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滨海县中医院在那儿响水县腋臭科Now to warm up as quick as possible.现在得赶紧暖和起来I learned very early on, never to complain about being cold.我老早就明白 永远也别抱怨 感觉太冷And in the military what would happen if youve ever said, ;Im a bit cold.;在军队中 如果你说 我觉得有点冷they got say, ;Sir we have a very easy solution,他们会说 ;先生 这太好办了two hundred push-ups.and it always works.Time to get this raft bulit.;做两百个俯卧撑; 这种方法屡试不爽 是时候造筏子了What I want to do here is just make a framework.我现在要做的是 一个框架around which I gonna weave all of the little branches,框架周围我要围一圈小树枝to make it like a doughnut raft.它看起来像是一个甜甜圈饼筏I am using dead wood -- less pliable but more buoyant.我选用枯树枝 虽不易弯折但更易上浮Then you need all of these polystyrene as the next layer,然后把这些聚苯乙烯围成第二层and then use tarpaulin to wrap around it, try to make it watertight as possible.然后用这个防水布 把它围起来 尽可能使它防水And I sit in the middle.Im gonna tie it together with parachute cord.我就坐在中间 我用降落伞绳把它绑在一起Now, tying with tarp,a good little trick is to get anything thats stone,even, one of these, hickory nuts.绑紧防水布 有一个小窍门就是找到一些石质的东西 甚至是 这种山核桃Grap one of those,put inside the tarp.Twist. Clove hitch.拿一个 放进防水布里面 拧紧 打一个双套结Tie it down. Jobs a good one.Ok, lets get this thing in the water.把它系好 就能固定好了 好了 把它弄进水里Now, for a field test.Ok, thats set.现在实地试验一下 准备好了It floats,and its keeping me well out of the freezing water.Ok, were out of here.筏子浮起来了 它能使我不必接触冰冷的河水 好了 我们要离开这里了201601/424770响水县人民医院妇科咨询 Jay Walker 解释为什么全世界20亿人在学英语。 他展示了一些图片和一些令人激动的录像,展示了成千上万的中国学生练习“世界第二语言”英语的场面201508/391179盐城/协和医院泌尿外科主任

盐城同洲手外科医院做体检多少钱盐城/早泄手术价格 A thin piece of vine acts as a tripwire,loosely attached to a spring stick用一条很细的藤蔓当绊索 松松地系在弹簧木杆上which triggers a trap when any prey touches it,simple but deadly.当猎物碰到蔓藤 就会触动机关 掉进陷阱 简单 但绝对致命Okay, this is...This is now primed.Basically, if something comes along and triggers this.好了 这个 现在已经准备就绪 简单的说 如果有猎物过来 触动它Theyre gonna get skewered in that.Okay, lets set it and then get up into the tree.它们就会被叉在这里 我们把它装回树旁边Theres a scorpion here. See that?Quite a good size one, as well.这儿有只蝎子 看到了吗 而且是好大的一只Ill let you see him under here.See him under there?给你看看 在树叶底下 看到了吗When youre picking a scorpion up,youve got to be super careful.你抓蝎子时 一定要非常非常小心And the way to do it is get him by the stinger at the back there.要想抓住它 就要抓他尾部那里的毒刺And as long as youve got him by that, he cant strike.只要你这样抓着它 它就蛰不了你But what Ive known happen before-- people pick it up like that,据我所知 最开始人们这样抓它and the claws come round and grab you and you go whoa,let go of the tail, and -- whap -- you get struck.它的爪子会反过来 夹住你 然后甩出尾巴 你就被它蛰到了So, once youve got it by the tail, youve got to hold onto it.所以只有从尾巴下手 你才能将它捉住But Im at least gonna make good dinner for tonight.反正今晚能有顿丰盛的晚餐了Actually, Ill turn a little bit.Here, hold that.Here, look.Right now Ive got its stinger off.我要做点加工 拿着这个 瞧好了 现在我要把它的尾巴弄下来Im gonna keep that for dinner when I finish my camp.然后把它留作晚餐 等我搭完帐篷后享用Fire not only makes you feel much better at the end of the day,it also helps keep mosquitoes the away.火不仅能使你在天黑后感觉好些 还可以帮你驱赶走蚊虫201603/431280盐城陰道痒是怎么回事

