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If you're one of those unfortunate runners whose legs frequently cramp up during your runs, you may be willing to try anything to solve the problem. Anything? Are you sure? How about some pickle juice? Yes, pickle juice has long been touted as a fix for cramping muscles by some runners and coaches, and now a recent study lends even more credibility to this home remedy. 如果你不幸是经常抽筋的运动者之一你可能想尝试什么来解决这个问题。什么东西吗?你确定吗?一些泡菜汁怎么样?是的,泡菜汁一直被视为修复肌肉抽筋的一些选手和教练,一项最新的研究借更多信誉这个家庭治疗。Researchers had 10 male college students exercise to the point of mild dehydration and then electrically induced toe cramps. Their average cramp lasted 153 seconds. They then repeated the experiment and gave the subjects either water or pickle juice. For those who drank pickle juice, the cramp was gone in 85 seconds. For subjects who drank water, their cramps lasted 134 seconds. 研究人员对10个运动的轻微脱水的男大学生进行实验,通过电击导致其抽筋,他们的平均持续时间是153秒。然后对他们进行反复的实验,那些喝黄瓜汁的到85 秒抽筋就消失了,而那些喝水的抽筋一直持续到134秒。Fans of pickle juice have said it's the electrolytes in the juice that help get rid of the muscle cramps but, in this study, blood and urine tests found no change in the subjects' sodium, potassium, magnesium or other levels. Something else in the juice (researchers suspect vinegar) must have triggered a neurological response in the mouth, which then signaled the brain to stop the cramping. 那些黄瓜的拥护者认为汁中的电解质可以帮助摆脱肌肉抽筋,但在这项研究发现,血液和尿液测试没有改变学生的钠、钾、镁或其他的水平。果汁中的一些东西(专家怀疑醋汁)必然引起神经反应,然后大脑中便做出停止抽筋的表现。Muscle cramps have never been much of an issue for me, but -- even if they were -- I don't think I'll be packing pickle juice in my Fuel Belt. I think I'd rather just deal with the cramps. What about you? Have you ever tried pickle juice for cramps? What was your experience? Do you swear by any other home remedies for muscle cramps or other running maladies? 抽筋对我来说从不是什么问题,但是——即使他们——我认为我不会把黄瓜汁放进我的燃料当中。我认为我宁愿只应付抽筋。你呢?有没有试过用黄瓜汁治疗抽筋?你的经验是什么?你起誓就没有别的家庭药剂治疗肌肉抽筋或其它运行的疾病吗? /201010/116005。

Pizza as health food? Food chemists say yesWant a slice of pizza?It's the junk food junkie's wildest dream come true -- pizza as health food.University of Maryland food chemists said on Monday they had found ways to enhance the antioxidant content of whole-grain wheat pizza dough by baking it longer at higher temperatures and giving the dough lots of time to rise.Antioxidants are substances that protect cells from damage caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals. Some experts believe antioxidants can lower the risk of cancer, heart disease and other ailments.Lucy Yu, a food chemistry professor, said the findings arose from broader research into ways to improve health-promoting properties of wheat-based food products."The reason that we chose pizza is just because it is a very popular food product, not only in the U.S. but worldwide," researcher Jeffrey Moore added."So we thought if we could find ways to improve (its antioxidant) properties, doing this for such a product could have a larger impact on public health," Moore added.But Moore had a slice of advice for pizza aficionados who might want to cover theircrustwith mounds of fatty toppings like extra cheese, pepperoni, sausage and ground beef."If you're adding back all these other things that have potential negative health consequences, then you're negating anything that you're adding in terms of (health) value," Moore said.The research wasserved upat a meeting of the American Chemical Society in Chicago, a mecca for thick-crust pizza.“垃圾食品”狂热者们最美妙的梦想实现了--比萨被认定为健康食品。马里兰大学的食品化学专家们于本周一公布,他们已发现提高全麦比萨生面团中抗氧化物含量的方法,即用更高的温度烘烤、延长烘烤时间及生面团发面的时间。抗氧化物是一种能够保护体内细胞免受不稳定粒子自由基破坏的物质。一些专家认为,抗氧化物能够降低患癌症、心脏病等疾病的风险。食品化学教授Lucy Yu说,这些发现源自一项范围更广的、有关如何提高全麦食品中所含有益健康成分的研究。研究员杰弗里·尔说:"我们之所以选择比萨作为研究对象,主要是因为比萨是一种十分流行的食品,不仅在美国如此,在世界各地都很流行。"他说:"所以我们想,如果能找到提高比萨中所含抗氧化物的方法,那么为这样一种食品做研究将能对大众健康产生更大的影响。"但尔对那些想在比萨外壳上加很多如奶酪、辣味香肠、腊肠或牛肉粒等浇头的比萨爱好者们提了一条建议。尔说:“如果你把那些不利于健康的东西又都给加了回去,那之前加进来的有益物质都起不到作用了。”这项研究在美国化学研究学会在“厚皮比萨之乡”芝加哥召开的一个会议上公布。Vocabulary: crust : the hard outer portion or surface area of b(面包外壳)serve up: 提出;提供;端出(菜肴) /200808/46487。

