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吉安玻尿酸注射下巴哪家医院好井岗山市妇幼保健院点痣多少钱The robots are coming and they want your job. Savioke recently developed a three-foot tall SaviOne robot that replaces the human delivery of snacks and amenities to your hotel room. The robotic butler can navigate your room, make deliveries and even ride the elevator — all without sleeping or going to the bathroom. In addition, robots don’t quit their jobs, whereas the hotel industry, according to the American Hotel amp; Lodging Association, experiences staff turnover of around 50% in non-management staff.机器人来了,而且想抢走你的工作。Savioke公司最近开发了一款三英尺高的机器人SaviOne,它可以代替务员,向酒店房间送零食或洗漱用品。除了可以自动找到你的房间、送东西之外,它甚至还可以自行坐电梯,而且既不用睡觉也不用去洗手间。此外,机器人也不会辞职——据美国酒店业协会(American Hotel amp; Lodging Association)估算,在美国酒店业中,非管理岗位的员工流动率高达50%左右。Moving beyond the hotel industry, Momentum Machines invented a burger-flipping robot that can produce a burger every 10 seconds. This robot replaces three full-time kitchen staff and takes up far less space, potentially able to reduce costs. Momentum Machines Co-Founder Alexandros Vardakostas recently said in an interview at Lemnos Labs that his robot “isn’t meant to make employees more efficient. It’s meant to completely obviate them.”除了酒店业,Momentum Machines公司也发明了一款会烤汉堡的机器人,每10秒钟就可以做一个汉堡包。该机器人可以代替三名全职厨房员工,占据的空间也更少,有望降低成本。Momentum Machines公司的联合创始人亚里山德罗斯o瓦尔达克斯塔斯最近在利姆诺实验室(Lemnos Labs)接受采访时称,他的机器人“并不是为了让员工更有效率,而是要完全取代他们。”Both Savioke and Momentum Machines are early signs of the upcoming Technology Revolution. Spawned by advances in robotics, big data, cloud computing and mobile, the revolution could replace millions of jobs. If you recall, the Industrial Revolution was no different than what we will likely see in the future. In 1820, the UK employed approximately 240,000 cotton hand weavers. Within 40 years, 99% of those jobs vanished as a result of the mechanical loom.Savioke和Momentum Machines的机器人,都是即将到来的科技革命的早期信号。拜机器人学、大数据、云计算和移动技术的长足进步所赐,这次科技革命可能会取代千百万人的工作。在这次革命中,我们看到的图景可能与工业革命时期没什么不同。在1920年,英国企业雇佣的手工绵纺织工约为24万人。而随着机械织布机的兴起,不到40年,其中99%的工作岗位都消失了。About half, 47%, of today’s jobs could be automated away over the next 20 years, according to a recent study by Oxford University. Following the Industrial Revolution during the early 1800s, new inventions created more than enough new work to replace the jobs that were dislocated. But given the ability of today’s technology startups to reach massive scale with minimal headcount, things very well might be different this time around. In 2012, Instagram reached 30 million users and was acquired by Facebook FB -3.35% for billion — all with just 13 employees. By contrast, Kodak filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and employed 145,000 people during its peak.牛津大学(Oxford University)最近的一项研究显示,在未来20年中,现有工作的47%都有可能被自动化所取代。自19世纪早期的工业革命以来,各种新发明创造的新工作岗位,足以抵补那些失去的职业。但鉴于如今的科技创新企业能够以最少的人数创造极大的成就,这次的情况可能会非常不一样。比如在2012年,Instagram的注册用户达到3000万人,并被Facebook出价10亿美元收购——Instagram当时只有13名员工。相比之下,柯达公司(Kodak)于2012年申请破产,它在最高峰时曾拥有14.5万名员工。Indeed, disruption is coming. So what should we do about it?大颠覆的确就要到来了,那么我们应该做些什么呢?If history is any indication, some will push for protectionism, shielding certain jobs in order to preserve employment levels in the short-term. Over the next decade, 233,000 taxi drivers and 1.7 million truck drivers in the U.S. could be at risk of having their jobs automated away by driverless vehicles. Given that many cities have aly attempted to block the expansion of Uber, we could experience similar tensions when driverless cars arrive. However, in the long-term, attempting to block innovation is short-sighted and makes countries less competitive relative to others who are willing to accept new, more efficient technologies.