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泉州阳光妇科医院官网泉州妇幼保健院清宫要什么证明Huawei has announced its first Windows 10 tablet, a day before Mobile World Congress in Barcelona begins.在巴塞罗那世界移动大会开幕前一天,华为正式发布了传闻已久的首款MateBook笔记本电脑。The MateBook is designed to be an alternative to laptops and is thinner than Microsoft#39;s rival Surface Pro 4 thanks to its use of a USB-C port.由于MateBook使用USB-C接口,所以相比竞争对手微软的Surface Pro 4更薄一些,可以代替手提电脑使用。The Chinese firm is aly the world#39;s third-bestselling mobile phone-maker, but until now had only made tablets powered by Android. Experts said it made good business sense to expand into the new category.这家中国公司已经成为世界上第三大最畅销的手机制造商,但直到现在才开发出安卓系统的平板电脑。专家称这为手机制造企业拓展了新的商机。However, there was no mention of the much-rumoured P9 smartphone at Huawei#39;s event. When questioned about the no-show, the firm told the B it did not discuss future products.然而,谣传已久的华为P9并没有被提及。当被问及华为P9的缺席时,华为公司告诉B,他们暂时不想讨论未来产品。The MateBook features a 12in (30.5cm) display and can be clipped into an add-on keyboard and used with a stylus.MateBook配备12寸(30.5cm)的触摸屏,可加入键盘或者使用写字笔。Its advantages over Microsoft#39;s Surface Pro 4 are that it is:优越于微软Pro 4 的几大特点:nearly 20% thinner, measuring 6.9mm (0.3in) deep比Pro 4轻薄20%,厚度为6.9毫米has a fingerprint sensor built into its side, unlike the Surface Pro which requires its cover to be attached to use the feature内置指纹传感器,不像Surface Pro需要触碰键盘盖来使用这项功能。However, the disadvantages are that Huawei#39;s machine is only offered with a sixth generation Core M processor, and not Intel#39;s more powerful Core i5 or i7 chips.但是这台机器的缺点是只提供第六代酷睿M处理器,而不是英特尔的更强大的酷睿i5或i7芯片。In addition, the decision to rely on a USB-C port means that older peripherals cannot be attached directly to the machine and it lacks a built-in display port.此外,依靠usb-c端口意味着旧的设备不能直接连接到这台机器,并且它缺乏一个内置的显示端口。The entry-level MateBook will cost 9 when it goes on sale later this year, making it 0 cheaper than the basic Surface Pro 4. To purchase its keyboard, MatePen and MateDock will cost an additional 7.当MateBook今年晚些时候开始销售时,其初级版本的售价为699美元,比Surface Pro 4的售价便宜了100美元。但是购买它的附属品如键盘、写字笔和MateDock将会额外花费277美元。 /201602/428332石狮市中医院是公立医院吗? A documentary has exposed how restaurants rank customers according to looks - and place the people they deem to be pleasing to the eye at the front while hiding the less attractive ones at the back.一部纪录片显示,餐厅会对顾客的外表进行排序,把外表养眼的人安排在靠前的座位,而把相貌平平的安排在靠后的座位。Channel 4#39;s new four-part series, Tricks of the Restaurant Trade, sent models into three top London restaurants where they were given #39;golden tables#39; - prominent seats near the front.英国第4频道的四集纪录片《餐厅的诡计》派出一些模特来到三家位于伦敦的顶级餐厅。他们都被安排到了靠前又显眼的“尊享位”。But those considered to be less attractive were relegated to the areas near the kitchen or toilets - or were even simply told there were no tables available.而长相不起眼的人则被安排到靠厨房和厕所的座位,或者直接被告知没有座位。The show is presented by Simon Rimmer, Kate Quilton and actor Adam Pearson, who suffers from neurofibromatosis, which has left his face covered in dozens of non-cancerous tumours.这档节目由西蒙里默、凯特丠尔顿和演员亚当皮尔逊主持。皮尔逊患有多发性神经纤维瘤,这导致他的脸部长有许多良性肿瘤。During the experiment Mr Pearson hired the models and sent them into the restaurants shortly before he and a friend also attempted to get a table.在测试中,皮尔逊请了一些模特到目标餐厅就餐,随后自己也和朋友到这些餐厅找座位。In all three cases the women were given seats in prime locations while the men were either hidden away or refused tables.在测试的三家餐厅中,女性都被安排坐到了最佳位置上,而男性则被安排到不起眼的位置,或是直接被拒绝给座位。Mr Pearson said: #39;It#39;s disappointing. The next time you get sat at the back of the restaurant, now you know why.#39;皮尔逊说:“结果让人堵得慌。下次你再被安排到餐厅靠后的座位,你就知道为什么了。”Two restaurateurs interviewed for the show admitted such discrimination is common practice.节目还采访了两位餐馆老板,两人皆承认这种歧视性做法在业内很常见。