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A couple years ago I went to Tokyo with my husband and I ate at the most remarkable sushi restaurant.几年前,我跟丈夫去东京玩,我在最美味的寿司店里吃饭。I dont even eat fish. Im vegan. So that tells you how good it was.我不吃鱼,我是素食主义者。所以你们该知道那有多好吃了。Even with just vegetables, this sushi was the stuff you dreamed about.即便只是蔬菜而已,那寿司都是梦寐以求的美味。The restaurant had six seats, my husband and I marveled at how anyone can make rice so superior to all other rice.餐厅有6个座位,我丈夫和我惊讶于怎么可以把米饭做的如此无以伦比。We wondered why they didnt make a bigger restaurant and be the most popular place in town.我们想知道为什么他们不开个更大的餐厅,成为镇上最受欢迎的地方。Our local friends explain to us that all the best restaurants in Tokyo are that small.当地的朋友向我们解释说在东京所有最好的餐馆都很小。And do only one type of dish: sushi or tempura or teriyaki.只做一种类型的料理:寿司、天妇罗或照烧。Because they want to do that thing well and beautifully.因为他们想把一件事干好,干漂亮。And its not about quantity, its about taking pleasure in the perfection and beauty of the particular.这跟数量无关,它关乎在追求完美中享受愉悦。Im still learning now that its about good and maybe never done, that the joy and work ethic and virtuosity we bring to the particular can impart a singular type enjoyment to those we give to you, and of course to ourselves.我现在仍在学习,关键在于做好,而不是做完,做某事时的快乐,敬业和炉火纯青可以给我们务的对象带来一种特定的享受,当然也让我们自己得到享受。And my professional life it also took me time to find my own reasons for doing my work.在我的职业生涯中,我花费了不少时间来找寻我做这份工作的原因。The first film I was in came out in 1994.我参演的第一部电影在1994年上映。Again, appallingly, the year most of you were born.又是一件很吓人的事,那年你们中的大多数才刚出生。I was 13 years old upon the films release.电影上映时我才13岁。And I can still e what the New York Times said about me verbatim.至今我仍能一字不差的复述纽约时报对我的评价。Miss Portman poses better than she acts.波特曼摆造型的功力比演戏要强得多。The film had a universally tepid critic response and went on to bomb commercially.这部电影在全球的反响都是不愠不火,而商业方面则是惨败。That film is called The Professional, or Leon in Europe.这部电影叫做《这个杀手不太冷》,在欧洲叫《杀手莱昂》。And today, twenty years and 35 films later, it is still the film people approach me about the most to tell me how much they loved it.直至今天,在20内拍了35部电影之后,它仍然是人们见到我时最常提到的片子,他们告诉我有多爱这部电影。How much it moved them. How its their favorite movie.它多么的感人,是他们最喜欢的电影。I feel lucky that my first experience releasing a film was initially such a disaster by all standards and measures.我感到很幸运,我首次参演的电影起初在所有的标准看来都是一场灾难。I learned early that my meaning had to be from the experience of making the film and the possibility of connecting with individuals rather than the foremost trophies in my industry: financial and critical success.我很早就学到,我的价值应该来自于电影拍摄过程的体验,来自触碰人心的可能,而不是我们行业最首要的荣誉:商业和影评方面的成功。And also these initial reactions could be false predictors of your works ultimate legacy.而且,最初的反响可能会错误预测了你的作品的最终价值。201506/381821Technology is empowering civil society in ways that no iron fist can control科技让公民社会变得更加强大这是任何;铁拳;都无法掌控的New breakthroughs are lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty新的突破正让数以亿计的人摆脱贫困And even the upheaval of the Arab World reflects the rejection of an authoritarian order that was anything but stable甚至阿拉伯世界的动荡都反映出了专制制度无法稳定持久and now offers the long-term prospect of more responsive and effective governance反映出了人们对更加有效的政府的憧憬In countries like Egypt we acknowledge that our relationship is anchored in security interests from peace treaties with Israel, to shared efforts against violent extremism在埃及这样的国家我们承认关系是建立在安全利益之上的包括同以色列签订和平条约 共同打击暴力极端主义So we have not cut off cooperation with the new government but we can and will persistently press for reforms that the Egyptian people have demanded我们从未终止过同新政府的合作与此同时 我们能够 也愿意持续向埃及政府施压让其推进埃及人民所要求的改革And meanwhile, look at a country like Burma which only a few years ago was an intractable dictatorship and hostile to the ed States 40 million people另外 看看缅甸这样的国家 就在几年前 它还是一个棘手的独裁国家 对美国充满敌意缅甸有四千万人口Thanks to the enormous courage of the people in that country and because we took the diplomatic initiative, American leadership得益于缅甸人民巨大的勇气还有我们美国的外交尝试和领导作用we have seen political reforms opening a once closed society a movement by Burmese leadership away from partnership with North Korea in favor of engagement with America and our allies政治革命让一个原本封闭的社会变得开放缅甸领导者不再亲朝鲜而是加强同美国及盟国的合作Were now supporting reform and badly needed national reconciliation through assistance and investment through coaxing and, at times, public criticism我们持这种改革并亟需通过援助和投资来实现国内和解我们需要劝诱 有时还需要公开批评And progress there could be reversed but if Burma succeeds we will have gained a new partner without having fired a shot缅甸的进程可能会逆转但如果缅甸改革能够成功我们将不费一一炮赢得一个新的合作伙伴201506/380963

