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2019年10月17日 16:18:43

With just about every presidential candidate#39;s campaign in full swing, one group we keep hearing about (and will continue to) is all of the ordinary, everyday Americans: The ones who are taking the brunt of the economic downturn, the ones who need someone to stand up for them, and the ones who need decent paying jobs to provide for their Norman Rockwell, picture-perfect American families. So what#39;s the most popular suggestion for what these everyday Americans should do for work? DWYL – ;do what you love.; 每一个总统候选人都在为竞选活动拼尽全力,在这个群组中,我们听到的最多的就是关于普通的美国人的事情。有些人正在处于经济的低迷期;有些人需要人持;有些人需要一个体面的工作去供养他们的家庭,就像诺曼·洛克威尔画中完美的幸福家庭一样。那么对于这些每天都在工作的美国人来说什么提议最受欢迎?做你自己喜欢做的事情。Let#39;s start with millennials. Fresh out of college with six-figure debts and five-figure salaries, we#39;re being told to ;do what we love; and ;follow our hearts; into our careers. But if I’m going to ;keep it 100,; as many of my fellow millennials might say, I think that#39;s horrible advice.让我们先从“千禧一代”开始。带着六位数的债务和五位数的薪水从大学毕业,我们被灌输着“做自己喜欢的事情”、“追随自己的内心”思想进入职场。但是,如果百分百这样做,我不认为这是一个好的建议。我的千禧一代的同事或许认为那是非常糟糕的建议。In fact, no matter what age group you#39;re in, or education level you#39;ve attained, I think it#39;s incredibly dangerous to wander down the path of ;doing what you love.;实际上,不管你处在哪一个年代,不管你的受教育水平如何,我都认为,坚持“做自己喜欢的事情”是一件非常危险的事情。You Can#39;t Always Get What You Want不是所有的事情都如你所愿When we#39;re told to do what we love, we immediately narrow our vision of what a career can be – and therefore, limit our ability to be satisfied by our careers.当别人告诉我们去做我们想做的事情的时候,我们会立即缩小自己的的视角关于选择职业,从而限制我们适应工作的能力。We get the idea that unless we#39;re doing the job that we ;love,; we#39;re not doing a good job, or the right job, or the best job when in reality there are plenty of amazing careers to be had in fields we#39;re probably not all too aware of. 我们会认为,如果找不到喜欢的工作、正确的工作或者说最好的工作,就无法把手头工作做好。在现实生活中许多领域有很多很棒的工作,而我们大多数人却没有意识到。The problem for all of us here in the middle class is that the middle class is, well, shrinking. The economic landscape is rapidly changing, and what we may have dreamed of doing as kids may not be the smartest paths for us to pursue today.中产阶层正在缩减,这是他们现在所面临的问题。经济景观瞬息万变,依然做着孩子的梦,在今天或许已经不合时宜。What#39;s more, we might be wasting our time chasing after bachelor#39;s degree only to take a job where our degree#39;s all but obsolete.更重要的是,我们或许会为了找到一份工作而浪费时间去获得一个学士学位,而对于这份工作而言,不过是一张废纸。But Try Sometimes…但是有时候可以尝试一下新的选择If you look at job trends over the last 100 years, blue-collar and farming jobs are disappearing, but service industry and white-collar jobs are on a steady and welcome rise. New fields are emerging in the tech world every day. While we need good workers in the service industry, web developers and data scientists are in sharp demand as well.如果你看一下在过去一百年的发展趋势,可以发现蓝领和农场工作正在消失,但是务业和白领工作呈现稳定增长的趋势。新的科技领域在不断出现,与此同时,对于网页开发者、数据师的需求也在直线上升。When your most prominent career advice is ;do what you love,; there#39;s a big chance you#39;re missing out on some of the wisest potential career decisions available to you. Whether it#39;s finding a field you haven#39;t yet discovered, or learning the value of job that can simply pay your bills – don#39;t put so much pressure on yourself to find that ;perfect job.;当别人告诉“你去做喜欢做的事情”的时候,你很容易就会错过作出明智的有利的职业选择的机会,无论是否帮你找到一个从未发现的领域,还是只够偿还账单,不要背负沉重的压力去选择“完美工作”。