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校园英语口语 :School is overSchool is over. Let's play basketball. Sounds nice. But the court is not free. What a pity! Do you want to play basketball? Yes. Join us, ok? I'd love to. You are so tall. Are you a center? No, I'm a ward. And you? I'm a guard. How tall are you? 1.95m. You really are a giant. Come on, pass me the ball. Hey, do you want to play basketball with us? I love to. You are so tall. You must be a center. That's right. You can easily block others, can't you? A piece of cake. And my rebounds are also not bad. Fantastic You are like an NBA professional. In fact, I'm the captain of our school team. School is over. Let's play basketball. Sounds nice. But the court is not free. What a pity! Do you want to play basketball? Yes. Join us, ok? I'd love to. You are so tall. Are you a center? No, I'm a ward. And you?I'm a guard. How tall are you? 1.95m.You really are a giant. Come on, pass me the ball. Hey, do you want to play basketball with us? I love to. You are so tall. You must be a center. That's right. You can easily block others, can't you? A piece of cake. And my rebounds are also not bad. I'm fantastic You are like an NBA professional. In fact, I'm the captain of our school team. School is over. Let's play basketball. Sounds nice. But the court is not free. What a pity! Do you want to play basketball? Yes.Join us, ok? I'd love to. You are so tall.Are you a center? No, I'm a ward. And you? I'm a guard. How tall are you? 1.95m. You really are a giant. Come on, pass me the ball. Hey, do you want to play basketball with us? I love to. You are so tall. You must be a center. That's right. You can easily block others, can't you? A piece of cake. And my rebounds are also not bad. I'm fantastic You are like an NBA professional. In fact, I'm the captain of our school team. 5P: This music reminds me of pirate movies like Pirates of the Caribbean.. Why are you listening to that?Y: Because I like sword fighting. Do you like it?P: It hard to say, Yang Chen. I guess I dont have anything against swords, but it seems a bit strange. Why do you ask?Y: Because I want to try fencing! 击剑!P: Fencing is the official name competitive and Olympic sword fighting. But isnt fencing kind of dangerous, Yang Chen? And what ever happened to being a professional weightlifter?Y: 我什么时候说过我要练举重吗?P: Just a few days ago.Y: I dont remember it. But anyway. Fencing can be dangerous, but we are going to be very careful and wear protective gear,防护,从头到脚都要包起来P: I feel a little better knowing we are wearing masks, gloves and other protective gear that covers us from head to toe.Y: 这是你的剑,Patrick.P: Cool! This is the foil F-O-I-L. This foil looks like a real sword, but it doesnt have a sharp end.Y: That right. Foil 叫做钝头剑, 是用来练习的如果我击中你,你不会受伤!P: Ouch!Y: Oh, dont be a wimp, Patrick.P: It didnt hurt. It just surprised me, that all. All right. Now that we have our protective gear on and our foils.Y. En Garde!P: Whoa, whoa, whoa.Yang Chen, Im not y. I dont even know how to fence!Y: I dont either.P: Then why are we here?Y: Because I think fencing is cool. 你不觉得击剑很帅吗?P: Yang Chen, that not a good reason to go into fencing .Y: It not? But I want to learn it, 我要学会击剑,和坏人斗争,我要拯救世界!P: Save the world. Be a pirate. 3351

