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义乌北苑稠江街道鼻头鼻翼缩小多少钱义乌芙洛拉整形美容医院隐耳整形手术怎么样诸暨市第二人民医院激光去斑手术多少钱 Some people create with paint and brushes, others with musical notes or a camera.Earl Young found his muse in nature and channeled his artistic vision using massive glacial boulders, limestone, and fieldstone.The result is a collection of fascinating structures that Young built through the mid-20th century in Charlevoix. Many know them as ;the mushroom houses.;Earl Young and his stone houses are the subject of the new documentary film The Wizard of Boulder Park, produced by three-time Emmy Award-winning brother-sister team of Anne-Marlowe Belanger and Brian Belanger.Brian Belanger directed the film, wrote the script, did the camera work and composed the score. He tells us that he first discovered the houses by chance as he and his sister were traveling to Charlevoix to give a lecture on their first film.;After passing house after Victorian house on the way, suddenly (I saw) this cottage made of stone,; he says. ;I was just awestruck.; David Miles, curator of the museum of the Charlevoix Historical Society, gives tours of the area and describes the houses as ;gnome houses, mushroom houses, hobbit houses, Hansel and Gretel.;;You can put any moniker you want on them and still you cannot really encompass them because they are all so unique. Each one is different than every other one,; Miles says.Young decided early on that traditional architecture education wasnt for him, according to Miles.;He had his own ideas, but they didnt mesh well with what was being taught at the time. So he dropped out after one year,; he says.Young independently studied architecture and design texts and learned how to cut stone as an apprentice to a stonemason, Miles says, and over the course of 52 years proceeded to build 31 structures.Miles tells us that Youngs attention to detail and focus on preserving the natural feel of the land on which he built really made him stand out in the architecture crowd.;Earls philosophy was, you do not alter the land unless you absolutely have to,; Miles says. ;The laying of the shingles, the eaves, the trim, the stonework. Everything echoes the ground on which it sits into an integrated work of art.;Belanger says that he had originally planned to make the film almost entirely about the houses, but the more he learned about Earl Young the more the story shifted focus to the man himself.The Charlevoix Historical Society and the community gave Belanger access to ;hundreds and hundreds of photos … from different time periods.;But he tells us the pièce de résistance was the 13 hours of home taken by Young that documented his family life and house constructions.;That was quite a wonderful cache of information and history to present to the public for the first time,; Belanger says.Most of the houses have been fairly well taken care of, but Miles tells us that they are currently not protected. He hopes that by the end of the year a historical district will have been established in the area in order to protect the stone houses from potentially damaging alterations.There will be a screening of The Wizard of Boulder Park at the Charlevoix Cinema Three on September 21, the 100th anniversary of the wedding of Earl and Irene Young.201509/399611义乌公立医院做红色胎记手术多少钱

义乌城西廿三里街道做处女膜修复多少钱Italian football意大利足球More than just trophy assets不仅仅是摆设The countrys largest clubs are belatedly becoming more businesslike该国个大俱乐部的效率化进程姗姗来迟FOR all their fans passion, Italian football clubs struggle to make profits. In the 1990s Italys Serie A was the most glamorous and high-profile of Europes five main football leagues; it has since fallen, in revenue terms, from second to fourth place. In this years Football Money League, published on January 22nd by Deloitte, a consulting firm, three of the four Italian clubs in the worldwide top 20 dropped at least one position. However, there are signs of a turnaround in the clubs fortunes.