Anyone who has watched a Steve Jobs keynote will tell you he is one of the most extraordinary speakers in corporate America.但凡看过Steve Jobs的主题演讲的人都觉得,他是全美最棒的演说家和合作伙伴。Who does the best job of that in the world?这个行业里谁做的最好?While most presenters simply convey information, Jobs inspires.虽然多数演讲者只是简单地传达信息,但乔布斯却能点燃。Im Camine Gallo.我是卡迈恩·加洛,And today Ill walk you through several key techniques that Steve Jobs uses to electrify his audience.今天我将带领你们领略一些乔布斯使观众鼓舞振奋的关键技巧。Theyre elements you can adopt in your very next presentation.你可以将这些要素用于你的下一次演讲。Welcome to Macworld 2008.欢迎来到2008年的Macworld。We got some great stuff for you.我们要给大家带来一些非同凡响的产品,Theres clearly something in the air today.今天有没有明显感受到它们(Mac book air)即将爆发。With those words Jobs open Macworld 2008,在2008年Macworld的发布会上,setting the theme for his presentation and hinting at the major announcement of the day, the launch of the ultra thin Mac Book Air.乔布斯开始以寥寥几句就奠定了演讲主题并且暗示了当天主要的公告,推出超薄的Mac Book Air。Whether its a new notebook or the Iphone, Jobs unveils a single headline that sets the theme.不管是一款新的笔记本还是手机,乔布斯只公布一个简单的标题就设定了主题。Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone.今天苹果将重新掀起一场手机改革。Once you identify a theme, make sure its clear and consistent throughout the presentation.一旦你确立主题,确保整个演讲要清晰、连贯地围绕这个主题展开。Think of a staff meeting as a presentation.把员工会议看作一场演讲。So lets say youre a sales manager introducing a new software tool to help your team generate, track and share sales leads.比如说你是一名销售经理正在推广一款新的软件工具帮助你的团队制作、追踪和分享销售趋势。You might kick off your meeting this way: Good Morning! Thanks for coming.你可以这样开场:早上好,感谢大家参加。I know youll be really excited about this.我知道大家确实都对此很期待。Today well make it easier for you to make your a.今天我们会让你轻松完成配额。Thats the headline. Easier to make a.这就是标题。轻松完成配额。Its memorable, and it sets the direction for the rest of your meeting.它令人印象深刻,并且为之后的会议指出了方向。It gives your audience a reason to listen.它为你的听众提供了倾听的理由。I got four things Id like to talk about with you today.今天我有四件事要与大家分享。So lets get started.所以让我们开始吧。Steve Jobs always provides an outline for his presentation and then verbally opens and closes each section with a clear transition in between.史蒂夫·乔布斯总是为他的演讲列出一个大纲,然后在每段话的开头结尾间有明确的口头过度。Heres an example.现在看一下例子。So thats time capsule, a perfect companion to Leopard.这就是Time Capsule,Leopard的完美系统伴侣。And thats the first thing I wanted to share with you this morning.这是今早第一件我要与你们分享的事。The point is, make it easy for your listeners to follow your story.关键是为了让听众不会半路跟丢。Your outline will serves as guide post along the way.你的大纲就像路标指引着听众一路紧跟。Youll also notice that during his presentations, Jobs uses words like extraordinary, amazing and cool.在演讲中,你还会注意到乔布斯用这样一些词,比如非同凡响、不可思议、酷。He is passionate, enthusiastic and it shows.这些充分展现了他的与热情。Incredible, unbelievable, amazing, awesome, extraordinary year for Apple.对于苹果来说,这是难以想象、不可思议,令人惊叹、非同凡响的一年。You know your audience wants to be wowed, not put to sleep.你知道,你的听众想要令人惊喜的演讲而不是催人入睡。Too many people fall into this presentation mode.许多人陷入了演讲的模式中。Its stiff! Its formal! It lacks pizzazz!它枯燥,正式,缺少活力!We, your listeners, are giving you permission to have fun and be excited about your company, your product or service.有趣、有地展现你的公司、产品、务才是我们听众需要的。If youre not passionate about it, were not going to be.如果你对它没有热情,我们又怎么可能喜欢。201512/418551

