having any political motive.上个月突击搜查黎智英居所的官方反贪机构廉政公ICAC),则否认该搜查行动有任何政治动机。Hong Kong is governed under a “one country, two systemsmodel created under China’s late leader Deng Xiaoping, which gives it a certain level of autonomy from the mainland. Critics of Mr Leung, who is seen as being pro-Beijing, accuse him of undermining that model.香港目前按照中国已故领导人邓小平设计的“一国两制”模式进行管治,这使其拥有一定程度的自治。批评者则指责梁振英破坏这一模式。According to documents published by Fairfax, Mr Leung signed the deal which UGL says was a non-compete agreement four days after he announced his plan to run for chief executive. His spokesman said the payments were related to his resignation from DTZ and “not any future service to be provided by him He added that there was “no requirement .#8201;.#8201;. for Mr Leung to declare the aboveFairfax Media发表的文件显示,梁振英在宣布竞选行政长天后签署了上述协议;UGL称这是一份“竞业禁止协议”。梁振英的发言人表示,这些款项与他从戴德梁行物业公司辞职有关,而“不是要由他提供任何未来务”。这位发言人补充说,“在现行制度下……梁先生无需对此申报”。UGL said the deal made no mention of what would happen if Mr Leung became chief executive because he was not expected to win the post. “Media coverage suggested that other candidates were favoured to be elected, so the possibility of CY Leung securing office was not the focus of UGL’s negotiations,said the company.UGL表示,这项协议没有提到梁振英成为行政长官会发生什么,是因为当时预计他不会当选。“媒体报道表明,其他一些候选人更有希望当选,因此梁振英胜出的可能性不是UGL谈判的焦点,”该公司表示。Mr Leung was originally considered a long shot to become chief executive. More than half the 1,200 members of the committee that picks the leader favoured Henry Tang, the scion of a wealthy family who was later forced to drop his campaign after it emerged that he had built an illegal wine cellar in his house.梁振英最初被认为不太可能成为行政长官。在选举委员会的1200名成员中,超过半数起初瞩意出身富贵家族的唐英Henry Tang),但后来传出了唐英年在自己家里违规建造酒窖的消息,此后,唐英年被迫退出竞选。Over the past two weeks, Mr Leung has been vilified on the streets of Hong Kong, with protesters depicting him as Dracula, the Devil, and Pinocchio. One of his biggest backers from 2012, the property tycoon Ronnie Chan, said that he had “no opinionon whether Mr Leung was handling the protest situation well.过去两周期间,梁振英在香港街头成为众矢之的,抗议者将他描绘成吸血鬼、恶魔和匹诺曹(《木偶奇遇记》主角——译者注)。对于梁振英是否妥善处理了抗议的问题,他012年以来最大的持者之一、地产大亨陈启宗(Ronnie Chan)表示“无可奉告”。Kenneth Yeung, one of the 27 lawmakers who make up the pan-Democrat opposition, said Mr Leung should explain the payments, adding that he believed his colleagues would have the same view.27名泛民主派立法会议员之一Kenneth Yeung表示,梁振英应该解释这些款项,他补充说,他相信他的同事们也都有同样的看法。来 /201410/333780 YOKOHAMA, Japan Some of Japan’s biggest companies, best known for motorcycles, washing machines and laptop computers, are pitching a new line of global products: military hardware.日本横滨——一些以生产托车、洗衣机和笔记本电脑闻名的日本大公司,正在向全球推销另一种产品:重型军事装备。Quiet-running attack submarines. Amphibious search-and-rescue planes. Ship-mounted radar systems that use lasers to help pinpoint approaching enemies.悄无声息的攻击型潜艇。两栖搜救飞机。用激光精确定位正在靠近的敌人的船载雷达系统。After a ban on weapons exports that the Japanese government had maintained for nearly 50 years, Mitsubishi, Kawasaki, Hitachi, Toshiba and other military contractors in this semipacifist country are cautiously but unmistakably telling the world they are open for business.在日本政府坚守武器出口禁令近50年之后,这个半和平主义国家的三菱(Mitsubishi)、川Kawasaki)、日Hitachi)、东Toshiba)及其他军事承包商,正在小心翼翼却明白无误地告诉世界,它们在做这门生意。A maritime security exposition here in May was the first military industry trade show in Japan, organizers and participants said. And it was the first anywhere to feature the Japanese manufacturers.