一个外宾想上厕所,便对翻译说:“I wonder if I can go somewhere?”(我可以方便一下吗?)而翻译却把somewhere误解为“某处”,因而回答道“Yes, you can go anywhere in China.”(行,中国你哪儿都可以去。)外宾不禁愕然。可见,如不了解英语中“厕所”的一些表达法是会误事的。    1.Public lavatory意为“公厕”, 在公共场所,厕所门上都标有Gent’s(男厕),或Ladies’(女厕),有时也标有Men’s, Men’s room, Gentleman’s, Women’s Women’s room.如:Where is the Gent’s?(厕所在哪儿?)If you would like a wash, the Gentleman’s is just over there.(如果要上厕所,男厕就在那边。)    2.toilet是最常用的一个词。可指“公厕”,也可指“私厕”。例如:I wonder where the toilet is.(我想知道厕所在哪儿。)    3.lavatory是个客气的词,但不如toilet常用。   4.bathroom是书面语。   5.loo是一个口语词,在英国用得很普通,主要指私人住宅中的厕所。如:Excuse me, would you like to tell me where the loo is?(请问,厕所在哪儿?)    6.powder room是美语,女士常用。如:I would like to powder my nose.就表现了美国人的幽默。   7.wash room, washing room, westroom常用于美国英语。   8.W.C.是water closet的缩写,常用于英国英语,表示“有抽水没有设备的厕所”,有时也可用手势表示,即拇指和食指圈成圆,其他三指向上,模仿成英文W和C的形态。   9.John是俚语。如:Last night I went to visit John twice.(昨晚我去了趟厕所。)    10.go and see one’s aunt是俚语,常用于英国英语,表示“上厕所”“去大便”。 /201003/99152。

The slower you build up energy in the morning, the more painful waking up will be. What's better, spending thirty minutes wrestling with the snooze button followed by an hour ramp up to normal mental functioning or quickly starting the day with energy? Here are a few things to reduce the transition period from being asleep to becoming fully alert. Not only does speeding up this wake-up process save time, it makes waking up less of a struggle. 1. Light Your body's natural clock is tuned to the amount of light. Turn on all the lights in your room right after waking up. Getting bright lights can help trick your body into thinking it is time to get out of bed. 2. Exercise Put something physical right at the start of your morning. In the summer, I did a quick morning run and found it helpful in shaking off any sleepiness. Considering the outside temperature hovers around -30 C, I've stuck to doing a few pushups in my room. The exercise gets your heart pumping and snaps you out of a groggy state. 3. The 10-Minute Rule If you want to stick with a consistent wake-up time, practice the ten-minute rule. This means you commit to staying awake for at least the next ten minutes. Once you get over that initial period, the temptation to go back to bed is usually gone. 4. Active Work Start your day with work that actively uses your mind. Creative activities like writing, drawing, programming or designing work better than passive activities like ing. By focusing your mind early you can stay focused and brush off any unwanted drowsiness. 5. Don't Skip Breakfast Wake up early enough to get something to eat. Skipping meals throw your metabolism out of balance, causing you to gain fat and lose energy. Skipping breakfast also means your blood sugar will be low in the morning and energy levels down. 6. Commit to a Sleep Schedule The obvious solution to combat sleepiness is to get more rest at night. Carrying a sleep debt throughout the week with the hopes of paying it off on the weekend is a bad strategy. Instead, compress your work into the morning hours so you can get the 6-8 hours you need each night. 7. Turn Up the Volume I've found listening to music or audio books helpful in keeping myself awake during the morning. Best of all, if you put on an audio book from your favorite speaker, you can get some encouragement to start your day. /200904/66042。

每个人都向往永恒的爱情。而事实上,日常生活中有许许多多的"绊脚石"正在悄然无声地影响着恋人们的爱情。认识到这些“绊脚石”(wrecker)后,我们又能采取哪些措施呢?英国《每日邮报》顾问Andrew Marshall问道:“爱情的保质期比以前更短了么?人们分手的频率更快了么?”阅读下文,专家将为你爱情变量表中的上升和下降趋势,教你如何阻止爱情变质。 Relationships are changing faster than ever before? and so are the triggers for break-ups, says counsellor Andrew Marshall. Here is the authoritative guide to what's going up and what's going down in the argument charts and how to stop your relationship being derailed:1. 降低期望值(上升趋势) One: Low Expectations (GOING UP)我们“期望”爱情失败。“男人没一个好东西”和“女人都神经错乱”的想法已经从好友间的玩笑变成了自我应验的预言。我们等着新男友/女友犯错误,然后再将错误放大。 We expect relationships to fail. The "all men are bastards" mind set and "all women are bunny boilers" mentality has sp from being a joke with our mates into a self-fulfilling prophecy. We wait for our new boyfriend or girlfriend to trip up and then zoom in on their mistakes.解决方法:如今,人们对不完美事物的容忍度大不如前。但是,如果我们能秉持坚持不懈的态度,更加相信自己,或许,我们不仅能解决这些潜在问题,更能收获一份亲密、美好的爱情。 Solve it: Today we are less willing to tolerate anything that is not 100 per cent perfect. Yet if we all hung in longer and believed in ourselves more, we would address the underlying issues and reap the rewards of a truly intimate and satisfying relationship. /201008/110914。

