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Penny-farther riders cycle past London's Tower Bridge, on June 9, . The cyclists will compete the Brooks Ordinary trophy, a 30 minute plus 5 laps race, in the London Nocturne cycling event around the historic Smithfield Market in London on Saturday June .年6月9日,英国伦敦,马戏单车骑手在塔桥旁展示技艺(见上图)这些骑手将于6月号参加在伦敦举行的伦敦诺科特妮自行车大赛,选手围绕历史悠久的史密斯菲尔德市场骑行30分钟另加5圈,优胜者将获得布鲁克斯-奥迪纳瑞奖杯 95




  A housewife was left in agony after a PORCUPINE fell on her head while she was out walking her dog. Sandra Nabuco, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was left with around 0 of its quills lodged in her scalp and hair.天上不能“掉馅饼”,但天上却可以掉豪猪,日前巴西里约热内卢一名5岁的家庭妇女桑德拉外出遛,期间一只豪猪从灯柱坠落,正好砸在了她的头上 386

  Tom McCarthy’s “Spotlight,” a newspaper drama about the Catholic Church cover-up of sexual abuse by priests, snatched top honors at the 88th Academy Awards on Sunday, even as Leonardo DiCaprio won the best actor prize, his first Oscar, “The Revenant” and Alejandro G. I#1;árritu was named best director the same film.洛杉矶――汤姆·麦卡锡(Tom McCarthy)的《聚焦(Spotlight)是一部新闻情节剧,讲述天主教会掩护许多神父的性侵行为,周日它在第88届奥斯卡奖上获得了诸多最高荣誉,此外莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥(Leonardo DiCaprio)凭借《荒野猎人(The Revenant)中的表现,首次获得最佳演员奖,该片导演亚历桑德罗·G·伊纳里多(Alejandro G. I#1;árritu)获得最佳导演奖Michael Sugar, a “Spotlight” producer, said he hoped the win would “resonate all the way to the Vatican.” He added, “Pope Francis, it’s time to protect the children.”《聚焦制片迈克尔·舒格(Michael Sugar)说,希望该片获奖可以“引起梵蒂冈的反应”他又补充,“方济各教皇(Pope Francis),现在是时候保护孩子们了”It was one of several causes promoted during the night at a ceremony that became a raucous diversity lesson under the guidance of the host, Chris Rock.在主持人克里斯·洛克(Chris Rock)的主导下,当晚的颁奖礼成了关于多样化的喧嚣一课,舒格的发言也是其中的一部分Mr. Sugar spoke while accepting an award that to many had seemed pointed toward “The Revenant.”舒格在做获奖致辞时说了这番话,不少人认为这个奖项本应属于《荒野猎人The split in top prizes capped a chaotic year in which “Spotlight,” seen as a front-runner after its debut in a string of September festivals, watched competitors win key awards from the producers guild, the directors guild and the British film academy.最高奖项的归属为这个喧嚣的年份一锤定音,《聚焦自从去年九月在一系列电影节上映后就一直领跑,却只能看着竞争对手们获得制片人工会、导演工会和英国电影学院的关键奖项But voters from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences embraced the confusion, honoring “Spotlight” as the best picture, while sping its acting awards among four films. Brie Larson was named best actress “Room”; Alicia Vikander was named best supporting actress “The Danish Girl”; and Mark Rylance was best supporting actor “Bridge of Spies.”但是电影艺术与科学学院的投票者们也同样感染了这种困惑,它将最佳影片奖授予《聚焦,同时将最佳表演奖分授四部影片布丽·拉森(Brie Larson)凭借《房间(Room)获得最佳女主角奖,艾丽西亚·维坎德(Alicia Vikander)凭借《丹麦女孩(The Danish Girl)获得最佳女配角奖,马克·里朗斯(Mark Rylance)凭《间谍之桥(Bridge of Spies)获得最佳男配角奖Mr. DiCaprio, who had long been considered a lock his permance as Hugh Glass, a real-life frontiersman left dead, in “The Revenant,” seemed to be the main event, however.迪卡普里奥在《荒野猎人中饰演休·格拉斯(Hugh Glass),这是一个现实生活中存在的拓荒者,长期以来,凭借他的表演,他被视为锁定了这一奖项,他领奖时仿佛是该颁奖礼最重要的环节“Making ‘The Revenant’ was about man’s relationship to the natural world,” Mr. DiCaprio said, adding a political theme that was matched, if not one-upped, by others as the night moved on.“《荒野猎人讲的是一个男人与自然世界之间的关系,”迪卡普里奥说道,并且还补充了一个就算未能更胜一筹,但却也同当晚其他话题相称的政治观点“Climate change is real, it is happening right now,” Mr. DiCaprio said.