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福州精子检测价格龙岩治卵巢早衰大约多少钱The European institutions overseeing Greece’s bailout have expressed “serious concernsover the sustainability of the country’s debt, bringing them into line with the more pessimistic assessment of the International Monetary Fund.监督希腊纾困的欧洲机构对该国债务的可持续性表示“严重关切”,这使欧方的口径与国际货币基金组织(IMF)比较悲观的评估基本一致。The European Commission and the European Central Bank argue in a new analysis that debt relief measures, including extending repayment periods, would allow Athens to achieve debt sustainability, a solution advocated by the IMF. They say such moves would avoid the need for a full-scale haircut.欧盟委员European Commission)和欧洲央ECB)在一项新的分析中提出,债务减免措施(包括延长还款期)将使雅典方面能够实现债务可持续——这正是IMF倡导的解决方案。他们表示,这样的举措将意味着不需要全面减记债务。The conclusion provides a boost to Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras on the day he seeks to push a highly contentious reform and austerity programme through parliament as part of a new 85bn rescue programme agreed in outline on Tuesday. It will heap pressure on Berlin to back substantial debt relief for Athens when Greece’s creditors discuss the issue in the autumn.这个结论有利于希腊总理齐普拉斯騠虎克西Alexis Tsipras),他正在推动该国议会通过一项备受争议的改革和财政紧缩计划,这是各方在周二达成框架协议的850亿欧元新救助计划的一部分。另一方面,这个结论将使柏林方面受到压力,要求其在希腊的债权人今秋讨论这个问题时,持向希腊提供大幅债务减免。But the study could also exacerbate German concerns about ploughing ahead with a new bailout, given the scepticism in chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling conservative CDU/CSU bloc about Greece’s ability to deliver on reform promises and create the conditions for economic recovery.但这项研究也可能加剧德国对于推进新纾困计划的担忧。德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)领导的保守的基民基社CDU/CSU)执政联盟,本来就对希腊兑现改革承诺、为经济复苏创造条件的能力持怀疑态度。Germany, together with some other hardline eurozone members, has given Greek calls for debt relief short shrift, saying that any “nominal haircutwould be illegal under the EU treaties.对于希腊要求债务减免的呼吁,德国和其他一些强硬的欧元区成员国一直不屑一顾。他们称,根据欧盟条约,任何“名义减记”都是不合法的。But the analysis by the European institutions suggests that extending maturities coupled with other grace periods would make an outright haircut unnecessary.但上述欧洲机构的分析表明,延长偿债期限,加上其他宽限期安排,将意味着没有必要进行全面减记。Without maturity extensions or similar actions there would be “serious concerns regarding the sustainability of Greece’s public debt it says.分析报告称,若不能延长偿债期限,也没有类似行动,就会存在“对于希腊公共债务可持续性的严重关切”。Eurozone finance ministers are due to debate the outline agreement between Athens and its bailout monitors on the new 85bn rescue today. Germany has said the deal is insufficient and wants more time to work out the details.欧元区财长将于今日辩论雅典方面与纾困监督员就新的850亿欧元救助方案达成的框架协议。德国曾表示,这份协议力度不够,并希望有更多时间来敲定细节。But Berlin is becoming increasingly isolated in its reluctance to endorse a new rescue as other hardliners gave it their blessing. Alex Stubb, Finland’s finance minister, said he was y to give the go-ahead to a new bailout. “We are turning the page in this crisis. Hopefully we will see Greece back on the path of recovery. The messages we are getting from Athens are probably a bit more committed than in the past.”但是,柏林方面不愿持新救助方案的立场,正使其越来越孤立,因为其他强硬的欧元区伙伴已表示赞同。芬兰财长亚历克斯斯图布(Alex Stubb)表示,他准备同意新的纾困方案。“我们正在翻开这场危机的新的一页。希望我们会看到希腊回到复苏的道路上。我们从雅典方面获得的承诺很可能比过去诚恳了一些。”Although debt relief will not be formally discussed until after the summer, it could still become an issue in today’s talks. Berlin is insisting on the IMF’s full participation in a new bailout of Greece before deciding whether to back the deal. But the IMF whose involvement is also critical for other hardline countries warned last month that it may not be able to take part in a third Greek bailout if the country’s debts were unsustainable.