TV chef Simon Rimmer, who owns Greens in Manchester and Earle in Cheshire, said: #39;Every restaurant has a golden table where they sit the best looking customers.电视名厨西蒙里默在曼彻斯特和柴郡开了两家分别名为“绿色”和“厄尔”的餐厅。他说:“每家餐厅都有一张#39;尊享位#39;,留给那些最养眼的顾客。”#39;A restaurant#39;s clientèle give off a certain message about the place.“一家餐厅的顾客会传达出特定的信息。#39;Good looking customers attract more people and make you more cash so you sit them where they can be seen.#39;“长得好看的顾客可以吸引更多的人,让你赚到更多的钱,所以你把他们安排到显眼的位置上。”Neil Gill, who owns London#39;s Season Kitchen, told The Sun: #39;Everybody likes to associate themselves with cool people and good looking people.尼尔吉尔是伦敦“四季厨房”的老板。他告诉《太阳报》:“大家都喜欢和外形时髦、赏心悦目的人待在一起。#39;You want to feel like you are eating in a restaurant where there are other cool people.#39;“你想要这种感觉:仿佛你正和其他一些时髦的人一起在餐厅吃饭。”Tricks of the Restaurant Trade, which airs on Channel 4 at 8pm on Tuesday, aims to find out how customers can ensure they get the best quality food and reveals some of the techniques that restaurants regularly use.《餐厅的诡计》正于每周二晚8点在第4频道播出。这部纪录片致力于寻找让顾客可以判断食物质量的方法,并揭露了一些餐厅常用的伎俩。 /201601/421521泉州中医医院服务

泉州那个妇科好不好One problem facing the companies that make virtual-reality technology, such as Facebook-owned Oculus VR, is a lack of true “presence.” When you strap on VR goggles and drop into a digital environment, you can’t see or interact with your real-life hands.以Facebook旗下Oculus VR公司为代表的虚拟现实技术公司面临的一大问题是,这种技术难以带来真正的“现场感”。当你戴上虚拟现实头盔,并不知不觉地沉浸到数字世界之中,你是无法真正看到其中的事物,或者用双手与之互动的。At this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Sony Computer Entertainment, the tech giant’s game division, showed off its solution. The latest version of its Morpheus VR headset works in coordination with PlayStation Move controllers to allow the wearer to use his or her hands.在今年的旧金山“游戏开发者大会”上,索尼电脑公司展示了自己的解决方案。该公司的最新款“梦神”(Morpheus)虚拟现实头盔可与PlayStation Move体感控制器协同工作,允许穿戴者使用自己的双手。Sony has been experimenting with virtual reality technology for years, long before Oculus founder Palmer Luckey put together his first Rift prototype. Sony used its PlayStation Eye and PlayStation 3 console to test head-tracking technology in the mid-2000s and later built prototype head-mounted displays, known as HMDs. One of the reasons why Sony has been able to commit to an early 2016 release date for its consumer VR product is because of its extensive research and development in the field.早在Oculus公司创始人帕尔默o拉基组装自己的首台Rift原型机很久以前,索尼公司就开始探索虚拟现实技术了。2000年年中,索尼用自己的PlayStation Eye和PlayStation 3测试了头部位置追踪技术,随后就推出了头盔式显示器原型机,即大家熟知的HMD。索尼敢于承诺到2016年初就推出消费级虚拟现实产品,凭借的正是该公司在这一领域深耕多年的底气。But key to the company’s VR bid is achieving adoption among its existing customers—those that own PlayStation gaming consoles. Instead of competing with that revenue stream, Sony would rather bring virtual reality technology to customers by creating an experience that marries the two.不过,这一计划的关键在于,索尼能否促使自己的现有用户,也就是那些已拥有PlayStation游戏机的玩家,尝试虚拟现实技术。索尼并不打算让这种设备与游戏机争抢收入,而是希望通过两者结合所创造的体验,将虚拟现实技术带给用户。“We don’t believe that VR is necessarily going to replace the conventional games that people have been playing and developers have been making for over 25 years,” says Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios. “VR will give developers another way to entertain people. You’ll see even more variety of gaming experience by having the VR option.”索尼电脑公司全球工作室总裁吉田修平称:“我们并不认为,虚拟现实技术一定会取代过去25年来玩家一直玩、开发商一直制作的传统游戏。虚拟现实技术只不过是开发商取悦玩家的另一种方式。有了虚拟现实技术,大家就会看到更多不同的游戏体验。”Its demonstrations at GDC were a preview of that strategy. Two games—London Heist, about a diamond robbery gone bad, and The Deep, which pits you mano-a-mano against a shark with only a cage for protection—showed off experiences that prompted the VR wearer to stand up, sit down, and lean. Sony says it has worked with partners as diverse as NASA and automakers to explore different virtual-reality gameplay experiences.