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firebrand ------ 1.煽动者(名词); 2.燃烧的木柴(名词) 英文释义1. (noun) Someone with strong political opinions who speaks publicly in a way to encourage anger, radical change, or revolt.2. (noun) A burning piece of wood. 例句As a young man, the countrys founder was an outspoken firebrand who angered the authorities.该国的创建者年轻时是个直言不讳的煽动者,惹恼了当局。2.The cave was illuminated by firebrands set into its walls.安在墙上的火把照亮了这个洞穴。 /201610/466505Widower of Former PM Bhutto Elected President in Pakistan扎尔达里当选巴基斯坦新总统  The widower of Pakistan's assassinated former prime minister Benazir Bhutto has won elections to become the country's next president. Asif Ali Zardari won an estimated 482 of the 702 votes from lawmakers to become what some believe will be Pakistan's most powerful civilian leader. 巴基斯坦被暗杀的前理贝纳齐尔.布托的丈夫扎尔达里当选巴基斯坦新总统。在702张选票当中,扎尔达里赢得了大约482张选票,当选为被一些人视为巴基斯坦权力最大的文官领导人。Asif Ali Zardari won the majority of votes in three of the country's four provincial assemblies as well as in both houses of parliament. 扎尔达里在四个省议会中的三个以及巴基斯坦议会两院都赢得多数票。In the capital's national assembly hall, supporters of the Pakistan Peoples Party were jubilant even before the election commissioner announced results. 在首都的议会大厅里,巴基斯坦人民党的持者在选举委员会主席宣布投票结果之前就已经开始欢呼雀跃了。Zardari's two daughters held a portrait of their mother, Benazir Bhutto, as members of the party she once led congratulated them on their father's victory. 扎尔达里的两个女儿举着她们母亲贝纳齐尔.布托的画像,布托过去领导的人民党成员为扎尔达里的胜选向她们表示祝贺。Zardari's win caps a remarkable political revival for a man who spent 11 years in prison on corruption and murder charges - without ever being convicted. His win also marks the formal end to Pakistan's long departure from democratic rule under former president Pervez Musharraf, who had seized power in a bloodless coup in 1999. 扎尔达里的当选标志着这位曾经受到腐败和谋杀指控、从未被定罪、但却在监狱里度过11年的人惊人地重返政坛。他的当选也标志着巴基斯坦在前总统穆沙拉夫领导之下长期脱离民主制度时期的结束。穆沙拉夫在1999年的一场不流血军事政变中夺取了权力。In brief remarks to news media at the prime minister's house, Zardari paid tribute to his deceased wife and her father. 扎尔达里在巴基斯坦总理的住宅对新闻界发表了简短讲话。他对死去的妻子和岳父表示敬意。他们两人都是被暗杀的。"She taught us how to live. She taught us how to do politics," he said. "We all intend to follow of philosophies of the PPP, the philosophies of Shaheed [martyr] Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and the democracies that they gave their life for." 他说:“她教会我们如何生活。她教会我们如何从事政治活动。我们都准备遵循巴基斯坦人民党的信条,就是阿里.布托和他们为之付出生命的民主的信条。”Political analysts say Zardari's strong political support in the legislatures and Musharraf's expansion of presidential powers could make Zardari the country's most powerful civilian president. 政治分析人士说,扎尔达里在立法机构里获得的强有力的政治持和穆沙拉夫对总统权力的扩大可能使扎尔达里成为巴基斯坦权力最大的文官总统。He has pledged to reign in the presidency's broad powers, which include the ability to dismiss parliament, but many Pakistanis are skeptical that he will follow through. 扎尔达里已经保限制总统广泛的权力,包括解散议会的权力,但是许多巴基斯坦人对于他能否兑现承诺表示怀疑。Following Zardari's election victory, he tried to reassure his critics. 扎尔达里在获得选举胜利以后试图让对他持批评态度的人放心。"I reiterate, parliament is sovereign. This president shall be subservient to the parliament," he said. 他说:“我重申,议会拥有主权。这届总统会从议会。”Zardari's political opponents congratulated on his election win Saturday, but also urged him to drop his close affiliation with the Pakistan Peoples Party. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, said he hoped Zardari's tenure would return the presidency to its impartial role. 扎尔达里的政治对手祝贺他星期六当选总统,但是也敦促他不再同巴基斯坦人民党保持密切的从属关系。前总理谢里夫说,他希望扎尔达里担任总统期间恢复总统的非党派角色。Despite his critics, Zardari's win is the latest in a string of political successes that drove former president Pervez Musharraf from office and made his party the most powerful in the country. 尽管存在对他的批评,但是扎尔达里这次胜选是一系列成功政绩最新的成果。这些成功政绩将穆沙拉夫总统赶下台,并且使扎尔达里的政党成为巴基斯坦势力最大的政党。Pakistan's information minister and political ally of Zardari, Sherry Rehman, told reporters that Zardari's victory is a victory for Pakistan's democracy. 巴基斯坦新闻部长、扎尔达里的政治盟友谢里.拉赫曼对记者表示,扎尔达里的胜利是巴基斯坦民主的胜利。Rehman said her party has won the presidential vote fairly, without using force or abusing the constitution. She said there are many difficulties ahead and the PPP is the best party for addressing the country's problems. 她说,他的政党公平地赢得了总统选举,没有依靠武力或者践踏宪法。她说,前面还有很多困难,巴基斯坦人民党是解决国家问题的最佳政党。Those difficulties include the country's faltering economy and ongoing battle with Taliban militants. 这些困难包括巴基斯坦艰难的经济和与塔利班激进分子持续的战斗。While lawmakers were voting Saturday, a car bomb blast near a security checkpoint in Peshawar killed at least 10 people. 就在议会星期六投票的时候,在白沙瓦的一个安全检查站发生汽车炸弹爆炸,至少炸死10个人。Pakistani Taliban militants later claimed credit for the attack. 巴基斯坦塔利班激进分子宣称对这次爆炸袭击负责。200809/47633