尽管意大利球迷非常狂热,但是它的足球俱乐部依然难以盈利。在上世纪九十年代,意甲是欧洲五大足球联赛当中最富魅力、最高调的联赛;自此以后,它的收益能力就从第二位下滑到了第四位。1月22日,由德勤咨询公司发布的本年度足球财富榜里,在全球前20名之内的四所意大利俱乐部当中,有三所至少下降了一个位次。不过,俱乐部的命运有转机的迹象。Italys league fell behind its peers partly because of the complacency of clubs owners. Tycoons treated them as trophy assetsmore than businesses. The clubs suffered chronic losses and corruption scandals, and their stadiums were left to decay. But Italys sustained economic downturn and the introduction by UEFA, European footballs governing body, of rules to stop clubs habitually spending more than they earn, have been among the main reasons why a number of clubs have changed hands. Foreign investors are trickling in.意大利联赛落于同辈之后的一大原因是俱乐部所有者的骄傲自满。业界大亨们将他们看作是身份的象征而不是一门生意。俱乐部遭受长期亏损以及腐败丑闻的影响,他们的体育场因此杂草蔓生。不过,大批俱乐部被转手的两个主要原因是:1、意大利经济的持续低迷;2、欧洲足球管理机构——欧足联引入了一系列规则来阻止俱乐部习惯性地入不敷出。外国投资者正慢慢涌向这一领域。For those seeking to turn around a clubs finances, one of the most important tasks is to boost match-day takings, which account for 11% of total revenues in Serie A, compared with 23% in both the English Premier League and the German Bundesliga. That means improving the match-day experience. However, few Italian clubs own the stadiums they play in, and unlike in Britain and Germany, where official encouragement and incentives have led to stadiums being upgraded, Italian ones largely remain in a poor state.对于那些寻求扭转俱乐部财务状况的人来说,提高比赛日收入是最重要的任务之一。与英超和德甲的23%相比,比赛日收入占了意甲总收入的11%。这意味着要提高观赛日的体验。但是,少数意大利俱乐部拥有他们自己的场馆,与之不同的是,英国和德国的官方鼓励和激励措施使得足球场地可以得到翻新,而这些意大利的运动场馆大多状态不佳。There is plenty of money coming in from television: the amount that broadcasters pay to show Italian football matches is second only to that in England. However, Italian clubs are missing a few other tricks. For instance, they do not get much from renting out VIP boxes at their grounds on match days: Italian businesspeople tend to take clients to dinner or the opera; and to persuade them to start bringing them to football matches, the facilities at grounds would need to be improved. Also, unlike Englands top clubs, Italian ones have not been good at conning their fans into buying overpriced team strips.有一大笔钱来自电视:电视台转播意大利足球赛的付费金额仅次于英国。不过意大利俱乐部缺少一些其他的技巧。比如说,在比赛日里,他们不能从出租场地中贵宾包厢这一项上得到可观的收益:意大利商人往往邀请客户共进晚餐或者观赏歌剧;想让意大利人带客户来看足球赛的话,场地设施还需要好好改善。不仅如此,不同于英国的俱乐部,意大利俱乐部不擅长组织球迷购买高价的球衣队。But the tide could turn soon. Italys top performer is Juventus, owned by the Agnelli family, whose forebears founded Fiat. The Turin-based club opened a new, 41,000-capacity stadium in 2011; it has since more than trebled its match-day revenues. Two other teams, Sassuolo and Udinese, have since embarked on revamping their stadiums, and AS Roma plans to build itself a new home on the outskirts of the eternal city.但是这股浪潮即将被扭转。阿涅利家族祖先成立了菲亚特公司,而意大利的顶级球队尤文图斯就所属于这个家族。这个位于都灵市的俱乐部在2011年开放了一处可容纳41000人的新场地;这比比赛日收益的三倍还要多出部分。其他两队伍,萨索洛和乌迪内斯队已经着手改造他们的体育馆了,而且罗马队打算在罗马市郊修建一处新的大本营。Efforts are being made to earn more from foreign sources. Over the past five years the Supercoppa, the opening match of the season, has been played three times in China and once in Qatar. AS Roma, bought by a group of American investors in 2011, has since struck a ten-year kit-sponsorship deal with Nike. In 2013 Erick Thohir, an Indonesian businessman, acquired 70% of Inter Milan, bringing in a clutch of foreign executives to boost the brand globally: of Inters 280m fans, 60% live in Asia, including 18m in Indonesia.为了获取外国资源,意大利的俱乐部也是做足了努力。在过去五年中,作为赛季揭幕战的超级杯,已经在中国举办三次、在卡塔尔举办了一次。罗马队自2011年被一群美国投资者收购以后,就与耐克签订了为期十年的球衣赞助协议。在2013年,一位印尼商人雅立多斯获得了国际米兰70%的股份,并且带来了一众外国高管,他们打算将它打造成国际品牌:在国际米兰2.8亿球迷当中,60%居住在亚洲,其中1800万在印尼。Harry Philp of Portland Advisers, a consulting firm which advises on sports infrastructure, predicts that more Italian football teams could soon be welcoming foreign investors. Their expertise in running a profitable business will be as welcome as their money.波特兰顾问是一家专门为体育基础建设提供建议的咨询公司,它的雇员哈利·飞利浦预言,更多的意大利足球队将会欢迎国外的投资者。他们在管理盈利生意上的专业水准将和他们的投资一样大受欢迎。