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Companies should ;hire a hoodie; to tackle the UK#39;s jobs crisis as ;surly young men can be turned into excited and motivated young employees;, the Employment Minister has said.英国就业部长近日敦促各家公司“雇佣年轻小混混”,以应对英国的就业危机,因为“乖戾的年轻人能够转变为奋进的、积极主动的年轻职员”。In comments that echo David Cameron#39;s ;hug a hoodie; speech of 2006, Employment Minister Chris Grayling told employers to prioritise local youths who look ;unwilling to work; over Eastern Europeans.大卫—卡梅伦曾在2006年发表的一次演讲中提到要“拥抱小混混”,在效仿这一说法的一次中,就业部长克里斯—格雷林告诉雇主,要优先雇佣当地那些看起来“不想工作”的年轻人,而不是东欧人。He launched a new drive to get more people into work as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that unemployment has fallen by 35,000 this quarter — the first decline in almost a year.他最新发起了一项让更多人参加工作的行动,而英国国家统计局的数据显示,本季度英国的失业人数减少了3.5万人,是近一年来的首次下降。Mr Grayling on Wednesday urged British companies to ;put local recruits first; and not go for the ;easy; option of hiring older and more experienced Eastern Europeans, in a speech to the Policy Exchange, a thinktank.格雷林本周三在对智囊机构“政策交流”的一次演讲中说,英国公司要“优先招聘本地人”,而不要走“捷径”,雇佣年龄更大、更有经验的东欧人。He said: ;It#39;s easy to hire someone from Eastern Europe with five years experience and who has had the get up and go to cross a continent in search for work. And many employers do so.;他说:“雇到一些有五年工作经验,同时有魄力跋山涉水来找工作的东欧人很容易,而且很多雇主都这样做。”;But those who look closer to home find gems too. Very often the surly young man in a hoodie who turns up looking unwilling to work can turn into an excited and motivated employee. It#39;s all about the expectations that they have, and the place they come from. And employers who give them that chance find it enormously rewarding.;“但那些雇佣本地人的公司也能发现人才。一些乖戾的看起来并不愿意工作的年轻小混混也能转变为奋进的、积极主动的雇员。这取决于他们的预期,以及他们来自哪里。给他们机会的雇主会发现‘人超所值#39;”。;So I stand foursquare behind my hope that British employers will put local recruits first.;“所以我诚挚地希望英国的雇主能够优先雇佣本地人。”The fall in overall unemployment has been bolstered by a large increase of 80,000 in the number of people working part time in the three months to February, the ONS figures showed. The number of people with full—time jobs actually fell by 27,000.英国国家统计局的数据显示,截至今年2月以来的三个月间,英国兼职总人数增加了八万人,总体失业人数的下降是建立在这一基础上的。全职工作的人数其实减少了2.7万人。The number of unemployed women rose by 8,000 over the quarter to reach 1.14 million, the highest figure in 25 years.在上一季度中,失业女性人数增加了八千人,达到114万,是25年来的最高水平。Experts said that the increase in female unemployment is because of the large number of women who work in the public sector, which has suffered severe cutbacks in recent years.专家表示,女性失业人数上升是由于众多女性在公共部门工作,而这一部门近年来裁员严重。The long—term unemployed — those out of work for over a year — jumped by 26,000 to 883,000, the highest number since 1996.英国长期失业人数(失业一年以上)增加了2.6万,达到88.3万,是自1996年来的最高水平。 /201204/178527

Endless loops of songs like ;All I Want For Christmas; in shops during the festive season don#39;t just drive us mad - they also make us more careless with our money, academics have warned.在节日期间,商店里不停地循环播放像《我想要的圣诞礼物》(All I Want For Christmas)这样的经典歌曲,这不仅仅会让我们心烦 。日前就有学者警告说,这也会让我们更舍得花钱。While repeated renditions of ;Jingle Bells; may seem like an innocent attempt to raise customers#39; spirits during the nightmare of Christmas shopping, the songs also have a more subtle impact.不断重复的《铃儿响叮当》(Jingle Bells)的旋律,貌似是给消费者在噩梦般的圣诞购物时提神使用的,实际上还有微妙的影响。Background music, or ;Muzak;, can be used by marketers to impose cultures - such as the commercialisation of Christmas - onto consumers and influence their behaviour, experts said.专家们认为,这种在公共场所连续播放的背景音乐(又名“米尤扎克”),可以被营销人员用来向消费者们灌输文化,例如圣诞节的商业化,并以此影响消费者的行为。Dr Alan Bradshaw of Royal Holloway, University of London, said: “Festive jingles are force-fed to Christmas shoppers in a bid to change their mood, influence their sense of time and what sort of products they buy. In other words, this is an attempt to manipulate your shopping habits in a way that you might barely be aware of.英国伦敦大学皇家霍洛威学院的阿兰-布拉德肖士说:“节日时播放的广告歌曲, 是为了改善消费者的心情而强行地灌输给消费者的。这会影响他们对时间和所买产品的感觉。换句话说,这是一种用你几乎都不知道的方式来操纵你的购物习惯。”“Often we are told that we have the freedom to choose where we want to shop, but during Christmas the use of music in this way is so ubiquitous that our freedom to choose disappears.”“很多时候,我们都被告知,我们有选择去哪里购物的自由,但是在圣诞节期间,到处都在使用这种背景音乐,我们选择的自由消失了。”Dr Bradshaw and Prof Morris B Holbrook of Columbia University examined the phenomenon and found that retailers often ;dumb down; the music played in shops to relax customers, meaning it is easier to control their behaviour.布拉德肖士和哥伦比亚大学的莫瑞斯-霍尔布鲁克对这一现象进行了研究,发现零售商们经常在商店里“放慢节奏”播放音乐来让顾客放松,这样能更容易地对顾客的行为进行控制。It is thought that slowing down the tempo of music in shops can trick customers into thinking less time has passed, and therefore spend more time perusing the shelves, for example.人们认为,放慢商品里播放音乐的节奏能让顾客认为才过了一小会儿时间,从而花更多的时间仔细查看货架上的商品。Some providers of background music have been known to promote their services by claiming they can boost profits by controlling the behaviour of customers.一些背景音乐的提供商说,他们可以通过控制顾客的行为来提高利润,从而提升他们的务。A common trick is to take a popular current song and record an instrumental version which can be slowed down or sped up at different times of the day to influence behaviour in different ways, Dr Bradshaw said.布拉德肖士说,常见的一种做法是选一个当前流行的歌曲并录制乐器版本,这样可以在一天的不同时段减速或加速播放,从而用不同的方式来影响用户的行为。;I think you can see a real intention on the part of shop managers to use Christmas music to inflence their customers,; he added.他又补充道:“我认为,商店的管理者想通过圣诞音乐来影响消费者的这一意图很明显。”“Not only is this bad for musicians and the dignity of their work, representing a triumph of commercial greed over artistic creativity, but it can have negative social implications”.“这不仅对音乐家来说是件坏事儿,有损他们工作的尊严,表示商业的贪婪性胜过了艺术的创造性, 而且对社会也有负面影响。”Background music is often classed as ;Muzak; in recognition of the Seattle-based company which began producing its soft-sounding melodies in the 1930s.背景音乐通常归类于“米尤扎克”,这个名字是用来表彰西雅图的一家公司在20世纪30年代所开始创造的软音乐旋律。 /201212/216526

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