…and this is our office.这是我们的办公室。Ah, Anna, there you are.安娜,你在这里。Did I mention before you went to France, that Rachel is joining us for a while?你去法国前我跟你提过瑞秋会加入我们一阵子吗?No.没有。Ah… well… here she is. This is Rachel.就是她,瑞秋。Hi!你好!Hi. Im Anna.你好,我是安娜。I work here as a sales executive.我是这里的销售主管。I know. Youre quite new arent you, ya?我知道,你还是个新人,不是吗?Not that new.也不算新人了。Shes just won a great contract for us.她为我们赢得了一份很棒的合同。Anyway, looks like you two are going to get on like a house on fire.总之,看起来你们会一见如故。Anna, Id like you to, sort of, work alongside Rachel.安娜,我希望你能和瑞秋一起工作。Alongside? Shouldnt I be in charge?一起?难道不是我负责吗?Yes… its just, you know, youre not familiar with our office and Anna is, sort of, across this new contract… so… if you dont mind?是的,只是你还不熟悉我们的办公室,而安娜签了新合同,所以……如果你不介意的话?OK.Just for now, but dont think Im going to be told what to do.好吧,目前是,但别以为我会任人使唤。Im sure you wont be Rachel but maybe we could help each other?我保不会的,瑞秋,但也许我们应该互相帮助?Ill try.我试着做吧。Good!很好! /201705/507588

Indian Government Wins Confidence Vote印度政府赢得议会信任投票  India's Congress-Party led coalition government has won a confidence vote, paving the way for it to go ahead with a civilian nuclear deal with the ed States. But the vote was interrupted by allegations that government supporters had bribed lawmakers to win the vote. 印度以国大党为首的联合政府赢得印度议会信任投票,从而铺平了和美国进行民用核技术合作的道路。不过,投票因出现有关政府持者向议员行贿争取选票的指控而中断。"The Result of the division is Ayes 275, Noes 256, Ayes have it, Ayes have it." 印度议会议长宣布:“投票结果,赞成票275票,反对票256票, 赞成票获胜。赞成票获胜。” At the end of a raucous two-day debate, the government won the confidence vote Tuesday by a wider than expected margin. It got the support of 275 lawmakers - 19 more than the opposition, and many more than most had expected. Ten lawmakers abstained from voting. The confidence vote was called after communist parties pulled back support from the government, saying they would not allow it to proceed with a civilian nuclear deal with Washington that would give India access to global nuclear commerce. 这次信任投票是印度共产党收回对联合政府的持后进行的。印度共产党表示,他们不允许印度政府和华盛顿达成一项有关民用核技术的协议,这个协议可以使印度进入全球核贸易。A happy Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said he had won a convincing victory. He also indicated that he is now y to press ahead with the nuclear deal.  印度总理辛格高兴地说,他赢得了令人信的胜利。他还表示,他现在准备推进这项核交易。"This will send a message to the world at large that India's head and heart is sound, that India is prepared to take its place in the comity of nations," said Manmohan Singh. 辛格说:“这将向全世界各国传递一个讯息,那就是印度的头脑和心脏是健全的,印度准备加入世界各国的行列。”But the government's victory was marred by allegations of vote buying. 不过,印度政府的胜利由于出现贿选的指控而失色。Lawmakers of the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party brought bags stuffed with bundles of cash into parliament mid-way through the debate, and waved the money in the air claiming they were paid bribes by a government ally. 反对党人民党在议会辩论的过程中,拿出了一些装有成叠现金的袋子,并且在空中挥舞著这些钞票,声称这些钱是政府的盟友行贿的赃款。Parliament was thrown into confusion as opposition lawmakers demanded the prime minister's resignation. They did not allow him to make a speech in parliament. 在野党议员要求印度总理辞职,议会陷入混乱。在野党议员不准总理在议会发表讲话。The Congress Party says it has won a clean victory, and the allegations of bribing lawmakers were deliberately planted by their opponents because they were set to lose the vote. 国大党声称他们获得了明确无误的胜利。国大党还声称有关行贿的指控是因为反对党知道他们会在选举中失败从而有意给对方栽赃。For days, New Delhi has swirled with reports the Congress Party and the opposition have been offering hefty bribes and other political favors to lawmakers to win their support.  几天以来,新德里一直风传国大党和反对党分别付巨额贿赂以及其他方面的政治好处给议员,争取议员的持。The nuclear pact with the ed States was at the heart of the two-day debate that preceded the vote. Government supporters defended the deal, saying the country desperately needs alternative sources of energy to help it overcome the huge shortfall facing the nation. 