索尼在游戏开发者大会上所展示的两款游戏,只是这一战略的预演。其中一款名为《伦敦抢劫》,讲的是一个钻石大盗末路狂奔的故事,另一款名为《深海》,让仅有一个铁笼护体的玩家与鲨鱼贴身肉搏。它们会让玩家时站时坐,有时还要侧身躲避。索尼称,该公司已和美国宇航局及汽车厂商等机构建立了合作伙伴关系,共同探索各种虚拟现实游戏体验。Sony is also betting that a plug-and-play approach will help spur adoption of its VR bundle among console owners. “When you buy a Morpheus kit and connect it to your PS4, it just works without needing to set up any drivers or download anything,” says Richard Marks, senior director of research and development at Sony Computer Entertainment. “We want people to have a very easy gameplay experience. Since everybody’s PS4 is exactly the same, it’s easier for developers to make sure that the games and experiences they create are great for all consumers.”索尼还大胆预计,即插即用的方法会促使其游戏机用户购入虚拟现实产品包。索尼电脑公司高级研发总监理查德o马克斯声称:“如果买一台‘梦神’套装,把它联上PS4游戏机,无需设置任何驱动或下载任何东西就能用。我们希望玩家能很轻松地获得这种游戏体验。鉴于所有人的PS4都一模一样,开发者就更容易打造让所有消费者都满意的游戏和体验。”There is still much work to be done as Sony heads toward a global consumer launch for Morpheus. The company continues to refine its VR headset—the latest version carries a 5.7-inch OLED display—and it is collaborating with game developers to invent new experiences with the technology. “VR is such a new medium that developers have to learn how to design around the new paradigm to create great experiences,” Yoshida says. “That requires a lot of learning and communication with developers.”要向全球玩家推出“梦神”,索尼还有大量工作要做。该公司正在继续完善其头戴式设备——最新款搭载了一块5.7英寸的OLED屏,并正与游戏开发商合作,希望利用这项技术创造全新体验。吉田称:“虚拟现实技术是一种全新的媒介,开发者必须学会如何围绕这种新范式来打造绝佳的体验。这需要开发者大量学习,深入沟通。”And consumers. A key factor in selling virtual reality? Unless you physically try it, it’s a technology that’s hard to wrap your head around.消费者是虚拟现实技术能否大卖的重要因素。你很难将这种技术设备套在消费者的头上,除非他们愿意亲身尝试。“Getting millions of people to understand how amazing VR experiences are is a big challenge,” Yoshida says. “We start with events like GDC where we let people try it, get excited about it, and tell their friends.”吉田表示:“要让成千上万玩家都明白虚拟现实体验是何等迷人是一大挑战。所以我们要从游戏开发者大会这样的活动入手,让玩家体验它,明白它多么激动人心,再口口相传告诉朋友们。” /201504/369355福建泉州一院哪个医生好 泉州无痛人流比较好多少钱

泉州人工流产哪家医院The demand by the FBI that Apple help it break into the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone breaches its constitutional rights under the First and Fifth Amendments by seeking to “conscript and commandeer” its employees, the Silicon Valley company argued in a legal response on Thursday.周四,苹果(Apple)在一项法律回应中主张,美国联邦调查局(FBI)要求其协助解锁圣贝纳迪诺击案凶手iPhone之举,侵犯了美国宪法第一和第五修正案赋予苹果的宪法权力,因为这是对苹果员工的“征召和强占”。Apple filed its “motion to vacate” last week’s order by a judge in California a day before Friday’s deadline, as Silicon Valley’s largest companies lined up behind the iPhone maker’s case.苹果在本周五的最后期限前一天提交了“撤销动议”,要求撤销上周加州一名法官下达的法庭令。硅谷的大企业纷纷对这家iPhone制造商的主张表示持。The filing is Apple’s first response to the court after more than a week of increasingly bitter argument between chief executive Tim Cook and FBI director James Comey.这一动议是苹果对法庭作出的首次回应。此前,苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)与FBI局长詹姆斯#8226;科米(James Comey)已打了一周多的口水仗,争论的火药味也越来越浓。“This is not a case about one isolated iPhone,” Apple wrote, but about US law enforcement seeking a “dangerous power” beyond the authority granted by Congress. “Once the floodgates open, they cannot be closed, and the device security that Apple has worked so tirelessly to achieve will be unwound without so much as a congressional vote.”苹果在法律回应中写道,“此案关乎的并非某一孤立的iPhone”,而是关乎美国执法部门试图获得一种逾越了美国国会授权范围的“危险的权力”。“闸门一旦打开,就无法关上。苹果付出不懈努力所实现的设备安全,将在国会还未就此案进行过任何表决的情况下就付之东流。”If granted, other judges would seek a similar order in “a matter of days”, it said.这项法律回应称,如果这项法庭令获得批准,其他法官将在“数日之内”寻求下达类似的命令。Mr Comey acknowledged on Thursday that the ruling in the San Bernardino case could set a precedent that would be analysed by other courts, but said that it would apply to only a few limited cases that might involve the same phone model and the same operating system.