如果以史为鉴,有些人可能会推动保护主义,使某些工作不被自动化取代,以保持短期内的就业水平。在下一个10年里,随着无人驾驶汽车的发展,美国有23.3万名出租车司机和170万名卡车司机都要面临失业的风险。现在美国的许多城市已经试图封堵打车应用Uber,所以在无人驾驶汽车问题上,我们可能也会遇到同样的反对声浪。但在长期看,封锁创新是一种短视行为,而且会使国家失去竞争力,落于于那些乐于接受更高效的新技术的国家。Over the next two decades, the most pain will be felt by lesser-skilled workers most likely to lose their jobs to automation. As a result, the gap between the “haves and the have-nots” will widen. This could potentially create tension and fuel lobbying to increase the minimum wage. But like protectionism, raising the minimum wage could ultimately be counter-productive. Increasing minimum wage for hotel or fast-food employees, for example, could actually make companies more interested in automating away those positions if it actually saves companies more money.在未来20年里,那些非熟练技术工更有可能感受到被机器人夺走工作的痛苦。贫富差距会进一步加大。这有可能进一步加剧紧张局面,刺激更多人游说提高最低工资。但是就像保护主义一样,提高最低工资最终也可能起到反效果。比如提高酒店业和快餐业员工的最低工资,可能会进一步提高企业对自动化的兴趣,因为他们觉得这样做无疑会给公司省更多的钱。Instead of protecting jobs or increasing the minimum wage, we should seriously consider improving America’s antiquated education system. Education is what saved the nation during the 19th century and it could be critical this time as well.因此,与其推行就业保护主义、提升最低工资,我们还不如认真考虑应该如何改进美国过时的教育体系。在19世纪,正是教育拯救了这个国家。这一次,教育也同样是决定性因素。According to MIT Economist David Autor, “By the late 19th century … many Americans recognized that farm employment was declining, industry was rising and their children would need additional education to earn a living.” The World Bank notes that between 1900 and 1940, the percentage of 14- to 17-year-olds enrolled in high school in the U.S. increased from 10% to 75%. As a result, millions of workers left farms and were able to obtain higher-paying jobs as the economy matured.麻省理工学院(MIT)经济学家大卫o奥特指出:“到19世纪末……很多美国人意识到,农业的就业率正在下降,工业就业率正在上升。而他们的孩子需要接受额外的教育才能够养家糊口。”世界也指出,在1900到1940年之间,美国14至17岁青少年的高中入学率从10%上升到75%。因此,随着经济的成熟,数百万劳动者离开农场后,能够获得薪水更高的工作。But this time, we don’t need more schools, we need different schools. Schools will need to place a greater focus on skills that will enable the next generation to benefit from the upcoming technological wave instead of merely getting swept aside. In particular, robots are still horrible communicators and problem solvers. So schools should evolve to emphasize critical thinking and social skills. It is also highly unlikely that during the next couple decades robots will learn how to design and manage themselves, so schools should stress creativity and management skills.但这一次,我们需要的不是更多的学校,而是不同的学校。学校需要投入更大精力,向下一代人传授新的技能,使他们能在新的科技革命中受益,而不是“靠边站”。特别需要指出的是,机器人的沟通和解决问题的能力依然很糟糕。所以,学校应该重点加强学生的批判式思维和社交能力。另外,在未来的一二十年,机器人大概也很难掌握设计和自我管理能力,因此,学校应该着重培养学生的创造力和管理技能。In addition to focusing on different skill sets, schools will need to teach students how to work with machines and other emerging technologies. Today, those who have conquered computers have given themselves a much greater chance of succeeding. Tomorrow, the same will be true as it pertains to robots and big data. In a recent paper, Autor observed that people often “overstate the extent of machine substitution for human labor and ignore the strong complementarities.” In 20 years, our success will not necessarily be driven by our quantitative skills or our work effort, but by how well we collaborate with robots.