在投票之前,印度和美国签订的民用核能条约是两天来议会辩论的焦点。政府持者为这项条约辩护说,印度迫切需要替代能源来源,从而帮助印度克它面临的庞大能源短缺。Opponents said the deal will bring India under greater influence of the ed States, and compromise the country's nuclear weapons program. 反对者表示,这一交易将使印度置于美国的更大影响之下,并且让印度的核武器计划受阻。The nuclear deal still has to be approved by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Nuclear Suppliers Group and the U.S. Congress. India is barred from getting nuclear technology because it has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. 民用核技术协议仍然需要国际原子能机构、核供应国集团和美国国会的批准。由于印度没有签署《核不扩散条约》 ,印度被禁止获得核技术。200807/44626


  hard as nails ------ 铁石心肠(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) Unyielding; lacking compassion; unsympathetic.例句The wealthy old woman was as hard as nails, and never gave help of any kind to her friends or family members if they were experiencing difficulties.这位有钱的老妇人是铁石心肠,在朋友或家人有困难时从不给他们任何形式的帮助。 /201611/471251。

  Cut your reporting. Now a lost city under the sea--for centuries the stuff of myth--now, possibly, a reality. An Oceanographer in Japan says he is convinced he's found evidence of an ancient civilization that must have slipped into the ocean thousands of years ago and has released pictures that he thinks proves that. Sally Gould reports.These steps of a submerged ancient city lost thousands of years ago to the Pacific Ocean. At least according to a Japanese Oceanographer, who's spent 2 decades studying the site, alerted by some scuba-diving tourists who noticed the area's rocks were unnaturally smooth and seemed to form a stone staircase. Professor Masaaki Kimura believes the area contains the ruins of a lost city, which would've had a road, a castle, a shrine, statues, even a coliseum.Judging by the design and disposition of the ruins, the city must have looked just like an ancient Roman city, I can envisage that a Triumphal Arch-like statue stood on the left side of the coliseum, and a shrine over the hill. Professor Kimura thinks the city probably sank in an earthquake about 3,000 years ago, and that the myth of the lost continent of Mu and Atlantis, developed out of actual ancient cities like this one. But scientific opinion is divided. Skeptics believe the ruins could be explained by natural phenomena, and point out very few artifacts like weapons, for instance, have been found to prove humans lived among these rocks.When you look at the images, it's very hard not to think that these might have been something man-made, but all the other scientists that've gone to look at this site, can't find any evidence of human habitation. There is no man-made pots, there is no other signs that people lived there. That makes people much more cautious. So the other ideas are possibly that the natural phenomena, either volcanic activity or wave activity or water currents are of eroded features to, to look like this. It is something that I think all of us would,would love to see to be true, and to be fair, many archaeologists would love to stumble on as well. It's one of these things though that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. But so persistent are these myths of lost sunken cities, speculation has even crossed over to the search for alien life. In the 1960s and 70s, a cottage industry of books emerged, postulating that an ancient civilization could have been, and in fact still be, a base for UFOs.Any chance you reckon on coming across Atlantis and really the amazing lost cities perhaps with aliens that are living inside them or? Be fantastic if we could. That there are examples in South and Latin American jungle I think of, um, of temples that have been discovered ever now and then in the jungle , and simply just a question of people getting to these sites, and finding them. Aliens is a whole different ball game, we'll see.Sally Gould, our Manha(ttan),-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.scuba-diving:the sport of swimming under water while breathing through a tube that is connected to a container of air on your back200805/39855