“全球气候变暖是真实的,它现在正在发生,”迪卡普里奥说He also paid tribute to Mr. I#1;árritu, who in turn played a diversity theme that dominated the night.他还向导演伊纳里多致敬,伊纳里多也是今晚多样化主题的一部分What an opporty, he said, to “make sure once and ever that the color of the skin become as irrelevant as the length of our hair,” said Mr. I#1;árritu, who is from Mexico.伊纳里多在墨西哥发言说,这是一个很好的机会,“从此确保人们的肤色和头发的长度一样无关紧要”While Hollywood may have owed Mr. DiCaprio one after four prior acting nominations, including those “The Aviator” and “The Wolf of Wall Street,” it apparently figured his prize and the directing award Mr. I#1;árritu were enough.此前好莱坞或许已经欠了迪卡普里奥四个最佳表演奖,包括他在影片《飞行家(The Aviator)与《华尔街之狼(The Wolf of Wall Street)中的表现,这一次,似乎授予他最佳男主角奖,并授予伊纳里多最佳导演奖已经足够A best picture trophy “The Revenant” would have made Mr. I#1;árritu, whose “Birdman” was best picture last year, the first director in Oscar history to direct back-to-back winners. In fact, he was only the third, after John d and Joseph L. Mankiewicz, to win consecutive directing awards.去年,伊纳里多的《鸟人(Birdman)就获得了最佳影片奖,如果《荒野猎人再次获得最佳电影奖,将会令伊纳里多成为奥斯卡历史上第一个蝉联最佳影片奖的导演事实上,他是第三个连续获得最佳导演奖的人,前两位是约翰·福特(John d)与约瑟夫·L·曼凯维奇(Joseph L. Mankiewicz)Ms. Larson, as was widely expected, won the best actress award, her first Oscar, “Room.” Her permance as a mother kept captive with her young son by a sexual predator was extraordinary, in that much of it was confined to a tiny room.拉森凭借《房间一片,众望所归地首次获得最佳女主角奖她在片中饰演一个与年幼的儿子被性侵者绑架的母亲,主要戏份都发生在一个狭小的房间,她的演出非常精The earlier awards had gone to a scattershot group of films that was dominated by a run of six craft awards the brutal action fable “Mad Max: Fury Road.”更早时颁发的奖项被授予多部电影,其中残暴的动作寓言片《疯狂的麦克斯:狂暴之路(Mad Max: Fury Road)获得六个技术奖项That had left only one early Oscar, cinematography, to “The Revenant,” a supposed front-runner. Other winners included “The Danish Girl,” “The Big Short,” “Bridge of Spies,” “Ex Machina” and “Inside Out.”在较早颁发的奖项中,《荒野猎人只获得一项最佳摄影奖,它被视为该奖项的领跑者其他获奖影片还包括《丹麦女孩、《大空头(The Big Short)、《间谍之桥、《机械姬(Ex Machina)和《头脑特工队(Inside Out)Until the surprising finish, it seemed as if little attention would be paid to the movies. The limelight, at least in the early hours, was squarely on Mr. Rock and prickly questions of race in Hollywood.直到令人惊讶的最后结尾,颁奖礼都没有对电影表现出太多重视至少是在一开始,众人的目光全都集中在洛克身上,以及他对好莱坞的种族问题的辛辣提问上“If they nominated hosts, I wouldn’t even get the job,” Mr. Rock snapped as the show opened.“如果他们给主持人也提名,那我就得不到这份工作了,”洛克用这样一句话给颁奖礼开了场In a politically contentious year, Mr. Rock, the evening’s host, took the only safe course: He unloaded on everyone.今年是政治上非常有争议的一年,主持人洛克采取了安全的策略,他讽刺每一个人“Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna’s panties,” Mr. Rock said, “I wasn’t invited!”“贾达抵制奥斯卡就像我抵制跟蕾哈娜(Rihanna)上床一样,”洛克说,“反正我也没接到邀请!”It was a jab at Jada Pinkett Smith, and at those who had called a boycott, because the Oscar acting nominees, the second consecutive year, were all white.他讽刺的是贾达·萍克特·史密斯(Jada Pinkett Smith),以及其他呼吁抵制奥斯卡的人,因为本届奥斯卡奖所有表演奖项的提名者和去年一样,都是白人In the end, Mr. Rock spent virtually the whole monologue on the subject of diversity, mostly spoofing it but occasionally adding more biting commentary, as when he quipped that the annual “In Memoriam” tribute would honor black people who were “shot by the cops on their way to the movies.”