横滨今年5月举行了一个海上安全览会,其组织者和参与者说,这是日本举办的第一个军工行业贸易展。实际上这也是日本制造商第一次出现在这类展览中。“I’ve never seen them,said Maj. Gen. Mick Fairweather, a procurement specialist with the Australian armed forces, who regularly attends such expos around the world. “It’s going to be a growing thing.”“我从来没有见过它们,”澳大利亚军方的采购专家、经常参加世界各地览会的米克·费尔韦瑟少Mick Fairweather)表示。“以后这种情况会越来越多。”Prime Minister Shinzo Abe lifted the prohibition on military exports last year, part of a loosening of restrictions on Japan’s military power that were put in place after its defeat in World War II.在二战中战败后。日本的军事实力受到限制。去年,首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)解除了军事出口禁令,并采取了其他一些解除限制的措施。While much of the Japanese public opposes the changes, Mr. Abe says they are long overdue. The growing might of China, Japan’s close but not always friendly neighbor, has added force to his argument.虽然很多日本民众反对这种变化,但安倍晋三说早就应该这么做了。日本与近邻中国之间的关系时好时坏,中国日益增长的实力为安倍晋三的主张增加了说力。Mr. Abe is counting on increased military-related trade to help cement ties with other countries in the region that share Japan’s wariness of China. Southeast Asian nations and India are high on the list of potential customers.安倍晋三正在依靠军事相关贸易的增长来巩固与其他一些国家的联系。这些国家同在亚太地区,同样对中国怀有戒心。在日本的潜在客户名单上,东南亚国家和印度排名很高。Japan hopes Australia, a fellow Pacific democracy, will be a receptive market for Soryu-class submarines, built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Kawasaki Shipbuilding. The subs, which cost about 50 billion yen, or 0 million, use ultraquiet diesel-electric drives that make them hard for adversaries to detect.日本希望同在太平洋地区的民主国家澳大利亚成为苍龙级潜艇的买家。三菱重工和川崎造船公司研发的这种潜艇造价00亿日元,约合25亿人民币,使用超静音的柴油和电力驱动,敌人很难发现它们。Mitsubishi Heavy is also working on a prototype amphibious assault vehicle, used for landing troops on hostile seashores, that could eventually compete with American-designed vehicles used by the ed States Marine Corps.三菱重工还在研发一种两栖突击车,用于在环境恶劣的海岸进行登陆作战。它可能最终会与美国海军陆战队使用的一些由美国设计的载具开展竞争。Many people outside the country would struggle to name a Japanese arms manufacturer. Even in Japan, the business is little publicized.在国外,很多人都说不出日本有哪些军工制造商。即使在日本,该行业也很少做宣传。But some of the country’s large industrial conglomerates have long had sidelines in military production, supplying a variety of equipment, including tanks and planes, to the Japanese military, the Self-Defense Forces. With rare exceptions, the Japanese government has been their only customer.但是,该国一些大型工业集团早已在生产军工产品,为日本军队自卫队提供包括坦克和飞机在内的各种设备。除了极少数例外情况,日本政府一直是这些公司唯一的客户。“When you don’t fight wars, it doesn’t exactly help the arms industry,said Masahiro Matsumura, a professor at Momoyama Gakuin University who specializes in politics and national security.“你不打仗,对军事工业发展就没有多大帮助,”桃山学院大Momoyama Gakuin University)政治和国家安全教授松村昌Masahiro Matsumura)说。Less than 1 percent of Japan’s industrial output is military-related, and only four Japanese companies are among the top 100 arms producers ranked by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, a watchdog group. The biggest, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, earns less than a tenth the revenue from military sales as the top American military contractor, Lockheed Martin.日本的工业产值中,只有不%与军事相关。在观察组织斯德哥尔国际和平研究所(Stockholm International Peace Research Institute)的名单中,只有四家日本公司名列全球百强武器生产商榜单。