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青浦区妙桃隆胸假体多少钱玫瑰做胸部整形张东旭医师好不好The oil produced from either method藉由以上两种方式开采的原油produces more greenhouse gas emissions than any other oil.比以其他方式 开采的原油排放更多温室气体This is one of the reasons why its called这正是它被称为the worlds dirtiest oil.世上最脏油类的原因之一Its also one of the reasons why it is这也是使它成为the largest and fastest-growing single source加拿大最大、增长最迅速的of carbon in Canada,碳排放源头的原因之一and it is also a reason why Canada is now number three更是使加拿大个人排碳量in terms of producing carbon per person.名列世界第三的原因之一The tailings ponds are the largest toxic impoundments on the planet.那些残渣池是世上最大的毒性蓄水池Oil sands -- or rather I should say tar sands --油砂-或者我该称它为沥青砂-;oil sands; is a P.R.-created term“油砂”是公关部门创造的词汇so that the oil companies wouldnt be trying to promote使石油公司不至于像是推广something that sounds like a sticky tar-like substance某种彷佛沥青般黏稠的物质thats the worlds dirtiest oil.或世上最脏的油So they decided to call it oil sands.因此他们决定称它为油砂The tar sands consume more water than any other oil process,沥青砂的生产过程比其他油类消耗更多水three to five barrels of water are taken, polluted生产一桶原油需使用三至五桶水,受污染的水and then returned into tailings ponds,进入残渣池the largest toxic impoundments on the planet.成为世上最大的毒性蓄水池SemCrude, just one of the licensees,只是其中一家取得执照的公司in just one of their tailings ponds,在他们拥有的其中一个残渣池中dumps 250,000 tons of this toxic gunk every single day.每日倒入25万吨毒性黏稠物Thats creating the largest toxic impoundments创造出有史以来最大的in the history of the planet.毒性蓄水池So far, this is enough toxin目前为止,其中的毒性物质to cover the face of Lake Eerie a foot deep.足以覆盖伊利湖面一呎深And the tailings ponds range in size up to 9,000 acres.残渣池的面积可达9000英亩Thats two-thirds the size of the entire island of Manhattan.相当于三分之二个曼哈顿岛Thats like from Wall Street at the southern edge of Manhattan大约从曼哈顿南端的华尔街up to maybe 120th Street.到第120街So this is an absolutely --因此这确实是-this is one of the larger tailings ponds.这是其中较大的残渣池之一This might be, what? I dont know, half the size of Manhattan.大约相当于-我不确定-半个曼哈顿岛And you can see in the context,你可由之前的叙述得知its just a relatively small section这只是十个矿场中of one of 10 mining complexes and another 40 to 50某个矿场的一小部分,其他四、五十个矿场on stream to be approved soon.很快就会获得批准And of course, these tailings ponds --当然,这些残渣池-well, you cant see many ponds from outer space确实,你无法从外太空看见许多残渣池and you can see these, so maybe we should stop calling them ponds --但你可以看见这些 因此或许我们不该称它为“池”-these massive toxic wastelands are built这些大型毒性废料池并未装设unlined and on the banks of the Athabasca River.防护措施,散布于阿萨帕斯卡尔河沿岸201410/331446上海去痣医院 I would like to share with you a new model of higher education,a model that, once expanded,can enhance the collective intelligence of millions of creative and motivated individuals that otherwise would be left behind.我想和你们分享一种全新的高等教育模式,这一模式一旦发展起来,能提升数以百万计的有创造力和上进心的个人的集体智慧,而没有这一模式的话这些人可能会被甩在后面。Look at the world.看看这个世界。Pick up a place and focus on it.任选一个地方并聚焦于此。You will find humans chasing higher education.你会发现人们正在追寻高等教育。Lets meet some of them.让我们来认识其中的一些人。Patrick.帕特里克。Patrick was born in Liberia to a family of 20 children.帕特里克出生于利比里亚一个有20个孩子的家庭。During the civil war, he and his family were forced to flee to Nigeria.在内战期间,他和他的家庭被迫逃离去尼日利亚。There, in spite of his situation,he graduated high school with nearly perfect grades.在那里,尽管处境恶劣,他依然以近乎满分的成绩高中毕业。He wanted to continue to higher education,他想要继续接受高等教育,but due to his family living on the poverty line,he was soon sent to South Africa to work and send back money to feed his family.但是由于他的家庭生活在贫困线上,他不久后被送至南非工作,寄钱回家供养他的家人。Patrick never gave up his dream of higher education.帕特里克从未放弃他的高等教育之梦。Late at night, after work,he surfed the Net looking for ways to study. 结束工作后的深夜里,他在网上寻找各种途径来学习。Meet Debbie.来认识一下黛比,Debbie is from Florida.黛比来自佛罗里达。Her parents didnt go to college,and neither did any of her siblings. 她的父母没有上过大学,她的兄弟也都没有。Debbie has worked all her life,pays taxes, supports herself month to month,proud of the American dream,a dream that just wont be complete without higher education. 黛比生活的全部就是工作,缴税,每月维持自己的生计,以美国梦为荣,但是没有高等教育的话这个梦并不完整。But Debbie doesnt have the savings for higher education.但是黛比没有足够的积蓄来负担高等教育。She cant pay the tuition.她付不起学费。Neither could she leave work.她也不能抛开工作。Meet Wael.来认识一下瓦伊尔。201507/389480上海整形医院去眼袋

