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渭南哪些医院看泌尿外科好?蒲城县人民医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱Best Reward A naval officer fell overboard.最好的奖赏 一名海军军官从甲板上掉入海中。He was rescued by a deck hand.他被一名甲板水手救起。The officer asked how he could reward him.这位军官问如何才能酬谢他。;The best way, sir,; said the deck hand, ;is to say nothing about it.“最好的办法,长官,”这名水手说,“是别声张这事。If the other fellows knew I#39;d pulled you out, they#39;d chuck me in.;如果其他人知道我救了您,他们会把我扔下去的。”渭南市第一医院治疗男性不育多少钱 On the bus a man discovered a pickpocket#39;s hand thrust into his pocket.在公共汽车上一人发现一个小偷把手伸到了他的口袋里。;sorry,; he said to the pickpocket, ;you are too late. My wife did it before you.;“对不起,”他对小偷说,“你太晚了,我妻子在你之前就做过同样的事情了。”In the male-dominated society of South Korea, men who apply makeup every morning are fast becoming as commonplace as men in other places who shave every morning.在男性占社会主导地位的韩国,男士每天早上化妆正迅速变成一件平常事,就如同其他国家的男士每天早上剃须一样。Two years of compulsory military service and centuries of Confucian culture have imbued South Korean men with a traditional sense of masculinity. But many are beginning to embrace a new version of handsome.由于受两年的兵役的影响和几百年来儒家文化的熏陶,韩国男士被灌输了传统的男子汉观念。然而如今很多人开始接受了对于英俊的新定义。In the late 1990s, South Korea lifted a ban on Japanese products, including comics, which idolized beautiful men who were less masculine than tradition expected. They had softer looks with small and slender facial features. Men like them were called “flower men” and appeared in Korean dramas and movies.上世纪九十年代末,韩国解禁了漫画等日本舶来品。日本漫画中十分推崇那些比传统男性形象更为阴柔的美男子。他们的五官小巧纤细,面容柔美。这样的男子被称为“花样美男”,在韩国影视剧中频频亮相。Today, TV commercials in the country feature attractive male superstars with heavy makeup. The mainstream media advocate perfect skin as a necessity for finding a job and a wife.如今在韩国,电视广告中常常出现画着浓妆的魅力男星。主流媒体也一直宣传无暇肌肤是求职和成家的必要条件。“My skin wasn’t bad, but the media constantly sends the message that skin is one of the most important things, so I wanted to take care of it,” 27-year-old Kim John-hoon, who works in the technology industry, told AP.27岁的金正勋在科技行业工作,他在接受美联社采访时表示:“我的皮肤不差,但媒体不断传递这样一个信息,皮肤是头等大事之一,所以我想打理一下。”The country accounted for nearly 21 percent of global men’s cosmetics sales last year, totaling 5.5 million (3.08 billion yuan), according to Euromonitor International, a market research firm. That makes South Korea the largest market for men’s cosmetics.据欧睿信息咨询公司的一项调查显示,去年,韩国男性化妆品市场销售额为4.955亿美元(合30.8亿人民币),约占全球男性化妆品销量的21%。韩国也因此成为全球最大的男性化妆品市场。But many men use makeup not because they want to appear more feminine, but because they want a more crisp, clean look in order to get ahead in the country’s competitive job environment.而许多男士之所以使用化妆品并不是为了让自己看上去女性化,而是希望拥有更干净利落的形象,以便在韩国竞争激烈的职场中拔得头筹。Lim Jung-shik, from South Korea’s largest cosmetics company Amore Pacific, estimates that 20 percent of young men now occasionally wear some kind of foundation. But he says this doesn’t conflict with South Korea’s macho, competitive culture.林正植供职于韩国最大的化妆品公司——爱茉莉太平洋集团。他估计现在20%的年轻男士会偶尔擦些粉底。但他也表示,这与崇尚阳刚和竞争的韩国文化并不相悖。“In the West, if a guy wore makeup or a group of men walked into a makeup store, people might think they were gay. But here in South Korea, things are different,” he told the B in an interview. “A few years ago, there was an advert which said, ‘Your appearance is also your strategy,’ meaning that grooming yourself is a reflection of your competency, part of your value as a complete package.”“在西方,如果一位男士化了妆或者一群男人走进化妆品店,人们会怀疑他们是同性恋。但在韩国却不同。”他在接受B采访时表示:“几年前,有个广告曾这样说:‘外表也是制胜策略’,意思是说修饰自己是自身能力的体现,同时也是整体价值的一部分。”South Korea is a deeply competitive place with some of the longest working hours in the developed world. Competition for jobs at big-name companies is fierce. Youth unemployment is twice the national average, according to the B.韩国是个竞争十分激烈的国度,也是工作时间较长的发达国家之一。据B报道,在韩国大公司找工作竞争十分残酷,青年失业率是全国平均水平的两倍。