But what we quickly found was但是百度that we were still losing money.仍然在亏损Although we probably signed up the portal companies that尽管占中国搜索流量超过80%的门户网站represent more than 80% of the Chinese search traffic,都与我们签了约Baidu still could not survive.百度的生存问题Thats the challenge we faced.仍然严峻So quickly I realized that we were too optimistic很快我就意识到about the future of Internet in China.对于中国互联网的未来看的太过乐观At that time, there were only about那时在中国10 million Internet users.只有约1000万的网民And the portal companies didnt want因此门户网站并不愿意to buy the best search technology.购买最好的搜索技术They only want to buy the cheapest technology.而是去选择最便宜的That made our life very hard.这使公司发展举步维艰So we realized that and I made the decision:于是我决定:we need to change.必须变革We need to change to a different business model公司要改变以往的商业模式so that we can come up with better technology,来促进新技术的研发and the better search technology而且新技术can be appreciated by the market.是受市场欢迎的So in the summer of 2001,于是在2001年夏we decided to switch gear from a backend technology provider公司决定从后台技术提供者to a front-end consumer-oriented search service.转变为直接面向消费者的搜索务提供方And on September 20th, 2001, Baidu.com went live.2001年9月20日 Baidu.com上线了So its been more than eight years.八年多的时间过去了From that day on, I think we really found从那天开始,我们终于找到了what was right for this company.真正适合公司的东西Then we really focused on developing the best Chinese之后,我们致力于开发中国最好的搜索技术search technology and dominate the market.并掌控市场201503/364966

Hi, everybody. Its hard to believe, but it was seven years ago this week that one of Wall Streets biggest investment banks went bankrupt, triggering a meltdown on Wall Street and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. And in the months that followed, millions of Americans lost their jobs, their homes, and the savings theyd worked so hard to build. Todays a different story. Over the past five and a half years, our businesses have created more than 13 million new jobs. The unemployment rate is lower than its been in over seven years. Manufacturing is growing. Housing is bouncing back. Weve reduced our deficits by two-thirds. And 16 million more Americans now know the security of health insurance. This is your progress. Its because of your hard work and sacrifice that America has come back from crisis faster than almost every other advanced nation on Earth. We remain the safest, strongest bet in the world. Of course, you might not know all that if you only listened to the bluster of political season, when its in the interest of some politicians to paint America as dark and depressing as possible. But I dont see it that way. Ive met too many Americans who prove, day in and day out, that this is a place where anything is possible. Yes, we have a lot of work to do to rebuild a middle class thats had the odds stacked against it now for decades. But thats the thing about America – our work is never finished. We always strive to be better – to perfect ourselves. We just have to make the right choices. And if Republicans want to help, they can choose, right now, to pass a budget that helps us grow our economy even faster, create jobs even faster, lift peoples incomes and prospects even faster. But theyve only got until the end of the month to do it – or theyll shut down our government for the second time in two years. Democrats are y to sit down and negotiate with Republicans right now. But it should be over-legitimate issues like how much do we invest in education, job training, and infrastructure – not unrelated ideological issues like Planned Parenthood. We need to set our sights higher than that. We need to reverse harmful cuts to middle-class economic priorities, close loopholes that benefit only a fortunate few at the top, and invest more in the things that help our entire economy grow. Theres nothing principled about the idea of another government shutdown. Theres nothing patriotic about denying the progress youve worked so hard to make. America is great right now – not because of our government, or our wealth, or our power, but because of everyone who works hard every day to move this country forward. Now Congress needs to work as hard as you do. Thanks, and have a great weekend.201509/400872

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