  constellate ------ 聚集(不及物动词) 英文释义(intransitive verb) To gather together in a cluster. 例句The organizations powerful leaders constellated in front of the great hall before entering.在进入大厅前,这家组织的强势领导人在厅前聚集。 /201610/466491Pakistan, Indian Foreign Ministers Meet in Effort to Ease Tensions Over Kashmir印巴外长会谈称紧张局势大大缓解  With tensions increasing in the disputed Kashmir region, the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan met in the Sri Lankan capital for a closed-door discussion on the sidelines of a regional summit. 随着有争议的克什米尔地区紧张局势迅速增加,印度和巴基斯坦两国外长在斯里兰卡首都举行私下会谈,他们是在出席一个区域首脑会议的会间举行会谈的。It was all smiles as Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and his Indian counterpart emerged from an hour-long talk behind closed doors.  巴基斯坦外长库雷希和印度外长慕克吉举行一个小时的秘密会谈后脸上布满笑容地走出会场。Relations between the two nuclear-armed neighbors have become strained recently. There have been clashes on their disputed Kashmiri border and a bomb blast in early July at the Indian embassy in Kabul in which 41 people died.  这两个拥有核武器的国家关系最近出现紧张,在有争议的克什米尔边界发生了冲突,7月初印度驻喀布尔大使馆发生炸弹爆炸事件,造成41人死亡。Afghanistan blamed the attack on the Pakistani intelligence service, and Indian media have pointed a finger at Islamabad for being behind last week's serial bomb blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad.  阿富汗指责巴基斯坦情报部门策划了攻击活动。印度媒体指责伊斯兰堡是上周在班加罗尔和艾哈迈达巴德发生的系列炸弹爆炸事件背后的黑手。Indian and Pakistani officials say Qureshi and Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee discussed all relevant issues.  印度和巴基斯坦的官员说,库雷希和慕克吉讨论了所有相关问题。Qureshi says, as a result, tensions have eased considerably. 库雷希说,紧张局势已大大缓解。"A lot of steam has been let out of the pressure cooker. And didn't you see us smile," he asked. "I will always want to walk into a room with my Indian counterpart . But most important I would like to walk out smiling, and I walked out smiling." 库雷希说:“压力锅中的很多气体已经获得释放。难道你们没有看到我们的笑容?我永远都想要和印度外长一道走进那个房间,但最重要的是走出来的时候面带微笑,我刚才是带著微笑走出来的。”Earlier, standing beside Qureshi at a brief appearance for reporters, the Indian foreign minister was more circumspect.  稍早,印度外长慕克吉站在库雷希旁边向媒体短暂露面,印度外长显得更加谨慎。Pranab Mukherjee says details of their discussion will not emerge until after their two prime ministers meet Saturday.  慕克吉说,在两国总理星期六举行会谈之前,讨论的细节将不对外公布。"We will first brief the prime ministers and after the meeting of the prime ministers we will be in a position to give you the details," he said. 他说:“我们将首先向总理汇报情况,在两国总理会谈之后,我们会向媒体透露细节。“Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani are to hold their first face-to-face talks during the summit of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation. They will be the highest-level talks between the two countries in 15 months. 印度总理辛格和巴基斯坦总理吉拉尼将在南亚区域合作联盟峰会期间举行首次面对面会谈,这将是15个月以来两国之间级别最高的会谈。Earlier this week, India accused Pakistani troops of crossing the Line of Control where a cease-fire has been in place for eight years. Pakistan has rejected the claim.  本星期早些时候,印度指责巴基斯坦军队穿越控制线。双方停火已经八年。巴基斯坦否认了这一指控。Kashmir has been the catalyst for two of the three wars fought between India and Pakistan. 印度和巴基斯坦之间发生的三次战争中有两次是因为克什米尔问题触发的。200808/45266

  First UN Land Convoy Goes to Burma联合国援助车队进入缅甸   The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) says it has sent the first UN convoy of aid overland into Burma, and a planeload of shelter supplies has been flown in from Dubai. 联合国难民事务高级专员公署表示,该机构已经派出第一联合国援助车队通过陆路进入缅甸,一架满载临时庇护所建筑设备的飞机也从迪拜起飞进入缅甸。The UN refugee agency says the two-truck convoy was carrying more than 20 tons of tents and plastic sheets. It says these goods will be enough for 10,000 people made homeless by the disastrous cyclone that hit Burma. An estimated one million people have had their homes destroyed by Cyclone Nargis. 联合国难民事务高级专员公署说,这车队由两辆卡车组成,装载了20多吨的帐篷和塑料布。这些物资足够安置1万名受强热带风暴袭击而流离失所的缅甸难民。据估计,“纳尔吉斯号”强热带风暴造成大约100万人无家可归。UNHCR spokeswoman Jennifer Pagonis tells VOA, the overland journey from Thailand into Burma, also known as Myanmar, was long and difficult.  联合国难民署女发言人帕格尼斯对美国之音记者说,从泰国到缅甸的陆路旅程漫长而艰难。"This is the first positive step in getting our aid materials into Myanmar," she said. "In one day, we really got stuff going in by air and aid supplies going in from land convoys. So, we know that these two routes are now operating for us and, I think, that is always a relief when you are trying to, for a week to make it happen." 她说:“这是我们的救援物资进入缅甸的积极的第一步。