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Leslie Winer was, in the words of Jean-Paul Gaultier, ;the first androgynous model.; In the 1980s, her angular features landed her campaigns for Valentino and Miss Dior; covers of The Face and European editions of Vogue; and shoots with legendary photographers like Helmut Newton, Irving Penn and Pierre et Gilles. She fell into fashion by happenstance after moving to New York City from Massachusetts to attend the School of Visual Arts. There, she became a protégé of William Burroughs, partied hard and ran with the downtown demimonde of the era, dating Jean-Michel Basquiat for a time. Modeling, however, was just a job; music and writing were her true passions. ;The fashion world was much smaller and less mainstream then than it is now,; she says. ;No one outside of fashion had any idea who you were. There wasn#39;t the big money or the celebrity that occurred later.;Modeling also brought Winer to London, where she became part of the orbit around Leigh Bowery#39;s mid-#39;80s club night Taboo. The city#39;s thriving post-punk and New Wave music scenes provided her with a circle of like-minded musicians, including Jah Wobble, the co-founder of John Lydon#39;s post-Sex Pistols outfit Public Image Limited and Kevin Mooney, the bass player for Adam and the Ants. With them, she recorded the cult 1990 LP ;Witch,; which she released under the name ?. The album is now enjoying a second life, thanks to its release earlier this summer on the San Francisco-based reissue label Superior Viaduct.用让-保罗·高缇耶(Jean-Paul Gaultier)的话说,莱斯利·维纳(Leslie Winer)是“第一个雌雄同体的模特”。在20世纪80年代,棱角分明的容貌让她成为华伦天奴(Valentino)和迪奥(Miss Dior)的广告代言人;登上了《The Face》和《Vogue》欧洲版的封面;与赫尔穆特·牛顿(Helmut Newton)、欧文·佩恩(Irving Penn)、皮埃尔和吉勒斯(Pierre et Gilles)等传奇摄影师合作。她从马萨诸塞州搬到纽约市上视觉艺术学校(School of Visual Arts)后偶然进入了时尚界。在那里,她成了威廉姆·巴勒斯(William Burroughs)的门客,经常参加派对,混迹于那个时代的市中心风月场,与让-米切尔·巴斯奎特(Jean-Michel Basquiat)交往过一段时间。不过对她来说,当模特只是个工作,音乐和写作才是她真正的爱好。“当时的时尚界比现在要小得多,没这么主流,”她说,“时尚圈外没人知道你是谁。不像后来,当模特能挣大钱,成为名人。” 模特工作还把维纳带到了伦敦,成为利·鲍厄里(Leigh Bowery)80年代中期的俱乐部禁忌(Taboo)的常客。这座城市蒸蒸日上的后朋克和新浪潮音乐,给她提供了一群志同道合的音乐人朋友,包括约翰·林敦(John Lydon)在性手乐队(Sex Pistols)之后的公共形象有限公司乐队(Public Image Limited)的联合创始人贾赫·沃伯(Jah Wobble),以及亚当和蚂蚁乐队(Adam and the Ants)的贝斯手凯文·穆尼(Kevin Mooney)。1990年,她和他们一起录制了密纹唱片《女巫》(Witch),她以?的名字发布。这张唱片现在迎来了第二春,今年夏天早些时候旧金山的旧唱片重发厂牌“优越高架桥”(Superior Viaduct)再次发行了它。A compelling mix of sampled and programmed musical fragments and beats, breathy spoken word and ethereal singing, ;Witch; still sounds fresh today. ;I saw and listened to a lot of early hip-hop when I lived in New York,; Winer recalls. The influence is apparent, along with reggae and dancehall elements that reflect her proximity to London#39;s Caribbean community. There are echoes of ;Witch; in the work of later#39;90s artists like Massive Attack and Portishead; the music journal NME once called Winer the ;grandmother of trip-hop,; though she says she#39;s ;not even sure what trip-hop is.; The breezily transcendent ;John Says,; one of the album#39;s highlights, appears here.