除了重点传授不同的技能,学校还应教会学生如何与机器和其它新兴技术共同工作。如今,那些征了电脑的人有更大的成功机会。而在未来,那些掌握了机器人和大数据的人也将是如此。奥特在最近发表的一篇论文中指出:人们“经常夸大了机器对人力的取代作用,忽视了它极强的补充作用。”在未来20年中,我们的成功不一定取决于我们的量化技能或努力程度,而是取决于能否很好地与机器人协同工作。Two years ago, a relative of mine was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Ironically, he is a talented urologist who has performed over 3,000 prostate cancer surgeries, but couldn’t operate on himself. When it came to choosing a doctor, he selected a surgeon who was arguably the best in the world at operating with the da Vinci Surgical System, a robotic surgical system. His physician’s skills were still as important as ever but the robot enabled his doctor to translate his hand movements into smaller, more precise incisions. Although the Technology Revolution will come with its share of challenges, like the Industrial Revolution, it will ultimately enable us to do our jobs better than before and solve problems that we can’t even fathom solving today.两年前,我的一个亲戚被诊断出患有前列腺癌。讽刺的是,他自己就是一名杰出的泌尿科医生,曾经做过3000多例前列腺癌手术,但是他没法给自己手术。他在选择医生时,选择了一名据说是最善于操作达芬奇外科手术系统(Da Vinci Surgical System,一种机器人手术系统)的外科医生。他的医术当然依然很重要,但是机器人能让医生的双手进行更微小、更精确的切割操作。虽然像工业革命一样,科技革命将给人类带来挑战,但机器人最终会帮助我们更好地完成工作,解决那些我们今天甚至无法解决的问题。(财富中文网)Ryan Feit is CEO and co-founder of SeedInvest, a New York City-based equity crowdfunding platform that connects investors with startups.本文作者莱恩o费特是SeedInvest公司的CEO和联合创始人,SeedInvest是纽约的一家连接投资人和创业公司的私募众筹平台。 /201412/347718吉水县提眉手术多少钱 It has long been a mystery to men why so many women enjoy watching tear jerker movies with their friends.长期以来,男人们对女人喜欢跟朋友一起看苦情片感到不解。But now scientists have come up with a suggestion – sharing sad emotions helps women bond.现在科学家有了解释:分享悲伤的情感让女人们惺惺相惜。A research team at Cardiff University found that by sharing their emotions women found the happy parts of films more joyful and the sad bits less sad.卡迪福大学的研究小组发现,通过分享情感,女士们觉得电影中高兴的部分更加令人愉快,而悲伤的情节看起来没那么悲伤。Job van der Schalk, a psychologist at Cardiff University, said: ‘Our findings suggest that a negative emotional experience such as watching a ‘weepy#39; is more positive when it is shared with a friend.卡迪夫大学心理学家范德沙克说: “我们的研究结果发现,在和朋友们分享一些消极的情感体验(比如看一场哭戏)的时候,取得的效果更加积极。‘And, at the same time, a positive emotional experience, such as watching a ‘romcom#39;, should equally be more pleasant when shared.#39;而且同时,分享积极的体验比如跟朋友一起看一场浪漫喜剧,感受到的快乐也更多。The study involved 30 pairs of female friends aged between 20 and 33 who were shown emotionally powerful images and asked to rate them on a scale from ‘very negative#39; to ‘very positive#39;.这次研究的对象为30对年龄在20到33岁的女性朋友,研究人员让她们观看产生强烈情感的影像,让她们把看到的影像按照从 “非常消极”到 “非常积极”的程度进行评价。The scientists put one of each pair in a brain scanner to monitor their reactions, and the volunteers were also asked to view and rate the images while on their own and also while together.研究人员给每一对志愿者中的其中一位带上大脑扫描监测器,他们让这些志愿者在单独观看图像和跟朋友一起观看图像时分别对图像进行消极或积极的评价。The researchers found the images were seen more positively when the pairs were together, The Sunday Times reported.研究人员发现参加实验的一对朋友在一起的时候,他们看待图像的态度更加积极。The study, published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, said: ‘When people go to the cinema to watch a film, they ... anticipate a positive subjective impact of sharing this emotional experience.#39;这一研究发表在《社会认知与情感神经科学》的期刊上,报告指出:人们去电影院看电影的时候,他们期待的是一种积极的主观的情感分享体验。