The mayor of Paris said the city will spend 1.5 million euros to rid the French capital of rats and install more public ashtrays to clean up the city streets.法国首都巴黎市市长近日表示将斥资0万欧元,消灭该市的老鼠,并增设公共烟灰缸,以打造整洁的城市街道Mayor Anne Hidalgo unveiled a -point plan aimed at making cleanliness a ;priority;.巴黎市市长伊达尔戈近日公布了这项旨在将整洁作为首要任务的“十点计划”The measures include increasing the number of sanitation workers and health inspectors, expanding the hours garbage pickup, and urging restaurants and buildings to provide more ashtrays at entrances and exit points.具体措施包括:增加清洁工与卫生稽查员,延长收垃圾时间段,敦促餐馆和大楼在出入口提供更多烟灰缸Municipal workers collect more than 0 tons of cigarette butts every year in Paris.市政工人每年在巴黎可以收集到超过0吨的烟头;We aly allot 500 million euros a year cleanliness and waste management...and the situation has improved,; she said. ;But it is clear that Paris is not yet perfectly clean.;伊达尔戈市长说道:“我们每年会投入5亿欧元用于清洁和废物管理,情况已经得到了改善但是很明显,巴黎现在还不是绝对的干净”In announcing the anti-rodent campaign, Hidalgo said the city would buy new traps the rats and surround some of the city 30,000 rubbish bins with wooden or Plexiglass bases.在宣布灭鼠行动时,伊达尔戈表示,巴黎将采购新捕鼠器,在全市3万个垃圾桶中的部分垃圾桶周围设置木质或有机玻璃底座The bins are currently lined with flimsy plastic bags designed to avert terror attacks by making it harder to hide explosives in them.现阶段,巴黎街头的垃圾桶使用一层薄薄的塑料袋,为的是通过加大藏匿爆炸物的难度来预防恐袭 9776

.Restaurant,may I help you?您好,餐厅,我可以帮您吗?.Our Chinese Restaurant opens at 7am and closes at midnight.我们中餐厅在早上7点开门,午夜点关门.I’d like to reserve a table two,please. 我想预订两人用餐.May I have your name and telephone number,please?请问您的姓名和电话.We open at 5:30am,and we take last orders at pm. 我们下午5:30开门,接受点菜最后的时间是点.What time would you like your table,sir?先生,请问您想订什么时候的用餐?.Fine, I’ll reserve a tale two at 8pm,sir. May I have your name and room number,please?好的先生,我将为您预订晚8点的两人餐桌,请问您的姓名和房号?18.How many people are there in your party?你们一共几个人?19.Who’s the reservation ?您为谁预订?.We look ward to having you with us soon.我们期待您尽早光临1.I’m sorry,we are not open on Mondays. 对不起,我们餐厅在星期一不营业.We are open from 5pm until pm dinner. 我们晚餐的开餐时间是下午5点到晚点3.We open hours in the coffee shop.我们咖啡厅小时营业.I’m sorry ,there aren’t any table left 7pm tonight,but we can give you a table 8:30pm. Would you like wait till then?对不起,今晚7点餐厅的预定已满了,不过我们可以在晚8:30给您安排一张餐桌,您是否愿意等到那时?5.I’m sorry,the restaurant’s full. 对不起,我们餐厅预订已满6.We have aly received many bookings and though cannot guarantee anything,please be assured that we’ll try our best,Mr. Davis,I hope you’ll understand.我们已经接到了许多预订,尽管我不能向您保什么,单请相信我会尽力帮您,Davis先生,希望您能理解7.I’m going to invite some friends to dinner tonight,how should I order my feast?我今晚要请几个朋友来进餐,我该怎么开餐?.What kind of dishes could you like?您喜欢什么菜?9.How much would you like to pay each person?您打算每个人的进餐标准是多少?30.What are the prices here?这里都有哪几种价格?31.There are levels of fifty Yuan、eighty Yuan、one hundred Yuan per person,excluding drinks. Which one would you prefer?有每人50元、80元、0元的标准,不含酒水,您想订哪种? 1961