最后,洛克就多样化问题发表了长篇大论,主要是讽刺,偶尔也有辛辣的,比如他嘲讽说,年度的“纪念”奖项应该奖给那些“在看电影路上被警察开打死”的黑人们Moving on to the awards, he said, “You want diversity? We got diversity. Please welcome Emily Blunt and somebody whiter, Charlize Theron,” and the two actresses appeared to present the night’s first award, best original screenplay.至于奥斯卡奖,他说,“你们想要多样化?我们有多样化有请艾米丽·布朗特(Emily Blunt)和更白的查理兹·塞隆(Charlize Theron),”两位女演员上台后,颁发了当晚的第一个奖项:最佳原创剧本Thirty minutes into the show, Mr. Rock was still hitting the diversity theme, hard. He introduced a skit that had Whoopi Goldberg and others trying to edge their way into acting roles reserved whites. Ms. Goldberg swished a mop next to Jennifer Lawrence in a scene supposedly from “Joy.” In another spoof, Jeff Daniels declined to spend $,500 to save a stranded black astronaut, played by Mr. Rock, on Mars, in a takeoff on “The Martian.”颁奖礼进行到第30分钟,洛克仍然在猛烈抨击缺乏多样性这个问题他推出一个讽刺小品,让乌比·哥德堡(Whoopi Goldberg)和其他人拼命挤进那些只为白人预留的角色中去哥德堡站在詹妮弗·劳伦斯(Jennifer Lawrence)旁边,甩着拖把,好像是《奋斗的乔伊(Joy)里的一幕在另一个讽刺小品里,杰夫·丹尼尔斯(Jeff Daniels)拒绝付500美元拯救一个由洛克饰演的滞留火星的黑人宇航员,这一幕是从《火星救援里来的Ms. Goldberg was back later to introduce a recap of the Governors Awards, which went to Meryl Streep, Debbie Reynolds, and Spike Lee. “It’s easier to be president of the ed States as a black person than be head of a studio,” Mr. Lee had said then. Cheryl Boone Isaacs, the academy’s president, immediately followed Ms. Goldberg with a diversity lecture.哥德堡后来介绍了一段来自理事会奖(Governors Awards)的剪辑录像,这个奖授予了梅丽尔·斯特里普(Meryl Streep)、黛比·雷诺兹(Debbie Reynolds)和斯派克·李(Spike Lee)“黑人要当上制片公司老大,比当美国总统还难,”李说学院主席谢丽尔·布恩·艾萨克斯(Cheryl Boone Isaacs)紧接哥德堡之后,做了一番关于多样化的言说“It’s not enough to just listen and agree,” Ms. Isaacs said. “We must take action.”“光是听着表示赞同还不够,”艾萨克斯说,“我们必须采取行动”A question that would not be answered until Monday is whether the “In Memoriam” sequence would keep its traditional spot as a ratings high-point of the evening. Those remembered included Jerry Weintraub, Maureen O’Hara, Omar Sharif, David Bowie, Leonard Nimoy and Wes Craven.有个问题直到星期一都未能揭晓,那就是“纪念”环节是否会和往常一样,成为整晚的高潮此次纪念的人包括杰瑞·温特劳布(Jerry Weintraub)、玛琳·奥哈拉(Maureen O’Hara)、奥玛·沙里夫(Omar Sharif)、大卫·鲍伊(David Bowie)、伦纳德·尼莫伊(Leonard Nimoy)和韦斯·克雷文(Wes Craven) the most part, they were as white as the evening’s presenters were black. At the same time, they represented the academy’s past, while Ms. Isaacs promised that new processes and rules would create a different, more inclusive future.他们都是白人,而今晚的表演者们大都是黑人与此同时,他们代表了奥斯卡学院的过去,正如艾萨克斯承诺的,新的流程和规则将会作出改变,带来更加兼容并蓄的未来As the evening wore on, the causes began to stack up. Vice President Joseph R. Biden added yet another when he showed to introduce Lady Gaga’s permance of “Til It Happens to You,” from “The Hunting Ground,” a documentary about campus sexual assault. “I really mean this, take the pledge,” Mr. Biden urged, as he begged attention that issue, as Mr. McCarthy, of “Spotlight,” and Mr. McKay, of “The Big Short,” had urged attention theirs.当晚随着颁奖的继续进行,话题还在走向严肃副总统约瑟夫·R·拜登(President Joseph R. Biden)也做出了贡献,他登台介绍Lady Gaga表演关于校园性侵的纪录片《狩猎场(The Hunting Ground)中的歌曲《直到这在你身上发生(Til It Happens to You)“我是认真的,抓住机会,”拜登请人们关注这个话题,此外《聚焦中的麦卡锡先生与《大空头中的麦凯(McKay)先生也呼吁人们关注自己的影片中所提出的问题The original song Oscar went instead to “Writing’s on the Wall” from “Spectre.” It wasn’t a political award, but Sam Smith, one of the composers, dedicated his Oscar to the L.G.B.T. commies around the world.