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芜湖东方男科医院可以刷医保卡弋江区妇幼保健人民中医院男科小学生话剧剧本:蚂蚁和蟋蟀Ant and Cricket --7 3::56 来源: 小学生话剧剧本:蚂蚁和蟋蟀Ant and Cricket (横栏镇小学生课本剧,并获镇二等奖、市三等奖)Scene1:春去夏来,Ants 慢慢挪动身子.Line: The ants are in their hibernation till spring. They eat and rest a lot, but work little. How easeful they are! Now, summer is coming,(场景变化)what will they do? Let’s see!(蚂蚁爸爸在队伍前面呼喊蚂蚁们,蚂蚁妈妈观看周围的景色)Ant Father: Baby ants, baby ants, get up! It’s summer now! (叫醒ants)(ants起来排成一行队伍背箩筐准备开始工作)Ant Mother: How beautiful it is! (欣赏夏天的美丽)Hurry up! (转向ants,催)Ants(点头示意):En!Little ant: Oh, no! I want to rest more! (撒娇状)Ants(惊讶): Ai?Ant Mother: Hurry up, baby! Don’t be lazy!Ant Father: Look! There are many food here and there, let’s carry it!(指着周围遍地的食物说,ants眼神跟随)Ants: Come on! (鼓励Little Ant)Little Ant(作不情愿状):I……,I’ m sleepy! (找借口,于是又躺下)Ants: Oh? (奇怪)Ant Sister(捡起脚边的nut): Look, sister! There is a nut. (品尝) Mm, it’s sweet! (拿给Little Ant) Taste it!Little Ant: Oh! (意外喜悦) Very delicious, I like it!Ant Mother: Baby, there are many food all over the place, we need to carry and stock it winter sleep, you know? (搭着Little Ant肩膀, 语重心长地说)Little Ant: Yes, Mom. (认识到自己的错误,难为情的低下头)Ants(欢呼):Yep!Ant Father: Ready-----go! (带领集体开始干活)Scene: Ants忙碌着搬运和储藏的工作.Line: Now, there is a cricket, he plays a lot but work little. Look, he’s playing with a butterfly!(cricket追赶butterfly)Cricket: Woo, woo----! I can get you, get you! (cricket要捕捉butterfly)Butterfly: Speed up! (加速飞离)Cricket: Oh, wait、wait!Cricket: Ah! (无奈)Cricket(面对观众自我介绍) Hello, I’ m cricket! I like golden summer(指向身后的景色). I have enough food around(指着周围的食物),rice 、nut、candy、orange……(话语转换) Also, I like playing with my friends! (开心自豪)Dragonflies(跳舞出场):Hi, cricket! Let’s dance together!Cricket(马上迎上):Ok! (排好队伍跳舞,方向移动中看到正在忙碌工作的Ants)Cricket: Who are they? (怀疑地问Dragonfly) Little Ants?Dragonfly: Yes! (点头)Cricket: Hey, Little Ants! Have a break! Cricket Dragonfly: Let’s dance!Little Ant: Sorry! We are working! (很懂事地回答,又继续工作)Cricket(走近Ants): (观看一会Ants的工作) Stop! Stop! There are enough food you,(指着周围食物)It’s unnecessary to stock food .Ant Sister: Cricket, we are getting y our winter sleep, as it is too cold to get food in winter.Ants: En! (点头表示同意)Cricket: (不屑) How silly you are ! Dragonfly: Silly , silly! (附和着)Cricket Dragonfly: Play is the first! (坚持着)(Ants伤心)Ant Mother:(安慰) Baby! get it! Let’s go on!Cricket Dragonfly(朝ants): Bye!Cricket : Let’s go on !(各自忙自己的活) Scene3:夏去秋来,秋去冬来!各自重复着自己的生活.Line: The cricket repeat his leisured life in the cool autumn. Now, winter is coming, it blows hard and snows heavily.Cricket: What a white world! (面对白茫茫一片发感慨) I’m cold!(哈欠)(肚子响) Oh! I’m hungry! (漫步在雪地找食物,找不到食物有些着急)Ants: Cheer! (举杯干杯)Ant Sister: Dad, it is you! (饭桌上夹菜)Little Ant: It’s you, Mom! (学着Sister做)Ants: you, you! (争先恐后夹给父母)(Cricket在漫步中听到吵闹声,在蚂蚁家的窗外看到Ants一家分享丰盛的晚餐,心里很不是滋味,徘徊着)Cricket: Should I come in? ---Oh, no, I’m ashamed! ---But, I’m hungry! (捂着肚子作思想斗争矛盾着)(Cricket最后还是决定敲门)Ant Father(开门)Cricket: (轻声地) Mr. Ant, I’m sorry, I …Ant Father(有点惊讶,马上反应过来):Come in , please!Ants(拍手):Welcome! (Ant Mother拿另一副碗筷)Little Ant: Have a seat!Cricket(惭愧): If I were working hard in summer, I should have food now. I’m sorry!(朝ants道歉)Little Ant: get it !Ant Sister: Don’t be sad!Ant Father: Just know you mistake…Ant Mother(紧跟其后): And correct it!Cricket :(重叹口气)I will. I promise! (发誓)Ant Sister: Let’s have dinner!All: Cheer! 小学生 话剧 剧本芜湖市男性专科 我的梦想(宇航员) My Dream(astronaut) -- ::39 来源: I have many dreams, such as I am rich in the future. Theree, I can buy all what I want. But my greatest dream is that I want to be an astronaut. Our country develops fast and our space make great progress in the last several decades. It has great achievements. All of our country are proud of it. Theree, I want to be one of this amazing area. In order to make my dream come true, I must work hard now. So that I can go to a good university to learn more knowledge. I hope my dream can come true one day.我有很多梦想,比如我希望将来变得富有,这样我就可以买我想买的一切但是我最大的梦想是成为一名宇航员我们国家发展得很快,而且在过去几十年中太空取得了巨大进步,有很多大成就,所有人都为之骄傲,我想成为这一神奇领域中的一员为了使我的梦想成真,我必须从现在开始努力这样我就能够去一所好的大学学习更多的知识了我希望有一天能够梦想成真我的学校 My School --19 :19:9 来源: 我的学校 My SchoolMy SchoolMy school is very beautiful. It is in Guicheng, near the Qiandeng Lake. Do you know it? It is Nanhai Experimental Primary School. I like my school very much.There is a big playground in my school. We have P.E. class on the playground and we often play sports on it , too. Our teaching building has five floors. My classroom is on the fifth floor. It is big and clean. The computer rooms are on the third floor. There is a library on the second floor. There are many books in the library. I often books here. There are some music rooms and art rooms in the teaching building, too.The teachers in my school are very kind . The students are very polite and smart. I am happy in my school.芜湖治疗软下疳什么医院好

