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湖州曙光美容整形医院激光除皱多少钱Looking back on those previous issues, those loves just like some meteors highlight our life. We always like to scale of our destiny make us separation. But actually the really truth which affects us is the opportunities of we meeting or feeling in love with each other. Between a male and a female, there is laden with a great deal of changes. A little change could change the final direction.   回首往事,想起那些如流星划过生命的爱情,我们往往会把彼此的错过归咎于缘分。其实真正影响我们的是相遇和相爱的时机。男女之间的交往,充满了变数,一个小小的变化,就可能改变最终选择的方向。 /201108/150811湖州激光祛斑多少钱 One story about Jack, an Irishman, who was not allowed into Heaven because he was stingywith his money. So he was sent to hell. But down there he played tricks on the Devil (Satan), so he was kicked out of Hell and made to walk the earth forever carrying a lantern.关于万圣节有这样一个故事。是说有一个叫杰克的爱尔半兰人,因为他对钱特别的吝啬,就不允许他进入天堂,而被打入地狱。但是在那里他老是捉弄魔鬼撒旦,所以被踢出地狱,罚他提着灯笼永远在人世里行走。Well, Irish children made Jack's lanterns on October 31st from a large potato or turnip, hollowed out with the sides having holes and lit by little candles inside. And Irish children would carry them as they went from house to house begging for food for the village Halloween festival that honored the Druid god Muck Olla. The Irish name for these lanterns was "Jack with the lantern" or "Jack of the lantern," abbreviated as " Jack-o'-lantern" and now spelled "jack-o-lantern."在十月三十一日爱尔兰的孩子们用土豆和罗卜制作“杰克的灯笼”,他们把中间挖掉、表面上打洞并在里边点上蜡烛。为村里庆祝督伊德神的万圣节,孩子们提着这种灯笼挨家挨户乞计食物。这种灯笼的爱尔兰名字是“拿灯笼的杰克”或者“杰克的灯笼”,缩写为Jack-o'-lantern ,现在拼写为jack-o-lantern。The traditional Halloween you can about in most books was just children's fun night. Halloween celebrations would start in October in every elementary school. Children would make Halloween decorations, all kinds of orange-paper jack-o-lanterns. And from black paper you'd cut "scary" designs ---an evil witch with a pointed hat riding through the sky on a broomstick, maybe with black bats flying across the moon, and that meant bad luck. And of course black cats for more bad luck.现在你在大多数书里读到的万圣节只是孩子们开心的夜晚。在小学校里,万圣节是每年十月份开始庆祝的。 孩子们会制作万圣节的装饰品:各种各样桔红色的南瓜灯。你可以用黑色的纸做一个可怕的造形——一个骑在扫帚把上戴著尖尖帽子的女巫飞过天空,或者是黑蝙蝠飞过月亮。这些都代表恶运。当然黑猫代表运气更差。 /201011/116981解放军第九八医院切眼袋手术多少钱

湖州交通医院做去疤手术多少钱One of the most important habits in life is to feed your mind with positive mental food. Remember, you are very susceptible to the suggested influences in your environment, whether radio, television, newspapers, magazines, billboards or conversations with other people. Your mind is your most important and precious asset. You must protect it and keep it clean, clear and focused on what you want, rather than allowing it to be polluted by the negative influences around you.生活中最重要的习惯之一就是要经常为自己补充积极的精神食粮。要记住,你对周围的环境非常敏感,无论是收音机、报纸、电视、杂志、广告或与他人的对话,都会对你产生很大影响。你的心灵是你最重要和珍贵的资产,你必须尽力保护,维持其纯净清明。同时要专注于自己向往的事物,不受消极因素的影响。Refuse to watch terror or trash on television. Refuse to about all the murders, robberies, rapes and tragedies in the newspapers. Refuse to listen to endless hours of mindless radio commentary on all the problems in the modern world. Refuse to engage in endless conversations with people about all the political and social problems in your nation or community. Keep your mind clean, clear, positive and free.拒绝收看电视渲染的暴力和色情,拒绝阅读报纸上有关谋杀、抢劫、强奸的报道,拒绝收音机里滔滔不绝的无意义时事,拒绝参与对于政治和社会的无休止辩论。保持你的心灵纯净、清明、积极且自由自在。Not only do you become what you think about, but also you become what you feed into your mind on a regular basis. If you want to be positive, optimistic and happy, continually feed your mind with positive books and articles, positive audio learning programs, positive input and information from other experts in your field, and positive conversations with other optimistic goal-oriented people who are going somewhere with their lives.