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虹口做眼角除皱手术价格青浦区人民中医院胎记价格费用Dialogue 1Jingjing: Hey, Mark. You looked a little lonely, so I thought Id come talk to you.京晶:嘿,马克你看起来有点儿孤单,所以我过来和你聊聊天Mark: Lonely? You couldnt see that I had my head in a book? I was enjoying ing until you came by and ruined it!马克:孤单?你看不出我正沉浸在这本书里吗?我刚一直在享受阅读的过程,直到你来并毁了一切!Jingjing: Well, geez. Take a chill pill. I was just trying to be a good friend.京晶:哦,天啊冷静点儿,我只是想做一个好朋友该做的事情Mark: Well, Im an introvert. People like me need a lot of alone time.马克:我是内向性格像我这样的人需要很多独处的时间Jingjing: Youre a what?京晶:你是什么?Mark: An introvert! Our thoughts and energy are directed inwards. Were quieter than extraverts.马克:内向的人!我们的思想和精力都指向内部我们比外向的人更安静Jingjing: Oh, so does it drive you crazy when I come and talk to you?京晶:哦,所以当我来找你说话时,你就发疯了吗?Mark: Nah. But sometimes I really do need to be alone. The problem is that it hard to let extraverts know that I want to be alone without hurting their feelings.马克:没有但有时我真的需要独处问题是,很难既让外向的人知道我想一个人待着又不伤害他们的感情Jingjing: Well, now I understand so it cool. What else do you struggle with?京晶:嗯,现在我理解你了就没问题了你还有什么苦恼吗?人待着又不伤害他们的感情Mark: I have to make sure I verbalize my thoughts as much as I can.马克:我得记着尽可能多地用语言来表达我的想法Jingjing: Ha! I have no problem saying what on my mind!京晶:哈!我想什么就说什么,完全没问题!Mark: Yeah, Ive noticed. Oh, and the other thing is that I have to remember to socialize.马克:是,我已经注意到了哦,还有,我还得记得多去社交Jingjing: Geez! You say that like it a chore. I love socializing. Speaking of which, what do you say I take you to the club tonight? You can do some socializing there.京晶:天啊!你把它说得像一个苦差事似的我最喜欢社交了既然说到这儿了,今晚我带你去夜店吧?你可以社交一下Mark: Sounds fun, let do it.马克:听起来很有趣,就这么定了习语短语have one head in a book沉浸在一本书里,忘记了周围的一切take a chill pill冷静下来;放松alone time独处的时间It cool.不用担心;我很好;不要紧verbalize用语言表达say what on one mind说出某人在想什么do (something) like it a chore做(某事)就像是一个苦差事似的;不喜欢做某事,但必须这样做Dialogue Jingjing and Mark are on their way to the club.京晶和马克在去夜店的路上Jingjing: This is gonna be so much fun, Mark. We havent been to the club in ever!京晶:今天肯定会特别好玩儿的,马克我们都好久没去夜店了!Mark: I hope so. Im a little shy though.马克:我希望如此但我还是有点儿害羞Jingjing: Awww. Dont worry. Ill be sure to dance with you there.京晶:噢,别担心,我一定会陪你一起跳舞的Mark: Life must be a breeze being an extravert, huh?马克:做一个外向的人肯定很轻松吧?Jingjing: Think again! It rough when you always need someone to talk to. Ill go completely crazy if I dont talk to anyone a long enough period of time. The only problem is: sometimes I just about talk the other person ear off.京晶:你错了!总是需要找人倾诉其实很不容易如果我很长时间找不到人说话,我会彻底疯了的这样问题就来了:有时我说太多话会使他人厌烦Mark: Haha, I wish I had that problem.马克:哈哈,我倒希望我也有这个问题Jingjing: You know? It so strange. Extraverts recharge and get their energy from spending time with people, while introverts recharge and get their energy by being alone.京晶:这真奇特啊,外向的人要通过花时间与他人相处来补充他们的能量,而性格内向的人则要通过与自己相处来充电Mark: Well, here we are. Dont get to dance with me, okay?马克:我们到了不要忘了跟我跳舞,好吗?Jingjing: Dont worry, Im not gonna leave you hanging! Let go!京晶:别担心,我不会抛弃你的!我们走吧!习语短语in ever指很长一段时间(夸张)shy害羞breeze容易;不难Think again!你错了!rough困难talk someone ear off说太多话,使他人厌烦leave someone hanging抛弃某人;不理睬某人 868上海新华医院瘦腿针的费用 奉贤区奉城医院治疗痘痘价格费用