Police in the eastern Indian state of Bihar say rats have consumed thousands of litres of confiscated alcohol.印度东部城邦比哈尔的警方日前表示,老鼠已经喝掉了几千升被没收的酒精The state banned the sale and consumption of alcohol last year. Since then police have seized more than 900,000 litres.该城邦从去年开始禁止酒类的销售和饮用自那时起,警方共没收了超过90万升的酒精Patna city top police official, Manu Maharaj, said last Tuesday that much of that liquor had been lost to rats. Police have now ordered an inquiry to examine these claims.巴特那城的警长奴·马哈拉吉上周二称,其中大部分的酒都让老鼠喝了警方目前已经下令调查这一说法Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar announced the alcohol ban soon after taking office last year. It was seen as a way of reducing domestic violence, harassment and poverty.在去年宣布就任后,比哈尔首席部长尼特什·库玛不久便颁布了禁酒令该行为被视为是一种降低犯罪、骚扰和贫困Police subsequently launched search operations across the state to confiscate alcohol. They also arrested more than 0,000 people illegally keeping alcohol in their homes and shops.随后,警方在全州范围内展开了搜查以没收酒精另外,他们还以在家中和商店里非法持有酒精为由逮捕了万余人The operation resulted in massive stocks of alcohol bottles kept in police stations as evidence. Some police stations even rented private storage facilities the bottles.这一行动导致大量的酒瓶被存放在警察局以作为据一些警察局甚至租用私人仓库存放这些酒瓶Mr Maharaj told The Hindu newspaper that officers would also be routinely checked alcohol consumption.马哈拉吉向《印度教徒报透露,警官们会定期检查酒精的消耗情况 56

5.The Dynamic Tower5.迪拜的动态大厦In , Italian architect David Fisher unveiled plans the most ambitious construction project on Earth. Known as the Dynamic Tower, this 80-story behemoth would cost 0 million and generate its own power using 79 wind turbines. Every single floor would rotate independently of the others, so the tower never stayed in a single shape.年,意大利建筑师大卫·费舍尔推出了世界上最雄心勃勃的建设项目,即著名的动态大厦这个80层的庞然大物预计花费7亿美元,需要79台风力发电机为它提供电能每一楼层都可独立于其他楼层单独旋转,所以大楼的外形会随时变换The idea was to use prefab constructions hugging tight to a central concrete core, sort of like having 80 separate bungalows stacked on top of one another. The 79 turbines would then send juice flowing through each floor, allowing them to rotate slowly at slightly different speeds. To someone who had never heard of the concept bee, it would seem like the Dynamic Tower was constantly shape-shifting. With such an inspired design, you might be wondering what happened. Officially, nothing. Fisher insists his tower is still going ahead. However, it was originally meant to be finished in , and so far—in mid-—not a single brick has been laid or a meter of land purchased. Perhaps it doesnt help that Fisher proposed site was Dubai: a city whose construction industry hasnt fully recovered from the banking crash.这个设计计划采用预制结构紧紧围绕混凝土中轴,就像将80间独立的平房堆叠在一起79个风力发电机为每一层楼提供电力,让它们以不同的速度缓慢旋转之前没有听过动态大厦这个理念的人会认为动态大厦好像在不停地变形你一定想知道这样一个富有灵感的设计进展如何官方没有透露任何相关消息但费舍尔坚称他的大厦仍会继续建设然而,原定于年建成的大厦,如今到了年中叶,一块砖也没砌,一米地也没买或许费舍尔的大厦选错了地方:自年破产以来,迪拜的建筑业仍未完全恢复.Konstantin Melnikov Monument To Columbus.康斯坦丁·梅尔尼科夫设计的哥伦布纪念塔Eight decades bee David Fisher came up with his rotating tower, Konstantin Melnikov was working on a dynamic, moving monument. Unlike Fisher, Melnikov wasnt content with simply creating some building that shifted meaninglessly. He wanted to create one capable of playing its own musical compositions.