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吉安市中医院疤痕多少钱吉安县去痘坑多少钱吉安去手术疤痕 While breaking off an engagement may help a couple dodge a messy divorce, it doesn#39;t always keep them out of the courtroom.虽然解除婚约可能会帮助两个人避开离婚时的纠葛,但并不意味着他们不会法庭上见。More than ,000 is spent on the average engagement ring.一般的订婚戒指都要花费5000美元以上。And deciding who gets to keep the ring when the big day gets called off is such a hotly-contested issue that most states have laws governing its ownership. 确定谁在订婚取消后保有戒指是一个极具争议的问题,几乎每个州都有法律来规定它的所属权。Some bitter lovers even take the case to court. 一些满腹怨怼的恋人甚至为此诉诸法庭。Colette DiPierro, 31, thought her broken engagement was behind her when she learned that her ex-fiancé Christopher Reinhold was suing, demanding the return of her ,500 diamond engagement ring.Colette DiPierro, 31岁,在了解到前未婚夫Christopher Reinhold 上诉要求她归还价值1.75万美元的订婚戒指时,认为自己不是婚约取消的过错方。They had dated for almost two years when Reinhold proposed in May 2009.在恋爱了接近2年的时间后,Reinhold于2009年5月向她求婚。 But the couple began to fight, often about money, and they split four months later, said DiPierro, a physician assistant in Staten Island, N.Y. 但是后来,这对情侣开始经常因为钱而争吵,并在4个月后他们分开了,DiPierro 如是说。她在纽约州史德顿岛做一名医生助理。The followingspring, he filed a lawsuit. 第二年春天的时候,他提起了诉讼。Reinhold and his attorney did not respond to requests for comment.Reinhold和他的律师没有回应记者的置评请求。Poll: Who do you think should keep the ring?投票:你认为谁应该保有这枚戒指呢?According to DiPierro, she held onto the ring because he hadn#39;t repaid her for his share of ,000 worth of living expenses. DiPierro声称她不愿意还回戒指,是因为男方没有偿还他应付的价值4万美元的生活开销。Their deal: she had paid for rent, food, car payments and other bills while Reinhold saved for the ring.他们的约定:她付房租、食物、车贷和其他账单,而Reinhold则攒钱买戒指。;I helped him save so I felt that I was holding onto the ring for collateral,; she said. ;我帮助了他存钱,所以我觉得有必要保留戒指作为抵偿,”她说。Laws vary by state, but many consider the ring a ;conditional gift; until the couple says ;I do,; -- meaning that regardless of who gets cold feet, the ring must be returned to the person who bought it, said Alton Abramowitz, a New York-based attorney and president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. 不同州的法律有所不同,但很多人认为戒指在情侣说“我愿意”之前都属于“有条件赠与”,--意思就是不管谁先临阵退缩,戒指都必须归还给购买的人,Alton Abramowitz是这样说的,他是总部位于纽约的美国婚姻律师协会的律师兼会长。But it#39;s not always that simple。但事情往往没有那么简单。A New York judge ruled in 2006 that a woman could keep her 3.4-carat diamond engagement ring because her ex had not yet been divorced from his previous wife when he proposed. 一位纽约法官在2006年裁定一名妇女可以保有她的3.4克拉钻石订婚戒指,因为她的前未婚夫在求婚时没有和其前妻离婚。The Montana Supreme Court, meanwhile, has shot down the conditional gift theory entirely, ruling that the ring is the rightful property of its recipient.同时,蒙大拿州高级法院彻底推翻有条件赠与的论据,规定戒指属于受赠人的合法财产。In certain states, determining who gets the ring rests on who called off the wedding.在某些州,戒指归谁所有要看是谁取消了婚礼。And, to complicate matters further, some states treat an engagement ring given on a holiday differently than one given on a non-holiday.而且,使问题更加复杂化的是,有些州将在节日赠送的婚戒与非节日赠送的婚介区别对待。In DiPierro#39;s case, because the ring was given to her on her birthday, she argued that it should be hers to keep.在DiPierro的案件中,由于戒指是在生日时收到的,所以她辩称戒指应该归她所有。Related: How to ask a friend to pay you back 相关话题:如何让朋友还钱New York State law was on her side, said George Muscato, a Lockport, N.Y.-based attorney who recently represented a female client in an engagement ring-related suit. He did not represent DiPierro. 纽约州的法律偏向于她那边, George Muscato这样说。George是纽约州洛克波特市的一名律师,他曾是一起订婚戒指相关的诉讼案中一名女性客户的代表律师。但他不是DiPierro的代理律师。;If you give her that ring on a holiday like Christmas or Valentine#39;s Day or her birthday, then you are making a gift to her as a present [that is] unconditional,; he said. “如果你在诸如圣诞节、情人节或她的生日等节日里送给她戒指,那么你就是将其作为非有条件性的礼物送给她的。”他说。But as legal proceedings dragged on for more than a year, DiPierro said she ultimately agreed to a financial settlement with Reinhold. 但是介于法律诉讼已经拖了一年多的时间,DiPierro最终同意与Reinhold进行财务和解。While she#39;s glad her time in court is behind her, DiPierro said it drastically changed her perspective on money and romantic relationships. DiPierro说,虽然她很高兴在法庭上时自己是有利的一方,但它也极大地改变了自己对金钱和恋爱关系的看法。;I guess, in some cases, I was naive,; she said. ;Money became very complicated in every future relationship.; “我想,自己在有些方面太过天真了,”她说,“在未来的每段关系中,处理金钱都会变得很复杂。” /201303/232362A Boeing 747 was flying in the night sky of the Pacific Ocean. The captain got on the loud speaker:; Travellers, one of our engines was out of order , therefore we’ll arrive in Tokyo an hour late .; 一架波音747飞行在太平洋的夜空,喇叭里传来机长的声音:“旅客们,我们的一个引擎坏了,因此我们将晚到达东京一个小时。”After a short while, the trumpet rang out again:; Everybody, the second one of our four engines went wrong, we will reach Tokyo late three hours as a result.; At this time, the passengers started disturbance. 过了一会儿,喇叭再次响起:“诸位,我们四个引擎中又坏了一个引擎,为此我们将晚到三个小时。”这时,乘客开始骚动。Someone said:; In case another engine is down again , we’ll be up here all night.; Moreover, a chap got to shouting unendurably:; I do not choose to take your awful airplane any longer, let me get off quickly.;有人说:“万一再坏一个,我们得呆在天上一整夜了。”还有已经受不了的,大叫:“我再也不坐你们的破飞机了,快让我下去。” /201303/230138吉安注射隆鼻