九院整形美容科疤痕价格费用How to Break Down the Cost费用怎样分配The president of a large corporation decided that it was time to build a new factory. He asked representatives from three development companies to come in and make a bid on the project.一家大公司的总裁决定要盖一间新厂房他约来了三家房产公司的业务代表对这项工程进行竞标The three companies showed up at the scheduled meeting. The president of the large corporation asked the first company whose president earned his MBA from UCLA, ;How much will your company charge this project?;三家公司在约定的时间都到齐了大公司的总裁问第一家公司:“这项工程你们的报价是多少?”这家公司的老板是加利福尼亚大学洛杉矶分校的MBA; million, million materials and million labor.;“00万,00万购买建材,00万付劳务费”The president then asks the same question to the second company whose president earned his MBA from Stand.大公司的总裁又问了第二家公司相同的问题,他们的老板是斯坦福大学的MBA;30 million, million materials, million labor, and million licenses and permits.;“3000万,00万购买建材,00万付劳务费,两百万用来办理各种许可”Finally, the president asks the last company whose president earned his MBA from USC.最后,大公司的总裁问第三家公司,他们的老板是南加利福尼亚大学的MBA;0 million.;“000万”;FOURTY MILLION,; yelled the persident of the large corporation. ;How do you break down the cost?;“000万!”总裁叫道,“你们怎样用这些钱呢?”; million you, million me, and million to get the guy from UCLA to build the factory!;“00万给你,00万给我,剩下的00万把工程包给第一家公司!”上海武警总医院去胎记多少钱 Colors of Hungary匈牙利民俗A doll dressed in Hungarian folk costume — this is the most popular and sort of the souvenir the tourists take home with from Hungary — the colors of unique charm, the dolls enchant. But only a few people know that not only is this wonderful item, folk doll, available on the shelf of souvenir shops among the cold walls of museums, but it is a living reality. It is visible, tangible and can be experienced. It is a rarity, which is not disappeared in the modern life.这是一个身穿匈牙利民族装的布偶,是游客们最爱买回家的纪念品布偶身上独特的色散发着无穷魅力但是很少有人意识到,它们不仅是物馆的冰冷外墙之间的纪念品商店里摆设的精美商品,也是当地人的现实生活——看得见,摸得着,可以尽情感受这是能在现代生活中存活的少有传统Holloko, possibly the most charming Hungarian village in the mountains of the northeast, is also part of the world heritage.霍罗克可能是匈牙利东北部山区最具魅力的村庄,也是世界文化遗产的一部分Local people as well as tourists can admire age-old wedding ceremonies of this region. The bride trousseau is transported along the main street the whole world to see all the brightly decorated stuff — a sign of the family wealth. Tradition also calls a joined-commy eft to make the newly weds an anticipation many children to come.当地人和游客们可以看到旧式的婚礼仪式新娘的嫁妆要穿过主要的街道,向世人展示这些装饰精美的物件——也象征着家庭的财力传统还提倡大家都参与进来,预示着新婚夫妇次来子孙满堂 359普陀唇部激光脱毛价格

上海无创隆胸多少钱Page: 1The Greek scientist Eratosthenes was the first man to work out the size of the earth.He heard that there was a deep well into which on one day of the year the sun light went all the way down to the bottom.He took the angle of the sun at the same hour from another place 500 miles from the well and worked out by geometry that the earth was about 9,000 miles round.The size of the earth, scientists now tell us, is about 5,000 miles round.Page: Geometry starts with ideas about lines and spaces.Here are two circles and two squares.The circle on the left is inside a square.That is the relation of that circle to that square.The square on the right is inside a circle.That is its relation to the circle.These are facts about the circles and squares on this Page:.Statements which tally with facts are true.Statements which dont tally with facts are not true.It is untrue that the square on the right is outside the circle.To say it is would be to make a false statement.Page: 3What is a circle?It is easy to see what it is, but not equally easy to say what it is.Here is a straight line half an inch long.If you could turn the line right round like the hand of a watch, it would have covered a circle.One end of the line would have to keep in the same place while the rest of the line was turning.Here is another line the same length; it is half inch long.If you could pull it down like a map on a roller a distance equal to its own length then it would make a square with sides half an inch long.This is not a square though its sides are equal.Why not?Because its angles are not right angles.This is not a square though its angles are right angles.Why not?Because its sides are not all equal.Page: Six