Start with focusing on what skills you have, what you can learn, and how that can translate into a sustainable job with upward mobility. The reality is: we need bus drivers, we need cooks, and we need doormen just like we need developers, bankers, and engineers. While machines may be taking some jobs away, there are myriad jobs that aren#39;t going anywhere – and we depend on them in the big picture of our world#39;s day-to-day.想一想自己学到了什么,有什么技能,怎样把它们转化为适应工作的动力。现实中,我们需要汽车司机,我们需要厨师,就像我们需要开发者、家和工程师一样。尽管机器会代替一部分的工作,但是仍然会有很多工作需要人去做。每一天我们都需要它们。Stop focusing on loving what you do, and start focusing on finding a job that fills a tangible need. Your love for what you do will come with the satisfaction of a job well done.不要一味关注你喜欢做的事情,开始寻找一份工作,来填补有形的需要。如果你喜欢自己做的事情,那么也会对自己的工作很满意。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,。 /201507/382254龙岩第一医院测卵泡多少钱宁德输卵管复通术的医院With a combined weight of 54st, they say they are ‘too fat to work’.一对情侣体重加起来有300多公斤,他们说他们“太胖而无法工作”。But that did not stop Stephen Beer, 45, and wife Michelle, 43, being able to splash out #163;3,000 on their wedding – as the bill was footed by the taxpayer.但是这并没有阻止45岁的史蒂芬·比尔和妻子43的米歇尔花上3000英镑来举办他们的婚礼,因为这些钱全部由政府来承担。Mr Beer, who was marrying for the sixth time, weighs 31st and had to have a suit specially made for the occasion.新浪比尔是第6次结婚,他体重197公斤,婚礼上需要穿专门定制的礼。By contrast his 23st wife became a bride for the first time and wore a white gown for the registry office ceremony and church blessing that followed.而他的妻子米歇尔体重为148公斤,这是她第一次结婚,在婚姻登记处的典礼以及随后的教堂仪式上,她身穿白色婚纱。The couple’s story was featured on the Channel 5 documentary Benefits: Too Fat To Work last night and viewers were shown how paramedics were called to the reception in Plymouth, Devon, before Mr Beer was taken to hospital feeling unwell.这对情侣的事迹被一档电视节目制作成纪录片--《胖到无法工作》,节目中介绍,在德文郡的普利茅斯进行的比尔、米歇尔两人的登记典礼上,虽然有护理人员在场,但比尔仍感到不舒,随后被送到了医院。The groom, who suffers from type 2 diabetes, hypertension and other problems linked to his weight, had a blood clot on the lung and instead of a honeymoon he spent nine days in hospital.比尔由于肥胖患有二型糖尿病、高血压等疾病,另外还有肺部血栓。其他情侣新婚后要去度蜜月,而比尔却在医院里呆了9天。He can only stand for a limited period before becoming breathless and his wife said the wedding day trip to hospital was no surprise.比尔只能站立一小会儿,否则就会喘不上气。他的妻子米歇尔称登记典礼那天比尔被送到医院是意料之中的事。Mr Beer used to run a cleaning business and had to give up work six years ago following a stroke.比尔曾经经营过一家清洁公司,但在6年前因遭受中风,之后便停止了工作。The couple receive around #163;1,700 a month in benefits. The rent on their one-bedroom flat is paid for by the taxpayer, and a carer comes twice daily to clean and help Mr Beer dress, but the taxpayer pays the #163;8,000-a-year cost.比尔和米歇尔每个月可以领到约1700英镑的补助。他们租住的公寓及各种费用等每年8000英镑的花费同样不用他们付钱,每天两次有护工过来打扫并帮助比尔穿衣。Mr Beer also uses a specially strengthened mobility scooter, provided at public expense.比尔走动也必须依靠一辆专门设计的小轮车。He insists he wants a job but says no one will give him work because of his weight. And yesterday, he blamed the Government for being too generous to those on benefits.比尔说他想要工作,但因为他太胖没人愿意提供工作给他。他抱怨这是因为政府的补助政策太好了。