译者:卢意 校对:胡靓 译文属译生译世 /201501/357067义乌市肿瘤医院切眼袋手术多少钱 Weve heard it a hundred times before. Theres never anything to watch ontelevision.我们已经听过很多次了,没有什么好看的电视节目。Fifty channels and not one worth sitting down to.50个频道却没有一个值得看。Well,PBS is nice.But you get the idea.嗯,公共广播是一个不错的选择。但是你知道的...If you feel bored by TV, why not try a little experiment?如果你觉得电视节目很无聊,为什么不尝试一个小实验呢?All you have to do is turn to a station where nothing is currently being broadcast.你所要做的就是调到一个没有任何节目的频道。What do you see?That blankscreen isnt really blank.你看到了什么?黑色的屏幕并不真正是黑的。Rather its full of random-seeming flashes of light,sometimes called “snow.”相反屏幕上似乎是充满了随机排列的小光点,有时叫做“雪花”。Now, what if we told you that you have just discoveredevidence of the Big Bang?现在如果我告诉你你发现了宇宙大爆炸的据,你相信吗?Its true. Around three percent of the little sparkles of light you see on an unused channel are caused by photons left over from the Big Bang, the explosionthat started off our entire universe.这是真的。在你看到的这些未使用频道上出现的小光点中,有三分之一是由宇宙大爆炸遗留下来的光子引起的。这些爆炸形成了我们整个宇宙。Heres how it works.现在,让我们看看它们是怎样工作的吧!For about 300,000 years after the Bang, the universe was so dense that photons couldnt go anywhere without bumping into electrons and being annihilated.宇宙大爆炸30万年后,密度很大,光子走到哪都会碰到电子相互结合而湮没,At that 300,000 year mark, however, things cooled off enough to allow atoms to form.但是这时候温度下降,原子得以形成。That gave electrons something to do instead ofalways intercepting photons.这就让电子有事可做,而不总是拦截光子。The photons were set free, to cruise endlesslythrough space, right up to the present day—about 15 billion years later.光子自由后,不断地穿梭于太空中,直到今天,大概150亿年以后。These photons fill all of space, trillions passing through your body every second.这些光子占满了所有的空间。每一秒就有几万亿个光子穿过你们的身体。They are so weak by this point, though, that you cant see them or sense them.这一刻它们是如此微弱,你既不能看见也不能感受到。Unless you open up an antenna to a similar wavelength and listen.除非你打开一个有类似波长的天线的设备听听看,Your television set is just the machine to do this.你的电视就是这样的机器。So take another look at that fuzz.Its brought to you by the origin of thecosmos.再看看绒毛,这是从宇宙起源时就带来的。 201411/343088义乌市妇幼保健院纹眉毛多少钱

诸暨市人民医院减肥手术多少钱Ebola埃拉病毒Chasing a rolling snowball“雪球”越滚越大,防控刻不容缓The world is still acting too slowly to stop Ebola世界范围内阻止埃拉病毒扩散的行动速度过慢FOR months the world has sat largely idle as an Ebola epidemic has marched steadily from the remote jungles of Guinea to the slums of Liberia, and beyond. On September 16th that changed. Barack Obama announced the largest humanitarian deployment by Americas armed forces to fight an infectious disease. Saying that the epidemic “is not just a threat to regional security—its a potential threat to global security if these countries break down”, the president began the process of sending some 3,000 American troops to set up treatment centres with 1,700 beds and to train local health workers.在过去的几个月里,埃拉病毒从几内亚偏远的热带雨林扩散到了利比里亚的贫民窟甚至更远的地方,然而全世界对此却无动于衷,直到9月16日开始有所改变了。奥巴马总统进行了最大的人道主义救助部署,美国军队将会向这一传染性疾病宣战。他表示“这不仅仅是对地区安全的威胁,如果这些感染病毒的国家被拖垮的话,这将正为对全球安全的潜在威胁”3000名美国士兵已经被派遣到当地建立治疗中心,该中心有1700个床位,当地的卫生工作者也将受到训练。The dispatch of troops to west Africa may seem an odd priority when American forces are preparing to confront jihadists in Iraq and Syria and are stretched thin elsewhere. Ebola is a disease that is usually absent from human populations, has been quickly stamped out in the past and in its worst recorded outbreak has thus far caused 3,000 known deaths (seearticle). Moreover it is unlikely to sp widely in rich countries with good health-care systems. Set against killers such as HIV, the virus that kills some 1.6m people a year, or tuberculosis (TB), which takes another 1.3m lives, an expensive fight against Ebola may seem a misallocation of resources.将美国军队派遣到西非可能会看上去是一个奇怪的举动,因为这时美国的军队大多在备战伊拉克和叙利亚的圣战,其他地区的部队为数不多。埃拉病毒通常不会在人类中传播扩散,过去的历史记录中,它通常很快会不见踪影,而最严重的爆发情况是造成了3000人死亡的记录。并且这一病毒在医疗条件较好的富裕国家并不会大面积传播。与此形成对比的是,像艾滋病这样的病毒每年致死的人数多达160万人,肺结核病毒的致死人数也多达130万人。如果在对待埃拉病毒上耗费巨资的话可能是对资源的误用。