上海交通大学医学院附属仁济医院激光除皱多少钱And we managed to boil it down to nine.我们试图归结为九点In fact weve done two more Blue Zone expeditions since this其实在这次蓝区远征前and these common denominators hold true.我们已经调查了两个蓝区And the first one,第一个and Im about to utter a heresy here,我想说个异端邪说,none of them exercise,他们谁都不运动at least the way we think of exercise.至少是我们认为的运动方式。Instead, they set up their lives反而建立他们的生活so that they are constantly nudged into physical activity.以便常常进行体力伙动。These 100-year-old Okinawan women这些100岁的冲绳女人are getting up and down off the ground, they sit on the floor,在地上上来下去,30 or 40 times a day.每天坐地上30到40次。Sardinians live in vertical houses, up and down the stairs.撒丁岛人居住在垂直房屋里,上下楼梯Every trip to the store, or to church每次去商店,教堂或朋友家里or to a friends house occasions a walk.都走上片刻。They dont have any conveniences.没有任何方便性。There is not a button to push to do yard work or house work.做打扫工作和家务没有按钮一按则使用。If they want to mix up a cake, theyre doing it by hand.如果想做蛋糕,就自己动手。Thats physical activity.这就是是体力劳动。?That burns calories just as much as going on the tmill does.这个燃烧的热量和跑步机上消耗的一样。When they do do intentional physical activity,进行惯常体力运动,its the things they enjoy. They tend to walk,是他们享受这些事情的时候。他们常常步行,the only proven way to stave off cognitive decline,这被明是防止认知降低的唯一方法,and they all tend to have a garden.并且他们人人有花园。They know how to set up their life in the right way他们知道如何安排生活so they have the right outlook.因此有正确的观点。Each of these cultures take time to downshift.每种文化都不慌不忙地变换。The Sardinians pray. The Seventh-Day Adventists pray.撒丁岛人祈祷。再生论者也祈祷。The Okinawans have this ancestor veneration.冲绳人有祖先祭拜的规约。But when youre in a hurry or stressed out,但是你的匆忙或压力引发的that triggers something called the inflammatory response,炎症反应which is associated with everything from Alzheimers这些都与老年痴呆症和心血管疾病disease to cardiovascular disease.都有关系的。When you slow down for 15 minutes a day每天减缓行动15分钟you turn that inflammatory state这种炎症into a more anti-inflammatory state.就能变成一种反炎症状态。They have vocabulary for sense of purpose,冲绳人把这个目的感叫做ikigai, like the Okinawans.有意义的生活。You know the two most dangerous years in your life一个人一生中最危险的两年are the year youre born, because of infant mortality,一是出生的时候,因为婴儿死亡率高and the year you retire.另外就是退休的时候These people know their sense of purpose,这些人知道他们的生活目的感and they activate in their life, thats worth about seven years他们生活活跃,能有7年of extra life expectancy.的额外寿命。Theres no longevity diet.没有长寿食品Instead, these people drink a little bit every day,这些人每天就喝一点酒,not a hard sell to the American population.酒是不用强行卖给美国人的。They tend to eat a plant-based diet.他们常吃蔬菜食品Doesnt mean they dont eat meat, but lots of beans and nuts.不是说不吃肉但是吃很多豆类和坚果。And they have strategies to keep from overeating,他们有办法避免饮食过量,little things that nudge them away from the table at the right time.几乎没有什么能把他们推向餐桌。And then the foundation of all this is how they connect.这些的根本是他们如何联系。They put their families first,把家庭放在第一位,take care of their children and their aging parents.照顾孩子和年迈的父母。They all tend to belong to a faith-based community,他们的社区建立在诚信基础上,which is worth between four and 14这个能增加4到14年extra years of life expectancy的生命。if you do it four times a month.当然,你一月至少要做四次才可以。And the biggest thing here这里最重要的事情是is they also belong to the right tribe.他们属于一个正义的群体。They were either born into他们或者生在正义之家or they proactively surrounded themselves with the right people.或者是主动和正义之士呆在一起。