在大卫·费舍尔提出动态大厦设想的80年前,康斯坦丁·梅尔尼科夫就在埋头设计一个动态纪念塔不同于费舍尔,梅尔尼科夫不满足于建造仅会毫无意义转换方向的大楼他要构建一栋会演奏乐章的建筑One of the Soviet Union 3 official entries to the Pan-American competition to design a monument to Christopher Columbus, Melnikov lighthouse was the definition of ambitious. Its gigantic upper cone was hollowed out to collect rainwater that would power a small turbine, generating electricity. More impressively, the huge wings on the side of the building were designed to sway in the wind. As they swung back and th, they would strike one of seven rings, producing a distinct musical note that could be heard miles. On blustery days, the lighthouse would be capable of playing intricate musical scores. The Columbus statue itself was equally impressive. As the lighthouse two cones turned, they would briefly intersect, causing the statue to temporarily rise up into view. Too bad the committee ultimately ditched Melnikov vision in favor of a big, boring block.在泛美联盟组织的克里斯多弗·哥伦布纪念塔设计大赛中,有3个来自苏联的参赛作品,其中梅尔尼科夫的灯塔是雄心壮志的最佳写照该灯塔上部有个巨大的圆锥体,椎体内部被挖空用于收集雨水,这些雨水能带动一个小型涡轮机发电更令人印象深刻的是,建筑两侧的巨型翅膀能在风中摆动随着翅膀前后摆动,会撞击七个圆环之一,发出能传至几英里之外的响声狂风大作的时候,灯塔还将会演奏出错综复杂的曲调哥伦布塑像的设计也相当引人瞩目灯塔的两个圆锥体转动时会有短暂的交叉,使塑像暂时升起呈现在人们的视野之内不幸的是,委员会最终否定了梅尔尼科夫的设计,其持建成的纪念塔就像个毫无观赏性的巨型砖块3.Gerard K. ONeill Space Cylinders3.杰拉德·K·奥尼尔的太空圆柱体In 197, Princeton physicist Gerard K. ONeill wrote a paper that would inspire plans years to come. Interested in bringing humanity off Earth to inhabit the universe, ONeill set out his designs a vast outer space colony living in gigantic cylinders. Known as ONeill Cylinders, his designs were the pinnacle of futuristic thinking.197年,普林斯顿的物理学家杰拉德·K·奥尼尔撰写了一篇论文,这篇论文会启发未来数年的多项计划奥尼尔专注于将人类文明带出地球,落户宇宙他计划建造大型外太空殖民地,让人们生活在一个巨大的圆柱体中,即奥尼尔圆柱体他的设计堪称未来主义思想的巅峰之作Giant glass tubes 30 kilometers ( mi) long, each ONeill Cylinder would hang at the L5 point in the Moon orbit—a place the Guardian described as ;like a gravitational eddy where things stay put by themselves.; Each would provide gravity by rotating, and strips of land would alternate with long sheets of glass to let sunlight in. In effect, this meant that people on one strip of land would always have another directly above their heads. It would be possible to look up in the mornings and see the roof of your neighbor house, many thousands of feet above. Even more impressively, each Cylinder would come complete with its own weather system that could be manipulated to create the sensation of passing seasons. ONeill ultimate plan was to have hundreds of these cylinders connected by a web of cables, connecting four billion human colonists in the empty wastes of space. Sadly sci-fi lovers, his plans were hundreds of years ahead of their time. Even now, 0 years later, building an ONeill cylinder would require technology we simply dont have. Once again, you failed us, future.奥尼尔圆柱体是一种巨型玻璃管道,长达30千米(英里),每一个都将悬浮在月球轨道的第5拉格朗日点(L5)上,英国卫报称其;就像一个重力漩涡,其内所有物体都保持静止;每个圆柱体都将旋转产生引力,且陆地与玻璃交替分布,使阳光能照射进来事实上这意味着每块陆地的正上方都有另一块陆地很可能每天早上起床后,一抬头就会看到邻居家的屋顶正在距离你头顶的上千英尺处更令人印象深刻的是,每个圆柱体都有自己的天气调节系统,可以经由人工控制营造出四季更替的感觉奥尼尔的终极计划是建造百余个圆柱体,由纵横交错的电缆连接为一个整体,也连接着在这个空空如也的太空殖民居住的0亿人类不幸的是,对于科幻小说爱好者来说,奥尼尔的计划超前了几个世纪,即便在0多年后的现在,我们也没有如此发达的科技建造奥尼尔圆柱体未来又一次辜负了我们.Giovanni Battista Imaginary Prisons.