Speaking on ITV’s This Morning programme, Mr Beer said: ‘The Government is making it easy for people like us. The Government is making it easy for people on benefits.’ He said he didn’t think he deserved anything, adding: ‘I’m the one who put myself in this situation, no one else.’ However, he insisted he was now suffering from ‘prejudice’. He said he recently applied for an office job but claims he was turned down because he was too overweight.他说:“政府对我们这样的人提供了太大的便利。足够的补助让我们生活并不困难。”他觉得他并不该拥有这些补助,“是我把自己弄成这个样子的,与其他人无关。”但是他也说他现在遭受到了“歧视”。他说他最近申请了一份办公室的工作,但因为太胖而遭到拒绝。Mr Beer said he became so overweight because of an addiction to food, but is now trying to sort himself out and plans to go to a boot camp later this month.比尔说他是因为贪吃才这么胖的,现在他已经在尝试规范饮食,并计划参加减肥训练营。The couple both attended weight loss groups and courses at public expense in the run up to the wedding.这对情侣目前都在为婚礼而努力瘦身中。 /201501/355725;The secret for keeping my bright-eyed enthusiasm after 20 years at the same job? LED contact lenses!;想知道我是怎让让我的女儿在一个岗位工作20年之后,眼睛仍然闪亮的秘密吗?那就是隐形眼镜! /201506/379835福州做输卵管复通比较好的医院

龙岩检查怀孕比较好的医院龙岩看卵巢多囊要多少钱Modern men spend more on impulse buys than women do, research has revealed。调查显示,现代男性冲动购物比女性花费更多。A study found that men regularly shell out an average of £25-a-week on items they bought on a whim, while women spend close to £19-per-week。一项调查发现,男性平均每星期在冲动购物上花费25英镑,而女性花费近19英镑。Food, beer and DVDs are the most common treats for males while clothes, magazines and wine topped the list for women along with books, shoes and toiletries。男性冲动购物最常买的是食物、啤酒和DVD,而女性冲动购物买得最多的是衣、杂志和红酒,还有书、鞋子和化妆品。The poll of 2,000 customers found that over a typical adult lifetime around £70,217.28 will be frittered away purely to satisfy the overwhelming urge to shop。这项涵盖了2000名消费者的调查发现,成年人一生中因一时兴起而消费的东西平均会花掉约7.02万英镑。Researcher Emily Stag said: #39;Twenty pounds a week might not seem a lot, but can add up to a huge amount over a lifetime。研究人员艾米丽?斯泰格说:“每周20英镑也许看起来不是很多,但一辈子这么积累起来数额就相当大了。”#39;For £70,000 you could easily put a large deposit on a house, pay off all your debits or buy a sports car。“有7万英镑你可以轻松地给房子付巨额首付,偿还所有的欠款,或是买辆跑车。#39;General consensus would suggest consumers are trying to save every penny at the moment, but our research shows we still like to treat ourselves or our loved ones.#39;“人们普遍都认为消费者在日常购物中会能省则省,但是我们的研究显示,我们依然愿意花钱满足自己或爱人。”The study found triggers such as receiving birthday money, coming into an unexpected windfall such as cash back from a company, or a small win on the lottery often result in spur of the moment purchases。研究发现,收到生日礼金、或是得到一些意外之财,例如公司返还现金或中了小额票等,这些通常都会诱发冲动消费。Six out of ten women admit they regularly give in to temptation if there is a sale on and six out of ten also cited retail therapy as the main reason for shopping on impulse。十分之六的女性承认自己经常抵制不住特价促销的诱惑,另外还有十分之六的女性说她们冲动消费的主要原因是通过购物让自己开心。Only four out of ten men said the same thing。只有十分之四的男性是因为上述原因冲动购物的。It also emerged one in three girls admit they don#39;t bother telling their other half about their recent purchases。研究还发现,三分之一的女性承认,她们不会告诉另一半自己最近买了什么东西。Furthermore one in five couples argue as a direct result of overspending each week。另外,五分之一的夫妇会因为每周花费过多而吵嘴。 /201507/384131福州治疗多囊卵巢综合症哪个医院好三明市看早泄费用

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