thousand years ago in Egypt there were people who saw how to measure their land through their knowledge about squares and triangles.How large is this square?What is its size?Because the square is on squared paper, it is easy to see what its size is.We count the number of small squares in the large square.This number is the area of the square.If the small squares were an inch square, the area of the large square would be sixteen square inches.If they were one foot square, the area of the large square would be sixteen square feet.If they were one yard square, the area of the large square would be sixteen square yards.Whatever the of measure used the relation of side to area is the same.Page: 5People took the first s of long measure from their bodies.The end of a man thumb is about one inch long.A tall man foot is about twelve inches or one foot long.A long step is about three feet or one yard long.The simplest way of measuring a short distance is to step it.These s of long measure have been a great help to us.They have made it possible us to measure and compare lengths and areas and volumes.Measuring lets us build a room the size and shape we want it, example, twenty feet long, sixteen feet wide and twelve feet high.Page: 6Sometimes a family fields were not square.some of them were like this:or like this.People walked across their fields; they planted them and took in the grain.They knew how much land they had from working them bee they could measure them.They saw that a field like thiswas the same size, though not the same shape, as a field like thisbee they knew that they could measure how long and how wide a field was, and then get the area by taking one measure times the other.Page: 7They saw that they could get half a field in this way...or in this way,bee they knew how to measure rectangles or triangles.Can you see whether these two fields have the same area?Put in lines to prove that they are or are not equal in area.The answer is at the bottom of Page: 8.Page: 8Here is a right angled triangle.The two shorter sides are three and four s long.How many s long is the longest side?Can you tell without measuring?How?About 500 years ago a great Greek,Pythagoras, proved that the square on the longest side of any right angled triangle is equal to the squares on the other two sides added together.We can use his discovery to get our answer.We multiply the length of each of the two shorter sides by itself.We add the answers together.Then we find a number which,multiplied by itself,gives us this number.Page: 9Here is the answer:When we multiply a number by itself we ;square; it.Any number is the square root of its square.5 is the square root of 5.Page: 180It was not until many centuries later that people put this knowledge of geometry to wide use.The development of science had to wait until the days of Galileo and Newton.In the last three centuries our ways of living have been and are being deeply changed by science.These changes can be compared only with three or four great earlier steps in the history of human development.These are the birth of language,the use of fire and farming, and the invention of writing.Here is a horse walking round and round the mouth of a well.He is pulling on a strong stick of wood which is kept turning by his motion.This moves a chain with buckets on it.The motion of the chain carries buckets full of water up and takes empt buckets down.The horse has a cloth over his eyes to keep him from seeing that he is walking all the time in a circle.Would he stop if he knew he was going round in circles? 上海仁济医院开双眼皮多少钱上海长征医院做丰胸手术价格



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