三山区男性男子男科医院看泌尿科怎么样My Cousin 我的表弟 -- :5:5 来源: My Cousin 我的表弟  I have a lovely cousin. His name is Bai Yun. He is seven years old. He has a round face, a small nose and two big eyes. His eyes look like grapes, and his hair is short and black.  He likes playing games and ing books. And he likes listening to stories best. He often plays with me and asks me to tell him stories. We all love him.  我有一个可爱的表弟,他叫白云,七岁了他长了一张圆圆的脸,一个小鼻子和两只大眼睛他的眼睛看起来像葡萄,他的头发又短又黑  他喜欢玩游戏和读书,他最喜欢听故事他经常和我玩,并要我给他讲故事我们都爱他芜湖看早泄好点的男科医院 My Day-我的一天 -- ::9 来源: My Day-我的一天  I am a girl of e.even, and my name is Duan Yankun. Now I study in Class 5 Grade 5 of Xinjianlu Primary School. I live in a tall building near my school. There are twenty floors in the building, and I live on the eighth floor.  I study hard. Every morning I go to school early on foot. The classes begin at eight, but I often get to school at half past seven. There are yt-five minutes a class. When the fourth class is over, I walk home. After lunch I have a little rest with my mother.  In the afternoon I often play games with my classmates bee class begins. We have two classes in the afternoon.  Afterdoing my homework in the evening, I watch TV. I go to bed at about ten.我是一名岁的女孩,我叫段妍堃我在新建路小学五年级五班学习我住在学校附近的一座高层楼上那座楼有二十层,我住在第八层我学习很努力每天早晨我早早地就去步行上学我们八点上课,可是我经常七点半到校每节课上5分钟第四节下课后,我走回家午饭后,我和妈妈休息一会儿下午上课前我经常和同学们玩游戏我们下午上两节课晚上做完作业后看电视我大约十点睡觉芜湖弋江区人民男科医院龟头炎症

芜湖哪里看皮肤病最好Leigang Park -- :59: 来源: Leigang ParkI like Lroads.There are many people in the park. Some eigang park.In the Leigang Park, we can see many trees and flowers there. Some flowers are red, and some are purple. The trees are big and tall. We can see a hill in the park. At the foot of the hill, we can see many houses and many are walking and singing. Some are dancing or playing games.All the families are having a good time in the park. 小学英语作文读后感 -- :: 来源: 小学英语作文读后感Many people often use "mental illness" to scold one another. It is obversely that people always have some social prejudice on the "mental illness". In many cases, psychopaths always refuse to be given medication. No one can deny that it is disbeneficial to them,but the problem is not so simple.We must realize that the enced behavior against the respondent's will ,such as injection of mind-altering drugs ,is highly offensive to their dignity and autonomy. To some sufferers, the word "normal" is so boring,they really hate this,and I have to say that they also own the right to stand on their dignity! As a final comment, I should say that no matter how terrible the people may be, they should be entitled to make decision and there is on doubt that prejudice should be avoided in society.芜湖市那家男科医院好芜湖精液分析



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