We know from the Framingham studies,从弗雷明翰研究中我们得知that if your three best friends are obese如果你有三个好朋友都肥胖there is a 50 percent better chance that youll be overweight.你也有一半肥胖的可能。So, if you hang out with unhealthy people,所以如果你和不健康的人在一起thats going to have a measurable impact over time.随时间推移会受到很大影响。Instead, if your friends idea of recreation如果你朋友的主意is physical activity, bowling, or playing hockey,是体力活动,打保龄球或打曲棍球biking or gardening,自行车或园艺工作,if your friends drink a little, but not too much,他们饮酒适量and they eat right, and theyre engaged, and theyre trusting and trustworthy,饮食适度,他们投入工作值得信任,that is going to have the biggest impact over time.最后就会对你产生最大影响。Diets dont work. No diet in the history of the world食物没有什么用,历史上没有一种食物has ever worked for more than two percent of the population.能养活2%的人口。Exercise programs usually start in January;练习项目通常在一月开始theyre usually done by October.十月结束。When it comes to longevity至于长寿,there is no short term fix没有药片或其他什么东西in a pill or anything else.能在短期内奏效。But when you think about it,但当你想到your friends are long-term adventures,你的朋友是长期的冒险活动时,and therefore, perhaps the most significant thing you can do因此,它是你为增加寿命和让生命生机勃勃能够做的最重要to add more years to your life,的事情and life to your years. Thank you very much.谢谢201507/386874上海市闵行区中心医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱 One of the reasons our Unix systems are ideally suited to power the Extended Enterprise is our ability to guarantee 99.95 percent up time. Were the only company in the industry that can make that guarantee. Delivering 99.95-percent uptime translates to just four hours of unplanned downtime a year. The next best offer in the industry — 99.5 percent of time — equals 44 hours of unplanned downtime a year. In the past year, we have accelerated our product- development efforts. The result is a Unix roadmap that we believe will keep us in a clear position of leadership. The V2250 systems we introduced earlier this month are based on our new, 240 MHz PA-RISC processor. They are the worlds fastest single-processor Unix servers — ideally suited for mission-critical and technical applications. We expect to double high-end single-system performance each year. That means that todays high-end of a V-Class system will be the midrange of our family by the year 2000.Furthermore, we plan to take todays 99.95 percent availability guarantee and push that up to 99.999 — 5 minutes of unplanned downtime per year — by the year 2000.We call this our ;5nines:5minutes; vision, and we have succeeded in getting two powerful industry leaders — Cisco and Oracle — to embrace this vision and work with us to achieve it.我们的UNIX系统之所以特别适合扩展型企业,原因之一是我们能确保99.95%的开机率。我们是业界唯一可做此保的公司。开机正常运行时间多达99.95%,意味着一年的意外停机时间仅为四个小时。而业内仅次于我们的最佳开机率为99.5%,相当于每年的意外停机时间为44小时。去年,我们加大了产品开发的力度。其结果是我们制定了UNIX开发蓝图,我们认为这将使我们明显地处于领先的地位。本月早些时候我们推出了基于新型的240 MHz PA-RISC处理器的V2250系统。它们是目前世界上最快的单处理器UNIX务:器,适用于关键业务和技术应用程序。我们希望,每年都能将高端单一系统的性能翻一番。这意味着,到2000年,今天的V系列系统高端将成为我们系列中的中档产品。其次,我们计划,到 2000年,将现在的99.95%的开机率提髙到99.999%——达到每年意外停机仅有五分钟。我们称 其为“五个9:五分钟”目标,我们已与业界两个颇具实力的领先者——思科公司和甲骨文公司达成共识,为实现这一目标而共同奋斗。201410/333943上海东方医院修眉手术价格

普陀区治疗黄褐斑要的价格Hi, everybody. 大家好。This week, I spent a couple days in Minneapolis, talking with people about their lives-their concerns, their successes, and their hopes for the future.本周,我在明尼波利斯呆了几天,与人们谈论他们的生活--他们的关注,他们的成功和他们对未来的希望。I went because of a letter I received from a working mother named Rebekah, who shared with me the hardships her young family has faced since the financial crisis. 我去那里是因为我收到了一封来自一个名叫瑞贝卡的工薪母亲的来信,她在信中告诉我他们的年轻的家庭自金融危机以来的艰辛。She and her husband Ben were just newlyweds expecting their first child, Jack, when the housing crash dried up his contracting business. 她和她的丈夫本新婚燕尔正在期盼他们的长子杰克降生时,正赶上房地产泡沫破灭,本签约的公司破产。He took what jobs he could, and Rebekah took out student loans and retrained for a new career. 他做所有能做的工作,瑞贝卡偿还学生贷款,为了新的生涯重新培训自己。