奥斯卡最佳原创歌曲由《0:幽灵党(Spectre)中的歌曲《墙上的字迹(Writing’s on the Wall)获得,这并不是一个政治化的奖项,但这首歌作曲者之一的山姆·史密斯(Sam Smith)把自己的奥斯卡奖献给全世界的L.G.B.T群体Ms. Vikander’s win, as best supporting actress “The Danish Girl,” was the night’s first acting award. Ms. Vikander, a Swede who lives in London, underscored the international quality of the nominated actors. only the second time since the 1960s, fully half of the acting nominees were not just white, but from countries that belong to the Commonwealth.维坎德凭《丹麦女孩中饰演的角色获得了最佳女配角奖,这是当晚颁发的第一个表演类奖项维坎德是居住在伦敦的瑞典人,这强调了提名演员的国际化特征奥斯卡奖的最佳表演奖提名中,全部获得提名的名演员不仅全是白人,而且有整整一半都来自英联邦,自从60年代以来,这还是第二次Mr. Rylance won the best supporting actor “Bridge of Spies.” He, too, hails from London, but played a Soviet spy — that ethnic twist was a tribute to the craft of those Commonwealth players, who spoke more about the challenges of permance than the politics of casting. “It’s a wonderful time to be an actor, thank you,” said Mr. Rylance.里朗斯凭《间谍之桥中的表演获得了最佳男配角奖他也从伦敦做了发言,里朗斯在片中饰演一个苏联间谍,擅长民族性格上的扭转是英国演员的特征之一,但他更热衷谈论表演上的挑战,而不是选角政治方面的问题他说,“这是身为演员的好时代,谢谢” The best eign language film, “Son of Saul,” a Holocaust film from Hungary. The win, widely expected, was another reminder that the movie culture is international, and the woes it examines are larger, even, than racial concerns in the ed States.最佳外语片获得者是反映匈牙利纳粹大屠杀的《索尔之子(Son of Saul)它的获奖也是众望所归,提醒人们电影文化属于整个世界,它所表达的哀伤甚至大于美国的种族忧患Six early wins “Mad Max: Fury Road” — costume design, production design, editing, sound editing, sound mixing and makeup and hairstyling — soon signaled that the evening would be an uphill climb “The Revenant.” That film had been in the running those same Oscars. But the string of wins brought tribute after tribute not Mr. I#1;árritu, but George Miller, the seasoned filmmaker behind the brutal, kinetic “Mad Max” series.在较早时候,《疯狂麦克斯:狂暴之路获得装设计、制作设计、剪辑、声音剪辑、混音和化妆与发型六项大奖,这表明《荒野猎人在今晚经历了一个先苦后甜的历程,因为《荒野猎人也同时获得了这些提名但是这一串荣誉没有属于伊纳里多,而是给了残暴、活跃的《疯狂麦克斯系列背后的资深电影人乔治·米勒(George Miller)In one of the night’s oddest moments, Pixar — through its characters Woody and Buzz Lightyear from the “Toy Story” trilogy — presented itself in a best animated feature Oscar “Inside Out.” The film, about moody characters in a girl’s brain, was filled with colors — red, blue, yellow, green and purple — but not black.在整晚最奇怪的一个时刻之一,皮克斯公司――通过《玩具总动员(Toy Story)三部曲中的伍迪牛仔和巴斯光年在最佳动画片环节为自己公司的《头脑总动员颁奖这部影片是以一个女孩头脑中的情绪为主人公,里面充满色——红、蓝、黄、绿、紫——但是仍然没有黑色In the best documentary feature category, “Amy,” about the singer Amy Winehouse, who died of substance abuse, took the award. It was a rarity among documentaries — a popular film that drew a substantial audience at the box-office A, and sold well in home markets. The film had edged aside “What Happened, Miss Simone?” and “Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight Freedom,” both of which had lavish campaigns from their backer, Netflix.最佳纪录片《艾米(Amy)是关于因滥用药物去世的歌手艾米·怀恩豪斯(Amy Winehouse)的故事它在获得最佳纪录片提名的影片中是个异数——它来自A公司,颇受欢迎,票房不俗,在家庭影院市场也销量颇高这部影片在同《发生什么了,西蒙妮?(What Happened, Miss Simone)和《凛冬烈火:乌克兰为自由而战(Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight Freedom)的角逐中险胜,后两部影片都由其出品公司Netflix做过大肆宣传 91Tony Newton做了35年的普通开业医生但有时候,他说话时,你会突然想,他的工作生涯是不是作为一个维多利亚时代的校长度过的 因为他从不忌讳对那些不谨慎、不从分子施加一些铁腕 “他们需要管理,你知道的他们之中总是有一些恶棍,”他说着,眼睛眯起来,摆了摆手指“所以你得告诉他们谁才是掌权的叫他们看看谁是老大” Tony Newton spent 35 years as a GP. Yet sometimes, when he's talking, you momentarily wonder if he'd spent his working life as a Victorian-era schoolmaster. he isn't afraid to impose a little iron discipline on the unwary or the unwilling. "They want to take control, you know. There's a bit of thug in all of them," he says, his eyes narrowing, his finger wagging. "So you've got to tell them who's in charge. Show them who's boss."