《女巫》混和了经过采样和编程的音乐片段和节奏、气声低语和空灵的演唱,如今听起来仍然很新鲜,令人叹。“我住在纽约时看过、听过很多早期嘻哈音乐,”维纳回忆说。嘻哈音乐对这张唱片的影响很明显,另外它也受到了雷鬼和舞厅雷鬼(dacehall)元素的影响,反映出她与伦敦的加勒比社区关系密切。90年代末的大举进攻乐队(Massive Attack)和Portishead乐队等艺术团体的作品与《女巫》相似。音乐杂志《新音乐快报》(NME)曾称维纳为“trip-hop的祖母”,不过她说她自己“甚至不确定trip-hop是什么”。轻松活泼、出类拔萃的《约翰常说》(John Says)是这张专辑中最精的歌曲之一。Although ;Witch; was a favorite of the legendary English radio DJ John Peel, and Winer went on to collaborate with Sinead O#39;Connor and Grace Jones, the album#39;s release was greeted with near silence. In the late#39;90s, Winer settled in France, where she has raised five daughters and recorded and performed sporadically. She released a second album, 1999#39;s ;Spider,; in an extremely limited edition with the help of her friend Helmut Lang.虽然《女巫》是英国传奇电台DJ约翰·皮尔(John Peel)最喜欢的专辑之一,维纳后来又和西尼德·奥康纳(Sinead O#39;Connor)、格蕾丝·琼斯(Grace Jones)合作过,但是这张专辑反响平平。90年代末,维纳在法国定居,养了五个女儿,偶尔录专辑、表演。1999年在朋友海尔姆特·朗(Helmut Lang)的帮助下发行了第二张专辑《蜘蛛》(Spider),发行数量非常有限。The reissue of ;Witch; prompted Winer to reconnect with the producer Fachtna O#39;Ceallaigh, another of the album#39;s original supporters, to work on new music. She has also recently published a volume of poetry, and serves as the executor of the Beat writer Herbert Huncke#39;s literary estate. And she#39;s even returned to modeling as the face of Vivienne Westwood#39;s spring/summer 2014 campaign, shot by Juergen Teller. Like her music, Winer#39;s life continues to write itself in unexpected ways.《女巫》的再次发行让维纳和那张专辑最初的另一位持者、制作人法切纳·奥西莱(Fachtna O#39;Ceallaigh)再次联系上,继续创作新的音乐。她最近还出版了一本诗集。她是垮掉派作家赫伯特·亨克尔(Herbert Huncke)的文学遗产执行人。她甚至回归到模特界,担任薇薇安·韦斯特伍德(Vivienne Westwood)2014春夏广告的代言人,摄影师是尤尔根·泰勒(Juergen Teller)。和她的音乐一样,维纳的生活继续以不可预测的方式前行。20世纪80年代一篇时装社论上的维纳。 /201409/327995福州那里做人工受精比较好“An Invitation to Ch#226;teau du Grand-Lucé”《大吕克城堡的邀请》(An Invitation to Ch#226;teau du Grand-Lucé)Take Timothy Corrigan up on his joyful invitation to visit the kind of superfancy chateau most of us will never stay in. The American designer acquired a storied French country estate in the Loire Valley and decorated it to the nines, leaving out only the snobbery. Let’s face it: these houses rarely have friendly, uncomplicated hosts, so one almost expects a certain prickly feeling when opening the book. Instead, it’s a lovely story by someone living and sharing his dream. Rizzoli, 接受蒂莫西·科里根(Timothy Corrigan)愉快的邀请,去参观我们大部分人永远也不可能居住的那种超级豪华的城堡。这位美国设计师在卢瓦尔河谷买了一个多层法国田庄,把它装饰得十分完美,只是主人有点势利。让我面对现实吧:这些房子极少拥有友好、简单的主人,所以打开这本书时人们几乎在期待某种刺痛的感觉。但实际上,它是一个实现并与人分享自己梦想的人讲述的可爱的故事。里佐利出版社(Rizzoli),65美元。“Axel Vervoordt: Living With Light”《阿克塞尔·维伍德:生活在光明里》(Axel Vervoordt: Living With Light)The Belgian Vervoordt, who began as an antiques dealer and became a decorator (don’t call him that if you meet him), is an inventor of tastes. The eclecticism he pioneered has been so successful that one can sometimes forget who did it first, but without him the Restoration Hardware catalog would be pretty thin. Like many geniuses, as he gets older his eye gets younger, and his latest work, chronicled here, shows more of an interest in modernism than ever before. Flammarion, 维伍德是比利时人,他最初是古董交易商,后来成了室内装潢师(你如果见到他不要这样称呼他)。