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上海市中山医院祛疤手术价格上海抽脂减肥的价格This morning the President went to a meeting hosted by the Vice President to discuss the New START treaty and why it is in our clear national security interest that the Senate approve it this year. The President said that "the key point here is this is not about politics, it’s about national security" -- and indeed the names on the attendee list spoke to the gravity of the issue and overwhelming support from America's foremost national security experts: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Senator John Kerry; Senator Richard Lugar; former Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright, James Baker, and Henry Kissinger; former Secretaries of Defense William Cohen and William Perry; former National Security Advisor General Brent Scowcroft; Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General James Cartwright; and Senator Sam Nunn.Asked afterwards if the treaty would get the votes necessary to pass the Senate despite some in the minority calling for delay, the President replied "I’m confident that we should be able to get the votes." His remarks had aly made clear why that should be:Read the Transcript | Download Video: mp4 (68MB) | mp3 (7MB) 201011/118901杨浦区祛斑多少钱 Good morning.Ladies and gentlmen:女士们,先生们,早上好:In the history of Olmpic Games,there have been many shining stars.Among them was a European girl.在奥林匹克运动会的历史上,出现了很多耀眼的明星,其中有个欧洲的女孩.With the elapse of time ,her name has faded from our memory ,yet her unbending spirit shall never perish.随着时间的飞逝,她的名字早被遗忘,然而她不屈不挠的精神却永远不会消失.It was she who highlighted the Olympic Creed.正是她突出了奥林匹克的信条.In lead though she had been ,she stumbled near the terminus and her leg was injured .她一直处于领先位置,然而在终点前她摔倒了,腿受了伤.Competitors passed her from behind in succession until finally only her weak and lonely figure remained on the track .竞争者一个个从她身后超过,直到最后跑道剩下她一个孤独和衰弱的身影,Doctors came and offered to take her away .Yet she refused .医生跑了过来要求把她抬走,她拒绝了.With the only strength left in her ,she managed to get up and shuffled feebly to the endpoint with drops of blood along her trail but cheers broke out .她用身上仅剩的力气,挣扎着站起来,一步步地走到终点线,路上是一滴滴的鲜血...观众的喝声爆发了.Though she failed in the race, the girl won the applause from people all over the world.尽管她在赛场上失败了,这女孩子赢得了全世界人们的掌声.It was she who elucidated the Olympic Creed of ;participation;.It was she who in stilled perseverance in our mind.正是她阐明了奥林匹克运动会的;参与;信条.正是她给我们的心灵灌输了不屈不挠的精神.China also deserves such applause for her persistend of forts of bid for the Olmpic Games.中国坚持不懈地努力去申办奥运会的行动也值得这样的掌声.Eight years ago ,we Chinese regretted that margin of two votes,by which Beijing lost to Sydney in hosting the 27th Olympic Games.八年前,在申办第二十七届奥运会的时候,我们中国北京很遗憾地以两票之差输给了悉尼.Eight years have passed.We chinese have been gearing up for all the chalenges.八年过去了,我们中国一直在为挑战性增加砝码,Governors have taken new measures to protect Beijings environment.地方官员已采取了新的措施去保护北京的环境.Taxi drivers parrot daily English to improve their service for foreign guests.的士司机们学习日常英语去改善他们对外宾的务.Volunteers ride through the country to collect signatures from supporters .志愿者骑车走遍全国收集持者的签名.Schoolgirls braid Chinese knots, the Olympic emblem,with their dexterous hands.学校女生们用灵巧的双手去编织中国花结和奥运会的会徽.Here today,we college students are showing our iness.今天在这里,我们大学生也表示了我们的意愿.Ideals are like stars by which we chart our course.What then was the idea of the girl?我们是根据明星的理想去确立自己的人生的方向.那么,那个女孩的理想又是什么呢?Its her aspiration for selffulfillment.Its her firm belief in the Olympic Creed.那是她自我实现的渴望.那是她对奥林匹克信条坚定的信仰.With us Chinese,its our strong wish for a most prosperous and powerful nation .我们中国的理想是去成为一个繁荣富强的国家,Its our undying desire to better understand and cooperate with the rest of the world.去和世界其它国家更好地合作.Twenty years ago,our motherland opened her door to the whole world.二十年前,我们的祖国对外开放.Now ,China is the largest developing country in the world with her irresistible fascination for international entrepreneurs.现在,中国是世界上最大的发展中国家,对国际的企业家们有着不可抵抗的吸引力.As for sports undertakings,China has won 1,317 world champions and has set 1,026 world records.