And Hollywood success seems to back the theory.而好莱坞的成功似乎验了这一理论。The 2008 film Marley and Me, which surrounds a couple#39;s relationship with their dog, took #163;160m at the global box office, and last year#39;s film The Fault in Our Stars - about two teenage cancer patients who find love - took more than #163;200m.2008年上映的电影《马利和我》,情节围绕着一对夫妇和他们的展开,该电影在全球获得了1.6亿英镑的票房。去年上映的一部关于两个癌症少年寻爱故事的《星运里的错》获得了超过2亿英镑的票房。Aggie Romeril, 22, a London beauty manager, said: ‘I think we#39;re a “stream it and weep” age. You scroll through Netflix, find who#39;s got the biggest laptop and bundle into a housemate#39;s bed for a sob session.#39;二十二岁的伦敦美容经理艾琪·罗默里尔说:“我觉得我们处在‘看了哭一场的#39;年纪。我们在Netflix搜寻影片,找一台大屏幕的手提电脑,然后钻入好友的床上看着电影哭个够。 /201505/374816Lijiang Cured Pork Chop丽江腊排骨At night, the old town of Lijiang could not be more beautiful. It was calm and quiet, in which one could only hear water babbling and cicada chirping. Xiao Qi, a beautiful young lady who had just finished a heart-breaking relationship came here in hope of a fresh start. She was wondering in the street, droopy and dejected. A kind-hearted local approached to her and suggested the Cured Pork Chop would be good for her heath since it could help her get rid of worries and find a beloved one. Suspicious, she found the restaurant indicated by the local. Entering the restaurant, she was shocked by the fact that everyone was enjoying the same dish. “Is there anything I can do for you?” A man around 30 years ago came along and asked her gently.“What is it? I mean the dish that everyone ordered.” She responded with pure curiosity. “It is Lijiang Cured Pork Chop. Do you want to have a try?” “Certainly.”While waiting, she saw the man making the dish on his own. Conscientious, he was absorbed in his work. He first chopped the ribs quickly and dexterously, and then put them in a large pot with tomatoes, bean sprouts and other vegetables. For her, a man who was an adept for cooking was somehow alluring. She even started to picture her future in which she could have a nice meal made by his husband. “Enjoy it!” The chimera was interrupted by two simple words. She said thanks to him and began to taste the dish. It was amazing. She could assure that it was the most delectable dish she had ever had. “I must learn how to make it.” She murmured. After thinking for a while, she came to the man and simply asked whether she could learn how to make the dish. “It is not easy. Are you sure about it? ” The man asked her carefully. She answered with nods. In the next few days, she was learning from the man. When making mistakes, she laughed with him and could tell that he would never scorn her for it. Being with him was felicitous and fabulous. However, after acquiring the skills, she had to leave. To tell the truth, she did not want to leave this splendid town and most importantly, the man she met. However, she could not offer a plausible reason to stay. Heavyhearted, she sat in the corner of the restaurant, with her luggage on the ground. “I will miss the town and everything.” She muttered with a sigh. “Then stay.” The man sat next to her, sipping tea. “Since you’ve learned how to make the dish, would you like running the restaurant with me?”“I’d love to.”丽江腊排骨有一个美丽的传说,就是一位漂亮的女子去云南旅游的故事。传说这个女子因为感情受到伤害独自去旅行,然后就来到了云南。当地人告诉她应该去吃一下丽江腊排骨,吃丽江腊排骨会对这位女子有好处!她不解,便问为什么?当地人说:“吃丽江腊排骨会帮你去除烦恼,女孩子会遇到心仪的对象。”自然,当地人是看出女孩子的失意,是劝她保重身体,但巧合的是,女孩子因为喜欢上了丽江腊排骨的味道而多次去品尝丽江腊排骨,而由此便结识了英俊帅气的男子,就此他们展开了一段浪漫的恋情。这个美丽的恋爱故事就这样流传开来。 /201505/375883吉安手部脱腋毛