在一天之内,我们真正让我们的物资从空中进入缅甸,救援物资通过陆路车队进入缅甸。因此,我们知道,我们现在可以利用这两条路线。我认为,在争取了一个星期之后,终于获得成功,我们对此感到欣慰。” Pagonis says the goods could have been delayed as customs posts on both sides of the border are closed on weekends. But, she says the UNHCR negotiated with government officials in Thailand and Burma to keep the posts open to allow the supplies to enter Burma. 帕格尼斯说,这些货物本来有可能被耽搁,因为上个周末泰国和缅甸两国边境口岸的海关都是关闭的。但是她说,联合国难民事务高级专员公署和泰国与缅甸的政府官员举行了谈判,让边境口岸海关开放,从而让救援物品进入缅甸。In the end, she says, the operation went off smoothly."It took seven minutes to go through procedures," she added. "We arrived when the convoy came with a police escort on the Thai side and crossed about 1:00 o'clock local time, and seven minutes later it was on the other side. So, there was just a brief exchange of formalities. Of course there was a lot of work that went on to make sure that this all did run smoothly. We had a lot of cooperation from border officials on both sides of the Thai and the Myanmar sides. They knew what was happening. Everybody was prepared and it went off without a hitch."  她说:“通关程序大约用了七分钟,我们抵达泰国边境口岸时,车队得到警方的护送,大约在当地时间一点出境。7分钟之后,我们到了另一边。所以,只是简短地交换了手续。当然,为了保这一切能够平稳运行,已经作了很多工作。泰国和缅甸的边境官员和我们进行了多方合作。他们知道是怎么一回事。每个人都做好了准备,车队没有遇到任何问题,顺利通过。”The supplies will be handed over to the Disaster Management Committee to be distributed under UNHCR monitoring. 这些救援物资将交给缅甸的灾害管理委员会分发。联合国难民事务高级专员公署将监督物资的分发。Pagonis says there are no plans for future land convoys. But, in any emergency situation, she says it is useful to have several routes established. She says the airlift of 33 tons of supplies that left Dubai on Saturday is the first of three planned flights. 帕格尼斯说,目前没有计划在未来派遣更多的陆路车队。但是她表示,在紧急情况下,建立几条路线是有用的。她说,星期六从迪拜空运33吨救援物资是计划中的三次空运飞行的第一次。She says two other flights carrying urgently needed shelter supplies are expected to leave early next week. And other aid shipments will go by sea. 她说,另外两次运送急需的庇护所设备的飞行预计下个星期初离开迪拜。还有一些救援物资将通过海上运输。 200805/38516Obama, Clinton Square Off in Presidential Debate美民主党竞争总统提名对手再交锋 Democratic presidential contenders Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were both on the defensive Wednesday night during a debate broadcast by A News (from the Constitution Center) in Philadelphia, their last exchange before next Tuesday's Pennsylvania primary. 竞争民主党总统候选人提名的奥巴马和克林顿星期三晚上在费城举行电视辩论,两人都为自己进行了辩护。这次由美国广播公司电视播出的辩论是两人在下星期二宾夕法尼亚州初选前的最后一次交锋。 The tone of both Democrats was generally polite, but there were plenty of jabs thrown during the course of the debate about recent statements that have caused both contenders problems. 这两位民主党人在辩论中语气基本上平和有礼。但是,针对最近给两人造成麻烦的一些问题,两人也不时有言辞锋利的交峰。Senator Obama said Senator Clinton had beat to death comments he made about the bitterness of small town voters in Pennsylvania who cling to guns and religion out of economic frustration. 克林顿参议员在辩论中极力攻击奥巴马有关宾州小城镇选民不满情绪的言论。奥巴马曾说,那些人由于经济问题上的不满而执著于和宗教。"During the course of the last few days, she has said I am an elitist, out of touch, condescending," said Senator Obama. "Let me be absolutely clear, it would be pretty hard for me to be condescending towards people of faith because I am a person of faith, and have done more than most other campaigns in reach out specifically to people of faith." 他说:“最近几天,她曾说我高高在上、脱离实际和基层民众。我在这里要明确地表示,由于我本人的宗教信仰,我不可能傲慢地对待其它有宗教信仰的人,而且与大多数竞争对手相比,我在竞选中为争取笃信宗教的选民的持作出了更大的努力。”But Senator Clinton had her turn on the defensive as well. One voter on a clip during the debate asked Clinton about her now famous 1996 visit to Bosnia as first lady and why she said her party came under sniper fire and ran for cover when news footage showed a much calmer reception. 在另一方面,克林顿参议员也为自己作出了辩护。克林顿曾表示,她1996年作为第一夫人访问波黑的时候,自己及同行人员曾一度处于狙击手的口之下。但是从有关新闻片上看来,她们一行当时的处境没那么可怕。"On a couple of occasions in the last couple of weeks, I just said some things that were not in keeping with what I knew to be the case and what I had written about in my book, and you know, I am embarrassed by it, I have apologized for it, I have said it was a mistake," said Senator Clinton. "And it is something, I hope, you can look over. 一名选民问她为什么要这样说。克林顿回答说:“这几星期来,我的确有几次说了一些跟我所经历的情况不符、而且也和我在我自己的书里所描述的情节不符的话,你们知道这让我感到很难堪。我已经为此而道歉。我说了这是一个错误。我希望你们谅解。”