In South Korea, appearances play an important role in getting jobs. All applications require photos and some employers even ask a professional face er to join the interview process. Based on physiognomy, which assesses a person’s character from their external appearance, they ensure the company doesn’t hire unsuitable candidates, according to a recent report by A News.在韩国求职,相貌起到很大的作用。所有的求职申请都必须附上照片,一些用人单位甚至会在面试过程中请来专业的面部分析师。美国广播公司最新一则报道称,根据面相学,这些公司可以从外貌来判断一个人的性格,以确保公司不会雇佣一些不合适的面试者。“For the younger people, it’s a matter of survival,” Park Jin-won, vice president of Doosan Industrial Vehicle, told A News. “So when I interview future employees, I do keep in mind looks. Qualifications are basic and the real competitiveness is how you manage to be presentable.”“对于年轻人来说,这事关生存。”韩国斗山产业车辆株式会社副社长朴金文在接受美国广播公司采访时说道:“所以当我面试未来的雇员时,我一定会把相貌铭记在心。资历是首要的,但是真正的竞争力在于你如何打造一个良好的形象。” /201212/214248渭南欧亚医院男科医生

潼关县人民医院阳痿早泄价格韩城市割包皮多少钱 Resignation: Scorpio (October 23-November 21)Scorpio is a southern constellation north of Ophiuchus, containing Ophiuchus. Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, which the sun enters on or around October 24.The palace of Apollo was grand and magnificent, supported by giant columns with gold and ivory and studded with jewels. The son of Apollo Phaethon and daughter Hayley lived here. Phaethon was born to be handsome and sexy but a bit impetuous and arrogant, while Hayley was tender and nice but did not have a beautiful face, which made her sad because she deeply loved Phaethon. The beautiful Naiades loved Phaethon too.Year by year, Hayley was depressed and sensitive because Phaethon did not understand her and fell in love with Naiades. Whenever Hayley expressed her affection to him, he always refused her with the excuse of having the same father. Hayley could not bear his indifference and made up a lie. One day, she found Phaethon and told him, “Dear brother, I cannot conceal a secret anymore. Although she is our mother, I must tell you that you are not the son in heaven but the son of our mother and an ordinary person.” He believed this honest sister and asked their father. No matter how much Apollo assured him, Phaethon could not believe it. Finally, Apollo promised to give him anything for proving his true identity. Unexpectedly, he chose to ride his father’s sun chariot. He was never trained to ride it, so if he did not follow the right line, he could create a disaster for human beings.However, Phaeton rode the chariot without hesitation and, as expected, he could not control it. As a result, the grassland dried up and the forest was set on fire. The lakes became deserts. Hayley could not forsee such a disaster and admitted it was her fault, but it was too late. She had to let her scorpion out to bite his ankles and it was too late to save him. The burning Phaethon and the chariot fell into the Eridanus. Naiades buried him with tears. For his death, Hayley cried for four months and became a poplar tree. Her tears became the sap of the tree.Zeus gave a name to this scorpion, that is, Scorpio as constellation to warn people not to be arrogant.星座起源的美丽传说 天蝎的无奈世上原本是没有沙漠的,没有沙漠也没有琥珀。   太阳神的宫殿,是用华丽的圆柱撑着,镶着闪亮的黄金和璀璨的宝石,飞檐嵌着雪白的象牙,两扇银质的大门上雕着美丽的花纹,记载着人间无数美好而又古老的传说。太阳神阿波罗的儿子法厄同,女儿赫莉就居住在这个美丽的宫殿里。法厄同天生美丽性感,冲动自负;赫莉温柔善良,却没能得到父亲的恩赐,拥有一张太阳神那样美丽的面孔,这使得她很无奈,因为她深深爱着的是法厄同。同样喜欢法厄同的还有绝美的水泉女神娜伊。日复一日,年复一年,在无尽的相思与失望之中赫莉渐渐变得忧郁而敏感,自负的法厄同并不理解她,依旧与娜伊成双成对。每当赫莉有所表示,法厄同总是以他们是同一个父亲为由将赫莉挡在门外。赫莉再也无法忍受他的绝情和冷漠,终于,一个无知的谎言在她的脑海中诞生了。有一天,她找到法厄同,对他说:“亲爱的哥哥,我不能再隐瞒你了,虽然她是我们的母亲,我本不该嘲笑她什么,但我不得不告诉你,你并非天国的子孙,而是克吕墨涅,也就是我们亲爱的母亲,和一个不知名的凡人所生。”冲动的法厄同轻易的相信了一向不说谎的,跑到父亲阿波罗那里问个究竟。但是无论阿波罗怎样再三保,他就是不相信自己是父亲的亲生儿子。最后,太阳神无奈,指着冥河起誓,为了明法厄同是自己的儿子,无论他要什么,他都会答应。然而法厄同选择的却是太阳神万万没有料到的太阳车!要知道法厄同根本不会驾驶太阳车,如果不按照规定的航线行走,那必将酿成大祸。可是,自负的儿子完全听不进劝告,跳上太阳车,冲出了时间的两扇大门。星星一颗颗隐没了,金色的太阳车,长着双翼的飞马,无尽的天空,魔鬼一样的幻象……法厄同根本控制不了太阳车,任由它在时空里毁灭性的穿梭。草原干枯了,森林起火了,庄稼烧毁了,湖泊变成了沙漠!地上的人们不是冻死就是热死,天昏地暗,人世间充斥了无数的怨气。赫莉眼睁睁看着惨剧的发生,知道是这一切都是自己的错,她无奈的叹着气,狠心放出一只毒蝎,咬住了法厄同的脚踝,众神这才欲趁机阻止他,但是一切都为时太晚了,燃烧着的法厄同和太阳车一起从天空坠落到广阔的埃利达努斯河里。水泉女神娜伊含泪将他埋葬。而赫莉绝望的痛哭了四个月,最后变成了一棵白杨树,她的眼泪变成了晶莹的琥珀。宙斯为了警示人类自负的弱点,以那只立了大功的蝎子命名了一个星座,叫天蝎座。 /201209/200473渭南哪间医院做包皮手术

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