至于体育事业,中国一共赢得了一千三百一十七个世界冠军和创造了一千零二十六项世界纪录.As an ancient wisdom says:history is the witness of the times,the torch of truth ,the life of memory,the teacher of life ,the messaager of antiquity .正如古代圣贤所说:历史是朝代的见人,是真理的火炬,是记忆的生命,是生命的教师,是古代的信使.The long history of China gives us aspirations.中国的悠久历史给了我们抱负.These aspirations,we believe ,can be somehow realized by means of sports .我们相信这些抱负可以通过体育的途径来实现.The Olympics Games provides a good chance to display the achievements gained in Chinas reform and opening efforts,奥林匹克运动会给中国提供了一次绝对的机会去展示改革和开放的成就,and meanwhile it enables us Chinese to learn new ideas,new methods and new things from the outside world.同时它促使我们中国从外界学习新概念,新方法和新事物.It helps to spleed up the pace of opening, promote economic development and accelerate the scientific and technological progress.它帮助我们去加快开放的进程,促进经济发展和加快科技的进步.Above all, the Olympic Games provides a vast stage for cultural exchanges between different poeples.最重要的就是,奥林匹克运动会给不同民族的人们之间的文化交流提供了一个巨大的舞台.The Olympic Games is not only an arena,which inspires the best from the athletes ,but also an effort ,奥林匹克运动会不仅是一个激励运动员发挥最佳水平的大赛场,而且是一种激励每个人希望和争取优秀的努力.which inspires hope and desire for excellence in everybody .The Olympic spirit, as its been with the girl, is all of us now ,in our bidding ,in our work ,in our study , and also in the non-Olympic years.在那女孩子身上的奥林匹克精神现在已经存在我们每个人身上,在我们的申办里,在我们的工作上,还存在于不是奥运年的日子里.Through our joint hard work and dedication ,we stay together ,looking forward to seeing the Olympic banner unfurled in Beijing in 2008 and the Olympic flame burning brightly in the sky of China.通过我们共同的努力和奉献,我们一起期望看到二零零八年奥林匹克运动会的旗帜飘扬在北京的上空,奥运会的火焰照亮中国的天空.It will be a good occasion for global reunion.It will be one of the best and most memoralbe Olympics in the world .那将会是全球团聚的大盛会,将会是一次全世界最好和最值得纪念的奥运会.Thank you .谢谢.Jiang Hua:Thank you contestant number eight.Let me ask you this.姜华:谢谢八号参赛选手.让我来问你一个问题.Whats more important in your career ,to make money or to be satisfied with your work?在你的职业生涯中,是赚钱重要还是对工作感到满意重要呢?Sun Yan :Well,I think everyone is wondering about the same question .What is important?孙妍:我想每个人都这个问题感到疑惑.什么是重要的?What is more important ,making money or self-satisfaction ?什么是更重要的,赚钱还是自我满足?I think both of them is important .Live to eat or eat to live?That is the question .我认为两方面都很重要.活着为了吃还是吃为了活呢?那就是问题的所在.But as we raise this question ,we ignore one thing ,that making money and self-satisfaction is not contradictory .但我们提出这个问题的时候,我们忽略了一件事情,赚钱和自我满足之间并不矛盾.That if I want to find a satisfying job ,that doesnt mean that I will be worrying about where my next meal comes from .如果我想找一份令自己满意的工作,那并不意味着我将会担心我的下一顿饭.No ,I think the answer is definitely no .So ,in my future career,Id like to fulfill myself and meanwhile make lots of money .不,我想绝对是否定的.所以在我以后的职业生涯中,我会在满足自己的同时赚到大笔钱.And if I can become a millionaire ,thats the best ,mmm,important ,thata the best thing.如果我能成为一个百万富翁,那就再好不过了,那可是最好的事情.Um,if I am faced with an exceptional case in which money making and self-satisfaction is contradictory ,then I would prefer self-satisfaction to money making because you know everyone of us only lives once.如果我面对的是一个赚钱和自我满足的例外情况,我会喜欢自我满足胜过赚钱,因为你知道每个人只能活一次,And life speeds by every minute ,every second .而生命一分一秒地消逝,We should not trade happiness for money .The value of our life is not measured in terms of money but in terms of our contribution to ourselves,to our familly,and to the whole society .我们不应该拿幸福来交换金钱.生命是不能用金钱来衡量的,而是用我们对自己,对我们的国家和对整个社会的贡献来衡量的.So ,I hope that everyone of you share the same opinion with me.所以,我希望你们当中的每个人和我的观点是相同的.Thank you.谢谢!Judge:Thank you candidate number eight .Returning to your prepared speech, you gave us a ,a very moving picture of participation in the Olympics and a very beautiful vision of it here in China .评委:谢谢八号选手.回到你的命题演讲,你给了我们关于参加奥林匹克运动会的一幅动人的画面,和它在中国这里的美丽的想象.Um, world-wide vast sums of money are spent on sports,mostly I think with the aim of winning.全世界在体育运动方面花费大量的金钱,我想大部分都是花在胜利的目标上.And I wonder if you think this is well spent?我不知道你认为这样值不值得.SunYan:Um,I think the money spent in the Olympic games is well spent actually to most extent I think so because you know ,um, to host Olympic games needs lots of money .