Both candidates said they thought the other could defeat the presumed Republican nominee, Senator John McCain, in the general election in November. But both Democrats also declined to pledge that they would ask the loser of the nomination fight to be his or her vice-presidential running mate. 两位候选人都说,对方能够在11月大选中击败可望成为共和党提名候选人的麦凯恩参议员。但是他俩都拒绝承诺请对方当自己的副总统竞选夥伴。Clinton insisted she would be the stronger Democratic nominee against McCain because she has fought off Republican attacks in the past. 克林顿参议员坚持说,她如果作为民主党提名人就会对麦凯恩构成更大的挑战,因为她过去曾经击退共和党的攻击。"You know, I wish the Republicans would apologize for the disaster of the Bush-Cheney years and not run anybody, just say it is time for the Democrats to go back into the White House," she said. "Unfortunately, they do not seem to be willing to do that, so we know that they are going to be out there full force."Obama countered that his record of unifying voters would make him the better Democratic nominee. 奥巴马反驳说,自己在团结选民方面已取得的成绩使他成为更理想的民主党候选人。"There is no doubt that the Republicans will attack either of us," he said. "What I have been able to display during the course of this primary is that I can take a punch. I have taken some pretty good ones from Senator Clinton."Both Democrats stood by their plans to begin troop withdrawals from Iraq shortly after taking office. And both contenders also had tough words for Iran, saying they would do all they could to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. 两人都坚持自己在就任后要立即开始撤出伊拉克美军,而且也都出言抨击伊朗,说他们将竭尽全力地阻止伊朗拥有核武器。Clinton also said she would launch massive retaliation against Iran if it used nuclear weapons to attack Israel. Obama said the U.S. would take what he called appropriate action in the same circumstance. 克林顿参议员还说,如果伊朗使用核武器攻击以色列,她会对伊朗发动大规模的报复。而奥巴马说,在这种情况下,他会采取他所说的适当行动。Clinton continues to hold a lead in public opinion polls in Pennsylvania in advance of Tuesday's primary, but her lead has dwindled in recent weeks.Obama continues to lead in the overall delegate count for the Democratic nomination with ten more contests to go before the primary season ends in early June. The Democrats hold their national nominating convention in late August, followed by the Republicans a week later. 200804/35472

  Denise, could you gather everyone round in the meeting room please.丹尼斯,你能把大家叫到会议室吗,谢谢。Ill have to call you back Marge.我一会儿再打给你,玛吉。Could you all gather in the meeting room please, Paul has something important to say.大家请到会议室集合,保罗有重要的事要和大家说。What is it Denise? Is it about my fantastic sales figures again, huh?什么事啊,丹尼斯?是不是要表彰我出色的销售业绩?I doubt it Tom. It sounded urgent. Id better bring some tea.我表示怀疑,汤姆。听起来是件很紧急的事。我最好带杯茶进去。Thank you for joining me. Unfortunately, there has been an incident in the warehouse.谢谢大家过来。很不幸的是,我们的库房发生了一件小事故。Someone has been smoking and Im not happy, so I thought I would remind you of our health and safety procedures.有人在库房吸烟,我很不高兴,所以我想叫大家一起来再回顾一下我们的健康安全条例。Not this again!又来了!Your safety is our responsibility. But to keep safe we must follow some simple rules.大家的安全是我们的责任。但是要保安全,我们必须要遵守一些简单的规则。Denise, whats the first one?丹尼斯,第一条是什么?If you see a fire, raise the alarm – oh and call the fire service.如果发生火灾,要拉警报,噢,然后报警。Yeah, you love seeing those firemen, dont you, Denise!是啊,你很喜欢看到那些消防员,不是吗,丹尼斯!Tom. Maybe you could tell us the other rule?汤姆,你来说其他规定吧?Oh yeah right. If you hear the fire alarm, get out quick.好的。如果听到火警,要赶快离开。Not exactly Tom. No. I think we should walk calmly to our nearest fire exit, following the green signs, go outside and meet at the fire assembly point.不太准确,汤姆。我想应该保持冷静,然后走到最近的安全出口,跟着绿色标记到外面去,然后到火灾集合点集合。Yes, and I will take a register of who is here, using my red pen.是的,然后我会用我的红笔记下都有哪些人到了。 /201702/491070

  Indonesia Considers Leaving OPEC印尼称考虑退出欧佩克  Indonesia is considering leaving the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, because of the country's declining crude oil output.  印度尼西亚正在考虑退出石油输出国组织,因为它拒绝该组织提出的限制原油产量的规定。Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said Tuesday the country is considering whether to give up its membership in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. 印度尼西亚总统苏西洛.尤多约诺星期二表示,印尼正在考虑是否放弃石油输出国组织成员国的身份。Yudhoyono says Indonesia's "wells are drying" and the country needs to concentrate on increasing production. 苏希洛说,印度尼西亚的“油井正在枯竭”,他的国家需要集中精力,增加石油生产。