They sacrificed-for their kids, and for each other. And five years later, theyve paid off debt, bought their first home, and had their second son, Henry.他们为了孩子们牺牲,为了对方牺牲。五年后,他们偿还了债务,买了手套住房,有了次子亨利。In her letter to me, she wrote, “We are a strong, tight-knit family who has made it through some very, very hard times.” 在给我的信中,她写道,“我们是一个坚强亲密无间的家庭,走过了一段非常非常艰难的日子。”And in many ways, thats Americas story these past five years. 在很多方面,这是过去五年里美国的故事。We are a strong, tight-knit family thats made it through some very tough times.我们是一个坚强的亲密无间的大家庭,走过了一段非常艰难的日子。Today, over the past 51 months, our businesses have created 9.4 million new jobs. 今天,在过去的51个月里,我们的企业创造了9百40万个新就业机会。By measure after measure, our economy is doing better than it was five years ago.一个又一个指标表明,我们比五年前好多了。But as Rebekah also wrote in her letter, there are still too many middle-class families like hers who do everything right-who work hard and who sacrifice-but cant seem to get ahead. 但是正如在信中还写道的,还有很多他们一样的中产阶级家庭没有过错-他们努力工作付出牺牲-但是没有过得更好。It feels like the odds are stacked against them. 好像他们的前方有障碍阻挠他们。And with just a small change in our priorities, we could fix that.我们对这些的关注还很少,我们必须改正这些。The problem is, Republicans in Congress keep blocking or voting down almost every serious idea to strengthen the middle class. 问题是,国会的共和党人继续阻挠或投票反对几乎每一个加强中产阶级的认真的设想。This year alone, theyve said no to raising the minimum wage, no to fair pay, no to student loan reform, no to extending unemployment insurance. 仅仅今年,他们就反对提高最低工资,反对公平分配,反对学生贷款改革,反对扩大失业保险。And rather than invest in education that helps working families get ahead, they actually voted to give another massive tax cut to the wealthiest Americans.他们不是投资于帮助工薪家庭搞得好的教育,而是投票赞同给最富裕的美国人更多的税收减免。This obstruction keeps the system rigged for those at the top, and rigged against the middle class. 这个障碍保持这个系统为富人务,不利于中产阶级。And as long as they insist on doing it, Ill keep taking actions on my own-like the actions Ive taken aly to attract new jobs, lift workers wages, and help students pay off their loans. 只要他们坚持这样,我就继续单独行动-正如我已经采取的吸引新就业机会、提高工人工资和帮助学生们偿还贷款的行动。Ill do my job. 我将尽我的职责。And if it makes Republicans in Congress mad that Im trying to help people out, they can join me, and well do it together.如果我努力帮助人民令国会的共和党人不安,他们可以与我合作,我们共同做这些。The point is, we could do so much more as a country-as a strong, tight-knit family-if Republicans in Congress were less interested in stacking the deck for those at the top, and more interested in growing the economy for everybody.关键是,我们作为一个国家、作为一个坚强的亲密无间的大家庭可以做得如此之多-如果国会的共和党人不那么热衷于为富人们某私利,而热衷于为所有人发展经济的话。So rather than more tax breaks for millionaires, lets give more tax breaks to help working families pay for child care or college. 所以不是为富人们减税,而是让我们推出更多减税来帮助工薪家庭付育儿和上大学的开销。Rather than protect tax loopholes that let big corporations set up tax shelters overseas, lets put people to work rebuilding roads and bridges right here in America. 不是维护让大公司可以在海外设立避税所的税收漏洞,而是让人们可以马上在美国投入重新建设道路和桥梁。Rather than stack the decks in favor of those whove aly succeeded, lets realize that we are stronger as a nation when we offer a fair shot to every American.不是为已经成功的人们谋私利,而是让我们认识到我们给每个美国人公平的机会,我们作为一个国家才能更加强大。Im going to spend some time talking about these very choices in the week ahead. 我将在未来的一周里花一些时间谈论这些选择。Thats because we know from our history that our economy doesnt grow from the top-down, it grows from the middle-out. 那是因为我们以史为鉴得知我们的经济自上而下发展不好,而是从中间向两边才发展得好。We do better when the middle class does better. 中产阶级兴则我们旺。Thats the American way.Thats what I believe in. 这就是美国的道路。这就是我的信仰。And thats what Ill keep fighting for.这就是我要继续为之奋斗的。Have a great Fourth of July, everybody-and good luck to Team USA down in Brazil.各位,独立日快乐-祝远在巴西的美国足球队好运。Thanks.谢谢大家。201407/309549 上海市闵行区中心医院去眼袋多少钱上海市仁济医院去胎记多少钱



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