虽然正式讨论债务减免将是夏季以后的事情,但此事仍可能成为今日磋商中的一个议题。柏林方面坚持要求IMF首先承诺全面参与新的希腊纾困,然后才会决定是否持协议。其他立场强硬的成员国也希望IMF参与。但IMF上月警告,如果希腊的债务是不可持续的,它可能无法参与对该国的第三轮纾困。来 /201508/392902龙岩那里可以第三代试管 Russian authorities have placed Vladimir Yevtushenkov, one of the country’s richest men, under house arrest on charges of money laundering.俄罗斯政府指控该国最富有的人之一弗拉基米#8226;叶夫图申科夫(Vladimir Yevtushenkov)洗钱,已对他实行软禁。Mr Yevtushenkov is the chairman and largest holder of AFK Sistema, one of Russia’s biggest private corporations.叶夫图申科夫是俄罗斯最大的私企之一AFK Sistema的董事长和最大股东。Sistema’s subsidiaries include MTS, one of the largest mobile operators in Russia, oil company Bashneft and Russian children’s store Detsky Mir.Sistema旗下子公司包括俄罗斯最大的移动通信运营商之一MTS、石油公司Bashneft以及俄罗斯儿童用品商店Detsky Mir。Forbes ranks Mr Yevtushenkov as the 15th richest man in Russia with a net worth of .8bn. Lord Mandelson, the prominent former British government minister, sits on Sistema’s board.在《福布斯Forbes)的俄罗斯富豪榜上,叶夫图申科夫位列第15位,其净资产8亿美元。知名的英国前内阁大臣曼德尔森勋Lord Mandelson)是Sistema董事会成员。Vladimir Markov, a spokesman for Russia’s investigative committee, the country’s equivalent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, yesterday said a Russian court had decided to place Mr Yevtushenkov under house arrest. This came after, he said, investigators claimed there were “reasonable groundsto believe Sistema had employed “criminal meansin its acquisition of Bashneft in which Mr Yevtushenkov had been complicit.俄罗斯调查委员会(相当于美国的联邦调查局)发言人弗拉基米尔#8226;马尔科夫(Vladimir Markov)昨日表示,俄罗斯一法院已决定对叶夫图申科夫实行软禁。他表示,此举缘于调查人员称,有“合理依据”相信Sistema在收购Bashneft时采用了“犯罪手段”,而叶夫图申科夫在这件事上难辞其咎。Sistema said in a statement it considered the allegations against him “wholly unfoundedand said it would use “all our opportunities to appeal against itSistema在一份声明中表示,其认为针对叶夫图申科夫的指控“毫无根据”,并表示将利用“我们的一切机会对此提出上诉”。In Russia, criminal investigations are often used as a way to settle political scores.在俄罗斯,刑事调查往往被用来进行政治上的报复。Troubles for Sistema began this summer when authorities in the Bashkortostan Republic, a central Russian region, which is also Bashneft’s former owner, alleged that Sistema had underpaid for the company when it was acquired from the local government in , suing Sistema for .8bn in damages. The lawsuit came ahead of an initial public offering that Bashneft was planning in London.Sistema的麻烦开始于今年夏季,当时位于俄罗斯中部的巴什科尔托斯坦共和国(Bashkortostan Republic)当局指控称,Sistema009年以偏低价格向当地政府收购了Bashneft,并以此为由,请求法庭命令Sistema付58亿美元的损害赔偿金。在此次诉讼之前,Bashneft正计划在伦敦上市。Mr Yevtushenkov’s arrest will deal another blow to Russia’s investment climate, which has rapidly deteriorated this year on the back of Russia’s annexation of Crimea and Moscow’s involvement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine.叶夫图申科夫被捕将让俄罗斯投资环境再受冲击。在俄罗斯吞并克里米亚和莫斯科卷入乌克兰东部冲突的背景下,今年俄罗斯的投资环境迅速恶化。One of Russia’s richest men, Mr Yevtushenkov came to prominence in Moscow in the early 1990s, when he was seen as close to Yuri Luzhkov, the then powerful mayor of Moscow.叶夫图申科夫是俄罗斯的首富之一,他于上世纪90年代初在莫斯科声名鹊起,被认为与强势的时任莫斯科市长尤里#8226;卢日科夫(Yuri Luzhkov)关系密切。He acquired many of his assets during the chaotic privatisations of the Yeltsin era when many state-owned properties were sold off for a song to politically-connected businessmen.他的许多资产都是在叶利钦时代混乱的私有化期间获得的,当时许多国有资产被以极低价格抛售给与政界关系密切的商人。MTS shares fell close to 2 per cent in New York on the news of the arrest.叶夫图申科夫被捕消息传出后,在纽约上市的MTS股价下跌%。来 /201409/329212南平检查激素六项