吉安妇保医院割双眼皮多少钱吉安保仕柏丽整形美容医院光子嫩肤多少钱 2. Pizza2.披萨Any time anyone mentions the dish, the image of black-haired, rotund Italian chefs kissing their fingers comes to mind. The #39;traditional#39; image of the dish consisting of b, tomatoes and cheese did, in fact, originate from Naples. The food was easy to make with little cost, and was regarded as something that the poor could eat to keep themselves going. It contained cheese, tomatoes and basil - very similar to the kind we consume today. The idea of placing food on top of flatb, however, dates before the Italian invention.任何时候想起这个食物,人们脑海中就会浮现出黑头发圆滚滚的意大利厨师亲吻自己手指的画面。这款食物包含着面包、土豆和奶酪的;传统;形象实际上起源于那不 勒斯(意大利西南部港市--译者注)。这种食物容易制作,成本低,被认为是穷人也能吃得起的东西。 它包括奶酪、土豆和罗勒(调味品--译者注)-- 与我们今天食用的很相似。但是,将食物铺在面饼上的主意最早由意大利人发明。A lot of cultures - including the Romans and the Egyptians - came up with the concept of meal on top of flatb, but the Persians were the first recorded case. When King Darius the Great ruled the Persian Empire, it is thought that his soldiers baked flatbs on their shields, and added cheese and dates for flavouring. Ordering Dominos while in enemy territory just isn#39;t ideal.很 多文化--包括罗马与埃及--都给这种面饼上面的食物下过定义,但波斯人最先进行了记录。在大流士一世统治波斯帝国的时候(波斯帝国是公元前6世纪兴起于 伊朗高原西部的奴隶制国家,大流士一世是其第三代君主--译者注),他的士兵就在盾牌上烤制面饼,并添加上奶酪和枣椰子调味。在敌人领地里要求吃上达美乐 披萨可不太现实。(达美乐比萨,是一家国际的比萨饼外送餐厅连锁店,总部在美国密歇根州的安娜堡,于1960年由汤姆·莫纳根创立--译者注) /201506/383136吉安哪家医院隆下巴便宜

吉水县隆胸医院哪家比较好Air pollution — even for just one day — significantly increases the risk of stroke, a large review of studies has found.一项大型研究综述发现,空气污染可显著增加中风的风险,即使只是短短一天也依然如此。Researchers pooled data from 103 studies involving 6.2 million stroke hospitalizations and deaths in 28 countries.研究人员汇总了103项研究的数据,共计涉及28个国家中的620万例因中风住院和死亡病例。The analysis, published online in BMJ, found that all types of pollution except ozone were associated with increased risk for stroke, and the higher the level of pollution, the more strokes there were.这项在线发表于《英国医学杂志》(BMJ)上的分析发现,除臭氧外,所有类型的污染物均与中风风险增加相关,且污染物水平越高,中风病例越多。Daily increases in pollution from nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulate matter were associated with corresponding increases in strokes and hospital admissions. The strongest associations were apparent on the day of exposure, but increases in particulate matter had longer-lasting effects.二氧化氮、二氧化硫、一氧化碳和颗粒物污染的日增加量与中风和入院的相应增加相关。暴露当天的相关性最强,不过,颗粒物的增加可造成较为持久的影响。The exact reason for the effect is unclear, but studies have shown that air pollution can constrict blood vessels, increase blood pressure and increase the risk for blood clots. Other research has tied air pollution to a higher risk of heart attacks, stroke and other ills.这种影响的确切原因尚不清楚,但研究表明,空气污染可引起血管收缩、血压升高,并会增加血栓风险。另有一项研究发现,空气污染与心肌梗死、中风和其他疾病的风险较高相关。The lead author, Dr. Anoop Shah, a lecturer in cardiology at the University of Edinburgh, said that there was little an individual could do when air pollution spikes. “If you’re elderly or have co-morbid conditions, you should stay inside,” he said. But policies leading to cleaner air would have the greatest effect, he said. “It’s a question of getting cities and countries to change.”研究的主要作者,爱丁堡大学(University of Edinburgh)的心脏病学讲师亚努皮·沙阿(Anoop Shah)士说,当空气污染激增时,单个人所能做的非常有限。“如果你是老人或患有并发症,你应该呆在家里。”但可令空气更清洁的政策将产生巨大的效果,他说。“会让城市和国家发生改变。” /201505/373932 吉安抽脂多少钱新干县做双眼皮修复手术费用



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