孙妍:在很大程度上,花在奥林匹克运动会上金钱是用在刀刃上,因为你知道,主办奥林匹克运动会需要大笔的钱,And through the Olympic games we know lots of things.For example ,we know,um,um just as we know in the life around the Sydney Olympic games in the year 2000,you know ,通过奥运会我们会了解很多事情.例如,两千年在悉尼举办的二十七届奥运会上we know Mickey Webster,that lovely girl in Olympic opening ceremony and we know Sydney,we know Australia.我们认识了那个在奥运会开幕式上的可爱的米基.韦伯斯特,我们认识了悉尼、澳大利亚。So ,and everyone ,um,every ,uh athlete, you know ,compete,competed well in the competition.我们认识了每个在赛场上竞争的运动员.And ,and so in this process, we ,um improve our friendship .We know each other very well and we make friends.We become friends.在这个认识的过程中,我们增加了友谊.我们互相了解,认识到不少朋友,我们成为了好朋友.So that is the most important thing and thus we safeguard world peace ,you know .这是最重要的一点,这样我们保护了世界和平.你知道,Uh,when we,you know ,when we saw the TV program,we dont matter whether an athlete is black or white or if other , um,race, races ,you know.当我们看电视的时候,我们不会在乎是一个运动员的肤色是黑色,白色或其它颜色,We just appreciate the performance, the wonderful performance from a ,from the bottom of my heart.我们心底里只是欣赏比赛表演,精的比赛.So ,so I think there realy ,um ,spent properly .This money is worth it to spend.Thank you .所以,我觉得这钱花得值得.谢谢!Judge:Thank you .评委:谢谢!09/84880上海除皱祛斑费用

上海市同济医院治疗痘坑多少钱President Bush Addresses ed Nations General Assembly THE PRESIDENT: Mr. Secretary General, distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen: I'm pleased to be here to address the General Assembly.Sixty-three years ago, representatives from around the world gathered in San Francisco to complete the founding of the Charter of the ed Nations. They met in the shadow of a devastating war, with grave new dangers on the horizon. They agreed on a historic pledge: "to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, and unite their strength to maintain international peace and security."This noble pledge has endured trying hours in the ed Nations' history, and it still guides our work today. Yet the ideals of the Charter are now facing a challenge as serious as any since the U.N.'s founding -- a global movement of violent extremists. By deliberately murdering the innocent to advance their aims, these extremists defy the fundamental principles of international order. They show contempt for all who respect life and value human dignity. They reject the words of the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, or any standard of conscience or morality. They imperil the values of justice and human rights that gave birth to the ed Nations -- values that have fueled an unprecedented expansion of freedom across the world.To uphold the words of the Charter in the face of this challenge, every nation in this chamber has responsibilities. As sovereign states, we have an obligation to govern responsibly, and solve problems before they spill across borders. We have an obligation to prevent our territory from being used as a sanctuary for terrorism and proliferation and human trafficking and organized crime. We have an obligation to respect the rights and respond to the needs of our people.Multilateral organizations have responsibilities. For eight years, the nations in this assembly have worked together to confront the extremist threat. We witnessed successes and setbacks, and through it all a clear lesson has emerged: The ed Nations and other multilateral organizations are needed more urgently than ever. To be successful, we must be focused and resolute and effective. Instead of only passing resolutions decrying terrorist attacks after they occur, we must cooperate more closely to keep terrorist attacks from happening in the first place. Instead of treating all forms of government as equally tolerable, we must actively challenge the conditions of tyranny and despair that allow terror and extremism to thrive. By acting together to meet the fundamental challenge of our time, we can lead toward a world that is more secure, and more prosperous, and more hopeful.In the decades ahead, the ed Nations and other multilateral organizations must continually confront terror. This mission requires clarity of vision. We must see the terrorists for what they are: ruthless extremists who exploit the desperate, subvert the tenets of a