乔瓦尼·巴蒂斯塔;想象的监狱;Unlike most of the people on our list, Giovanni Battista Piranesi never intended his designs to be built. And that a good thing because living in Piranesi drawings wouldve been hell on Earth. An Italian etcher and architect (among other things) from the 18th century, Piranesi spent his time drawing impossible prisons so horrifying that they seem ripped straight from H.P. Lovecraft nightmares.与大多数人不同,乔瓦尼·巴蒂斯塔·皮拉内西从未打算将他的设计建造出来这是一件好事,因为生活在皮拉内西的设计里就像生活在人间地狱作为一名18世纪的意大利雕刻家与建筑师,皮拉内西创作出如此不可思议且令人惊骇的监狱画,它们就像从恐怖大师洛夫克拉夫特的梦魇里跑出来的一般Featuring bizarre angles, staircases that lead nowhere, and rumbling machines that resemble torture devices, Piranesi etchings come from the Venetian tradition of imaginary subjects. In this case, there a good argument to be made that his subject was hell. The endless corridors, slumped figures, and chains all seem to point toward people trapped in eternal torment. That didnt stop his admirers from seeing more earthly possibilities in them. According to art critic Jonathan Jones, Piranesi prisons directly inspired the movie architecture Metropolis and Blade Runner and even influenced London real-life Tate Modern and Jubilee Line.皮拉内西的蚀刻版画源自传统的虚幻主题,有千奇百怪的角度,无路可去的楼梯和貌似刑具的隆隆作响的机器,说他的主题就是地狱也不为过没有尽头的走廊、垂头弯腰的人影和枷锁似乎都暗示着人们被困于无尽的折磨之中但这并没有妨碍他的崇拜者认识到这些版画在现实世界中的潜在价值据艺术家乔纳森·琼斯介绍,电影《大都会和《银翼杀手的布景都受到皮拉内西的监狱的启发,它甚至影响了现实世界中伦敦的泰特现代美术馆和朱比里线的设计1.The Utter Insanity Of Hermann Finsterlin1.赫尔曼·芬斯特林彻底的疯狂Hermann Finsterlin has an unusual claim to fame. Despite being a visionary architect whose work inspired many, he never saw a single building he designed actually built. There a good reason this. Finsterlin designs were bonkers.赫尔曼·芬斯特林有一个不寻常的成就尽管他是一位空想建筑师,其作品启发了许多人,可他的所有建筑设计都没能实现对此合理的解释就是,芬斯特林的设计都是疯狂的We dont mean they were unusual or overambitious or simply too expensive to make. We mean they were the work of a man whod clearly parted company with rationality many moons ago. Finsterlin whole approach was to make inhabitants of his buildings feel like they were inside a living creature. He took inspiration from mammals limbs, the human thorax, the alimentary canal, and dinosaurs. In one book, he claimed he wanted his rooms to feel like separate organs, with inhabitants enjoying ;the giving and receiving symbiosis of a giant fossil womb.; At least one of his designs featured what looks uncannily like a gigantic, erect penis. His 3-D models were no less absurd. One currently housed in New York MOMA collection resembles nothing so much as a five-year-old overexcited experiments with modeling clay. The more abstract ones dont even seem to fit together. Yet had Finsterlin been allowed to build his designs, there no doubt our world would be a much more interesting place to live in—and one a good deal more nightmarish, too.这并不是说这些设计非比寻常或野心太大,抑或仅仅是建筑成本过高而是这些设计的作者显然早已脱离了理性芬斯特林的最终目的是使他的建筑里的居民感觉像是生活在一个生物体内他的灵感来自哺乳动物的四肢、人类的胸腔、消化道和恐龙在一本书中,他声称希望自己的房间像不同的器官,让居民体验;一个巨型化石子宫内的授受共生;至少他有一个设计看上去的确像极了一个巨大的勃起的阴茎他的3D模型同样荒诞不经目前存放于纽约现代艺术物馆的一个收藏品就像五岁小孩儿因过于兴奋捏出的粘土模型一些更抽象的作品甚至好像无法组装在一起然而,如果芬斯特林获准建造他的设计,毫无疑问,我们的世界将会成为一个更有趣的生存之地——同时也是一个更加荒诞离奇的地方审校:赵倩 来源:前十网 990

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