他是品味的创造者。他开创的折中主义非常成功,人们有时甚至忘了谁是第一个这样做的人,但是如果没有他,复古家具店(Hardware catalog)的产品目录将会很薄。和很多天才一样,他年纪越长,眼光越年轻,本书记录的他的最新作品比以往表现出更多对现代主义的兴趣。弗拉马里翁出版社(Flammarion),75美元。“Fran#231;ois Halard”《弗朗索瓦·阿拉尔》(Fran#231;ois Halard)Fran#231;ois Halard may not be a decorator, but the 53-year-old photographer has spent a lifetime capturing some of the best-decorated interiors in the world. Halard has seen it all, and he has a better eye than most designers. His photographs — of spaces that range from Chatsworth to a shack on Richard Avedon’s property in Montauk, N.Y. — show not only how a room looks, but how it feels. Images will always be Halard’s first language, but his text is also intimate and poetic, like entries in a diary. Rizzoli, 弗朗索瓦·阿拉尔可能不是室内装潢师,但是这位53岁的摄影师一生都在探索世界上最好的室内装潢。阿拉尔见多识广,比大部分设计师的眼光还要好。他的照片——从查特斯沃思庄园到理查德·艾维顿(Richard Avedon)在纽约蒙托克的一间小屋——不仅展示一个房间的样子,而且展示它给人的感觉。图片将永远是阿拉尔的第一语言,但是他的文字也亲切而有诗意,像日记的条目。里佐利出版社,65美元。“Mario Buatta: Fifty Years of American Interior Decoration”《马里奥·布阿塔:美国室内装潢50年》(Mario Buatta: Fifty Years of American Interior Decoration)The 78-year-old self-titled “Prince of Chintz” has finally published a book, and the results are worth the wait. Between the covers, which are fittingly marbled with leather corners, is a world that celebrates color, Anglophilia and Buatta’s reverence for the work of John Fowler and Parish-Hadley. Even if you don’t want to live this way, it’s a pleasure to be reminded that Buatta’s brand of English Country House style still exists. Rizzoli, 这位78岁的自称“印花棉布王子”(Prince of Chintz)的人终于出书了,这本书值得等待。封面和封底的角合适地用皮料装饰。书中赞美了色、英国崇拜以及布阿塔对约翰·福勒(John Fowler)和帕里什-哈德利(Parish-Hadley)作品的崇敬。即使你不想过这种生活,想起布阿塔的英国乡村住宅风格依然存在也是件愉快的事。里佐利出版社,75美元。“Stephen Sills: Decoration”《斯蒂芬·西尔斯:装潢》(Stephen Sills: Decoration)The decorators Stephen Sills and James Huniford first made a splash in the mid-1990s, when Karl Lagerfeld declared their country home “the chicest house in America.” Sills, who parted ways with Huniford a few years ago, is known for elegant juxtapositions — important antiques alongside exotic finds — and for lending spaces a sense of mystery through surprising manipulations of scale and color. The style has aged well; a strange beauty pervades these rooms. It’s chic as anything, but where are all the lamps? And don’t any of his clients have children? Rizzoli, 室内装潢师斯蒂芬·西尔斯和詹姆斯·胡尼福特(James Huniford)在20世纪90年代中期首次引起轰动,当时卡尔·拉格菲尔德称他们的乡间住宅是“美国最漂亮的房子”。西尔斯几年前和胡尼福特分道扬镳。他以优雅的并置——重要的古董和异国物件并置——以及通过对比例和色的意外处理给空间带来神秘感而闻名。这种风格年月已久,一种奇怪的美感充满这些房间。它是非常漂亮,但是怎么一个台灯也没有?他的客户们都没有孩子吗?里佐利出版社,65美元。 /201407/310789福州去哪里封闭抗体检查最好Pabst Blue Ribbon蓝带啤酒In America, it’s the choice of blue-collar workers and hipsters — an unpretentious lager known primarily for its cheap price tag. But in China, some versions of Pabst Blue Ribbon are something else entirely: high-end alcoholic beverages that would be right at home in a socialite’s manicured hands. Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844 was introduced a few years ago in China with a price tag of a bottle. The ad copy that went along with it : “It’s not just Scotch that’s put into wooden casks. There’s also Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer 1844. Many world-famous spirits are matured in precious wooden casks — Scotch whisky, French brandy, Bordeaux wine…” and goes on to call the beer “truly a treasure among beers.”在美国,这是蓝领工人和嬉皮士们的选择——主要以其价格低廉而闻名。但是在中国,蓝带旗下的某些产品线就完全是另外一回事了:很可能是社会名流手中的高端酒精饮料。 蓝带1844在几年前以44美元一瓶的价位引入中国市场。它的广告词是这么说的:“放在橡木桶里的酒不单只有威士忌,还有蓝带1844。很多世界级的名酒在珍贵的木桶中酿造——苏格兰威士忌,法国白兰地,波尔多葡萄酒……”接着它被称之为“啤酒中的珍宝”。 /201407/312625A court in the Indian capital, Delhi, has said that pre-marital sex was ;immoral; and against the ;tenets of every religion;.在印度首都新德里,一名法官在裁决一起诉讼时说,婚前性行为是“不道德”的,也违反每一种宗教的教义。Judge Virender Bhat made the remarks after ruling that sex between two adults on the promise of marriage did not amount to rape.法官维伦德尔·巴特上月底就一起诉讼作出裁决,两名成年人之间基于结婚承诺的性行为不构成强奸。Pre-marital sex remains a cultural taboo in India.婚前性行为在印度仍然是文化禁忌。Last year, a court in Delhi said live-in relationships were immoral and an ;infamous product of Western culture;.去年,德里一名法官公开指责未婚同居行为,称之为“西方文化的无耻产物”。Judge Bhat presides over a fast-track court set up in the Indian capital to dispose of cases relating to sexual offences against women.在新德里,法官维伦德尔·巴特主持的这家快速法庭处理了一些有关对妇女的性犯罪案件。He made his latest remarks while clearing a man employed with a multinational company accused of rape by a woman.一名印度女子先前指控一名跨国公司印度籍男性员工强奸,法官维伦德尔·巴特就这起诉讼作出裁决,判定这名男子无罪。The 29-year-old man was arrested after the woman working in a different company lodged a complaint of rape against him in 2011.在2011年,这名29岁男子被一名在另外一家公司工作的女子控告性侵,随后遭到逮捕。The woman alleged that the man had sex with her after promising marriage.这名女子指控,男子许诺娶她为妻,多次与她发生性关系。;In my opinion, every act of sexual intercourse between two adults on the assurance of promise of marriage does not become rape, if the assurance or promise is not fulfilled later on by the boy,; Judge Bhat was ed as saying by the Press Trust of India.印度新闻信托社转述法官巴特的判词道:“两名成年人之间基于结婚承诺的性行为不构成强奸,即使男方后来没有履行承诺。”;When a grown up, educated and office-going woman subjects herself to sexual intercourse with a friend or colleague on the latter#39;s promise that he would marry her, she does so at her own peril. She must be taken to understand the consequences of her act and must know that there is no guarantee that the boy would fulfil his promise.巴特指出:“当一名成年的、受过教育的职业女性女性,因为一名男子答应娶她,而与对方(朋友或同事)发生性关系,她就得自担风险。她必须清楚这种行为的后果,对方会否履行承诺这并没有保。 ”;He may or may not do so. She must understand that she is engaging in an act which not only is immoral but also against the tenets of every religion. No religion in the world allows pre-marital sex,; the judge added.他还补充道:“对方不一定履行承诺。她必须明白,她的行为不但是不道德的而且也违反每一种宗教的教义。世界上没有任何宗教允许婚前性行为。”In 2010, the Supreme Court dismissed a number of cases against a Tamil actress who spoke in support of the right of women to have pre-marital sex. The court also endorsed the right of unmarried couples to live together.在2010年,印度最高法院驳回了对一位泰米尔女演员的多项指控,她曾公开持女性婚前性行为的权利。法院也承认对未婚夫妇住在一起的权利。Actress Kushboo was accused of ;outraging public decency; and 22 cases were filed against her in 2005.女演员库什布被指控“违反公共道德”并受到22项指控。 /201402/276286福州博爱中医院检查会很贵吗