周四,科米承认圣贝纳迪诺击案的裁决可能会设置一个判例,而其他法院会研究这个判例。但他同时表示,此案将只适用于那些或涉及到相同手机型号和操作系统的少数有限案件。He said that Apple had helped in the past to unlock phones when a warrant had been presented. He added that the phone would remain with Apple during any attempt to unlock it and that the software code would never leave the company, minimising the risk of it falling into the wrong hands.他表示,过去当执法部门出示授权令时,苹果曾帮助解锁手机。他还表示,在对涉案手机进行任何解锁尝试期间,手机将归苹果保管,而且软件代码永远不会离开该公司,从而最大限度降低它落入坏人之手的风险。Mr Comey and Mr Cook will testify before the House judiciary committee next week about encryption, privacy and security.科米和库克下周将在美国众议院司法委员会(House judiciary committee)就加密、隐私和安全问题作。Several Silicon Valley companies are expected to file a joint motion next week in a broad show of support for Apple’s position. Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter said on Thursday that they would back Apple together in court, while Amazon said it was considering its legal options. Google is also understood to be backing Apple.几家硅谷公司预计将于下周提交一份联合动议,以充分展示对苹果立场的持。微软(Microsoft)、Facebook和Twitter周四表示,它们将一起在法庭上持苹果。亚马逊(Amazon)表示正在考虑在法律上可以做点什么。谷歌(Google)据悉也将持苹果。 /201603/429157 The Silk Road丝绸之路In the Han Dynasty,China established extensive contacts with various nationalities and kingdoms outside its domain through the Silk Road.Zhang Qian pioneered this route. During the reign of Emperor Wu,the Huns in the North often harassed the frontier of the Han Dynasty,and controlled dozens of small kingdoms in the Western Regions.汉代,中国通过“丝绸之路”与域外各民族建立了广泛的交往。这条线路的开辟,首先要归功于张赛。汉武帝时,北方匈奴常常袭扰汉朝边境,还控制了当时西域的几十个小国。In 138 .,Emperor Wu sent Zhang Qian with a delegation of over 100 people on a diplomatic mission to the Western Re-gions to seek allies against the Huns.Zhang Qian was captured by the Huns just as he left the Han territory,and was held prisoner for a dozen years. During this period,he learned the Hun language,and got to know well the geography of their territory. Escaping from the Hun encampment, Zhang Qian made his way back to Chang’an,with only one companion left of the 100 who had set out.公元前138年,汉武帝派张赛带100多人出使西域,联络大月氏,准备左右夹攻匈奴。没想到刚出边境,张赛就被匈奴抓住了。在被扣留期间,他学会了匈奴语,掌握了匈奴的地形。十多年后,张鸯逃了出来。当年与他同去的100多人,只剩下两人回到长安。In 119 ,Emperor Wu sent Zhang Qian on a second diplomatic mission to the Western Re-gions. This time,he had an entourage of 300,with tens of thousands of cattle and sheep anda large amount of gifts.They visited many countries,and these coun-tries sent envoys to return their visit to the Han court.From then on,the Han Dy-nasty had frequent contacts with the countries in the Western Regions,later setting up a Western Regions Frontier Command in today’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Re-gion,which was under the administration of the central government. The Silk Road was another outcome of Zhang Qian’s journeys.公元前119年,汉武帝再次派张赛出使西域,这次随行的有300多人,带去了上万头牛羊和货物。他们访问了许多国家,这些国家也派了使臣带礼物回访。从此以后,汉朝和西域的往来越来越多。后来,汉还在今天新疆地区设了西域都护府,归中央政府管理。张赛出使西域,开辟了中西交流的“丝绸之路”。The Silk Road started from Chang’an in the east and stretched westward to reach the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the Roman Empire. Trade caravans from China carrying large amounts of silk fabrics exchanged merchandise with traders from Persia,India and Greece, and brought home walnuts, grapes and carrots from abroad. In the fol-lowing several centuries,Sino-Western exchanges mainly characterized by the silk trade were mostly carried on through the Silk Road.“丝绸之路”东起长安,向西到地中海东岸,转至罗马帝国。汉朝的商队,运大量的丝织品同波斯人、印度人、希腊人交换商品,同时带回了外国的核桃、葡萄、胡萝卜等。此后的许多世纪,以丝绸贸易为主的中西交流大多经过“丝绸之路”进行。 /201512/410688晋江市中医院几点下班泉州哪个医院治妇科病好



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