great religion, and seek to impose their will on as many people as possible. Some suggest that these men would pose less of a threat if we'd only leave them alone. Yet their leaders make clear that no concession could ever satisfy their ambitions. Bringing the terrorists to justice does not create terrorism -- it's the best way to protect our people.Multilateral organizations must respond by taking an unequivocal moral stand against terrorism. No cause can justify the deliberate taking of innocent human life -- and the international community is nearing universal agreement on this truth. The vast majority of nations in this assembly now agree that tactics like suicide bombing, hostage-taking and hijacking are never legitimate. The Security Council has passed resolutions declaring terror unlawful and requiring all nations to crack down on terrorist financing. And earlier this month, the Secretary General held a conference to highlight victims of terror, where he stated that terrorism can never be justified.Other multilateral organizations have spoken clearly, as well. The G8 has declared that all terrorist acts are criminal and must be universally condemned. And the Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference recently spoke out against a suicide bombing, which he said runs counter to the teachings of Islam. The message behind these statements is resolutely clear: Like slavery and piracy, terrorism has no place in the modern world.Around the globe, nations are turning these words into action. Members of the ed Nations are sharing intelligence with one another, conducting joint operations, and freezing terrorist finances. While terrorists continue to carry out attacks like the terrible bombing in Islamabad last week, our joint actions have spared our citizens from many devastating blows.With the brutal nature of the extremists increasingly clear, the coalition of nations confronting terror is growing stronger. Over the past seven years, Afghanistan and Iraq have been transformed from regimes that actively sponsor terror to democracies that fight terror. Libya has renounced its support for terror and its pursuit of nuclear weapons. Nations like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are actively pursuing the terrorists. A few nations -- regimes like Syria and Iran -- continue to sponsor terror. Yet their numbers are growing fewer, and they're growing more isolated from the world.As the 21st century unfolds, some may be tempted to assume that the threat has receded. This would be comforting; it would be wrong. The terrorists believe time is on their side, so they made waiting out civilized nations part of their strategy. We must not allow them to succeed. The nations of this body must stand united in the fight against terror. We must continue working to deny the terrorists refuge anywhere in the world, including ungoverned spaces. We must remain vigilant against proliferation -- by fully implementing the terms of Security Council Resolution 1540, and enforcing sanctions against North Korea and Iran. We must not relent until our people are safe from this threat to civilization.200809/50137崇明县脸上祛斑多少钱 2003年CCTV杯全国英语演讲大赛(5) 美国经典英文演讲100篇总统演讲布莱尔首相演讲美国总统布什演讲快报 200809/48407上海治疗腋臭好的医院

上海市第二人民医院激光祛太田痣多少钱In recent months, American and Iraqi forces have struck powerful blows against al Qaeda terrorists and violent extremists in Anbar and other provinces. In recent days, our troops and Iraqi allies launched a new offensive called Phantom Strike. In this offensive, we are carrying out targeted operations against terrorists and extremists fleeing Baghdad and other key cities -- to prevent them from returning or setting up new bases of operation. The terrorists remain dangerous and brutal, as we saw this week when they massacred more than 200 innocent Yezidis, a small religious minority in northwestern Iraq. Our hearts go out to the families of those killed, and our troops are going to go after the murderers behind this horrific attack. As we surge combat operations to capture and kill the enemy, we are also surging Provincial Reconstruction Teams to promote