其中最大的三菱重工,其军事销售收入不到美国头号军事承包商洛克希德·马丁公司(Lockheed Martin)的十分之一。Small production runs make Japanese hardware relatively expensive, Professor Matsumura said. And a lack of real-world experience presents an additional hurdle.松村说,由于生产批量小,日本的重型装备比较昂贵。另一个障碍则是缺乏实战经验。“The U.S. fights a lot of wars, so they get feedback on the performance of their weapons,he said. “Japan doesn’t fight, so there’s no feedback.”“美国打了很多仗,所以获得了武器性能的反馈,”他说。“日本没有打仗,所以也没有反馈。”Japan has not sent troops into combat since World War II, and its postwar constitution renounces the use of force “as a means of settling international disputes.Among the changes Mr. Abe’s government is enacting are new laws that will allow the Self-Defense Forces to operate abroad in a wider array of circumstances, including to defend allies like the ed States.日本自第二次世界大战以来没有出兵作战过,其战后宪法放弃用武力“作为解决国际争端的手段”。安倍政府正在进行的改革包括制定新法律,让自卫队可以在更广泛的环境下前赴国外开展行动,其中包括为美国等盟友承担防务。To seed the market for military exports, Japan is offering financial aid to buyers. Credit guarantees, for example, would make buying weapons from Japan more affordable for developing countries, by lowering interest rates on the loans used to finance deals. In the last month, Japan has begun negotiating military-related trade agreements with Malaysia and the Philippines.为了启动军事出口市场,日本将为买家提供财政援助。例如信用担保可以降低用于贸易的贷款利息,让发展中国家能买得起日本的武器。在过去一个月里,日本已经开始与马来西亚和菲律宾谈判涉及军火的贸易协定。India has aly expressed interest in a large-capacity seaplane, the US-2, built for the Japanese navy by ShinMaywa Industries, a manufacturer better known for dump trucks and the passenger boarding bridges used at airports. The US-2 could help the Indian military patrol distant island chains like the Andaman and Nicobar, hundreds of miles from the mainland across the Indian Ocean.印度已经表示了对大载重量水上飞机US-2的兴趣,这是新明和工ShinMaywa Industries)为日本海军研制的产品。该公司更有名的产品是自卸卡车,以及机场使用的乘客登机桥。US-2可以帮助印度军方巡逻队前往与印度洋大陆相距数百英里的遥远群岛,比如安达曼和尼科巴群岛。Breaking into a market dominated by established giants, often with close ties to governments, will not be easy. In many areas, specialists say, Japan’s best bet is probably to cooperate rather than compete head-to-head.往往与政府之间存在密切联系的巨头公司,在军工市场上占据着配地位,要进入这个市场并不容易。专家说,在很多领域,日本最好的选择可能是合作而不是开展直接竞争。Japan’s most marketable products, they say, are relatively inconspicuous components, like image sensors and carbon-fiber aircraft parts, many originally developed with civilian applications in mind.他们说,日本最有市场的产品是相对不起眼的组件,比如图像传感器和碳纤维飞机零件。很多这种组件在最初研发时,考虑的都是民用领域。“We make some excellent parts and subsystems, but if we intend to produce whole systems, like next-generation fighters, it’s impossible to develop these things on our own,said Satoshi Morimoto, a former defense minister.“我们出产了一些优秀的零部件和子系统,但是如果我们打算生产整个系统,比如下一代战机,全靠自己研发是不可能的,”前防卫大臣的森本敏(Satoshi Morimoto)说。Despite their new freedom to export, Japanese companies remain wary of being associated with a controversial industry.尽管新近获得了出口军事产品的自由,和一个有争议的产业牵扯在一起,还是让日本企业感到担心。“Most of the things here aren’t very weaponlike,said Yoshibumi Kusaka, a helicopter sales representative on duty at Kawasaki’s booth at the expo, noting the absence of guns, missiles and other blatantly threatening gear from the Japanese companiesdisplays.“这里的大多数东西都不是很像武器,”览会上川崎展台的直升机销售代表良文草香(音)说。他还表示,日本公司没有展示炮、导弹和其他明显具有威胁性的装备。来 /201507/385728哈尔滨省第八医院花多少钱黑龙江省哈尔滨四院门诊电话



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