Indonesia is Southeast Asia's only OPEC member. It joined in 1962, just two years after the group was formed. 印度尼西亚是石油输出国组织里唯一一个东南亚国家。它于1962年欧佩克成立两年之后加入了这个组织。This is not the first time Jakarta has reassessed the country's membership in OPEC.  雅加达已经不是第一次重新考虑它的欧佩克成员国的身份问题了。Several years ago, a team was formed to analyze Indonesia's membership. It recommended the country continue with the organization, to maintain good relations with oil producing countries, especially those in the Middle East. 几年前,雅加达成立了一个小组,分析印尼的欧佩克成员国的利害得失。这个小组建议印尼继续留在石油输出国组织,以便同产油国,尤其是中东国家保持友好关系。But that has changed now. Indonesia must import oil, because of years of declining investment in exploration and extraction. 但是现在形势已经发生了变化。由于石油勘探和开采方面的投资连年下降,印尼现在必须进口石油。Analysts also say the country's weak legal system has discouraged oil companies from investing here. 分析人士也认为,印尼不健全的司法体系阻碍了国际石油公司在那里投资。 200805/37954。

  Thank you all very much indeed. Now the body of an 89-year-old woman is being exhumed by the police tonight as they investigate the death of seven elderly people at a care home. In an un-press dent investigation by even some said , police --- bodies first three been exhumed so post – examination can be carried out. There are all residents in care home in some sites which were closed down after death of 97 years old woman on new year’s day. Managers of home were arrested in fail of after the death on suspicions of administrating a noxious substance. Jane dodge reports form some on site.Usually a place of rest far from today it glass breath cemetery, the midnight polices would exhume body of ----, darkness more discrete for what police described as a drastic step. This is picture for Det last July at age of 89, there was no post mort examination, it’s assumed she died for natural courses.It’s very unusual . it’s very different clearly , suspicious death we normally do with, yes , it’s shopping in . as you come close as assuming someone it’s really just become quite horrify.Police are investigating the death of seven women, all of them residents of parkfields care home in a village --, neighbors who knew them are shocked by unfolding events.Under fact is evil to – you know, joined the bill—I thought , they were very—Terrible obsessing, I mean we are really upset about it, there’re nothing we can do it, we just sit and wait.The couple who run parkfields are the center of police investigation, Rachel Baker and Leigh Baker have been arrested and questioned on suspicious of administrating of not just substance, it’s one of the oldest residences in the home, Leigh has been charged in both been released in police bale , it’s the death of that old residents which trigger this current investigation.On the January 1st 97 years old Lucy Cox died posed – found her death suspicious , on Jan 4th , after receiving the tip-off thought to be member staff , the commission for social care Inspection or CSCI held unannounced the inspection on March 16th , parkfields was closed , its residents moved out where.When we conducted our inspection on end Jan ,we found it’s been a home where , we had serious concerns, poor prevention ,poor stand its care , affected peoples lives, affected residents lives.One of concerns the lack of records kept of meditation given to the residents echoing that police around still to be concentrating during quiry on whether that was misusing the prescribe drugs, two other bodies would be exhumed in next few weeks , the tumor for relatives and friends far from over.200805/39705


  US Military Seeks New Afghanistan Strategy美国军方谋求新的阿富汗战略  The top U.S. military officer says he has ordered the development of a new, more comprehensive strategy for the war in Afghanistan, including a plan to shift U.S. forces from Iraq to Afghanistan, announced by President Bush on Tuesday. 一位美军高级官员说,他已经下令在阿富汗战场上运用一种新的、更全面的策略,包括布什总统星期二宣布的把一部分驻伊美军部队调遣到阿富汗的规划。Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen says the decision to continue a slow reduction of U.S. forces in Iraq is justified by reduced violence and the increased capability of the Iraqi security forces. He says any risks created by the U.S. drawdown are "acceptable."  美军参谋长联席会议主席马伦上将说,美军决定继续从伊拉克缓慢撤军是因为伊拉克暴力活动下降以及伊拉克安全部队的能力有所增强。他说,任何由于美军兵力下降所产生的威胁都是“可以承受的”。