NO1.双鱼女  双鱼女热恋后会很努力地经营爱情,而且感性的她也不忘时不时和男友调情,不断地增加感情。   除了那亲切的和善和甜腻的温柔之外,还会努力保持那迷人的脸蛋和身材,也会用心地跟男友有同步的成长。因此,如此上进,又如此聪明,简直是内外兼修,越来越得宠的她当然会让男友爱不释手,宠爱有加。Pisces WomenPisces women are usually very ficere. When they love the other, they will occasionally show their love to the boyfriend, which certainly strengthens the love. /200911/89131。

In the award-winning American film Precious, the title character dreams of receiving the red-carpet treatment. 在备受赞誉的美国影片《珍爱》中,主人公梦想能够接受红地毯般的礼遇。   Yet her excessive weight effectively rules it out.   然而,由于肥胖,她的这个梦根本不可能实现。   Thousands of miles from Hollywood, a young Chinese woman named Zeng Jing is realizing Precious' dream by posing in front of the camera - and pictures of the overweight girl modeling large-size garments for her clothing store have brought her rave reviews.   在距好莱坞千里之外的地方,中国女孩曾晶在镜头前展示着自己,《珍爱》中主角的梦想正在慢慢变成现实。与此同时,胖女孩曾晶为自己装店拍摄了大码装展示照片,网友们对这组照片好评如潮。   "I think someone needs to stand out and demonstrate our beauty because it's not easy to be appreciated by society," said Zeng, "And I think I can be the one."   曾晶说:“鉴于我们难以得到社会审美观的认同,我想应该有人站出来展现胖女孩的美丽。而我就是这个人。” /201004/102458。

Rihanna, Michelle Obama, and Stella McCartney. Rihanna joined U.S. first lady Michelle Obama, British fashion designer Stella McCartney and nine others on Monday to be honored as "Women of the Year" .Rihanna joined U.S. first lady Michelle Obama, British fashion designer Stella McCartney and nine others on Monday to be honored as "Women of the Year" .The annual Women of the Year Awards, published by Glamour Magazine for the past 20 years, pay tribute towomen who have made major contributions to entertainment, business, sport, fashion, science and politics.Barbados-born Rihanna, 21, whose hit songs include "Umbrella" and "Disturbia", joined the list after taking a public stand on domestic violenceand urging other women to follow her leadafter being beaten by her ex-boyfriend, singer Chris Brown.Michelle Obama received an award of special recognition for bringing the importance of mentoring to the forefront."She has demonstrated a commitment to helping the next generation of girls expand their horizons by providing them with the information and inspiration to envision themselves as the leaders of tomorrow," the magazine said in a statement.Tennis champion Serena Williams was honored for using her Serena Williams Foundation to give grants to U.S. college students and recently opening a secondary school in Kenya.Susan Rice, the first female African-American U.S. ambassador to the ed Nations, was praised for putting women's needs at the forefront of the American agenda at the U.N. while Maria Shriver, California's first lady, was credited for redefining her role into a platform for change and leadership for women.The winners, featured in the December issue of Glamour magazine on newsstands from November 10, were picked by an advisory board made up of past honoreesranging from Jennifer Lopez to Nora Ephron to Katie Couric. /200911/90366。

1. Tomato Sauce 番茄酱Men who eat a lot of tomatoes, tomato sauce, or pizza smothered with the stuff may be giving themselves a hedge against prostate cancer. So say researchers at Harvard, who studied the eating habits of more than 47,000 male health professionals.男人吃大量的番茄、番茄酱或者涂有大量番茄酱的披萨饼,都可以起到预防前列腺癌的功效。哈佛的研究人员在研究了47000多名健康职业男性的饮食习惯后得出了上述结论。They found that men who ate tomato sauce two to four times per week had a 35 percent lower risk of developing prostate cancer than men who ate none. A carotenoid called lycopene, which tomatoes contain in abundance, appeared to be responsible. But scientists were puzzled: tomato juice didn't seem to have a protective effect.研究人员表示,每周吃两至四次番茄酱的男性与不吃的男性相比,其罹患前列腺癌的风险降低了35%。番茄中大量含有一种类胡萝卜素即番茄红素,其所发挥的作用不可小觑。然而令科学家困惑的是,番茄汁不具有类似的功效。 /201004/101434。