盐城/原发性生殖器疱疹的治疗 And then George. A lot of ers ask me, ;Was George all right?;然后是乔治,很多读者问我“乔治他好吗?”Of course he wouldnt be all right, would he?他当然不好过,不是吗?Thats the reality. I cant... But I think that he married Angelina, who was actually Freds ex, so you can...这就是现实,我不能……不过我觉得他和安吉丽娜结婚了,其实就是弗雷德的前女友。Maybe its a bit unhealthy, but I think that they wouldve been happy.可能会有点不合伦理,但我觉得他们过得很幸福。As happy as he could be without Fred. I think he wouldve felt like part of himself died.幸福到可以忘记弗雷德的死,我想他会觉得就像他自己的一部分死了。Then theres Ginny, who marries Harry.And Ginny marries Harry and they have James Sirius, godparents Ron and Hermione.接着就是金妮,她嫁给了哈利。金妮和哈利结了婚,他们生了詹姆斯·小天狼星,教父母是罗恩和赫敏。They have Albus Severus. Hes the one Im most interested in.他们生了小阿不思·西弗勒斯,他是我最感兴趣的孩子。And then, third, Lily Luna, for their dear friend.之后第三个是莉莉·卢娜,以他们亲爱的朋友之名。And what happens to Luna?卢娜怎么样了?Oh, Luna marries Rolf Scamander, who is the grandson of a great naturalist so theyd have a very interesting life, globetrotting and looking for weird animals.卢娜嫁给了罗尔夫·斯卡曼,他是一位伟大自然学家的孙子,他们经历了很有意思的人生,他们环游世界,寻找神奇生物。But I think shed have twin boys.我觉得她最后生了一对双胞胎男孩。But later. That would be much later than this lot who all settled down earlier.不过要晚一点,要在她的许多历险之后,要等他们安定下来以后。And are they happy? Um, yes, I think so.他们幸福吗?是的,我想是的。My lot are all happy.我的人物们都过得幸福。The twin boys have got names too? Lorcan and Lysander.双胞胎男孩也有名字吗? 洛肯和莱赛德。If thats all right with you. Very Shakespearian.如果你觉得还行的话。 很有莎士比亚的味道。I cant help it. You know what it was like?我停不下来,你知道这像什么吗?It was like running a race, and you get to the finishing line and youre running too fast to stop, so I do know what happened afterwards.这就像一次跑步比赛,你跑过了终点,你跑得太快了停不下来,所以我得知道接下来发生的事。So I couldnt stop my imagination doing that.所以我沒办法停下我的想像力。So I know this sounds an awful lot of detail to go into for your own satisfaction and not because youre planning to write more books, but thats just how it was.所以我为了满足自己构想了一大堆细节,我自知它们很糟,不是因为我打算写更多书,而这就是应有的结果。I couldnt stop. I had to know. I had to know what happened next.我停不下来,我必须得知道,我得知道接下去发生的事。Well, you always have to know more than you put in.你总得比你写出来的知道得多。Yeah. Yeah. And I carry that on into another generation but, yes, I...是啊,是啊,我把故事带入了新的一代人,但是,对,我……So all of that could be another book. Yeah.这一切可能就会成为另一本书。是啊。Dont. Dont. Dont. I know it cant. It cant be.别,不要,不要,我知道我不能写,不能写。No. I think it would... Youve got... No. I think its definitely time to stop.不,我想会……你要……不,我想绝对是时候停下来了。Time to stop now.是时候停下来了。It gives me a certain satisfaction to say what I thought happened and to tell other people that because, um...把我的设想说出来并且告诉别人,给了我一定程度的满足。Because I would like my version to be the official version still... even though Ive not written it in a book. Because its my world.因为我的版本也会成为官方的版本。尽管我不会把以上的话写进书里。因为这是我的世界。But, no, I dont want to write any more Hogwarts books.不过,不,我不想再写任何关于霍格沃茨的书了。201511/412502射阳县中医院治疗便秘多少钱盐城/治不孕医院



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