political and economic progress. Since January, we have doubled the number of these teams, known as PRTs. They bring together military, civilian, and diplomatic personnel to help Iraqi communities rebuild infrastructure, create jobs, and encourage reconciliation from the ground up. These teams are now deployed throughout the country, and they are helping Iraqis make political gains, especially at the local level. In Anbar province, at this time last year, the terrorists were in control of many areas and brutalizing the local population. Then local sheikhs joined with American forces to drive the terrorists out of Ramadi and other cities. Residents began to provide critical intelligence, and tribesmen joined the Iraqi police and security forces. Today, the provincial council in Ramadi is back, and last month provincial officials re-opened parts of the war-damaged government center with the help of one of our PRTs. Thirty-five local council members were present as the chairman called the body to order for its inaugural session. Similar scenes are taking place in other parts of Anbar. Virtually every city and town in the province now has a mayor and a functioning municipal council. The rule of law is being restored. And last month, some 40 judges held a conference in Anbar to restart major criminal trials. In the far west town of al Qaim, tribal leaders turned against the terrorists. Today, those tribal leaders head the regional mayor's office and the local police force. Our PRT leader on the ground reports that al Qaim is seeing new construction, growing commercial activity, and an increasing number of young men volunteering for the Iraqi army and police. In other provinces, there are also signs of progress from the bottom up. In Muthanna, an overwhelmingly Shia province, the local council held a public meeting to hear from citizens on how to spend their budget and rebuild their neighborhoods. In Diyala province, the city of Baqubah re-opened six of its banks, providing residents with much-needed capital for the local economy. And in Ninewa province, local officials have established a commission to investigate corruption, with a local judge empowered to pursue charges of fraud and racketeering. Unfortunately, political progress at the national level has not matched the pace of progress at the local level. The Iraqi government in Baghdad has many important measures left to address, such as reforming the de-Baathification laws, organizing provincial elections, and passing a law to formalize the sharing of oil revenues. Yet, the Iraqi parliament has passed about 60 pieces of legislation. And despite the lack of oil revenue law on the books, oil revenue sharing is taking place. The Iraqi parliament has allocated more than billion in oil revenue for the provinces. And the Shia-led government in Baghdad is sharing a significant portion of these oil revenues with Sunni provincial leaders in places like Anbar. America will continue to urge Iraq's leaders to meet the benchmarks they have set. Yet Americans can be encouraged by the progress and reconciliation that are taking place at the local level. An American politician once observed that "all politics is local." In a democracy, over time national politics reflects local realities. And as reconciliation occurs in local communities across Iraq, it will help create the conditions for reconciliation in Baghdad as well. Thank you for listening. 200801/23807 Weekly Address: Working with Small Business to Drive RecoveryThe President restates his commitment to small business as key to economic recovery -- from the Recovery Act to Financial Stability to Health Reform -- and pledges more to come.Remarks of President Barack ObamaWeekly AddressOctober 24, Washington, DCAll across America, even today, on a Saturday, millions of Americans are hard at work. They’re running the mom and pop stores and neighborhood restaurants we know and love. They’re building tiny startups with big ideas that could revolutionize an industry, maybe even transform our economy. They are the more than half of all Americans who work at a small business, or own a small