But he indicated to the Armed Services Committee of the House of Representatives that he is more concerned about the situation in Afghanistan.  但他向众议院军事委员会表示,他对阿富汗的局势更加担忧。"I am not convinced we are winning yet in Afghanistan, I am convinced we can," Mullen said. "That is why I intend to commission, and I am looking at, a new, more comprehensive military strategy for the region that covers both sides of that border."  “我不能确信我们已赢得阿富汗战争的胜利,但我认为我们能赢。这就是为什么我打算、而且在寻找一个新的、更加全面的、可以涵盖巴阿边境两侧地区的军事战略。”Admiral Mullen said security in Afghanistan and Pakistan are "inextricably linked" because of what he called "a common insurgency" on both sides of their border. He said military force is not enough to win in Afghanistan, and he called for a broad Afghan and international effort to improve governance and economic development. But he said more troops are also needed, even beyond the deployment President Bush announced Tuesday.  马伦上将说,阿富汗和巴基斯坦的安全形势不可分割地联系在一起。他说,这是因为是“同一股叛乱分子”在边境两侧活动。他说,军事行动本身是不足以在阿富汗取得胜利的。他呼吁开展一个广泛的阿富汗和国际间的合作,以努力提高阿富汗政府的统治能力和经济发展。但他说,尽管布什总统星期二宣布了向阿富汗增派部队,阿富汗仍需要更多的部队。马伦说:"They are a good and important start," Mullen said. "Frankly, I judge the risk of not sending them too great a risk to ignore. My expectation is that they will need to perform both the training mission and the combat and combat support missions simultaneously until such time that we can provide additional troops. And I can not say at this point when that might be."  “这是一个良好而且重要的开端。坦率地讲,我断定不增援的风险太大,不容忽视,他们将要同时执行训练任务、战斗使命及战斗援任务。但在此时此刻,我还不能确定我们什么时候可以派增援部队。”President Bush said he will send about 4,500 troops to Afghanistan by February, but with other U.S. forces scheduled to leave the result will be a net increase of only about 15,000. The top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan has asked for 10,000. 布什总统说,他将在2月份前向阿富汗派遣约4千5百名美军。但因为还有一些驻阿美军会离开,在阿富汗的美军人数实际上将只净增1千5百人。美军和北约驻阿富汗最高指挥官一直要求增派1万人的兵力。At the same hearing where Admiral Mullen spoke, Defense Secretary Robert Gates cautioned against withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq too quickly in order to address the need in Afghanistan, and the desire to give the troops more rest time between deployments.  在马伦上将讲话的听会上,盖茨国防部长提醒说,不能为了应对阿富汗的需要而过快地撤出驻伊美军,他也表示希望在调动前给予美军更多的修整时间。盖茨说:"I worry that the great progress our troops and the Iraqis have made has the potential to override a measure of caution born of uncertainty," Gates said. "Our military commanders do not yet believe our gains are necessarily enduring. And they believe that there are still many challenges and the potential for reversals in the future."  “我担心我们和伊拉克部队所取得的成绩还不足以排除所有不确定因素。我们的指挥官并不认为我们取得的进展必然是持久性的。他们相信他们仍面临很多挑战,而且未来情况发生逆转的可能性依然存在。”Secretary Gates said the conflict in Iraq has undergone a "fundamental change," but he repeated his view that the ed States and its allies must now "get the end game there right." The secretary is so concerned that he made a rare statement, for him, that could be interpreted as injecting his views into the presidential election campaign, where the U.S. troop commitment in Iraq is a major issue.  国防部长盖茨说,在伊拉克的战争正经历“根本性的变化”,但他重申美国及其盟国现在必须“妥善做好结束工作。”盖茨对局面如此担心以至于发表了他很少发表的,人们可能会把有关解读为他把自己的观点注入总统竞选运动中,而美军在伊拉克的行动是本次总统大选的一个重要议题。盖茨说:"I would urge our nation's leaders to implement strategies that while steadily reducing our presence in Iraq are cautious and flexible, and take into account the advice of our senior commanders and military leaders," Gates said. "I would also urge our leaders to keep in mind that we should expect to be involved in Iraq for years to come, although in changing and increasingly limited ways."  “我将敦促我们国家的领导人在从伊拉克逐步撤军方面采取一种谨慎、灵活的策略,并且考虑我们高级指挥官和军方领导人的建议。我还要提醒我们的领导人,我们在今后几年里还会继续参与伊拉克事务,尽管将会以不断变化、而且是日益有限的方式来参与。”Secretary Gates said although the country's top military leaders came at the question of Iraq troop levels from different perspectives, they all ended up agreeing to recommend the small withdrawal of 8,000 troops during the next five months that President Bush announced Tuesday, in order to ensure that security gains are not lost. 国防部长盖茨说,尽管美国军方高级领导人对美军驻伊拉克兵力水平上有不同看法,他们最终都一致建议,如同布什总统星期二所宣布的,在今后5个月内从伊拉克撤出一小部分部队,目的是确保不会失去在伊拉克安全形势方面取得的成绩。200809/48208

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