闽侯县排卵监测到哪里好“I can’t breathethe dying words of Eric Garner, who was killed in a police chokehold in July has become a national rallying cry.“我无法呼吸”,这是今年7月被一名美国警察锁喉杀死的埃里#8226;加纳(Eric Garner)临死前说过的话。它已成为近日美国各种全国集会上的一个口号。Across the US, those words appear on protestersbanners. They also serve as a metaphor for a justice system that is on the cusp of forfeiting its legitimacy. The decay extends far wider than the “justifiable homicidethat describes the 400 or more deaths every year at the hands of US law enforcement officers.这句话出现在美国各地抗议者的标语上。它还是一个正丧失合法性的司法体系的象征。这个体系的腐朽远远不止于“正当杀人”——每年死于美国执法警察“正当杀人”的00人甚至更多。Antiquated grand jury hearings, grossly overcrowded prisons, the militarisation of police equipment, overambitious US attorneys all feed into a larger crisis of US justice. In the wake of the decisions not to prosecute officers in the Ferguson and Staten Island killings, President Barack Obama has called for a “national conversationto rebuild trust in local police forces. That is a bare minimum. Mr Obama should launch a root-and-branch review of a system that needs saving from itself.陈旧的大陪审团听会体系、极度拥挤的监狱、警用装备的军事化、野心过大的美国律师,这些都造成了美国司法体系的更大危机。在大陪审团决定不起诉弗格森市和斯塔滕岛杀人案中的警察后,美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)呼吁展开“全国性对话”,以重建民众对地方警察力量的信任。这只是最起码的。奥巴马应彻底重新评估这个亟需自救的体系。The crisis extends beyond race. Protesters have understandably focused on the fact that both men Garner and Michael Brown were African-American and that their police killers were white. It is undeniable that black Americans are disproportionately more likely than other ethnic groups to be the victims of police shootings, to go to jail for crimes on which others are fined and to be sentenced to death row.此次危机超越了种族问题。确实,加纳和迈克尔#8226;布朗(Michael Brown)两人都是非洲裔美国人,而杀死他们的警察都是白人,抗议者聚焦于种族是合情合理的。不可否认,相对于其他族裔人群,美国黑人更有可能成为警方击的牺牲品,更有可能入狱(同样的罪名,其他种族的人可能只会被罚款),甚至更有可能被判死刑。There is a huge imbalance in the US penal system. All Americans shouldbe concerned. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, more than half of the 426 “justifiable homicidesthat occurred in 2012 were white. By comparison there were zero police killings in neighbouring Canada that year. US law enforcement agencies conduct roughly 50,000 Swat raids on private homes each year, mostly in search of drugs. These cover every racial group.但美国刑罚体系严重失衡,这是所有美国人都应关心的。根据联邦调查局(FBI)的数据,012年的426起“正当杀人”案中,有超过一半的被杀者为白人。相比之下,在邻国加拿大,当年未发生一起警察杀人事件。美国执法机构每年大约有5万起特警搜查私人住宅的事件,多数是搜查毒品。这些涉及所有种族。Using armoured personnel carriers and stun grenades, these operations could as well be taking place in Baghdad during the height of the Iraq insurgency. Often they result in deaths. Invariably they sp terror.这些行动动用装甲运兵车和震撼手榴弹,现场情形简直堪比伊拉克暴乱最严重时期的巴格达街头。这些行动常常导致人员死亡,无一例外地导致恐惧蔓延。It would be a travesty were Mr Obama’s plea for dialogue to be monopolised by race. That would imply the US justice system was basically sound except for its racial bias. The latter is a window on a far larger problem. Put simply, America’s civilian police culture is turning paramilitary.如果奥巴马所呼吁的对话只集中于种族问题,那么这将是一种对事实的歪曲。这将暗示,除了种族偏见以外,美国司法体系基本上还是良好的。种族偏见给我们提供了一个发现更严重问题的机会。简单来讲,美国的平民警察文化正走向准军事化。In the past five years, Washington has transferred bn worth of Pentagon equipment to law enforcement agencies in most cases without training on how to use it. It is increasingly common to see officers dressed in fatigues like soldiers in a conflict zone. There are few instances in which an officer who kills an unarmed civilian can be prosecuted, or even removed from his job.