business. And they embody the spirit of possibility, the relentless work ethic, and the hope for something better that is at the heart of the American Dream.They also represent a segment of our economy that has been hard hit by this recession. Over the past couple of years, small businesses have lost hundreds of thousands of jobs. Many have struggled to get the loans they need to finance their inventories and make payroll. Many entrepreneurs can’t get financing to start a small business in the first place. And many more are discouraged from even trying because of the crushing costs of health care – costs that have forced too many small businesses to cut benefits, shed jobs, or shut their doors for good. Small businesses have always been the engine of our economy – creating 65 percent of all new jobs over the past decade and a half – and they must be at the forefront of our recovery. That’s why the Recovery Act was designed to help small businesses expand and create jobs. It’s provided billion worth of tax relief, as well as temporarily reducing or eliminating fees on SBA loans and guaranteeing some of these loans up to 90 percent, which has supported nearly billion in new lending to more than 33,000 businesses.In addition, our health reform plan will allow small businesses to buy insurance for their employees through an insurance exchange, which may offer better coverage at lower costs – and we’ll provide tax credits for those that choose to do so. And this past week, I called on Congress to increase the maximum size of various SBA loans, so that more small business owners can set up shop and grow their operations. I also announced that we’ll be taking additional steps through our Financial Stability plan to make more credit available to the small local and community banks that so many small businesses depend on – the banks who know their borrowers, who gave them their first loan and watched them grow. The goal here is to get credit where it’s needed most – to businesses that support families, sustain communities, and create the jobs that power our economy. That’s why we enacted the Financial Stability Plan in the first place, back when many of our largest banks were on the verge of collapse; our credit markets were frozen; and it was nearly impossible for ordinary people to get loans to buy a car or home or pay for college. The idea was to jumpstart lending and keep our economy from spiraling into a depression. Fortunately, it worked. Thanks to the American taxpayers, we’ve now achieved the stability we need to get our economy moving forward again. But while credit may be more available for large businesses, too many small business owners are still struggling to get the credit they need. These are the very taxpayers who stood by America’s banks in a crisis – and now it’s time for our banks to stand by creditworthy small businesses, and make the loans they need to open their doors, grow their operations, and create new jobs. It’s time for those banks to fulfill their responsibility to help ensure a wider recovery, a more secure system, and more broadly shared prosperity. And we’re going to take every appropriate step to encourage them to meet those responsibilities. Because if it’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that here in America, we rise and fall together. Our economy as a whole can’t move ahead if small businesses and the middle class continue to fall behind.This country was built by dreamers. They’re the workers who took a chance on their desire to be their own boss. The part-time inventors who became the fulltime entrepreneurs. The men and women who have helped build the American middle class, keeping alive that most American of ideals – that all things are possible for all people, and we’re limited only by the size of our dreams and our willingness to work for them. We need to do everything we can to ensure that they can keep taking those risks, acting on those dreams, and building the enterprises that fuel our economy and make us who we are. Thanks.10/87605上海长征医院去疤多少钱上海交通大学医学院附属瑞金医院减肥瘦身多少钱



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