Yet Ebola is now growing exponentially, with the number of new cases roughly doubling every three weeks or so. In Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, it is thought to be doubling every two weeks. Previous outbreaks were usually in rural villages where it was easier to contain. At this rate of progress, small numbers quickly become big ones, and there is a real risk of the disease sping to cities such as Lagos, which is home to more than 10m people. The longer Ebola is allowed to replicate in humans, the greater the risk that it will become more contagious. Some virologists fret that it might even acquire the ability to be transmitted through the air by coughs and sneezes. Although this seems unlikely, nobody wants to find out just how quickly Ebola can adapt to humans.然而,现在埃拉病毒却在成几何级数扩散,新发现的病例每三周将会翻一番。在利比里亚的首都蒙罗维拉,新病例每两周就翻一番。之前病毒的爆发地通常是偏远村落,那里比较好控制。按照这种发展趋势,感染人数很快就会由小变大,那么如果这一病毒扩散到像拉各斯这样的大城市的话,那么将构成真正意义上的威胁,因为那里居住了超过1千万人。埃拉在人类身上复制传播的时间越长,那么它变得更具传染性的风险就越大。一些病毒学家甚至担心它会变成可以通过空气和唾液传播的病毒。尽管这似乎不太可能,但是没人愿意等着看埃拉病毒多久能适应人类受体。Americas response is the first by a government on a large scale. Until now the burden has been carried by charities such as Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), which has 2,000 staff in the affected countries. Yet even Americas large commitment may not be enough to get ahead of this epidemic in Liberia, the country most affected. By the time the troops actually get there, the situation in Liberia could be far worse.在政府层面对此作出大规模反应的,美国是第一个。目前为止担负最多责任的是像MSF这样的慈善机构。该机构已有2000名员工在病毒感染国工作。尽管美国的决心很大,但是还不足以处理埃拉病毒在利比里亚这个最大感染国的肆虐。等到军队过去的时候,情况可能要比现在糟糕的多。Gloves and masks needed急需手套和口罩Elsewhere, the response falls far short of what is needed. Sierra Leone, the second-worst-affected country, has received far less help from governments: China is sending 174 people and mobile laboratory teams, Cuba is sending a similar number and Britain will set up a hospital with 62 beds. France is sending 20 people to the region.在其它地区应对措施远远不足。塞拉利昂这个第二大感染国接受到的政府援助少得可怜:中国派出了174人以及一流动实验队,古巴也正在派遣差不多的人员,英国将建立一所有62个床位的医院。法国也正在派遣20名人员到该国。Two things are urgently needed. The first is the rapid provision of basic protective gear such as gloves, gowns, surgical masks and disinfectant. Domestic health systems in affected countries have crumbled as nurses and doctors have fallen ill or died for lack of basic gear.目前迫切需要做两件事情。首先是迅速提供基本的防护装备,如手套、隔离衣、口罩、消毒液。 感染国国内医疗系统已经崩溃,因为护士和医生由于缺乏基本的装备而病倒或者死亡。The second need is for trained staff to run the treatment centres and work in them. Poorly run ones with weak infection controls may hasten the sp of the disease. Both are needed soon, as the cost of halting Ebolas sp is also rising exponentially. In August the World Health Organisation estimated that it would take nine months and cost 0m to contain Ebola. Now it reckons the cost has risen to over billion. The longer the world prevaricates, the harder and costlier it will be to contain this outbreak.第二件事是需要受训人员来管理治疗中心并开始工作。管理不善以及不到位的感染防控可能加剧疾病的传播。这两件事都亟待解决,并阻止埃拉病毒的几何级数增长。今年八月,据世界卫生组织估计,需要用9个月花费4.9亿美元的资金才能控制在埃拉病毒。先在估计这一金额将升至10亿美元。全世界对此观望的时间越长,那么想要控制疫情将耗费更多的人力物力。 /201409/331817 The U.S. State Department said on Thursday, the ed States is aware of reports that North Korea is preparing intermediate-range missiles and is closely monitoring the Korean Peninsula. 美国国务院周四表示,美国意识到朝鲜正在准备“中程导弹”,并正密切监视朝鲜半岛局势。A State Department representative clarified, ;We call again on North Korea to refrain from actions that further raise tensions in the region and focus instead on taking concrete steps toward fulfilling its international commitments and obligations.; 一名国务院代表阐明,“我们再次呼吁朝鲜克制进一步加剧该地区紧张局势的行动,将重点放在采取具体步骤履行国际义务和责任上。”South Koreas Yonhap news agency reported that North Korea has deployed one or two intermediate-range ballistic missiles on the east coast. 韩国联合通讯社报道,朝鲜在东海岸部署了一个或两个中程弹道导弹。Its expected the country is possibly preparing for launch on or around Friday.预期朝鲜可能在周五准备发射。译文属。201604/437586义乌哪家医院脱毛效果好浦江县中医院开双眼皮手术多少钱



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