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吉安市中医院激光祛痘手术多少钱 When designing an overall fitness program, most people focus mostly on two components: nutrition and exercise.While there is no denying that these factors will probably affect your shape more than any other, you should spend some time thinking about how you sleep. Getting a good night’s rest will help you recover from exercise faster, give you more energy for exercise during the day, and help you establish a hormone balance that helps you process food better. While for most of us, there is nothing that we can do to actually increase the number of hours we sleep, there are a few steps that you can take to enhance the quality of your sleep every night.Get on a Sleep Routine - Ideally, you should wake up at the same time and go to bed at the same time every night. This will help your body get accustomed to a routine, which can make your sleep at night a bit deeper. Now, this might mean that you have to forgo sleeping in long hours on those lazy Saturday mornings. But if you stick to a good schedule over time, you will probably discover that you have more energy and have an easier time falling asleep at night.Turn off the TV – Try to avoid watching television for about half an hour before you decide to hit the hay. Studies show that this extra stimulation can actually decrease your quality of sleep. When you stare directly at any bright light, like a television screen, it tells your brain that it is still light out. When you do something a bit more calming before you go to bed, like a book or listen to music, it can prepare your body for sleeping, just like warming up can prepare your body for exercise.Spend Time Making Your Bedroom Sleep Friendly - If you have to contend with a bright street light coming in through your bedroom window, there just is not any way that you are going to sleep well. Make sure that your blinds can block out any light that might come in, and that your room stays at a comfortable temperature. The next time you want to do a redesign of your bedroom and want to make it more sleep friendly, try choosing darker and earthy colors rather than bright primary colors.Don’t Schedule Your Exercise Right Before Sleep – Generally speaking, exercise improves the quality of your sleep. It physically exhausts your body so that your sleep in deeper and most restful. But if you do that exercise right before you go to bed, you stimulate your body to a degree that makes it difficult to go right to sleep. If night time is the only time you can exercise then you should of course do it anyways. But if you have an option, it’s better to get your workouts done in the morning.Personal trainer Christopher William McCombs runs Fitness Boot Camp in Orange County California. He is radically different in his approach to losing fat. Chris is also a Fitness Training Marketingexpert and helps fitness trainers all over the globe to triple their income while cutting their work hours in half. 大多数人在计划整个健身进度表时,会主要关注两大元素:营养与运动。营养和运动无可厚非会影响你的身材,然而你应该多花些时间好好想想你的睡眠到底如何。一夜良好的睡眠能帮助你更快地从运动中恢复,在白天为你提供更多运动所需的活力,同时还能帮你建立荷尔蒙的平衡,有助于你更好地吸收食物。但是对大多数人来说,我们无法实际延长我们的睡眠时间,这里我将给你一些建议,可以帮助你提高每晚的睡眠质量。遵守良好的睡眠规律--理想的做法是,每天早上你在同一个时间醒来,每晚在同一个时间上床就寝。这能使你的身体建立一个良好的睡眠规律,有助于让你在夜里睡得更熟。那么现在看来,这就意味着你得放弃在懒散的周六上午睡懒觉的习惯了。但是只要你长时间坚持良好的睡眠习惯,你很有可能会发现你的活力更加充沛了,而且在晚上也更早容易入睡。关上电视机--在睡前半小时里尽量避免看电视。研究显示这种额外的刺激实际上会降低你的睡眠质量。当你直接盯着任何像电视机屏幕那样的亮光时,亮光会告知你的大脑说它仍在运作。当你在睡前做一些更加平静的事像是读书、听音乐时,会帮助你的身体为睡眠做好准备。这和你在运动前做热身准备的原理是一样的。花时间布置你的卧室让它更适宜睡眠--如果卧室的窗户中总有强光进入,那么无论如何你都会睡不好觉的。确保你的窗帘能阻隔任何光线进入,室内温度适宜。下一次你再要重新设计卧室时,记得要把它装修得更适宜睡眠,尽量选用深色和简朴的颜色,而不是鲜艳的三原色。睡前不要安排进行运动--一般来说,运动能提高你的睡眠质量。它能消耗你的体力,让你睡得又熟又香。但是如果你在睡前做运动,你会刺激你的身体使其处在一个不太容易入睡的状态。如果你只有在晚上才有时间锻炼身体,那当然你也只有这么做了。但是如果你有别的选择的话,还是最好在早上做运动。克里斯多夫·威廉姆·麦肯是一名个人训练师,他在加州的橘子郡经营一家健身训练营。他在减肥方面有他独特的方法。克里斯还是一名健身训练市场专家,帮助全世界的健身训练师缩短一半的工作时间,实现收入翻三倍。 /200805/38532万安县整容医院哪家最好吉安县人民医院点痣多少钱



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