获奖:托尼和玛丽.牛顿的花园凝聚了年爱的劳作 那些危险分子是谁呢,谁需要教训?是一帮本地混混?一群整个下午都在本地火车站抽烟的小青年?不他所说的,是他后花园里的灌木丛尤其是那一群绚烂的槭属植物——枫树——它们那发脆的、闪亮的叶子变成了深深的铜红色,在今天灿烂的秋日暖阳里熠熠闪烁 托尼完全没有时间来多愁善感:他和他的妻子玛丽在他们的花园中种的这3000株植物,每一棵都必须“挣得自己的位置,用自己的方式回报”,要不然就会受到即时的惩罚——被赶出这片土地 等等在后花园里种3000棵植物? 没错而且这不是由一队专业园丁打理的豪华古宅这只是一个普通的郊区后园,紧邻着这对夫妻价值360000英镑的中产阶级房子,但现在的它是非同寻常的Award-winning: Tony and Marie Newton's garden has been a labour of love over years Who are the menaces who need some sense knocked into them? A local gang? The bunch of teenagers who spend their afternoons smoking in the local railway station? No. He's talking about the shrubs in his back garden. In particular, a group of glorious acers — maples — whose crisp, shiny leaves have turned such a deep, coppery red that they are positively glowing in the glorious autumn sunshine today. Tony there's no room sentimentality: every one of the 3,000 plants he and his wife Marie have planted in their garden must "earn its place and pay its way" or risk instant punishment by being whipped out of the ground. Hold on a moment. Three thousand plants in one back garden? Quite so. And this is no stately home maintained by an army of professional gardeners. It's an ordinary suburban back garden, perched behind the couple's pound;360,000 pebble-dashed home, which has been turned into something quite extraordinary. 01


  The Congo Basin, is the largest basin in the world, which runs through six Central African countries, contains the second largest contiguous rainest in the world after that of the Amazon. Cameroon ests contain some of the Congo Basin most biologically diverse and most threatened ests. 500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_9835195.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_9835195.jpg" onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0>世界最大盆地刚果盆地,连接非洲主要的六个国家,包括了世界第二大雨林其中喀麦隆森林包括了刚果盆地最多的生物物种以及最严重的濒危森林500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_9835.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_9835.jpg" onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0>Stretching from the mountains of the moon in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to the coast of the Gulf of Guinea, the Congo Basin contains a quarter of the world's tropical ests, second only to the Amazon Basin. Covering more than one million square miles, this tropical block is teeming with so much wildlife that it seems to belong to another time. Networks of trails med by the massive feet of est elephants lead through an expansive reservoir of tropical trees and plants, home to gorillas and chimpanzees, red river hogs and African est buffaloes, elusive golden cats and elegant bongos.500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_9835.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_9835.jpg" onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0>沿着刚果山脉,东起刚果民主共和国到几内亚海湾、刚果盆地包括世界四分之一的热带雨林,仅次于亚马逊河流域. 覆盖0多万平方公里,这个热带雨林拥有大量的野生动植物,而这些野生动植物似乎属于另一个时代. 厚重的森林大象留下大量的脚印形成了网状的痕迹,引导热带植物和树木穿过巨大的水库,这里成了猩猩、黑猩猩、红河猪、非洲森林公水牛、金猫、稀罕的黄金猫和优雅的羚羊的家 36。




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