过去5年,美国政府将价80亿美元的国防部装备移交给执法部门,但在多数情况下没有培训他们如何使用。人们越来越经常看到,像士兵一样身穿迷的警察出现在冲突地区。杀害手无寸铁的平民的警察几乎没有一个被起诉,甚至都不会被撤职。Requiring them to wear body cameras as Mr Obama is now urging only addresses part of the problem, which extends to the judicial system itself. Garner’s death was captured on an iPhone . It is hard to watch it and conclude that this was anything other than an unjustifiable homicide. Yet the officer who choked him to death will not be prosecuted.要求警察随身配备摄像机(正如奥巴马现在敦促的那样)只会解决一部分问题,更大的问题延伸到了司法体系本身。一段iPhone视频记录下了加纳的死。看完后,我们很难做出结论说这不是一起非正当杀人事件。然而勒死他的那名警察将不会被起诉。Mr Obama has asked the Department of Justice to review both grand jury decisions under federal civil rights law. But the burden of proof is very high. He has also called for more police training. These are minor steps. A far larger national inquiry is urgently needed. The police are there to serve the public, not the other way round. In the US of all countries this should never be forgotten.奥巴马已要求司法部根据联邦民权法评估大陪审团的这两项裁决。但举很难。他还呼吁展开更多警员培训。这些都是次要的。现在亟需一项范围更大的全国性调查。警察的责任是为公众务,而不是反过来。在本该是所有国家表率的美国,这点永远不应被忘记。来 /201412/347003福州市检查排卵去那比较好 福州做解扎手术哪家最好

福州博爱医院通输卵管多少钱Republican U.S. presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has called for a ;total and complete; block on Muslims entering the ed States until the nations leaders can ;figure out what is going on.;在目前民调中持率领先的美国共和党总统参选人川普星期一呼吁美国领导人在明察当前形势之前,全面阻止穆斯林进入美国。Trump alleged that polling data shows ;hatred toward Americans by large segments of the Muslim population.;川普宣称,民调数据显示大部分穆斯林人仇恨美国人;Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life,; Trump said Monday.川普周一说:“在我们能够确定和了解这个问题及其构成的危险威胁之前,我们的国家听任那些只信仰伊斯兰圣战的人发动骇人攻击,遭受伤害。这些人一心要发动伊斯兰圣战,不要我们的制度。这些人毫无理性,不尊重人的生命,完全不尊重。”Virulent statements against Muslims are nothing new for Trump, who has called on the government to monitor mosques, and has refused to rule out his earlier proposal to enter the names of Muslims in America into a database.对川普来说,这种针对穆斯林的攻击性言论已屡见不鲜。他曾提出政府监视清真寺,并拒绝放弃早先提出的一项建议,也就是把所有在美国的穆斯林编入一个人名数据库。But Mondays statement was an escalation even for the billionaires usually harsh rhetoric aimed at members of the Islamic faith, in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California.不过,在巴黎和加州圣伯纳迪诺恐怖袭击后,这位亿万富翁针对伊斯兰信仰的言辞比以往的激烈程度进一步升级。Trumps remarks come a day after President Barack Obama urged Americans during a nationally televised address not to turn against Muslims in the wake of the terrorist attacks.“美国与伊斯兰关系委员会”执行长尼哈德·阿瓦德谴责川普的言论,并警告说,这些言论引起美国穆斯林的强烈反弹。他说: “川普听起来像是一伙私刑暴民的头目,而不是一位领导人。川普等人的做法正中伊斯兰国组织的下怀。这正是伊斯兰国组织所希望的:让美国人彼此之间反目为仇”。川普发表上述言论前,奥巴马总统在全国电视讲话中,敦促美国民众在恐怖袭击后不要将矛头转向穆斯林。The White House quickly condemned Trumps proposal, calling it ;totally contrary to our values as Americans.;白宫立即谴责了川普的说法,说它与美国人民的价值观完全背道而驰”。Trumps remarks also drew condemnation from his opponents in upcoming presidential primaries.川普的言论还受到共和党总统初选竞争对手的谴责。Former Florida governor and fellow presidential hopeful Jeb Bush tweeted that Trump ;is unhinged. ... His policy proposals are not serious.; ;Thats a ridiculous position and one that wont even be productive,; said New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.前佛罗里达州长杰布·布什在推特上说,川普脱离实际,其政策主张很不严肃。”Lindsey Graham said Trump ;has gone from making absurd comments to being downright dangerous with his bombastic rhetoric.;新泽西州长克里斯·克里斯蒂称川普的立场“荒谬”。联邦参议员林德赛·格雷汉姆表示,这位亿万富翁的言论“已从荒诞无稽转到危险之极。”来 /201512/415068 龙岩人民医院治疗封闭抗体多少钱福州男子结扎手术哪个医院好



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