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Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻 The doctor lives downstairs医生住在楼下;Doctor,; she said loudly, bouncing into the room,“医生”她冲进屋后大声说道;I want you to say frankly what wrong with me.;“我想让你坦率地说我到底得了什么病”He surveyed her from head to foot.他从头到脚打量打量她,;Madam,; he said at length, ;Ive just three things to tell you.然后大声说:“太太,我有三件事要对你说First, your weight wants reducing by nearly fifty pounds.第一,您的体重需要减少大约50磅;Second, your beauty could be improved if you used about one tenth as much rouge and lipstick.第二,如果您要用上十分之一的胭脂和口红,您的美貌将会改变And third, Im an artist---the doctor lives downstairs.;第三,我是一位画家——医生住在楼下”Notes:1.livev.生存,生活adj.活着的,生动的,有精力的adv.实况的常见搭配:live fish活鱼a real live gun真(指不是玩具)live eyes炯炯有神的眼睛a live teacher精力旺盛的老师live fire wood燃烧着的木柴a live issue尚在争论中的问题live ideas新思想live colors鲜艳的颜色.bounce into以上上下下的动作进入eg.Bertha came bouncing into the room.伯莎蹦蹦跳跳地进了房间3. from head to foot从头到脚的.at length充分地; 详尽地;最后; 终于eg.He went into the subject at full length.他详细地研究了这个问题 本节目可可原创节目, 388Wow!That a Big One!哇!那个真是大得吓人One day a tourist walked into a Texas tavern and ordered a shot of whiskey. The bartender put a big tumbler full of whiskey in front of him.某一天一位观光客走进一家德州酒店点了一杯威士忌,酒保竞给他一大杯的酒;What this?; asked the tourist.“这是什么呢?”观光客问道;Why, it a shot of whiskey! Dont you know that everything is big in Texas?;“怎么了,那是你点的酒,难道你不知道德州每样东西都大得吓人”Then, an armadillo ran past the door.那时刚好有一只穿山甲跑过酒店门口“What was that?; asked the tourist.“那是什么东西?’观光客又问;Why, that was a Texas cockroach. ;“哦,那是只德州!”By this time, the whiskey had gone to the tourist bladder as well as his head,喝了酒,观光客感到腹胀头昏,and he asked the location of the bathroom.他问哪里有洗手间The bartender directed him to go down the hall and to the right,酒保告诉他下楼后右转,but the tourist turned left instead and fell into the swimming pool.但观光客却向左转,跌落在酒店的游泳池中The bartender heard the splash and went to investigate.酒保听到水声跑出去看个究竟As he put his head in the door, he heard the tourist cry. ;Dont flush the toilet ! ;刚把头伸进门就听到观光客大叫,“不要动马桶冲水哟! 3990大家好,欢迎来到脑筋转转转,我是Magi, 上期节目留给大家的脑筋急转弯为:What question can never be answered by “yes”?什么问题你永远不能回答说是的?下面给大家揭晓Are you asleep?你睡着了吗?当有人问你睡着没,如果睡着了我们不能回答,而如果没睡着我们只能回答说No(没有)了Answer n.;回答;答复Do you know the answer to this question?你知道这道题的吗?v.回答;答复The question is simple enough to answer.这个问题很简单,容易回答词组:~ a question 回答问题;~ the call响应号召;~ the door 开门,应门;~ the phone 接电话;~ sb needs 适应某人需要;~ sb words 与某人所言相符下面给出今天的脑筋急转弯What’s even harder to catch if you run faster?什么东西你跑得越快越难追上?是什么呢?下期将为你揭晓,谢谢你的收听,我们下期节目见! 76It Time to wake up 该起床了After a rough quarrel, Mr. Jones a cab driver, was very angry with his wife, and she was very angry with her husband too. several days, they did not speak to each other at all.一场激烈地争吵之后,出租车司机琼斯先生非常生妻子的气,而妻子也非常生他的气一连好几天谁也不理谁One evening, Mr. Jones got a headache, so he took two pills and went to bed soon after dinner. Of course, he did not say anything to Mrs. Jones bee he went upstairs.一天晚上,琼斯先生有点头疼,晚饭后吃了两片药不久就上床睡觉了当然了,在上楼前也没向太太说什么Mrs. Jones washed the dinner things and then did some sewing. When she went up to bed much later than her husband, she found a piece of paper on the small table near her bed. On it were the words: ;Mother, wake me up at 7:00 A.M.—Father;.琼斯太太刷完锅碗,又缝缝补补什么的,上床睡觉要比丈夫晚的多她发现床头柜上有张纸条,上面写着:“孩他妈,早上七点钟叫醒我——孩他爹”When Mr. Jones woke up next morning, it was nearly 8:00 A.M. And on the small table near his bed, he saw another piece of paper beneath a book. He took it and these words: ;Father, wake up! It is 7:00 A.M.—Mother;.第二天早晨,当琼斯先生醒来时,已经快8点了——他在床头柜上的一本书下面看见了另一张纸条他拿起来一看,上面写着:“孩他爹,该醒了,现在七点钟了——孩他妈” 036