你是自己思想的产物,也是心灵食粮的产物。如果你希望自己积极、乐观、快乐,必须为自己补充“心灵维他命”,这包括积极的书籍和文章、积极的语音课程节目、专家的专业知识分享,或是经常与乐观的人沟通对话。 /201104/130285 This is the VOA Special English Health Report. 这里是美国之音慢速英语健康报道。 In December, doctors in Mumbai, India, reported about a group of patients with what they called ;totally drug-resistant; tuberculosis. Indian health officials have been investigating these cases. But there have been reports of untreatable cases of TB in the past. Doctors reported fifteen patients in Iran in two thousand nine and two patients in Italy in two thousand seven. 12月,印度孟买的医生报告了一组他们所谓的;完全抗药性;肺结核病人。印度卫生官员一直在调查这些病例。但过去也出现过无法治疗的肺结核病例报告。2009年伊朗报告了15名病人,2007年意大利报告了2名病人。 Tuberculosis is a bacterial disease that usually targets the lungs. It causes an estimated five thousand deaths each day, or about two million a year. 结核病是一种目标通常为肺的细菌性疾病。每天预计会导致5000人死亡,或大约200万每年。 TB can be sp through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes or even speaks. 结核病可以在感染人群咳嗽、打喷嚏甚至说话时通过空气传播。 Some forms of TB bacteria no longer react to one or more of the antibiotics commonly used to cure the disease. These are known as drug-resistant strains. Some resist even more drugs. The World Health Organization says sixty-nine countries have reported cases of ;extensively drug-resistant; tuberculosis. The WHO says at least twenty-five thousand such cases are reported worldwide every year. 某些形式的结核病菌已经对通常用来治疗这种疾病的一种或多种抗生素不再发生反应,这被称为;耐药菌株;。一些病菌甚至可以抵抗更多药物。世界卫生组织表示,已经有69个国家报告了;广泛耐药性;的结核病。世界卫生组织称每年全球范围内至少有2500例这样的病例报告。 The agency#39;s director-general, Dr. Margaret Chan, is concerned about the sp of drug-resistant TB. 该机构总干事陈冯富珍士对耐药性结核病的蔓延很是担忧。 MARGARET CHAN: ;Call it what you may, a time bomb or a powder keg. Any way you look at it, this is a potentially explosive situation.; 陈冯富珍:;你可以称之为时间炸弹或火药桶。不管你怎么看,这都是一种潜在爆炸性局势。; Officials say drug-resistant TB has been a growing problem in countries like India and China. In many cases, doctors misdiagnose patients or give them the wrong treatment or not enough treatment. Misuse of these antibiotics increases the danger that the bacteria will develop resistance to them. 有关官员表示,耐药性结核病已经成为印度和中国等国家日益严重的问题。在许多情况下,医生会误诊患者,或对患者错误治疗,或者治疗不当。滥用抗生素增加了细菌对这些抗生素产生耐药性的风险。 Neeraj Mistry is a public health doctor. He says surveys show that very few Indian doctors are treating TB patients with the right drugs for the right length of time. Another problem is that patients may not take all of their medicine. Neeraj Mistry是一名公共卫生医生。他说,调查表明,很少有印度医生针对患病时间长短采用正确的药物来治疗结核病患者。另一个问题是,病人可能没有用医生所开的全部药物。 NEERAJ MISTRY: ;The emergence of totally-resistant TB is a result of failed public health intervention strategies. When we deliver ineffective treatment regimens and when we don#39;t have full adherence and compliance to treatment, it enables the emergence of resistance within the individual.; NEERAJ MISTRY:;完全抗药性结核病的出现是公共卫生干预策略失败的结果。当我们提供无效的治疗方案,当我们没有完全遵守或配合治疗,就会使得个体抗药性的出现成为可能。; The WHO says new, stronger TB drugs could be available by the end of this year or early twenty-thirteen. 世界卫生组织表示,今年年底或2013年新的更强的抗结核病药物可能会投入使用。 Researchers are also working on vaccines to prevent the disease. Dr. Ann Ginsberg works at the Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation. She says the development process takes a long time, partly because people often do not get sick for years after getting infected with TB. 研究人员还致力于预防这种疾病的疫苗。Ann Ginsberg士在AERAS肺结核疫苗基金会工作。她表示疫苗开发过程需要很长时间,部分原因是因为人们感染肺结核多年后才会发病。 ANN GINSBERG: ;So when you do a vaccine trial, you have to vaccinate people and watch them for years.; ANN GINSBERG:;所以当你进行疫苗试验时,你必须对人们进行疫苗接种并观察多年。; /201202/170423湖州曙光整形美容祛除腋臭多少钱浙江湖州市做双眼皮手术多少钱



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