福州市一人民医院输卵管复通术龙岩市第二医院输卵管造影Great workplace managers are no less busy than you, but their investment in relationships pays dividends when employees are more receptive to change, willing to extend the benefit of the doubt, and y to give extra when needed to get the job done. How much time can you spare if that time investments result in such positive outcomes?那些营造出绝佳职场氛围的管理者和你一样忙,但他们对各种关系的投入会获得回报,他们的员工会更乐于接受改变,更愿以善意待人,并愿为完成工作而付出更多精力。如果你投入的时间能产生如此积极的效果,那么你愿意为之付出多少时间呢?If you have one hour:如果你有一小时:Invite someone from another department to visit one of your staff meetings in order to tell your work group about his role in the organization and how your work group#39;s efforts help him do his job better. You#39;ll not only help your work group see how their contributions make a difference and build pride, but you model fairness by sending the implicit message that everyone#39;s role matters in accomplishing organizational goals.从其他部门请一位同事来参加你的员工会议,让他向你的团队介绍他在组织中的角色,并谈谈你所在团队付出的努力是如何协助他把工作做得更好的。这样一来,你不仅能帮助你的团队认识到他们的贡献有多么重要,树立他们的自豪感,而且还能暗示在实现组织目标的过程中,每个人的角色都很重要,以此做出公正的表率。If you have one day:如果你有一天Put your employees face-to-face with the beneficiaries of your organization#39;s work, even if those beneficiaries are not the people who pay you for goods and services. Visit sites constructed using equipment that your company manufactures, schools that use your broadband services, or a playground that your employees funded. If getting out is difficult, open your doors. Bring patients to the hospital to talk about the care they received, loyal customers to the store for a celebration, or clients to the office for a tour. Doing so builds employees#39; pride, and also increases camaraderie in the conversations that happen as a result.让你的员工与你所在组织工作的受惠者面对面交流,这些受惠者不一定是付钱购买产品和务的人。可以参观用你们公司生产的设备建成的场所、使用你们宽带务的学校、或者你们员工捐资修建的操场。如果外出参观不方便,那就敞开大门。把病人带到医院里,让他们谈谈自己获得的照护,把老顾客带到商店里参加庆祝活动,或者把客户带到办公室里参观。这样做可以树立员工的自豪感,因此展开的对话还有助于增进友情。Challenge yourself to think of ways you can creatively use small bits of time to build your workplace relationships. Sometimes that time is aly scheduled, like your staff meeting. How you use that time makes all the difference. Other times, think of your choices as investments. A 10-minute phone call might pay off several times over when it comes to that employee#39;s commitment and loyalty to the organization.挑战一下自己,想想能通过哪些方式创造性地利用零散时间建立起这三大职场关系。有时候,这个时间已经写进了日程表,比如员工会议。如何利用这一时间至关重要。至于其他时间,请把你的选择视为投资。10分钟的电话也许能带来几倍的回报,因为它有望使某位员工更投入,对组织更忠诚。Last but not least, ban #39;I don#39;t have time#39; from your vocabulary, especially when it comes to creating a great workplace. Every manager has the same amount of time as you. Great managers use it to build trust, pride, and camaraderie every step of the way.最后一点重要事项是,把“我没时间”从你的字典里删除,尤其是在你想要创造绝佳职场氛围的时候。每一位管理者手中的时间都和你一样。出色的管理者会用这些时间来一步步建立起信任、自豪感和友情。 /201402/275308南平监测卵泡专业医院福州去那输卵管结扎最好

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