When You Wish upon a Star带有典型早期迪斯尼动画歌曲的风格,复古的曲风,梦幻的歌词,呈现了一出经典的童话 700

听力原文:Dutch referendum on Ukraine荷兰就乌欧联系国协定公投A hard Dutch kick荷兰这一脚好狠 Voting down the EU’s treaty with Ukraine would hand Vladimir Putin a win公投乌克兰和欧盟联系国协定会抬佛拉基米尔普京一手IN November Viktor Yanukovych, then the president of Ukraine, succumbed to Russian pressure and renounced an association agreement with the European Union that he and his predecessors had spent six years negotiating. Many Ukrainians thought their country’s best hope transming itself from a corrupt gangster state into an orderly democracy (or, as they put it, a “normal country”) had been sacrificed on the orders of Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president. Thousands set up camp on Kiev’s Maidan, chanting “Ukraine is Europe”. Police attacked, touching off a cycle of protest and violence that ended in Mr Yanukovych’s flight to Russia, a new government—and the signing of the Ukraine-EU agreement. 重点词汇:1 treaty(国家之间的)条约,协定 succumb屈;屈从;抵挡不住(攻击、疾病、诱惑等)3 renounce声明放弃;宣布放弃 association 联合;合伙;关联;交往5 predecessor前任6 Kiev 基辅(乌克兰共和国首都)7 maidan草地,广场,空地8 chant反复唱;反复呼喊9 touch off 触发,引发,引起(困难或暴力的局面) 听力原文:Mr Putin then sent troops into Ukraine to win back Russian influence by stealth and ce. He succeeded in seizing Crimea, splitting off a few rebel areas and embittering Ukrainians’ once-warm feelings towards Russia. Yet the Ukraine-EU association agreement is in trouble again. This time the sticking-point is the Netherlands, the only one of the EU’s members that has not ratified it. 重点词汇:1 stealth偷偷摸摸;不声张的活动;秘密行动 crimea 克里米亚(半岛);3 splitting off (使)脱离,分裂出去,分离 embitter使怨愤;使沮丧;使苦恼5 sticking-point 症结6 ratify正式批准;使正式生效 听力原文:Dutch Eurosceptics want to stop their government from doing so, and have gathered enough signatures to stage a referendum on April 6th. They argue that what Ukrainians call their “European choice” was actually imposed on them by Brussels. They describe Ukraine as a country “divided” between pro-European and pro-Russian regions; in fact, outside the rebel Donbas, the country has ed against the Russian threat. They observe that the past two years have been an economic catastrophe, without acknowledging that it was Russia’s embargo and military interventions that did the damage. 重点词汇:1 Eurosceptic 欧洲统一怀疑论者;反对英国亲近欧盟的人; pro赞成;持3 Donbas 位于乌克兰的顿涅茨盆地; catastrophe 灾难;灾祸;横祸5 embargo禁止贸易令;禁运听力原文:The Dutch government and all the main parties are campaigning a Yes vote in the referendum. Yet the polls point to a No. That would be a tragedy. Ukraine is torn between a corrupt oligarchy and a nascent rem movement; between a moribund post-Soviet economy and the promise of farm exports and computing services the European market. If Ukraine really is to become normal, it needs Europe to meet it part-way. that to happen, the Dutch need to vote Yes. 重点词汇:1oligarchy寡头政治 nascent新生的;萌芽的;未成熟的3 moribund行将灭亡的;即将倒闭的;濒于崩溃的 part-way 赞成听力原文:The Dutch worry about being tied to a large, poor, corrupt state .When their leaders say that the deal involves little risk, they are reminded of similar promises bee Greece was admitted to the EU. But the association agreement is overwhelmingly about trade. It does not allow Ukrainians to work in the EU. It refers to political and military co-operation, but without NATO-like obligations. Ukraine will need decades of rem bee it could be a candidate EU accession.重点词汇:1 overwhelming巨大的;压倒性的;无法抗拒的 NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization 北约;北大西洋公约组织3 accession正式加入(国际组织) Chaos v control 混乱和控制听力原文: Ukraine, the economic promise of the deal is immense. the Dutch, the reason to ratify it is to deny Mr Putin the fulfilment of his wish a corrupt and anti-European Ukraine. Ever since Maidan, Russia has been trying to reassert control by sping chaos on Ukraine’s border. The Dutch learned better than any other country what such chaos can mean, when scores of their countrymen were killed in , in the downing of flight MH-. When Ukrainians turned towards Europe, their dream was their country to escape the pit of corruption and chaos. They are still struggling to climb out. Dutch voters should not step on their fingers.重点词汇:1 ratify正式批准;使正式生效 fulfilment 履行;实现;完成;满足3 reassert重新发挥作用 scores of 大量的,许多的;5 pit 深洞;深欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 898

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